Congressman Alan Grayson’s Birther Campaign Against Ted Cruz Is Disgraceful

alan grayson ted cruzFlorida Congressman Alan Grayson is an interesting character. Representing my old liberal 9th District in Congress, Alan Grayson has made a career of being controversial, and also working across party lines with libertarian Republicans on a number of issues.

I admire most of what Alan Grayson has done for Democrats and Florida, but his latest political stunt is a disgrace to the left. During a recent interview with Alan Colmes, Grayson announced that if Ted Cruz was nominated as the Republican presidential candidate, he’d file a lawsuit contesting Cruz’s American citizenship.

Via Talking Points Memo:

“It’s interesting to me that the people who had a problem with Obama’s birth certificate don’t have a problem with Ted Cruz who literally was born in another country and renounced his Canadian citizenry,” Colmes said, according to the transcript.

“I don’t know, the Constitution says natural born Americans, so now we’re counting Canadians as natural born Americans? How does that work?” Grayson responded. “I’m waiting for the moment that he gets the nomination and then I will file that beautiful lawsuit saying that he’s unqualified for the job because he’s in eligible [sic].” (Source)

Ted Cruz is poised to take the lead in Republican polling with the eventual demise of the Trump and Carson campaigns. It’s not a question of if those two will falter, it is just a question of when, as far as I’m concerned.

There are a plethora of reasons why Ted Cruz should not be president, or even the Republican nominee, but his citizenship is not one of them. While it is tempting to throw the GOP’s birther nonsense about President Obama back in their face, it really is not helpful for our political discourse or the effort to keep a Republican out of the White House next year.

This stunt may be a political move by Alan Grayson who is running for Marco Rubio’s Senate seat in Florida, but it stoops to the same level we condemn the GOP for. In fact, it is believed that Donald Trump could also file a lawsuit contesting Cruz’s legitimacy should the senator from Texas win the nomination, which illustrates the company Alan Grayson is in with his attack on Ted Cruz.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Grayson’s ability to work with some Republicans and his brash attitude, but going after Ted Cruz’s citizenship instead of his radical, flat-out insane ideas is not helpful. It makes liberals look petty and xenophobic like the GOP, and it takes away the attention from all of the crazy ideas that Ted Cruz has espoused in his career of pandering to the fringes of the conservative movement.

Liberal blogs like Ifyouonlynews or Daily Kos have posted stories demanding proof that Cruz’s mother was an American citizen when he was born, but this is nearly as ridiculous as conservative stories that President Obama’s mother gave birth to him in Africa or that his birth certificate was forged.

If we’re going to turn back the Republican hold on Congress, then we need to fight them on the issues and explain why our ideas are better. Wallowing in the mud with the GOP is exactly what they want, and concentrating on Ted Cruz’s citizenship is a silly distraction from the things that matter. It is also what Republicans are counting on.


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  • Don Kaye

    Ted Cruz is the ultimate GOP candidate that scares me the most. I’m for keeping him out of the highest office of our country at any cost. He advocates with the “Kill the Gays” group, went and held hands with the Rowan County Kentucky clerk who refused to issue marriage certificates because of her faith against the Supreme Courts ruling, wants to make refugees from Syria to only be Christians, etc. Why wouldn’t we put every effort into keeping this man from being President?

  • Creeayshun Sighuntist

    I stand with Grayson here. I don’t even care if what is saying is somewhat “outlandish” because the right wing whackos have been saying garbage EXACTLY like this about President Obama endlessly for the past EIGHT YEARS and the media eats it up.

    It is time they have to endure the same BS. I certainly haven’t heard of Cruz telling his constituents or fellow republicans to stop with their crazy talk. If he had, I would discourage Alan Grayson from pursuing this. Cruz feeds the hysteria of the right. We can waste some of his time putting him on the defensive.

  • Elisabeth Champagne Granata

    It most certainly is NOT the same thing at all! Obama was born in the US and Ted Cruz was not!! I stand with Grayson.

  • UCF_Engineer

    Give these idiot conservatives a taste of their own medicine. Make the uneducated conservative masses lose faith in their candidate because “he’s not American enough”. Serves those low brow idiots right. They’re all a bunch hypocritical morons that hold this country back from reaching true greatness.