Cop Block Is Disgustingly Defending The Oregon Militia

Oregon militia cop block bundyHere at Forward Progressives, we have published a number of articles exposing the anti-government organization Cop Block and others like them. Posing as police accountability organizations, they have tricked many people into following their social media pages and sharing their articles which try to paint all members of law enforcement as villains.

Admittedly, there are serious problems with our criminal justice system as well as law enforcement. The recent shootings of unarmed black people that have been covered up are a prime example – but Cop Block doesn’t seem to care much about remedying those issues.

This is an issue we have spoken about time and time again, but many liberals continue to believe that Cop Block is just a website that wants justice against corrupt police. Hopefully, this evidence serves to help convince more people that Cop Block is nothing more than an anti-government organization duping gullible people on both the right, and the left into supporting their seditious cause.

While reading through a number of Facebook political groups I belong to, I found this link from Cop Block in a right-wing conservative group that I monitor. This individual’s personal profile is full of angry anti-Obama and anti-liberal conspiracy posts, and he regularly shares links from websites like Cop Block and Infowars to it as “proof” that President Obama is planning to take guns and indoctrinate children into the “New World Order.”
oregon militia bundy cop block
This isn’t the random rabid squirrel mental process of a person who desperately needs psychological help, this is a blog from Cop Block which defends the actions of the “militia” members who have taken over a remote wildlife refuge in Oregon and have threatened to use deadly force against anyone who tries to remove them.

The author at Cop Block isn’t only defending the actions of the Oregon militia occupation, but he’s also praising them and promoting a revolt against the federal government, while comparing them to the Irish independence movement nearly 100 years ago.

Via Cop Block:

As I said before however, it only takes a spark, and the rebellion succeeded in changing the political landscape in Ireland. In December 1918, the Irish Republican Sinn Féin party won 73 seats out of 105 in the General Election before forming a breakaway government and declaring independence from the United Kingdom.

Following the Irish War of Independence and the subsequent Anglo-Irish Treaty, Ireland effectively gained independence as the Irish Free State in 1922 with Northern Ireland exercising an option called the Ulster Month to remain in the United Kingdom. Latter, the nation became a republic, with an elected president, under the constitution of 1937.

Remember, it only takes a spark… (Source)

Cop Block doesn’t seem too interested in trying to fix our broken system; I’m not sure if they ever were. Instead, they’re more along the lines of a cleverly designed organization with a lot of social media savvy that seeks to encourage sedition and manipulate people into sharing their propaganda. Consider the fact that they share members with groups like Open Carry Texas, and it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who delves beyond the headlines as to what Cop Block’s real agenda is.


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