Coming Soon to Your Town: The KKK is Recruiting for their “Neighborhood Watch” Program

kkk-neighborhood-watch“You can sleep well knowing the Klan is awake!”

That’s the tagline the Ku Klux Klan in Springfield, Missouri is using to apparently try and “ease” the minds of local residents as they sleep at night.

You see, it seems the KKK has started up a new neighborhood watch program—and no, this is not satire.

Some residents in Springfield were greeted by a flier in their front yards the other morning from none other than the local area Ku Klux Klan.  While most groups seeking to advertise something they’re wanting to promote might stick paper fliers on cars, put a few yard signs out or staple a couple of advertisements on a few light poles—the KKK didn’t quite go that route.

Oh no, they took their fliers, then used a rubber band to attach them to rocks and threw them into residential yards overnight.  Because nothing says “sleep well” quite like the KKK throwing rocks into your yard while you’re sleeping.

But this isn’t just an isolated KKK group that’s starting a neighborhood watch, apparently this is part of a nationwide push from the KKK to recruit local residents to be a part of their neighborhood watch.

Let that sink it for a moment.  A racially driven hate group is behind a national push to recruit citizens for a neighborhood watch program.

Oh, but don’t worry, a spokesman for the KKK says citizens can rest assured that race will play no part in who they see as a threat.  Because it’s perfectly logical to believe a hate group driven by racism could separate themselves from their ignorance while “fighting crime.”

If a group of Klan “neighborhood watch” members saw an African American male and a white male walking down the street late at night, they would certainly see both equally as threatening.

That’s completely believable—if you’re an idiot.

I can just see our neighborhoods now.  Three in the morning, the streets mostly empty—except for the group of white supremacists in pointed hoods walking around town “helping the police deter crime.”   I know it makes me feel safer already, how about you?

Couple that with these “stand your ground” laws which essentially gives people the right to kill someone that they “deem as a threat”—in no way could the KKK use their “neighborhood watch” as a means to hunt down and kill minorities.

That would be “absurd,” wouldn’t it?  Oh wait—no it wouldn’t.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • gilbert

    i’m…. speechless… wow… just wow…

  • Ammoman

    Stand your ground applies in all directions. Why wouldnt a white person, in a black neighborhood, not be deemed a threat too? Especially if wearing a pointed white hood? But I think that “stand your ground” was suddenly interpreted as “hot pursuit” no?

  • Brian Frang

    I say we just kill em all, let their God sort them out. Fucking racist pigs.

  • Mrs_oatmeal

    Yea, I San feel the calm settling over me as I envision this. (Not). I guess we really are trying to set this country back at least 100 years.

  • Jay

    …the George Zimmerman kind of Neighborhood Watch.

  • Kimbis

    Apparently the Klan got the message with the Zimmerman acquittal .
    1.Claim you are neighborhood watch.
    2.Shoot the unarmed black kid.
    3.Claim self defense.
    4.Walk free.
    5. Repeat

    • Seriously

      Uhhh you forgot the important step 1.5. Get attacked by unarmed black kid who threatens your life.

      • Tinaiya Malby

        1.5 can also be prevented by listening to the 911 operator and not pursuing but letting the police handle the job.

      • steven

        If on a 911 operator amounted to anything..

      • Glenna Jones-Kachtik

        Well, yes a 911 operator DOES AMOUNT to a lot…

      • kartashok

        When seconds count the police are MINUTES or HOURS away. I would’ve done the same as George Zimmerman, who’s a Hispanic by the way, with no racist motives.

      • Jay

        You forgot important step 1.3. Follow and threaten unarmed black kid.

      • James Dunn Jr

        1.4 teen has the right to stand his ground when a stranger attacks you smh

      • Aaron

        1.6 Citizen has the right to defend themselves from teenagers, even if it means taking their life.

      • Jay

        1.65 Teenagers have the right to defend themselves from stalkers.

      • James Dunn Jr

        naw you never bring a gun to a fist fight Zimmerman period didn’t have to get out the car he was not a cop bottom line teen had a right to fight a stranger


        Gee, when I was a kid grown men didn’t need guns to deal with adolescents.

      • kartashok

        Dindu nuffin adolescents are a lot more violent than what you used to be when you were a kid, I bet.

      • Lance LaPointe

        Bring a gun to a fist fight you’re a big pussy, he deserved an ass beating.. he was just lucky it wasn’t someone a little faster on the up take,. he would of went home with that ass beat and a gun shoved up it as well.

      • Lyola M Roeske Shafer


      • Reta Lane

        Seriously, you have never been in a fist fight! I didn’t know getting punched meant a death sentence. Good thing it didn’t for my brothers and son or they would have been dead. Also, most men not men like Zimmerman would have done the same thing Trayvon did when being followed by a skin head Hispanic person or even just a skin head white person. Also, I am sure you never check the facts but Trayvon was a skinny kid weighing in at 158 according to the coroners report not 198 and 6 ft 1. Zimmerman was a bouncer that had martial arts training but he was afraid of that skinny boy.

      • Richaard Finland Johnson Jr.

        You Go! RETA!

      • kartashok

        Misinformation. Ol’ Trayvon was a threat alright! He could’ve grabbed Zimmerman’s gun and shot him, and these blacks work fast. They’re not weak because they LOOK skinny, they’re strong and fast, and non-blacks should be entitled to use preventive force against them to prevent serious bodily harm towards themselves.

      • Yeah, Seriously

        Nope. Your 1.5. is: First follow but don’t identity yourself, and corner unarmed black kid until he either A.) Physically fights back for fear of his life (and because you’re following him) – then shoot to kill. Or, B.) Runs for fear of his life (perhaps, because you’re following him) – then shoot to kill. Because you’re a trigger happy gun totting creepy-ass wanna-be cop.

      • Michael

        Hey Spongeboob, here’s a hint: When the Police Dispatchers tell you not to follow an unarmed kid…DON’T. Again you don’t know if that happened or not. You just assume because Zimmerman says it, which shows your intelligence…

      • Bill Gannon

        Your argument is bogus. Zimmerman followed Martin even when told by the police not to do so. The ‘self defense’ tack is ridiculous and racist-and yes, it was racially motivated. Had Martin been white, it wouldn’t have happened. So now we have the KKK, which had been all but dead in the water, come to life again. This will be the legacy of the racism of the far right.

      • D. Courtney Hill

        Bill, had Martin been white, the public would have never heard about it. We all know that is true. Had Zimmerman been black, we’d have never heard about, either. Painting all people who disagree with you as racists and bigots empties all credence from any argument you make. That is the kind of rhetoric that only results in more anger and hate. The Zimmerman-Martin case was not about race. It was never about race. Now, I do not condone any group that calls itself KKK or bases its founding on hating some race or viewing some other race as superior. Martin Luther King Jr said that the key to solving this issue is in seeing ourselves as ONE race, the human race. That is what I wish would happen, but so long as groups continue to race bait, like with the case with Zimmerman/Trayvon (which is a tragedy to be sure), people will keep being angry and not moving forward. But Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, ACLU, and the NAACP continue to make a living off of sensationalizing these incidents. It’s a shame, making a living off someone else’s tragedy.

      • Jeri

        If Martin had been white Zimmerman would have been arrested on the spot – not a few months later. That’s what originally brought national attention to the murder.

      • D. Courtney Hill

        Jeri, i know you guys are desperate for this to be a case of some white conservative killing a black man out of pure spite or for sport, but facts are required to win a case. There was no arrest bc there wasnt enoughevidence. There never should have been a court case. The case went to court on political pressure ALONE. Prosecution had no case. Justice department has no hate crimes case, either, but are trying to appease constituents. Trayvon’s family are pawns in this now. The tragedy is a life is lost. The greatest crime is against Zimmerman, who has been presumed guilty based on fabricated photos and doctored tapes. And it is carried on by folks thirsty for blood, not justice. The whole thing has made a farce of justice.

      • Glenna Jones-Kachtik

        We really only have Zimmerman’s word for that…Martin never got to tell his side. EVER.

      • Charles Vincent

        News flash Zimmermans story was backed up by all available evidence. Zimmerman only pulled his gun to prevent Martin from taking it from the holster and using it on Zimmerman. And lastly get the facts of the case before you run your proverbial mouth because you look stupid when you talk about something and don’t know the facts.

      • Wesley Daughtrey

        You forgot step 1.4. Stalk unarmed black kid, and instigate a confrontation.

      • Jawad Pullin

        1.5 is bullshit. Exactly where was the proof he was the aggressor?

    • kartashok

      You’re missing the part when the good “dindu nuffin” thug Trayvon attacked and brutally injured Zimmerman’s face. Zimmerman acted in self defense and was totally justified, but apparently facts don’t matter to you anti-racists. Your anti-White agenda is the most important, so you need to use misinformation to spread your agenda and create an anti-White revolution.
      Unarmed is NOT equal to non-violent or innocent.

  • bobbo

    .ehh zimmermanbs got a new club!

  • handmadehand

    Anyone surprised by this has not been paying attention.

    • Michelle Todd

      guilty as charged… granted I don’t have a working television so all my info comes from what my friends share online for me to read ><

      • handmadehand

        Sometimes I wish I could stop watching.

  • Jimbo Billy JimBob

    How come noone was this pissed about OJ?

    • suburbancuurmudgeon

      About what?


      Did you exist at that time? People were furious. It was a huge thing. The trial was on network tv for weeks. And believe me we were pissed.

      • Anastasia Beaverhausen

        Seriously. I remember the “chase”, they interrupted TV stations all across the country to show Al Cowlings driving down the highway with OJ hiding in the backseat of the SUV. Then it was NONFREAKINGSTOP OJ, all OJ all day, day in and day out for months.

      • Trevor Vickrey

        hell yeah god i remember they used to make us watch the trial in school

      • kartashok

        OJ was a feral thug, he deserved the sentence.

    • L Griffin

      We were pissed but the police screwed up which is why he was acquitted… for once the police weren’t able to railroad someone but if they had done their job CORRECTLY that ass would have been locked up (it helped that he was rich too)

  • gatorfanfox

    The really scary part is that they likely wont be walking around in hoods and white sheets. They’ll be dressed just like everyone else. So you wont know its a klan neighborhood watch or if its a normal neighborhood watch….until its too late of course

  • Now we need a different neighborhood watch to protect us from the Klan.

  • Dave Lanson

    Who’s the chief instructor, Bernard Getz or George Zimmerman?

    • Bruce

      Fox News

  • Rin Hirahara

    This makes me really, really uncomfortable… I would be way more nervous with those people walking around my neighbourhood than I would be without them…

  • Harry Stolzy

    Recruit local residents is what I read….The article is misleading in making it sound as if KKK members will actually participate in these (on the ground) neighborhood watch groups…


      And who exactly do you think will respond to an ad by the KKK? I doubt anyone who doesn’t already share those ideas would be caught dead near the Klan. Plus they get a nice bonus because real Klan members will be standing watch right along with the new recruits. And what do you think they will be teaching the newbies?


    I have been transported to a parallel universe where the KKK patrols the streets at night “protecting” us. I think I’m having a Far Right overload.

    • Laquinton DeShawn Wagner

      hahaahahahaha! Oh me 2….. My mind cannot process this notion…lolz….. its like “come again?”

    • kartashok

      Would you rather be surrounded by nigtard looters, armed robbers and rapists assault you and injure and rape your family and have a politically correct police force tell you they can’t arrest or shoot the wild animals because it will be racist? Sounds like America’s having a Far Left overload.

  • Michelle Todd

    holy snap, the KKK is still a thing? xD I am shocked it is still ALLOWED to exist. And hopefully, someone stops this….

    unless maybe after the Zimmerman thing, this was supposed to be a joke? I sure hope so T_T

  • Cant we get along

    Maybe the NAACP and the KKK will get together and fight crime. If not, then they can kill each other and either way, we all win against crazy racists.

    • Leota2

      You do know the NAACP is open to all races—don’t you? That white people were some of the founders? That there are boards all over the country with diverse racial make- ups?

      The Klan—-not so much.

      • Laquinton DeShawn Wagner

        I love some of yalls way of wording these….

      • kartashok

        NAACP was founded by JEWS. Not White Christian Americans. The NAACP is anti-White and the Klan is pro-White.

  • Zimma

    Bunch of pussy faggot libs around here huh?

    • harry

      Bunch of pussy faggot retardlikkkans wearing their pointy little hoodies. go fuck yourself racist puke.

      • Florida Cracker

        Right back at you and your New Black Panthers, racist puke

      • harry

        Awe..did I hurt the pointy headed little racist menstrual chunks feelings? How does it feel to know that your kind of vile filth is fading away and soon you scum will be nothing more then a shit stain on history. Oh, black panthers? Last I checked they dont let white people join so that lets me out. Now why dont you run along and watch fox news where everybody speaks in cute little catch words and phrases that even a dumb fuck racist vomit like yourself can understand.

      • kartashok

        You libtards need to be mowed down and put in gas chambers.

      • FYI:

        Although I’m sure that Fox “News” has told you that the New Black Panther Party is some kind of mainstream group of African-Americans, it is a tiny group with piddly membership (even smaller than the KKK), and it is considered a hate group by both the Southern Poverty Law Center and Anti-Defamation League. So, there’s no one downplaying what’s wrong with the NBPP.

        Just because they’re black doesn’t mean that all blacks support them …

  • Cant we get along

    Craziest thing I ever heard was from a college roommate who hated me since I was from the North and hated “Yankees” since our great grandparents freed all of their great grandparents slaves. This was back in the 1970’s. I honest think he wanted have the Emancipation Proclamation repealed and wanted reparation for having lost the value of the slaves that he could have inherited. He was studying law at the time and said wanted to eventually get into politics and become Governor of Texas. Luckily he flunked out.

    • Glenna Jones-Kachtik

      He might not have been worse that Rick “Goodhair” Perry…

  • LA Newsboy

    “Some residents in Springfield” , “Apparently this is part of a nationwide push” – No quotes, no PD reports, no interviews, no pics? Article is complete race baiting BS..

  • DaveMurphy


  • sapereaudeprime

    Lobotomize and sterilize the lot of them.

    • Laquinton DeShawn Wagner


    • kartashok

      Starting with the nigtards who make 20 different kids with like 10 different women.

      • sapereaudeprime

        After a proper trial for treason, you will be incarcerated until you learn something of our Constitution and Christ’s teachings. We are all equal before the law, and Christ was brown, not white. In the events of 1861-65, myYaYankee ancestors shot better men than you.

      • kartashok

        America is not a Christian country, f*** that sanctimonious drivel and my ancestors had nothing to do with the Civil War, on either side. Drop dead, and non-Whites need to be smoked.

      • sapereaudeprime

        I can put 4 out of 5 .357 rounds in a #10 can at 25 yards, or at 100 yards with my Mauser. I will cheerfully kill every fucking racist who comes on my property. You are a pig.

      • kartashok

        I will take that as a death threat, and will either be ready to kill you myself, or let the cops do that job for me. Drop dead, [email protected]

      • kartashok

        Also, I am patriotic to the founding documents of the US, there is absolutely nothing on which I can be tried for treason.

  • Concerned citizen J.R.

    I am a proud African American and just want to ask those fellows one thing…Where do I and my buddies sign up for this watch program? By golly I sure want to do my part to keep our streets safe from somebody wearing a HOOD,,ee.

  • JoeBS

    Since everybody has skewed off-topic into Zimmerman territory, allow me to just note the elephant in the room. Zimmerman is not white. The news debated whether he was, and in the end, everybody decided to call him white because it helps the headline and keeps the issue “fresh” for racists on both sides of the issue (yes, black people can be racists, too). The man is brown as the day is long, and I think it’s pathetic that everybody keeps having to remind each other to call him “white,” to keep their own BS hate alive. The real issues are not white-versus-black here. They are the superfluous and dangerous “stand your ground laws” and the fact that Zimmerman, regardless of race, is a dumbass who made a bad decision and then kept making them until somebody was dead.