The Daily Show Rips ‘Idiocy’ of the Increasing Number of Liberals Who Oppose Vaccinations (Video)

vaccines-daily-showI’ve never really written anything about people who cling to the routinely debunked myths that vaccines are dangerous for children.  To be honest, until the last couple of years I thought these people had faded off into oblivion as most crackpots tend to do once their asinine theories get disproven.

But I was clearly wrong.

Not only have these people not gone away, their ignorance about vaccines is now leading to increases in diseases that were otherwise thought to be mostly preventable by children getting their scheduled vaccinations.

Diseases like measles, polio, whooping cough and others have all seen substantial increases as it seems more and more people aren’t vaccinating their children due to the misinformation about vaccines.

And while liberals always like to poke fun at conservatives for denying scientific facts, it’s actually in liberal states like California, New York and Oregon where reports of these diseases are rapidly increasing.

The Daily Show had a fantastic segment last night where they absolutely crushed these anti-vaccine advocates.  Samantha Bee sat down with infectious disease expert Dr. Paul Offit who stated, “The good news about vaccines is that they’re not a belief system, they’re an evidence based system.”

Bee also interviewed anti-vaccine activist Sarah Pope, who ridiculously said, “You can line up the doctors from here to down the block refuting me, but I’m not going to change my mind.”

I always love when someone who’s not a doctor, or an expert in medicine whatsoever, tells the overwhelming percentages of doctors and scientists that they know more about medicine than people who are literally experts in the fields of science and medicine.

It’s the same idiocy you see with climate change deniers.  Someone who’s dedicated their life to studying climate science, who has years and years of research proving that it’s caused by man, is completely dismissed by someone who thinks Sean Hannity knows more than the scientist who’s dedicated their life to this scientific research.

I could almost excuse ignorance if we lived in a society where information wasn’t easy to come by and the medical opinion on vaccines was about 60/40 – but that’s not the case.

Just like with climate change, the overwhelming consensus with doctors and scientists is that vaccines are good for children and indisputable statistical information proves this by showing the rapid decline in these diseases once vaccines were introduced.

But to most of these people, just like with those who deny climate change, no amount of scientific evidence will ever change their minds because they’re already made up.

And just like with those who deny climate change, those who cling to their ignorance about vaccines (resulting in an increase of these diseases being found in our society) will ultimately result in everyone paying a price.

Watch the clip below via Comedy Central:

Allen Clifton

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