Dear Conspiracy Nuts, Alex Jones Is Playing You For Fools

alex_jones_shoutingMonday morning, I half jokingly made a meme after news of the Navy Yard shooting broke, predicting that conspiracy nuts would start screaming “false flag.” And sure enough, I was right. Once again, Alex Jones slithered out from under his rock and summoned that legion of followers to proclaim that once again, the government had staged another horrific event in order to take away our rights, send us to FEMA camps, etc. It doesn’t matter what the event is, or what the topic may be, him and his followers will find some shadowy group to blame it on. It’s like Godwin’s Law except you just replace Hitler with George Soros, the Bilderberg Group, Zionists, etc.

I think people rely on conspiracy hypotheses (no, they’re not actually theories because theories are hypotheses that have been tested) because they create a more exciting and fearful world in which they can exchange their current reality for another. Remember when we were kids and we pretended to be cops or secret agents? Same thing here except these are grown adults, and they can’t separate the fantasy world from reality anymore. It’s a fanciful and yet simplistic way of explaining any event that happens without thinking. Let’s take Monday’s shooting, for example. A man with a rather complex history of mental illness and anger issues snaps and kills a dozen people inside of a military installation. Immediately, “it’s an attack staged by the government” comes out of Alex Jones’ piehole before the police have even secured the scene, and his mindless drones believe every word of it.

“Mindless drones” of Alex Jones, that’s the best way to describe it I suppose. Conspiracy paranoia goes beyond a mild mental illness or a problem with intellectual maturity, it’s really a cult when you think about it. Think of all the people who did anything Jim Jones, or Charles Manson or David Koresh said. I would bet every last cent in my bank account that if tomorrow Alex Jones said that the end of the world was upon us and his followers should sell everything they own and head to the bunkers, they would do it without thinking. You see, Alex Jones isn’t a raving lunatic — he’s a very clever individual who realized there is a financial gold mine in peddling crazy conspiracy stories laced with a strong tinge of anti-Semitism. While Alex was still popping pimples in high school, there was David Icke who makes him seem almost normal. Alex Jones basically followed in his footsteps and surpassed him as the new leader of the conspiracy fringe. He took the insane rants of David Icke and watered them down a little to be more palatable for a wider audience — which, of course, means more money in his pocket. You see, it all boils down to one thing: maximum audience which equals maximum revenue.

This isn’t to say the government hasn’t ever lied to us or that conspiracies haven’t happened before. We know for a fact that the government has lied or withheld information from us. Corporations and individuals conspire to do all sorts of shady things on a daily basis, and we have documented proof of both. However, what Alex Jones is selling is nothing more than a collection of old stories with the wording changed a bit and an extra couple tablespoons of xenophobia and anti-Semitism thrown in. If you’ve bought into his narrative, that’s the perfect definition of irony right there. You didn’t want to be “one of the sheep” and you found a Pied Piper with a tinfoil hat peddling an alternate reality to you. How does it feel to be played for a fool?


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  • Pipercat

    They’re not hypotheses either, they’re fantasies!

  • Law

    I don’t understand these people. If you truly believe that the US government is capable of staging mass murders and public executions like the military base shooting simply as a grab for power, WHY THE F*** WOULD YOU CONTINUE TO LIVE THERE???

    If I truly believed that the US government was perpetuating shootings, 9-11, and other horrific crimes against humanity, I’d have a 1-way ticket to friendlier shores before the day was out.

    But most of these idiots live and work in middle America every day with no plans to vacate, peddling nonsense that they clearly don’t even believe themselves.

    • raggedcompany

      Because if they leave the country, they can’t sabre-rattle about how they’re “better” Americans than everyone else.

    • you’re an idiot.

      Please refer to Chabre’s post below. Thank you.

    • William Dean Luke

      How to respond to this…

      First, let me state this simple fact for you. Many of us are fed up with the way our government not only treats it’s citizens, but it’s foreign dignitaries and other nations.

      Move out? Seriously? To where? And with what money do you expect millions of Americans to move? more than 60% of this nation is at or below poverty level. It takes 6 grand to become a US citizen if you weren’t born one. It takes almost that much money to move ~out~ of the United States. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have 6 grand conveniently laying around just to become a citizen in some other country, where I won’t be guaranteed a job, where I won’t be guaranteed shelter.

      The simple fact of the matter is that most U.S. Citizens have nowhere to turn. We’re all damn near broke, and living paycheck-to-paycheck.

      Here in the States, many people live on less than $20 a week and are struggling to raise a family and make ends meet. Most families here are one paycheck away from being homeless, but you somehow think we all have the money to spend to move to another country if we don’t like it here. Don’t make me laugh.

      • D Barnes

        dude, are you serious? What are you talking about. I don’t know where you live, but where I live people are working every day living there lives, buying cars, boats, homes. Taking care of their families, on more than $20.00 a week. Please don’t judge everyone based on your life or situation.

      • William Dean Luke

        Oh, you must be one of those middle class folk who doesn’t have to worry about where their next meal is coming from. You don’t get it, and you probably never will, not until you hit rock bottom.

      • D Barnes

        Its not an issue whether I’m middle class or not, your comment was that most people are living at or below the poverty level, and I’m telling you that is not true. There are maybe about 13% of the population living under the poverty level. I took in account those living in shelters not being counted.
        So I don’t know where you are getting your information.

      • William Dean Luke

        Cite your sources, OR STFU.

      • D Barnes

        Look around you.
        Go outside.
        Go to the mall
        Go to the movie theater
        Go to dinner
        Go to the beach.
        Just take off your blinders and look for yourself.
        Do you work?

      • William Dean Luke

        YOU haven’t cited sources. Your point is hereby invalidated.

      • D Barnes

        The sources is around you. The source would be the type and amount of cars on the road.
        The source would be the number of sport vehicles on the road and water, i.e. boats
        The source would be the amount of people at sporting events every weekend, which includes both college and pro sports.
        The proof would be Home sales in the US.
        I will ask you again, do you work?

      • Law

        In other words, ‘I am absolutely terrified that my government is out to get me and will murder me in a fiery cataclysm, but I somehow can’t scrape up the cash to save my own life, so I’ll just bitch about it and let myself die here, besides, all those other governments are just as bad! Sweden is also out to get me!!!eleventy”

        Yes, that’s all well and good, consider the fact that these idiots don’t really believe what they are saying. That was the point. I see you missed it.

      • William Dean Luke

        *Yawns* You obviously don’t get it, and have never been in a situation in which you have no means to travel, but I’m not going to argue with someone who hasn’t spent even one tenth of a second in my shoes.

      • D Barnes

        You can’t afford to travel, but you can afford a computer and internet connection, or you are using a phone with internet capability.

      • Loulah

        You must be one of those people that think you cannot be poor if you have a microwave and a window AC unit. Maybe I should sell those things and turn off my phone so I can leave the country…..

      • D Barnes

        No, I’m not saying that at all, or think it. I know what poor is, and what I’m trying to relay to the gentleman earlier and you as well. If you can spend the money to have internet service, cell phone, which are all luxuries btw, you have the opportunity to either better yourself online or save enough to leave the country if you feel the government is out to get you. It’s basic. I don’t like where I work, I save and I learn to go somewhere else. Bitching about the situation is not going to make it better, going out and doing something about it will.

      • Sam Brosenberg

        How much does it cost to pack your belongings into a car, and drive for the Mexican or Canadian borders? There’s a difference between being too poor to take a vacation to a foreign country, and being unable to flee when you are threatened. It does not cost 6 grand to cross the Canadian border, it costs the price of a passport and the price of getting there.

        No, life wouldn’t be peachy there if you fled and illegally crossed the border and trekked into the wilderness. However you’d be escaping from evil American tyranny.

        What people like you want, are for all the comforts of home to be maintained, but the bills for them removed. You know where you could go live, that doesn’t have a war crime-committing, drone-using, GMO-protecting, false flag-perpetrating, evil tyrannical dictatorial government? Somalia. They’ll never tax you a cent and you know that they’re sending troops to other countries and killing children for oil. Enjoy.

      • William Dean Luke

        That’s assuming one even OWNS a vehicle..Here, let me check this big-ass garage I DON’T have full of cars I DON’T OWN…Hmm..nope, No cars there!.

        You sit there and try to say it’s easy to leave the country. BULLSHIT. America is the only country I know of that gives Illegal Immigrants a free fucking ride. I can’t move to England and get a free ride, can’t move to Mexico and get a free ride, can’t move to canada or any other country and get a free ride long enough to get on my feet in any other country, but you somehow, like the bungling blockhead you are, think that all it takes is a fucking passport and some gas to get out of the country?

        Just how hopelessly out-of-touch-with-reality are you? Sure, I could leave, if I wanted to live on the streets of an unfamiliar city for several years.

        But let’s face it, not even YOU would do that.

      • Jeffrey Zamora

        You might want to save that facepalm for when it is appropriate like making a valid point because your response was embarrassing. You’re an absolute fool if you can’t comprehend his point that if you have enough to waste money on luxury items that are not a necessity then you don’t have the right to whine and complain about not having money and barely making it by paycheck to paycheck.

      • William Dean Luke

        It’s called a “Gift”, and living by the good graces of others when you can’t make ends meet yourself. The internet I use? My neighbor lets me use his wifi. My computer? BOught it with my own money after scraping and saving every penny so I could buy one to use as a digital artist. Yeah, I’m really going to sell the only means I have of making money.

        Fucking tool. Get off your goddamned high-horse, you entitled prick.

      • William Dean Luke

        I don’t have money for the internet. I hop open wi-fi, and use my friends wi-fi down the hall when he allows it. There goes another dumbass theory of yours, out the window.

        You don’t know my situation, so don’t sit there and pretend you can judge me or guesstimate how I get by, because you have no fucking clue, kid.

      • Jamie Carter

        We have an open border with mexico have at it 🙂

      • Jeffrey Zamora

        That is the biggest load of BS I’ve heard. Where do you live…China? NO ONE in America lives off of less than $20 a week. What a joke.

      • William Dean Luke

        No, you fucking too, YOU’RE the joke. I’ve been in the homeless/below poverty level boat my entire life. Just because you’re too out-of-touch-with-reality to see it, doesn’t mean the problem doesn’t exist. Take off your “Entitled fucking Yuppie” glasses and look at the real world, dumbass, because you’re wearing rose-tinted glasses if you can’t see the impoverished in this country.

      • William Dean Luke

        Nobody? Care to back that up with evidence? What’s that? You can’t? Then shut the fuck up and let people who ~aren’t~ entitled bitches speak.

      • Stacey Campbell

        “NO ONE in America lives off of less than $20 a week”? Are you fucking kidding me? Ever visited Appalachia? Go spend a week there and then tell me people in America don’t live off $20 a week. Have you never seen homeless people? Have you never witnessed parents go without food just so they can feed their children, or parents handing their children over to Social Services because their homes were foreclosed and they could no longer house or feed them? Wake the fuck up, please, before you go running your ignorant mouth.

      • Celine Zavanella

        Actually, it costs $300 to take the citizenship test, a few hundred to apply for a green card, and even then you qualify for assistance. So probably $1,500 at the most. My best friend from high school has lived here 20 years on a green card simply because she doesn’t want to give up her Japanese citizenship, not because she can’t afford it.

        If you want it bad enough you will do what it takes to get it.

    • Thomas Collins Jr

      Nah, most of these folks are also fans of Duck Dynasty, add 30 points to their IQ and they could get a position of a rock.

    • Sandra Pagan

      where are they going to go? Are you telling me you think all that are awake ..can afford to move to another country? What they want to do is wake up the sleeping masses.

  • Ed

    I watched this and read the article, I must admit he didn’t call this a false flag he said it could be a postal situation or a false flag. There are some, a sizable portion of the population, that fear that our government is trying to take guns out the hands of our citizens and kill our 2nd amendment rights.
    While Alex Jones can be crazy and over the top, it’s the fault of the media failing to challenge our government that pushes people to listen to alternative media. Groups like Bilderburg do exist, they do have those meetings in California, they do host some of the most powerful people in the world, we are not privy to the dialog in those meetings and they are rarely mentioned in the media. I must admit Alex Jones did expose those crazy weird cult ceremonies that they hold at Bohemian Grove and it’s on video to see.
    There are many people who listen and watch his videos, which is an indication of people not trusting their government. Things he says are to be taken with a grain of salt and viewed as self promotion, but maybe Dems and Republicans should do a better job of building trust with their constituents.

    • Pipercat

      You just created a falsehood that goes along with your overall straw man fallacy. Bilderberg does not hold ceremonies at Bohemian Grove. The Bohemian Club predates the Bilderberg group by 70 years. They are two separate entities that have two different functions. Alex Jones is a flim-flam man. He’s selling his snake oil as proof or “facts” of non-existent controversies to fleece money out of unsuspecting fear-freaks by selling them what they want to hear. What was that saying P.T. Barnum used to say?

    • CorporatePersonhood

      What we really need to do is destroy the two party system. That way corporations will no longer run our government. One day the PEOPLE will have the power again.

  • Chabre Wreckless Johnson

    Ladies and gentleman I may be just your average bear, but when the facts come out usually they arnt wrong. Even if ya don’t like the way he gives out the information, his information is borderline in real-time since his fact and fiction point count lays heavy in the fact side. Don’t get me wrong im not saying he’s right all the time, im just saying he’s rarely wrong. Hes not a prophet, but if the only source of clear information comes from (the looney down the street) would u give up a source like that? Stupidity reigns when the ignorant chose to live in ignorance. Having superb amounts of Faith in a system that has already taken away your right to protest is immature and suicidal and in the line of things ignorant. Where would you possibly go to have more freedom? Spain? Russia? Australia? China? Ive heard people say a ton of times “If you don’t like America then just get out!” Listen fixing whats wrong in the system, rather than allowing it to destroy the American name…is way more American then deal with it or move out. The four fathers of America didn’t back down, excuse my French but, why the Fuhk should we? Your money that allows you to relocate is more than likely the same loot that most people, incapable of leaving have to use to pay off the debt just passed off to the Americans like, “Here, let them pay this never-ending bill.”
    It makes me angry that people are so dumbed down that his talk show even, HAS to exist. If people would have the Integrity to do whats right when nobody was looking than America would be that beacon of light the world has been missing, but unfortunately, people would rather tell others to….”Move somewhere else” rather than assist in a safe transition into a healthy nation. That’s Non-American in my eyes, but you have that right to say what you want. The rights that are being dismantled by this administration and its predecessors, emplaced ways to persecute you for speaking out against the establishment. All those years of the Civil Rights Movement, thrown down the drain by the establishment while claiming peace and regularly bombing nations isn’t American, US Government procedure for Foreign Policy.
    Everyones entitled to their opinion but if the facts of history follow suit with of Empires that have collapsed before…wouldn’t that be insanity? Doing the same thing over again expecting a different result?

    • duif73

      Well said 🙂

    • Thoughtful

      I believe there were more than four fathers of America. The rest of your rant? Well, good luck.

      • Chabre Wreckless Johnson

        Valid but that’s just arguing semantics.

    • You are the example that this article is talking about. No, his facts don’t usually come out right. He is an entertainer just like Beck, Rush and O’Reilly. His only goal is to feed his ego and enlarge his bank account.

    • Pipercat

      He’s not right all the time, but he’s rarely wrong.

      Now that needs some explanation…

      • Chabre Wreckless Johnson

        Ok so, Since were not going to be talking about the things his “Conspiracy organization” (Some would call) has reported on, I guess we’ll talk about his actions, motives and his physical proof.
        His actions,
        1st, He’s set up a group of people that actually wanna report on real news. Instead of who’s got the sexiest shoes at the VMA’s or the rapper, artist, actress that didn’t manage to wear panties out in public or got caught drinking and driving. The content they bring to the table is not only accurate but controversial which gets people talking…and gets people most suspected of violating (after all facts have been examined by the way) in a rush to get inside their vehicles and drive off or dash into a secured areas. Avoiding/dodging/not acknowledging a civilian are all in the same bracket as deciding to avoid/dodge/not acknowledge the same people who fund their paychecks….even your questions get avoided and you pay part of their checks too….hold on…over $100K paychecks at that.
        He’s talked to numerous supporters and they don’t exactly believe its going to end up where he claims but a lot of them completely understand its possible of getting to the extremes he talks about. So yeah the public has valid reason to be alarmed by what corporations and the governments claim especially if they say one thing and do another… aid Al-Qaida in Syria…(excuse me but, fuhk outta here for that).
        The reason I bring this up is cause it connects to Alex’s motives. He doesn’t want war…like millions of others don’t want war. Here, nor Syria, Russia, Europe, Canada, or Mexico, Lebanon, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, or Pakistan… I really need to continue? 🙂
        His Motives,
        Yeah I don’t doubt he makes cash off his company name, but if he didn’t, how could he support running it? Yes, he sells water filters, healthy foods and more but wouldn’t you if you wanted people to see whats going on, and offer an alternative to the bullshit foods we know exist on the market? GMO is in EVERYTHING! So yeah hes probably motivated to make a buck like anyone else would be, but his core reason, values and, shit, his whole hopes and dreams for not only himself but the U.S., would probably collapse in on itself without funding, so yeah if his products will help me live healthier, why not?
        His proof,
        (Ed) down below, said it for me this morning.
        Now your right the Bohemian Club predates the Bilderberg group (Officially) but the Bilderburg group headed the event that video was recording. Plus the bilderburg group has networked into everything, why would it matter if the Bohemian Grove predated the bilderburg group. Hes not saying the Group built the bohemian grove. He’s saying the wild ass events they have are run by them and others that are not suppose to be having meetings with them due to the Logan act of 1799.
        Actions, Motives, Physical Proof.
        but I like to debate and if Im wrong and things get proven otherwise Ill gladly say I was incorrect and keep it movin.

      • Pipercat

        Impressive disquisition, but I have no idea what you are babbling about…

      • D Barnes


    • D Barnes

      Again are you serious? Please explain what liberties or rights have you lost?

      • Paula_Mythodrome

        Are you kidding?

      • D Barnes

        No I’m not please explain what liberties or rights you have lost.

    • Bob Wager

      I thought there were more than “Four” Fathers that started this country…

    • ganymede3010

      I remember I use to pay for his site. He said during the Bush Administration there would be a Nuclear bomb detonated in a American city so all dissenters can be shipped to internment camps and enslaved. He said this was imminent. Alex Jones is a salesman. And what he sells is fear. Once your good and scared, he offers to sell you videos, pre-packaged foods, and a litany of other survival gear on his website. He’s a total fraud.

      • Chabre Wreckless Johnson

        when was this video? because if it was before 9/11……does it really need to be explained? either way FEMA camps kinda sound like a good

      • D Barnes

        May I ask have you ever been inside a so-called FEMA camp? do you know of any one who has either been inside a FEMA camp. If no then all you are saying is pure speculation without concrete proof. could you present what you know in a court of law, or could Alex Jones present what he knows in a court of law and be found credible? I don’t think so. WHY? Becuase no real proof, just fear mongering, and money

      • Chabre Wreckless Johnson

        I don’t wanna sound like a fear monger,but that how the jews felt before Hitler threw them all in internment camps?Put two and two together you get four not 3. All I’m saying yet again is the local nut has a point.somethingsmells fishy and it aint Americans.

      • D Barnes

        You cannot compare what happened in Nazi Germany to today. One reason, you are talking about a completely different Government system.
        Next, for what purpose would it serve. What would it accomplish.
        also, you believe just because most people don’t believe in your conspiracies that people wouldn’t defend themselves, you’re wrong.
        finally, most importantly, and it’s a question I’ve asked and neither you or anyone else with the same conspiracies have been unable to answer. Can you legitimately prove that the US Government along with FEMA, or any other agency, is preparing prison camps for US citizens and their families. Because this is the thing, if you could prove it, you could and would be able to get people to back you, your Congressman, your mayor, senators, governors, they would all be on board, the military, all you would have to do is provide proof. Can you do that?

      • Chabre Wreckless Johnson

        First off; before I say this, I love my country and all its variety of people in it. Blunt debate about these things need to be had in order for people to make efficient, precise determinations of the world we live in everyday. Without it, elected officials herd cattle into slaughter houses (Bad way to think of it, so we’ll go good way. Leading people into cages for whatever reason)

        Ultimately arnt people protesting all over the U.S. and getting crushed by riot police? Wasn’t Occupy Wallstreet ultimately about changing the way people are treated for expressing a consensus view on SOP’s? {Standard Operating Procedures) During the last Wallstreet collapse there were hundreds of thousands of people in the streets protesting. Do you think people had proof for the collapse then? yeah, cause they had just experienced it in their pockets and bank accounts. It was too late by this time, it had already went down. You have to understand the big picture, if your going to ask questions that can potentially get people injured. Do a history lesson for your ownself on what was pursued this go round.
        Now the reason I said all that was because im I cant say that I have any proof because, (I) don’t, but look outside the box around you and you might find some things that make you go “Hmmmm”.

      • D Barnes

        well I’m glad you love the country, so do I, and that’s why I get so annoyed when I see people making statements regarding the government will be putting people in internment camps.
        You mentioned people protesting all over the US and being crushed by riot police. Well let’s be honest, especially regarding the group or organisation “Occupy Wall Street”, In most if not all cases they were not in lawful assembly, in one case in NY they were blocking traffic and arrested while marching on the Brooklyn bridge.
        I’m not saying the government is without fault, I’m not saying corporate america is without fault, I think CEO’s are raping america with their greed.
        But do I think there is a plan to put Americans in camps, NO.

      • Chabre Wreckless Johnson

        If you cant understand that, its ok ill explain it real quick. FEMA has set up National Disaster Camps (Interment Camps), All over the United states (probably not too far from you), in order to put people into places for “Re-teaching” American policies. Any national uprising would then (Since the US is a battle ground) result in police in assault gear or military in the streets. Automatically through process of elimination, “We the people”, can become targets too. I’m sorry but does that not make you un-easy……and I’m a Veteran.
        He’s got the same point.
        Regardless way am I defending another man. Im simply saying the looney down the street has a point.

      • ganymede3010

        Wake me up when that happens.

      • mothernatureearthmom

        Dude – I went to where one of the camps not too far away from me was supposed to be. A mall is there.
        Get a grip. With all the people who love them some conspiracy kool-aid, you would think at least one of them would have found at least one of these so called camps somewhere – anywhere. Then think…just exactly who is going to round people up. It ain’t happening.

  • Corwin

    Spam, Politics, and The Wizard’s First Rule

    Spam as in Email Spam and Facebook Spam, Politics both conservative and liberal.

    The Wizard’s First Rule from Terry Goodkind’s novel of the same name that is the first of the series known as The Sword of Truth.

    What do all of these have in common? Well the Wizard’s First Rule explains why people believe some of the email spam, Facebook spam, and political stories and misinformation. They believe the stories and pass them on without taking a moment to think about if it is true.

    Before I give you the rule I have to admit that I have been caught a few times too. I have had to deleted posts on Facebook when I found out the information was false – I should have checked before I posted, but I fell for the first rule.

    So the Wizard’s First Rule is (in rather harsh terms):
    “People are stupid; given proper motivation, almost anyone will believe almost anything. Because people are stupid, they will believe a lie because they want to believe it’s true, or because they are afraid it might be true. People’s heads are full of knowledge, facts, and beliefs, and most of it is false, yet they think it all true. People are stupid; they can only rarely tell the difference between a lie and the truth, and yet they are confident they can, and so are all the easier to fool.”

    A simple example in the form of Facebook spam recently was a post that commented about how March had 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays, and 5 Sundays. The post went on to claim that this would not happen again for 856 years.

    I know very intelligent people why bought into this, but just a little thinking and you realize that any non-leap year that starts on a Tuesday will have a March with 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays, and 5 Sundays. And any leap year that starts on a Monday will as well.

    It isn’t always as easy to see and sometimes it takes some research.

    I know that both conservatives and liberals have used the wizard’s first rule. The most recent that I am sure about are the ads against Obamacare, where they claim that you cannot choose you doctor. Before the Obamacare law passed, the stories about “death panels” was also a case of using the wizard’s first rule.

    My point in making this post is that we have to think. Don’t assume that because something has been posted or is on TV that it is true. Sometimes it is an issue of opinions, where there isn’t a right or wrong. But many times of late, there are outright lies being put out that depend on the wizard’s first rule.

    • Chabre Wreckless Johnson

      Agreed, and possibly perpetraded by both sides, but that’s why its so important to speak out and have a your voice be heard. Without that, Fact checking becomes systematically impossible.

  • Larry Williams

    They need to do a background check on his crazy ass.

  • Matthew Reece

    Alex Jones has some reasonable guests like Stefan Molyneux on his show occasionally, but overall he does far more harm than good to the liberty movement with his conspiracy hypotheses and quack medicine ads.

  • Mark Zellmer

    We used to put nuts on medication and lock them up if they posed a danger to society. Now we give them a platform to spew their insanity from and reward them with money from sponsors!

  • Aloanstar

    Because the whole world evolves around Alex Jones, don’t cha know?

  • Edward Krebbs

    I’m sure you’d admit, though, that predicting that Faux News, Limbaugh, Jones, Beck, et al would scream “false flag” probably wasn’t the hardest thing to predict. 😉
    Plus the bloviating has the benefit of completely erasing any news analysis. Such as carrying guns and safety: I’m sure the Navy had a gun or two lying around. Not to mention military police,a lot of folk who were current on their battle training, etc.
    Or with all the screening gates (admittedly bypassed by a security card, but many airline personnel get to bypass security also) PLUS metal detectors spread around the building, he got 2 rifles in and also picked up a pistol. What does that say about the TSA screenings ?

  • ganymede3010

    I admit I use to be a fan of Alex Jones. Until I realized he’s part of the conspiracy he’s suppose to be fighting. It’s rare that a Conspiracy theorist gets the chance to go on National TV and expose the nefarious actions of the secret societies that control our political and monetary institutions. So it’s paramount that you use that precious time to make a clear, measured, intelligent and concise argument. However, when Alex gets those rare precious moments, he flies off the handle and it makes everyone think “that’s how conspiracy theorists act”. So anyone who’s on the fence, or open minded enough to hear another perspective, will be turned off by the shouting, and uncontrollable gesticulating that Alex Jones exhibits when he’s on National TV. He’s not working for the people, he’s working for those he’s allegedly protecting us against.

    • Paula_Mythodrome

      That’s exactly right. There are, in fact, tons of pressing questions that need to be answered regarding 9/11 (among other things), but Alex Jones gives people who might otherwise care the impression that even looking into such questions makes one a complete raving, rampaging nutter. If I were as paranoid as he is, I might suggest that he is the CIA’s main disinformation psy-operative to discourage people from asking pertinent questions. But I actually think he is mentally ill.

  • Marsha Adamson

    The only thing I’m afraid of are the conspiracy theorists. They scare the shit out of me.

  • therealjeaniebeanie

    I don’t watch Alex Jones, myself, but you seem to have embraced the “lone nut” coincidence theory. Until you have looked closely at people like Charles Manson and Jim Jones, you don’t know the whole story. (I’m not taking a position on anything else you’ve said, so don’t assume I’m one of Alex Jones’s followers.) I highly recommend two books to you: “Programmed to Kill: the Politics of Serial Murder,” by Dave McGowan, and “The Assault on Truth: Why Freud Abandoned the Seduction Theory,” by Jeffrey M. Masson. They are very different books that overlap on one issue: the evidence of childhood sexual and physical abuse as the source of neurosis and mental health problems in adults. In McGowan’s stunning book, he shows from public records and reliable sources the strange links between many or most serial murderers and child abuse, child pornography rings, and political/law enforcement connections. Violence and abuse, especially in childhood, make people more vulnerable to mind control. The book is too deep and broad to give justice to in a short comment, but it is well worth reading and very important. And if your mind is open to the idea that you could still learn something about the way things work, you could learn something about the way things work. Warning: neither of these books is easy to read, but especially McGowan’s.

  • lee steven

    The point is listen.. seek the truth ..don’t let others scare you ..simply listen ..use commonsense follow
    no one and make good choices listen to your spirit let it guide you to truth don’t read politicians lips.. but look at their past not what they promise and don’t think the usa system is a angle look at the usa as a corporate entity with the greed of money and power as it’s GOD is greed and war.

  • ender

    You see Alex is trying to help the world… articles like Manny Schewitz’s (is that german?) are nothing but hate speech. This guy is most likely one of the new ways the Military wants to reach out to the people (with their propaganda) As their television media is becoming a joke to the world. Manny, try helping people instead of hating them.

    • fuck loons

      hey faggot, he’s a fearmonger.

      • AutismDadd

        Stooge alert. This clown does nothing but post vulgar messages. Check his bio, a real low life.

      • AutismDadd

        Your typical vulgar nazi pro-vaxxer. Parents do you plan to follow this man?

  • ender

    When we start rounding up the media spin doctor traitors, I wont forget Manny.

    I think Rand Paul is on Alex Jones tonight.. Maybe Dr Joel Wallach. Maybe Jesse ventura, or was it Billy Corgan, the dixie chicks, I can never remember from any of the hundreds of famous people, scientists, doctors politicians that go on his show…

  • Guest

    Anyone who listens to Jones is a moron anyway. He’s full of garbage and should not be taken seriously at all. Ignore him and others of his kind. You’re be better off, that’s for sure.

  • Sandra Pagan

    The Bilderberg group is REAL… many europeans know about this and protest. The city where they hold these secret meetings are forced to pay millions of dollars for the security of these inbreds.

  • Sandra Pagan

    they think they are above the law! You can arrested for just taking a photo of any of the attendees. It’s not a conspiracy. It’s fact. These people think they are above the law.

  • Kathryn McElroy

    This nutty bullfrog will choke soon on his vomit.