Conservative Criminal Dinesh D’Souza says Obama Prefers Gitmo Prisoners to Veterans

dsouzaDinesh D’Souza says that Obama treats Gitmo prisoners better than veterans. In a tweet, the conservative political pundit says, “In Obama’s America, veterans get shafted and Guantanamo inmates get decent health care.” Oh, and D’Souza’s going to jail soon for campaign finance fraud.

You may remember Dinesh D’Souza from his stunning political conspiracy theory documentary 2016: Obama’s America. Maybe you know him as the writer of The Roots of Obama’s Rage. That’s a bestseller title. It can’t possibly be racist at all to depict the first black president to be full of resentment and rage, can it? Nahhhh. Maybe you know him as the originator of Newt Gingrich’s Birther-Lite “Kenyan anti-colonist” line about Obama. Maybe you know him as the guy who said Africa needed to be colonized for a longer period of time by Europe, like his home country of India (yeah, he’s got issues).

What’s the connection? It’s so obvious that Obama hates MURKA because his Kenyan daddy hated African colonialism. President Obama has daddy issues (is this projectionism? I don’t know, but it could be) and wants to fulfill his father’s desires by reducing the power of the US empire, according to D’Souza. Personally, as a postcolonialist, I wish there were the case. A more equal international stage will be good for billions of people, not just a few oil executives, arms dealers, and capitalists. I also wish the Tea Party was right about Obama being a socialist. But alas, neither Dinesh nor I have our wishes fulfilled by the POTUS. The difference is that I live in reality. Oh, and I don’t care to exploit people for profit.

Maybe you know Dinesh D’Souza best as the former president of conservative Christian school King’s College who rocked the Evangelical world through news of an affair while divorcing his wife. This after arguing that liberal sexual licentiousness is what led to the 9/11 attacks. Now remember, this is the same D’Souza who argued that conditions at Abu Ghraib “are comparable to the accommodations in midlevel Middle Eastern hotels”. Because guests in the Middle East are detained in jail cells and sexually humiliated.

I can’t tell if he likes American terrorist holding cells and torture or if he’s just jealous. Guantanamo prisoners “get decent health care”? Their health care would be severely improved if they weren’t incarcerated – let alone detained without speedy and fair trials. Or shut off from society. But I won’t pit their treatment against those of veterans. Vets do deserve much better than they’ve been getting from their own government. Many of those veterans, mind you, went to war under the belief that the US was being attacked. We weren’t. And we were less likely to be so before we took over (colonized) those other countries. But somebody needed to hold oil; somebody else needed to sell arms; and others needed to finance it all. Oh, that’s what we call colonialism. So D’Souza is in favor of that, at least.

But I guess he didn’t think about the long-term social, psychological, and physical toll of war. He seems to only be in favor of better medical treatment for veterans in order to make a political point. The VA is in some ugly mess, that’s for sure. And that means people have died. But see, Obama isn’t quite anti-colonial. If he were, he would have shut down all the wars and culled back the military from its overseas bases. He would have used saved money to probably restore the VA hospitals and care to full service and deployed military people back as civilians in their own neighborhoods. But he isn’t. And if D’Souza really cared, he wouldn’t have defended Bush’s plan to attack and occupy Iraq.

Oh, speaking of prison, did we mention that Dinesh D’Souza will be going soon for making illegal campaign contributions using straw donors? In D’Souza’s America, I’m sure he’ll be treated well – even though he’s a political prisoner or something.


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