Dear Mainstream Media: Stop Being Cowards and Start Being Honest About Donald Trump

Donald TrumpListen, I get that the mainstream media is supposed to (in theory) remain mostly impartial – at least on the news side of things. Of course, much of today’s 24/7 cable news is filled with opinion-based shows that are often very partisan and biased.

But I also believe there’s a difference between attempting to be impartial, and flat-out ignoring facts because reporting those facts might appear to be biased. Our news should be about one thing above all else: Reporting truth and facts.

Such as the bigotry, racism and ignorance that’s an epidemic within the Republican party.

This is no longer “subjective” (nor should it have really been after the GOP elected former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke in Louisiana in 1989) following the rise of Donald Trump as the dominant frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination.

Words cannot express how sick and tired I am of watching “political experts” and supposed “analysts” sit there on television trying to “break down” why Trump has become the overwhelming leader among the huge pack of GOP candidates. Especially when they damn well know why.

It’s not because he’s an “outsider.” Carly Fiorina is an “outsider,” and she’s polling around 3 percent last time I checked. It’s not because he’s “tapping into an anger” many Americans have toward the status quo government. And it damn sure isn’t because he’s qualified to lead this country.

The reason why Trump has ascended to the top is because he’s pandering to the bigotry, racism and ignorance that runs rampant among many conservatives – especially those who align with the tea party.

When he called most Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals, his star didn’t rise because some Americans are “frustrated with our immigration system.” It’s because many conservatives oppose immigrants – period. They believe, wrongfully, that Mexican immigrants are nothing but savages coming here to “take our jobs” and drive up crime. This isn’t about a genuine concern from the right about how to rationally deal with illegal immigration. This is about the deep-seated disdain many conservatives have toward immigrants, especially the ones who don’t happen to be white.

Trump’s rise is as much about his false bravado and idiotic fake machismo as it is about bigotry and racism. From trying to bully any journalist who dares to call out his lies, to sexist attacks on reporters and other women, all the way to mocking a writer with disabilities – his disgusting tirades feed right into the hands of those who think being offensive is some kind of “slap in the face” to political correctness. When the truth is, he’s a 69-year-old man with the temperament and maturity of a petulant toddler.

When Trump shares a blatantly racist graphic based on fake “crime statistics” trying to paint African-Americans as murderous monsters, it’s meant to appeal to the racism that drives huge swaths of conservatives – because that’s the sort of lies and nonsense they want to believe. It doesn’t matter if it’s true, because most Trump supporters couldn’t care less about the truth.

And neither does Trump… obviously.

Following the terrorist attack in Paris, Trump realized it was his moment to seize on the anti-Muslim bigotry that’s not only accepted among many conservatives, it’s embraced among them. That’s why he immediately began talking about databases to track Muslims and making up ridiculous lies about “thousands and thousands” of people celebrating in the streets of New Jersey. And it doesn’t matter if these celebrations never happened, because many conservatives will believe Trump regardless. Even if there’s not a single shred of video evidence – anywhere – to support his myth, they’ll still believe him. Why? Because it’s what they want to believe. Then there’s always his continued insistence that we should ban all Muslims from entering the country. How “American” of him.

Want more proof?

Anyone with any sort of common sense knows the birther/Muslim nonsense that’s followed around President Obama for years has been based on racism. Well, guess who’s a birther? Oh, just one Donald J. Trump. Someone who began building his current base of conservative support upon pandering to the crazies who think the president is a Muslim who faked two forms of his birth certificate. Now he’s using that same sort of rhetoric against Cruz – though it seems conservatives don’t quite care about it as much this time. Hmm, I wonder why?

So, it’s not exactly shocking that two-thirds of Trump supporters think President Obama is a Muslim.

Trump is the most fascist-like presidential candidate (at least leading candidate) this nation has ever seen, yet he’s embraced and adored by millions of conservatives.

But to listen to many within the mainstream media talk about Trump’s rise, they seem (or at least pretend to be) “dumbfounded.” That or they use the generic talking points about the appeal of an “outsider,” the dissatisfaction with government or whatever other drivel they feel like saying to avoid the harsh and obvious truth: Donald Trump’s rise to the top of the Republican presidential leaderboard is the living, breathing proof of the bigotry, hate, racism and overall ignorance that’s driving much of GOP.

It’s about damn time more of the mainstream media starts calling that out.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Cemetery Girl

    What I really want to know is does he believe his own vile words or do they make a great means of attention. Trump loves attention. That’s nothing new. He also feels superior to everyone; his supporters don’t grasp that to him they are all worthless. But does he buy his own remarks about Mexicans being rapists and Muslims need to be registered? I don’t know.
    I am leaning towards he believes it, but not how his supporters think. I think they hear him and think “there’s us and them”, but I think Trump’s mentality runs more “there’s me and everyone else”. For him this is marketing. You tell people things that will get them into your hotels or to buy your products. He talks about himself as a brand. I feel like his campaign is marketing. Market to supporters because they are there for the achievement of his ends. While they embrace him knocking others they don’t grasp his disdain for them isn’t any less. (Trump has disdain for anyone that isn’t him because he is the greatest.)
    If anything we can thank Trump for highlighting our problems. He has put a spotlight on the fact that to be a popular politician all you have to do is tell people things they want to hear. (We knew this, but we ignored it. He’s thrown it in the spotlight and made us look.) Despite what we have believed has changed and the arguments that racism and sexism aren’t really problems anymore, he has proven that wrong and taken it center stage. He calls Mexicans rapists and his numbers go up. He has people discussing singling out people of a certain religion for forced identification and part of the population (some of which would have insisted anything that can be considered Nazi-like horrible a year ago) are praising the idea. It is amazing how clear he is making our social wrongs stand out.

    • Nancy B

      I think he knows better and wants to see how far he can take it for sociopathic motives. He keeps getting more outrageous as time goes by. I took one of those “what candidate comes closest to your views” Q&A’s based on candidates’ stated positions and statements several months ago, and he came out closer to me than any other Republican candidate by a wide margin. I know that if I took the same Q&A today, he wouldn’t come anywhere near my beliefs.

      Your take has much merit, though.

      • Joyce Ellis

        Nancy think of it this way – Six months ago you were willing to sort of give him the benefit of your doubt. “He can’t really mean it that way” but kind of agree that we do have a problem he pointed out. Six moths later he has not only moved on the old problem to a spot you can’t accept, he has added several new ideas that he hopes you will swallow hook, line and sinker – none of which will live up to the hat. He is dropping in the polls and already reneging on his promise not to run as a 3rd party candidate. Bottom line – he is a snake oil salesman who wouldn’t know a snake if it bit him. He thinks money makes him smart, but like Chaney, if you have no compassion for the human race, you can be rich without liking anyone but yourself which means “anything goes” and that includes you.

      • Nancy B

        Well, no. I wasn’t willing to do that at all 6 months ago, or 6 years ago. I said he was the Republican candidate who held the closest views. He was still far off. My point was that his stated views from then to now have gotten more and more extreme. But I agree, snake oil salesman is a perfect description.

      • Joyce Ellis

        Hope some of your good friends agree with your assessment. When I asked my very Republican who he was going to vote for last time around he would not answer the question. I wonder who he is considering his time around. I wish the GOP had a better choice of candidates. So do most of my Republican friends.

      • Nancy B

        Out of my Republican friends, most are leaning toward Kasich, because he displays a bit more sanity than the others, and has government experience. They are disappointed with the offerings, and know Kasich has a slim to none chance, though. There is a small handful of Rubio and Cruz supporters. But only one is for Trump, and we keep him around because he’s a walking contradiction. He has an otherwise kind and generous heart, in spite of being a Hatriot.

      • Joyce Ellis

        Obviously you have good friends 🙂 my brother hasn’t spoken to me since. He does send reports on my aging sister on occasion.

      • Harry lockridge

        That is so true Miss Ellis, Trump is nothing but but a brash,arrogant millionaire that could care less about anyone that does’nt run in his circle. He has no plan as how to cure this nations ills,his whole platform is spewing out american propaganda about us losing this country to immigrants and as he puts it anchor babies. Trumplodites follow his every racist,insensitive,hate filled word. He thrives on attention and acts like a child when anyone dares to show him up or in a negative light. The fact that he’s leading in the polls only speaks to the divide in this country.

      • Cemetery Girl

        I wonder how much Trump even cares about those in his own circle. Does he care about other multimillionaires or are they business connections?

      • Joyce Ellis

        Nothing to wonder about. He says it over and over. My favorite is “the Clintons came to my wedding, do you think they would have come if I hadn’t given them money?” More generally every millionaire who lost money in a bankruptcy with him was a terrible person – if he is such a good judge of people, why does he go for the “terrible” ones? Bu the way Hillary was under the impression they went to the wedding because he was a friend. Probably not so much any more 🙂
        i think he can be laughed out of town if we can just convince a few people that he is a clown. It is amazing how many folks are afraid of clowns!

      • Cemetery Girl

        A real statement he’s made about himself. Those around him are only around him for his money. 🙂

      • Joyce Ellis


      • Nancy B

        I really hate labeling, especially using derogatory names. But I just added “Trumplodites” to my personal lexicon. It fits.

      • Cemetery Girl

        I recently read a piece questioning if Trump is a narcissist. While narcissism has been dropped from the manual as its own personality disorder, several psychologists were quoted on how textbook he is. (Which, admittedly, is an unfair statement because psychologists are not to diagnosis without having meet the person.)
        But it is interesting because narcissists tend to cultivate a decent public image. They tend to hide what they know society will frown on, so there can be a huge difference between their public personality and their private one. (Those that have been close to a narcissist have witnessed this Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hyde personality.) Based on that tendency he shouldn’t be acting worse, saying things increasingly offensive, but he is. But his supporters are loving it! What should be behavior that would be socially dissuaded is being accepted. If he wasn’t a Presidential candidate it would be fascinating. He is providing an interesting study in sociology and psychology.

      • Jake Spooz

        If you want the definition of “narcissist”. The dictionary shows a photo of Obama next to the def.

  • Nancy B

    It doesn’t really matter what the MSM writes, so you can’t really blame them for going for more ad dollars. Most of the RW never read beyond the headlines anyway. They simply accept what they’ve already read from the RW sites and what they’ve heard on Faux.

  • Eg Kbbs

    Of course, Tump’s list is too long to include in a single article. But I might have added his gyrations in criticizing a reporter who appears to have a neuromuscular disease (Was Trump thinking that Limbaugh got swatted for trying to discredit Michael Fox’s testimony on Parkinson’s using the same tactic – maybe things have changed so that this would now be acceptable to discredit someone because of a neuromuscular disease ?)

    • Edward Krebbs

      A correction. Just saw an article naming the problem the reporter has. It is more a joint disease than neurologic.

  • Eg Kbbs

    As a musing, in the last few weeks there has been an explosion of facebook memes and videos among the conservatives saying that you don’t have a right not to be offended. Making it sound like the offenses they were trying to cover for were small lapses of social judgement (while ignoring that the trigger was a line of racist events at Univ of Missouri including dorms “decorated” with swastikas made of feces and threats of people who were going to go there and shoot students. Typical attempt to trivialize the wrongs and flood the news so that you don’t hear how egregious the conduct is).

    Could this also be an attempt to excuse the hateful statements of Trump (and friends) ? After all, you aren’t magically protected from being offended. So let’s talk about how your demographic are thugs, should be on national registrations, … Let’s ignore how the hate speech incites actions ranging from vandalism to murder. Let’s ignore the pernicious effects of being a young person in one of these groups and being constantly told that you are useless; going into restaurants and not being worthy of getting service; etc. And above all, how a teenager at one of the targeted mosques weekly sees the folks marching around with guns and becomes an easy target to be “radicalized.”

    • COMALite J

      It is technically true that we have no right to not be offended (or at least no right to use law or government to suppress that which offends us). That cuts both ways.

  • poppaDavid

    So much for the “liberal” media.

  • RJP

    It won’t happen anytime soon…..Trump = ratings/page hits. That’s why media continues to drool over his every move & stupid comment.

  • I didn’t realize that Donald Trump was 69 years old. That explains a lot: He’s showing signs of steadily advancing Alzheimer’s.

    • Jake Spooz

      No worse than Killary, her lying and cackling are sure signs of Alzheimer’s.

      • Except for Bernie Sanders, who is sadly too old to bear the burden of the Presidency, and Elizabeth Warren, who has more power staying in her Senate seat than as president, because the GOP would block her every initiative just like they tried to do with Obama, the rest of them are just typical politicians: routine liars, hands out for handouts from the lobbyists, and uneducated morons without a shred of education for the responsibilities of high office.

    • COMALite J

      No, he’s been like this all along. Remember, he was a big mouthpiece for Birtherism as far back as early 2011.

  • Progressive Republican

    Viacom chief Sumner Redstone summed up the corporate media’s attitude in their deference toward the Republicons thus:
    “From a Viacom standpoint, the election of a Republican administration is a better deal. Because the Republican administration has stood for many things we believe in, deregulation and so on… I vote for Viacom. Viacom is my life, and I do believe that a Republican administration is better for media companies than a Democratic one,” thus stripping away any remaining veneer of independent news from the MSM.

    Write all the letters you want, Al.

    It will come to no avail. Look at how even ‘liberal’ MSNBC dumped Ed Schultz for his anti-TPP reporting.