Leelah Alcorn: Another LGBT Child Lost Because Of Hate, Religious Fervor, And Ignorance.

Leelah Alcorn 2Leelah Alcorn posted a suicide note to social media before taking her own life this past Sunday. The note detailed Leelah’s struggle with her conservative Christian parents as a transgender teenager. Her parents refused to accept Leelah, insisting on calling her “Josh,” and, according to Leelah’s heartbreaking note, forced her to attend “Christian therapy.”

Her parents did not support her, or try to understand what being transgender means. Leelah’s parents are speaking out, and gave an interview to CNN on Wednesday. In the interview, Leelah’s mother Carla said she and Leelah’s father loved “him,” but didn’t support “that, religiously.” Throughout the entire interview, Carla Alcorn referred to Leelah by “Josh,” and called Leelah “him.”

My friend and hero, Gwen Andrix, a transgender woman and activist, shared Leelah’s suicide note to my Facebook wall Sunday evening. As I slowly read it, tears streamed down my face. As I write this article, my eyes are filling, because I wish Leelah had been my kid. When, at age 14, she found the words to describe who she was, if she had come to me, I would have said “I love you.” I would have hugged the stuffing out of her, and we would have talked about what this meant, what the next steps were, what doctors she needed to start transitioning. I would have loved her. Our primary job as parents is to keep our children safe, support them, and help them navigate life. Rejecting them for who they are is not part of parenting.

Jason Dye, a writer here at Forward Progressives, shared the link to the CNN article on Facebook. Another friend, Jason, mentioned the comments being posted under the article, and others about Leelah’s death. Because I have unwavering hope for humanity, I clicked over to CNN’s Facebook page. I need to point out the first comment was from CNN, and it was a link to a suicide hotline, with this accompanying text:

If you are experiencing any suicidal thoughts, you can find help on this site: http://www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org/ Or call this number for free, confidential help: 1-800-273-8255.

Thank you, CNN. Much of Leelah’s story contains triggers, and this was a truly empathetic and caring thing to do. Unfortunately, many of the other comments from conservative Christians, were not filled with empathy. Please note-the reason I use the phrase “conservative Christian” is that the language used by so many of these people mirrors exactly what conservative Christians in the public eye, like Michele Bachmann, Stan Solomon, Phyllis Schlafly and others, say about the LGBT community on a daily basis.

If you know me, you know I drag hate into the light. I think it is extremely important to expose these people as often as possible, especially given the statistics on transgender suicide, and violence against the transgender community. When Gwen posted Leelah’s suicide note, she wrote “This is what people like the Duggars cause.” She is absolutely right, which is why I am sharing some of the comments left underneath CNN’s article on Leelah Alcorn with you. Trigger warnings for hate speech and transphobia.

Jonathan Bennett:What the hell you think buddy your parents are religious they won’t except your sinning. Take your suicide note and shove it

Belkys Faustin-Zapeta:They did love their Son! Don’t confuse love with tolerance, if God created you make or female is because that’s what you have to be.. What many people don’t understand is that these behaviors are demonic spirit that poses a person life whether you are a child or an adult. No men in Earth can remove this feeling unless you are accept Christ as your personal savior with all your heart…..

Jon Campø:Actually a true Christian would follow gods word and stone him to death

Lovely Vivian:Josh just sent himself to hell earlier…

Brucie Griffin:Gay guys are disgrace to humanity. They brought diseases.

Frank Oliver:Mom said she loved him unconditionally, but as his Mother she could not just accept his irrational behavior without concern or comment, and anyone who is a parent can or at least should understand that, but as usual social media judges a person guilty based on their own uninformed opinion – they were not his mother or father!

And now, the hope, the love, the empathy.

Karina Heredia Morales:Rest in peace sweetheart. I’m sorry that we failed you as a society. I’m sorry that people in our country are still afraid of what they don’t understand and that they opt to oppress and discriminate those who are different. I’m sorry that there wasn’t one person in your life to convince you that you were beautiful just the way you were and that your life was precious. I hope that parents raise their children to be kind and accepting individuals so that future generations will not have to suffer the same fate that you did. Sleep now, your suffering is over.

Kerri Anne:If you are not ready to accept anything you erroneously consider abnormal, like being gay, trans, bi, disabled, mentally ill, etc. you have no business bringing a child into this world. Don’t you dare become a parent and then try to turn your back on your child. Your job is to help them survive and guide them to be happy and healthy individuals of their choosing. Not to control them and force them to follow your beliefs.

Amy Fabick: The comments are appalling. And point to the exact reason why suicide rates for lgbt teens are so high 

Sara Zuckerman:What is wrong with you people? Conversion therapy has been debunked scientifically and is downright unethical, based on the harm it causes. Judge not, lest ye be judged.

A life is over too soon. Another LGBT child is gone, because of hate, religious fervor, and ignorance.

If you are an LGBT teen, the parent of an LGBT teen, or know an LGBT teen who is in crisis, please contact The Trevor Project at 1-866-488-7386. If you would like to help the transgender community in Leelah’s state of Ohio, please visit TransOhio’s Facebook page. And if you plan to leave a hateful comment, filled with ignorance and bigotry, stop. LGBT kids are bullied to death, thrown out of their homes, abused, murdered, and commit or attempt suicide at a much higher rate than heterosexual teens. Which would you like to promote: love or hate? Acceptance or misery? What would you have said to Leelah Alcorn? To Justin? Samantha? Jamey?

Peace to you, Leelah. I’m sorry you were driven to a place of such sorrow and desperation.

Erin Nanasi

Erin Nanasi is the creator of The Bachmann Diaries: Satirical Excerpts from Michele Bachmann's Fictional Diary. She hates writing about herself in the third person. Erin enjoys reading, writing, and spending time with family. And wombats. Come visit Erin on on Facebook. She also can be found on Twitter at @WriterENanasi.


Facebook comments

  • Thebob

    Faux psychological condition…hormones are confusing I know, but even with surgery to remove your parts or add parts still doesn’t make you a man or women, your brain does….Even with hormone treatments, your brain is still wired to be a man, you still will only use 1/2 of your brain, unlike a real women who uses all both sides of their brain…sympathy, motherly instinct, etc etc… that make a women a women, regardless of physical make up…This is so stupid….This all comes back to the feminist man haters degrading what a real man is, and wusifying our men in this country….How many drugs was this boy on….I bet that is what caused his issues and suicide is the easy way out for mentally weak people…..So be it natural selection at it’s best….

    • Yami Sen

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    • Laura Hurt

      Wow…. you seriously need to read up on present day psychology. Your knowledge is about 100 years behind. This is not a faux psychological condition. Your lack of willingness to understand things that don’t happen to you but just to other people is what makes kids like these commit suicide. I hope that you don’t have kids or for their sake that there is nothing extraordinary about them because they’ll go through hell and back with you.

      • Thebob

        The, DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) Has been around since about the 1920s or so, officially 1952 for DSM-I had about 100 or so mental disorders in it…Since the 1980’s early 90’s that number has risen to several thousand disorders and mental disabilities, mainly cause our understanding of Medicine especially since the MRI, but most of these “disorders” are pushed by big pharma to put their drugs on the market to make $$$$ and lots of it…Did you know Prozac, has been re-branded and renamed several times to be used on anything from depression, to a weight-lose pill….Hmmm all the same drug different marketing team….$$$$. Most of these disorders are made up and stamped with the APA’s approval, for the big pharma companies….And yes, I have 3 kids 1 of whom is a child genius with a photographic memory…I will teach my boys to be boys and men when the time is right…Gender confusion is a freaking myth plagued more and more by the LGBT community…Its all about money that is it. I feel for the kids parents having to deal with something like this, but I bet his father wasn’t around a whole lot to begin with and his mom probably babied him so he became more feminine over time not having a man in around the boy to show him what a man is….I will say this boy had a mental disorder but it wasn’t gender confusion, depression yes anything other than that nope. Just like being gay; you are not born that way; it is a choice and most likely for boys who become gay, there were probably molested at some point which screws up the wiring in your head, just like pornography does….There was a story I read, twin boy, raised in the same home both parents, etc…One is gay one is not….DNA identically the same…Mental state and choice not the same. I will say you do get to chose who you are, but, not what gender you are mentally or physically. If you are born with a penis and balls you will be a man or something like a man…if you are born with a vagina you will be a women mentally and physically not matter how many surgeries you have.

      • wendy

        You feel for the parents? Not accepting their child was their choice. You don’t feel for kids whose parents throw them out like yesterdays garbage. I hope when you teach your sons how to be men, they will not accept your ignorance and intolerance, and have minds of their own

      • Laura Hurt

        Again: you need to read up on present day psychology. It’s commonly accepted in psychology that this is a very real thing. Not because there’s medicines pushing for it, because this is not something you treat with medicine. But because there’s actually people who feel that the body they were born in is wrong.
        Just because something is beyond the scope of your experience and beyond the scope of your imagination, doesn’t mean it does not exist.

        You are also going to have to read up on the facts about being gay. Being gay is not a choice. There’s a combination of two factors: a genetic one and an environmental one. And environmental in this case means other biological factors, like hormonal balances in the mother’s womb. There is absolutely no evidence that being gay is a choice, nor that you ‘become’ gay when you are molested. Because why are not all children that are molested gay and why are not all gay people molested?

        You are seriously behind in psychology and biology. That’s ok, unless you want to have a say in discussions like this, because your lack of knowledge is showing. Terribly. You should not have opinions about things you know nothing about. It’s the other way around: first you learn something, THEN you can have opinions about it. Your opinions are backwards, outdated, wrong and harmful. I really hope for your sons they are not gay, because, as I said, they’ll go through hell and back with you, if you don’t change this attitude of having-opinions-about-things-that-you-know-nothing-about.

      • Walter Goerlitz

        You are so correct, homosexuality is a defect in the genetic makeup of too many humans. If we would allow actual scientific study of this condition we could determine how to prevent or cure it and save many from the sorrow and pain of self inflicted diseases and mental illness.
        But liberals and the homosexual community want to bend these kinds of studies bigoted and racist.

      • Laura Hurt

        We only call thing defects if they are actually harmful. If you can show me the harm of being homo- or bisexual or transgender you might have a point. But there is no harm. The only harm is given by people like you who are so scientifically behind that they rather deny the existence of their own children then accept them for who they are, even though that might be different from how they are. You are so stuck in your own ‘morals’ that you rather throw away people than your morals. Sorry but as soon as your morals are worth more than people, you are not worth a damn as a human being.

        There is plenty of research going on about the causes of all this. So there really is no question of ‘allowing scientific study’, because it is being done. There is no need to look for a cure though, because there is no harm in being this way.

      • Walter Goerlitz

        There is sufficient evidence to prove this lifestyle has detrimental effects, not to mention the aids issue;

        In regards to homosexuality and health, the homosexual population has a significantly higher incidences of a large number of diseases. One of the reasons for homosexual population having higher incidences of diseases is the significantly higher incidences of promiscuity in the homosexual population. In addition, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) from 1994 to 1997 the proportion of homosexual men stating they had anal sex increased from 57.6 percent to 61.2 percent.[1] Although homosexual men may engage in sexual practices which may put them at risk, studies report that anal sex can be an important risk factor for the relay of many diseases.[2][3][4][5][6] In addition, in regards to homosexuality and health, the homosexuality population has significantly lower rates of various measures of mental health.

        In 2004, the prominent medical website, WebMD, stated the following: “Men who have sex with men and women are a “significant bridge for HIV to women,” the CDC’s new data suggest.”[7]

        The Family Research Council offered the following glimpse of how untruthful homosexual ideology resulted in the loss of human life: “ In 1995, long after the deadly effects of AIDS and other STDs became widely known, homosexual author Urvashi Vaid expressed one of the goals of her fellow activists: “We have an agenda to create a society in which homosexuality is regarded as healthy, natural, and normal. To me that is the most important agenda item.” Debilitating illness, chronic disease, psychological problems, and early death suffered by homosexuals is the legacy of this tragically misguided activism, which puts the furthering of an “agenda” above saving the lives of those whose interests they purport to represent.[10] ”

        In January of 2012, Vox Day reported that two gay teens who had made videos for the teen homosexuality anti-suicide project the It Gets Better Project died by suicide.(see also: Mental Health and Homosexuality).[11] Vox Day also indicated that it doesn’t get better and that homosexuality is a deviate lifestyle that homosexual propagandist promote (see: Homosexuality and choice and Ex-homosexuals).[12]

        I see homosexuality as a mental disorder, I do not hate them more so than pity them. The agenda of homosexual advocates and their liberal supporters resist true study so actual help could be attained for these poor people.
        I have seen family and friends lose loved ones to this insidious evil agenda and I think it is cruel.
        More proof if you would like.

      • Laura Hurt

        Sad that you need to like your own comments to get likes on them ^ ^

        As I said, research is being done. There is nobody resisting true study.
        And there are many many studies done that show that being LGBT is something you’re born with. It’s not a mental disorder. Again: if you can show the inherent harm in being LGBT you might have a point, but you can’t. All you can do is show the consequence of being treated like shit by people like you and that consequence is why LGBT people are doing worse. Not because they’re inherently bad but because they are treated bad. By people like you.

        Even if it WAS a choice, what it isn’t, even then you’d have to accept that people have the right to make choices to be different from you. And as long as it is not inherently harmful, you have no right to be judging that as being bad.

        It’s because of people like you that LGBT people are doing badly. And if I were you I’d think really hard about this. You have your set way of thinking, but you might consider that you might be wrong. You might consider that you, with your high and mighty attitude of ‘oh those poor people, they are so misguided’ are causing LGBT people to feel bad about themselves. Attitudes like yours are the reason people kill themselves. Shame on you for trying to put it on the people you are causing to suffer.

      • Walter Goerlitz

        Keep fooling yourself. Aids remains incurable, fortunately.

      • Laura Hurt

        As with everything else, you’re wrong about that too.

        “Aids remains incurable, fortunately.”
        And this shows exactly the kind of human being you are. Happy with people suffering, just because they are different from you.

        The only thing that won’t stand time is bigotry. Fossils like you will die out and decent human beings will remain.

      • Walter Goerlitz

        I have little sympathy for people who do harm to themselves who could prevent it. I have never pitied addicts of any variety.

      • Laura Hurt

        The moment you are happy people die because they are not like you, is the moment you become an embarrassment to humanity.

        That’s all I have to say about you. I’m done with this conversation, because it’s obvious you are not willing to consider your own position and to see if you might be wrong. You’d rather stand by and gloat about the misery that other people are in, mainly because of people like you. I personally find that pretty despicable. You have the right to be a despicable human being, but since you keep making that same choice in every reply you make to me, you are an incorrigible despicable human being, which is even worse. I’m done wasting time trying to get you away from that.

      • Walter Goerlitz

        Whining suits you.

      • Walter Goerlitz

        Even the pro-homosexual Gay & Lesbian Medical Association (GLMA) acknowledges:
        • “Gay men use substances at a higher rate than the general population . . .”
        • “Depression and anxiety appear to affect gay men at a higher rate . . . .”
        • ” . . . [G]ay men have higher rates of alcohol dependence and abuse . . . .”
        • ” . . . [G]ay men use tobacco at much higher rates than straight men . . . .”
        • “Problems with body image are more common among gay men . . . and gay men are much more likely to experience an eating disorder . . . .”43
        The GLMA also confirms that:
        • ” . . . [L]esbians may use tobacco and smoking products more often than heterosexual women use them.”
        • “Alcohol use and abuse may be higher among lesbians.”
        • ” . . . [L]esbians may use illicit drugs more often than heterosexual women.”44
        Homosexual activists generally attempt to explain these problems as results of “homophobic discrimination.” However, there is a serious problem with that theory—there is no empirical evidence that such psychological problems are greater in areas where disapproval of homosexuality is more intense. On the contrary, even a study in the Netherlands—perhaps the most “gay-friendly” country in the world—showed “a higher prevalence of substance use disorders in homosexual women and a higher prevalence of mood and anxiety disorders in homosexual men.
        Don’t let the religious right or the deviate left control your mind, research and learn for yourself.
        The right will try to make you feel bad and the left will try to make you feel good, both have an agenda.

      • Laura Hurt

        Yeah you got it the wrong way around. LGBT people are doing worse in everything because of people like you, not because being LGBT is inherently harmful.

        If you and everybody like you would be accepting LGBT people, stop firing them for being different, stop refuse them housing for being different, stop excluding them for being different, stop bullying them for being different, they would not have any reason to be unhappy and to be turning to unhealthy life styles.

        Societies where LGBT people are more accepted, like in the Netherlands, show much higher percentages of LGBT people doing well. That is because there is nothing wrong with being LGBT, but there is something wrong with being hateful bigots. Being LGBT is something you’re born with, being a hateful bigot is a choice.

      • Walter Goerlitz

        Delusion is a mental issue also.

      • Laura Hurt

        Bigotry is the biggest issue though.
        Decent people will outlive you. Can’t wait for the day.

      • Walter Goerlitz

        Keep dreaming Alice

  • Bell Bottom Blues

    Your free to act different and others are free to not like your action.

  • forpeace

    This is so tragic and heartbreaking.

    I really don’t understand why people can’t accept others as who they are.

    It is so sad that the parents are still living in denial.

    Rest in peace, dear Leelah.

  • Walter Goerlitz

    This poor child lived a very confused life because of liberal mindset of allowing whatever feels good to be your choice. The poor child could have gotten help so young. Instead he fell prey to the sick deviate lifestyle of the left which loves using children for its own sexual satisfaction.
    Just as Obama loans out his young breeders to satisfy the likes of old white plantation masters like Reid and Durbin.
    While Obama gets serviced by Reggie Love and Mooch dines at the Y of Jarrett.
    Sick liberal use and abuse children so they can satisfy their ick pleasures.

    • WhateverMan

      You gigantic douche.

      • Walter Goerlitz

        Facts bother you I see. The child suffered at the hands of adults fighting for their control from both the left and the right. Instead it could have been studied and possibly helped.
        So because your feelings count more than the life of this child you deem me wrong.

      • WhateverMan

        The child suffered because her parents were adamantly opposed to accepting the fact that their child was transgender…and they’ll have the rest of their lives to question their decisions regarding her care.

      • Walter Goerlitz

        Yes they will. Decisions have consequences.

      • WhateverMan

        Dude, you up-vote your own posts? LOL

      • Walter Goerlitz

        Absolutely! It upsets liberals, they obsess over it.

      • Laura Hurt

        Hahaha yeah, isn’t it pathetic????

  • Walter Goerlitz