Conservatives: You’re not “Speaking for God,” You’re Speaking for Yourselves and Your Egos

mega-churchWhen listening to many conservatives talk about God and religion, they act as if the United States is some kind of holy land God has appointed to rule above all others.  That the religious leaders here are the true voices of God.

Hell, Sarah Palin had the nerve to question the Pope’s Christianity by saying he sounded very “liberal.”

I especially love when they act as if doing something like legalizing gay marriage will tempt God’s wrath against the United States.  Some right-wing fanatics such as Pat Robertson, and others like him, have actually claimed in the past that strange weather patterns we’ve experienced in this country are signs of “God’s anger” for the choices our country is making.

Which I’ve always found ironic considering many of the droughts, floods, tornadoes and other freak severe weather has struck “strongly Republican” areas of the country.

Then there’s the long list of Republican politicians (and conservative religious leaders) claiming they’ve had God speak to them, telling them to do this or do that.  I think nearly every 2012 GOP presidential candidate outside of Huntsman and Romney claimed to get a message from God telling them to run for president.

“If we do _______ we tempt God’s hand against us!”

What do these people think the United States is?  We’re not any sort of holy land and we’re damn sure not the only nation that’s mostly comprised of people who follow some form of Christianity.  Granted, we’re not a nation built on Christianity, but that doesn’t mean that the primary religion followed in this country isn’t Christianity.

But there are many other countries, most of which have been around as long or longer than we have, that have a predominately Christian populace.

Canada is a perfect example.  Most of their religious population identifies themselves as Christian, and they legalized same-sex marriage years ago—yet “shockingly” they still exist.  Not only do they still exist, with a heterosexual population that continues to grow (I guess homosexuality didn’t engulf the country and end human breeding as some right-wing fanatics seem to imply that it will), they bounced back from the global recession much quicker than we did.  But that’s probably got more to do with much tighter regulations on their banking industry, not God smiling down on them favorably.

Oh, and they have socialized health care and a longer life expectancy by close to 4 years than Americans.  Just thought I’d throw that out there.

Actually, going off the premise that the more rights we give homosexuals the more “wrath” we will experience from God, shouldn’t many Republicans be huge fans of Russia?  In fact, shouldn’t Russia be “God’s favored land”?  They’ve made global headlines with their draconian anti-LGBT laws.

The pompous way at which many conservatives act as if the United States is some measuring stick for God and all of Christianity for the rest of the world is utterly ridiculous.

This belief carried by many of them that for some reason God favors Americans over all others is absurd.

Why would God favor Americans over other countries with large Christian populations?  Because we have freedom?  I hate to break it to these people, but we’re not the only free country on the planet.

Honestly, what is it about the United States that would make these people think we’re something special as it relates to the Christian religion?

We’re a nation that was built on slavery then expanded through genocide, war and countless other atrocities.  But something like gay marriage will be the tipping point where God says, “Okay, that’s just going too far.”


The reality is, these people aren’t speaking for any God—they’re speaking for themselves.

Think about the onslaught of mega churches we’re seeing in this country.  Rich religious leaders.  How the hell does that even happen?  These people are making millions — hoarding millions, at that — selling their teachings.  They build giant churches not for God, but for their own egos.

Sure, they’re not making money from any church salary.  But they use that church to springboard them into book deals, speaking fees and other sources of revenue.  Massive revenue.

Beacons of “religious leadership” hoarding millions, while children in this country (and all around the world) starve.  How “Christian” of them.

I’ve just hit my limit when it comes to listening to these people sully the message of Jesus Christ for their own selfish, self-serving goals and ambitions.

It’s time real Christians — people who actually shape their lives according to the teachings of Jesus Christ not some multi-millionaire evangelical preacher — take Christianity back from these right-wing lunatics.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • DAV

    Here Here!! I totally agree with you. However, you may want to consider that if there is a “message from God” going on with the weather patterns the message may just be “stop acting like monsters and claiming it is because you are Christians”. Just a thought. Maybe the reason Canada is doing so well is because they are acting “Christian” instead of being selfish pigs grabbing every cent they can at the expense of every one around them – you know, right wing “Christpublican”. Just a thought. Maybe tolerance and compassion, caring for the sick and poor rewards a people more than being selfish and greedy? Just a thought.

  • Mrs_oatmeal

    Maybe God is punishing us with ferocious weather because we are killing his planet, Earth. Just a thought..

    • regressive rightwing trash

      GOD has plenty other planets

  • Matthew Reece

    The best way to deal with all supernatural claims is to ask for logical proofs and empirical evidence, and to refuse in the manner of a broken record to let someone advance their claims otherwise.

  • Paul Shene

    Religion is a mental illness a few people make money from. It needs to be treated accordingly.

  • Steve Goetz

    How is saying the Pope sounded liberal questioning his Christianity? I don’t recall her ever saying that liberals, by definition, can’t be good Christians

    • 2Smart2bGOP

      If not spoken directly, it is certainly implied. That is from merely being observant.

  • Mai Tucentz

    Frankly, I do believe that the “church” is no longer in the “business” of saving souls. You have a bunch of New Jack Preachers (T.D. Jakes, Creflow Dollar, etc.) who are in it strictly for the money and fame.

  • Suck my Johnson

    Well Allen, what a stupid piece of crap you wrote. Go back to school and learn some history, get you facts straight and quit blaming others for your idiotic ideals.

    • JTaylor184

      Perhaps you can be a little more specific in what you’re mad about.

      I think he is expressing opinions; jot ideals. I believe that’s been left to the mega-pastors, purveyors of poverty to the weak.

    • MiMg

      Wow, what “Christian” behavior you are exhibiting.

  • I like how your slimebags didn’t even mention Ron Paul in the list of politicians who did NOT claim to hear from God. I know it’s politically expedient to deny Paul’s existence, of course, but give me a break.

    • MiMg

      Ron Paul and Rand Paul are the WORST politicians in the world because they vote WITH the Republicans on pretty much EVERY vote, yet CLAIM to be “different”

  • JTaylor184

    With the claimed omnipotence of a supposed deity, why on earth would any foolish, undereducated (but certainly over-opinionated) American be chosen to speak for said omnipotence?

  • B A Dragon

    Amen and So Mote it Be!

  • Barfscarf

    Sarah Palin is one of the biggest retards on the face of the earth. Anyone who supports her is even more retarded. Whose the bigger retard – the retard or the retard who follows her?