Conservative Analyst Cracks Up at Suggestion Trump’s ‘Matured’ (Video)

Since much of Donald Trump’s behavior is completely indefensible, yet many Republicans have chosen to try to support him anyway, it’s created an environment where I’ve heard some of the most asinine excuses for various things he’s said and done that I’ve ever come across in all my years following politics.

The bottom line is, Trump has absolutely no business being this country’s “president.” Not only does he lack the mental stability for such a high-stress and powerful job, but he’s completely unfit and unqualified to carry out even the basic duties asked of every other president in U.S. history.

If you ask me, as time goes on, and the pressure mounts, Trump’s becoming more deranged and unhinged.

Well, on Monday MSNBC conservative analyst Nicolle Wallace burst into laughter after fellow analyst Ari Melber brought up the argument made by some Trump supporters that he’s “grown” or “matured” during his time in office.

“The other argument that Trump supporters and his lawyers make is: ‘He has grown. He has changed. He has evolved,’” Melber stated.

“What? Who thinks that? Let me talk to them,” Wallace said, laughing.

“Oh my god, I need a drink,” she added.

This is part of what I’ve said, for months, about the comical way Trump’s treated by the media. All he has to do — even if it’s for a brief moment — is to not be awful, then suddenly he’s praised by people for “looking presidential.” We saw this back when he gave his big speech in front of Congress, with even some liberal analysts saying “he became president that night” — it was pathetic.

But I’m in complete agreement with Wallace in wondering who, exactly, thinks Trump has “matured” or “grown” while in office. Well, besides his sheepish supporters and cheerleaders who are still gullible enough to believe anything he says.

As I just pointed out, if anything, Trump’s becoming even more erratic, neurotic, and unglued as time goes on. Especially as the investigations into his campaign, as well as whether or not he tried to obstruct justice, continue to evolve. It seems the more Trump realizes he’s not going to be able to control this situation, the deeper he spirals out of control, lashing out at anyone and everyone — including his own Justice Department.

This story might not be all that “newsworthy” under normal circumstances, but Wallace’s near-instant laughter after Melber suggested some have said Trump’s “grown” and “matured” was rather hilarious. In a mainstream media world where the analysts and journalists working for these various networks are often confined by the rules they must follow, or the professionalism their employer demands, I enjoy these moments, even if brief, where you see a natural, instinctive reaction come out. Such as this one where the combination of the words “Trump” and “mature” triggered Wallace to mockingly laugh at the idea that anyone could think that he’s “grown” as “president” based on the behavior we’ve seen lately.

It’s a testament to how terrible Donald Trump’s been that anyone defending him would think how he’s acted lately is a maturation of his time in office.

That’s just — SAD!

Watch Wallace’s comments below via MSNBC:

Allen Clifton

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