Dallas Sports Anchor Dale Hansen Delivers A Powerful Message Against Racism

Dale Hansen speaks out about tolerance. (Photo: WFAA)

Dale Hansen speaks out about tolerance. (Photo: WFAA)

Dale Hansen is a sports anchor on WFAA 8, ABC’s Dallas TV station. He was born in 1948 in Iowa and raised by a father who he admits used a racial slur like it was “a proper noun.” Dale Hansen is a self-admitted “fat, old white guy” and if you were going by stereotypes, you wouldn’t expect a white man in his 60s from the Midwest to be progressive when it comes to issues of race or gay rights.

Yet, he did just that a year ago and his video went viral when he discussed Michael Sam and called out the NFL for looking the other way on domestic violence or drug abuse, but having an issue with an openly gay player in their ranks. Here’s what he said:

“You beat a woman and drag her down a flight of stairs, pulling her hair out by the roots? You’re the fourth guy taken in the NFL draft… You kill people while driving drunk? That guy’s welcome… Players caught in hotel rooms with illegal drugs and prostitutes? We know they’re welcome… Players accused of rape and pay the woman to go away? You lie to police trying to cover up a murder? We’re comfortable with that… You love another man? Well, now you’ve gone too far! It wasn’t that long ago when we were being told that black players couldn’t play in ‘our’ games because it would be ‘uncomfortable.’” (Source)

Recently, another video from a self-described “Alabama redneck” also blew up social media when Jeremy Addaway sarcastically described the effect gay marriage being legalized in Alabama was having on his county, and how it was personally impacting him. He also did a followup video and an interview with our Erin Nanasi in which he talked about how working with a lesbian boat captain changed his mind on marriage equality.

These stories are so popular because Dale Hansen, Jeremy Addaway and other white men from the South and Midwest are expected to be racist and homophobic rednecks, especially if they were born before segregation was outlawed. For someone to break this stereotype and come out for tolerance is almost sure to suddenly fill your Facebook feed with stories from hundreds of websites talking about how shocking it is that some redneck is actually perfectly OK with gay marriage.

At a recent basketball game in Flower Mound, a Dallas suburb, students held up signs which when put together, said “white power” and it quickly spread on Twitter. Local columnist Jacquielynn Floyd described it as an embarrassment to the school, the town of Flower Mound, and the state of Texas.

Students of Flower Mound and many parents tried to make excuses for the signs, something Dale Hansen wasn’t having any of when he called them and the school district out for trying to pretend it was a mistake:

The kids who hold the signs and chant their racist slurs — and it’s not all of them; it never is — but their ignorance perpetuates the stereotype of all of us in Texas as a racist, ignorant people.

But that ignorance will be replaced someday by the wisdom they learn when they live in the real world; when they meet the people who don’t look like them, didn’t grow up the way they did.

The people who make this life worth living.

They will change. Not all of them; it never is. But they will change. I did, a long time ago. They can, too. But not if we try to defend what you can not defend.

And not if we stay silent, and think taking their signs away is doing enough.” (Source)

Dale Hansen is right. If residents of Texas and other states don’t want to be seen as racist and ignorant, then they need to call out the people who are. I know that here in Louisiana, all you have to do is go on a local TV station’s Facebook page and you’ll find all sorts of racial, sexist, homophobic and other downright idiotic statements. This isn’t just in Louisiana, or  in Texas or even the South. This is a problem throughout America and it is our duty as progressives, liberals or even conservatives to stand up against this hatred, wherever we may encounter it.

Watch Dale Hansen’s entire statement below courtesy of WFAA:


Facebook comments

  • Jim Bean

    The racism will never go away as long as racial minorities are demanding/getting special considerations based on their race because those things always cause resentment linked to race. My guess is, those minorities will always be willing to endure the resentment in order to preserve the considerations.

    • FD Brian

      Racism will never go away because white people will perpetuate and make up excuses why it’s acceptable for them because of the excuse you just typed above.

      • Jim Bean

        Perhaps. And in that instance, it will be morally justified because no race of people can take advantage of others for decades without generating some race-specific, highly justifiable, animosity.

      • FD Brian

        you mean like white people having slaves for over 100 years?

      • Jim Bean

        Do you know anyone who owned a slave? Do you know anyone whose FATHER owned a slave? Let it go. Its’ way, way, in the past and there is nothing left to be milked from it and people are an embarrassment to themselves when they try.

        When you come across someone of German descent do you look at them as someone to be held accountable for the holocaust? Of course not. And the holocaust was much more recent. So why do people try it with slavery? Easy. Potentially, there is something to gain by being disingenuous.

      • Charles Vincent

        The very first documented slave owner in the Americas was a black man. Moreover slavery isn’t always whites owning people get a clue.

      • FD Brian

        you’re right Chuck, it isn’t always whites owning people, it’s white people hanging black people from trees, it’s white people who didn’t let them sit in the front of the bus, it’s white people who thought “separate, but equal” was fine, it’s white people who wouldn’t let blacks settle in neighborhoods, it’s white people who who burned down their churches, it’s white people who did everything in their power to take away their right to vote. Get a clue.

      • Charles Vincent

        You sure you want to walk that road chief? Because I can prove empirically that it wasn’t just whites doing the things you mentioned.

        Here is a tid bit of what I mean chief;



        Moreover the majority of black slaves sent here from Africa were sold into slavery by other African tribes so it wasn’t just whites doing it chief and lets not forget that it was southern democrats(in the KKK) doing the lynching here.

      • FD Brian

        didn’t say it was only whites fuck stick. But the vast majority of them were.

      • Charles Vincent

        Sorry bro this is going to leave a mark…you said and I quote;
        “it’s white people hanging black people from trees, it’s white people who
        didn’t let them sit in the front of the bus, it’s white people who
        thought “separate, but equal” was fine, it’s white people who wouldn’t
        let blacks settle in neighborhoods, it’s white people who who burned
        down their churches, it’s white people who did everything in their power
        to take away their right to vote.”

        Sure seems like you said only white people. I didn’t think anyone would be so stupid as you just were here moron.

      • FD Brian

        OMG, you’re a dumb ass. I certainly hope you don’t vote or are even allowed to drive.

      • Charles Vincent

        Uh you’re the idiot that said it was whites doing it not me dumb ass.

  • Avatar

    Apparently in this article and many others, Jim Bean is first to comment. That is the sign of desperation.

    Me think I got into his head.

    I’m still upholding my vow to not say single word to this plebeian troll, ever again.

  • Samirah Johnstone

    I grew up in Flower Mound. In fact, I used to live right next to Flower Mound Elementary School where I’d walk to school when I was in 1st and 2nd grade. I’m sad by how it is now.

    And I have always liked Hansen, even if I don’t agree with exactly what he is saying. Because he doesn’t play stupid little games. And he’s articulate and shows how Texans really are, unlike the idiots that get elected to Congress.

    Keep up the awesome work Mr. Hansen. You make those of us originally from Texas proud.