The Conservative Media is Mostly Nothing but Con Artists, Frauds, & Sociopaths

When most people think of the “conservative media,” the first names or sources that come to mind are likely Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, and Ann Coulter. Granted there are plenty of others, but those are, without a doubt, some of the first names I think most Americans would think of if asked about the right-wing media.

Then there’s sort of the second-tier, more alt-right fringe lunatics (though it’s scary how these two groups are becoming nearly identical) such as Steven Bannon, Breitbart, Drudge, Alex Jones, and Todd Starnes. A group of absolute low-lifes and bottom-feeders who’ve built most of their careers pushing fear, hate, paranoia, and pandering to the worst parts of our society.

If there’s one thing Donald Trump’s rise has proven once and for all — not that we really needed anymore evidence — it’s that these people, and I’m sure many of the folks behind these networks and websites, are nothing but con artists, frauds, and likely sociopaths.

These are the people who spent years faking ridiculous amounts of “outrage” over things like Barack Obama saluting a Marine holding a coffee cup, the fact that he wore a tan suit, an executive order to protect DREAMers from being deported, and made Obamacare seem like one of the worst travesties in American history.

Then, of course, there was Benghazi!

To listen to these clowns talk about Benghazi, you’d have thought it was the biggest scandal in American history. After years of wasteful “investigations,” what we learned was this: Republicans and the conservative media were completely full of shit.

We can’t forget about Hillary Clinton’s emails, which was another scandal the conservative media tried to turn into something bigger than Watergate. However, when that nonsense was all debunked after the FBI found no criminal wrongdoing, that’s when they decided to push conspiracies alleging that “the fix was in” to protect Clinton.

After all, that’s what conservatives do. When all facts and reality fail to support their propaganda — push a conspiracy!

Funny though, the same people who made Benghazi, Clinton’s emails, a lazy salute, a rather innocent executive order, and a tan suit into “legitimate right-wing controversies” now suddenly don’t see the big deal about a “president” who:

  • Still won’t say anything negative about a Russian president he’s accused of being compromised by.
  • Won’t release his tax returns.
  • Is now under investigation by the FBI for possible obstruction of justice.
  • Fired the head of the FBI citing the on-going investigations into possible treason committed by his campaign as one of the main reasons for the firing.
  • Pushed a completely baseless and fictitious conspiracy about his predecessor illegally wiretapping him.
  • Has now lashed out at his own Justice Department, accusing them of carrying out a “witch hunt” against him.
  • Seems to have many of his associates, including his attorney general, caught lying about meetings with Russian officials during the election where his campaign is under investigation for colluding with Russia.
  • Refused to confirm the United States’ commitment to NATO.
  • Gave highly-classified information to Russian officials and let Russian state-run media into the Oval Office.
  • Bragged to the president of the Philippines about the secret location of two naval submarines.
  • Said that he wasn’t aware that being “president” would be so hard.
  • Has spent nearly half his weekends in office at his Mar-a-Lago resort (or other various locations) playing golf.
  • Is on a record-setting pace for costing taxpayers money for his personal trips and expenses.
  • Has broken nearly all of his major campaign promises.
  • Is running one of the least-transparent administrations in U.S. history.

The list of major scandals and issues the conservative media doesn’t seem to think are a big deal about Trump — though they most certainly would be losing their minds over if a Democrat was linked to them — is seemingly endless.

In true conservative media fashion, just like I pointed out before, when the truth and facts about how corrupt and terrible Trump is aren’t on their side — push a conspiracy!

Now, the narrative from the right isn’t calling out Trump for a whole host of things they’d be having a meltdown over had Obama or Clinton done any of them, it’s pushing this idea that all of these scandals and shady behavior are a whole lot of nothing being pushed by “the deep state,” the media, and people who are “out to get Trump.”

These people are nothing more than unhinged frauds who know their audience and are aware that appealing to their paranoia, hate, fear, and their desire for their fictional nonsense to be true is really good for business.

Take Hannity, for example.

Talk about a spineless hack. This is someone who once painted Julian Assange as an enemy to the United States, who’s now one of his biggest cheerleaders. Of course, Assange is the leader of WikiLeaks, a group our intelligence experts believe is nothing more than a cyber weapon for Russia. Once WikiLeaks went after Clinton, that’s all it took for Hannity to develop a “bromance” with someone he once said was putting “lives in jeopardy” by releasing 75,000 stolen documents.

Hannity has become such a pathetic cheerleader for Trump he’s taken up defending Alex Jones, and pushing ridiculous conspiracies such as how Seth Rich was supposedly “murdered by the DNC” for communicating with WikiLeaks.

I was never a fan of Hannity’s, not even a little, but the pathetic depths to which he’s stooped trying to defend Trump have been embarrassing.

Then there’s someone like Alex Jones who’s just a complete crackpot. While there’s plenty I could say about this deranged lunatic, this little rant from last Fall proves what a joke it is that anyone takes this psychopath seriously.

We can’t forget about the undisputed king of conservative radio and right-wing propaganda, Rush Limbaugh. A man who’s built a radio empire, and made a ton of money, doing nothing more than pandering to an audience which tunes in to be spoon fed some of the most ridiculous conservative fan-fiction you’ll hear anywhere.

When it comes to people like Coulter — they’re nothing but trolls. Ann Coulter and others like her thrive on stirring up “outrage” from the left. I’m sure she believes a lot of what she says, but it’s obvious she gets quite a lot of enjoyment out of saying controversial things she knows will get a rise out of the left.

These are people who’ve become masters at knowing what their conservative audience wants to hear. That’s how someone like Trump got “elected” in the first place. He built his entire campaign based around the premise of essentially being a live-action version of a right-wing blog/website. Nearly every one of his biggest campaign promises sounded as if it was taken from the “top comment” on any average conservative website or Facebook page.

He created a successful political campaign using the exact same formula members of the conservative media have for years:

  • Know the lies your audience wants to be told.
  • Identify the “enemy” — anyone who isn’t just like them, basically.
  • Fake patriotism.
  • Push conspiracies.
  • Pander to the lies conservative voters want to believe, even if they’re not true.
  • Attack the media and anyone who actually tells the truth about your lies and propaganda.
  • Appeal to racism, sexism, and bigotry.
  • Play the victim.

I’ll give them this much credit, the conservative media has built an amazing empire of lies, propaganda, and bullshit. Then again, that’s easy to do when you prey on fear, ignorance, hate, and intolerance. All while, of course, mixing in religion as, historically, the easiest way to manipulate large groups of people into acting against their own self-interests.

Make no mistake about it though, the vast majority of the conservative media is comprised of con artists, frauds, and/or probable sociopaths. People who likely don’t believe most of the ridiculous lies they’re selling, they just know there are millions of people out there who are gullible enough to buy it.

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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