Congressman Steve Stockman Threatens To Arrest Anyone Who Publishes His Mugshot, So Here’s His Mugshot

stockman_mugshotIn 1977, Texas Republican congressman Steve Stockman spent a weekend in jail for traffic violations. While he was in the pokey, his jailers discovered the twenty-year-old future politician had Valium in his underpants, because where else would you keep it? Since Stockman was arrested, he has a mugshot, and he is very perturbed that said mugshot is winging around the internet, thanks to a PAC.

You see, Congressman Stockman is running against John Cornyn, because to Stockman, Cornyn isn’t conservative enough. Yes, really. In order to appeal to the lowest common conservative denominator, it would help if this whole Valium in the underwear thing never happened. It did happen, but a Stockman spokesman claims it didn’t.

According to Donny Ferguson, unnamed Michigan “officials” have told Stockman that this is all a big mistake. Ferguson wrote on Stockman’s campaign website:

Michigan’s 43rd Judicial District Clerk stated Stockman was never convicted of any charge and the documents were supposed to have been destroyed in 1978. Another Michigan official has advised Stockman he has grounds to file criminal complaints against any person or media organization that published the documents.

No one from the Stockman campaign has told any media outlet who these Michigan “officials” are, but I’m sure they’re real (wink wink).  The Texas Tribune published an article on Stockman’s arrest, with the mugshot, so obviously, those poor bastards are headed to a gulag somewhere…well, cold. What’s interesting is that Stockman himself spoke about his arrest during an interview in 1995.

Stockman told The Dallas Morning News that his girlfriend hid the Valium in his underwear, and when it was discovered, he was charged with a felony. How in the world his girlfriend could hide Valium in his underwear without him knowing it is beyond me, but let’s give him the benefit of the doubt, shall we? He also admitted to being in jail “a couple of times, two or three times.”

Okay. Steve Stockman admitted in 1995 that he was arrested and charged with a felony for having three Valium pills in his underwear. In 2014, he is threatening to arrest anyone who publishes his mugshot, and now vehemently denies any of this ever happened. What’s truly amazing is hiding tranquilizers in his Fruit of the Looms isn’t the weirdest thing Steve Stockman’s done.

Since finding Jesus (hopefully not in the same place he stored his Valium), Rep. Stockman has bravely gone where the entire Tea Party goes-Batshit Insane Land. Batshit Insane Land houses such notable luminaries as Sarah “I totes predicted Ukraine you betcha” Palin, Rep. Paul “Evolution is from the pit of Hell” Broun, my favorite psychotic congresscritter, Michele Bachmann, and almost everyone at Fox “News.” But not one of them dared to create a bumper sticker, advocating giving fetuses guns. Steve Stockman dared.

Steve Stockman also took his BFF, Ted Nugent, to the State of the Union. Ted Nugent. The same Ted Nugent who recently called President Obama “subhuman,” compared the president to a chimp, and during a concert, suggested that then-presidential candidate Obama should “suck” on Nugent’s machine gun, and told Hillary Clinton to ride one.

Rep. Stockman has threatened numerous times to begin articles of impeachment against President Obama because GUNZ, he has compared Obama to Saddam Hussein, defended a militia group, appeared on a Holocaust-denying radio program, favorably compared his constituents to the Branch-Davidians, and traveled to Denmark to protest climate change, wearing a blindfold. I wish I was making all that up, but I’m not.

Stockman has also been investigated by the FEC, run into a wee bit of trouble with the ADL, finished third in a “Boss from Hell” poll, and wrote to Janet Reno about “impending raids” on militia groups. Small problem: no such raids were in the works. Stockman has never revealed his sources for this misinformation, but militia group and NRA message boards were awash with rumors of these raids.

Links to militia groups. Give a fetus a gun. Ted Nugent’s DC pal. Threatening members of the media with arrest for posting his mugshot. Investigated by the FCC, lying about his brush(es) with the law, and at the very least, he was at one time, sympathetic to Holocaust deniers.

The reason Stockman is running against ultraconservative John Cornyn is the Tea Party is extremely displeased with Cornyn. Cornyn removed his signature from a letter written by Mike Lee (R-Utah), expressing strong support for defunding Obamacare in any debt limit or government funding bill. Cornyn hates the idea of poor people getting health care just like the rest of the Christians in the Tea Party; he just didn’t like the idea of a government shutdown. But that’s not Batshit Insane Land enough for the Tea Party, and Cornyn’s got to go.

Steve Stockman also admires Louie Gohmert, telling The Dallas Morning News:

The Louie Gohmerts—I want to be a team player with them.

I think I’ll just end there.

Erin Nanasi

Erin Nanasi is the creator of The Bachmann Diaries: Satirical Excerpts from Michele Bachmann's Fictional Diary. She hates writing about herself in the third person. Erin enjoys reading, writing, and spending time with family. And wombats. Come visit Erin on on Facebook. She also can be found on Twitter at @WriterENanasi.


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      Blame the Weather Channel or global warming or climate change or something.

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        might as well blame bush for this; everyone else blames him for about everything else.

  • Frooble Rippers

    Just wondering, did she hide them in his underpants while he wasn’t looking? She must be a magician! David Blaine eat yer heart out! 😉

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      Oh she was looking… There just wasn’t anything there.. Just a nest.. So she decided like a good mama birdie to hide them in the nest….

  • Robert M

    In 2010, they pushed a Candidate for Congress in District 15 that held a gun to his ex-wife’s head. He went to prison for it. Now we are supposed to believe that he is holier than though. Oh and he’s running again in 2014 His name is Eddie Zamora and he tries to downplay the incident on his website.

    • wave103

      I just went to his website and was like what the heck is this. And you right about when he went to his wife in 1994 and pointed the loaded gun at her and tries to downplay it as you said it. So mostly likely he won’t get elected because of the district and of what he did.

  • True White Republican

    At least he’s a White Christian conservative and not a communist Muslim pavement ape.

    • Ram Garcia

      Your picture says it all…. You must be a a regular customer at Macy’s linen department….

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      Cant wait for your breed to die out. Stay in the south please.

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      Nice Troll, but you know he is not communist (his policies have overall been more conservative than Nixon), he isn’t Muslim (he fucking grew up going to Church) and last but not least, I suspect he is whiter than you…. because we ALL have colored trees.

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      Hey, TWR, your father won the horse fair and your mother tracks rabbits by scent

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      Zontar, the Grand Prefect is growing impatient due to your refusal to return his directives! You must comply or you will be teleported back to Feldar (in the Fungi system) and discombobulated!!!

  • Edward Krebbs

    So if the Tea Party is for the old time values: Isn’t it against their stance to walk around with valium in your underpants (Implication is that it wasn’t properly prescribed by a doctor and the drug has a history of abuse and addiction. Not to mention, it isn’t hard to get a doctor to prescribe it).

    Ditto for threatening to sue for the exercise of free speech and press. If the picture were false, then that would be something else. But apparently the arrest and mug shot actually happened.
    If the Tea Party supports the illegal use of Valium, does that mean they are gonna support the illegal posession and use of other drugs ?

    Is the Tea Party slate gonna be Cheech and Chong ?

    • DarthDisney

      I wonder why criminals want to get in power… oh I guess the same reason some child molesters become priests. They know they can get away with a bigger hall.

      And right now, the Tea Party is the easiest way to power… their followers act just like cults, and once you’ve convinced them, its just an easy ride.

      • RWFG

        Clearly the easiest way to power is to bundle donations for the King Obama administration.

        Just ask any of the cushy posts that were filled by his unqualified donors.

    • jaxative

      Also ewww. underwear pills? Things are tiny and pockets are huge.

    • Tom Minch

      Cheech and Chong are far from being any one of the Tea Party dumb nuts. Genius’s by comparison…

  • Silky Mitts

    “…hates the idea of poor people getting healthcare”

    This is why young people are moving away from liberals. You don’t actually have an argument as to why people should be forced at gunpoint to purchase healthcare from a government run system, so you just use emotional arguments to appeal to people that can’t think any more critically than the average, brain dead GOPer.

    • DarthDisney

      Except, you know, its actually the opposite that’s happening, and we have plenty of AWESOME reasons. The main difference is the cultish tea party conservatives think that being a loud bully makes them right.

      They ignore science, statistics, evidence, and stick to their dogma JUST like a religion. I was a Republican, and the party got so bad I left last year. Its really scary how brainwashed yall have become.

      • RWFG

        1. Obamacare Enrollees: 3.3 Million
        2. Paid Enrollees: 300,000
        3. People Who Lost Their Plan Due To ACA: 4.5 million (and growing)
        4. Large % of enrollees got medicaid (will never pay)

        The ‘progressive’ president’s ‘signature accomplishment’ removed healthcare from more people than it provided.

        It is also financially unsustainable, and does nothing to address provider shortage, while adding more consumers.

        You really think this is going to work?

        True, progressives were never good with math, but this is common sense. You can’t consume more than you produce.

      • MichaelVandiver

        Congrats, you read some stuff somewhere.

      • No one

        No he didn’t. He heard that all on Fox News and took it as truth handed down from God (TM) through his holiest of profits; Bill O’Reilly.

      • MichaelVandiver

        There is a very real possibility that he did read it in a forwarded chain email.

      • dozr

        the conservative base can read?

      • RWFG

        Least creative comment I’ve ever seen from a progressive “thinker.” You’re the new low.

      • dozr

        not a progressive… not a conservative…. i have been called a troll….. but I assure you that I am not.

      • Mike Mcdaniel Sr.

        at least every bit as well as the so-called democratic base or liberal base.

      • RWFG

        I love you progressives. I really do. You manufacture everything. From your narratives, to your candidates, to your voter base (sadly you use other people’s money to buy your voters) …and of course, to your wild theories about why people oppose your “great” track record on politics and policies.

        Here’s a pro-tip: you can never spend more than you earn. In that one statement, I’ve destroyed your entire ideology.

        What are you going to do about it? Truth be told, you’ve already done it.

        You’ve gone for the character attack, rather than try to show us anything valid behind your ideology, which up to this point, has resulted in more people on welfare, less private wealth, lost job creation, a flaccid foreign policy, more bloated special-interest spending, and less over-all opportunity.

        So you can whine, and you can whince, but it will never change the fact that you own this mess, and will pay for it in November. 🙂

        Obama is already a lame duck, just wait until you lose the senate for the real show to begin.

        Start purging servers, and burning documents now. Oh silly me, the ‘transparent’ white house is already doing that.


        Right now you’re trying to ram 11 million democrat voters into your corner by selling free citizenship, in exchange for their vote.

        Perhaps you do have a slim chance of holding it.

        Suppose it all depends how many of them will accept your bribe, and how willing you are to let history judge your kind as tyrants.

      • RWFG

        I don’t watch Fox News. Got another ‘theory’ from your brain-trust?

      • Mike Mcdaniel Sr.

        actually bill o’reilly had a coherent thought on or about the end of October and had what can only be called a mental breakdown from such. if, of course, one can say he has any brains, and has not said anything noteworthy since.

      • Wendy Palm

        You are lying deliberately or you are beyond stupid. Many millions now have affordable private insurance. These people (like my daughter) lost their old insurance because of conditions like asthma, fibroids, cancer, etc. Before they were “uninsurable” and now they have and are paying for their insurance. No more lifetime limits when you get sick. No more pre-existing conditions. Either you lie or you don’t get it.

      • RWFG

        Sorry Wendy, you’re misinformed. My figures are from Health & Human Services. You would know this if you bothered to do your homework, instead of listening to these parrots and paid white house liars.

        The many millions of people who have lost health insurance is national news. Have you been living under a rock, or are you just so enchanted by the dreamy-eyed progressive utopia that you refuse to believe that regressive policies are harmful to the economy, and thus society as a whole?

        You can use your little emotional healthcare daughter in the woods routine, it reads nice, but you’re not saying much, at all, in the context of the issue..

        If you disagree, please show me in the US Constitution where it is your right to my income, and also show me where it says you have a right to free health insurance?

        ACA is financially unsustainable. You can never spend more than you earn. You cannot add more consumers to a market place, without adding suppliers (docs, nurses, support staff & facilities) and NOT expect a shortage problem. It is basic math. It is common sense. You can’t deny it. I didn’t invent this. It is reality.

        Here is a reality check for you:

        More people have lost health insurance under Obamacare, than have acquired it.

        So great, you got free care – congrats: businesses are failing at record rates, and people are out of work and health insurance, and will probably lose their home to foreclosure.

        But great! 3.3 million people got free health insurance, and maybe 300k of them have paid.

        Another reality, in case you missed this on MSDNC;

        ACA has thrown the small and medium sized business segments into a tailspin of compliance and costs. They are reluctant to hire, and reluctant to invest, despite a surplus of labor.

        Have you ever asked yourself, why?

        I’m not talking about filthy rich people here. I’m talking about the backbone business owners of the American economy. The ones who keep this entire engine going.

        Recall small and medium sized businesses are the number one source of long-lasting employment and wealth. They are also the primary engine that drives income and sales tax revenues, that fund your little adventures is social engineering.

        What do you think happens when businesses struggle, and have less sales?

        Oh – tax revenues plummet, and your pet projects dry up.

        Why would we want small & medium biz owners to pay more taxes when the existing tax system and rates are already making job creation cost prohibitive?

        I desperately await your answer on this and other questions I presented in my comment, if you dare.

      • Wendy Palm

        What a pathetic selfish specimen of humanity you are. Our country is based on the tenets of human decency. We are our brother’s keeper. My daughter PAYS for her insurance which was taken away due to a pre-existing condition. You are NOT paying for her insurance. She is completely capable of paying her own way and raising her own children. Someone taught you to write with facility, but what you write reveals a selfish, nasty soulless human being. You are unAmerican in your thinking. Our government is for and by the people. You belong in Moscow.

      • Lookin4Change

        Wow, follow Alinsky much? No effort to respond to the points raised or questions asked. Go right for the character assassination. Yet another hallmark of the modern American LIbEral.

      • Lookin4Change

        You’re quite simply full of something other than honesty. It was already illegal to cancel insurance because your daughter or anyone else got sick. Fraud on her app or failure to pay the premium were ONLY reasons she could have been cancelled. Oh, I forgot, those are both perfectly acceptable behaviors to the LIbEral mind.

    • Dylan

      You’re absolutely right. When I woke up this morning, a SWAT team had descended upon my liberal lair, guns shoved into my face. They were screaming at me to display my ID and Insurance card, and when I couldn’t provide the insurance card, they blindfolded me, hauled me off into only what I could assume was a darkened van, and when the blindfold was ripped off after an indeterminable number of hours, I was interrogated for fourteen straight hours on why I wasn’t American enough to have an insurance card.

      TL;DR Hyperbole is bad.

    • Dannygg

      It is private healthcare they are being forced to buy. To drive down costs to the rest of the market. While technically true in a sense that it is government organized, these plans are not administered by the government. Youll remember that the single payer option was ruled out. Unfortunately for all of us. We just cant get hip to the rest of the civilized world, what with their number one, two, three, four and five ranked healthcare in the world.. So saying people are being forced at gunpoint to buy insurance from a government run system is a bit disingenuous.

  • RWFG

    So, a 37 year old mug shot for traffic related offenses, and (OMG, a valium) is all you regressive “thinkers” have?


    See you in November.

    • agnar150

      Nothing wrong with that

    • VinaigretteGirl

      The guy is *lying* about his 37 year old mugshot, saying it never happened, and is threatening legal action over it. That’s what we’ve got: he was an idiot at 20 and 37 years later he’s proving he hasn’t changed a bit.

    • Grazel

      That’s not all, that’s just his latest insanity. You can’t sue over showing an old mugshot. Even if not convicted you have a mugshot because you had an arrest and that is public record. Apparently he didn’t have the clout when it happened to keep the arrest from being made public record (not easily done without a lot of string pulling) and is now upset that people can prove he’s not the second coming of Jesus.

      • RWFG

        In some cases you can, but I guess we’ll take the bar room lawyer’s opinion over precedent because you told us to. What could go wrong?

  • Jack Davidson

    Faggot lovig freak.!

    • Amor DeCosmos

      Is that supposed to be a bad thing?

  • DrDon

    Surely this Stockman dude has found Jesus by now and this is all behind him, he’s born again and ready to defend heterosexual marriage, anti-abortion, and guns guns guns for everyone.

    • lbmouse

      Where is that picture of Jebus wielding an AK-47 while riding atop a dinosaur hunting homos and brown people?

  • Jacob Markey

    Idiot. Streisand Effect. Do you know it?

  • Darter22

    There was plenty of room for valium in those underpants since there were no balls in them.

  • Carol Richter Rocha

    It is quite sad that the two Republican choices are both so inappropriate. The Republican party continues to sink to new lows each day.

    • cowboy73

      And the democrats don’t. OPEN YOUR EYES!!!!

  • Tom Minch

    So I thought if you had a felony you couldn’t hold a government job-ever….what’s up with that?
    I know a 26 yr. old who got a felony from stealing beers from a garage and can’t get a job now because of it….

  • republic84

    A republican who’s a psychopathic racist criminal… This isn’t news, its pointing out the extreme obvious. Someone should contact the folks over at Webster’s and ask them when the definition of republican is going to be changed to its proper meaning.

    Republican: an individual who openly practices racism, hate, and stupidity. To be an imbecile.

    Example- Michelle Bachmann is a racist bigot who utilizes hairspray to keep the last few remaining braincells inside her head, she is a republican.

  • Stephen Zeigler

    interesting Free speech….forbidden.

  • cowboy73

    Let he who has never sinned cast the first stone! BTW Your beedy eyed favorite Senator from NV Harry Reid is as crooked as they come, but that’s OK if you’re a liberal! The list can go on & on for both sides, I say get ride of them all and start over!

  • cabman86

    So he pulled a stupid stunt when he was 20. Obama was a known drug user and rapist on college campus. He is still a drug user. Get a life people!

  • hausding

    Airun….better stick to being a Mom, that is hard enough for you…..