Colbert Hilariously Blasts Trump Doctor’s Explanation for Absurd Medical Letter (Video)

Despite being released last December, Donald Trump’s “official” medical evaluation has once again found its way into the news as right-wing conspiracy theorists have been desperately trying to make Hillary Clinton’s health into an issue.

In case you missed it, last December the Trump campaign released a comically worded “medical evaluation” that many felt was actually written by Donald Trump himself. Starting out with the typo, “To Whom My Concern,” the letter claims Trump’s tests were all “positive,” his “stamina was extraordinary” and that he would be the “healthiest person ever elected president.” Many people, myself included, found it hard to believe that any credible doctor would write such a ridiculously worded evaluation.

Then finally the good Dr. Harold Bornstein agreed to do an interview where he tried to explain the reason why it was such an oddly constructed medical evaluation. Quite honestly, his “explanation” only raised more questions than it answered.

Well, on Monday night, Stephen Colbert decided to chime in on the letter and Dr. Bornstein’s rather peculiar take on the whole thing.

After listing several absurd passages the doctor claims to have written, Colbert pointed out how his medical profession was perfect for crafting such a letter.

“Bornstein proved he’s a true gastroenterologist because the letter seems like he yanked it from where the sun don’t shine,” Colbert quipped.

He then addressed the letter’s assertion that Trump’s medical tests all came back “positive,” when “positive” is not always a good thing, medically speaking.

“Positive results are always good,” Colbert said. “Blood pressure? Positive! Cholesterol? Positive! Chlamydia? Positive!”

Colbert then hilariously addressed Dr. Bornstein claiming he was “anxious” and wrote the letter in only a matter of minutes while a limo waited for it.

“Rushed, anxious, five minutes, driver waiting,” Colbert mocked. “You definitely want the candidate’s physical to sound like losing your virginity on prom night.”

While I’m no medical expert, I do think some serious questions need to be asked concerning Donald Trump’s health. Not only did the letter sound as if it had been written by him, but this interview his doctor gave didn’t really address the fact that this document didn’t seem remotely medically credible. Furthermore, Dr. Bornstein’s excuse for the rather unorthodox wording of it didn’t make a great deal of sense. Then even as he tried to pass off being rushed as the reasoning for the poor quality of the letter — he actually doubled-down on some of the most outrageously written parts of it.

I can’t prove it, but I still fully believe that Donald Trump wrote his own medical evaluation. Based on the type of person he is and the fact this letter was written using terms that I’ve heard Trump use many times during his speeches, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if we eventually found out that he wrote it.

If Donald Trump did fake his own medical evaluation, then what health issues is he hiding?

Watch the video below via CBS:

Allen Clifton

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