Dear Mike Huckabee: You’re One of the Most Despicable People in the United States of America

huckabee-dumb-commentWhile Donald Trump gets most of the Republican headlines nowadays for his offensive remarks and overall absurd behavior, I don’t think he comes anywhere close to being the most despicable Republican running for president. Trump is a sideshow clown; he’s just an arrogant salesman playing to crowds of people who want a politician to tell them exactly what they want to hear.

To his credit, Trump has played that role brilliantly.

But when I think of Republicans who turn my stomach, he’s not even in the Top 5. While I still think Ted Cruz is one of the most vile human beings we have serving in Congress, if you ask me, one the most deplorable people in this country is Mike Huckabee.

There doesn’t seem to be a depth to which he won’t stoop to exploit religion in an effort to bring himself some sort of national attention. From comparing President Obama to Adolf Hitler, to suggesting our Supreme Court doesn’t actually have the power given to it in our Constitution, he literally just seems to pull all this nonsense out of thin air just for the sake of his own ego.

But perhaps nothing showcased this more than Mike Huckabee rushing to Kim Davis’s side as she was released from jail for ignoring court orders to do her job and abide by the laws of our Constitution as an elected official.

This was nothing more than a photo-op of the worst kind. From him making sure he was beside her almost the entire time, to his ridiculous statement professing that he would gladly go to jail for Davis if she is ordered back, it was absolutely nauseating.

But if you don’t believe me that this was nothing more than a gratuitous photo-op, just ask fellow “hoping to get in a photo-op with Ms. Davis” Sen. Cruz who was blocked from standing beside Davis by one of Huckabee’s aidespreventing him from appearing alongside her for most of the media coverage.

If this were really about uniting behind Davis, petty politics would have been put aside and Huckabee would have been quick to embrace Cruz, a fellow GOPer who exploits religion for his own benefit believes it should be legal to discriminate against homosexuals.

Except, that’s not what happened. Huckabee, clearly using this event to pander to the religiously ignorant, sure as heck didn’t want fellow evangelist panderer Cruz standing there alongside him. He wants to be the Republican these rubes envision when they think of the GOP presidential candidate who best represents bigotry.

So, being that I think he’s someone who should be ashamed of himself, I thought I would take a moment to address Mr. Huckabee:

Mike Huckabee:

You sir have proven yourself worthy of the distinction as one of the worst human beings in this country. You willfully exploit ignorance and religion for your own egotistical political goals. You lie, mislead and manipulate millions of people into thinking you’re some kind of a “child of God” when you’re nothing of the sort.

Jesus Christ preached against greed, right? Well, last I checked, being a millionaire like yourself could be construed as greedy.

But guess what Jesus Christ never mentioned? Homosexuality. You know, that thing you use to get conservatives riled up about even though not a damn one of them can cite any logical or rational reason why two gay Americans having the right to marry has any impact on their lives.

Oh, and by the way, if God’s wrath will fall upon the U.S. for allowing gay marriage – then why hasn’t Canada been wiped off the planet yet? They legalized same-sex marriage a decade ago, yet they seem to be doing just fine. And last I checked, they were a nation comprised mostly of Christians.

As a Christian myself, people like you disgust me. You are the kind of person who drives people away from faith. You’re the person who takes a faith built on love, hope, compassion and generosity and turns it into a petty, selfish, hateful, judgmental politically religious cult filled with people who somehow think Jesus Christ would be a gun-loving, immigrant-hating capitalist with a multimillion dollar mansion and signs that say “poor need not ask me for a handout.”

You all should be ashamed of yourselves – except I know you’re not. To feel ashamed means you must first possess the ability to feel shame. Judging by your actions, your words and those who support you – it’s clear you all have absolutely no shame.


Allen Clifton

That’ll wrap this up. Hope you enjoyed it and feel free to hit me up on Twitter or Facebook and let me know what you think.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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