Conservatives Make Absolute Fools of Themselves After Obama Hammers Them on Marketplace Enrollment

president-obama-acaOctober 1st 2013 was an eventful day for this country.  It was the beginning of the first government shutdown since the mid-90’s and it was when we learned that the website was an absolute disaster.  In the beginning, Republicans were as giddy as children on Christmas morning.  They could hardly contain themselves gloating over the failures of the website during the first several weeks after it went online.

During that time I didn’t deny what an absolute embarrassment the rollout had been.  It was inexcusable to me that as long as the Obama administration had to get the website working, it failed miserably.

Well, as we all know the website was fixed and when all was said and done 7.1 million people had signed up for health insurance through the marketplace.

President Obama made sure to take several shots at Republicans during his press conference announcing the Obamacare numbers.  Perhaps his most direct shot at Republicans was when he said, “The debate over repealing this law is over. The Affordable Care Act is here to stay.”  A comment that was obviously directed at the fact that even as recent as last month, Republicans continue to hold pointless votes in the House to repeal the law.

The announcement that 7.1 million people signed up for Obamacare through the marketplace brought about the expected calls by conservatives that President Obama was lying and the numbers aren’t real.

But let’s be honest, Republicans were going to whine and complain no matter what the results ended up being on April 1st.

Had the numbers come in far below estimates, Republicans would have squawked on and on about the failures of the law and how it must be immediately repealed.  But being that the official numbers slightly exceeded estimates (even with the disastrous rollout), it was expected conservatives would be going off on rants about how the numbers are fake.

Why wouldn’t they?  It’s the same thing they do when the jobs numbers come out the first Friday of every month.  If the news is good, conservatives are quick to claim the Obama administration is fixing the data.  If the news is bad, they’re quick to attack Obama’s “failed” economic policies.

My Facebook newsfeed was filled with my conservative friends and family calling President Obama a liar, touting that the Obamacare numbers had to be fake.  I had one relative post this:

“The communist Obama strikes again!  He commanded the government to report false Obummercare numbers.  Tell Barry we’re not buying it!”

Another friend posted:

“I bet Obama paid people to sign up for insurance accounts just to get the numbers up without actually paying for insurance.  I don’t believe the numbers at all.”

I just can’t take them seriously anymore.  They just continue to make themselves look like absolute fools by blatantly bashing the president no matter what he says or does.  It’s like the jobs numbers.  When they’re good, they’re obviously fake.  When they’re bad, they’re obviously showing how Obama’s policies aren’t working.

There’s only one problem: The jobs numbers, both good news and bad for Obama, come from the same source.

Republicans didn’t have any problem believing the numbers early on when they showed a horribly low number of people were able to sign up for health insurance due to the issues with the website.  Yet now, by using the exact same methods they did when the numbers were horrible, Republicans suddenly think these numbers are fake.

The intense Republican hatred has turned an entire political party into a bunch of brainwashed fools who know only one command: Whatever President Obama says or does – support the opposite.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • MLR

    Republicans have been throwing a 5 year temper tantrum because they lost the 2008 election. So everything President Obama is for, they are against, even if they were for it 5 minutes ago.

    • Wendy Palm

      The bottom line of all of this is racism. They are racists who can’t tolerate a black family in the White House. That is really what it comes down to, isn’t it?

  • Veritas vos Liberabit

    I compare schadenfreude with substance addiction. When someone is addicted to substances, for example, heroin, the initial euphoria from the heroin produces a false sense of omnipotence. But when that euphoria becomes short lived, the addicted resort to a higher dosage to obtain the same euphoric level and so on. The GOP’s schadenfreude is becoming more short lived by the minute. So the only resort they have left is to increase that dosage of schadenfreude by manipulating statistics. And let the lunacy continue, cycle after cycle.

    • Sandy Greer

      GOP is addicted to Hate. They hate Obama, gays, poor, minorities… Is there ANYbody The Right can’t get a ‘hate on’ for?

      First, they give it away, for free. Then, as The Right develops a ‘taste’ for it, they sell that Hate on every street corner, to any who will buy it.

      Friggin Hate junkies are a scourge on this nation.

      • Veritas vos Liberabit

        It appears to me that this is exactly the modus operandi of these reactionary/ultraconservative/religious zealots. What they’re basically doing is exploiting the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of the gullible and naïve. And they’re doing it where they can get the most attention: Hiding behind the veil of faux Christianity and the Bible. To use Christianity and the principles of the Bible for personal political gain is in my opinion blasphemous. However, when folks are blinded by partisan fanaticism, they fail to see it. I believe that these reactionaries are turning the Republican establishment into a cult rather than a political movement., but not without their permission. The Gop/Tea are complicit in what is happening in today’s society. Racism, hatred. homophobia, xenophobia, etc. etc. seems to be on the rise. And last but not least, and sadly but truly, we’re heading for a Nation controlled by Marxism/Leninism and plutocratic principles(if we’re not already there) with the help of our Supreme Court.

      • Phil Keast

        Firstly I am not a supporter of the GOP, or fundamentalist of any religion (being form Australia I am privileged not to have to suffer form the sheer intensity of these groups, but we do have Conservative politicians and Religious spokesmen, they are just less extreme).
        That being said, I’d suggest refraining form calling those who are susceptible to the rhetoric of the Republicans (especially those associated with the TEA party) and the zealotry of fundamentalist ministers as gullible and naive.
        These people have probably never been exposed to modern and moderate views on on bible studies, they have only ever heard the zealous of the pastors, etc. If one has never been exposed to the alternative, how can one challenge it.
        They hear the promises of the GOP, and agreeing with some of the rhetoric (party of small government, etc.), and believing that some of the policies (or more accuratly the rhetoric of the policies rather than the actions of Republican representative) they assume tht the Repulican agenda must also be sound.
        To repeat myself, if someone has never been exposed to any alternatives, if they have never been presented with the actions of the Republicans rather than their rhetoric, these people are not gullible, naive, mentally unstable, stupid, or any other purgative term often used. They are ill-informed (and not by their own choice), and if provided with decent, secular aducation that focuses not only on science, and history in terms of what actually happened (rather than the comfortable myths usually taught) most of them would be horrified by what is being said and done in their name.

      • iyamtoo

        You are entirely too generous.

  • Obama could broker a peace agreement between Israel and Palestine and conservatives would still whine like a little girl who was just stung by a bee.

    • Linda J Peek

      Please, don’t insult little girls!

  • bamcintyre

    I believe that Obama should come out in favor of not eating yellow snow, and breathing deeply. We could probably get rid of half of the South in a week.

  • VeteranMom

    “Obama praises oxygen; congressional Republicans suffocate themselves”

    • Valerie

      We could only hope.

  • Linda J Peek

    Unfortunately the behaviors, rants and impossible policies and discrimination are hurting these staunch and frankly blind GOP supporters as much as it hurts the rest of us.. Our fight is not for our party but for our lives, our elders and children’s lives, and it’s not separated by all these barriers in the news on a daily basis. (Gender, age, color, sexual preference, religion, nationality, marital status, disabled, veterans, homeless, uninsured, unemployed, and poverty, and more.) Who has not been attacked by the GOP proposed policies? Everyone is in at least one of these groups, and usually three or more.
    These people are throwing out the baby and keeping the dirty wash. It gets old doesn’t it? To be honest, it’s hard to fight for them, when this hatefulness is spewed across the media daily, targeting those of us who are desperately fighting for the better life for everyone in our country, and not just the highest bidder, the better color, or the more respectable income. Everyone!

  • modera8

    I’ll admit when this Obamacare came about, I was undecided. It sounded like a great idea, but I was concerned about how to pay for it, etc. Having done an amount of research (I consider myself a Democrat but don’t agree with everything they do) of my own and reading opinions of both Republicans and Democrats on it, I’ve learned how hateful and just plain stupid a lot of conservatives are. I’m going to have a hard time agreeing with anything they propose in the future, but I’ll try to keep my ‘moderate’ stance and an open mind.

    • Jonathan Seay

      I 100% agree with you. I moved to Massachusetts from Oklahoma when I was 20 meaning I grew up listening to a one sided stance in politics.. Republican. After learning how much they make up, lie, hold down the poor and middle class,I tend to lean far more left than right. I don’t agree with everything the left pushes, but trust them and agree far more than I could with the current state of the GOP.

  • Eddie Krebbs

    Remember the egotist in high school that could never admit they were wrong (and no one liked them)? If caught in the wrong, they would just change their argument and pretend that they were right all along.
    It will never work. No one will sign up. The web page doesn’t work means the downfall (even though you could still sign up with traditional paper forms). The web page problems meant not enough people would be able to sign up. They reached the 7 million goal means they cooked the books. Wonder what their new contrived argument will be tomorrow.

  • Stephen Barlow

    I am hoping to see one more moment of republican sensibility before the party disintegrates like the Whigs. Just as if Willie Mays DIDN’T fall down chasing that fly ball.

  • Matthew Reece

    The 7.1 million figure may be real, but it is meaningless. How many people have actually paid a premium? How many of them will do so next month, and the next, and so on? How many people lost their insurance because of Obamacare but managed to get a new insurance policy? How many people lost their insurance because of Obamacare and can’t afford the new plans? How many people who signed up are getting on Medicaid or receiving heavily subsidized insurance? What do the demographics look like? These are the numbers that have meaning, and if they were good we would already know them.

    As for the jobs numbers, they are always fake because the methodology of calculating them is terribly flawed.

    • Phil Keast

      The problem lies not in the numbers (they may or may not be accurate), nor in the absence of information on the long-term effects of the program (personally, I don’t see what the problem is, universal health care is not the first step in the descent into the horrors of socialism, it’s just plain human dignity). The problem lies in the fact that in the last 10 to 20 years, as a result of TV news networks fighting to “bring you the news first” and the internet providing instant gratification when seeking information (even though most information on the internet is just plain WRONG), people have become to expect all the “facts” RIGHT NOW, without any caveats or “we don’t know YETs”. The real world doesn’t work that way, it takes time to determine the facts, more time than people seem to be willing to wait. And sometimes the initial advice or information the talking head provide is wrong, because they didn’t take the time to fact check, or even logically think through, what they are saying.

      As for your questions:

      How many people have actually paid a premium? Probably anyone who took out health insurance, insurance companies are like that, no pay, no cover (and people who take up the new insurance options still obtain it from an insurance company, its just that the ACA requires insurers to actually offer benefits rather than taking money on policies with so much fine print that they know no-one will ever be able to lodge a claim).

      How many people lost their insurance because of Obamacare but managed to get a new insurance policy? Let’s see, people can change their policies, replacing an employer mandated policy with one more suited to their needs. Changing a policy is not losing a policy, and anyone who drops their current insurance and chooses not to obtain an alternative, or chooses an alternative thst probived less benefits, is dumb as palin-shit.

      How many people lost their insurance because of Obamacare and can’t afford the new plans? Since the ACA does not require anyone to change their policies, no-one has “lost” their policies. It’s an opt-out scheme, choosing to change insurance policies is entirely up to the individual. Have some employer mandated policies increased in price because the ACA requires them to actually provide real benefits to their policy holders? Hell yeah, but then making someone actually provide the services they were told they were going to receive sounds good to me. Does this mean some people are now paying higher premiums? Probably, but at least they are now covered for more than the highly unlikely event that you are injured while stacking boxes by a herd of elephants doped up on ice.

      How many people who signed up are getting on Medicaid or receiving heavily subsidized insurance? It doesn’t matter. Sorry, there is more to human decency than some comic book heroes motto of “Life, Liberty & the American Way” Try affordable, and universal, food, water, shelter, education, and health care. (I’d add more, but too many civil liberties is probably more than you can handle at once.)

      What do the demographics look like? Let’s see, once we remove all the irrelevant categories (gender, race, income bracket, LGBT, homophobic white male neanderthals, registered political party, etc.) we are reduced to a simple pie chat with two segments. Those with health insurance and those without health insurance. Post-ACA the proportion of individuals with health insurance is greater than the same cohort Pre-ACA. Win-Win. (Any other demographic analysis is tells us more about the prejudices of the individual or group doing the analysis. UNIVERSAL health care (I know, scary stuff that somehow over 26 first world countries have managed to implement without kneeling at the alter of the USSR) is NOT about race, class, income, etc., etc. It about Health Care!

  • Will Wheatley

    So for months and months Kathleen Sebilious has dodgedbthe question of how many people signed up saying they had no way of knowing that. And suddenly on the day they said they would need 7 million sign ups to be a ssuccess, they magically know after months of not knowing how many people signed up but it beet their goal after lagging for months. Wow! Are you really so stupid as to believe the man who has already been awarded the lie of the year award by the Washington Post?

    • Phil Keast

      When a marathon is run, how do you determine the winner? By picking whoever is in the lead at the 1st mile? The 2nd mile? Or do you wait until someone passes the finishing post. Any “numbers” released before the specified date would be nothing more than guesstimates, since the rate of people signing up isn’t a simple “Well this many people signed today so this many people will sign tomorrow”. Sometimes you just have to wait for the results.
      As for the lie of the year? Phhhhhhhhht. Republican presidents have been trying to get that title for generations, but they lie so well that nobody notices.

  • srsmith

    As far as I am concerned, if only one million people signed up for the ACA, that is proof enough that it is needed. NO ONE in the United States should be without the best health care that can be provided. I think the Republican party wants to make America, rich (royality), everyone else (peasants).