Colorado Republican Proposes Welfare Solution: Give Everyone Guns

guns gun violenceIf you remember Tom Tancredo from the 2008 GOP primaries, congratulations, you pay attention to America’s political process more than most other people – political pundits included. If you don’t know who Tom Tancredo is, he was the less-funded, but virulently racist and anti-immigrant candidate from 2008 who rivals Donald Trump, but who barely made a blip in the GOP primaries back then.

Tom Tancredo is no longer a member of Congress, but he has some crazy ideas about how we can boost the economy, arm weekend warriors, and fight radical Islam.

Via The Colorado Independent:

Congress should consider buying firearms for low-income people so 100 million Americans could be part of state-based militias to fight “Islamists,” Colorado’s former 6th District Congressman Tom Tancredo wrote Dec. 4 in Breitbart.

“Terrorists and criminals already know how to obtain guns, so why not help the defenseless? If we can afford food stamps and housing subsidies, why not gun stamps to help urban citizens survive the next Islamist assault?” (Source)

Tancredo, who supports a second civil war if Barack Obama or any other president ever confiscated guns, has a long track record of objecting to government paying for food or health care for those in need. But apparently gun welfare is A-OK with him.

The radical Christian right in America is prepared for a religious and racial holy war, and it has been gearing up for this potential conflict for decades with the urging of the NRA and the gun lobby.

During all of this time since I was a young conservative activist who spent time with the likes of Ralph Reed and Oliver North, they have been forced to be the token voters for the establishment Republican Party agenda. Once the Tea Party began their Koch-funded rise in 2010, religious and right-wing voters believed they finally had control of the GOP – and ran candidates like Christine O’Donnell, Todd “legitimate rape” Akin, or Ted Cruz.

Twenty years ago, it was but a pipe dream on the far right that Republican lawmakers would institute the radical ideologies that we had been advocating for. We hoped for a reversal of Roe v. Wade and unregulated home education of children who would manifest themselves as future conservative activists – as I was groomed to be.

Now, here I am on the opposite side of the argument as a pro-choice progressive who embraces LGBT rights, and still loves guns. But the idea of the government spending taxpayer money to literally give guns to millions of untrained Americans is so ludicrous, you can’t believe Donald Trump hasn’t proposed it (yet).

This is the same Republican Party which loves to vilify people on welfare, even though many of them are working people who don’t make enough to get by. People in poverty don’t need guns, they need jobs that pay better and politicians who give a damn about them.

Unlike France before their revolution in 1789, the poorest people of the country didn’t worship their aristocrats as many of America’s poor fawns over reality TV stars, or buy into the rhetoric of political figures like Donald Trump. The vast majority of Americans who don’t own guns choose to do so because they don’t want or need guns, not because they are too poor to own them but still desperately need them.

Trust me, there are plenty of people across this country who own multiple firearms, and collect government assistance – all while blaming other poor people or liberals for their problems. Then again, should the poor ever wake up and realize who is really the source of their problems, the idea to arm everyone could backfire horribly on people like Tom Tancredo.


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