Darrell Issa Proven to be a Fraud: Full Transcripts Reveal No IRS White House Conspiracy

issaI know I can’t be the only one who wondered why, as time went on, you heard less and less from prominent Republicans about these asinine conspiracy theories that tried to link the IRS “scandal” to the White House.

And just like with the Benghazi emails, the full transcripts have revealed that there was absolutely no testimony or evidence that supports the right-wing lie that the White House was behind these actions.

Darrell Issa knew this.  That’s why he continued to delay the release of these transcripts, which decimated every conspiracy Republicans have tried to levy against the President.

Yesterday’s release from Representative Elijah Cummings contains the full transcripts that show the White House had absolutely nothing to do with this issue in the Cincinnati office.

Not only do these transcripts prove that Obama had nothing to do with the issue, the gentleman being quested is a self-professed “conservative Republican” who made it clear there was no White House involvement.

Yet, even though these transcripts are nearly two weeks old, there were still comments by Republicans (who knew what the transcripts contained) that continued to push these conspiracy theories against the White House—even after this testimony had taken place.

Even the myth that there was an overwhelming number of “conservative groups” targeted is a lie.  This graph shows that only 96 of the 298 groups listed were “conservative groups,” totaling about one-third within this investigation.  But if you heard it from Republicans, this was some kind of direct attack against the Republican Party, even though there’s no evidence supporting that whatsoever.

In fact, there’s ample evidence shown that Issa knowingly tried to conceal specific pieces of evidence from being released, while allowing specific comments to be “leaked” by his staff, perpetuating his lies that the White House was behind this.

What Issa did was take a piece of the transcript detailing why information on some of the groups was sent to the Washington office (the IRS is, of course, based in Washington) and spin that to make it seem as if the Cincinnati office was sending this information to Washington to be reported to President Obama.

Basically, Issa knew there was nothing, continued to push a lie—helped build the lie—all while continuing the false conspiracy that somehow President Obama was ordering the IRS to target conservative groups.

Just like with Benghazi, the real story is much less eventful than what Republicans want Americans to believe.  And just like with Benghazi, the possible criminal activity doesn’t come from the White House, but within the Republican Party and their concealment of factual information which easily debunks the lies which they were using to mislead the American public.

Because Benghazi’s “conspiracy” really stems from who edited the initial emails that the GOP used to build their attack on President Obama and Hillary Clinton, while the IRS “conspiracy” seems to be about why Issa continued to perpetuate a lie that he knew had no support.

But the truth is, they don’t care that they lied about both events.  Their point wasn’t to be accurate with these accusations. Their point was to push them as much as possible, for as long as possible, to put the information out there knowing that retractions are often far less accepted than the initial lie—and not as easily remembered by the general public.

Many people have grown to distrust Obama over this IRS situation, and while these new revelations will calm some of them down, Republicans know that for many they’ll never hear the news about the lie these transcripts revealed.

Because many of them only watch Fox News, which will just flat-out lie about this story and continue to make Obama out to be behind this in some way.  At the same time, many other Americans will simply have their mind made up and this new information won’t be something they’re interested in reading.

As with most things, Republicans don’t care about being factual or honest—all they care about is muddying the water just enough to create doubt.

They did it with the the stimulus bill, the debt ceiling, Obama’s tax plan, the Affordable Care Act, Benghazi and now the IRS.  They simply lie about, manipulate and distort so much information that at the end of the day most Americans don’t know who to believe.

And by creating that doubt, they’ve accomplished their goal.

The Republican Party: Where the truth is whatever lies you can make people believe.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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