Conservative Propagandist James O’Keefe’s Immigration Stunt Is One of His Most Ridiculous Yet (Video)

okeefe-bin-ladenPerhaps many of you are aware of who James O’Keefe is.  He’s best known for dressing up like a pimp during a “sting” he orchestrated where he exposed several unethical practices at ACORN.  Though he ended up being found guilty of slander and illegally recording a man in California (in California you can’t record someone without telling them), and was ordered to pay $100,000 to the victim.

He’s also fairly well known for being caught willfully editing a recording he made with several NRP executives completely altering many statements they had made to blatantly fabricate a story that wasn’t true.

See, he likes to go around trying to entrap people.  While most journalists investigate, O’Keefe goes out organizing stunts hoping that he’ll eventually find someone weak enough to “prove” his predetermined outcome to be true.

Think of it like someone shooting one hundred 3-point shots with a basketball, missing all but one, then using the video of the one shot they made as evidence that they’re an accurate shooter.

He’s simply a punk who goes around hoping one of his stunts pays off somehow.

Well, his latest stunt might be the most ridiculous one yet.

This time was he went down to the United States/Mexico border to “prove” just  how easy it is for illegal immigrants to cross our border.

Though pretty much the entire six minute video is a complete load of crap.

First, he crosses the border as himself.  He does this by illegally going into Mexico, then simply walks across a shallow part of the Rio Grande into the United States.  He then claims this proves how “easy” it is to cross our border.

Which seems terrifying – for someone who lacks the ability to think for themselves.

Because I’m fairly certain that O’Keefe and his team made it a point to properly scout their location to ensure that when they pulled off this little stunt, no sort of law enforcement would be around to see them do it.  Besides, why would border patrol agents be on the “look out” for a well dressed white guy and a film crew?  Even if officials saw them, with cameras no less, they probably just assumed they were some sort of reporters doing a story.

And heck, for all we know they were approached by border patrol agents.  But does anyone really think after he spent all that money to travel down to the border he wasn’t going to “get his story”?  He clearly knew what he was doing and made damn sure there weren’t going to be any officials around to debunk his nonsense.

But then he took the fear mongering a step further by dressing up as Osama bin Ladin (a dead person, by the way) and crossing the border again.  Because that apparently “proves” something.  Well, it at least undoubtedly proves that even a white guy in a cheap looking halloween costume can cross the border after he’s made sure that there wouldn’t be any law enforcement officials around to interfere.

Mind you, this video isn’t even seven minutes long.  With proper editing, almost about anyone can “prove” just about anything where the results were clearly predetermined.

But he tries to add legitimacy to this video by including a short interview with a local county sheriff who’s obviously a right-wing conservative who hates President Obama.  And, of course, they blamed all this “lack of border security” on the president.

You know, because Obama apparently tore all the walls down that George W. Bush built during his eight years in the White House.

While O’Keefe is really nothing more than a joke to begin with, this latest stunt is just absolutely comical.  But the saddest part is, millions of conservatives will watch it and actually believe this load of crap.

And that’s what he’s counting on.  Because he knows most conservatives who watch this video won’t question any of the “ethics” that were involved in making it.  And I use the word “ethics” very loosely, because O’Keefe clearly has none.

Check out the video for yourself via Project Veritas:

Allen Clifton

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