Dear Conservatives: As a Christian, I am Begging You All to Not Fall For Con Artist Kim Davis’s Scam

Considering I know where all this nonsense in Kentucky surrounding Kim Davis and her continued refusal to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples is headed, I felt the need to expound a bit on an article I previously wrote where I voiced my belief that this is all just a scam by her to try to make a lot of money. But this time I wanted to address conservatives directly. Ultimately, they’re going to be the ones who end up donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to this woman in what I feel is clearly just a giant “get rich quick” scheme she’s trying to pull off “in the name of religion.”

So, let me begin:

Dear Conservatives,

Look, I know we don’t always get along. But for this one moment, I’m not speaking to you as a progressive. I’m speaking to you as a Christian (yes, I am a progressive Christian) who’s offended at the fact that this hypocrite is exploiting my faith in what I believe is nothing more than a ploy to try to make money by preying on the strong religious convictions of others.

I get it, many of you don’t support same-sex marriage. That’s your right. The great thing about this country is you are free, as private citizens, to believe whatever it is you want. Even if we disagree completely on religion, disagreements that sometimes turn heated, that’s still something that should be celebrated in this country. There are many places on the planet where two people can’t openly discuss religious differences back and forth with one another.

But this woman isn’t a devout Christian – she’s a hypocrite. She’s been married four times, divorced three times and has had at least one extramarital affair.

It’s so blatantly obvious that she’s using this as a way become a “martyr” so she can receive fame, attention and – ultimately – money.

She knows that she has no legal leg on which to stand in her defiance of the Supreme Court’s ruling. Her being in jail has nothing to do with her faith. It has to do with her position as an elected public official who’s disobeying the very laws she swore to honor. If she no longer wants to abide by our laws as an elected official, then she’s completely free to resign her post.

While she’s playing up this religion nonsense, that’s just to manipulate all of you. She’s certainly heard about the stories where people “standing for their beliefs” were suddenly flush with cash after hundreds of thousands of dollars rolled in from conservatives all across the country. She knows if she’s removed from office, she’ll become a right-wing celebrity. I’m sure she’ll be offered book deal, numerous appearances on Fox News and probably end up being hired by some sort of religious group as a spokesperson for “religious liberty.”

This is all a scam. 

This is a woman with a past that’s chock full of lying, cheating and repeatedly breaking her “biblical vows,” who’s now exploiting religion for fame, hoping to make lot of money by doing so.

As a Christian, I’m begging you all – don’t let her get away with it.

If you feel so inclined as to donate money to someone, send to the Wounded Warriors Project or The Yellow Ribbon Fund and help wounded veterans and their families. Send money to a local children’s hospital or orphanage. In fact, if it will make you feel better, make your donation to these places “in support of Kim Davis.”

Just, please, don’t allow this con artist to get what she wants.


Allen Clifton

Agree? Disagree? Hit me up on Twitter or Facebook and let me know.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • mrm16

    she’s a registered Democrat, has been for years.. quit turning this into the “religious right”, please.

    • Nicholas A Kocal

      She does not represent the Democratic party. She is one of the old school racists (the majority who became republicans) who still cannot forget that Lincoln was a republican.

    • Cemetery Girl

      It is the “religious right” that are applauding her and saying they’re willing to support her. (Literally, there are already some that are looking where they can donate.)
      I don’t care about her past. Her religious beliefs are hers and she is entitled to them. I don’t agree with her holding the position and refusing to do her job. Her refusing to issue marriage licenses to homosexuals is getting the attention, but she’s refusing all marriage licenses. She’s managed to not do her job, still get paid for it, and get strangers to want to send her money. Ridiculous.

    • marziedarn

      Quit turning this into a partisan thing. The “religious right” just refers to any far-right leaning Christian fundamentalist. They can be Democratic, Republican, independent, or any third party voter. It doesn’t matter what party they come from, they’re all disgusting, manipulative hypocrites.

      • Donna

        I totally agree with your comment!

      • AuldLochinvar

        I call them the Religious Wrong.

    • Cthulhu0818

      She crossed party lines to get elected, nothing more.

    • AuldLochinvar

      It’s a pity the Democrats don’t use excommunication,

  • Gary Menten

    Ultimately, I’m sure that this is all about money and trying to milk as much of it as possible from the biggest suckers in America.

  • Kay Springsteen Tate

    I wholeheartedly agree. Pretty sure the judge yesterday does also, since he put her in jail rather than fine her, stating he felt others would only pay the fines for her. I do believe she chose a hotbed political issue, knowing she would never win, with an eye to the end game. And even if she did not, should she win on this point, what would stop her from then finding other grounds for judging others as not worthy of a marriage license?

  • Jeffrey Jones

    Thank you for this article – I agree 100% – she is out for a payday$$$$$$$$

  • Kaitlyn Rose

    I don’t believe she is in it for a payday. She has only been going to church for several yrs per her MILs request or shaming(who knows). She repented her sins(divorces,etc). She is doing what all of these others do we see hating on ppl in God’s name. Listen to other ppl and take their word for it. She has never pondered everything in the Book…if shes even read it. Her church and peers have been cheering her on probably before go. Shes never actually thought about how many shes turned off during this crusade. Now who is she pleasing more? God or the devil? I don’t believe shes really thought about it as far as youre giving her credit for.

    • AuldLochinvar

      I have never cared for the parable of the Prodigal Son. Nor do I countenance the official doctrine that if Hitler, in his bunker in Berlin, instead of suicide had truly expressed his repentance for the sins he’d committed, he would have escaped damnation.

  • Michael Yobs

    Look into her divorces ask yourself or simply search this question. was she cheated on thru her last 3 marriages? Abused? the intermarital relationship.. was it her new husband as she awaited her ex to sighn divorce papers? dont b so quick to judge. look at facts. not media. She even regrets her past n is trying to do good. This is her mind set she is against it and stating she wants money is the most ignorant thing i ever heard. does this make what shes doing right or justified? Not saying yes or no to that but i am saying judge not or ye be judged. Btw im gay.

    • Shawn Savage

      And why is it, in your estimation, that everybody has to “judge not lest ye be judged,” but she doesn’t have to adhere to that same principle? Why should she not be judged for holding a public office, and not having even the slightest understanding of the law. Why should she not be judged for screaming persecution and religious freedom, when CLEARLY she spent zero minutes reading the constitution, or even a scholarly analysis of the thing, to learn about this wonderful gift of freedom of religion granted to us by the constitution, and what exactly it does for us.

      If every other citizen in this country has to obey the law, and do the jobs we’re paid for, AND withhold judgement of others lives, why does she not?

    • Max Robins

      You know Michael, you’re right in stating that no one can really be sure about what she’s thinking or what’s in her heart regarding morality. However, it’s actually pretty irrelevant to the issue. The fact is that she has a job, her job description requires her to function in certain ways, and she refuses to meet one of those requirements (or allow anyone else in her office to do so). That spells “resign from office, or be removed” any way you look at it.

    • Glenna Jones-Kachtik

      As I understand it; Ms Davis was married to hubby #1; cheated with hubby #3 & 5 months after the divorce from #1 was final had #3s twins….not sure at what point she married hubby #2 but he adopted #3s children. She then divorced #2 & married #3. She divorced #3 & married #4 who was also #2. It was sometime after this 4th marriage that she “found the Lord”. I have no idea what her marriages were like; but it seems that #2 must have been OK since she remarried him & that #3 was OK for a bit because she had an affair with him, divorced #2 for him…..I don’t judge her. I don’t fault her for her marriages, her divorces or her infidelity. I do fault her for not doing her job at all & accepting taxpayers money (some of whom are gay) & not doing her job of which a part is issuing licenses. It is also dumb that she won’t allow any of the other clerks to do theirs either.
      Michael, I love it that you are willing to bend over backward to give her the benefit of the doubt. I don’t doubt that she is sincere in her belief; but at the same time she is not being honest, either. There are a lot of things in the Bible but her office isn’t ruled by the Bible – she is in her job to follow the Constitution. The Constitution says that the Supreme Court has the final say.
      She may regret her past but saying don’t judge her is hard – because she is in essence judging everybody else.

  • Pipercat

    As a Born-Again-Agnostic-Jack-Buddhist, all of this shit is irrelevant. Ms. Davis is sitting in Jail because she refuses to comply with the law and execute her sworn duty. She is deluding herself if she thinks this type of “protest” will bear any fruit, allow an exception for her and I applaud the judge for his actions.

    The tide is in and she’s attempting to push it back with a plastic spoon.


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    • as a hebrew christian taoist buddhist universalist, I know that NOTHING in her faith has the remotest suggestion that what she is doing is a matter of faith. IT’S A MATTER OF BEING A TOOL for the fascist reich wing.

  • Mumbly Peg

    Here’s the thing, Allen. I flat don’t like the woman because she’s a filthy democrat.
    Now that it out of the way, you are no more a an example of Christianity than Davis. Now, I don’t claim to know one way or another how her relationship is with God. However, were you a true Christian, you would know that some of the finest Christians today came from not so fine people yesterday. That’s sorta why they call it “born again”. Few people turn to God because their life is perfect. Almost ALL turn to God out of desperation at some point in their life, that is how we find him. Ms Davis could be an exception, she could be a hypocrite (poser for you non-church goers). She will ultimately be judged, as will you and I.
    Additionally, this isn’t about Kim Davis. This is about us. I am not going to get into the details, you have google. Let me just send you in the right direction. AHEM: “Congress shall make no law…” Ask God to help you define this very simple entry in our Constitution. I think even you should be able to understand it, it is absolute. We do not draw our rights from a pool provided by our government, we are born with them and government is absolutely PROHIBITED from interfering in any way, shape of form. It’s no longer amusing how many people like you fail to understand the simplest of ideals… how many of you who are willing and primed to crush another persons rights in support of your own beliefs. There is no right to “gay marriage”, an institution that is grounded in Christianity and God himself, the very thing the gaystapo despise and wish to destroy. the reason people fight back is just that: this isn’t about gays getting married, this is about destroying Christianity and you know it.

    • Lyle

      You are a ahole

    • Tom

      Marriage is not grounded in Christianity. It is grounded in society. It has been defined and redefined more times than I care to consider. And all that happened LONG before Christianity was even a thing. It was even long before the Torah was even a thing. In fact, if you were a student of history then you would know that there is even a history of gay marriage in ancient civilizations. Such civilizations are Rome, Greece, Mesopotamia and China.

      And no, there is no “right” to gay marriage in the constitution. In fact, the constitution does not speak of marriage at all. I’ll tell you what is in the constitution though. The 14th amendment that guarantees equal protection under the law. Yes, making laws prohibiting gay marriage goes against the 14th amendment. Crazy how that works.

      And no one is destroying Christianity. All that is happening is that the government is saying “No, you cannot impose your religion on others.” If any of these religious rights acts come to pass, I ASSURE you it will back fire. Christians will NOT be the only ones protected. You will be forced to follow the religions of others, and I know they will take advantage to prove a point. Especially Satanists, I know they will have a field day, they always do. But then you have the Hindus, Muslims, Jainists, Buddhists, heck even though it isn’t a belief system, I’m certain the Atheists will figure a way to get in on it. Now you have to ask yourself, do you really want any of THOSE religions dictating how to live your life? If the answer is “no” then shut up, and allow true religious liberty to take hold. Allow anyone of any faith or lack thereof to live their life how they want to within the confines of the law.

      • Name

        Exactly. What she did is deny others their rights .

  • Kelly Ann McDonnell Justus

    The Supreme Court has over-stepped its boundaries once again. The founding fathers never intended for the Supreme Court to have so much power. The Congress has recourse if they plan on doing the right thing, but I don’t see that happening so the people have to do it.

    • Tom

      What are you talking about? They did exactly their job. They did not rule that gay marriage was to be a law. They ruled that making laws against gay marriage (or defining marriage in anyway at all) is unconstitutional. It falls into the 14th amendment, which boils down to “equal protection under the law.” If a law is specifically stating that one group of people cannot enjoy the same benefits as another group of people (homosexuals not having the benefits of marriage that heterosexuals have had since the inception of this nation) then that law is unconstitutional. It is really that simple.

      Yes, in doing so, that made gay marriage legal in all 50 states, but they did not make it a law. They just struck down all laws banning it. You may not like it, and you don’t have to. But for my many homosexual friends to be able to enjoy the same rights and liberties as heterosexuals is a good thing. AND THEY STILL don’t have equal protection under the law. They can STILL be fired from jobs in many states. They can still be denied housing in several states.

      If Congress puts into the constitution ANYTHING pertaining to some religious definition of laws, then this country will have taken it’s first step to becoming the same thing we are fighting against in the Middle East, Islamic Theocratic nations [like ISIS]. I do not wish to see that, and I will do everything I can to prevent it from happening. And I hope the rest of America will stand with me.