Conservative Radio Host Mocks Troops Suffering from PTSD as ‘Weak,’ Belittles Those Suffering from Depression

Normally, protocol would dictate that I offer some kind of introduction as to what the reader is about to read. But in this instance, nothing I say can possibly even come close to describing the absolute and total ignorance that I just came across. So, since I can’t do this abomination I just heard justice, I’ll just let jackass conservative radio host Michael Savage speak for himself.

Speaking on his radio show, Savage said (in part):

I am so sick and tired of everyone with their complaints about PTSD, depression. Everyone wants their hand held, and a check, a government check. What are you, the only generation that had PTSD? The only generation that’s depressed? I’m sick of it. I can’t take the celebration of weakness and depression.

See, I was raised a little differently. I was raised to fight weakness. I was raised to fight pain. I was raised to fight depression. Not to give into it. Not to cave into it and cry like a little baby in bed. “Boo-hoo-hoo. Boo-hoo-hoo.” Everyone has depression in their life.

Everyone’s holding their hand. “Oh, welcome to Good Morning America, sir. You almost committed suicide, how interesting. Please tell us your story.” Maybe a young child who’s on the edge can commit suicide. What a country. No wonder we’re being laughed at around the world. No wonder ISIS can defeat our military. Take a look at that. Take a look at that, why people aren’t even getting married anymore to have children. They don’t even have the guts to raise a child. The men are so weak, and so narcissistic, all they want to do is have fun. Bunch of losers. Just go have a brewski and look at the 49ers, you idiot, you. They won’t even get married, won’t have a child, it takes too much of a man to do that. What a country. You’re not a man, you’re a dog. A dog raises babies better than most American men do.

Look, I’ll be one of the first ones to tell you that there is a serious issue in this country with people being too overly sensitive, leaving far too many people unable to handle basic adversity. But that’s not what this wretched bastard is talking about.

There’s a huge difference between someone looking for an easy way through life (which some people do look for) and those who are suffering from real mental illnesses who need real help. Many of whom are the men and women who’ve served in our military and are currently suffering severe PTSD following their service in Iraq or Afghanistan. People who put their physical and mental health on the line to defend this country. 

Those are many of the people this bottom-feeding lowlife is talking about here.

And basically, if you put this entire rant together, he’s essentially saying that if you’re someone who suffers from depression, PTSD or doesn’t want children (especially if you’re male) you’re a “dog.”

Though I personally see a dog as a lovable companion that brings about great joy to their owners. Though I’m certain that’s not the context Savage was using.

This was honestly one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever listened to or read. The absolute ignorance about mental illness, and the absolute disrespect shown toward our men and women in uniform, is appalling.

And when he talks about us “being laughed at,” it’s people like him who are the reason why so many nations laugh at us. Though Michael Savage isn’t just an embarrassment to this country, but the entire human race. Anyone who supports this knuckle-dragging Neanderthal should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • mt

    All this coming from a man who never served in the military…..

  • Eg Kbbs

    If we (the conservatives) can’t blame PTSD on the troops, then that would mean that we were responsible for sending troops into Iraq with insufficiently armored vehicles, etc.

    And obviously, we can’t be a fault.

  • Kenneth

    Let me understand this, he’s criticizing the military who suffer from PTSD so people like him, have the freedom to say whatever he wants & who has never served in the military? Yep, this guy is an IDIOT! I would love to see how him, Hannity, Bolling, Limbaugh & Beck would react if their life was in danger on a daily basis like our GREAT military is.

    • davispty5

      Kenneth who is the bigger idiot here? You stroke the front of your pants to Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Allen ‘pimplepuss’ Clifton, and Rachel Maddow. That makes you one dumb cookie with a creamy top.
      Face it, the dems are going to get a slap on the mouth in the next few elections.

      • billr

        In 2016 you will be sucking wind.

      • Old Top Kick

        Says the Michael Savage troll account. Another #DoucheGeyser who never served a day in his life.

      • Old Top Kitten

        Save it you REMF.

      • Chomper Lomper Tawee

        Oh my God!!! Karl Rove said the exact same thing…..Your like two peas in a pod.

      • Patrick Downing

        Why don’t you and Weiner/Savage go to the VA and tell the vets there no PTSD, Chickenhawk?

      • Phil Dubois

        I never understood the pleasure trolls get for saying stupid things. Please share.

  • davispty5

    As a parent of a child with autism, this story doesn’t surprise me in the least. After all, Savage said 99% of children who are diagnosed with autism are just brats who need to be told to “knock off the act and “stop acting like a putz. Straighten up. Act like a man. Don’t sit there crying and screaming, you idiot.” Why this jerk is still on the air is beyond me.

    • zendaddy621

      Amen to that; I have Asperger’s, which was unknown when I was growing up in the 1970s and 1980s. If I had a dime for every time I heard those simple-minded phrases back then, I could own a pro sports team now…

  • Geoffry

    Appalling is right

  • Mitch

    Hey don’t talk about knuckle dragging neaderthals that way!

  • rossbro

    Couple of boys with PTSD need to have a talk with this asshole.

    • zendaddy621

      I volunteer; though I never served in the military, I suffer from PTSD because of abuse I endured growing up. Make no mistake; he will understand PTSD by the time I’m through with him…


        im with ya,,,,,,,,and lets rename it “DTSD”
        ( ” DURING traumatic stress disorder”)

    • billr

      Bloody that a_hole up first and see who is weak.

  • Lysdexic

    Michael Savage is a deranged c**t. In other news, a big light will appear in the sky early tomorrow.

    • FuzzyBunnyFeet

      Why do you disparage c**ts so? All the c**ts I’ve encountered have been warm and friendly.

      • Chomper Lomper Tawee

        I think he means Coot not Cunt

  • Champ86

    If you don’t want to pay disability, don’t chose engagement, simple.

  • ziggywiggy

    Rape victims tend to suffer from PTSD, this ass has no clue as to the strength it takes to survive that horror and it’s aftermath.

  • David Jennings

    Sorry i agree with him as active front line military in Rhodesia, South Africa, Australia, Bosnia and Kosovo – PTSD is caused by poor training, inadequate chain of command and a misguided belief that you are the best in the world.

    • Reymundo Herrera

      it obviously doesn’t hurt to talk out of your rear, since it looks like you are an expert at it. it doesn’t take a genius to lump a group of people together and stereotype them. it must give you the warm and fuzzies to peer at the world through those rose-tinted glasses you’re wearing. i guess you must have suffered some brain damage from being on the front lines and it has warped your thinking. you might need a bib for that drool on your chin.

      • David Jennings

        You obviously have never been out of your back yard wanker. There is NO PTSD in Australia, Rhodesia, South Africa or Israel it is a USA cop out.

      • zendaddy621

        There most certainly is; just because you refuse to acknowledge its existence doesn’t mean it isn’t real…

      • Laurelanwyn

        That’s why Australia, South Africa and Israel all have government pages dedicated to the subject. Because it doesn’t exist there. Okay. Sure.

      • Reymundo Herrera

        and it doesn’t hurt to be an idiot, at least for you. so it seems that all of a sudden Australians must not be human because they obviously are not affected by trauma of any kind. i don’t think you could sound any more moronic, although i’m sure you will try.

      • David Jennings

        PTSD is like fibromylia an invention of the pharacuetical companies and litigation wankers – time to grow up.

      • Reymundo Herrera

        again, there is no way that australians can be affected by trauma because they aren’t human obviously. you come here and make ludicrous claims because it is too easy to spew crap on the internet without having to worry about frivolous details, you know, like proof. you have no credibility here sir. i would tell you to quit while you are far behind but your kind love wallowing in the muck of stupidity.

      • David Jennings

        Australia has not been emasculated by politicians and the media and the Dr Phil wankers.


        and America was ” emasculated” economically by the PRIOR administrations ineptitude.
        you seem possessed with onanistic behavior

      • Kingminnie

        Fibromyalgia is not an invention. Fibromylia probably is.


        time for your white trash regressive troll religious loser self to ATTEMPT to “learn ” how 2 spell
        NOTE: you misspelled TWO words in your infantile bavardage post
        ,,,,,,,,,,,,sounds like U are a terrific candidate for a tea party rally

      • Chomper Lomper Tawee


      • Emma Huckleberry

        What’s fibromylia ?

      • Kingminnie

        Oh you are so wrong! Please see his comment below.

      • Chomper Lomper Tawee

        “NO PTSD in Australia” Are you really that dumb?


        hes a white trash regressive crybaby troll
        easy 2 spot

      • EdnaMode

        But apparently Australia DOES have trolls. Thanks for letting us all know. Now, let’s stop feeding the troll so he’ll go back under his bridge. I assume there are bridges in Australia.


        wrong answer needledick,,,,,,,,,,,,,, all those countries have it and take care of their military men and women who suffer from it
        here is a “thought” 4 ya–
        LOOK IT UP— go to each country ( listed ) and go to their military pages and subsequent “after military” living. Take a peek at each governments $$$$’s spend to help THOSE soldiers whom your white trash regressive crybaby ass just lied about
        get back to me on that– I already researched it after reading your ‘wanker’ post

      • Cemetery Girl

        Clearly you have made this up.

    • Cemetery Girl

      PTSD is nothing new. It had different names and wasn’t discussed as openly, but has been recognized for generations. It being recognized outside of the military is more recent. But ignoring military service isn’t a requirement for developing PTSD, if the cause is inadequate training and poor commanders, how is that the fault of the troops?

      • Chomper Lomper Tawee

        I think military use to call it Shell shock

      • Cemetery Girl

        Yep, also battle fatigue. The name tended to vary by generation.

  • TaxPaying American Voter

    The really scary part is, there is a sh!tpile of these parasites spewing this on n.p.r. every day to millions of sh!t eaters. They gobble this up without question, never serving or risking their lives and will NEVER know what it is like to wear their boots. People like this are the lowest form of scum.

    • FuzzyBunnyFeet

      FYI, Michael Savage is not an NPR anything.

    • TaxPaying American Voter

      n.p.r. troll trap. Gotcha. And you were right he is nothing, nothing, but an asshat.

  • nessa93

    First of all, mental illnesses are just as serious as physical ones. He has obviously never experienced clinical/major depression or PTSD. It is not something people can just get over.

  • zendaddy621

    How the hell is this ass clown still on the air?! Trust me; PTSD is a very real thing…

  • SJones

    Just another no morals conservative who could care less about veterans. At least Robin Williams toured with the USO and worked with veterans. SIgn this guy up for a tour. Like at a VA meeting of Korean, Vietnam, Iraq 1 or 2 and Afghanistan. I’m sure they’ll provide him some insights. SJones

  • Tom Pryor

    Big, empty talk from a dude who never served. If he’s such a tough guy, why doesn’t he man up and go volunteer to fight ISIS? The peshmerga can use all the help they can get… chicken hawk blowhard.


    another fat white trash regressive religious trash loser whom I would LOVE love LOVE 2 meet all alone with no one around……….best part? im not violent; but in his case ( and glenn becks,,,and rush limp-baughs,,,and sean hannitys,,,,and –)

  • Cemetery Girl

    Sad when people don’t take the time to learn about an injury before they mock it. I don’t understand his leap from mocking PTSD to not raising children.

  • Arthur C. Hurwitz

    Big tough guy talking on the radio…. disgusting..

  • Old Top Kick

    Screw you, Savage. You’re not a conservative, you’re just a garden variety asshole. 30 seconds under fire in a combat zone and you’d soil yourself and cry for your mommy.

  • forpeace

    Michael Savage is an extremism, hatred, and a total idiot. The person who has never enlisted is now disrespecting our Veterans, this guy has no shame.
    The name “Savage” fits him very well.

    In July 2008, Savage claimed that the increasing rate of autism diagnoses was the result of “a racket” designed to get disability payments for “poorer families who have found a new way to be parasites on the government.” He returned to the subject on his July 16, 2008, show with the following remarks:

    Now, the illness du jour is autism. You know what autism is? I’ll tell you what autism is. In 99 percent of the cases, it’s a brat who hasn’t been told to cut the act out. That’s what autism is. What do you mean they scream and they’re silent? They don’t have a father around to tell them, “Don’t act like a moron. You’ll get nowhere in life. Stop acting like a putz. Straighten up. Act like a man. Don’t sit there crying and screaming, idiot.”

    Michael Savage is really disgusting.

  • agr8wrld

    Strap a uniform and an M4 Carbine on this joker then sit his sorry ass in the middle of Afghanistan. After ONE day he will be begging to get the hell out. Now let him stay there for a year experiencing the fear levels our troops do on a daily basis. He will be singing a completely different story.

    Just for the record…don’t expect RWNJ to have any empathy. It doesn’t exist in their tiny brains.

  • GenerallyConfused

    This man has no idea what real trauma is, let alone what it is like to live through it. To suddenly be involved in a extremely bad car accident, seeing the realities of war, rape… dude has not a damned clue. I would never wish that on his either, but he is severely jaded in his life.

  • mh

    I listen to him, though I am not sure why. I’ve heard him say things that were blatantly false, and nobody ever comes on to clarify. I’ve heard him speculate hysterically, and pass it off as fact. My biggest concern is not Michael Savage, there is always a misinformed blowhard spouting BS someplace. I’m concerned with the knuckle draggers that take his word as fact.

  • Kim Serrahn

    Never served but is an “expert” on the military. Also an “expert” on mental illness. And a narcissist to boot. Now why can’t I get a job like his. I can spew hatred just as well as he can. Oh, wait, I have a conscience.

  • Bah

    I can’t stand this asshat. Would love to send this asshole on a route clearance on foot by himself. For those of you comparing this guy to Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity. You do know that they all dislike him right? I don’t listen to any of those show hosts but maybe watch the Hannity show a twice a month, from everything I have seen, they would never think this way about our military men/women. Seriously, why are you characterizing them with Michael Savage based on political and economic policies?

  • Phil Dubois

    I guess more people should take the more difficult road of talking on the radio for millions of dollars. My guess if more of us did it would reduce his income. Want to bet on who would be crying then?

  • Guest

    I have come to accept that the Founding Fathers are interpreted as having faith that free speech is unassailable and humans are strong enough to endure and reject mental illness spewed by Fox & Folks like Savage. However, I would like the thing about NOT allowing the insane or malignant to shout “FIRE” at a crowded gathering. Thousands of viewers/listeners simultaneously hearing absolute raving madness and lies does not constitute bellowing “FIRE!” In a crowd? I need that explained. To me it is galaxies more dangerous than EBOLA.

  • mrjet51

    I have come to accept that the Founding Fathers are interpreted as having faith that free speech is unassailable and humans are strong enough to endure and reject mental illness spewed by Fox & Folks like Savage. However, I would to like to have clarified the thing about NOT allowing the insane or malignant to shout “FIRE” at a crowded gathering. Thousands of viewers/listeners simultaneously hearing absolute raving madness and lies does not constitute bellowing “FIRE!” in a crowd? I need that explained. To me it is galaxies more dangerous than EBOLA. The health of the national mind is at stake.