David Vitter Says Country ‘Shoved’ Same-Sex Marriage ‘Down The Throats’ Of Christians

Republican gubernatorial candidate David Vitter talks with "Duck Dynasty" star Willie Robertson in a political ad airing Thursday, Nov. 12, 2015. (David Vitter campaign)

Republican gubernatorial candidate David Vitter talks with “Duck Dynasty” star Willie Robertson in a political ad airing Thursday, Nov. 12, 2015. (David Vitter campaign)

A lot of Republicans have quietly abandoned the conservative war against marriage equality. Except for the far-right and some of the politicians who cater to them, the GOP has moved on to screaming about religious freedom while trying to further erode a woman’s constitutional right to an abortion. After the Supreme Court ruled in favor of gay marriage, many conservatives came to the realization that the world as we know it didn’t end in a fiery ball of divine vengeance because two people of the same sex got the rights that heterosexual couples already had.

Then there are the people like right-wing culture warrior Ted Cruz, or conservative hypocrite Senator David Vitter who is now running for governor here in Louisiana. If you remember, David Vitter was exposed some years back for engaging the services of prostitutes, apparently even calling them from the floor of the House of Representatives.

In his desperate attempt to take back some of the ground he’s lost to John Bel Edwards ahead of the election next Saturday, David Vitter is pulling out the old “gay people are attacking our religious liberties” card, trying to convince voters that he cares about “family values.”

Via Right Wing Watch:

After declaring his support for a bill that grants legal protections to those who oppose same-sex marriage, Vitter said that the Supreme Court’s marriage ruling “will clearly unleash all sorts of assaults against conservative Christian beliefs who believe that marriage is between one man and one woman. And make no mistake about it, those assaults are coming on churches, pastors and believers who are trying to live their faith in a quiet but important way, including in terms of how they choose to live their lives and run their businesses.”

“They want to make believers like us second class citizens,” he said. “They want to completely push us out of the public square and in some cases persecute folks who simply want to live their faith in terms of how they do business and other things.” (Source)

He also complained that “the left in America” is discriminating against Christians in favor of equal rights for LGBT people:

“The left in America is trying to push people of faith out of the public square. Say, ‘Oh you can pray in church, you can pray in homes… but don’t for goodness sake put that on display in public in any way, shape or form.’ In some cases that’s leading to demands that others views, for instance on gay marriage, be shoved down the throats of folks who have sincerely held religious views that marriage is between one man and one woman.”

Of all of the people to talk about family values, David Vitter is one of the least qualified to do so. Even putting aside his complete hypocrisy when it comes to the affairs of his past, Vitter is vehemently opposed to many things that would help struggling families in Louisiana.

Fortunately, thanks in part to the extreme unpopularity of Bobby Jindal’s administration and David Vitter’s attacks on fellow Republicans, Democrat John Bel Edwards is ahead of him in the polls before next week’s election. Even current Republican lieutenant governor Jay Dardenne, who placed fourth in the primary election, has endorsed Edwards after the smear campaign launched against him by David Vitter.

If Edwards wins this election, it will show that the conservative hold on Southern politics has slightly weakened. Republicans and some religious conservatives have realized that marriage equality is a dead issue, but David Vitter is playing this tired issue of “religious freedom” like a losing poker hand – because that’s all he has left.


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