Coward Ted Nugent Called Me a ‘Lying Punk,’ Then Embarrassed Himself Trying to Prove It

delusional-ted-nugentI know, I know… people are sick and tired of hearing about the batcrap crazy Ted Nugent.  Heck, I don’t even enjoy writing about him.  But he was unfortunately thrust into the news when a few liberal websites fabricated a story that went viral, claiming that Nugent had called the Native American tribe that canceled his concert “unclean vermin.”

Then one of those liberal sites took their initial lie a step further by doubling down on it – and fabricating a second false story about Nugent.

If you happen to read either of those articles I linked, you’ll see that I wasn’t at all thrilled with these sites falsifying stories all in the name of driving “hits” for the purpose of generating revenue. Especially seeing as how some people thought I was “defending” Nugent, when in reality that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Well as it just so happens someone posted on Nugent’s Facebook page asking him if he had seen the article I had written.  Nugent, who is fairly active responding to people on his page, responded to that post – by calling me a “terminal lying punk.”

Seeing that he called me a “terminal lying punk,” I felt compelled to inquire as to how he ascertained such an opinion:

screen shot 22

I followed that response with several direct questions, using his own words, asking him if he would be so kind as to point out where I had lied.  And by doing so, to please clarify where I was inaccurate.

Though unfortunately I can’t post the screen shot of those questions.  More on that later – but he never answered the questions anyway.

Well, I decided to try yet again to get Mr. Nugent to answer these questions by engaging him on his Facebook page.

And it just so happens he remembered me.  Not only that, I managed to actually get a couple of responses out of him:

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 3.10.54 AM

I didn’t initially get a response to that question, so I decided to ask another:

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 3.11.20 AM

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 3.12.44 AM

As you can see, and somewhat to my surprise, Nugent actually tried to answer both accusations.  I say “tried,” because his answers were ridiculous.  As I began to point out to him:

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 3.13.01 AM

You may notice that my response isn’t in “posted” form.  Well, you see, a funny thing happened while I was countering Nugent’s absurd answers to my questions – he blocked me.  

Which is actually pretty funny considering in our first exchange he tried to use his interview with Piers Morgan to claim that he could “shred” my “fantasy list of lies” if I ever tried to debate him.

Yet he blocked me because I dared to ask him a couple of questions, using his own words against him.

Some might say, “How do you know this was him?”  Well, this is his verified Facebook page.  Meaning that it had to be proven that it was linked to the real Ted Nugent.  Not only that, if it was someone else posting for Nugent on his official account, I highly doubt that they would respond (let alone try to answer) direct questions about his personal life.

Though I’m not sure if I’d call his responses “answers.”  His defenders might claim that he “answered me,” but it’s clear these answers were complete garbage.  In the VH1 video, the 17-year-old he became the legal guardian of, Pele Massa, said that their relationship occurred when she was underage.

Then his answer about other underage girls is preposterous.  Why would Nugent need to seek the permission of parents for girls who were of legal age?  That makes absolutely zero sense.

Then his defense for his interview in 1977 where he goes into great detail how he avoided the draft is laughable.  Claiming that he was just “messing around.”  Yet he conveniently didn’t address the fact that he was indeed deemed “unfit to serve” by the United States military.

So he claims that the whole elaborate story he told during a 1977 interview was completely fabricated by him as some “prank,” yet he managed to get an “unfit to serve” classification to avoid going to Vietnam – but won’t explain how.

Seems to me that Nugent is trying to rewrite history by claiming that his story of how he managed to avoid being sent to Vietnam was just a “joke,” because he damn well knows if he admitted that it’s true, even many conservatives would abandon him and his career would essentially be over.

But I found it fairly humorous that Nugent tried using his interview with Piers Morgan (I guess he thinks he came off looking powerful and tough) to imply that he would “shred” me if we were ever to have a debate (because I asked to have one).  Yet the moment I started asking a few tough questions, and poking holes in the “logic” of his answers, he quickly banned me from posting on his page.

And for those of you who don’t know, when you ban someone from a page, their comments are then removed.  Once he banned me, all of my comments (and his responses) immediately disappeared from his page.

Ted Nugent is a coward.  Sure, he can run off at the mouth when he’s unopposed.  But as my exchange with him shows, when confronted with direct questions concerning his own words relating to his history of underage women and dodging the draft, he quickly ran away like the spineless bottom-feeder that he is.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • cheetohman

    Allen, I’ve been following these stories since you started writing them a couple of weeks back. This one is the best so far. I can certainly appreciate the frustration that you’re feeling talking to a doormat like Nugent, as I am surrounded by them in the Central Valley. (I’m still laughing at him blocking you, rather than answering you – –
    just like the five year old child sticking his ears in his fingers and

    Keep up the great work!

    • katep864

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  • katep864


  • Altreg01

    You left out the part about his music sucking. If it wasnt for his appealing to the rightwing hardline racist/conservative/ammosexuals he would have trouble filling a highschool auditorium

    • BobLoblaw

      Dangit… the first song I learn how to play on the telephone (remember land lines) was cat scratch fever. 6-5-4-4. Dammit… can’t get it out of my head.

    • SpicyDragoon .

      Despite his shortcomings in the political spectrum, his classic albums aren’t bad

      • surfjac

        I wouldn’t use them for target practice.

      • nyor

        You have gun!!!

      • rejectrepublicanlies

        I love his first four albums and I still play his tunes on guitar. I’ve met him a few times and he’s charming. That being said, he is a racist, adulterer and draft dodger.

  • Chico Gonzalez

    You’ve worn out the subject, and it’s making you look foolish while giving press to Nugent. Just stop while you’re behind…

    • Bob H

      Chico, if you don’t like the subject, stop reading about it instead of whining about it.
      Nobody forced me to read the article. Did somebody force you?

      • Russell Munson

        Bob, one can “dislike” a subject and continue to read about it.
        Would you not agree with that?
        And posting his opinion does not make Chico a whiner. It makes him a person with an opinion on a particular subject, just like you and me.

    • Derp…

      Yeah, I think I’d have blocked him from my Facebook page if he was trying to “debate” me like that. Why bother arguing with someone who has clearly made up their mind and only wants to get a rise out of me. Now, if Allen is trying to make some statement about Nugent’s current political views, I say, “go for it.” No need to beat around the bush, the guy is wacky. But it’s pretty tacky to just attack somebody’s character because you don’t like their opinion, even if it is Ted Nugent. It is not morally inferior to walk away from a fight. I’d have to admit that it seems to me that Nugent did the mature thing by trying to answer the questions as gregariously as possible, then when that didn’t satisfy, he was done with it. Doesn’t seem that damnable to me.

      • Watch you use big words that don’t fit the context. Also, he never attacked his character because he didn’t like their opinion. His questions were skirted and avoided and instead of a concise proper answer he received regurgitated bullshit with hostility towards the facts.

      • giankeys luvs shemale porn

        correct— gregarious doesn’t fit at all; especially when considering that anyone “gregarious” with nugent usually appears on rightwing trash shows….or maybe a sarah palin book signing

      • Shanna Delaney

        Actually, Ted attacked him and called him a liar when in fact he was one of the few liberals who called other websites and pages out for lying about what Ted had said. That brought him to ask Ted what exactly he said that was a lie. Ted responded with more gibberish and he responded back using Ted’s own words against him to refute ever telling a lie about him.

      • Kathryn O’Connor

        he actually answered the questions pretty stupidly with lack of English. he seemed stoned or wacked out in his responses. I can’t even follow them

    • giankeys luvs shemale porn

      wearing out a subject is a strategy by FOX “news” and the white trash regressives who myopically follow.

    • TedNuggetIsALiar

      So, calling out Nugget for his lies, hypocrisy, & such is making Allan look foolish? Sounds like you don’t like it that your idol got his asz handed to him.

      • Nathan Frigerio

        It was how Allen called out Nugget for his lies, hypocrisy, & such. Should have been more diplomatic. Walk softly and carry a big stick (aka facts).

      • Kathryn O’Connor

        He had facts. lots of them

      • Hail Eris!

        The facts? The facts are, AddictingInfo lied about Nugent, got called out, and doubled down on the lie. Then Allen whomped them. After that, Ted finds out, and his response is to *attack Allen*, just like the raging, raving k0ok Teh Nuge has become. Everything after that is just entertainment, as Allen proceeds to whomp the shit out of Teddy. If Nuggets had gone after the correct target, we would instead have had the glorious sight of one cowardly liar getting into a k00kfite with another one, but alas, the internet gods were not so kind as that.

        I was checking to see if any eggs were coming.

    • Kathryn O’Connor

      this was one of the better articles proving the point of Nugent’s lack of character

  • Michael Cookson

    So who exactly shredded who here? Ted is clearly delusional! If he thought that he was going to shred Allen, he was sadly mistaken. Ted would do best, to shut up and hide under that rock he came from!

    • Glenn Martin

      You should shut up too. You are the delusional fruit cake he here

      • Runner1967

        Posts the person supporting a child molesting scumbag.

  • Sandra Burleson

    “I was a walking, talking hunk of human poop.” He still is, except, you know, the “human” part.

  • chaserblue

    Anyone can win a one sided debate as “Teddy the Peddy” has shown numerous times. He’s really tough with his microphone, but can’t respond to actual comments. I’m sure he’s telling his sheeple now that you didn’t have the balls to come back at him. He’s scum…

    • giankeys luvs shemale porn

      teddy the peddy,,,,,,,,im soooooo stealing that!!

      • Glenn Martin

        Libs are best at stealing.

    • bigbillygoatgruff

      I’ve been calling him “Ted the Ped” for a while now but I think I like yours better.

  • 3M_Rocker

    Daaaaamn…. That’s giving The Nuge the redass, right there.

  • JustTheFactsMa’am

    And now I have to go take a shower.

  • pyotr88

    Jeez Rachel, why don’t you tell us what you really think. The way you handled Ted Nugent I’m surprised you haven’t been charged with manslaughter.

    • giankeys luvs shemale porn

      ………………. chowderhead regressive white trash troll

  • pyotr88

    Jeez Allen, why don’t you tell us what you really think. The way you handled Ted Nugent I’m surprised you haven’t been charged with manslaughter.

    • TedNuggetIsALiar

      Look, a Koch Bros.-paid right-wing troll trying to defend a liar, draft-dodger, & overall right-wing nutjobs.

      • Alejandro Robert

        I don’t think pyotr was supporting Ted.

      • pyotr88

        Perhaps I should have said; “Allen beat Ted like a dog” or “Allen made a monkey out of Ted”. Next time I’ll stick with metaphors and similes instead of just plain sarcasm.

      • pyotr88

        I was saying Allen Clifton ripped Ted Nugent to shreds.

    • Kathryn O’Connor

      sounds like you don’t know the meaning of the word manslaughter

  • giankeys luvs shemale porn

    its painfully akin to how I try to speak with logic ( and facts) to the regressive crybabies on this site– crybabies such as Charles Vincent and jim beam and GIAN KEYS ( my ”hero”) and all the other nameless faceless cretins who come on here as trolls ( paid maybe??) to spew the lies and half truths that the regressive white trash religious onionheads who LOVE FOX “news” try 2 pass off as factual. I — as well as my girlfriend– wonder why I even discuss stuff with these creeps. They do spin as well- or even BETTER– than “mister” nugent does. They are well schooled in idiocy and get their “cookies and milk” by BRAVELY HIDING behind a computer showing us all why America is soooo slow in progressing as a nation.
    >>>> no matter; we who seek equality for ALL must weather the storms of such lunacy: after all- its NOT their fault– as they are lemmings who simply play with other seemingly more ” important” ( to them) lemmings in the white trash “conservative” bowel( see: nugent) movement

    • Sandy Greer

      When others talk about us behind our back:

      It indicates we are two steps ahead. 😉

      • Charles Vincent

        This guy is a sockpuppet Sandy ignore him.

    • Tracy Rowe

      I think you caused some butthurt (see rebuttal comments)

      • Tracy Rowe

        and yes, that pun was deliberate

  • ironman2819

    He actually did the same to me as well. Probably because I was re-posting your articles among many others!

  • Shanna Delaney

    I love it. Creepy Uncle Ted running away from a fight just like he did when he shat his pants to avoid the draft. He’s nothing more than a pedophillic craven pos coward.

  • Michael Harvey

    I am a Vietnam vet. I enlisted. Served 5 years, 1966-1971.

    However, many people opposed that war on moral grounds, many facing imprisonment for their refusal to serve. While I deplore Nugent’s hypocrisy and phoniness, saying that a “draft-dodger” is necessarily a coward is not accurate.

    Perhaps if we still had the draft, we would not have been in Iraq or Afghanistan today. I would say the cowards are those who rattle swords, wave flags and spout blood-thirsty hatred for our “enemies”, yet they do not enlist.

    • Kara

      Thank you for your service Michael. However, I must disagree. Any person who would go to such lengths to avoid service is, in fact, a coward. But now Nugent wraps himself in the flag, espousing what an upstanding patriot he is. He is not only a coward, but a liar too.

      • Hail Eris!

        Being anti-war isn’t cowardly, and dodging the draft can be considered a part of that principle. But Ted Nugent has no principles, he’s simply, as you say, a coward and liar.

        Animadvertistine, ubicumque stes, fumum recta in faciem ferri?

      • Odd Jørgensen

        Smoke gets in your eyes?

      • Glenn Martin

        Anti war is cowardly

      • mattlove1

        Please. Let’s put an end to “Thank you for your service.” It wasn’t a service performed for us, it was a service to empire, the implacable enemy of the Republic. The entirety of the Vietnam war was a grotesque criminal act (a description that fits nearly all of US military activity), and the real service is provided by people who oppose imperialism. I thank anti-war veterans for the service they provide in civilian life by exposing the deceits and corruption of empire. They should not be thanked for the work they did for the empire, any more than Carlos the Jackal should be thanked for his work in his chosen field.

    • Sandy Greer

      > I would say the cowards are those who rattle swords, wave flags and
      spout blood-thirsty hatred for our “enemies”, yet they do not enlist.

      ^^^Those are Chickenhawks. The worst sort.

      Hypocrisy calls Draft Dodgers ‘cowards’ – and does not enlist itself.

      I’m grateful you came home, Michael Harvey. And hope you post here more often.

      • Glenn Martin


    • Nathan Frigerio

      U.S.M.C. 1983-1987 I agree with you Michael. I wonder if I would have enlisted in 1968. Fortunately for me, my asvab tests showed I was smarter than the average bear, so I was FDC for an artillery unit. I know I wouldn’t have wanted to be a grunt in ‘Nam. Yes the saber rattlers that wouldn’t serve themselves, (see dick cheney and all the 2nd bush administration, with only Powell as an exception) should have exactly the voice Robert Heinlein would have given them in his book…Starship Troopers. His take was that if you didn’t serve, you had no vote, or hold political office. If only we could apply that to our politicians we wouldn’t be so quick to enrichen the profiteers, engaging in pointless (except for said profiteers) wars.

      • LateNightLarry

        Thank you for your service Nathan… I totally agree with Robert Heinlein’s Starship Troopers…No service, no vote, and no public office. Community/Public service in Heinlein’s book did NOT mean military service… it meant serving the Emperor (that was the form of government) in any way the Emperor and/or his agents chose for you. Nowadays, that could be the Peace Corps, Americorps, inner city hospitals as orderlies, ANYTHING that helped the community.

        Bring it on…

    • gary r

      I disagree a draft dodger is a coward. There are honorable ways to “avoid” the draft like joining the peace corp or you can join and become a medic (but that takes a lot of bravery ). But people who find dishonest way to avoid it and then lie about it are cowards. Nugent fits every definition of a coward, not just here but in a lot of areas of his life.

    • Jim Reischl

      Michael I look at the same way you do, and I am a vietnam vet too, don’t think much of Nugent, only good music was the first album

  • geezer 56

    Somehow I knew that attempting to set the record straight about Nugent’s “unclean vermin” remark would go completely unappreciated by the very person who should have thanked you for it.

  • Bine646

    Clifton is suchhhhh a clownnnnn. Keep hiding behind your computer

    • Allen Clifton

      I offered to debate him in public… he refused. But this comment is ironic coming from someone trash talking someone…behind a computer.

      • Bine646

        Lets debate in public- would love to hear your asinine opinions live

      • TedNuggetIsALiar

        But, what’s to say you wouldn’t react like Nugget & run away upon being confronted by truth (you know, the thing right-wingers HATE)?

      • Nathan Frigerio

        Mr. Clifton, perhaps you should have been a little diplomatic. It seems you attacked him in the same manner as his ilk do. Keep on writing. I’ll read. I read liberal stuff skeptically, but can’t stand to read/watch right wing scum. We need more centrists, like me, that loath the extreme right.

      • Kathryn O’Connor

        and Ted is diplomatic?

        I don’t think you even know the meaning of the word

    • TedNuggetIsALiar

      The clown is a man who promised to be either dead or in jail within one year if Obama won re-election & isn’t 6 feet under or behind bars by now. Seems like the ONLY one hiding behind a computer is YOU.

  • Richard Mcgee

    Turd nugget likes the press

  • TedNuggetIsALiar

    Allen, you have to realize that Nugget is *quite* the liar. Years ago, he proclaimed that if Obama won re-election, within one year, he’d either be dead or in jail. Well, he’s *NOT* 6 feet under, nor is he behind bars. The guy is the BEST example of the WORST of America. And, yeah, as most would say, his music sucks to HIGH you-know-what.

  • Cindi Perry-Septict

    fuck ted

  • Cindi Perry-Septict

    he is a child molesting punk he bought that little girl from her parents in she was only 13 he needs to be flogged in the town hall draft dodging punk bitch I will whip his old lying ass

  • Cindi Perry-Septict

    draft dodger you cant lie that one away far as natives go fred b knew he was an idiot the whole tribe new it then and now again I will whip his old lying ass

  • Cindi Perry-Septict

    oh by the way im native and we hate you skum ted the ped

  • Cindi Perry-Septict

    ted the ped

  • harmonikasavingsbond

    Sad little bottomfeeder. His CDs are in dollar bins across the country.

  • Rand Ortega

    Awesome. Allen Clifton is awesome. Turn the light on the roaches before they can scuttle back under the refrigerator.

  • Sandy Greer

    So now author presents us with a blow-by-blow of an argument we were not privy to. Really? Is he seeking Validation?

    The sooner he can get to a state of Indifference wrt Ted Nugent the more Peace his heart will know.

  • Dave Macias

    We all salute-you.

  • Kathryn O’Connor

    I don’t get why he brings up songs like Street FIghting Man and Sympathy for the Devil in response to Jailbait. Those songs weren’t about unconsensual BDSM acts on underage girls.

    and in light of him running Kamp for Kids while having performed and written this song, that camp is just creepy

  • Kathryn O’Connor

    OH, and he blocked me from his FB page too after he made the comment “I’m your furdaddy. Get over it.”
    I explained to him what a furdaddy is, showed him several appropriate video clips explaining it, pointed out he didn’t know how to use the word right, and then said it was a sex act that adults enjoy with each other and he obviously didn’t know about it since he focused on 13 year old girls.

  • Roger Sczerenet

    I am from Detroit, as such I know people that KNEW TED during the very early days when he would have done that poopy pants draft dodger bit. I know people from bands that all played the same venues and those that knew him all say he went for a MONTH without cleaning himself so that he could go to the draft board. I was 1-H and they never called my number. TED IS A LIAR!

  • pqbu2u2

    I always laugh whenever I see any discussion of Theoborg being a ‘straight arrow’. Approximately 15,000 witnesses and I watched him perform… well, kinda… he fell down twice and his guitar was consistently out of tune throughout his set, at the Strawberry Festival in Richmond, VA, in Spring 1974. What an unhappy, narcissistic, lying mess the poor man is.

  • Kathryn

    Mr. Clifton, you are far too intelligent and too good a writer to bother with such a major waste of protoplasm as is Ted Nugent.

  • Russell Munson

    dude, who cares? ted nugent is from another era, another place in time.
    he was rock and roll.
    leave him alone, let him fade away.
    why do you get such a kick out of busting his chops?
    is it your desire to garner fame and recognition by laying into an old rock star from the 70’s?
    i dont get it, and i couldn’t care less about your duel with nugent.

    • Aaron Smith

      And yet, here you are, reading about it. And commenting.

  • Robin Noyes

    I think facebook changed some things. As I have blocked someone and yet their comments remained. So your dissertations with him were most likely intact, but chances are better he removed them. Hes certainly inept at the art of a good debate amongst other lacks thereof!

    • LateNightLarry

      I’m not sure that Teddy the Peddy really understands the web, and that once something is posted it will ALWAYS be available somewhere, someplace like the Wayback Machine… He can delete anything from his website, but it is still floating around there somewhere, and will resurface someday when it can do the most damage to him.

  • Mark Rosen

    Excellent work Allen. You exposed Ted Nugent for what he really is. A Draft Dodging Pants Crapper, Pedophile and Deadbeat Dad that forgot how to write decent music about 30 years ago. Now he has been relegated to the postition of restroom attendant and trained monkey for the NRA. Bravo !!!

  • Tom Minch

    Conscientious objector was the way to legally and morally avoid combat service. You were given another way to do your service to the country. He could have done that …

  • john silva

    Face it liberals, you’re going down in FLAMES! Memories pizza backfired on the gay left bigtime. Ferguson, Trayvon, Gardner, the Redskins name, the list goes on and on. This has really been an extraordinary time for America, a liberal experiment which has just been a Disaster! Liberals are the most hateful, racist , bigoted, people on the planet, and they prove it every time one of them opens there mouth, or tries to do the math trying to prove a rightwing conspiracy. You people have become a joke. Good for the GOP though, 2016 they will have the WH, Senate and the House, so we can start to clean up this mess you’ve created. Also, I think you have locked yourselves out of the WH, for 12 to 16 yrs! Go Ted!

  • rich714

    He has gone crazy

  • rejectrepublicanlies

    Pele was 17 at the time and Nugent paid off her parents to make him her legal guardian. He cheated on his first wife–repeatedly. He was not there for his first two children. He screwed his bandmates over. And, he did dodge the draft. All of this is documented. He also has threatened multiple people with violence and uses the N word frequently. Finally, Damned Yankees sucked.