Congratulations Bush, Your Incompetence Finally Managed to Turn Iraq into an Actual Threat

bush-ummmIt took over a decade, but George W. Bush finally managed to turn Iraq into a threat.  Don’t get me wrong, Saddam Hussein was a bad guy, but he was really nothing more than a local thug.  He was never any kind of “global threat” like the Bush Administration falsely led the world to believe.  Iraq was a nuisance under his control, but the country was never really any kind of actual threat to anyone outside of the crimes he committed against his own people.

But with Saddam long gone, and a weak Iraqi government allowing ISIS to easily take control of key parts of the nation, Iraq has finally become a real threat.

Because whether people want to hear it or not, ISIS is not something we can just ignore.  I’ve seen far too many people try to label them as just an ordinary terror group.  They’re much more than that.

Just to give you a little perspective of just how radical and dangerous these people are, Al-Qaeda has publicly disavowed all ties with the group for being too radical.  

If you know nothing else about ISIS, that should tell you enough.

But beyond that they’re also kidnapping women, slaughtering civilians, live tweeting beheadings and publicly crucifying people.

The primary goal of this group is to create a radical Islamic state consisting of Syria and Iraq.  Though I promise you, once established, they wouldn’t stop there.  Judging by various things I’ve read about this group, especially its leadership, their “ultimate” goal so to speak is to create some kind of giant Islamic state, uniting several Muslim countries together.

Oh, and by the way, they have an intense hatred of the United States and Western culture in general.

The leader of this group, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, who was released in 2004 when George W. Bush was president, supposedly said to American military personnel upon his release from imprisonment, “I’ll see you in New York.”

And why is it our troops weren’t in Iraq beyond 2011 even as the nation continued to struggle with insurgent violence?

That’s simple. Because George W. Bush signed an agreement with the Iraqi government that set certain stipulations, and deadlines, for our involvement in Iraq.  Specifically the agreement called for the end of U.S. combat operations as of June 30, 2009 and for all U.S. forces to be pulled out of Iraq by December 30, 2011.

So, let’s add all of this up:

  • George W. Bush destabilized a country that posed absolutely no real threat to the United States, or really any other nation.
  • His administration completely botched essentially everything about the war, allowing insurgents to claim many parts of Iraq.
  • He installed a weak government that just about everyone with even a shred of common sense knew stood absolutely no chance at maintaining power without backing from the United States military.
  • Policies reached with that Iraqi government result in the release of the now leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi.
  • Then he signs a SOFA agreement toward the end of his second term which dictates when the United States must pull all military forces out of Iraq.
  • A weak Iraqi government, without backing from the United States military due to Bush’s SOFA agreement, leads to radical Islamic militants (ISIS) taking over many parts of Iraq.
  • Currently Iraq is in serious danger of falling under the control of one of – if not the – most dangerous radical Islamic group on the planet.

So, with all of that said, I would like to formally congratulate George W. Bush.  Because due to his policies, Iraq has finally turned into a legitimate threat.

And just like with our economy, it seems President Obama will once again have to clean up a mess caused by Bush incompetence.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Kara

    And once again I ask, why are these idiots not in prison?

    • Cutter John

      Because, well…god told them they won’t spend a minute behind bars because he was doing god’s work in creating a holy war as he stated and how fux news want.

  • strayaway

    It was largely Bush’s fault for taking us into Iraq and overthrowing the relatively stable government of Iraq but Bush only acted when Congress handed over their power to declare war to Bush. 40% of House Democrats voted for Bush’s war powers. In the Senate, Democratic senators voted 29-21 in favor of handing over their power to declare war to Bush. Among those who voted for this were Senators Schumer, Clinton, Kerry, and Feinstein. Senator Clinton was an enthusiastic supporter. I can think of only a handful of Democrats and Republicans in Congress who tried to defund or end this war. Every congressional representative who voted to hand their powers to Bush should have been run out of politics long ago.

    “The primary goal of this group is to create a radical Islamic state consisting of Syria and Iraq.”

    Then why did Obama provide weapons to IS to similarly overthrow the government of Syria? Many of those weapons are now in the hands of IS. To be clear, Obama did not give those weapons to IS. The rebel leader he gave them to escaped across the Turkish border and the weapons wound up in IS hands. The Bush led intervention in Iraq is a disaster as were the more limited Obama follies in Libya and Syria. All of these interventions had bi-partisan support.

    • tiger16id

      Yes, they voted to give Bush that authority and you omitted the reason. Because Bush Cheney would destroy any politician who disagreed with them by accusing them of being anti American or unpatriotic. Don’t gloss over how hard the Bush administration pushed the invasion of Iraq so that they could enrich Haliburton and other defense contractors.

      • strayaway

        Did you get the part about 60% of House Democrats and 42% of Democratic Senators having the backbone to stand up to Bush? Hillary buckled. I guess that’s the kind of Democrats you want to stand for. Then, after Bush was given his war, Obama and Hillary funded the extension of the war every time Bush asked for more money. The Iraqi parliament had ordered the US out as mentioned in the article. Prior to having to leave, Obama negotiated to have our troops stay longer. He didn’t like Iraqi terms so that didn’t happen but its a long way from candidate Obama who promised that if the troops were still in Iraq when he became President, taking them out was the first thing he was going to do. “”I will promise you this, that if we have not gotten our troops out by the time I am president, it is the first thing I will do. I will get our troops home. We will bring an end to this war. You can take that to the bank.” Instead, 7 years later, he is dropping bombs in Iraq without congressional approval to fight an army using US weapons he dumped there. What a putz.

      • J.D.

        You also missed the fact that 95% + of those who voted AGAINST the war were Dem or Independent. So that means nearly ALL Republicans voted FOR the war., and only a handful voted against.

      • strayaway

        No, I didn’t miss that at all. There are 100 Senators and if Democrats voted 29-21 in support of Bush, a number I previously stated, they needed a lot of help from Republicans. Chaffee was the only Republican Senator to vote against Bush. The rest voted with Hillary, Kerry, Biden, and Feinstein in support of Bush. On the house side, I wrote that 60% of Democratic House members voted against Bush which means, although I realize Democrats have problems with math, that the majority of Republicans in the House voted with Bush. It’s ironic though that while Bush has been gone for over 6.5 years, Obama’s messes are still all Bush’s fault. I’m pointing out that even half of democrats lined up with Bush then and pretend that IS isn’t fighting with Obama supplied weapons that have nothing to do with Bush. Really, the world has moved on in the last 6.5 years.

      • J.D.

        Nah, not ALL of Obama’s problems are Bush’s fault. The problem is that the GOP spends SO much time and energy in trying to make him look like some EVIL tyrant that they bring a lot of this criticism on themselves. But you also can not deny the fact that problems stemming out of IRAQ are rooted in the war efforts fed by the BUSH administration. A Bush foreign policy that drug our American name through the mud. You can not deny that the economic downturn was also a result of failed economic policies from the Bush administration. I will also preface that by saying the economic failures were not ALL Bush’s fault because those failures are the result of 30 years of failed “Trickle Down Economics”. Benghazi is not Bush’s fault. The problem is the GOP tries so desperately to amplify incidents like Benghazi that flat out pale in comparison to Bush’s political failures. It is rather pathetic to watch, and as a registered Independent, I am SO sick of the GOP, I hope they lose big this November. From the outside looking in, I am also tired of the two party domination and all the political games that are played at the expense of American interest’s. Although, of the two parties, I dislike the GOP the most.

      • strayaway

        I look at Benghazi as blowback from Obama’s disastrous Arab and Middle-east foreign policy although relatively minor compared with the Islamist invasion of Mali and possibly letting a couple of hundred state of the art surface to air missiles fall into Islamist hands all of which had to do with the unnecessary toppling of Khaddafi. If that wasn’t enough, Obama had to be dissuaded from bombing Syria to help topple its government. Frustrated, he provided weapons to a non-Islamist faction of rebels who promptly had them stolen by Islamists who gave them to the IS to help take over northern Iraq. Then there was apparent CIA help in overthrowing the elected government of Ukraine giving Putin his excuse for occupation and the cold war is back. But if I understand you, Bush’s foreign policy was much worse? i disagree. I think Obama has matched Bush.

      • J.D.

        Maybe his policies weren’t much better, but what would have been a good policy after what he was handed? Leave troops in Iraq indefinitely. The region is SO unstable that there will never be a true Democratic stability in the region, which was a major goal of the Republican agenda under Bush.

      • strayaway

        A good policy might have been to remove US troops immediately as he promised when running for President in 2007. That probably wouldn’t have ended well either but for the time being, northern Iraq doesn’t even exist. A better question might have been, what unexpected consequences should Obama and future US presidents have learned from overthrowing Sadam.

    • Guest

      Bush and Cheney FED the fear machine that resulted in congress approving military action in Iraq. It was THEIR war. Of course congress voted for it, they had to in order for Bush to do it without losing the support of the nation. But this “support’ was falsely fed through lies of WMD’s and lies about IRAQ having ties to 9/11. IRAQ had NOTHING to do with 9/11 and the war was a direct result of the Bush administration using the fear and anger of a wounded nation to achieve an agenda that had been developed years before. They lied to this country and led thousands of our troops to their deaths based on these lies. With all that said, I too not only blame the Bush administration, but the congressional leaders that fell victim to the lies. One thing that does get rather skewed is the fact that of all the congressional members, both House and Senate, 95% of those who voted against the war were Democrat or Independent. There were only a handful of GOP members who voted against it. But every time the subject comes up you only hear too names to favor the GOP on this, and that is Clinton (D) being for it and Ron Paul (R) being against it (the war). It unfortunately is the only card GOPers have to play in this discussion. AGAIN, 95% of those who voted against the war were not GOP. That means nearly the entire Republican party backed the war in Iraq.

      • strayaway

        As you point out, most of those who voted against the war, about half of Democrats saw through the Bush lies and were not so cowed by Bush that they felt it necessary to vote with Bush. That means you will oppose Hillary in the primary doesn’t it? Dennis Kucinich (D) fought hard against Bush as did Ron Paul (R). Too bad, when Ohio lost a House seat, It was Kucinich’s seat.

      • J.D.

        Yeah, unfortunately the same scenario played out in the population as well. Many Americans fell prey to the fear games played by the White House and bought all the propaganda, hook, line, and sinker. And if you dared to speak out against the efforts like some of us did, you were labeled as Un-American and a traitor. What people fail to understand is that it is possible to support our troops efforts WITHOUT agreeing with the reasons for which they are there. That whole war made me sick to my stomach. I will not vote for Jeb and I don’t want to vote for Hillary either, BUT that is how the two party system is rigged, If you vote for who you truly want, if they are not (R) or (D), you all but hand a vote to the side you don’t want to vote for. Doesn’t matter really, i live in CA and our state is Dem dominate, this state has voted blue since 1988.

      • strayaway

        I agree with you except for usually voting third party when i don’t like the R/D options and one candidate is way ahead. That way, at least, I’m not responsible for even the lesser of two evils believing they have a mandate.

    • Roger Bence

      so many ignorant brainwashed liberal democrat cocksuckers and you all believe oswald killed kennedy to i really sympathize over your stupidity stop listening to cnn and msnbc try reading the truth from fox

      • giankeys luvs shemale porn

        truth from FOX
        see: Kenya/ Benghazi/ spending/ obamacare “ACA”…..
        hows that working for ya?? PRAISE JEEEEESUS!!!

    • whb

      The government was stable in as much as So Damn Insane ran rough shod over the people. Oh yea, the people. The happy people, especially the Kurds who were being gassed.

      • strayaway

        I take it you supported Bush’s war. 4,000 dead Americans later, how the Kurds are being shelled. What do you suggest doing next?

      • giankeys luvs shemale porn

        did U enjoy the nipplehead’s response 2 U ( below) as much as I did?
        ( see: my reply to Roger Bence)

      • strayaway

        Dang, I think he has me figured out.

      • giankeys luvs shemale porn

        eye donnnnn theeenk hugh r a democrat
        robin Williams death has me in fits

      • strayaway

        I’ve come to the opinion that people who decorate their houses year round with cheerful little lights and put things on their front laws that are supposed to be funny are often fighting the blues. I remember reading about Jonathan Winters and his battled with depression too. Maybe some of the great comedians are similarly doing battle with demons. Each laugh is a temporary victory.

      • giankeys luvs shemale porn

        George carlin also————-

    • Di Kelley

      So much of why Bush went into Iraq, I said it then, I will say it now, was to keep access to Kuwait’s rich oil fields. When the wiser choice would have been to develop other energy sources much faster than we have.

  • giankeys luvs shemale porn

    and,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the regressives on the “right” will continue to bemoan immigration and NSA even though GW bush was integral to those problems also,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    hey: white trash regressives: hows that ACA and BENGHAZI crying doing???

    • Laurie Schultz

      This…. *THIS* ^^ just says it all….

      • giankeys luvs shemale porn

        devastated by robin Williams death

      • giankeys luvs shemale porn

        yep– truth hurts crybaby white trash regressives doesn’t it?

      • Laurie Schultz

        Your name calling is so creative. The pathetic mewling sounds that liberals make “oh, they just hate Obama and no one gives him a chance” is every bit as pathetic as the crying that the republicans do. Both sides are part of the problem. You need to wake up to that realization.

      • giankeys luvs shemale porn

        as I compare FACTUALLY the doings of republicans and democrats on a FEDERAL an STAE level legislatively I find it easy to see that regressive white trash religious scum ( repubs) have far outdistanced the liberals in SLOWING the progress of America. FACTS made my CBO and US treasury bolster my claim. Its also quite evident that religious white scum have TRIED TO DERAIL equality for women/ gays/ minorities FOREVER- those cretins invariably vote REPUBLICAN
        in spite of absolutely NO help on Anything from the regressive crybaby party ( tea ETC) this administration has turned us around financially and economically; and is still in process of allowing EQUAL rights for ALL americans; not just whites who praise some dead fisherman as a GOD —
        shall we go over individual and collective policies — and the results– comparing dems and repubs over past 25 yrs???? shall we? NO-? then shut ur smarmay a** up until U have FACTS to show how REPUBLICANS actually do good things for americans — all americans
        OH– and do NOT test my lexiphanic vocab: I will crush U & ur oligophreniality with ease

      • giankeys luvs shemale porn

        the fact that U used the rightwing epithet ” kool aid” shows that U indeed are a white trash regressive simply reciting the playbook they use. the DEBT has finally turned in the favor of America by SLOWING more than anticipated- over 2 % projected next yr. I do NOT go to “links” provided by micromastial/ steatopygous lemmings such as U as most have viruses an I prefer peace upon my computer.
        I do find it interesting that about 99% of economists use the CBO and treasury numbers but OF COURSE some uneducated smarmy c*nt will NOT use them unless it fits YOUR recital. youre NOT a dem / NOT a repub? what art thou? a a loser libertarian?? Bottom line is: ( see: bottom line) our country and economy are IMPROVING away from the destruction caused by repub policies initiated by Reagan and furthered by the bush boys. Care to dispute this? now we have ALL americans– not just white trash religious scumbags — getting access to EQUAL equality- which means women/ gays / minorities will have the ” pursuit of happened ” succinctly stated by Thomas Jefferson–
        NOTE: please inform me what % of the debt is payments upon EXISTING debt( see: interest) and I do DEEEEE-LIGHTFULLY find that U made NO MENTION of DEFICIT which has been shrinking at fastest pace SINCE IKE– NOOOO MENTION!
        ,,,,,,,,,,shall we look at job creation numbers? or Benghazi? or the “failure” of the ACA?

        oh………I nearly neglected: Im a registered independent
        ,,,,,,,,,,,seems u erred again–
        play ball !

    • MsYellowDog


      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        only YOOHOOs and a&w birch beer– along w fruit jiuces

  • J.D.

    One thing many GOP members forget is that Bush and Cheney FED the fear machine that resulted in congress approving military action in Iraq. It was THEIR war. Of course congress voted for it, they had to in order for Bush to do it without losing the support of the nation. But this “support’ was falsely fed through lies of WMD’s and lies about IRAQ having ties to 9/11. IRAQ had NOTHING to do with 9/11 and the war was a direct result of the Bush administration using the fear and anger of a wounded nation to achieve an agenda that had been developed years before. They lied to this country and led thousands of our troops to their deaths based on these lies. With all that said, I too not only blame the Bush administration, but the congressional leaders that fell victim to the lies. One thing that does get rather skewed is the fact that of all the congressional members, both House and Senate, 95% of those who voted against the war were Democrat or Independent. There were only a handful of GOP members who voted against it. But every time the subject comes up you only hear two names brought up to favor the GOP on this, and that is Clinton (D) being for the war and Ron Paul (R) being against it (the war). It unfortunately is the only card GOPers have to play in this discussion. AGAIN, 95% of those who voted against the war were not GOP. That means nearly the entire Republican party backed the war in Iraq.

    • Roger Bence

      wmd were not lies they were there cause clinton sold them to huessein and now isis is digging them out of the sand in syria you aree a obama cock sucking liberal and propagandist the terrorist that hit 9/11 were syrian and iraqi trained in saudi arabia you are a idiot democrat liberal and dont know shit about the facts just spouting shit

      • giankeys luvs shemale porn

        pass me some of what U are drinking!! I LOVE escaping reality!
        did u get the Benghazi Tshirt I sent ya?

      • J.D.

        You sir are a disgusting excuse of a human being. You can’t even put together a coherent sentence, let alone debate the facts.I would provide citations to my claims, but you aren’t capable of understanding them, so I won’t waste my time. Why is it that so many GOP supporters like you lack the class and intelligence to have a conversation or debate free from worthless insults. I do not even need to respond to the failed points you ATTEMPTED to make in your post because your lame insults give true credence to your lack of intelligence and maturity. I would rather debate politics with a third grader, because they obviously have a higher IQ and intellect than you.They are also more mature as well.Good day.

      • Larry Wasnesky

        ‘you aree a obama cock sucking liberal and propagandist’ Your a real class act!

  • Gary Miller

    I’d love someone in Govt. to finally admit that Saddam was in a box and not going anywhere or doing anything and the reason we went there after 9-11 wasn’t because we were attacked but because Jr. didn’t like that he targeted Sr. when he went to the region. PERIOD!!! I said it then and it got a few minutes of attention and then dropped! He got a free ride on that one!!!

    • Avatar

      Bush simply demonstrated his Texan-style of revenge against the man who plotted to kill his daddy at expenses of our soldiers and innocents.

    • j p

      so it is ok for an entity to target a U.S. president for assassination. regardless of whether it was w’s daddy.

  • splicernyc

    Aside from the insanity of the ISIS members, the real danger comes when they start knocking on the door of Israel or India. Both have nukes and I don’t think either country will have a problem with using them if they feel backed against a wall.

  • j p

    so bush warned of the dangers of a “pullout date”. the military asked for a stabilization force to be left behind. then obummer announced a pullout date and wouldn’t leave any forces behind to assist in keeping stability. but somehow this is bush’s fault even though he got approval from congress. oh yeah many democrats also made the case for WMD but don’t repeat that truth.

    • Larry Wasnesky

      “Bush warned of the dangers of a “pull out date”…. Bush and Maliki are the one’s who came up with and announced the “pull out date” Obama offered to leave 30,000 behing but the Iraq Parliment voted and sad no that we would have to honor the pull out date. Anyone left behind would be under Iraq law. Approval was granted from Congress because the Congress as well as the American people were lied to. ISIS was formed in 2006, Obama was a Senator in 2006 and Senator Obama also voted NO to going to war, I guess he knew better. The region is a mess because we invaded and occupied Iraq (and for no reason) 4,500 Americans dead for a lie, 180,000 innocent Iraq’es dead for a lie, 4 trillion wasted for a lie. President Bush,Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice are all wanted by the Hague for war crimes and crimes against humanity.Does that make you proud? Were you upset when Bush sent 185,000 to an un-necessary death?

  • Jayson

    Both G.W. and his daddy, along with Cheney and Quayle, should be on trial for treason and war crimes. The took down 2 nations based on lies and have nothing but blood on their hands. Well, G.W. has a little titanium white on his elbow that he missed after painting his last cat picture. ( and cash in their pockets ) Remember kiddies, G.W. and his daddy are oil men and the Cheney Halliburton connection is a no-brainer. ( “Ok W! You blow it up and my boys at Halliburton get the contract to rebuild it right?”) But instead, lets spend 52.4 million voting over and over to repeal the ACA, ( ala Ken Starr’s 70 million on operation Oral Sex ) obsessing over a birth certificate, and throwing blame about Bengh…………….oh wait that was just disproved. Because all that will bring back the 3k plus people we tragically lost on 9/11, ( serving their memories well ) 5k plus U.S. soldiers sent to war in a country that had nothing to do with 9/11, 150K plus Iraqis who were merely existing more than living, a smattering of multi-national troops, the U.S. economy and the collective I. Q. of Republicans nationwide who believe that this was all OK.

  • JackGalt


  • Roger Bence

    don’t blame bush he’s been gone over 6 years its all on that bastard from kenya and he’s a lying traitor

    • giankeys luvs shemale porn

      would that include our growing economy and shrinking deficit with also the stock market at record highs?
      lemme know– and pass the peanuts

  • Laurie Schultz

    Wow, whenever I need a sad reminder of just how stupid the majority of the populace is, I can always come here for a reminder. SMHS….

  • Laurie Schultz

    ROFLMAO!! Apparently if you disagree with the “progressives” here – they just delete you. So typical and so pathetic.

    • giankeys luvs shemale porn

      not so——— please check out how I have destroyed the regressive crybaby white trash who make republican posts here———- we LOVE crushing regressive trash with FACTS: unlike scum repub/tea party white trash who venture “OPINIONS”

      • Laurie Schultz

        Most liberals and progressives that I know wouldn’t know a FACT if it bit them on the ass. I don’t see any exceptions to that rule here.

      • giankeys luvs shemale porn

        read my above rant– all with corroborated FACTS; and I await ur refution OF those CBO and US TREASURY facts
        numbers bayeeee,,,number– NOT FOX “news” crybaby opinions ,,, NUMBERS!!!!

  • SousouMotok .

    How is it Bush, s fault when Iraqi president was the one kicking us out just like with Afghanistan president. Plus, Obama was the one to stop all of the molitary actions there; since, he wanted to be the one to get us out and fucked it up. Obama was the one releasing 5 key leaders for a traitor. There were weapons in Iraq and troops woupd find caches of them, but not enough to be considered an actual storage of them. Then, the WMD were moved to Iran and Syria. It’s easy to blame Bush for everything; however, it happened during Obama’s watch and where is he now? On a vacation. He had since 2008 to fix everything, yet he hasn’t done shit about it. The only thing he’s good for is giving out money and weapons (fighter jets to United Arab Emirates) to our enemies (ISIS, HAMAS, other taliban groups) trying to start a war with Syria with humorous threats (which weren’t even taken seriously), establishing useless sanctions on Russia (no effect at all,) cutting veteran benefits and not doing anything about the VA scandals, letting U.S. embassy to be overrun and the embassador getting killed (while two Navy Seals defied orders and went to help,) trading five key taliban leaders for a traitor who left his post to help taliban, and in the end left our borders wide open for illegal immigrants, cartel and mexican army to attack our civilians while on our soil. However, let me guess; all of these are Bush’s fault.

    • giankeys luvs shemale porn

      hey- gerbil droppings: look up who took MORE vacation time/// GW bush or Obama.
      did U get your Benghazi Tshirt yet ???

      • SousouMotok .

        The only argument you had was with his vacation time, wow, just wow. I love how your dumb witted mind works. Come on you should be able to do better than that… unless it’s all true and you can’t argue it.
        P.s. love how you make fun of American citizens getting killed by taliban. You’re truly THE waste of oxygen.

      • giankeys luvs shemale porn

        hey crybaby: allow me this: unemployment at 6.18% and labor force increasing,,,,,, stock market at all time highs/ corporate profits at all time highs…AMERICANS FINALLY getting the equal rights which up2now ONLY the religious white trash have gotten ( marriage ETC),,,,,veterans getting quicker access to health care and easier housing.,,,, The CBO just projected a HUGE shrinking of DEBT by over 2% and our DEFICIT is shrinking at fastest pace since IKE( who was the LAST GOOD repub pres; Reagans policies started this mess),,,,,,republican -led house committee ( again) just QUIETLY concluded that NO malfeasance and no coverup and no withholding of troops/equipment was don’t at BENGHAZI ( so shut ur stupid white trash face up until U know facts),,,,,,,,the Obama-led sanctions on Russia are so EFFECTIVE that PUTIN is getting clobbered economically: proof

      • giankeys luvs shemale porn

        hey schmuck– U brought up vacations: now I blow U out of the water and U cry? typical regressive white trash republican …
        facts: our economy is strong and strengthening
        facts: deficit shrinking at fastest pace since IKE
        facts: DEBT is at slower pace– over 2% better than anticipated
        facts: millions of americans now insured
        facts: ALL americans getting equal equality rights…not just religious white trash regressives
        facts: veterans getting quicker access to mental and physical health
        facts: veterans getting easier and faster access to housing
        facts: “4 dead in Benghazi” now republican ‘select committee QUIETLY states that nothing happened in Benghazi regarding withholding of troops/ supplies/ no coverup done- that from REPUBLICAN dominated committee
        facts: near 45 hundred dead americans –and thousands MORE maimed for LIFE because of republican led UNPAID war in IRAQ
        facts: all of this POSITIVE American movement DONE WITH NOOOOOOOOOOOO regressive crybaby republican congressional support.
        you were saying something about” I should be able to do better than,,,,,,,,,”
        now; about that Kenya/radical Christian/commie/white hating/socialist/secular/martian president being THE WORST………????
        write back soon,I enjoy destroying cretins such as U with my oxygen-rich blood and FACTS

  • Brad Dudley

    6 years later and it’s still “Bush’s fault”. You people are hilarious.

    • giankeys luvs shemale porn

      its not bushes fault: he was such a great republican president that the GOp didn’t bring him– or any of his stellar administration– to the last GOP convention in tampa
      now THATS a solid president!!!

  • Common Sense

    6 years later and you folks still blame Bush. Do you I.V. your Koolaid or drink from the Obama Sippy cup?

    • giankeys luvs shemale porn

      we filter it through the FOX “news” FREE Benghazi Tshirts

  • Jim Scobie

    Obama campaigned for the job, twice! Did he inherit this mess? No, he wanted it.

    • giankeys luvs shemale porn

      and,,,,,,,,the repubs gave it to him!
      did u get ur free FOX “news” Benghazi Tshirt?

  • Nancy Eavenson

    You have got to be kidding me? How can any of this possibly be Bush’s fault! This is so ridiculous and if the situation weren’t so bad, it would be laughable! With O’Bummer in office, it’s ridiculous that you could blame Bush and Cheney for anything going on now! I don’t normally read the garbage on this website and wish I hadn’t this time!!! Get a life and call a spade a spade. O’Bama is the worst president EVER!!! He belongs in a Muslim country, not in the USA!!!

    • giankeys luvs shemale porn

      hey lard ass white trash religious C*NT— “worst president ever”???
      shall we compare economic and social policies of the regressive repubs VS the policies of DEMS over past 25 yrs/ and the effects upon ALL americans??? shall we? U overweight VOODOO( religion) loving ignorant hag—- the last GREAT repub president was IKE– because HE WANTED TO HELP ALL AMERICANS,,,,,, not just white trash regressive “christian” scum who hate all that’s NOT white and “Christian”
      let us compare– Ur fat ass can go first- as soon as U put down ur cocktail and fattening meal

  • fresno

    At what point does Iraq take responsibility for itself? I think that the lesson here is that we need to realize that one cannot create a Jeffersonian democracy anywhere else in the world, because cultural differences cannot be overcome with blood or money.

    Our president and the legislature are elected, and so the citizens of this country must take the responsibility for electing whatever leadership is in place, and for the mistakes that they make. I know that this is a rare (and probably very unpopular) point of view, but of course commercial journalism will never go places that neither side of an argument advocates. We are the problem. Our naivety allows us to be successfully manipulated in ways that would be impossible if we were better informed, and more intellectually diligent. We allow ourselves to be spoon fed what we “think” and believe things that do not hold up under rigorous examination. On the left, it is that the same socialism that has failed in Europe, will somehow magically work here. On the right it is that pure capitalism is some sort of magic, no mater what the social consequences. I think that the truth lies somewhere in the middle, to be determined by what we can afford, long term, and the degree to which we can take care of people without their loosing too much motivation to be productive. People who are given everything tend to get lazy. Deny that, and you reveal yourself as someone who is willfully ignorant.

    • Larry Wasnesky

      Actually , the Scandinavian countries that practice socialism are doing quite well, They beat us at every level in quality of life. Capitalism almost sent this country over a cliff because of greed. Capitalism works fine if it is not abused and un-fortunately, it was and still is abused.There is good and bad in both capitalism and socialism.

  • mtbinnh

    For all the fools that think Iraq had no chemical weapons, the US Military found warehouses with chemical weapon suits and evidence of chemical weapons. The Clinton administration gave them eight years of empty threats allowing them to to move the shit before we had a leader in place that would hold Iraq accountable for ignoring the UN sanctions. The weapons are likely in Syria or Iran now.

  • dk

    FYI the ISIS leader, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, was released from US detention under OBAMA’s administration. Obama’s lack of foreign policy and his incompetence is what led to ISIS taking Iraq not Bush. Bush was a man of action. He drove the Taliban out of Afghanistan and left them countryless. Not to mention most of the top Al-Qaeda leaders killed or captured. Now they had time to recover and build up because of pussy shit Obama. Funny how people blame Bush after 6 years of Obamas incompetence.

  • richenuff

    It’s astonishing how liberals dismiss the truth to smear Bush. The claim that Bush “lied” to start a war in Iraq because he was “greedy” for oil couldn’t be farther far from the truth….this is the truth:

    In 1993, terrorists trained in Afghanistan Al-Qaeda camps tried to take down the WTC with a truck bomb parked under the north tower; their objective was to have the north tower fall into the south tower, which would’ve killed tens of thousands of American citizens. They did not succeed, but the blast killed six Americans and injured thousands more. The US did nothing, and eight years later terrorists trained in the same camps hi-jacked civilian passenger airliners and crashed them into both WTC towers, killing over 3,000 Americans, injuring countless more, and the WTC towers collapsed. Unless something was done to take out the source of these terrorists (Al-Qaeda camps), and prevent the threat of weapons of mass destruction that could be used against America (which Saddam Hussein was arrogantly boasting about having the capabilities to make), the next attack could result in not six, or 3,000, but MILLIONS of dead Americans.

    At the same time, Saddam Hussein was preaching hatred for America, ignoring the UN and boasting about having the capability to make weapons of mass destruction. The existing WMD’s — holdovers that Saddam Hussein stockpiled — were being hidden. Moreover, the foreign intelligence agencies of EIGHT other countries indicated that this was probably true — and the CIA and Pentagon agreed. Most importantly, we knew that Saddam Hussein had been corresponding with ranking members of Al Qaeda about WMD’s. President Bush (and both Democrats and Republicans in Congress for that matter) had little choice but to believe what the evidence so strongly pointed to.

    The liberal argument in condemning Bush for the US occupation in Iraq is that no proof was found for these weapons. But to put it in perspective, the last thing that should be done when an evil dictator claims to have them is to call his bluff and say, “Oh yeah? Prove it!” before deciding if preemption is necessary.

  • AdamO

    You must be a fool to not even mention that Obama has been in office for almost 6 years. What the heck has he done? You are so blind £. Wow!

  • Michael Siever

    You can’t have “Bullsh!t” without “Bush”…

  • Nemisis

    Sorry Clifton, but I have to call bs on a point you tried to make.

    Before I do that I want you to know that I agree with most of what is said in this article.

    My contention is in your statement , ” Iraq was a nuisance under his control, but the country was never really any kind of actual threat to anyone outside of the crimes he committed against his own people. ” .

    Well, that would be true if he had not been at war with Iran ever, or had he not invaded Kuwait, or had he not began preparations to move against Saudi Arabia. Then there is the method he used to gain power in the first place, and the subsequent “elections” that he used as proof that the people wanted him to remain in power.

  • Gabriel Gentile

    Just to give you a little perspective of just how radical and dangerous these people are, Al-Qaeda has publicly disavowed all ties with the group for being too radical.

    Which is precisely why I’m not worried about them. Let me put it this way;

    If the GOP publicly disavowed all ties with the TEA Party for being “too radical”… Would you Consider them a threat?

  • Convergence

    Actually i consider both Obama and Bush responsible for Iraq’s current state. If only this issue could be so black / white that we could frame everything into a left vs right argument again. I hold Bush more responsible for going in there( i still cant seem to get the right answers on why), but Obama doesn’t get to pass the blame as he is the president right now and went so far as to brag on much how he pulled troops out(even when advised by our military not pull out so quick), now he is singing a different toon.