Comparing Republican “Christian Values” To Islamic Fundamentalism

It’s always amusing to me when I hear right-wing Christians speaking out so angrily against Islam. When you separate Islamic radicals (aka terrorists), and just focus on the two religions themselves, they’re not all that different. In fact, on many issues they wholeheartedly agree. Again, I’m not talking about groups like ISIS or any other terrorist organization, I’m focusing on basic, non-militant Islamic fundamentalists who believe in Sharia law and that religion should rule over government, such as those in Saudi Arabia.

Take women’s rights for example. Granted, women here in the United States are given far more freedoms than women in many nations ruled by Islam, but that freedom has come from secularists – not Christian fundamentalists. If it were up to many of these fundamentalists, women would have far fewer rights than they currently have. Even in 2016, I still meet hardcore evangelicals here in Texas quite often who think women should wear long skirts and hide as much skin as possible. But when you get beyond basic rights for women, both right-wing Christians and Islamic fundamentalists oppose abortion, sex education and contraceptives.

Then there’s always homosexuality and gay rights, a subject both sides vehemently oppose. Homosexuality is extremely frowned upon (if not outright illegal) in many Islamic nations. Meanwhile, here in the U.S., Republicans continue to do just about everything they can to deny homosexuals equal rights and legalize discrimination against them. Again, millions of homosexuals are moving closer and closer to equal rights because of secularists, not because of Christian fundamentalism. I fully believe that if it were up to many right-wing evangelicals in this country, and we had no Constitution to prevent them from doing it, many wouldn’t have a problem with making homosexuality illegal.

On a less “crucial” issue, there’s always alcohol. It’s illegal to drink in many Muslim nations, and even here in the U.S. there are counties where selling alcohol is illegal. In Texas we call them “blue laws.” But what these laws really represent are blatant examples of religious beliefs writing American law, because that’s where these laws are derived from.

Let’s also not forget that both right-wing evangelicals and Islamic fundamentalists believe that a nation should be ruled by religion, also know as a theocratic form of government. Both groups believe their rights are given to them by God (or Allah), not the government. And while many Islamic nations on this planet are indeed ruled by religion, it is our secularist Constitution which has prevented Christian radicals here from ruling this nation as the theocracy they’d love for it to be.

Then there’s always intolerance of other religions. A nation such as Saudi Arabia has no tolerance for any other religions besides Islam. And I can’t help but think that, if many conservatives had their way, this nation would also ban other religions – especially Islam. But while we’re obviously much more tolerant to religious freedom here in the United States than some Islamic states, that is another example of secularism providing that freedom – not Christian fundamentalism.

But when you get right down to it, isn’t the goal of both right-wing Christian evangelicals and Islamic fundamentalists essentially the same – to build nations based upon theocracies and religious rule? While Islam might be more restrictive in a lot of ways, mainly because our Constitution (and Western culture in general) has mostly kept religious radicals from taking over, these groups are very similar in many of the instances where human rights are concerned – especially when it comes to women’s rights and equality for homosexuals.

But the saddest part is, they’re two groups of people who often despise and loathe one another who are both worshipping books filled with stories that neither one of them can prove are real.

It’s just amazing how often those who claim to be the “most religious” are the ones filled with so much hate and intolerance.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Troy Townsend

    Nobody has died and come back to share evidence that there is no God and that there is no hell. Life is a one question test. Do you believe that Jesus died so that man can be given the test, instead of going straight to hell. Hope you dont get it wrong!

    • Brewblaz

      True bi

    • godlessveteran

      Tell you what – you be the first. Report back to us.

    • TheICTShamus

      Do you believe that your loving father Zeus will take you into his open arms on Olympus and that you were saved by Hercules, the son of god? Or will you go to Hades? Hope you don’t get it wrong.

    • Lucy Zkywalker

      Wow God sounds like a sadistic asshole who creates living beings and then fucks with their heads and then sends them to hell forever. And if I believe in that crap my reward is to spend eternity with this heartless jerk? Talk about a lose lose situation.

  • Robert Gill

    There’s no proof that Jesus ever existed other than the Bible, and that was written over four hundred years after his supposed death. To top it off,the Bible was commissioned by the Roman emperor at the time.
    Put another way, when the Bible was written, no one who might have been alive and heard Jesus talk was around to tell about it.

  • Soren

    I’m sorry where are the differences again? 🙂

  • Heathen5701

    Even when you start comparing their radical sides, the only real difference is that the Islamists are just more prolific. Their motives and ideals are identical. To force their version of god onto the rest of the world through the use of terror and intimidation. In fact Christian terrorists have done more bombings, assassinations and murder of innocents here in the US than have the Islamic terrorists.

    Worldwide the Christian terrorist groups are catching up in Africa. If it is Sharia law or Christian Dominionism, the result is the same; convert and follow our religious laws or die.

    • strayaway

      Yesterday I read some fool’s claim that the Westboro Baptist Church could be compared with ISIS and now this. The overall death toll from 9/11 crews was 2,977. Google the Wikipedia article “List of unsuccessful terrorist plots in the United States post-9/11”. Where are your numbers for the 3,000 or more killings done by Christian terrorists in the US? Also, I’ll challenge you to produce evidence that Christian terrorist groups “are catching up in Africa.” Just today, 39 mostly tourists were killed on a beach in Tunisia by Islamic terrorists.

      • mikebank

        More than two hundred thousand dead in Iraq, I believe that Iraq was pretty terrorized…

      • strayaway

        Why did Hillary vote to give away her congressional power to declare war to Bush? Why would anyone vote for her after doing so?

      • youagree

        Because she didn’t,
        Hillary and 50% of democrats voted to give bush authority to use military force if America was under interment danger of being attacked.Bush lied ,,,,there was no interment danger of being attacked.

      • BlueSky

        The sentence was confusing. I interpreted it as the _number_ of terrorist attacks in the US by Muslims vs the number perpetrated by Christians.

      • Maqbool Ahmed

        Just for your information as you asked – not here to defend or offend anyone. Checkout the post yourself.

  • Sydney

    Christianity- Jesus/love/forgiveness
    Islam- no Jesus/love/forgiveness

    That’s a huge difference.

    • Lucy Zkywalker

      What about all the souls god sends to hell to be tortured for eternity? Where’s the love there? Would you send someone you loved to be tortured forever?

      • Sydney

        That’s their choice. If they choose to live without God then they will. He doesn’t send people to hell. He doesn’t want anyone there. But people who deny Him will end up there by their own doing

      • AJ2

        So true.

      • Lucy Zkywalker

        If he doesnt want anyone there then why does he allow them to go there?

      • Sydney

        It’s their choice. He doesn’t control our actions.

      • Lucy Zkywalker

        After we die he controls our destiny. No one would choose to go to hell.

      • Sydney

        You choose it by denying Him

      • Lucy Zkywalker

        He is the one who created the system that sends you to hell for not choosing a correct choice, so it is his choice

      • Lucy Zkywalker

        And he sends good people to hell if they dont believe in him. Since there are good nice people who arent christians.

      • Lucy Zkywalker

        In fact he could just as easily delete or erase non believers but he designed the system so that they will be turtured for eternity instead. There could be a person who was kind generous, hard working and loving and generally did all of the things that jesus tought, but this person wasnt sure if god existed Or not. This person would be tortured forever upon death with no hope of escape according to your Religion. You dont have a problem with that?

      • Sydney

        God created hell for the devil. He choose to leave heaven, so he went to hell. Anyone choosing to deny God and follow in the devil’s footsteps will end up there. God didn’t design hell for people. People chose to deny God, and hell is where they end up.
        He originally created the world as perfect, as heaven on earth. Then, people chose their own will over His. He could get rid of everyone who doesn’t believe, but that wouldn’t be fair to them. They all deserve a chance to be saved and experience heaven.
        “Good” and “nice” don’t get you into heaven. Works really don’t matter unless you do them for Him. You can never be 100% sure of God. You either have faith or you don’t.
        And are you saying you believe what Jesus taught was right?

      • AJ2


      • Lucy Zkywalker

        God created both the devil, and hell. Also he designed the system, the rules, the outcomes and he designed every soul. So its on him if he sends good people to hell. In fact if he creates a soul that doesnt believe he exists due to reasons of logic and lack of proof, isnt it gods fault that he made that person that way? Isnt he diverting self blame by placing the blame on the person that he designed? Would you allow someone you cared about to suffer for eternity because they didnt know you existed? I wouldnt. God can supposedly do anything so its totally his choice. Even inaction is a choice.

        From what I have read jesus had some quite nice things to say about treating people nice and taking care of eachother. I dont see any reason to believe all the magical rising from the dead and virgin mother stuff. Especially since that whole story is identical to the story of the egyptian god ra. Its pretty obvious they borrowed from it.

      • Sydney

        God created angels. One of them wanted to be as powerful as God, so He cast him out. That was the devil. God didn’t create the devil or hell to punish people. People who want to live separate from God go to live with an angel who wanted to live separate from God. It’s not God’s active punishment.
        God designed this earth to be perfect. The devil brought sin into it. Because people have free will, and are born into a note sinful world, they have a choice. They can either choose to follow God, or choose not to.
        God can do anything, but He leaves the decision to love Him to us. He tried to create a perfect world where there was no evil, and the devil ruined it. He doesn’t create people who don’t believe in Him. He creates people who have to decide between Him or life without Him.
        Jesus was the perfect Son of God. They didn’t borrow anything from any other religion. Other religions borrowed from the Bible. There was prophesy about His time on earth long before the Israelites were in Egypt.
        There is no point in following the teachings of Jesus unless you believe He is the Son of God. You might be nice, but being nice isn’t going to get you into heaven. And love isn’t always nice.

      • Lucy Zkywalker

        Right, he created the devil, and thus hell, and everyone, and earth etc etc etc. His fault then. You can try to twist it but thats how it is. He could just as easily delete or erase these souls but he allows them to go there. It must be his will then. Or maybe he just has such respect for satan that he gifts these souls to satan. Either way is sick. Considering that the egyptian mythology came first, yes they did borrow from it when they wrote the bible. It was constructed by romans. They picked and chose what goes in the bible. People were tortured or murdered for not believing. Eventually it washed down through the ages until it is what we have now. This is history. Not just my opinion. People have been brainwashed to believe in this for a looooong time. And right, being a good person wont get you into heaven, and being a complete piece of garbage that believes in god will. He rewards assholes just because they believe in him. Sounds like a super great god….

        Why do you believe?
        How do you love a being that you havent even met?
        Would you send a good person that you loved to hell for eternity because they didnt believe in you?

      • Sydney

        He didn’t create the devil as he is. He created an angel that decided to become the devil. Jesus came to earth and revealed God to all, thus giving no excuse not to believe in Him. Anyone, regardless of their actions, is forgiven completely when they accept Jesus. That’s all it takes to go to heaven. Why wouldn’t you?
        Prophesy foretold of a virgin birth long before Jesus. When the Israelites were slaves to Egypt, their mythology took on similar stories. They basically have a rewrite of Cain and Abel, and the flood. But the Bible was the original historical account.
        I believe because I have seen multiple proofs of Him in my life. I have a degree in horticulture, and have taken many science courses and spoken to many professors. The way our world works is so far beyond pure chance. Even Darwin admitted there has to be a Creator.
        Beyond my love of science is a love of archaeology. I have studied Biblical archaeology, and the evidence for Old Testament events is apparent. They have found multiple places mentioned in the Bible, with artifacts backing up how the Bible records events happening.
        Beyond that, is my love of logic. Entertain the thought that an omniscient, all-present being created you. This being understands absolutely everything about the earth, because He created it. Now, if history has shown us anything, it’s that we constantly think we have learned all there is to learn, only to realize we know next to nothing. Trying to claim God cannot exist because we don’t understand Him, or we think He’s illogical, is ridiculous. He knows infinitely more than we do. And just because science is constantly figuring out how things work, i.e. feelings, natural “miracles” and previously “supernatural” events, doesn’t mean we have disproven God. He created our brains. He knows how feelings work. He created chemical reactions. Understanding creation in no way disproves a Creator.

        I haven’t seen the actual, physical face of God. I also haven’t seen the actual, physical face of lots of people. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

        The difference in an atheist’s worldview and a Christian’s rests on the definition of a good person. Christianity doesn’t believe people are “good” or “bad” because it doesn’t really matter. You’re responsible for your own actions. If you choose to follow God, put His will before your own, and admit when you’ve sinned, you will be forgiven. If you choose not to, then it doesn’t matter how “good” you are.
        Would you force someone to love you? Would it be true love if they had no choice? No. It has to come from your heart wanting to know Him. You may not see Him, but He’s there.
        Just try something. Next time you’re alone, ask God to show Himself to you. It may sound silly, but there’s no harm in it. If you honestly want to know if He exists, try it for yourself.

      • TLG

        Absolutely! That is what I have always thought and Sydney is going to pull another absurd ‘answer’ to that for you. People like that make you feel that your rational thoughts are crazy when it is the other way around.

      • I’ve wanted to reply to you, but your ‘Christians’ websites have blocked me for posting facts. Hmmmm.

      • Sydney

        Like what

      • You said you wanted to have an honest dialogue with me. Oh well.

      • Sydney

        I do. But I can’t see your replies.

      • Unhinged

        And your saying THAT is exactly what this article is talking about! How dare you push that nutty crap on anyone else? These “Christians” who tell OTHER people… Follow my beliefs, or go to hell, are the SAME views as the Islamic Fundamentalists. believe what you want, but don’t expect everyone else in this country to believe the same! There are thousands of religions in this country! What makes YOURS right? The Bible?

      • Sydney

        First of all, “Christians” who say follow my beliefs or go to hell are judging. There is nothing perfect about any one Christian’s beliefs. Second, what makes my religion one of peace is that extremism is dying for my beliefs. Extremism for islam is suicide bombers, decapitating children, stoning your wife, capturing sex slaves, throwing gays off buildings, shooting up Paris, and hijacking planes. And although you may not believe in a literal hell, most athiests have the same attitude of “believe what I believe or else” as evidenced by pretty much every lawsuit brought against anything Christian lately. So, really all this article is saying is, “Besides the fact that muslims are terrorists whose entire reason for living is to eliminate Western culture and convert infidels, people in both religions (or anyone else for that matter) can be subject to human nature and act like assholes.”

    • The Christians I know don’t Jesus/love/forgive me. Perhaps you are wishful thinking.

      • Sydney

        Not everyone who claims to be a Christian acts the way they should. Christianity should be shown at the value of the Bible, not the flawed people who try to follow it.
        The Bible says that not everyone who says, “Lord, Lord” is truly a believer. Christians who make it about works and judging instead of love, forgiveness, and faith are off-base.
        And really, if they don’t forgive you, that’s their problem. They need to realize they’re no better than you just because they claim to be a Christian.
        Jesus was perfect, not His followers.
        Is that why you left? Because they didn’t forgive/love you?

    • TCLucas

      I have friends who are Muslim and their belief I’d Allah is of love and compassion. There are moderate Muslims just as there are moderate Christians. Muslims believe in Jesus but in their religion he is a prophet not the son of God.

    • Sherri G

      Actually Jesus is considered a Prophet of God and greatly respected by Muslims….

  • Unhinged

    Let’s not forget the imaginary “war on Christmas”. It is the Christian Fundamentalist’s appeal to the GOP… The intolerant, ignorant, homophobic, anti-gay, anti-woman, pro-war, racists that will bring this country down. If the republicans win the presidential election, especially Trump, we will be at WAR with everyone over everything. We will become a nation of gun slinging, fau-Christian, bigots, who’s “religious freedom”laws will protect them from hate crimes, racism, discrimination, and bigotry. With it, goes the separation of church and state. These are terrifying times. Is it really 2015?

  • Brian

    Yes because being pro-life is the same thing as stoning a woman to death for not covering her face in public. Strawmen. Always strawmen with you.