Conservatives Supporting Adulterer Mark Sanford Prove Their Hypocrisy

marksanfordThere are a lot of ridiculous things I encounter while dealing with political events in our country.  There’s seemingly an endless supply of “What the hell did ______ say?” moments.

And then there’s the story of Mark Sanford, the man who’s running against Elizabeth Colbert Busch in the special election for the seat in South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District.

For those of you who don’t know, Mark Sanford was once the governor of South Carolina.

Well that was until…

While he was governor, yes while the man was the active governor of a state, he vanished for 5 days.  When he eventually emerged, he claimed he had been hiking on the Appalachian Trail.  Let that sink in for a moment.  The governor of a state says he decided to just up and leave to go hiking, refusing to return calls or keep in touch with anyone—including his wife and 4 children.

Oh, but it gets worse.  You see, he wasn’t really hiking on the Appalachian Trail.  He was in Argentina, seeing his mistress.  Yes, the married father of 4, left the state of which he was governor (without giving notice) to travel out of the country to visit his mistress.

He has since left his wife, and 4 children, for that same mistress (who he’s now engaged to).  But I’m not sure if he became engaged to this mistress before or after he admitted to illegally trespassing at his ex-wife’s beach house to watch the Super Bowl with one of his sons.

Yet here he is, with a real shot at beating Elizabeth Colbert Busch in this special election being held today. The latest polls had the race in a dead heat.

How in the hell does that happen?  A man who by all accounts is reprehensible, who abandoned his job while governor for 5 days–leaving the country to have an affair without telling anyone, is on the verge of winning the special election for South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District.

Isn’t South Carolina part of the “Bible belt?”  Aren’t Republicans the party of the “moral majority?”  Aren’t conservatives the ones always whining about the “decay of family values?”

Yet they’re going to vote for this man?  Pathetic.

It’s just another example of conservative hypocrisy.  These people who preach the Bible, morals and judge everyone they disagree with—are set to vote for a man who left his family for another woman.

And you know what, that’s not even the worst part to me.  I don’t agree with it, but that’s his personal business and something he has to deal with.

But the man left his state (and country) for 5 days while governor, without telling anyone, to have an affair.  How in the hell could you vote for someone who vanished, refusing to return anyone’s phone calls, while they were governor of your state?

So conservatives, when you’re on your soapbox about all the “immoral Godless liberals” that are “ruining family values,” remember you voted for someone like Mark Sanford—we didn’t.

*UPDATE* (7:35 pm Central time, 5/7/2013)

It’s official, Mark Sanford has been declared the winner over Elizabeth Colbert Busch.  The next time you hear a Republican praising their party as the party for “family values” and “morals,” be sure to laugh hysterically as you walk away.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • So “God fearing” conservatives, when you’re on your soapbox about all the “immoral Godless liberals” that are “ruining family values,” HOW COULD YOU VOTE FOR MARK SANFORD who deserted his wife, his four children, his state and his country WHILE HE WAS AN ELECTED GOVERNOR to pursue an illicit adulterous relationship with a South American floozie OUTSIDE OF THE USA? How can you justify that type of Hypocritical action by “God fearing” conservatives?

    • Just go to his FB page and see his supporters screaming that he has been forgiven by them and by GOD and JEEEEZUS(tm)

    • Because Mark Sanford stood up, blubbered repentance … and then went back to bang this Argentinian whore some more.

  • memeremalek

    Family values?! Seriously? Stop hollering about Christian family values when you support a scumbag like this one. Any person who casts a vote for him is simply brain dead.

  • Republicans talk out of both sides of their mouths. They condemn this guy, as he should be condemned and was by just about everybody, and then they endorse him and ask people to vote him back into office. If you can vote in South Carolina, do NOT vote for trash like this. I do not know a lot about Elizabeth Colbert-Busch, but I would vote for her over this guy any day and every day. What happened to the conservative Christian values? What happened to conservative Family values? What happened to the supposed integrity of the moral right wing? Easy answers….. none of it was ever there. None of it. And this proves it.

    • John

      I think both parties are guilty of the same thing. I am a conservative and I do not believe he should be elected to any position even dog catcher. So please don’t link me with them just because I am a conservative. They all need to be honest and man up.

      • This is a fair point. And hypocrisy, while easy to point out on a personal level, loses it’s juice when you mix in such a large dose of generalization.

  • Ann_W

    Oh, it goes both ways. We don’t even get to bring up the cheating Dems because they don’t support family values, I get that. However, for a party that supposedly supports women’s rights to LOVE and support Ted Kennedy (Ms. Kopechne’s death hours after he could have told authorities that she was in the lake.) and Bill Clinton (Several incidents of sexual harrassment and a charge of rape that was never seriously investigated.) is also VERY hypocritical. None of you guys would be outraged by this if he were a progressive.

    • polliwogg

      I couldn’t care less about this guy cheating on his wife. That’s between him and her. (and the divorce courts) I care VERY MUCH that he carried on this trashy relationship using the TAXPAYERS MONEY.

      • Ann_W

        Ever hear of Barney Frank? He kept his boyfriend happy by getting him hired at Fannie Mae. Then he used his position in Congress to keep regulators off Fannie Mae’s (and the others’) back while it lost our money and eventually caused the real estate collapse and the Barney Frank (2008) recession. That was just A LITTLE of our money. Selective outrage.

      • PCNOMORE

        Said like a true HOMOPHOBIC!!! Barney Frank is SINGLEHANDEDLY to blame for the real estate collapse and NOW it’s called “the Barney Frank” recession??? hahahahaha!!! Too ridiculous for words!!!

      • Ann_W

        I said nothing about him being a gay man. I stated facts. You are the one who has to make everything about grievance politics. As for the “Barney Frank recession” that’s what our local newspaper calls it. It makes sense because if Barney Frank hadn’t stopped Congress from demanding Fannie and Freddie be responsible we wouldn’t have had all the bad loans leading to the recession. Look it up.

    • Russell Grant

      Wow, we have to go to almost 20 years go to explain away something from the last five. How about Sanford lied to everyone to leave the country to have an international booty call. Mary Jo Kopechne and Teddy Kennedy are BOTH DEAD! Give up the ghost on that argument already.

      • Ann_W

        Yeah, dead girls don’t count when they’ve been dead for a while, gotcha.

    • Rick B

      The following is your pal Sanford during the Clinton fiasco: This is “very damaging stuff,” Sanford declared at one point, when details of Clinton’s conduct became known. “I think it would be much better for the country and for him personally (to resign)… I come from the business side,” he said. “If you had a chairman or president in the business world facing these allegations, he’d be gone.”

      Explaining his decision to back impeachment articles against Clinton, he added, “I think what he did in this matter was reprehensible… I feel very comfortable with my vote.”

      As for this “rape charge”, tell me, what jurisdiction was it filed in? Who kept this from being investigated? Who was the victim? How about these “sexual harrassment” allegations? When did they occur? In what jurisdictions? Who were the victims? You can have your own opinions pal, you just aren’t allowed your own facts. Look, I’m sorry your butt hurt over losing the popular vote in 4 out of 5 of the last presidential elections and that the cowboy from Toy Story you no doubt voted for twice for president is not only considered today to be one of the 5 worst presidents in history he is also considered to be THE dumbest. Don’t blame Bill Clinton or a dead guy for that, own it. Let’s face it, the only reason the GOP still holds the house is rampant gerrymandering, GOP house candidates received over 1 million FEWER votes than did Democratic candidates. Here in California the GOP has ceased to exist for all intent and purpose, they don’t fund raise, recruit candidates and their get out the vote effort doesn’t exist. Even San Diego now has a Democratic mayor. 20 years ago California was a swing state. 2 of the last five GOP presidents called California home. Pay attention. As goes California so goes the nation. The GOP is 2 national elections away from being little more than a regional party concentrated in the former confederacy. Why is this? The reasons are numerous. Demographics. Policy. Obstruction. Their record. My suggestion to you is just own it. Own the fact that you support a political organization whose central values are greed, lies and hypocrisy. Metered with a measure of fear mongering, racism and bigotry just to be safe. Good luck with that. Have a great day!

      • JamieHaman

        Hey, don’t be badmouthing Woody from Toy Story…the guy he voted for twice wan’t a cowboy, he was an oil man. Other than that, beautiful response.

      • Ann_W

        I get that the GOP is in trouble because we have voters who have not been educated enough to understand economic policy. (Thank you, public schools.) However, that doesn’t change the fact that you guys are selectively outraged and this is a phony issue. I don’t even like Mark Sanford and wouldn’t have voted for him in the primary, but it’s a phony outrage.

        In just the things that are very public record Bill Clinton sexually harrassed Monica Lewinsky (she was very clearly his subordinate.) Also, Paula Jones –you know those things he was convicted of lying about.

        And if we talk about an organization based on greed, which party supports public school teacher organizations because of campaign contributions even though their constituents (in the cities) are most hurt by the NEA’s power. The GOP opposes the public school monopoly because it’s harmful, and abortion because it’s harmful even though it’s not going to get them any votes if they are successful. Have a nice day, yourself!

      • PCNOMORE

        Be sure to send your “tithe” to the NRA this week, Ann!!!

      • pnad

        And you know for a fact that Charter schools would have educated them on these economic policies. Bill Clinton was impeached and he will never hold another gov. office. As for unions, at least they helped the American people out of the bonds that held them at poverty level by those corporations that took advantage of the need to work for anything just to feed their families. Yet would you let them go back to that way of life for the sake of this man who did a lot more than Clinton did. He didn’t steal from the tax payers and he didn’t leave his job. Yes we do have values and there are some things we will not justify. Like Roberts and his affair. Think about it, the other woman is not a citizen but if and when she marries Sandford she will be able to get her citizenship. Live here and then collect all of his benifits that is his for the taking. She will not have had to work for nothing.

      • Ann_W

        Corporations add value just as workers do. If workers had the opportunity to make as much without the corporation, they would be self-employed. The corporate structure makes workers skills more valuable , and thus a job that wouldn’t have existed otherwise. It’s a win win.

        How about negligent homicide? Will you justify that? Because that’s what the “Lion of the Senate” did and no liberals made a peep about it. One liberal writer implied that Mary Jo may have thought it was worth it to give up her life for all that Teddy K. accomplished. “BARF”. That is epic hypocrisy for a movement that supposedly values women’s rights. It all depends on the political party of the perp. That’s why I keep saying this is phony outrage.

    • Did any one of the democrats you mentioned ever abandon their post? Mysteriously disappear? That’s what I have the most problem with. Does anyone actually know how serious that is?

      • Fortunately, there was no natural or manmade disaster during his absence. I wonder which corporate leaders he has in his back pocket.

      • Ann_W

        Hmmmm… did you ever hear about Jesse Jackson Jr.? He mysteriously disappeared for months. He hadn’t been doing his job for a very long time when he got re-elected. He and his wife had been being corrupt and not showing up, and you hardly even heard about it. Very selective outrage.

    • suburbancuurmudgeon

      Progressive don’t claim to be the party of family values. That’s the difference. I don’t care what Sanford did, either. However, don’t claim to be holier than thou and then fly to Argentina.

    • And neither did Ted Kennedy or Bill Clinton used any tax paying dollars to travel to another country to have an affair and then lie about their wherabouts like Mark Sanford did. It does not go both ways. Clinton nor Kennedy ever preached family values, but guys like Sanford, David Vitter, John Ensign, Newt Gingrich and other GOPers did. And they are all hypocrites and liars. I don’t care about anyone’s personal affairs itself, but I do care if they are hypocritical about it and I do care if they use the people’s money to fly to Argentina to have an affair which is not public business. Now deal with those facts!

      • Ann_W

        Oh yes, I forgot, liberals cannot be required to be decent human beings because they never preached ‘family values’.

        But wait!! What about women’s rights? Clinton and Kennedy were all about women’s rights. Sexually harrassing subordinates and killing women working on your campaign aren’t exactly the most empowering thing that a politician can do. I would venture to say that a conservative wouldn’t have gotten away with either of those things even though they don’t preach about the importance of women’s rights as a platform item. Hmmm… there is a double standard.

        P.S. Clinton used tons of public money in the course of all the subpoenas, trial, etc. that happened because of him showing himself to Paula Jones; which he eventually settled after lying numerous times.

  • Terry Bolton

    Fool me once, shame on you.

  • No surprise here. I learned from many “Christians” in Texas years ago that what they believe has absolutely nothing to do with Christian doctrine.

    • What is called “Christianity” by far too many is just a smokescreen for White Supremacy.

  • The fact that Sanford used public monies to travel to visit his mistress is seldom mentioned in corporate media. Regarding the use of public monies, Sanford said, “There’s been a lot of speculation and innuendo on whether or not public moneys were used to advance my admitted unfaithfulness. To be very clear: no public money was ever used in connection with this.” It was not until after a reporter filed a Freedom of Information request that Sanford reimbursed the state for a trip to Argentina. He not only lied to his family and his staff. He lied to the taxpayers.

    We should be working to get this kind of politician out of federal and state offices. Let’s not add more of them.

    • formerlymiddleclass .

      Yes, Sanford used tax payer monies to travel and visit his mistress. Then the Republicans say “cut spending”. He has an affair and the Republicans say “family values”, “traditional marriage”. Republicans are the biggest hypocrites on earth. They are truly revolting.

    • Scott

      For one Mark Sanford did not use one single penny of or tax dollars. know the facts before you open you’re mouth

      • he DID use tax dollars just didn’t own up to it until confronted!

      • PCNOMORE

        He used taxpayer dollars because he was BEING PAID TO BE DOING HIS DUTIES AS GOVERNOR WHILE HE WAS PLAYING!!! None of what he was doing was related to his “job description”!!! He’s a CREEP and a scumbag!!! But there seems to be a huge percentage of them in politics these days!!!! Karma will catch up to him and the others!!

      • No. That IS the lie he told. I’ll give you that.

        But it isn’t true. You idiots have elected a world class liar, just because he’s also a False Repentance Crybaby, and you braindead Neanderthals LOVE that shit and fall for it every time.

      • And learn the difference between your (belonging to you) and you’re (you are).

        You should have learned that in 4th Grade. But then, you believe any lie anyone Republican tells you, so I doubt you’re bright enough to master a subject as complicated as 4th grade basic English grammar and spelling.

      • He did use tax paying dollars to finance his trip!

    • djs

      You know, you’re right. He did say something untrue and upon research it was found out that he lied to everyone… sounds familiar. He may be able to take a position in the current administration. Lots of that going on, but he will have to get better at covering up for himself. Sanford is a light weight when it comes to lying to a country and covering it up, but I’m sure none of that really matters. It only matters when a conservative screws people over – let’s hang ’em. When a democrat does it, it’s fine. We just don’t understand. We are so stupid when it comes to understanding the actions of our awesome democratic leaders. I am so glad we have these geniuses to lead us by the noses.

  • Berni B

    Sanford is the type of politician who believes that he was destined by his “creator” to lead, so if he makes some human “missteps” along the way–well–it’s just a blip on the radar for him. “God of second chances” my a**. Clifton is right–his adulterous affair split his family, but in the end, was a private matter. What was unbelievable is that he not only left SC, but the USA for 5 days with absolutely NO accountability. This was not the janitor at the Governor’s mansion who took a hike–this was the GOVERNOR! He lied to EVERYONE–and on top of that faced ethics charges for using taxpayer money. By the way, he’s scheduled to go to court this week to face trespassing charges–a term of his divorce he blatantly violated. Yeah–great “family values” guy.

    • suburbancuurmudgeon

      But he’s not a Democrat, so that makes things OK.

  • Lease2740

    The voters will make their choice.

  • Apparently ecclesiastical White-Out really works among Republicans.

  • speaks volumes of south carolians…GOP…God fearing ? so what do they talk to the children about tomorrow? it doesn’t matter that he humiliated his family…family values? The Republicans are scum ….

  • David

    Let us not get up too high on our horse. Remember the days of Mayor Marion Barry getting re-elected after his crack cocaine conviction? Really?

    • Yes, but then we aren’t the ones windbagging about our moral superiority, “one-man-one-woman” and the sanctity of marriage all of the time.

      • Yes, David. What Darya here said. WE are not the side that is always shrieking and squealing and chestbeating about how Godless and Immoral everyone ELSE is, and how “Godly Values” are what this country needs, etc. etc.

        These jackasses you defend are flimflammers in the Name of God, and they are destroying this civilization.

      • That’s right. Conservatives need to learn they can’t have their cake and eat it too. You can’t pretend to be “godly” and for “family values” and then defend people like Sanford. People who do are just plain hypocrites.

  • TeaOP = HYPOCRISY ’nuff said (sad and true)

  • At it’s base, he’s a poster child of the republican party, saying one thing, but actually doing another out of a deep sense of entitlement, and base selfishness. South Carolina elected a man that I wouldn’t have as a friend. I respect the views of, but don’t generally agree with, my conservative friends, but if you will screw around on your wife, you’ll screw around your state. Add S.C. to the places I won’t live. And there is your problem, he doesn’t have too much trouble getting elected in a state in which morally reprehensible behavior is easily forgiven and that people with more respect for other people, won’t live.

  • I would be ok with not bring up his affair if he was not a family man/traditional marriage guy. But this affair was not exactly even traditional.

  • oh yeah,like any liberal democrat can say anything here,knowing the uprooting of family values in that party,to include the Kennedy’s,The clinton’s,and the work of art in the white house,who dares tread on OUR CONSTITUTION.Mark Sanford wouldn’t be my choice either,but unless we stop the ruthless destruction of our rights,what ANY OF US say,won’t matter,republican or democrat.Ask the Iraqi or Afghan people.saddam was a bastard who killed his own family.The taliban demeaned women,took away their right to an education.The devil in iran,he’ll shoot you himself.He was one of the terrorists who was involved in the iran hostage crisis with our embassy.So,don’t throw too many stones,because your guy could be next in the hit parade that is scumbag journalism.

    • Tony


    • Evil-H

      I’m guessing You’re reference to “ruthless destruction of our rights” includes that idiotic neo-con You put into office twice, considering he basically wiped his backside repeatedly with our Constitution (up to and including invading a sovereign nation that neither attacked us or had Weapons of Mass Destruction) and began that whole process of ignoring such important aspects of our Republic, right?…

  • AnotherBrian

    Well, look at it this way. Elizabeth Colbert-Busch was so bad that the people of that district would rather vote for Mark Sanford than vote for her.

  • Awwwwwwwww,he won,,,now what,dumbazzes

  • formerlymiddleclass .

    South Carolina voters, you have got to be the craziest people on earth.

  • Tony

    Polls had her doing quite well until he took the “liberal!” angle… And unfortunately for us Republicans are incredibly good at messaging simple concepts. Liberal = bad is one they’ve been successful with, a lot of their base doesn’t even question it anymore… even when that same base will turn around and say things in polls that back up liberal positions just as often as conservative ones. It’s been turned into a game with teams to too many people.

    I’d be surprised if many people who would not vote for her could really articulate why, and that’s possibly the GOP’s greatest weapon.

  • Wicked

    I have a dear friend who is a Republican. She told me one time that she would never, under any circumstances, vote for a Democrat. She believes that if you are a registered Democrat, you are going straight to hell! I love her dearly but could not believe what I was hearing. I guess that means she would vote for Newt Gingrich and Mark Sanford. Somebody help me understand!

    • Ann_W

      You have weird friends. Now do you understand? Most of us Republicans have actually thought it through and don’t say ridiculous things like that.

  • Kristin

    Let’s not forget he used taxpayer money to fund those trips also!!! *disgusted*

  • Nate

    I’d rather we stop getting worked up about Republican hypocrisy (dog bites man, amirite?) and push harder against the media shills who apparently don’t see these conflicting views as worthy of mention.

  • its over

    fuck religion,,, and shitbag Christians,,,,I just got screwed and lied to and used financially by a GOD woman ( Christian) who then said,,,,” well; your not a man of GOD” ( the excuse why we aren’t a couple),,,,payback will be exquisite I promise

  • awakeandaware

    I was angry when he betrayed his family….and I was angry when my President Bill Clinton acted like a D**K w/ Lewensky in the oval office….but liberals don’t count that because they only condemn conservatives! Colbert-Busch supports unions….booo! Sanford won! Go count your own mistakes!

  • The real issue here is that the democrat didn’t win. Moral character is hard to find among politicians. Of course, democrats would vote for their candidate, whether or not her moral values are of biblical proportion or more like the president’s. Republicans do the same thing.
    On a more relevant topic, who can forget Bill & Monica? 2 wrongs don’t make a right. But, the political standards have dropped considerably.

    • pnad

      But he screwed her not the tax payers.

  • Scott

    Until you walked a mile in Mark Sanford’s shoes then judge him. You didn’t have to live with his wife. I’ve been with a few women and learned first hand how crazy they can be. The man always takes the fall. Mark is a great leader, he don’t kiss butt, and he don’t back down, just what S.C. Needs

    • Scott, that is the dumbest excuse I have ever heard, If she was so bad he should have gotten a divorce. But clearly your not going to be bothered with facts, so if you are from his district you got what you deserve.

    • And if SHE is so bad, why is HE still creeping around, against their agreement, in the middle of the night with a flashlight, spying on the family he fucked over? Sounds like she is NOT the Nut in this story.

      THAT’s your Congressman? Wow.

    • If a man who leaves his home and office for 5 days unannounced is a “great leader” then we really are in trouble. I can’t believe the stupidity of the people on here defending this man

      • Scott

        Look at your president ,America is being attacked by muslims and all you care about is what Mark did . The affair had been going on for 8 years , Marks wife new what was going on , they tried to make things work but it just wasnt there . you only live once , dont live in hell . Mark has every right to be happy . now go praise your president and shut up . i just wonder how many of you guys have cheated on your wives ? if anything was to happen to my marriage , i wouldnt want a American woman either .

      • Sanford still lied to his staff and the people of SC about where he was along with using state funds to finance his overseas trip. Obama has nothing to do with this, but since you want to go there, you shouldn’t because the guy before him was God awful as our President. If Sanford was having this affair for 8 years, then he should have divorced his wife much ealier than he did!

  • Scott

    Those without sin, throw the first stone

    • So you LIKE having lying representatives who rip you off, ’cause hey — Nobody’s Perfect, huh?


  • djs

    The same way a president can take advantage of a young intern, ruin her life, lie about it under oath and still be heralded as this great leader by the liberals that voted him in – even to this day. I doubt very seriously that liberals out there really thought it was ok for Clinton to disrespect his office, this girl, his wife, and his child with these actions, but they thought he still was worthy of being president. You guys really need to quit throwing the first stone. Hypocrites are the ones who think they are perfect or that their mistakes, or sins, are not as bad as everyone elses. Give me a break you liberal hypocrites!!

    What about this one? The same way a conservative can take vacations at his ranch in Texas, spending minimal taxpayer money, yet be attacked regularly about how extravagant and wasteful he is, when the current president and his family have taken multiple extravagant vacations with multiple guests costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars while our country is in one of the worst financial economies of all times and his trips are ok. Hypocrite? hmmm.

    Or, the same way one lady’s son is killed in a war under the watch of a conservative president and the press praises her efforts as she pickets and camps out at his ranch, constantly demanding answers and berading our country (which I don’t blame her for- the woman was angry her son died, I get that and cannot judge her and don’t think her motives were bad), but we have this atrocity happen in Bengazi, where true heroes died and their parents can’t get any answers or any ‘air-time’ unless they can get on FoxNews. yes, there are a lot of hypocrites out there, but I don’t think most are wearing the ‘Conservative, Christian, Love one another, Live a Moral Life, but Forgive others as we have been forgiven’ title.

    No doubt, if Conservatives had turned their back on Sanford, the headline would have read “Conservatives preaching morality and forgiveness Show their Hypocrisy, AGAIN, buy turning their back on Conservative running for office.”
    Haters gonna be haters, no matter what.

    • LGWolf

      No Comparison w/Clinton. He did NOT dissappear and vanish for 5 days. THAT is the issue.

  • if this was a democrat…they would have screamed bloody murder….look at what they FOX and the repubs did to Weiner…..they destroyed him. What Sanford did was on a total different level of bad. But because he was a republican I havent heard Fox lately complaining about him.

  • Just remember: He is not gay. That’s all they need to hear. Legitimizing gay marriage undermines conventional marriage, but adultery, properly committed with the opposite sex, of course, is not that big a deal.

  • He won because he’s not part of the “homosexual, Muslim, illegal alien, socialist agenda” (i.e. the Democrats). Well that & he’s not a Clinton, who’s an
    adulterer AND part of the “homosexual,
    Muslim, illegal alien, socialist agenda”

  • JamieHaman

    You can fool some of the people some of the time…and he had enough fools to win.

  • Bob Wagner

    Sanford and those who vote for him are wrong but…. so is the author, He acts as if democrats and liberals would never support immoral behavior. Before YOU start JUDGING and accusing all conservatives and believers in the bible for being hypocritical you should do some research on those you do support!

    • Correct except for the fact that it is the GOP and conservatives that declare themselves to be the more moral and for “Family values”

    • I just do not like hypocrisy. Most Democrats never preach family values while most republicans do and this is why they are the hypocrites. That is the issue here!


    South Carolina—-CLEARLY the heart and soul of the redneck south!! How embarrassing to be from a state where the majority of people are hypocritic, head-up-their-a** “bible bangers”!!!! And how shameful that this immoral idiot was voted in! Just shows you…

  • Oh, but despite Sanford’s disgusting behavior to the mother of his children, including welching on child support, AND “hot prowling” in her house in the middle of the night (that’s “sneaking around with a little flashlight in the home he no longer owns, without his former family’s knowledge, as they sleep, so he can spy on — or perhaps freak out — his wife and the kids”), SC Christians *WUV* this Fine Christian because he broke down and blubbered about all the Wrong He Done … right before he went right back to doing some more of it.

    At this point, although I like Jesus, I DETEST his Fan Club. Just DETEST them. They are killing this planet, killing this culture, and soon they’ll be killing US.

  • I’m disheartened to announce that this “man” won.

  • Don’t assume all conservative Republicans would vote for him. I am a conservative Republican and I would not vote for him.

  • Eli Hardof

    Interesting…no liberal self analysis about Colbert Buschs stint in jail. No media coverage of her jail time. No retrospective of the Clinton WH years of debauchery. Just boilerplate elitist hypocrisy. OH, and Sanford Won!

  • telephoneperson

    All in the name of the Republican Block to get those votes. I hope we can get the country back before it’s too late. NC/SC already has their hands full.

  • KatieDancer

    Shouldn’t this guy be in jail for the misuse of public funds.

  • verbracity

    “Interesting…no liberal self analysis about Colbert Buschs stint in jail. No
    media coverage of her jail time. No retrospective of the Clinton WH
    years of debauchery. Just boilerplate elitist hypocrisy. OH, and Sanford
    (hat tip to unknown person…)
    This site sure loves to fling the word “hypocrisy” around doesn’t it.
    1) The denial, or ignorance of, history, and
    2) The denial, or ignorance of, human nature.

  • jagdriver

    I have four words for who liberals who point at Mark Sanford and sneer, Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy. Two wildly popular liberals who are unrepentant serial adulterers and re-elected multiple times.

    • right except they aren’t in the party of “Family values” that is always screaming and hollering about “morality”

    • And I have eight words for conservatives who who are hypoctites: Sanford, Ensign, Vitter, Gingrich, Foley, Chenoweth, Watts and Hyde. Chew on those facts for a while!

  • brandon

    First off, all because a man cheats on his wife doesnt mean he is not qualified for the job. Regular men do it everyday and they continue to rise in the ranks, at their job and at home, so why when a politician does it everybody wants to get into a hissy fit. So how many of us, men and women have never cheated before, or did something like this. If the man can do his job, his personal life in not our business. Plus you never what was going on at his home. Maybe his wife cheated first, maybe she was controlling, maybe she was abusive……NO I’m not justifying what he did, it was wrong but dont judge a man of status all because he has some status when your daddy, uncles, and brother have probably done the same.

  • Michael Siever

    If the GOP’s image of family values didn’t die at the hands of a gay pedophile who molested his underage interns, and turned around and blamed it on being molested by a Catholic priest as a child, while the GOP then-Speaker of the House knew about it and said nothing, it sure as hell won’t be tarnished by allowing any more of this hypocrisy…

  • The solution is simple. The GOP should simply stop calling itself the party of “family values” and “morals”.