Conservative Conspiracy Fanatic Claims An Invasion Of 100 Million Muslim Refugees Is Coming

Avi Lipkin

Avi Lipkin

While most people are familiar with right-wing conspiracy nuts like Glenn Beck or Alex Jones from InfoWars, there is a much larger pool of lesser-known media figures that are all competing for space in the small, but crowded conspiracy market. Part of being successful in this industry is playing to the fears of people who believe that the world is secretly controlled by an elite Jewish family, or shape-shifting reptiles from another dimension.

Believing in absurd conspiracy ideas isn’t a phenomenon confined to one political side of the aisle or another. Although we hear a lot of chatter from the right about secret plots to confiscate guns or indoctrinate school children into the gay lifestyle, there are also quite a few liberals who subscribe to such nutty ideas like corporations are plotting to poison the food supply.

Since President Obama was elected, right-wing conspiracy ideas have creeped into the mainstream of Republican politics, as proven by the fact Donald Trump has cozied up with Alex Jones and used his website to substantiate his claims about Muslims on 9/11.

Many of us already know about Alex Jones or Mike Adams from Natural News, but Avi Lipkin is a lesser-known conspiracy nut who makes them look almost sane and professional in comparison.

Via Right Wing Watch:

In an interview yesterday on “Trunews,” Avi Lipkin added a new twist to his conspiracy theory that the Free Mason/Illuminati/Trilateral Commission members “who control the world” are part of a plot to bring 50 to 100 million Muslim refugees to America, where they will be housed in national parks.

Lipkin told host Rick Wiles that the plan to bring 100 million Muslims to America “imminently” is on track as God destroys Israel’s “enemies” one by one, predicting that more people will flee the Middle East after God annihilates not only Syria and Iraq but also Turkey, Egypt and Iran.

“It’s an invasion,” he said. “They will use Agenda 21 to confiscate land to prepare for pure Islamic cities throughout the United States.” (Source)

Like Glenn Beck and many other religious conspiracy fanatics, Avi Lipkin subscribes to “End Times” predictions. These are the same bizarre prophecies that Louie Gohmert and Ted Cruz also believe in, and they aren’t weird radio hosts, they’re members of the United States Congress.

These ideas may seem laughable and insane, but they’ve crept out of the dark basements of the GOP fringe and are repeated as fact on conservative clickbait sites such as Young Cons, BizPacReview or Chicks On The Right. Eventually, a slightly less bizarre version of these same conspiracy stories make their way up the conservative media ladder and end up on Fox News or Newsmax.

It’s the media version of the game of “Telephone” where a story is passed from one person to another, and it ends up very different from where it started – except here the originator of the tale is completely insane. IJReview, Breitbart and Fox News repeat these stories because they know it’s what their followers want to hear, and because they know that fear sells.

If you were wondering why Republicans are repeating talking points about tens of thousands of refugees being resettled in their backyard or how Common Core is designed to turn their children into gay atheists, people like Avi Lipkin are where these rumors originate.

As Paul Harvey used to say, “and now you know the rest of the story.”


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