Cop Block Gets Exposed as Radical Hate Group Following Dallas Mass Shooting

Before going forward, this article isn’t about me taking a “side” between cops and African American males who, far too often, are murdered by police officers. I have no “side” in any of this except to see that murderers face justice and we come together as a nation to do what we can to fix the systemic problems of racism and social injustice that still plague this country. One of my favorite quotes when we’re faced with times like these where people seem divided, angry and many of us feel hopeless comes from Martin Luther King: “We must learn to live together as brothers or we will perish together as fools.”

If you ask me, I’m not sure if any quote better summarizes what we must do as people — together — if we ever want to rid ourselves of these problems that result in the loss of far too many innocent lives.

This article is about Cop Block.

Now, if you’re someone who’s heard of this group, you’re probably aware that they claim to be an organization dedicated to holding police officers accountable for their actions. Well, that’s not really what they are. Cop Block is run by anti-cop/anti-government/anti-establishment radicals who are also extremely pro-gun and simply hate authority. But mostly they just really hate police officers.

While they’ll deny these allegations, the proof is undeniable.

I wrote this article about a year and a half ago calling this group out for being exactly what they are — a hate group. In that article I provided numerous pieces of evidence where they did nothing but share memes or publish posts mocking police officers, promoting open carry rallies and pushing anti-government rhetoric. They’re also frequent supporters of other Facebook pages, organizations and websites that are blatantly anti-government.

Cop Block is a group that’s also supported by lunatics like Kory Watkins. You know, the guy who’s advocated for hanging members of the Texas state legislature and has called for armed revolts against the federal government. Though besides being a rabid gun nut, Watkins also spends a good deal of his time “cop watching” in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, where his group follows police officers around who are often just out doing routine traffic stops hoping to “bait” them into some sort of confrontation they can capture on video.

As I frequently warn people: Always… always be skeptical of advocacy and “accountability” groups, because they’re often agenda driven much more so than factually driven.

Well, following the heartbreaking mass shooting on Thursday night in Dallas, Texas where 11 officers were shot, five fatally (as of writing this article), I decided to head on over to Cop Block to see what these bottom-feeders had to say — and I was completely disgusted.

Here’s a screen shot of one of their first posts about the shooting:

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 12.26.41 AM

Yes, that’s Cop Block actually asking the “hypothetical” question of their followers to share whether or not they believed this shooting might have been staged to create sympathy for police officers.

For one moment, just really think about how twisted and sick your mind has to be to even contemplate asking the question: Do you think police officers staged a shooting that left six wounded and five dead to create sympathy?

That’s the sort of radical, batshit crazy conspiracy nonsense you see posted on websites like Alex Jones’ InfoWars.

Even suggesting that this shooting might have been some sort of “false flag” to create sympathy for police officers is inexcusable. You have to be really screwed up in the head for that thought to have even entered your mind, let alone have the gall to post that on a Facebook page of over 1.6 million followers.

But they weren’t done. Here’s another post:

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 12.27.16 AM

Keep in mind, this was posted as police officers laid in critical condition, fighting for their lives after 11 human beings had just been shot. Instead of offering sympathies for the fact that five officers who had nothing to do with what happened in Minnesota or Louisiana were now dead, with others fighting for their lives, this pile of human excrement decided to try to exploit this horrific attack to push his anti-cop bullshit.

Though I think it’s important to point out the “signature” on that post is “Ademo” – as in, Ademo Freeman, co-founder of Cop Block.

Why does that matter? Because Mr. Freeman is nothing more than a right-wing nut job, anti-government activist.

Yes, the founder of a page that labels itself “educational,” that also tries to act as if it’s nothing more than an advocate for police accountability, was founded by a radical, anti-government activist who’s using “police accountability” and “social injustice” to help spread his extremely far-right ideologies to unsuspecting groups of people who don’t realize they’re following a page that’s out to slander police officers and basically all authority figures.

Just to show what a real lowlife Ademo is, here’s a Facebook post he made last night:

You think cops were on edge and feared for their lives before…..

This should really set them off.

What I really hope is that millions of them quit and say, “Fuck it, I’m not getting shot for this shit. Peace out.”

I know I wouldn’t want to get shot over a broken tail light, missing license plate or because my colleague 2,000 miles away killed someone like an idiot.

‪#‎realtalk‬‪ #‎Dallas‪#‎f*ckyourbadge‬ [Edit made by me]

Again, this is someone who founded a page he claims is “educational” and nothing more than a group which cares about “police accountability.” Well, there’s nothing about what he posted here, or even in the posts above, that has anything to do with holding police officers accountable. This is nothing but pure, vile hatred of police officers — all police officers — and a sick s.o.b. exploiting the deaths of those killed Thursday night to push his anti-cop message.

But just to further illustrate what I mean about Mr. Freeman, here are a few pictures he’s posted on his Facebook page:




[Edits to censor the cursing in the above images made by me] 

Cop Block, a page that claims to be about “police accountability,” is clearly run by at least one person who hates the government, cops and apparently the United States of America.

So, looking at those images, don’t even try to tell me that parasites like Freeman care about the lives of people like Alton Sterling or Philandro Castile. Those names wouldn’t even cross his mind if he couldn’t exploit their deaths to help him push his anti-cop rhetoric.

It does appear that, at least for some, Mr. Freeman might have pushed things a little too far Thursday night as some of Cop Block’s followers apparently had enough of the blatant anti-cop propaganda the page has been pushing:

I usually follow this site with support, but the remarks you & your fans are making about this situation are utterly disgusting.

I’m really concerned with how people are reacting to this. 4 people are f*cking dead. At the end of the day, badge aside they are humans. Just like the police shooting victims over the past few days. Wishing death upon people or celebrating death is f*cking sick… Lives are not expendable.

4 people just lost their life, 11 where shot. Their is a difference in accountability and hate. And cop block has become nothing more than hate.

Cop block admis are showing their true colors. [Ademo personally responded to this comment “And it’s not BLUE!” — further proving my point that this page has nothing to do with holding bad police officers accountable, it’s nothing but a hate group.] 

So you’re justifying murder. Got it.

I live in Dallas and I follow this page an hate the violence police commit day in and day out, but this is not to be justified if you want to dignify your cause “Cop block” rise up and be better… You are becoming a tool in the machine to divide us we should unite.

I was all for this page but the stuff yall putting on is fucking disrespectful.

I have never thought this yet about this page, surprisingly, but Ademo, this is the shit that makes people not take us seriously.

You guys started as a police accountability site and I was ok with that but now it’s nothing but hate. You’ve become no better than the bad cops you sought to hold accountable. You don’t care you just hate you don’t look at facts and tend to twist the story against officers. You people are sick and twisted.

4 innocent men have been murdered in cold blood and instead of express sympathy, you show your true colors and promote your agenda in the face of deaths, and then go on the justify the murder in the comments. Repent for this wickedness.

While I am absolutely 100% against police systematically killing folks I am against killing them in retaliation. This kind of logic makes everyone a loser. There are no winners. None.

This took it to far f*ck this chip block sh*t I’ve read everything you said and ur justifying ppl getting killed insinuating all cops are equally guilty because of a couple of bad ones I’ve agreed with alot yall have had up but this is f*ckin gross you seem more like ur trying to start a nation wide riot lookin for someone else to pull it off.

I’ve about lost most of my respect for this sight. I feel as if it’s gone way downhill and now only focus on belittling all police officers.

This is a planned attack I understand hating cops but right now what the fuck does your description do? I love cop block but don’t condone murder dude and by all accounts the police protected the protestors as best they could.

Cops shot themselves for sympathy? seriously tacky and cold.

Oh, but if you want to get an idea about some of the lunatics who follow this page, here are some other comments:

Anyone else think it’s weird this happened the same day the Killary was cleared? Can you say someone is trying to get the heat off themselves. How many people have lost their lives already trying to get the word out about Killary.

This WREAKS of set up……what better way to justify a police crackdown on protesters than to assassinate cops that cops don’t like and blame peaceful protesters

The timing is WAAY too convenient with the shitstorm in DC right now! I bet Hillary and the FBI are happy that they won’t be the top headline in the news tomorrow morning! Looking to be a false flag if you ask me! These were no run of the mill gang bangers with a shitty rifle and no training!

It’s the government! Escalating the race/cop war they’ve been trying to start for years! So they can declare martial law. People stay calm and don’t believe anything you see and hear on the news. This is either a false flag staged event or a government operation sacrificing cops for their agenda.

False flag. The shooter was almost certainly a cop or another form of law enforcement. Pathetic attempt to garner support and sympathy.

The set up: Get cop to shoot a black person. The let protests insue. Use protests to stage next phase of violence to cause panic, fear and dustraction. Then President blames the country. Take away more freedoms…. Continue because no one is aware. Simple.

Hopefully it’s the beginning of a protracted civil war. Then we will see some real revolutionaries in the streets, none of this parade of signs bullsh*t that people have been doing without much success for the last century.

Stand up against tyranny. The men that shot those cops are heroes.

Sorry, I can’t stomach anymore of it — but I think I’ve made my point.

Cop Block isn’t some “social justice” group who’s out there wanting to “hold bad police officers accountable.” This is a hate group driven by anti-government, pro-gun fanatics who loathe police officers and essentially exploit the tragedies like we recently saw in Minnesota and Louisiana to push their anti-cop hatred.

If you ask me, it seems fairly clear that this group loves these police-involved shootings. In my opinion, Cop Block is every bit as deplorable as the NRA, seizing on and exploiting death to push their agenda. They want to keep people divided, angry, paranoid and hostile because it’s good for business.

Though make no mistake about it, Cop Block’s mission isn’t to hold police officers accountable or be “advocates for ethical police behavior.” Their goal is to bash, slander and attack police officers to get as many people to “hate cops” as possible. This was proven on Thursday night when, instead of showing any sort of sympathy for the tragic loss of life we saw in Dallas, Cop Block and its co-founder, Ademo Freeman, seemingly celebrated the loss of those human lives by exploiting this mass shooting to push their usual anti-cop rhetoric.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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