While Conservative Christians Cry About Cups, Starbucks Extends Amazing Benefit to Veterans

starbucks-schultzIn what’s become as big of a tradition as Christmas itself, the annual mythological “war on Christmas” is apparently in full-swing among conservatives. I’m sure everyone knows what that means. A few conservatives find a couple of examples where businesses did something that’s not quite “Christmas enough” and the whole conservative world freaks out. It’s as comical as it is ridiculous.

Well, the first big story of this mythological event (for the year) occurred when a ridiculous moron who considers himself some sort of super Christian posted a video slamming the anti-Jesus Starbucks for having solid red cups for Christmas instead of anything more Jesus-y like snowflakes.

You know, because when you’re a supposed super Christian, wasting time caring about this bullshit really matters more than, you know, focusing on helping provide for the needy or impoverished children.

Needless to say, the Internet went nuts and every social media account I checked was filled with red cup nonsense.

Here’s what I think about the whole situation: If you’re so insecure about your beliefs as a Christian, or your faith in general, that the design of a disposable coffee cup upsets you – you really need to reassess your priorities. And if it does bother you that much, then don’t drink Starbucks. You’ll only be boycotting a company that just announced it will now extend a completely tuition-free four-year college benefit to the spouse or child of every veteran or active military reservist employed 20 or more hours a week.

Yes, Starbucks just did that. 

Please, tell me again how you’re going to boycott the company over the design of a disposable cup. We all really care. 

This is what I mean when I say most conservatives aren’t Christians. While these clowns obsess over the design of a cup, they’re now bashing a company that just gave a remarkable benefit to every single veteran or active member of our military.

Tell me, who’s more Christ-like:

  • The company that just extended a benefit that offers a free four-year college education to the spouses and children of veterans and active military personnel. – or – 
  • The people throwing a hissy fit, calling for a boycott of that company because a disposable cup is… red.

Not only that, but Starbucks is already half way to its goal of hiring 10,000 veterans or their spouses by 2018.

But… but there’s still that damn red cup! Screw Starbucks! 

This is the nonsense that makes it impossible for me to take conservative seriously. I’m a Christian and I have security in my faith. The beliefs or actions of others (especially a color decision on a disposable cup) do not threaten what I believe. I don’t need a Christmas tree on a cup, a nativity scene at City Hall or an employee of a store to tell me “Merry Christmas!” to enjoy the spirit of Christmas and what it means to me. Not to sound rude, but I’m not concerned with what Christmas means to anyone else because it’s not my business. The way someone else celebrates (or doesn’t celebrate) Christmas has absolutely no impact on my faith, my beliefs or how I enjoy the holidays.

As for Starbucks, kudos to them for consistently treating our veterans, active members of our military and their families with the respect they deserve. While I know the company isn’t flawless, it does set an example more businesses should follow.

So, this holiday season I will be partaking in more Starbucks than usual. Not to “show it to conservatives” (I honestly don’t care what they think about the stupid cup), but because I want to support a company that’s pledged to give our veterans the respect they deserve.


Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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    What a liberal fool…

    • suburbancuurmudgeon

      Really? How so? Be specific; I’ll wait.

      • REALLIST

        a.k.a ignorant old fart?

    • Rahul Lodha


      • noah vail

        i don;t think he got the response he was looking for….LMAO

      • PRIME79

        Ha! Ha! Ha! Nope.

      • REALLIST

        And, what else do you want to know?

      • Patrick

        Not a god-damned thing from you.

      • REALLIST

        I was at work… what’s your problem? If you can’t see how liberal America attacks the Christmas Holidays then you are blind. If you’re not a Christian, so be it… no one is attacking you.

      • Anonymous Poster-Type Thing

        If your faith requires you to “protect” itself from “attacks” such as secular businesses choosing to be more inclusive and welcoming towards people of non-Christian faiths (and people who practice no form of spirituality or religion) in the public sphere…well, that says more about you and the strength of your own faith than it does about those businesses.

      • REALLIST

        Christians and other individuals of spiritual faith have rights, “specifically” given in the Constitution. I truly don’t care what Starbucks does or does not do with respect to the Christmas holidays. I personally don’t like Starbucks products nor do I frequent their establishments. My original post was in reference to the author of the article who felt the need to ridicule those who ARE attacked every Christmas season by censorship, hate speech, the removal of Nativity scenes, Jesus, Christmas carols and other “traditional” aspects of the holiday, from the public arena. The Constitution does not delineate or infer that the pursuit or celebration of religious faith be limited to private or personal locations. The problem is that non-believers, liberals, progressives, “intolerants” such as atheists, muslims, etc.think it “correct” to demean,and attack anything and everything that does not coincide with their self-prescribed “standards.” Fortunately, the “founding fathers” of this nation provided for such “intolerance and condemnation” through the Constitution. Therefore, have your beliefs as you wish… Do not condemn mine… all will be at peace.

      • Anonymous Poster-Type Thing

        Again: if your faith requires you to “protect” yourself from such “attacks”—or whine about such “attacks” as if your faith should be the only one practiced in the public sphere—that says more about the strength of your faith than it does about anything else. If you felt secure about your faith and your beliefs, you probably wouldn’t feel the need to lash out at people about the “war on Christmas” (which is little more than Christians playing the victim whenever some business or corporation attempts to be more inclusive of non-Christians during the winter holiday season).

        Why care so much about these “attacks” if they don’t affect your ability to practice your faith?

      • Patrick

        The problem is that non-believers, liberals, progressives, “intolerants”
        such as atheists, muslims, etc.think it “correct” to demean,and attack
        anything and everything that does not coincide with their
        self-prescribed “standards.” Unlike “christians”, right? There’s NO “War On Christmas”, there’s NO “War on Christians”. There IS however, a huge war on sanctimonious phony bastards like you.

      • REALLIST


      • Rahul Lodha


    • Joe Altschule

      Hey REALLIST, your name is an oxymoron

      • REALLIST

        You’re the moron1

    • noah vail

      in what way?…specifically

  • Nancy B

    Just saw a Facebook post from a coffee shop in Colorado, introducing their Christmas cup. It’s their existing plain white coffee cup, which they say is made to honor Christmas by covering it totally with snow flakes. 🙂

    • klynb

      After tonight, it’ll also be honoring Colorado (just watched the weather report).

    • PRIME79


  • Arielle in NoVA

    Thank you!

  • Washingtonian

    I appreciate employers that find ways to provide meaningful benefits for their employees. As large corporations go – Washington-based Costco and Starbucks take pretty good care of their employees.

    I am not a very regular patron at Starbucks – but I can get behind visiting there at least once a week to support programs like this one.

    • werweis

      Starbucks pays less than 50 cents per pound to Guatemalan Farmers and their heavy sack carrying 12 year old Sons. .Charges near $10.00 for 12 oz in Supermarkets. Need I say more ? In Starbucks shops you will find 90% Libtards with their laptops.

      • Washingtonian

        I’m still going to Starbucks – I like what they’re doing for their employees.
        I also bought a green light bulb for my front porch for the Green Light A Vet program – probably made in China.
        You just keep on trolling and passing judgement on others.

      • werweis

        Thank you , I am a Vet with a green card , the hell with your light, you are probably A Son of Canadian draft dodger trying to kiss up. Stay a Yuppie and visit Coffee Growers some time ! Hope you choke on that bitter brew after your eyes get opened.

      • indybeckih

        Nice talk, werweis. Talk about bitter.

      • Washingtonian

        You seem very angry at me. I wish you no harm – certainly don’t want you to choke on anything. I am a 60-something, female, US citizen who has nothing but respect for veterans. I am hardly a Yuppie, nor Libtard. I do have a laptop, but I only use it at home.

      • PRIME79

        Seriously? Dramatic much?

      • Patrick

        FuKKK you for your service, a$$hole.

      • PRIME79

        Why dont you like technology?

      • Patrick

        Libtards? FucKKK you!

      • werweis

        Or is it “tarts” ? Sorry !

  • Wiseman28

    You nailed it. These people are not Christians. They are, in fact, anti-Christians–their views and beliefs and hatred actively oppose and offend the tenets of Christianity. I was one of the first journalists in the nation to cover–and warn about–the marriage of radical ‘Christian’ fanatics and the GOP. These fanatics are extremely dangerous–and oppose Christianity.

    • Jim Bean

      You’re descent from journalism might make for a good book.

      • Patrick

        “You’re” (sic) inability to spell might make for a good pamphlet

  • Jessica Boyce Kornegay

    The cup is totally irrelevant as a reason to get upset over Starbucks. Very admirable that they support our troops. I however will not support Starbucks because they fund Planned Parenting.

    • Simplysue2

      Starbucks funds Planned Parenthood? Wow!! Now I’ll have to go at least twice a week! Once to support our Veterans and the other to support Starbucks supporting Planned Parenthood!! Thanks I didnt know that.

    • Patrick

      They fund Planned “Parenting” (sic) ??? Thank you! Like Simpysue2, I had no idea. Thanks to your info, I will be buying coffee there daily now.

  • Vincent Mileto


  • Jim Bean

    The great thing about the war in Christmas is the way all those liberals who poo poo any effort to preserve the meaning of Christmas keep the Christmas holiday pay in their paycheck.

    • Patrick

      Yeah! Those bastards! How DARE they keep the money they earned???

  • Miguel Aponte

    A cup is a cup..it suppose to do what it suppose to do..hold liquid..thats it..whats the big fuzz, man..I gotta go..im going fishing..to the “keys”..

  • David

    Conservative Christians aren’t crying about cups, some asshole with a jones for his 15 minutes is crying about cups. Does anyone truly believe that even .0001% of any group of people really gives a shit about this (that is, anyone other than those at forwardprogressives.com looking to stir the pot)?

  • Patricia Teijeiro Paulson


    • sdtangler

      I just read some of your posts. You should seek counseling for anger. “Anyone who uses planned parenthood is a slut!” I’m glad you’re not my neighbor.

  • ArmedPatriot