Conservatives Have Reached a New Low with Most Recent Ridiculous Attack on President Obama (Video)

Apparently they all belong to the same Muslim "gang."

Apparently they all belong to the same Muslim “gang.”

There is a new leader when it comes to the most ridiculous conservative attack on President Obama since they began their campaign of fear-mongering and misinformation, which is definitely saying something considering the ridiculous nonsense that conservative media has pushed against this president over the years.

A website called The American Thinker (oh, the irony) published an article suggesting that President Obama flashed a commonly used “Muslim gang sign” at a conference back in August with several dignitaries from Africa.

What was this sign he allegedly flashed, you ask? Well, while walking past several of these gentlemen on stage he made the dastardly move of holding up his right index finger, while seemingly smiling at a comment made by one of the gentlemen.

“It shows Barack Hussein Obama flashing the one-finger affirmation of Islamic faith to dozens of African delegates,” claims F.W. Burleigh, author of this ridiculous piece.

I don’t even know what to say. There’s no way any sane person can watch this video and come to the conclusion that President Obama was doing anything but responding to some sort of humorous comment one of these gentlemen said to him as he walked by.

But not according to Burleigh. This gesture by President Obama was clearly a blatant public confirmation of his Muslim faith and his disdain for the United States and Christians all over the world!

“The one-finger display is the distinctive Muslim gang sign: The index finger points straight up while the thumb wraps underneath and presses against the digital phalange of the middle finger,” Burleigh stated.

“The remaining fingers are squeezed against the palm in order to highlight the extended forefinger,” he continued. “The extended finger is symbolic of the one-God concept of Muhammad and is understood by all believers to be a symbolic shahada, the Muslim affirmation of faith: There is but one God and Muhammad is his messenger.”

He held up his index finger (while smiling) in response to something humorous someone said to him while walking by. 

I honestly can’t believe I’m writing about something as ridiculous as this. It’s reminiscent of the ridiculous “pointergate” scandal from a few months back involving Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges. This stuff is so absurd that I’m really not sure if my mind can fully grasp how stupid these people would have to be to believe it.

And the saddest part is, I’m sure many conservatives who read what Burleigh wrote agreed with him. He wouldn’t have written it unless he knew there were enough people out there who were stupid enough to believe one of the most idiotic conspiracy theories I’ve ever seen.

Hit me up on Twitter and tell me what you think; did President Obama flash a “Muslim gang sign” or is this guy just a babbling idiot?

Watch the video below:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • GenerallyConfused

    Now I understand why my mother said it was rude to point!

    • Bacon s meat

      Finger my hole

  • Ponytail__

    Ummmm.. In the 70’s the one finger pointing up was a Jesus thing “one way is the only way to heaven”

    • Bacon s meat

      F off hippy

  • Devin D.

    Fantastic, now you take a single website, and over generalize the entire Republican Party. This holds as much weight as your degree in political science (quite literally none). To put this into a frame of reference, Lewis Vaughn, a former South Carolina Senator, promptly addresses this sort of none sense. Serving for over 10 years (in other words, an ACTUAL politician), began to illuminate this sort of issue, and stated a scenario such as the following. A British foreign exchange student from oversees comes to America, with the intentions to visit a prestigious school he is interested in attending. During his experience, he spots a rare albino squirrel (the only squirel he sees during his trip). When he goes home, he writes to his mother that all the squirrels in America are white (Vaughn, “Doing Ethics). Concluding this scenario, Vaighn follows to scold this scenario, explicitly stating it was grounds for the termination of an argument entirely; in what is known as a “fallacy”. This “fallacy”, is also widely recognized in all fields of philosophy dealing with argument, and debate (apparently you hadn’t got the memo).

    Although I’ve already dissproven any hope for a dilusional appeal to false information and lies, let me continue. Not only have you COMPLETELY proven to be nothing more than a blithering idiot, you’re also an incessantly squaking simpleton, whom doesn’t even contain the ability to appeal to logical claims. As if to predict the failure and incompetence of you, and your fan girls, I’m starting to wonder if “there [are] enough people out there who [are] stupid enough” to believe any of the unsupported, and irrelevant garbage you persistently preach.

    You’re nothing more than a plague, a source of stupidity, spewing ignorance to lay as a stagnant blanket of the American population. I look around and see the beautiful development of mankind, only to develop an overpowering misanthropic every time you decide to power on your computer. Please, I’m appealing to your peanut sized brain. STOP SPAMMING AMERICANS WITH THIS NONESENSE!!!

    This comment will most likely be deleted due to the authors lacking ability to argue. But if you have had the chance to read this, please go to CNN (quite frankly anywhere but here). There are many authors/editors/critics of the Democratic Party, who actually use information and logic to back their points up. Very bright individuals who will give you insight to contemporary issues, and not spoon fed gibberish such as this.

    • lindylou

      Devin D.•19 minutes ago

      Fantastic, now you take a single website, and over generalize the entire Republican Party.
      Your words. But somehow, one gesture any gesture or word from any progressive can be misinterpreted or just plain fabricated generalize the liberals. Ah ha … I see, to you people, it only works in one direction.

      • Devin D.

        Absolutely not ma’me. I hold the upmost importance in knowledge, logic and reasoning. I have respect for all individuals, to the point they (such as the vindictive author above has done) have placed such heinous judgement upon me. In which case, I will defend myself. It becomes not a matter of democrat or republican in this argument, but transpires around logical reasoning (something nowhere to be found in this article).

        I did not mean to give off an impression of disdain for the fiscal progressive movement you believe in, nor the Democratic Party as a whole. Although my views may differ from yours, I don’t know you, and you don’t know me. I won’t insult you by acting like I do and hope to be granted the same respect. Just as I couldn’t possibly sit down, and expect to understand who you are, and the experiences that have molded you to where you stand today, the same holds true to you in such a scenario (and every other person for that matter). You are a unique, just as I, both equally entitled to our opinion, and hope to illicit mutual respect.

        What I don’t respect, is this article (as I have followed him from his last hate breeding article), and it’s implications to “evil” republicans. All I wish to transpire from these comments, is nothing more than the complete, and utter ignorance it breeds. He makes illogical conclusions, and absolutely henious claims against me, and some very good people.

        If you still wish to debate the issue, by all means do. But do know I was only targeting the author of this article.

      • BobJThompson

        If you want people to stop thinking of conservatives as “evil”, start shaming people who write drivel such as: “This gesture by President Obama was clearly a blatant public confirmation of his Muslim faith and his disdain for the United States and Christians all over the world!” Instead of blasting progressives for doing it for you. The fact is there is an audience for this nonsense and they are going to eat this stuff up, no matter how dumb and wrong it is. No amount of fingerwagging at the people on this site is going to stop this nonsense from being spewed by the Muslim conspiracy nutjobs.

      • Devin D.

        I suppose with the same logic my “finger wagging”, essentially an appeal to humanity, should simply stop? But it thoughts like these that will contribute to the downfall of America.

        As I was speaking with “Jillz” about, I know both sides flander. But it’s not as if my argument would fall with any more strength as a libertarian, to the extremists of such sites. I came here, because of an initial blatant disregard of MY character. Who are we but structures carved by experiences and influences? I’ve been on the same boat both of you have, attempting to talk respectfully with members of the opposite party, only to have it blown up in my face. But here I am, continuing to fight for what I believe to be right. Not a matter of “Democrat Vs Republican”, but an advocate of actual news, and respect amongst the parties.

        Is it truly so naive to find for such a noble cause? I mean, for Gods sake, had I not the slightest ability to write, I would have been torn to shreds by now by the both of you. We have what seems like a built in reflex associated with political preference.

        But hey, perhaps you’re right. Maybe I’m just preaching to the wrong crowd. But ideas like this grew to events like the holocaust, and the violent world wars following (with Rick Perry even foreshadowing succession). All it would have taken to stop this, was more courageous individuals to call the pointless and destructive path these articles create.

        How many bad articles illiciting such an overpowering hatred like this will it take to lead to the next civil war? Or perhaps the growing danger of foreign wars tickles your fancy? I don’t know about you, but this is the last state I’d want Americans to be in politically.

      • BobJThompson

        The problem is you’re appealing to humanity on a little article about a guy spouting out and out lies. If the word conservative in the title makes you feel lumped in, then consider that conservatives are the only ones who think that Obama is a Muslim.
        “In 2008, among both conservative Republicans and Republicans overall, 16 percent said Mr. Obama was Muslim. Now, 30 percent of Republicans and 34 percent of conservative Republicans think he is Muslim. Among voters overall, 45 percent say they’re comfortable with Mr. Obama’s religion, while 19 percent are not.”
        So it’s not like Burleigh is shrieking into the wilderness. There is an audience for lies.

        And then you somehow think that this article (and the comments) will lead us to holocaust, secession, civil war, world wars? Your persecution complex is showing.

        I’d love to see an America where we all try to at least work together and fix this country. It won’t happen if you have a large percentage of Americans believing flat out lies and people getting offended because a trigger word is used. Have a thicker skin. Remember it’s just text on a screen. I’m just another guy who’s worried about the direction America is going in and would rather we deal with our real problems and not bs fake hand signal “scandals”.

      • Devin D.

        Ok, now you’re pushing the boundaries of respect Thompson. Please keep it respectful.

        If by the term “have tougher skin”, you mean stop caring about what political figureheads masquerade as absolute certainty, absolutely not. There’s a lot of things I will stand for, but gross over generalization is not one of them. Oh, and I’m not going to go into it in too much detail, but polls are total garbage, as half of the numbers are either a) completely falsified on both ends, or
        b) tailored towards a political agenda.

        It’s a mere matter of reasoning. With the same token, earning 100 dollars with hard work, and “earning” 100 dollars by selling crack on the street, entail two VERY different methods to the same conclusion. Similarly, do you want to claw your way to the top, possibly defaming and scorning individuals leaving a wake of hatred behind you? Or would you like to calmly and respectfully do so? To tie these together, I’m not asking you to lay back and allow people to run you over, but don’t let your own party run you off a cliff. It’s your party too, and if you want to change this aspect of it, do it. Simple as that. Don’t look at somebody as a republican, but as someone who is fashioned by the experiences they receive. Now, I’m no psychologist, but I would think if you were to completely go off on an individual without my resolution, they would most likely grow resentment for not only you, but your party as well. Equally as true in reverse.

        Then you use the excuse the Republicans are rude, and they use the excuse that Democrats are rude, and we begin to see the true issue, and also see the endless circular argument that is politics. This leads nowhere good. You can still present an opinion (against your own party, or in addition to the hostile nature of your opponent), and still get your point across.

        If you don’t believe me, and think I am holding some sinister political agenda, I understand. But check out the article the author attacks, and you will find an equally powerful comment to push against ignorance that hides behind politics.

      • BobJThompson

        That’s a lot of words to say that the article mentioned here is some kind of hit job and that by calling it out is inciting hatred against conservatives. Not buying it. Classic deflection tactic and not worth my time.

        If you’d like to discuss something that matters and not use terms such as holocaust, civil war, seccession, and so on, when some one criticizes your position I’d be more than happy to. I’m done with this topic. You should be too.

      • Devin D.

        Hmm, seems if you’d take the time to read the response you’d actually see I’ve already rebutted your points….. But that’s fine, I apologize for not giving you the stereotypical politicians gibberish of insults.

        Have a good night sir.
        -Devin D.

      • Bacon s meat

        What about bob?

      • Jillz

        What you’re seeing is exasperation with the extreme nature and double standard that seems to exist on the right. It’s appalling that with all the serious issues that need addressing, the right continues to create these faux scandals and issues. Then, God forbid a liberal does the same thing back and all the hissy fitting hell breaks loose, as if this type of behaviour hasn’t been commonly practised by the right since the moment President Obama took office.

        To you, it seems like the author has taken comments from one individual, from one website, and used it on its own to paint an inaccurate picture of the Republican Party as a whole.

        I’ve been visiting this site for about two years now. Between the ridiculousness being pushed by right wing media; and the ignorance and disrespect displayed by many right-wing posters (not all); it is very difficult not to believe that the views expressed are generally accepted by the Republican Party. As for this article – why shouldn’t liberal media jump on things like this? At least it’s true – Burleigh actually did say these things, as opposed to the many occasions where faux issues have been created (Iike this one) or where outright lies have been spread about the President?

        I don’t think your comment is going to be deleted. If you want the spamming of America with nonsense to stop though, you are at the wrong media source – try FOX News – they spam a lot more nonsense because a lot of it is just created or blatantly untrue anyway.

      • Devin D.

        I am beginning to discover that a large majority of online “discussion” is nothing more than childish namecalling. But what will advocating such behavior result in? More incromprehensible hate speeches and the growing rift in society? Because that’s all it could possibly amount to.

        We have republicans and democrats in such fierce opposition, that the mere mention of party affiliation has them biting at each other’s necks. It’s an unfortunate reality, that grips America with an ever-tightening grip as we succumb to such…. Utter garbage.

        The day humans loose their ability to reason, and act like that of complete and utter dogs, is the day I will leave politics for good. But just as I sit here appealing this logic to you, it’s ultimately up to you, and I to shape our future.

        It is truly a sad day when I find articles such as these. It falsifies the character of the group of republicans out there, who aren’t fueled by hate, or rage. The group who listens to logic, and only argue upon the judgement of our character. I’m sorry you haven’t seen us, but we are here, I promise you.

        Blowing up issues of Obama connected to a conspiracy because of a finger flick, seriously highlights the questionable sanity of a group I hadn’t even heard of until today. Republicans I have no issue with opposing on the subject. But creating an article to underline the already questionable knowledge of this group, and in turn using it to completely trash every single republican, is seriously a lack of character. If we constantly stoop lower and lower, this logic of “well they do it, so we have to” is seriously not gonna fly. Pardon my language, but shit will get seriously dismal in this nearing future, and I’ll be the first to admit that Republicans are just as bad.

        If none of this has had any effect, please put yourself in my shoes. Have you never attested to such complete and utter hatred, and then attempted to be respectful and logical when confronted on a foreign political page? If nothing else take this reply as proof I am genuinely making an effort. I hope this didn’t fall on deaf ears.

        Have a good evening “Jillz”, glad to be the first sane conservative you’ve met so far.

        Devin DeRusseau

      • Jillz

        No deafness here, Devin – well said! I agree with what you’re saying and I have to say that yes, I have attested to hatred and then tried to be respectful. Sometimes I have success; sometimes I just “walk away”. Unfortunately, the majority of “hatred” I see online comes from either trolls on liberal sites, or from regular commenters on conservative sites. I see the left as being frustrated as hell with the hatred coming from the right. I do, however, also understand that this perspective is likely not shared by those on the right and I have to accept that.

        The vitriol on both sides needs to stop. The strength and beauty of the United States is the people, the diversity, and the freedom it represents. Politicians have divided the people (both sides) to the point where, as you say, all it takes is a different political affiliation to instigate hatred.

        My personal opinion is that the Republican party, with the help of FOX “News” has played a greater role in the divisiveness of the country right now. As for this article, you have to try to put yourself in the position of Democrats who voted for President Obama – it has been six years of non stop obstruction and lies toward the President. Like I said, this is just ONE article (example) of the kinds of bat-sh*t crazy coming from the right. As long as the Republican Party doesn’t denounce it, it’s not unreasonable to think they support it. Not after six years of it.

        I don’t actually think all conservatives are insane, but I am forming an impression that many of them are heartless. What I don’t know is if the heartlessness is genuine, whether these people actually do support the more heartless Republican policies, or whether they are just mindlessly following party lines?

        You have a great rest of day too, Devin. 🙂


        Sawry, you have more ba*ls than I – I won’t post my real name online unless it’s my own FB 😉

      • Bacon s meat

        Burnt sausage this wkend?

      • Devin D.

        For you sir, the world.

      • Cemetery Girl

        The conservative/liberal battle must come to an end. Often when there is genuine discussion we learn that middle ground can be found. That said, yes I would mock the individual that had turned a common gesture into proof of an affiliation. (Sorry, that individual has it coming.) Sadly, there some that would read such a claim and agree with it. They are likely to be conservative (and sadly, they might be related to me.) This behavior doesn’t reflect all conservatives, but unfortunately does reflect some.

      • Devin D.

        Absolutely not ma’me! It reflects objectivism, as made famous by Ayn Rand (dominately on he novel of the dystopian society of “Atlas”). Although I may not agree with some of their points, it originally came from a reflection of classic liberal ideology. You are correct in stating it is far less known, yet still an unprecedented force. It holds ground in Philosophy, Government Philosophy, and English! Ill drop the link below if you want to learn a bit more about it. Have a wonderful evening/morning!

        Devin D

  • Bacon s meat

    Where is Devon?

  • Cemetery Girl

    Can we take a moment to show our outrage over the volume of foam fingers with this “gang sign” with the phrase “#1” printed on them are sold at things like sporting events?
    An inscription of a hand with the index finger pointed up is a very common decoration on older grave markers (still in use but not as common now) which indicates the soul’s assent to Heaven. It was popular with many Christians. Visit older cemeteries and you will find markers flashing this Muslim “gang sign”.