Darrell Issa Pathetically Refuses to Answer Questions Concerning Evidence of IRS Wrongdoing (Video)

issa-irsDarrell Issa has made quite the name for himself as a Republican who seems absolutely obsessed with investigating “scandals” that ultimately go nowhere.

While nearly every conservative knows about Benghazi and the IRS, can they honestly say that they really know anything about either?  By that I mean, outside of right-wing propaganda and talking points, what facts have been proven in either “investigation” that have shown actual criminal wrongdoing?

Benghazi was found to have been mishandled by just about every branch of government, and agency, that was involved.  Including the embassy itself.

How many “shocking” revelations about Benghazi have any of these “investigations” by Republicans produced?

I’ll give you a hint: The answer is zero.

Then with the IRS, it’s basically been a circus.  Especially considering they continue to perpetuate this idea that conservative groups were unfairly singled out and targeted.  The only problem with this claim is that evidence surfaced last year showing that liberals groups were also targeted.

However, now they’ve got these missing emails.  And while I’ll admit that it does seems a little suspicious that these emails went missing, that doesn’t “prove” that something corrupt and scandalous took place.

But one would think that as much time as Darrell Issa has spent on this IRS investigation, and as sure as he seems to be about some kind of illegal activity having occurred, he could answer a simple question pertaining to the evidence he has proving that some kind of scandal took place.

Except, he couldn’t.

During an interview with CNN’s Candy Crowley, she asked the congressman, “Can you give me, the one fact – here it is.  Here’s our smoking gun?”

And he blatantly danced around the question.

“We sent your people almost four hundred pages of the report, and that details item by item email by email statements that she made versus other people,” Issa said.  “The nature of the beast just like a criminal prosecution is that you build a case.”

I’m going to take a wild guess here, but I’m almost certain her staff reviewed the nearly 400 pages they sent and that’s why she asked that question.  Because there wasn’t any “smoking gun” evidence in any of those 400 pages proving anything.

She asked the question again, prompting Issa to provide a second non-answer to her question.

Crowley even asked if there was evidence linking any of this to the White House, to which Issa said there wasn’t evidence to link any possible corruption at the IRS to the White House.

Interesting statements considering just a few days before this interview he had given another one where he stated his belief that the White House was involved.

Issa said in that Fox News interview:

“I believe Lois Lerner is hiding something. I believe the Justice Department, the IRS, and the White House are interested in her succeeding in hiding what she’s hiding, which is her targeting of conservative groups based on their ideology in support of the president’s war on Citizens United, a Supreme Court decision that he didn’t like. This is something that he vehemently opposes and Lois Lerner acted on his opposition.”

So, he admits to Candy Crowley that there’s no evidence linking the White House to any possible wrongdoing at the IRS, but earlier he directly stated that he believes the White House played a part in all of this.

Let’s ignore for a moment that this is the lead investigator, and he admitted that his mind is already made up based on no evidence whatsoever.  I find it extremely shady that on CNN he admitted to Crowley that there’s no evidence linking the White House to the IRS.  Yet when he had his interview on Fox News he clearly made it a point to act as if there was evidence linking the White House to his investigation.

How has this guy not been investigated for corruption?

Here we have a lead investigator admitting that (without evidence) his mind is made up as to what happened, he’s changing his story based on the network on which he’s giving his interview and after all this time he apparently can’t pinpoint one piece of “smoking gun evidence” linking any kind of serious criminal activity.

When it comes to this IRS “investigation,” all Republicans are trying to do is find any way to possibly link the White House to something that might appear even remotely shady.  That’s it.

And Issa proved that during this interview when he refused to answer a simple question pertaining to any kind of evidence that clearly proves something criminal took place at the IRS.

But I think it’s time Democrats start pushing for an investigation into Darrell Issa.  Because I think it’s clear he’s based these investigations off of his own party’s partisan agenda rather than facts or evidence.

Watch the interview below via CNN:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Rodney Levenduski

    Why is this guy not in jail?

    • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

      he has a lot a lot a lot of MONEEEEEEEEEEEE$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • John Masters

    So let me chime in on the email issue. My background is electronic records management, and lately I’ve been working in a number of federal agencies specifically related to their management of email records. I’ve not been working with the IRS.

    Email is a massive problem for individuals, private companies, public companies, and government agencies. We’re all flooded with it, and no one is doing a great job of managing it, including the federal government. To his credit, the President issued directives (back in 2011) mandating that federal agencies come up with plans for dealing with all electronic records (including email), and setting forth fairly aggressive deadlines.

    I have no kind of inside information on what happened at the IRS with their email, but the explanation sounds completely normal and plausible to me. The backup strategy described by the agency is very typical for both public and private sector organizations. It is flawed, to be sure, but it a common process, so, on its surface, I have no reason to be suspicious of what has happened there.

    • Mrs_oatmeal

      And yet the obvious ” brain child” of email and investigations, Darrell Issa, does. How much more $$ will we waste on this while many Americans suffer at the whims of these baboons?

      • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

        how much more TAXPAYER money$$$ does the ” party of fiscal prudency” waste?
        ( see: govt shutdown)
        VOTE REPUBLICAN!! and praise jesus and buy another gun!

      • John Masters

        Yeah, I think we’re starting to begin to see just how “expert” so many of our Congress Critters (especially on the Republican side), and Supreme Court Justices really are when it comes to modern technology.

  • Laura26

    Vindictive boob!

  • surfjac

    Where would the dems find the backbone to investigate mr. issa?

  • Stephen Barlow

    The answer is super simple. GO full bore IRS audit of every RED conservative PAC and only one liberal ‘social Welfare’ group..Planned Parenthood.

  • cravin moorehead

    This man is an expert republican, bullshit artist.

    He speaks volumes and says NOTHING!

  • Eg Kbbs

    Why not just ask the NSA for copies of the email ?

  • mre2000

    Ironic that he can keep referring to an almost 400 page report that details everything you want to know and reportedly backs up all his claims, but the 85 page bipartisan report on the Terrorist Attacks on US Facilities in Benghazi has no relevance to the discussion on Benghazi.

  • Eg Kbbs

    Perhaps he danced around the question and didn’t answer because he didn’t have a plausible answer ?

  • Stephen Barlow

    How much tax revenue has Issa squandered on this Don Quixote journey to nothing from nowhere?

    At least Ken Starr used $40 million to BLACKMAIL Monica Lewinsky. We are not even getting THAT much bang for all these $10’s of millions of dollars Issa himself swears America can’t afford for food stamps, school lunches and Veteran’s afterwar care. But he’s ready to invest it in more troop in Iraq and Syria!!!

    And tilting @ the IRS, Benghazi and birth certificate windmills. Wasn’t hea birther? And didn’t he investigate that?

  • Patricia Robertson

    The republicans will keep on doing this because they think they can get away with it but when the president came out the other day, if I was them I would think twice about how far to keep pushing this president. Darn is very close to the other four letter word he might say in private, hate to see the day he forget and say it in public. He has reached his boiling point and you can see in face, movement and when he gets that way, he have the floor until election to make his case against the republicans just like he got reelected. He is going to be on the war path. Watch those sleeves be rolled up, and them jeans on…..