Conservatives Take Over SC Gov. Nikki Haley’s Facebook Page To Cry Tears Of Angry Rage Over Confederate Flag

only-confederate-flag-that-matteredI give South Carolina Gov. Nikki Halley a great deal of credit for swiftly calling for the Confederate flag’s removal from the State House grounds soon after the horrific tragedy that left nine African-Americans dead at the hands of a racist animal. I fully believe her quick response to call for the flag to be taken down is really what led to this monumental day.

Sadly, the bigots, racists, and those who feel like they can change the realities of history aren’t at all happy with this. In fact, many of them took to Nikki Haley’s Facebook page to call for her resignation and show off their complete and utter ignorance.

Here are some of the more disgusting and ridiculous ones I came across (all via Gov. Nikki Haley’s Facebook page):

Love and forgiveness LOL? so…by you being a (Edited Born in SC but parents from India) white female who signs a bill that will take down a flag, that is some how showing the black community and the nine lives lost that you are sorry or apologizing for the rest of the white community? nikki, PLEASE resign. This bill you signed was not given to THE PEOPLE to vote for or against. Having a few reps and senators doesnt not account for the vote of SC. Until you mail in all votes from every house hold in SC, your bill is not creditable. as one flag goes down in the state of SC, many more go up. No I am not racist, I have southern pride and heritage and this is a disgrace.

No…this is the story of a Governor who caved and didn’t give the people of her State a chance to vote on this issue. This is a story that shows how elected officials turn their backs on their voters and cave to political pressure. Anyone who even thinks for a moment that a flag had anyting to do with those 9 wonderful people losing thier lives severely needs a reality check. It’s a sad day in the State of SC and the USA.

Governor Haley needs to be recalled and thrown from the South as she is not a true southerner and her family even though a India native she was born in your state and should have been taught the meaning of Southern Hospitality which by signing this shows your elected officials all need to be replaced and your Governor for their cowardes

God bless the Confederate States of America

This is a story about you taking our history and throwing in a trash can!!!! I know you don’t understand this but the PEOPLE of South Carolina should have been able to decide if our history was messed with. So what’s next governor? Take all of the war and the flag out of the history books in South Carolina ? Way to go

Sad day in the State of South Carolina nothing to be proud of!

Actually Nikki, it will be known as the day you caved to the PC idiots and the day that will insure you will never be elected to public office in South Carolina again. A day of healing? You just insulted the families of thousands of brave men who gave their lives fighting a tyrannical government. You mam, are a joke

I don’t understand how such a republican governor can take away one of the important things for our state. Why? Because it offends people? Well, a lot offends me, but I don’t see you banning that too. What about what the rest of most of this state wants?

It’s a sad day in South Carolina and I am ashamed to call it home. The people of South Carolina were never given the chance to let their voices heard. I lose all respect for our government and hope you are ready for the race war that this will cause. Congrats Nikki Haley, you let Dylan Roof win in the end.

So much for my vacations in Myrtle Beach, I will NEVER spend another dollar in S.C. , I always admired S.C. for being true to themselves. This recent move on the Confederate Flag is nothing but a P.C. move for votes, there is no heritage. You want to show compassion for the the 9 dead people that is fine, but they were fine living under that flag, they died under that flag, but NOT because of that flag.

Proud day? Not hardly! Disgraceful! Disrespectful! You’ve basically said that the lives of the Confederate veterans are worth nothing. That they died for nothing.

Because of your actions anyone who flies the Confederate flag will be called a racist and trouble maker. I used to be proud to call myself a South Carolinian, not anymore.

They did NOT do the right thing. I was a supporter of you and several of those traitorous, cowardly Republicans. I will NOT vote for ANY of you again. When the flag really needed support, you showed your true ignorance of what it stood for and threw it to the wolves.

I’m going to end it there, but – wow, there are so many people posting nonsense like what I just listed above that it’s sickening to even read.

It’s astounding to see how many people just don’t get it. All they care about is their own personal opinion of the flag, even if those opinions are based on lies, myths and ignorance – not facts.

While all of these “proud Southerners” are “outraged” over the removal of this flag from South Carolina’s State House grounds, I wonder how many of them are aware (or even care) that the only reason it was ever put there in the first place was as a sign of opposition to the growing civil rights movement in the 50’s and 60’s. But, please, tell me again how the flag doesn’t represent racism.

The removal of the Confederate flag from the State House grounds is a great day for those of us who know our history and what the Confederate flag represents, but it’s a shame that such overwhelming ignorance is proudly put on display – reminding us all of just how much willful ignorance and downright bigotry is still left in America.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Creeayshun Sighuntist

    Sure seems like South Carolinians have nothing to be proud of now….It’s truly a shame that they based all of their state pride on racism. Maybe they can find something to be proud of that doesn’t revolve around a large group of people being treated as 2nd class citizens.

    • I.mmortal

      We have everything to be proud of. We don’t bow to political correctness or the Police State USA. And SC isn’t alone. All of Dixie stand as one. Go look up the Mississippi State flag, Alabama state flag, Florida State Flag. Now get on your knees and suck my rebel dick you bigot. We will stand tall as one for our rights granted to us by the US Constitution.

      • Creeayshun Sighuntist

        you’ve arrived to this party a bit late there Cletus. Why do you have fantasies about some other guy sucking your tiny little dick anyway? I expect no less though from another inbred hayseed like you. When did you stop dating your sister anyway?

        BTW, you need to look up the definition of ‘police state’ because you have no idea what one is. And believe it or, you dumb fucking southerners don’t have a single thing to be proud of and I know it is tearing you all apart, but it’s time to deal with it you toothless hick.

      • I.mmortal

        Are you gonna cry into your mommy’s BBW breasts when Trump is President and he throws all the Mexicants back? You can only talk shit from afar. You will be on of the first to go list. Natural selection at work. You Libtards will lose this war handily. We’re taking our country back from you rainbow waving faggot lovers, illegal migrant lovers. Military haters! You are no American. You’re a traitor, and even an ignorant shit like you should know what we do with traitors.

        What exactly do you stand for anyway? Everything the US Constitution is not? So then you’re the real domestic terrorists… Mopping up all the scum in this country will be a lengthy process. But our honor and integrity wins out against your.

        Your diving head first into hell with your corrupt politicians.–_8/s400/black_confederates.jpg

      • Creeayshun Sighuntist

        LOL….trump….hahaha…good one! Keep holding your breath dipshit.

      • I.mmortal

        Lol Yeah Trump, you know the guy who is winning every national poll by a large margin? You’re about to be an after thought. People like my are coming in the hundreds of millions to crush Liberalism and Progressivism/Socialism.

      • Creeayshun Sighuntist

        Hahhhaa….enjoy the next two months of hanging onto Trump’s short and curlies. I can’t believe there are actually people gullible enough to think he has any chance whatsoever in a general election, but here you are!!! LOL The GOP hates the guy and you think he has any chance. What he is going to do is guarantee that a Democrat will win the next election. He is doing our job for us of destroying the GOP brand and every serious contender the GOP has. I really can’t thank him enough. Really, it’s been brilliant and I will hate to see it end but it will end by Christmas. I guarantee it.

        Again, liberalism is one of those things you should probably look up before you look any more stupid than you do at this point. You really have no idea what you are talking about, but you do make me laugh. People like you….hahahaha!!!!! Thanks for the laugh little lady.

      • Creeayshun Sighuntist

        You are just another racist, cowardly, keyboard ranger. And a southerner……some stereotypes are true I guess.

      • He’s also banned now.

  • KevinPTatom

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  • Jeffrey Freeman

    The whole state is trash

    • I.mmortal

      Come here and say that and I’ll personally donate your blood to the nearest Red Cross blood bank…