Crazed 9/11 Conspiracy Nut Vandalizes 9/11 Memorial


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Whether it’s the people who harassed the families of the children who died at Sandy Hook Elementary or the ones who believe that we are headed for a New World Order government controlled by Monsanto/aliens/etc. – conspiracy nuts are at least mentally unstable and often just despicable.

I kind of expected someone, somewhere to do something stupid like this, and sure enough it happened right here in Acadiana. KATC reported:

“Lafayette police are trying to find out who placed two cardboard cutout images of crashing planes at the 9-11 Memorial in downtown Lafayette.

The 3D graffiti was apparently placed at the monument overnight. Police say they are in the process of removing it.

The stabilizer on each plane includes a reference to the New World Order conspiracy theory–the Eye of Providence and the initials “NWO.” For some, this theory includes the belief that the 9-11 attacks were carried out by the United States Government.

The 9-11 monument is a 1-by-100 scale of both the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. It includes three beams from the World Trade Center, limestone from the Pentagon, and soil from the Shanksville, Pennsylvania, field in which Flight 93 crashed.

The monument was dedicated on September 11, 2002–the first anniversary of the terrorist attacks.”

Despite no valid proof whatsoever, these are people who are pressing on with their delusional beliefs that our government was involved in carrying out the worst attack ever to happen on US soil. And guess what? That’s their right to indulge in whatever bizarre fantasy they want. It is a free country, after all. If you want to think the Boston bombing was staged, or that people didn’t really land on the moon, or that the government is dumbing us down with chemicals – go right on ahead with your pipe dreams.

However, when you drag that tinfoil hat out into public and start spouting your crazy everywhere, you shouldn’t be surprised when rational folks start laughing at you. When you start harassing the families who’ve lost loved ones because you want to “prove” the existence of some shadowy government conspiracy story sold to you by Infowars or other crackpot websites designed to make money off your delusional fantasies, don’t be shocked if we push back hard.

Late this afternoon, word came down that 35-year-old Salvador Perez has been arrested and charged for the incident. He faces up to $1,000 in fines and two years in jail for criminal damage to a historic building and criminal trespassing. If you ask me, he should be required to offer a public apology and undergo a mental health evaluation. It’s one thing to exercise your free speech rights; it’s something totally different to publicly display your insanity by trespassing and defacing a memorial with conspiracy garbage.


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  • Michael Emery

    To attack someone who defaces a memorial I can understand. To label intelligent people who are concerned, with an enormous amount of facts and footage; about the actual events on 9/11 as conspiracy nuts only serves to show others what a gigantic dork you are. I guess I’d misjudged you.

    • Gabi Benschop

      Not intelligent.

    • boomergran

      Like the man said, “However, when you drag that tinfoil hat out into public and start spouting your crazy everywhere, you shouldn’t be surprised when rational folks start laughing at you. “

    • Treefrog

      conspiracy? Blahahahahahahahahaha What a maroon.

    • Dale Mulkey

      so your one of those conspiracy nut jobs ?

    • Debater

      There are no intelligent people that are concerned about 9/11 being a conspiracy being all of the facts and footage supports the official story.

    • Howard Matthews

      You have a good time sorting out those facts and footage…as a former special ops Marine working under Bush Sr. I can tell you from personal experience, you are NEVER going to find out anything the Govt doesn’t want you to know….until it’s way, way, way in the past. As far as 911 goes…that would be a big NO, we didn’t do it. Yes those guys were really from the Mid-East and NO they didn’t work for us…lets face it, if we had planed it, they would have all hit their target

  • Carbon111

    Nutters gonna nut… :/

  • Keith

    Your part about spouting crazy ideas can be applied to any religious nut as well. People can do as they wish with their beliefs. No one was harmed, get over it.

  • Lucius

    notice any vandalism despite the hyperbolic, hyperventilated headline.
    Actually, I thought it was pretty cool, but then again I’m just one of
    those know-nothing, “mentally unstable and often just despicable” kooks
    who entertains conspiracy theories. No straw man, ad hominem intended,
    of course.

    • alikhat

      Well, at least you’re out in the open about your crackpottery. The really dangerous ones try to keep it to themselves and end up leaving their friends and neighbors staring baffled into the TV cameras while stammering, “But he seemed like such a nice, normal young man!…”.

      • John Boner

        The really dangerous ones fall for obvious bullshit right in front of their eyes because they’re so numbed out by their pathetic life

      • alikhat

        Aw, well it’s a darned special thing that we pathetic folk who are crippled by “bullshit” – a.k.a. living in the real world and not having our lives ruled by paranoia-driven delusion – have the likes of you (and the voices in your head) to set us straight. Thanks, I feel so edified by your clarity of vision.

      • John Boner

        Well, all I can say to you is: Go ahead and live your life in the self assured comfort of your manufactured surroundings. Tell everyone you meet how normal the world is and how you’ve got it all figured out. I’m sure your sympathizer and apologist ‘friends’ that you surround yourself with will applaud your ‘clarity of vision’. Now that we’ve got that behind us … would you fancy a game of poker? lol

      • alikhat

        Poker? Why, Johnny, you strike me as more of a Russian Roulette fan. Everything’s a matter of life and death for you. Emphasis on death. Makes existence in a dull, drab world so much more exciting when you think it’s filled with conspirators all trying to get you for knowing “The Truth”, doesn’t it?

        The fact is, you’re easy to laugh at, but you do have my pity as well. I mean, yes, paranoia must be exciting, but it must be exhausting, too, huh? And taxing on the nerves, no doubt. What a sad little fellow you are.

  • Edward Baker

    Stupid does ,what stupid thinks and thinking is one thing they don`t do well

  • Eirinjas

    So, I’m crazy for believing the U.S. government had a part to play in what happened on 9/11? I offer a different opinion on this assessment: I’m rational and able to entertain ideas I don’t like, while the author of this article is a close-minded douchebag

    • Malfouka Malfouka

      Yes, you are crazy.

    • Angela Walker

      Dang, pookie, you started out okay but then killed off any hope of being taken seriously much less for a rational person who can entertain ideas you don’t like. Conspiracy nuts frequently have anger issues 😀

    • Debater

      You are irrational for believing that, yes. That does not mean that you can’t have those beliefs, it just means that they are wrong and unsupported.

  • John Boner

    I don’t condone defacing a monument. That is despicable. But it’s obvious you have a little reading and research to do. Anyone at this point in time who still believes the official 9/11 story either doesn’t want to know or just doesn’t give a shit. The information is out there. There’s some off the wall bullshit for sure but you don’t have to look any farther than building 7 free falling in on itself to know that something’s wrong. check out ae911truth dot org .. Real, well known professionals .. Yeah. That’s craaaaazzzy. Educate yourself before you write dumb articles like this

  • John Boner

    In fact, I get the ‘forwardprogressives’ feed in my facebook and for the most part I find it informative but after reading an ignorant article like this from one of the co-founders … not so much

  • william garfield

    i thought it was pretty much common knowledge at this point that 9/11 was a false flag op

    • Stephen Hooper

      troll fail…

  • Robert Neil Raper

    OK, I get your point and won’t debate the merits of the article except on one point. You’re saying “conspiracy theorists” who are afraid of Monsanto literally taking over the entire production of food in this country and thus the world also believe aliens are taking over the world? No it’s just food (which is kind of important) and it’s actually people in board rooms… thank you good night

  • yarniac

    There once was a conspiracy theory that the government has a huge database on all it’s citizens…. It’s not a theory any longer. The price of tin foil went up.

  • Pipercat

    Well Manny, this bait sure works! Look at the catch!!

    • John Boner

      Well played sir

  • Jackson

    People who label conspiracy nut-jobs obviously haven’t taken the time to understand both sides of the story, which is kind of what journalism is, right? Understanding both sides of the argument is crucial for eliminating stupidity! This kind of stuff reminds me of Pravda in Russia during WWII, the press reporting without conclusive evidence of anything or external references and/or twisting words to suit their communist nation. Watch a 911 ‘conspiracy’ documentary like “Loose Change” on Netflix and they will detail all of their references, unlike what most media does. To add, America was built by people who questioned their original government and didn’t take things for how they were presented to them, WHY ON EARTH DO WE SLANDER THOSE WHO DO THE SAME THING TO THIS DAY?? Would a crazy person really have the capacity to create this? Question EVERYTHING.

    • Debater

      1. This is nothing like the Pravda. At all. Maybe you should research historical facts.
      2. Speaking of historical facts, the facts support the official story of 9/11. News organizations aren’t the ones making the arguments for that, experts are and they cite their sources.
      3. Questioning the government isn’t wrong. Not yielding to conclusive proof and overwhelming evidence that your conspiracy theory is wrong is irrational and is NOT the same at what the Founders did.

      • Technocratix Tobago

        No “facts” support the official story. none.

    • Atrevista

      Actually, understanding both sides of the story is what leads me to label conspiracy theorists as nutjobs.

  • djd562

    It’s really sad what lack of education in science and math leads to. I recall the first conspiracy nut talk about how it must have been staged because the sound of the “bang” from the first plane slamming into the WRC didn’t happen at the exact same time as the visual from a camera about a mile away (speed of sound). It’s also sad how they don’t understand simple physics of collateral damage caused by the collapse of two 100+ story buildings falling to the ground.

  • Wil Clark

    I predicted that some idiot Truther would get arrested for doing something stupid. Good for the Truth Movement, those assholes deserve to be in prison.

  • John Boner

    Wow, your true colors are showing Manny … All of the sudden you start moderating my comments. Can’t handle a little rational discussion? What’s the angle of your blog? I though maybe you were just trying to stir up a little controversy to drive hits to your site. Now I think you actually believe the bs you’re spewing. FowardProgressives … lol, yeah right. Forward useless tools

  • Howard Matthews

    All I’m gonna say about the US Govt being responsible for 911 is . . . follow the money. Wall Street owns the Govt and they are not going to order their own wallets to be targeted. Those buildings cost serious cash and and messed with their profits for weeks…They aren’t about to let that happen. We have all sorts of ways to get into wars without hurting big business. Cynical but true.

  • Phil Beebe

    “… conspiracy nuts are at least mentally unstable and often just despicable.”

    This statement bothers me a great deal. A lot of conspiracy nuts aren’t mentally unstable at all. Some of them are quite sane and some of them are quite smart. see: Smart People Believe Weird Things by Michael Shermer, for examples as well as a theory as to why.

  • Alex

    I have said this before and I will keep saying it. Conspiracy Theories are the domain of those who are so weak-minded that they do not wish to accept reality and are starved for attention.

  • Stephen Hooper

    They seem me trolling…
    and trolling…
    they try’n ta catch me trollin’ dirty…

  • Technocratix Tobago

    the US government might not have done 9-11, but they sure as hell did a lot of lying about it.