Dear Conservatives: Facts Prove You’ve Been Wrong About Damn Near Everything

A while back, I wrote an article where I pointed out how conservatives have been on the wrong side of practically every major event in United States history. I want to make sure I emphasize conservatives – not Republicans – because as I’ve also pointed out, the ideologies of the two parties switched during the 50’s and 60’s following the GOP’s implementation of the “Southern strategy.” It’s always been conservatives (especially southern/rural conservatives) who loved Democrats when they were the party of racism, then flocked to the GOP when it embraced that racism following the civil rights era.

As I’ve said before, it’s not a coincidence that nearly every state that made up the Confederacy also:

  • Opposed giving women the right to vote.
  • Supported segregation.
  • Opposed the Civil Rights Act.
  • Fought to keep bans on interracial marriage.

Today, those states are almost all “strongly Republican” — and they’ve always been “conservative.”

But even going beyond those moments in our history, conservatives are almost always wrong about damn near everything.

The dawn of “trickle-down economics” was forced upon us nearly 40 years ago — yet it hasn’t brought economic prosperity to the middle class. In fact, the rich just keep getting richer, while the middle class continues to fall further and further behind. How many more times do we have to cut taxes before conservatives realize that giving rich people more money isn’t helping the middle class?

When it comes to social issues like abortion and gay rights, they’re wrong. Even with a Supreme Court that’s been stacked in conservative favor over the last few years, abortion rights have remained and gay marriage bans were overturned. Hell, even the Affordable Care Act was upheld — multiple times.

On the subject of guns, they believe guns have nothing to do with gun violence, even though stats (and basic reality) completely debunk that ridiculous propaganda. Look no further than Australia which banned certain guns years ago, and immediately saw a drop in gun-related violence and death.

They oppose universal health care even though most other countries on par with the United States economically have some form of it, along with longer life expectancies. Even within our own country the closest thing we have to universal health care, Medicare, gets mostly positive marks from seniors.

Then there’s always climate change. The science behind this is supported by over 97 percent of the world’s scientists — and nearly every other country on Earth (even China believes in it) — yet Republicans seem to think it’s nothing more than a giant liberal conspiracy.

The Iraq War? Well, Republican George W. Bush really got that one “right,” didn’t he? Not only did Iraq not have weapons of mass destruction, but the war destabilized the entire region, and the SOFA agreement he signed with Iraq that set the date for the withdrawal of all U.S. troops ultimately led to the rise of ISIS. But you don’t have to believe me that Bush was responsible for the rise of ISIS; Dick Cheney called the removal of all U.S. troops a “sign of success” of the Iraq War.

Oh, remember when Bush said his tax cuts would erase the national debt? I guess he meant they’d double the national debt on the way to the worst economic crash since the Great Depression.

Then there are always the conspiracies many conservatives have believed:

  • Barack Obama ordered his college transcripts sealed. (All college transcripts are ordered legally sealed.)
  • He faked two forms of his birth certificate. (Nope.)
  • Jade Helm was a plot by President Obama to confiscate guns. (Dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.)
  • President Obama is part of the Muslim Brotherhood. (Nope.)
  • President Obama lived under a fake alias. (Nope.)
  • President Obama isn’t a Christian. (Well-documented history of his church attendance.)
  • President Obama was going to confiscate guns. (Never took one.)
  • President Obama was going to change the Constitution to run for a third term. (Nope.)
  • FEMA was going to be used to run concentration camps. (Nope.)
  • Hillary Clinton slept through the Benghazi attack. (The attack occurred in the middle of the day in Washington, she was wide awake and dealing with it.)
  • The FBI was on the verge of indicting her. (Nope.)
  • Hillary Clinton has had multiple people killed. (Nope.)
  • The Clinton Foundation is a pay-for-play scheme the Clintons have used to make millions. (They’ve never taken a salary from it.)
  • There was a stand-down order given that could have saved the Benghazi victims. (Nope.)
  • Hillary Clinton was going to rig the election. (Nope.)

To be honest, I’ve forgotten more of them than I can remember. Yet despite this list (which could be much longer if I listed everything) of all these conspiracies that millions of conservatives legitimately believe — none of them are true.

Though the saddest part is, no matter how much evidence you use to show these people that all of that absurd nonsense is pure fiction, it won’t faze them. One thing I’ve learned is that conservatives believe what they want to believe, facts or reality be damned.

Even many of the things they believe about their conservative icon Ronald Reagan aren’t true. This is a hero to nearly every Republican alive today who:

  • Raised taxes six of his eight years in office.
  • Banned automatic weapons.
  • Passed an amnesty bill for illegal immigrants.
  • Nearly tripled the national debt.
  • Supported Bill Clinton’s assault weapons ban.

Yet those are policy stances that would disqualify him from even winning a GOP primary today, let alone being viewed as an icon for the party. Except, that’s exactly what Reagan is to the GOP. They worship a legend that’s not actually true rather than the reality of who he was as president.

You can go throughout our nation’s history, through nearly every ridiculous conspiracy that’s been nationally accepted by more than just a few people, and on the wrong side of all of those issues practically every single time you’ll find one common denominator: Conservatives.

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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