Dear Conservatives: Thanks for Being Horrible

Plato said, “One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” And so, conservatives, you deserve the nation’s gratitude for being so horrible. There is no possible way people of reason can sit by and let you continue to gain power. Thank you for shaking America out of its apathy.

Your constant screaming grates on our nerves, conservatives. But instead of winning us to your side it has set us against you. Every day, there’s yet another outraged right winger screaming on the television, on the Internet or on the radio. It no longer matters to us what you are screaming about, just that you are. That you are wrong is a given.

Oh, what’s that? You need examples, conservatives? You don’t see how you’re wrong? Very well.

You rage against the government, exclaiming how much you hate it while trying to gain that same power for yourselves. You claim to want smaller government while trying to get it involved in every American bedroom. You expect us to believe a woman cannot make reproductive decisions by herself, but want everyone to be subject to whims of the corporate world.

You have shown us, over and over again, that American lives are not worth as much as the dollar. We see you explain why the schoolchild should not get lunch, why the sick and disabled must not get care, and why the poor are lazy. We see you tank the economy, blame someone else, and then cut lifelines for those you ruined with the decisions you can’t take responsibility for.

Conservatives rail about wasteful government spending. But how many billions of dollars did you waste with your fruitless ACA repeals? How many more billions did you waste when you shut down the country when you didn’t get your way? The only thing the least productive Congress in history can do is throw loud, expensive, and pointless screaming tantrums.

And what heroes you pick, conservatives! An old, white, rich duck call maker, railing against LGBT Americans. An old, white, rich, draft dodging pedophile former rocker, threatening to kill your president after calling him “sub-human.” An old, rich, white rancher, thumbing his nose at the government over fees he owes, rallying whack jobs with high powered firearms to his side to hide behind women until he reveals his blatant racism.

You whine that you aren’t racists, but you laud them, and harbor hate groups in your midst. You cry that you’re sick of Bush being rightfully blamed for the mess the nation is in while you constantly scream it’s “Obama’s fault.” You moan about being vilified while spitting “Liberal” at your opponents like a swear word.

You love to dish it out, but wail when you get it right back. Sarah Palin promotes torture and trivializes slavery, but if somebody calls her on it, they must be fired. Conservative media bellows hyperbole and misinformation all day and night, and yet demands the head of whomever talks back. A female country band speaks out against Bush’s war, and they get blacklisted for years.

You oppose affordable health care. You oppose a living wage. You oppose helping the poor and the sick. You oppose stopping the companies who poison our water, our air, the very ground we walk on. You oppose logic, reason, and compromise. You oppose equal rights, civil rights, reproductive rights, while calling yourself ‘The Right.”

You support tax cuts for the rich. Subsidies for corporations. Spending for the military even when the Pentagon doesn’t want it. Legislation of your religious beliefs, the First Amendment be damned. Oh, but you’re all about the Constitution, huh? You pick and choose from that storied document like you cherry pick your Bible verse. You wax poetic about our military veterans with tears in your eyes, and then you cut their benefits.

We haven’t forgotten the awful mess you got us into in Iraq, for which you have never apologized. We watch you pound war drums for Iran, for Syria, for North Korea, for Russia, even against your own president. It’s been said that “War” stands for “We Are Right,” and as conservatives call themselves “The Right,” that’s a very fitting slogan for you. War on taxes. War on immigration. War on women. War on foreign powers. War on Washington. War war war.

There is a hot coal of rage in our gut. If an angry voting base is a motivated base, then you may have just bitten off more than you can chew. Sure, you’re angry too – but you’re always angry. All this means is you have ticked off the rest of us.

You know it too, don’t you, conservatives? That’s why you make it so hard to vote. That’s why you take away polling stations, issue ID restrictions, and gerrymander districts. You have to be afraid of the Electorate to do that. And with good reason. There are more of us than you. When we vote, we win. The volume of your opinions may be loud, but the volume of your numbers is not that impressive.

We get it. We see that you think there are no consequences. Cheney, Rice, W., they all skated. Christie is strutting around again, while Paul thinks we have forgotten he’s a word thief. Gohmert talks about arresting people and, for some reason, asparagus. Cruz buys dead tigers for his office while claiming he had nothing to do with the shutdown. You think because there’s been no accountability in the past that there won’t ever be. So you spew your bile.

Years ago, I was a bouncer. I saw plenty of fights. What you learn is that when one guy runs his mouth and the other does not, the loudmouth got his teeth knocked in every time. And nobody felt bad about it.

So keep screaming, conservatives. Keep being horrible. Keep giving us reason to not feel bad about knocking your teeth in at the voting booth. If you weren’t so insistent on showing us just how awful you would be in governing us, we might not care enough to stop you.

Thank you for making sure we want you gone. America appreciates your rancor.

Chad R. MacDonald

Chad R. MacDonald has a degree in English Literature from Cape Breton University and subsequently received a full scholarship to AMDA in New York. He is a former security professional, a veteran of the hospitality industry, and experienced in administration and the arts. He loves baseball, hockey, marine photography, science, New York City, and his family.
He lives in Hell's Kitchen with his wife and son and their gigantic cat.
Chad also writes for,, and contributes at You can follow him on Twitter @ChadMac19 and on Facebook as well!


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  • kathy

    This is great I will post this over and over

  • Pipercat

    Welcome! I read some of your stuff over at QM. The name refers to an 18lb. Turkish Van Tomcat. The avatar pic sums things up too!

  • Evasaddy

    Great essay. I hate that those who would benefit the most from its message may never read it.

    • pixeloid

      Let’s be sure to post it on every fright-wing site we can find.

  • Vince Edmonds

    read it, fell asleep during, re-read it to be sure I didn’t miss anything you were spewing. Yup… litarded drivel. Every word. See you during the NEXT election. If you’re sooooo upset at us feel free to grab up your guns and come force us to think your way. Oh yeah, that’s right…. you don’t have any. We will sit quietly by and watch as you libs disarm each other. You make it as easy to hate you, as you hate us. We had to take this country by force once before. It is WHY the second amendment exists to begin with. We will take it back again and you and yours will be all burdened with the yoke of the traitor.

    • whatever


    • The great thing about writing this piece is that I knew some douchebag would fall over himself to prove everything I just said.

      Thank you, Vince, for being the cherry on the garbage sundae that represents your ideology. Take a damn bow.

      • outragted13

        They do it every time, and they are too blind to see it. Simply amazing.

      • Cassie

        Conservatives should be ashamed. Christ loves everyone and asks us to do the same but all they can do is judge, hate, and fear. They are terrified of what they cannot understand nor do they want to understand. Conservatives are like a child huddled in a corner hoping that the louder they scream and tell themselves they are right the more it will become true and the faster the truth will go away. Very sad.

      • Verna Lang

        Compared to some of the more vitriolic comments that I have read on sites where extreme right wingers like to gather, Vince comes across as a moderate voice of reason. I do read their articles and posts occasionally to try to understand their point of view, and I can safely say that the resultant nausea from reading the filth they spew has been a great help with controlling my food intake for my diet. Effective, but not for the sqeamish, or those with an aneurism ready to blow.

    • LiberalAndProud

      “Litarded”? Is that a word your fundamentalist Christian madrasas teach alongside all that hateful bile?

      • LarryD

        As a forward-thinking progressive Christian liberal, I’m
        looking for where Vince Edmonds mentions Christian faith. As much as I oppose what he has to say, I
        don’t see it, so I don’t assume it.

    • Pipercat

      We don’t hate you, we pity you…

    • Bruce Bantz

      Typical. Name calling and threats. Lazy illogic that avoids addressing one iota contained in this well-written article. “We had to take this country by force once before “?? From whom? The Union North?

      You could, on the other hand, write something thoughtful like an adult.

    • Michael Case

      You know, Vince, there are lots of brands of decaffeinated coffee on the market that are just as tasty as the real thing.

    • Cemetery Girl

      I am liberal. I am absolutely progressive. My husband builds guns, so I certainly am not out to take away all the guns. The difference between you and I is I believe that forcing someone to agree with me at gunpoint is wrong. You come across as unstable. So, no, I won’t be showing up at anyone’s door to try to change their opinions by force.

    • Me

      What is this, “litarded” you speak of, troll?

  • LarryD

    I couldn’t agree more with the point you’re trying to make here. But as a
    forward-thinking progressive liberal for more than 50 years, can I ask
    you to ditch the derisive and divisive “old, white, rich” language?
    Old, white, rich progressives – like Bill Clinton and me – want to move
    forward with people of all ages and colors. In fact, that’s our whole
    point, isn’t it? Let’s counter the regressive, derisive, divisive and
    oppressive policies, rhetoric and actions of others with an attitude of
    progress for all. And, strategically, we don’t need to make enemies out of allies.

    • I can go along with most of what you say. There is nothing wrong with being old, white, and rich, but my point was that those are the ONLY things seemingly acceptable in heroes for the right wing fringe currently controlling the GOP.

      I would love to reach a compromise with conservatives, but they have shown repeatedly that they will refuse. If we don’t smack down the extremists, they will just keep getting worse. They’ll keep coming back after they are smacked down, for that matter. Just look at the havoc they have wreaked since the last Presidential election.

      Until the Republicans gain control of their wingnuts, which I am not holding my breath for, dialogue isn’t going to be possible. They PRIDE themselves on not compromising. For an example, see Vince Edmonds in the comments. How do you talk to THAT?

      • Sandy Greer

        I understand what you’re saying. I lose ‘heart’ myself, sometimes.

        But we talk – not because we hope to dissuade/persuade the ‘wingnuts’ – but because there is hope of reaching the Moderates; the Independents.

        I didn’t vote for Obama the first time. But, just as I was repelled by the witch-hunt of the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal – so also am I APPALLED at the Hate and Racism directed at our president since 2008. And not all of it from ‘wingnuts’ either. GOP owns that. I’m not the only one moved Left since 2008.

        I understand why you called Vince a ‘douchebag’. As a woman, though – it feels Wrong to take something that only women do (douche) and turn it Ugly. I don’t know how to say it any other way.

        Even if ‘they’ do it first – We don’t sink to the level of our Opponents. We DO better – because we ARE better.

        A writer has more at his disposal than name-calling.

        I enjoyed your piece; it spoke in such a way I had nothing to add. An anomaly, as you see. 😉 Like Pipercat, I took a look at your other stuff, and hope to see more of you here.

        You be sure to have a good day!

      • Thanks, Sandy. Appreciate your comments. They do have merit and will be considered in future.

      • LarryD

        I agree with your point about uncompromising extremists and the overall point of the article, Chad. But extremists come in all ages, races and genders (ex.: GOP primary debates 2012), as do forward-thinking progressive liberals. You correctly noted that extremists drove voters away by rejecting them and insulting them. I’m asking for less categorizing of opponents by age and race, so we can focus on moving forward for all, particularly those who are disenfranchised. It was just one objectionable paragraph in an otherwise helpful piece. I appreciate your thoughtful response.

      • Certainly. I think we are not only on the same page but the same sentence, just our wording is a little different.

        I get what you are saying by not categorizing. I intended to illustrate that conservatives are doing just that. No insult was intended to a specific group, I was merely pointing out their idolatry of certain members OF that specific group.

        Anyway, I appreciate your comments. Cheers!

  • pixeloid

    Great piece! Spot on!

  • Rick M

    Whoa…. Wait a minute. I’m a Liberal. I am very left wing, and yet I have to stop you on one of your earliest points in this essay. We cannot stop listening to them complain, we cannot assume they are always wrong. That just shuts down discussion and benefits nobody. I always refer to the difference between Liberals and Conservatives as Conservatives being for the good of the one, and Liberals being about the good of the many, but the many still include Conservatives, and we need to hear their voices to know their needs.

  • Sandy Greer

    The Right – best kind of People Repellents there are.

  • janetmamajo4

    Great post! Thank you for your perfect synopsis of the “right”…

  • Gil

    What often is left unsaid, but what I think accounts for much of the virulent hatred is Racism.. Having a Black President drives the Tea Party, Gun Nuts and other Ultra
    Right Wingers into a hateful rage

  • jamiejones455

    I love this article. But the people that it applies to most won’t read it. Those that do have such poor reading comprehension skills that they won’t get thru half of it.

    • Me

      Actually, some may read it and, much as I tend to do with far Right Wing tomes, dismiss it. I think nothing is written on the Right or the Left intending to recruit or persuade, but merely to support the positions of those who already agree and to motivate adherents to action. Any incidental changing of minds already made is little more than collateral benefit, in my opinion (and you might take that with the weight of its worth being just what you paid for it). That said, I agree wholeheartedly with the tone and I sincerely hope the premise holds true because I would feel very privileged to live long enough to see these bastards swept into the dustbin of history along with others of their ilk who came before them.

      I will add, as an old, white guy (not rich but not poor either), I do not take offense at the jab toward old, white, rich guys as the base constituency of the far Right Wing, mainly because that is the base constituency. My age and bloodline may tie me to the tribe but it doesn’t bind me to the philosophy or the mindset.

  • Ronnie Salmanowitz Breitstein

    If I re-write this splooge and substitute LIBERAL communist manifesto talking points, will you recognize yourselves??? No-wait-just wait until ACA tells you (as Medicaid did to my 94-year old late mother) you aren’t worth the expense anymore-you must go into an elder kennel and divest your assets(that huge $18,000 savings account-no home, no jewelry) or we won’t help you-or go into the ACA hospital (where? Sloan Kettering, Mayo Clinic, the best cancer and research hospitals are NOT in the exchanges and NOT approved by ACA) and try to get a physician who gives a crap since they get paid about 1% of what it costs-just wait-you will all be worshiping at the capitalist altar

    • Mandolin Bee

      Realize for yourself that it’s conservative policy that makes someone have to stay dirt poor to get public benefits. Your mother had to get rid of assets because if you HAVE assets, you obviously don’t need “help”.

      Please realize this is not my opinion. I’m disabled, and receive public help. I know first hand the limits, how I am not allowed to try and get ahead. These limits and caps on assets and savings stem from people on the conservative end of the spectrum that impose them to avoid “abuse”. Apparently, if I have more than $2000 in savings, I must be getting enough money somewhere to afford my medical bills.

      Take a survey of your conservative friends, and just ask, “Do you think someone who has a few thousand dollars in savings should be allowed to get help from medicare?” Don’t add context unless they ask for it (I bet they don’t). I wager dollars to donuts they all immediately exclaim that that would NOT be okay. That someone who has some money stashed away should not get help. Those are thought processes that required your late mother to divest herself before she could get help.

      PS– the ACA does not “approve” hospitals, it sets a bar for minimum requirements on -insurance companies-. Most insurance companies do not cover specialty hospitals like the Mayo Clinic. Take that up with the private sector.

      • Ronnie Salmanowitz Breitstein

        OK, my MOM had $18,000 to her name after working for it ALL. She couldn’t pay for assisted living and an aide after spending it all down to $2000-so she couldn’t come back to her apartment but had to go into a nursing home. The aide AND the apartment in a care facility would have cost friggin’ $2500/month, but she was forced to go into Medicaid which would rather pay the Nursing Home which cost $13,800 PER MONTH!!!!! They killed her because she became so depressed and DISABLED to leave her familiar belongings (oooh-she’s not needy-she has PICTURES and Mementoes that had to be disposed of as they don’t give you a HOME in a HOME it is an elder KENNEL. DO you think $2000 was WEALTH??? You are, unfortunately, are dealing with your own issues and don’t care about anyone else. I have insurance now that is inexpensive and DOES cover Mayo or any other excellent hospital in my area-but the ACA is taking it away to give to some slacker and buy their votes. Start your own country-I want mine back!

      • Mandolin Bee

        … like I said, I am in the same situation as your mother. I don’t consider $2000 wealth. But conservatives DO.

        I’m sorry that you think I was saying your mother didn’t deserve help. I was actually saying the exact opposite– that she should have been able to get help despite her meager assets. And so should anyone else who has large bills. I think everyone deserves excellent care.

        You’re actually arguing a liberal point about your mother, you know. You and I agree that her situation should have been different.

        But you’re pointing the finger at the wrong people.

        Conservative thought says, rather coldly, that your mother should have had private insurance instead of taking public funds if she had money. I can’t stress enough that I DISAGREE WITH THAT IDEOLOGY.

        You’re calling me too self absorbed to want to help anyone else. If you read my words and still believe that, there’s nothing I can do.

        I wish your mother could have gotten the care without having to give everything up. I wish I could, too. I wish everyone could.

        The old health care system did not save your mother. But the new one may save someone else’s mother by helping someone who also does not have a lot of wealth but needs treatment.

        Under the ACA, your mother may have had an insurance policy that did not require her to lose everything first… one that she could afford with the assets she already had and still have plenty left over.

        What sort of system would you prefer so that people like your mother could get proper care without going broke? Because our old system is the one that killed your mother, isn’t it? What should have happened instead?

      • Ronnie Salmanowitz Breitstein

        Don’t speak for me, please. Most Liberals think they know what Conservatives think and they do not. You are swallowing political talking points whole. It may not be you, but most Liberals (who don’t want to be called Liberal anymore-the new word is “Progressive” which is an oxymoron in context). The Liberals like John Kerry (who thinks Israel is an apartheid state) are noblesse oblige who enjoy their wealth while condemning us to poverty or loss of freedoms-the government can never serve all its’ citizens and never was intended to try. Someone is always left out in the cold-had my mother put her money into an FSA instead of TRUSTING the government and its’ promises, she could have kept the house I grew up in and had a nurse care for her. I, as a Conservative, want help for those WHO TRULY NEED IT. We will end up like Europe, where our friends in Italy have more than 50% of their income paid to a communal kitty that no one benefits at all-when pregnant and bleeding in her 7th month, she was told $1500 up front if you want the SPECIALIST to come in for you, or wait 6 weeks for a regular appointment! They had to borrow from their families to pay the money. Husband works in a good company and paid well but takes home only $25,000 annually after the government feeds everyone else. LIBERALISM is an IDEOLOGY not a government or political system.

      • Mandolin Bee

        I don’t recall speaking for you. I did ask some questions that you didn’t answer, though.

        This is the speech I get when I complain about the same things you are about your mother from conservative thinkers: “You should have had private insurance. Your family should have saved more money instead of spending it all and then mooching off the public.”

        I honestly don’t know how you can sit in the position of watching your mother’s situation and still defend the very people who would say “Those are the consequences of not taking personal responsibility.”

        I am constantly told “Whose fault is it that you cannot afford your own health care? Why should I pay for it?”

        Why should anyone have paid for the Mayo Clinic for your mother?

        I’ll tell you I think we should have. She should have gotten that care, and everyone can pitch in a little to see that it happens.

        It didn’t happen, and that’s very, very sad. I’m truly sorry.

        I wish you would see that it’s conservative thought that put those limits on her. Conservative beliefs that she should have prepared BETTER earlier in life. And if she didn’t, then it’s her burden and the burden of her family to bear.

        If you think that sounds cold, I agree. It’s twisted and not at all compassionate.

        But it’s not a liberal sentiment.

        … and about posting your personal finances… if your husband only nets $25000 after taxes in a year… then you actually get more back than you pay in at tax time. Your husband could file exempt and lose very little every month to Social Security, and even get a credit if you choose to take it. So… I’m sorry, your taxes aren’t feeding -anyone-. They’re coming right back to you every April.

      • Sandy Greer

        You’ve got the patience of a saint. I hope you post here more often.

      • Mandolin Bee

        I get that a lot…. I’m going to start getting an ego. Seriously, though, in this specific instance, I can be extra patient because my sympathy for this person and her mother’s plight before her death is very, very real. 🙁

  • Occupy the Dollar

    I don’t like vitriol, but this is very well written.

  • Nonya

    good writing super douche, been watchin big nose bill maher i see…asshole

  • Nonya

    Tell ya what, how about you progrssives stop talkin and we just kick off CWII.. i mean hell, enough playing around, if you want control bad enough, then come get it sunshine.

  • mcquestion5000

    Cape Breton University? Wow. Hello from the island. I went there myself for two years.

    • When I attended, it was the University College of Cape Breton.

      • mcquestion5000

        Same for me. What years were you there?

      • From ’89 to ’93. There may be a couple pictures I’m in outside the Boardmore Playhouse.

  • AuthenticApril

    I’d honestly like to frame this! It’s like a work of art to me!

  • Brian

    LOL. You treat conservatives like they are one monolithic entity, that all believe alike. I can put a fringe crazy on the left up again every fringe conservative you listed. For every war and/or international mess caused by a Republican president I can put up one that was caused by a Democrat. Your piece is so full of fallacious generalizations and emotional appeals I don’t even know where to begin. You complain of conservatives “screaming”, yet this piece basically amounts to the same thing. You are so unhappy and so angry, that it pours out of every sentence. I feel sorry that you seem to hate so many of your fellow Americans. And recognizing that we are all Americans is ultimately the solution for this country’s problems: We must put aside this anger, this division, and work together to make the future better. Even before we are “conservatives” or “liberals”, we are all human beings who all live in the United States—a country that has been a bastion of freedom in the world since its inception. A liberal friend of mine on facebook shared this. She and I argue constantly and disagree on many issues, but we also continue to be friends and continue to RESPECT each other. This rant was not respectful; it was an exercise in contempt and hatred—the very same attitude of which you accuse conservatives.

  • Kevin Olomon

    This gay conservative was almost sure this piece had originally been an
    article railing against liberals and that the resulting plagiarized
    piece simply had the word “conservative” subbed-in for every
    “liberal”… but then as I read further, the piece took a sharp turn
    into the whacky melodramatic and over-the-top sensationalist… and
    ended up having “extreme left lunatic-fringe” written all-damned over
    it. And to think I was almost fooled… Sheesh!

  • Brian

    WAAAAHH CONSERVATIVES ARE MEAN! Lol, I love how you’re acting like you’ve already lost. I mean you have, but still.

  • Raddison

    When Capitalism crashes Conservatives always blame that on the government. And same when Capitalism leaves them- middle class Whites- jobless, in debt and angry. That’s never a failure of Capitalism and is instead pinned on “government”. There were too man regulations or taxes were too high or government was “stifling entrepreneurship”.

    And Trump, who managed to become very rich despite those tax rates and regulations imposed by the government, convinces Conservatives ( and others ) that, yes, tax rates and regulations are preventing people from becoming wealthy ( just, if you would please, ignore the fact that HE became wealthy under those tax rates and regulations…thus evidencing that the entire narrative he is selling to the witless masses is complete BS. )