Conservative Analyst Mocks Paul Ryan for Allowing Trump to Constantly Humiliate Him (Video)

For as much as I absolutely despise Donald Trump, I might loathe Speaker of the House Paul Ryan more. A hypocritical, sniveling weasel with a clear disdain for the poor, Ryan is nothing more than a gutless coward who’s spent most of his political career trying to screw over the majority of Americans for the benefit of the richest among us.

There are many sad realities that Trump’s rise to the top of the GOP has exposed about Republicans, but one thing that stands out is how it’s shone a bright light on the weakness of Paul Ryan. Time after time he’s been forced to publicly condemn something Trump’s said or done, yet he’s never had the strength to do the right thing and directly stand up to the current “president.”

No matter how inexcusable or deplorable Trump’s behavior has gotten, Ryan’s supported and defended him, even though it’s abundantly clear he knows this “president” is unfit for office.

It’s this cowardice that MSNBC conservative analyst Nicolle Wallace mocked on Thursday while discussing remarks the Speaker of the House made following the spending deal Trump struck with Democrats that Ryan had called “disgraceful” earlier in the day. She insisted that Ryan needed to “act like a man” instead of letting Trump constantly make a fool out of him.

“With his tail between his legs walk out and admit he was totally humiliated by the president that he’s taken guff from for seven months?!” Wallace said.

“Why can’t Paul Ryan be a man and say, ‘He’s treated me like crap. He’s cyberbullied me,” she added. “‘You know, I bit my tongue when he did things that were racist and misogynist but I’m done with that. I’m going to speak my mind.’”


While those are harsh words, she’s absolutely right.

If I actually believed Ryan felt Trump was qualified and mentally competent enough to be “president,” maybe my feelings would be different — but it’s obvious Ryan knows that Trump has no business leading this country.

Yet instead of doing what’s right by putting country before party and rejecting someone he knows is unfit and unqualified to be “president” — as Wallace said — “with his tail between his legs” Ryan’s stood by while Trump’s humiliated this country, the GOP, and even the Speaker, himself.

One of the saddest parts of all of this is that Ryan’s tolerating all of this because he’s terrified that if he ever did stand up to Trump, it could be the end of his political career. He’s selling out his country, party, and even his own dignity all because he knows that if he ticks off Trump and his supporters, any hopes he had at a legitimate chance at being elected president would go up in flames.

However, what’s even worse than that is, no matter what Ryan does — he’s screwed.

Most of Trump’s supporters already can’t stand him, so it’s highly unlikely that they’re going to rush to support him if he ever does decide to run for president. Meanwhile, the closer he aligns himself with a “president” who seems to become increasingly toxic by the day, the more his pathetic refusal to stand up to Trump could sink any future aspirations he has anyway.

Watch Wallace’s comments below via MSNBC:

Allen Clifton

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