Daily Show’s Special Post-Debate Coverage Perfectly Mocked Trump’s Horrible Performance (Video)

It’s been just over a year since Jon Stewart handed the reigns of The Daily Show over to Trevor Noah. While I wouldn’t say Noah has done a bad job, his first year trying to fill shoes that are impossible to fill hasn’t always been smooth sailing. As the year progressed, I found myself watching the show less and less during a time when, had Stewart still been the host, it would have probably been one of the most must-see political and comedy shows on television.

Well, in a rare live episode, it seems as if Noah might be finally finding his “groove” (it took Stewart a little while when he first became the host, too) because Monday night’s post-debate coverage was absolutely fantastic.

Noah started off showing several clips where Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump sparred with one another, saying it was “like watching a real-life version of Twitter.”

He then showed the part of the debate where Trump claimed that Clinton had been “fighting ISIS her entire adult life.”

“Her entire adult life,” Noah mockingly asked. “ISIS has been around since 2004, so that would make Hillary 26-years-old. And she can’t be 26 because Donald Trump wasn’t hitting on her.”

After that he poked fun at that fact that Trump seemed to be blaming Clinton for everything, including things that happened during the Bush administration.

Noah then expressed his shock at how¬†Trump seemed to boastfully admit that a big reason why he’s not releasing his tax returns is because they’ll show that he didn’t pay anything in income tax.

“I’m sorry, what?,” Noah asked. “Taxes are a responsibility, not something to evade. You’re running to be the number one citizen of a country, you shouldn’t brag about how you found ways to get around the rules.”

He also discussed something he calls “truth Trump,” little statements the GOP presidential candidate makes where he accidentally tells the truth in the middle of trying to tell one of his many lies. Such as when Trump said he had developed relationships with the African American community “over the last… little while.” Normally people use the phrase “over the last few years/decades” in a situation like that. However, since Trump didn’t remotely try to reach out to black voters until very recently (even giving many of his “black outreach” speeches in front of all-white audiences), he can’t claim he has an extensive track record of engagement with the African American community. Then again, being that facts and reality usually don’t matter a great deal to Trump, I’m surprised he didn’t just lie about this, too.

Overall, I thought this was an absolutely fantastic post-debate segment by Noah. Doing a live show nearly right after a debate ended that needs to be informative, entertaining and funny without a great deal of prep isn’t easy, but they did a terrific job Monday night.

He will never be Jon Stewart — nor does he have to be — but it does seem as if Trevor Noah is finally making his mark as host of The Daily Show.

Watch the segment below via Comedy Central:

Allen Clifton

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