Republican and Conservative Stupidity Continues to Soar to New Heights

dunce-capAs I’ve said before, I’m not really a fan of using the word “stupid.”  It’s not exactly the most professional of adjectives and I think if a writer is going to use it, it needs to be done so in the right context.

But I’ve reached a point with conservatives where I don’t know how to describe many of them anymore other than simply calling them stupid.

They’re not ignorant.  An intelligent person can be ignorant about a particular subject.  Ignorance is just the lack of knowledge about something in particular.

But many conservatives don’t just lack information, they lack intelligence.

People who believe that guns have nothing to do with gun violence.  That 97% of the world’s scientists are all a part of some global climate change conspiracy.  That “freedom” somehow means allowing them to take away someone else’s rights.

This isn’t ignorance, it’s stupidity.

I had a climate change denier try to engage me on the subject on my Twitter account.  I presented him with a link to a study of 11,944 papers done by 29,083 authors of peer-reviewed scientific studies.  This survey concluded that 97.1% of those experts studying our rapidly increasing climate change found it to be accelerated by humans.

Their response, “Based on computers modeling data that may not be accurate or was derived to produce a certain result.”

Just like when Fox News cites cold days as “proof” that global warming is a hoax.  Seriously, a major “news” network claiming that cold weather during winter “proves” that climate change is a hoax.

None of that’s ignorance.  It’s stupidity.

Oh, and then there’s these “rolling coal” idiots.  What these people are doing is modifying their trucks so that they burn excessive fuel, causing a thick black smoke to discharge from the exhaust.

So these fools are burning more fuel (which is costing them more money), and probably doing damage to their engine, all so they can make some kind of asinine statement against the EPA and climate change?

Yeah, that’s really teaching us a lesson.  A lesson that these people are morons.

Again, this isn’t ignorance.  It’s stupidity.

Or the ones who think “religious freedom” somehow means oppressing the religious freedoms of others.  That “keeping your employer out of your health care” translates to allowing one employer to dictate to thousands of employees what contraceptives they’ll have access to on their health care plans.

I’ve still yet to have one of these conservatives explain to me how they “stand for religious freedom” while opposing the right for the church to decide whether or not they want to marry a gay couple.  Because right now in states where gay marriage is still illegal, any church that wants to marry two homosexuals is being denied their religious freedom to do so – because conservatives believe their religious views trump the views of others.

Again, how exactly is that standing for “religious freedom”?  To me, that’s oppressing religious freedom in the name of your religion.

Then there are the ones who continue to blame the escalating violence in Iraq on President Obama.  Yes, conservatives are blaming Obama for Iraq.

The only real thing Obama had to do with Iraq was enforcing the SOFA agreement Bush signed with the Iraqi government that required all American troops to be out of Iraq by 2011.  Our absence in Iraq (coupled with the Iraqi military’s incompetence) has been the leading factor behind the ability for these ISIS radicals to seize control of northern parts of the nation.

Then there are those who continue to talk about Obama’s big play to confiscate guns – despite the fact that in 5+ years he hasn’t confiscated a single gun.  It’s been 5+ years, when is this big gun confiscation going to happen?  Oh, I know, it’s because “Congress won’t let him.”  Funny, Republicans constantly claim that Obama rules like a king, ignoring our laws at will.  If that’s the case, then why doesn’t he just ignore Congress and confiscate guns?

Conservatives, I know…I know.  That’s too much for your minds to handle.  Two piece of propaganda in direct conflict with one another.  Luckily for Republicans, many conservative voters don’t like to think for themselves.

Another group that floors me are the ones who claim how much higher gas prices have been under Obama.

Well, duh.

The only reason why they were so low when he first came into office is because our economy was collapsing.  Gas prices went up as soon as the economy started to improve.  Though they’re still highly inflated by Wall Street speculation, but Republicans won’t dare pass any legislation aimed at curbing that corruption.

Then there are those folks who think the Earth is 6,000 years old and humans walked alongside dinosaurs.

Pure. Stupidity.

All of this isn’t excused by simple ignorance about any given particular topic.  It’s driven by blind stupidity.  People who seem proud of the fact that they’re idiots.

Because that’s what I think about anyone who flies the Gadsden flag.  It’s no longer a flag that represents the American Revolution.  It’s a badge of honor for those who are proud to display the fact that they’re morons.  They’re bragging about the fact that they’re easily manipulated by those who prey on the weak-minded.

Because that’s what many of these conservatives are: Weak-minded individuals driven by racism, powered by stupidity and supported by pure idiocy.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Avatar

    Like I always said ever since rise of Obama, Republicans would always continue to find the new height of absurdity and despicable if that means to preserve their voting base at all cost, so be it. I was right in 2008. I’ve seen this coming for long time. I was shellshocked about radical comments in 07-08′ and now I’m not surprised anymore.

    Bottom line, this is all about preserve corporations’ freedom to pollute, to lord over us, to steal from us (wage theft and resource theft are rampant in top 100 largest corporations), and worst of all, want to take our rights away from us. They always claimed to being constitutionalist. Yeah…… Right.

    Lockheed was caught steal nearly 2-4% of wages. No one went to jail. If janitor caught steal worthless tiny speck of post-welded titanium from Lockheed manufacturing floor, that janitor would be charged with long list of elaborate charges and sent to prison for remainder of life. They’re stealing taxpayer money for the historically worst fighter program in the aviation world, the F-35 Lightning II.

  • stoneyage

    I’d like to suggest that ignorance is indeed a part of the GOP problem. Willful ignorance. It’s not just that they don’t know certain facts; its that they don’t WANT to know…

    • Brian

      That’s stupidity, mate.

      • Joe T.

        Have to agree with Brian here. Willful ignorance in thought and action is indistinguishable from plain stupidity.

    • Jo Clark

      You’re absolutely right and so is Brian. You can give them facts, cite them sources, and if it doesn’t fit their agenda, it’s as if their eyes have glazed over. Does not compute because of the willful choice to be stupid.

      Ironic that this article appeared now though. About a week ago, I started just a small text file of nothing but headlines from different articles about the stupid things republicans/conservatives do. I really just wanted it to show, in one nice capsule, the sheer absurdity of the crap they say. It’s pretty stunning to look at.

      • Matt

        That’s quite a generalization. I don’t know if it’s ironic or crazy but if you go to a right leaning website you will find the same rhetoric about the left. I think progress will be made when we accept that there are fools and intelligent people on both sides that each contribute to a balance. Stop the hate. Stop the blaming. Stop the generalizations or else America won’t be America for much longer.

      • Aquaria

        The difference between the left wing’s claims and those of the right is that the left can back up their claims, and the right wing makes everything up.

        Do try to keep up, cupcake, and stop buying into the BS right wing logic traps of false equivalence and golden means.

        You look as dumber than dirt for arguing so stupidly with your intellectual betters.

      • dking1313

        I’m a very liberal person but that’s not entirely true. Some left wingers believe that vaccines cause autism and other ailments. Studies have shown that to be overwhelmingly false. Other than that, I agree with you.

    • givehimabreak

      And in my opinion the reason for that “wilful ignorance” is extreme religion….

  • Mark Schmidt

    There are really no “conservatives” left…they have been displaced by the lunatics who pretend they are politicians when they are interested in destroying our government and our economy. They want chaos…they want to take complete control of our country for their rich owners and many of then do not even realize they are being manipulated. Fools led by liars and traitors.

  • Fletcher Mendus

    This reminds me of when I went to the bank the other day and saw a pickup with a Gadsden flag sticker on it. Nothing unusual where I live. There are a lot of tea party people in this city.

    But underneath the Gadsden sticker was another that said, “We’re all in this together.” While I wholeheartedly agree with that statement, it states almost the exact opposite of what the tea party folks believe.

    I cannot believe that it was ignorance when someone put those two stickers next to each other on one car especially with the tea party folks screaming about individual choices and responsibility (the actual personal responsibility of these people is another issue, which could fill books).

    It is just stupidity to think that those two stickers can go together.

  • CompTech

    I have dubbed this the “hole in the brain syndrome” (and I agree that this is willful ignorance). When certain religions make you suspend belief of reality in order to follow their tenets, then the hole is created. The hole of suspension-of-rational-thought is like a sinkhole and spreads to ideas far outside of those required for religious faith. The number of people who fall into this category in the country is staggeringly frightening.

  • BadKitty

    The latest – The Administration is secretly having “disease ridden illegal children” rounded up and dropped off in Republican/conservative neighborhoods. They’re a bio-weapon!
    People who believe this are not just stupid .. They’re EVIL.

  • sherry06053

    I absolutely agree with this article. I am not a Christian and I am not a Republican because both belief systems over look facts and require a faith in fairy tales. I don’t see these Tea Party Christians helping anyone but rich businesses. The worst part is that they have so many people believing them.

  • Jim

    Articles like this that throw punch after punch at republicans never get replied to by republicans because if they read it, they know how stupid they have been.

  • Tim Basham

    ‘Just like when Fox News cites cold days as “proof” that global warming is a hoax. -‘ In all fairness, it’s actually global climate ‘change’, and it causes extreme weather patterns in each season. (It’s actually doing away with the transitional seasons of Spring, and Autumn.) Still, it is no excuse for the stupidity of conservatives.

  • DavidD

    It’s not so much stupidity as willful ignorance.All of us have an almost seemly infinite capacity for self delusion whether it’s about our health,our looks or are politics.
    A lot of leftist thought the Soviet Union was heaven on earth and ignored and attacked anything that contradicted that belief.
    Their idealisim,social life and sometimes income depended on defense of a perfect future society coming to fruition.Anything that threatened this belief had to be attacked because if one small thing didn’t fit the pattern the whole brittle ediface would come tumbling down.
    The GOP leadership has painted itself into a corner because they cut themselves off from reality a long time ago.They will use anything to protect their relationship to power.Whether it is fact are even effective ceased to matter a long time ago.
    All things have consequencs so contradictions have consequences.The GOP leadership has to pander to a shrinking evermore delusional base to stay in power.Gerrymandering,vote suppresion and obstruction are the tactics of desperation not ascendancy.
    The Reagan revolution is ending collapsing under the weight of it’s own contradictions.

    • Aquaria

      The left did not think the Soviet Union was heaven on earth, and you’re an outright liar for saying it. They thought it was a terrible idea to get in bed with Stalin in World War II, because Stalin had been murdering leftists like crazy. Stalin was hardly a leftist, cupcake, and leftists knew it. We renounced him and the Soviet Union that followed in his wake all the time. We hated the gulags and the spying on people, the restrictions on travel, and the idiotic propaganda. We hated the 1984 Animal Farm control of people and messages. Funny, both 1984 and Animal Farm came from a famous LEFTIE, not from conservafilth. That’s how much we were against the USSR–we wrote the defining books criticizing the USSR, while war hawks got in bed with Stalin, then got disillusioned with him, then got into arms races with him.

      The left does not believe in a perfect future. We believe that we can improve the lives of the many, if we all work together and respect each other as human beings, liar. We did not attack people. We did not impugn their patriotism or tell them to leave the country if they didn’t like how things were. We didn’t subjugate women or terrorize brown people or bash gays or try to force a narrow moronic cult on everyone, or seek to deny any US citizen their basic rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That was all on conservafilth. NO ONE ELSE.

  • givehimabreak

    As Brit who takes an interest in American politics its been quite amazing to watch over here the near implosion of the GOP to a bunch of ignorant extremists. Our conservative party which the GOP would no doubt refer to as a neo-Marxist party, has been abandoning their old republican allies quicker than rats leaving a sinking ship, its obvious to any thinking person that today’s GOP is not the political party it once used to be, it now seems to be a collection of evolution deniers, flat earthers and racists.

    • Aquaria

      And this is different from how they’ve been since Reagan the Scumbag…how?

      This has been the republican party since 1980. Where the hell have you been to think that anything is different now than it’s been?


  • k3rm1t

    Well said. Thank you. Yes the extremists on the right are growing and are just getting ridiculous.

  • BC

    I never realized I was so stupid by refusing to accept so many completely unproven things like humans are totally responsible for what used to be global warming but had to be changed to climate change for confusion sake or the exact age of the earth, which has never been conclusively shown. I guess since I don’t totally accept this blah blah I can’t think for myself and am obviously completely close minded. I just find it very difficult to worship a man that can’t seem to maintain a position on anything for more than a couple years other than that a woman should be able to kill her innocent unborn child to term and I should have to pay for it but yet I should also pay for a clearly convicted serial killer, someone like say Charles Manson to be kept alive for the rest of his natural life. Makes perfect sense!!!