Colorado State Rep. Blames Planned Parenthood For Domestic Terrorist Attack At Their Clinic

colorado springs shooting planned parenthood right-wing terrorismRep. JoAnn Windholz represents the 30th District in Colorado’s state legislature. This district is in an area that should have elected a Democrat instead of a severely conservative Republican, but JoAnn Windholz managed to squeak out a narrow victory over the Democratic incumbent.

JoAnn Windholz is also very much an opponent of Planned Parenthood, and unlike many other conservatives, she’s had zero problem blaming Planned Parenthood for the domestic terrorist attack at one of their clinics last week. In a statement to her local paper, Windholz claimed that Planned Parenthood is ultimately responsible for the violence, rather than the apparently deranged gunman.

Here is a portion of her rant via The Colorado Independent:

When a violent act happens at a Planned Parenthood (pph) facility (most recent in Colorado Springs) the left goes on “auto-pilot” blaming everyone insight when they should be looking in a mirror. Free Speech has brought to light the insidious selling of baby body parts (pph has no shame). These facts and overall mission of the abortion industry would easily send anyone over the hill who wasn’t rational.

The “war on women” is what pph began with Margaret Sanger and it has turned into a war on the family, especially children. It has changed children from a blessing to a commodity making it very hard to consider ourselves to be a civilized respectful rational society.

Violence is never the answer but we must start pointing out who is the real culprit. The true instigator of this violence and all violence at any pph facility, is pph themselves. Violence begets violence. So pph, YOU STOP THE VIOLENCE INSIDE YOUR WALLS. (Source)

The Republican Party and their anti-abortion activist backers declared war on Planned Parenthood many years ago, and while they haven’t won public opinion on the issue of abortion, they’ve managed to make access to women’s healthcare a lot harder since the Tea Party takeover in 2010.

JoAnn Windholz is representative of the extreme anti-choice fringe that have a lot of influence in the Republican Party. It doesn’t matter to them that abortion represents a small fraction of the services Planned Parenthood provides or that the organization is responsible for reducing the number of unplanned pregnancies nationwide.

Remember, these are people who have tried to kill Colorado’s successful contraception program which has drastically reduced the number of teen pregnancies. To many of them, the only appropriate form of birth control is abstinence, because they also believe that an IUD is the same as an abortion.

JoAnn Windholz and other radical Republicans throughout the country are waging a war on women, and politicians like Ted Cruz are more than happy to cater to their extreme ideology. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have both made pledges to ban abortion, and both have courted extremists who also wish to ban nearly all forms of birth control.

There is no doubt that there are many other conservatives out there who have the same views as Rep. Windholz, she’s just brazen enough to come out and say what the others are thinking. Instead of condemning her remarks, she’ll be hailed as a new hero by the far right – just wait and see.


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