Dear Liberals: We’re In Serious Trouble, Stop Being Distracted

01imagesWhether it’s the Cliven Bundy militia stand-off with the BLM, or the latest outrageous comments from a former governor of Alaska, liberals are utterly distracted by all of the political sideshows being put on by the GOP in recent weeks. The problem is, the midterm elections are rapidly approaching. Here we are running from one outrage to the next, and unless we start getting pissed off enough to make sure to get to the polls, we’re headed for a repeat of 2010 – or worse.

The Harvard poll found self-identified conservatives (32 percent) are 10 points more likely to say they will go to the polls than liberals (22 percent), while men (28 percent) are nine points more likely to vote than women (19 percent), and young Whites (27 percent) are more likely to vote than Blacks (19 percent) and Hispanics (19 percent). And 44 percent of Mitt Romney voters said they will vote this fall, compared to just 35 percent of those who voted for Obama. (Source)

Go ahead, let a bunch of people who think the Constitution only applies to heterosexual white Christian males stage their silly little rally in the middle of the desert. Let’s stop giving any airtime to the lunatic ravings of TV grifters preachers who constantly come up with a new dire prophecy to keep their viewers scared and the donations rolling in. And please, enough with the pundit wars. Seriously, are these the most important things going on right now that liberals need to pay attention to?

The numbers at this point show that the Senate will likely drop back into Republican hands according to Nate Silver who, as you recall, absolutely nailed the outcome prediction of the 2012 Presidential election. In other words, if you thought Washington was screwed up before, it’s going to be even worse with both the Senate and the House under GOP control. At least two liberal Supreme Court justices could retire within the next couple of years and with a Republican Senate, the chances of the Supreme Court tilting heavily conservative are very possible after 2016.

And just imagine for a moment what could happen in 2017 if somehow we ended up with a Republican in the White House?

Let’s see, Wayne LaPierre wants a national gun law which could force states with stricter standards on who can carry a gun to allow people from states like Georgia, which has low standards, to carry in their state. Imagine some untrained person from rural Georgia with a gun and a hyperactive fear of minorities walking the streets of New York or Los Angeles? We could see severe nationwide abortion restrictions modeled on the recent legislation in Mississippi or even Hobby Lobby religious studies in our public schools.

Yes, those are some “what if” scenarios, but the fact of the matter is that by being distracted with the latest “look at me!” statement from Donald Trump or other planned political celebrity outrages, we’re losing sight of what’s important – and that’s getting out the vote in November. These stunts are designed to get their base riled up to turn out for the primaries and the general election, and we should only refer to them as a reminder of what we’re up against, nothing more.

And just in case you forgot, once again, here’s what’s at stake this coming November:

—All 435 seats of the U.S. House of Representatives

—33 seats in the U.S. Senate

—46 State Legislatures

—38 State and Territorial Governorships.

Are you registered to vote? Do you know where your local polling place is? If not, turn off the TV and put down your iPad. It’s time to get to work.


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  • Pipercat

    The apathy is among the young. Efforts need to focus on them to get out and vote.

    • auntielib

      Yes, people tend to become conservative and shift away from the Party of the Jackass and towards the GOP as they get older and wiser, that is correct.

      You Progs truly are dependent on the Young And The Stupid, and on the Americans from Africa, aren’t you!

      • Pipercat

        Ask me if I give a fuck about any thing you spew.

      • auntielib

        You probably don’t care about the latest WaPo/ABC News polling findings either, eh Pipercat?

        Which is fine by me!

      • Pipercat

        I care even less than a fuck for your argumentative and irrelevant bullshit.

      • auntielib

        Thanks for replying so quickly! I can tell you care about my posts, A LOT, Pipercat! Way to go, dude!!

        BTW, it wasn’t me who conducted the WaPo poll, so you can’t blame it on my “bullshit” this time around, sweetheart.


      • Pipercat

        C’mon, say the word. You know which one. Why parse it out using two?

      • auntielib

        Wow, Pipercat shows “he cares”, once again!
        Thanks, dude!!

      • Pipercat

        It’s only six letters, why bother saying it with two?

      • auntielib

        Oh look! Pipercat shows he “doesn’t care” about my posts by quickly replying to each and every one!
        Wow, you Progs are SHARP, no doubt about it!!

      • Pipercat

        You’re always right! You’re never wrong! C’mon, just say the word, you know you want to. We’re just progs. Say it; you say it around the rest of your ilk. Why muck up your prose with two clumsy words?

      • Michael Case

        I’m sorry. I wasn’t paying attention. Please tell me again which alternate universe you are from.

      • auntielib

        Wow, now THAT post by Michael REALLY refutes the latest WaPo/ABC News polling data!!!

        I am impressed!!! You Prog debaters are DEFINITELY a force to be reckoned with, no doubt about it!!!

      • Adam Smith

        Actually, Hispanics are a larger minority than blacks. And demographically whites will be a minority soon. All those people of color that you rant about will outnumber your vote and you’ll be irrelevant.

        Makes me smile just thinking about it. How about you?

      • auntielib

        Actually, since you asked, the latest WaPo/ABC News poll findings is what makes me smile.

        And thanks for asking, Adam!

  • auntielib

    Good luck with that, Manny.

    As one can quickly see, scanning through these various discussion threads on “Forward Progressive”, most of the Progs here prefer instead to rant about “racists” and how “stupid” they think Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh are, and that Fox News is “faux news” (even though Allen Clifton himself posts links to FOX News in his desperate attempt to lend credence to his various rants) so it would appear you Progs face a very steep uphill battle indeed.

    • Adam Smith

      Not really.

      The GOP base is mostly older whites. It’s estimated that by 2043 whites will be a minority. So all we have do is wait.

      Comprende mi amigo?

      • auntielib

        OK, I guess that means that maybe by 2043 you Progs/Dems feel you will have a chance of finally winning the House and Senate back?

      • DavidD

        If you don’t vote as most Hispanics in Texas do you can wait until doomsday.
        Demographics don’t mean anything if most people don’t show up to the polls and the right wing nut jobs do.

  • felipe63

    The Dems give people very little reasons to vote for them. Just supporting gay rights and being pro-choice while being in the pocket of big business & the military industrial complex isn’t much of an incentive. Nominate a few more Kucinichs and Warrens and people will turn out.

    Keep offering up DINOs and other repub-lites like Feinstein and we’ll stay home, run some real liberals and we’ll show up. But they DNC won’t do that, they’re addicted to the same multi-billionaire money teat just like the other party.

    • strayaway

      While Ralph Nader, like Kucinich before him, has lately been advocating the impeachment of President Obama, take heart in this week’s survey showing that Wall Street Republicans plan to vote for Hillary if either Ted Cruz or Rand Paul is the Republican presidential candidate. More likely, it will be Bush vs. Clinton. Then we might as well all stay home.

      • Sandy Greer

        I can see why Wall Street wouldn’t want a loose cannon like Ted Cruz. His appeal is to a very few, select, ‘persons’, in this country.
        But what do they have against Rand Paul?
        And, I always vote. Every single time – local, state, national.
        My vote counts – always – for me.

      • strayaway

        I think of Rand as leaning toward his Father’s sort of small government politics but unlike his Father Rand makes the occasional nod to the Republican mainstream. Lobbyists never bothered Ron Paul because he was 100% against corporate welfare. Rand must represent that threat as an anti-corporatist. Ralph Nader deems Rand to be good on issues of corporatism, civic liberties, and foreign policy but dislikes Rand on his social spending and government regulation stances.

        I have soured some on Ted Cruz. He has recenly take a very militarist stance like Bush, Obama, Hillary and probably Jeb.

        I always vote too but my vote is sometimes spent on third party candidates who don’t have a chance when I decide that the two parties’ candidates don’t represent me. I even voted for Nader once.

      • Sandy Greer

        Me too! Both accounts (Nader & 3rd parties) Hell, I’ve even voted Libertarian, at times, LOL

        THIS time, tho – and probably, 2016 – I’m going to vote straight (D) all the way down the line. A ‘reactionary’ vote to the Obstructionism I see on The Right since Obama presidency.

        Save for the Primaries. Did I tell you I’m registered GOP now? 😉 Yep; got my very own TeaPug Congressman (even here, in a ‘blue’ state) just BEGGIN’ for me to vote against him, in the Primary.

        Agree; Ted Cruz strikes me as somebody raring to go. He’s combative – needs that ‘enemy’.

      • felipe63

        Yeah, DINO’s like Hillary, a corporate lawyer who represented the likes of Monsanto & Wal Mart are the problem. If she gets the nom in ’16 I’ll vote for a 3rd party again.

        As for impeaching Obama, I would say that vaporizing american citizens, especially a teenager who had never even be accused of committing a crime is an impeachable offense. And the ass hat of spokesperson who said ‘maybe he should have had a more responsible father’ about said murdered teenager should be in a cell too.

    • DavidD

      So you just sit on your rear end and wait for what.The world does not modify to suit us.
      I don’t like the Clintons one bit and have no illusions about the Democratic Party but I show up and vote the straight ticket everytime.
      Do you have an alternative other than waiting for something better to fall from the sky?
      I refuse to let a bunch of hatemongers and sociopaths get the reins of power.

      • felipe63

        Please re-read my comment I never said don’t vote, that’s a baseless assumption on your part, I said the Dems give liberals very little reason to vote for them. There is a difference

        My current congress critter is a ‘blue dog’ big business democrat, should I vote for him just because he has a D behind his name, though he doesn’t represent my values? IMHO, no. Give me a Kucinich to vote for and I’ll vote D. Hell I’d settle for a half of a Kucinich, but until then no I’m not voting for some repub-lite just ’cause they are gay friendly with a D?

        I vote, I just happen to vote my conscience instead of the lessor of 2 evils the main parties put in front of me, and if that means throwing away my vote on an independent or a candidate for some other party that’s not R or D, I am okay with that.

      • DavidD

        What other conclusion could I draw from what you posted?
        I’m sure you are a nice person but objectively you did not leave me with any other stated option.
        I agree that neither party represents my intrests but here down in Texas I gave up voting my conscience a long time ago and vote the straight Democratic ticket out of sheer desperation.
        Things are very bad down here and the Democratic policy of running just to the left of the teahadist has failed in the last twenty years.
        We have the worse voter turnout in the country and a bunch of liberal empty headed chatter about demographics and how swell Hillary is,(can’t stand her,neo liberal swine) don’t mean squat if people don’t show up to vote because we give them very little reason too.Until we do voter turnout will continue to go down.
        To do that we have to involve the ordinary wage earner back into voting.A real populist campaign hitting the GOP hard on economic issues, their massive corruption along with their just self evident idoitacy would do that.
        Just running ads of them talking on record followed by the question Is this who we are all about would be a good start.
        The GOP down here is just about a hairsbreath from becoming openly fascist so a Blue Dog Democrat would be a gigantic leap to the left in Texas in the short run.
        Not that we will get that.We will lose in double digits in 2014.


  • John Clark

    The battles really have to occur at the local & state levels this November. I just look at what happened across the river in an off off year election in Virginia. The tea party went too far and progressive groups organized the win. I like MoveOn’s billboard campaign. The best thing to do right now is to find out how you can help locally. Work w/ the NAACP, union funded groups, or whatever progressive grass roots GOTV drives are happening, and start now.

  • Sandy Greer

    Best thing about Obama presidency is it brought the ‘crazy’ out from beneath the white sheets into the bright light of day. We all get a good, long look at it.

    Been tough on him – but good we see the Dark Side of The Right: Hate, and Racism.

    This being an election year, GOP is making last ditch efforts (Voter Suppression) and pulling out all the stops (paid trolls) It’s to be expected.

    But that Dark Side is a mighty good motivator.

    People know who likes them, and who doesn’t. Truth is, we just don’t ‘feel the love’ from the GOP. We don’t buy the Hate they sell.

    Be sure to vote. Make sure your neighbor does, too. Talk to your kids. This election is too important to leave to chance.

    • auntielib

      Keep thumping your hairy chest, Sandy!! You tell ’em!!

      Meanwhile, over on some “Progressive” discussion forum I recently came across, I found the following:

      “The Harvard poll found self-identified conservatives (32 percent) are 10 points more likely to say they will go to the polls than liberals (22 percent), while men (28 percent) are nine points more likely to vote than women (19 percent), and young Whites (27 percent) are more likely to vote than Blacks (19 percent) and Hispanics (19 percent). And 44 percent of Mitt Romney voters said they will vote this fall, compared to just 35 percent of those who voted for Obama.”


      • Sandy Greer

        Begone, paid troll. Take your 100 +/- daily posts…23K+ (and counting) total…and begone from me!

        Others want to waste their time on you – their right.

        But I deem you Unworthy of mine. I DON’T FEED PAID TROLLS. Don’t read them, either.

      • auntielib

        Thanks for reading and replying to my posts, Sandy. Much appreciated!
        I read yours also, btw.

      • Pipercat

        You owe me one 😉 !

      • Sandy Greer

        Holy shit! You’re my new best friend.

        You know they’ll just send another one, tho. Different moniker & avatar, fewer posts – harder to spot.

        But our friend strayaway sure looks good these days – doesn’t he? I may even start reading our other mutual friend. 😉 (ouch!) No promises now, but I’d almost be glad to see him, too.


      • Pipercat

        He’s actually sincere. He just has a problem with conflation…

        My Sith Lord friend is actually a real good guy. I’m going to tease him a bit over the Militias getting into a lover’s quarrel.

      • Sandy Greer

        Anybody that allows teasing can’t be all bad.

        I still think he’s got a problem with Domination. Or I do (disliking it) But I do owe you – and grateful to pay, LOL

        So I’ll give him another look. Can’t promise to actually engage him – but I’ll take a peek, now and then. 😉

        Goodnight, Pipercat. You made my day.

      • PitoDaddy

        I’m glad that clown got zapped!

    • PitoDaddy

      I couldn’t have said it better myself, Sandy. The People’s View is another great progressive site you might want to check out.

  • PitoDaddy

    The apathy of our working class voters is disgusting and tragic. I guess the attitude is that if it isn’t a presidential election, it’s not important. I truly believed that the consequences of the 2010 election would be enough to motivate progressive and independent voters to come out in force and vote for the Democrats to try to protect the middle class and poor from more devastation. After seeing the turnout for the 2012 election I was somewhat hopeful and began to think that most people had awakened and realize what’s at stake, but now, I’m not so optimistic.

    The Dems are on the right side of all of the issues that effect the vast majority of the American people, and yet, according to these polls they don’t seem to give a damn, or at least not yet. My questions to all of those apathetic voters out there is, what will it take for you to wake up before it’s too late? What is it about the Dems fight to raise the minimum wage to put more money into your pockets that you just don’t care about or like? What is it about having healthcare (many of you for the first time) under the ACA that the Dems brought to you, and want to improve that may play a role in saving your life, or the life of someone close to you, that you just don’t think is worth fighting for?

    What is it about the president’s jobs bill that is being obstructed by the GOP in the Congress that could put you to work so that you would be able to feed yourself and your family, and pay your bills that you’re just not interest in fighting for? What is it about the Dems fight to extend unemployment benefits for you and other Americans around the country who have become totally destitute, homeless, and literally starving, that you just don’t think is important enough to fight for? Are you just counting the days until the Koch brothers take full control of our country so you can be pushed into abject poverty and watch the total breakdown of our economic and social system? ARE YOU REALLY THAT GODDAMN STUPID!?!?!?!?!?!?

    • auntielib

      “The apathy of our working class voters is disgusting and tragic.”
      What are you talking about?? According to some Harvard poll I recently read about, roughly 1/3 more of the folks who voted for Mitt Romney say they will vote this Fall, compared to the folks who voted for our First Failed Black President.

      That sounds pretty enthusiastic on the part of those working class Mitt Romney voters, doesn’t it?

      • PitoDaddy

        I don’t know whether you are a paid troll, a wealthy person,
        or a devout GOP voter who has been thoroughly brainwashed by right wing media. You likely know very well that 2407 right wing brainwash media has played a huge role in getting working class GOP voters to vote to cut their own damn throats, election, after election, after election. I gotta give it to you guys, the saturation of right wing media has wreaked havoc on the psyche and critical thinking skills of millions of people. At any rate, I’ll still entertain your response to my comment.

        I am an independent progressive voter who used to listen to Rush Limbaugh and other conservative radio talk show hosts during the 90s, mostly out of curiosity and I thought that he did a somewhat funny impression of Bill Clinton. Rush was never able to convince me to vote for the Republicans, but he was able to confuse me enough to keep me from voting in the 1996 and 2000 elections, which was the second worse thing to voting for the Republicans to cut my throat. However, after the Supreme Court stopped the recount that allowed George W. Bush to become president I knew that something was wrong. And yes, I’ve heard the GOP and some media outlets claim that a recount was done later that SUPPOSEDLY showed that Bush had more votes. I’ve also heard and read reports that stated the opposite, so don’t waste my time with that argument. The Supreme Court should have never gotten involved.

        For the past 13 years I have conducted hundreds of hours of research for the facts regarding American history, economics, and the history of the political parties. I remembered some of what I had read in my high school and college history books, but I had forgotten some things so I reread some things to refresh my memory. I have also read old and new Congressional Budget Office Reports; reports from the Office of Budget and Management; US government and state-level legislation; numerous old news paper articles from years and decades past; video clips of speeches given by right wingers of the past such as Paul Weyrich (one of the founders of ALEC). I intentionally sought out non-partisan and some conservative literature and other sources as much as possible because I wanted to know what is highly likely to be the truth, regardless of which side the chips may fall.

        It was through these years of research that I learned about the Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson, Peter G. Peterson, and other Libertarian/Republican-leaning billionaires who own the GOP. I read the Libertarian Party platform (a road map to oligarchy and feudalism) from 1980 when David Koch was on the Libertarian Vice President ticket against Ronald Reagan. That Libertarian platform is what has been driving the GOP since they began to commandeer the Republican Party. I also happen to read the Republican Party Platform from 1956 when Eisenhower was in office and I must say that the GOP platform back then looked like a Democratic Party platform of today. Eisenhower was a Republican that I could have voted for if I were alive and old enough to vote back then.

        As you should know by now, these wealthy billionaires have
        been on a mission (through the GOP), to further enrich themselves through tax policy and other legislation to their benefit, while driving more of the middle class into the poor working class. In my view, based on verifiable facts in addition to enriching the wealthy the GOP’s tax policy over the decades (courtesy of Jude Wanniski and Grover Norquist) since the Reagan years has been designed to break the US treasury so that the doors will be open to destroy Medicare, Social Security, and any other New Deal, Great Society, or any other government-sponsored program designed to help the vast majority of Americans who do not have millions of dollars to fall back onto when times get tough. I could go on, but I think that you get you my point.

        If you are a paid troll who doesn’t know any better, what I have said here will completely go right over your head and you may respond with
        insults. If you are a wealthy person who is benefiting from what the GOP has done (and is still trying to do) to our country over the decades, you will probably smile to yourself, knowing that I am right on the money with my assessment, but of course you will never admit to that. And if you are a devout middle/working class GOP voter just trolling
        progressive sites to be annoying you will probably respond in a similar
        way to the paid troll. At any rate, the things that I have stated here are verifiable facts that you will likely still dismiss.