Dear Muslim World: As a Heartbroken American, Let Me Apologize for Donald Trump

To the Muslim world: The 54 percent of Americans who rejected Trump — the majority of the American people — are sickened, heartbroken, and mad as hell at this gross abuse of power by someone who lost to his opponent by 3 million votes.

Donald Trump only “won” because of an outdated system written over 200 years ago, not because most of the country supports him. That point apparently eats away at him every day of his life.

As a Christian, I’m disgusted that so many believe Trump, the party he represents, and those supporting him are true representations of my faith. True Christianity preaches love, compassion, and never turning your back on those who need help. It’s not supposed to be a faith about hate, fear, paranoia, and abandoning desperate people fleeing for their lives.

That’s what those who worship the cult of Republicanity preachnot true Christians.

Millions of Americans from all walks of life, faiths, or spiritual beliefs are standing with the Muslim world against the cowards who vilify others to mask their own flaws, mistakes, and insecurities. The people who talk big and bad about guns, who are the gutless lowlifes scared to death of innocent women and children trying to escape a barbaric group of religious fanatics.

I think I now understand why so many of them use the Gadsden flag as a symbol of the tea party. The color yellow matches the color of the liquid running down their legs.


I’m Allen Clifton — I’m a nobody. Just some guy living in Texas who puts his opinion to words in articles such as this, on Facebook or on Twitter that some people agree with, while others don’t. But I promise you all this much, in any way that I can, with whatever “influence” I’ve been blessed with, I am going to fight every single day to make damn sure the country I love, and the values on which it was founded, are not tarnished or destroyed by the worst person to ever call the White House home.

The tens of millions of people like myself are going to do everything we can to make damn sure the world knows that Donald Trump does not represent this country or its values.

We will not let hate, bigotry, racism, xenophobia, religious fanatics, or those who seem determined to ruin the country we’ve all spent countless hours defending against their vile ignorance be the ones who the world envisions when they think of Americans.

As I’ve told people before, we are the #54Percent. We’re the majority — not Trump and his mindless sheep. Just because he “won” an election based on a system that should have been done away with long ago does not mean he won the nation.

Please don’t let Trump, the GOP, or those supporting these un-American faux “patriots” make you think they actually represent the majority of the people of this country — they don’t.

The majority of the country is on your side. We are the ones fighting to preserve true American values, not them. The majority of the people of the United States are ashamed and embarrassed by Trump, the Republican Party, those who support them, and what we’re witnessing.

We are the patriotic Americans in this country — not Trump and those who try to defend his indefensible actions.

Again, we are the #54Percent and we’re not going to let Donald Trump get away with this or anything else he plans to do to ruin the country we all love and the values we all hold dear.

I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, because it’s not. All I’m saying is the majority of Americans are with you — not him.

History tells us that, while evil might win a few battles, good always triumphs. And just like every other major moment in U.S. history, conservatives will, once again, find themselves on the wrong side of history.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • Monique Mellon

    We can’t let this mentally ill, narcissistic, vindictive little creep and his minions continue to make policy statements. After watching Priebus on Meet the Press, the malignancy is spreading…time to stand up. Thanks Allan, for being willing to take a stand

    • Progressive Republican

      Yeah, I saw part of that too.


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  • Brian

    Illegal votes don’t count, Jew. And polling shows that most Americans are against refugees. If you love the Muzzies so much, go kiss their feet like the commie pope did. Fools like you would bend over for hordes of hostile third worlders who have been at war with the west for the last 1400 years, and you are still stupid enough to believe that they are somehow reformed. Why? Because of hardships? You’re an idiot. If you import massive amounts of third worlders, your country starts to look like a third world country. Look at Paris. Look at London. Look at Sweden, the rape capital of the world.

    • Progressive Republican

      Gotta admire someone who rolls around in their hatred and ignorance like a pig in shit.

  • puzzled1

    Alan, there you go on another one of your misleading, pedantic rants.

    Tsk, tsk tsk.

    No wonder why the progressive wing of the demokrat (spelling intentional) party has suffered 1,070 politcal losses over the past EIGHT years. Keep it up! Do you REALLY think the people of America will vote demokrats back in power with the disgraceful behavior on demonstration a week ago Saturday in Washington DC.

    A little history lesson, Alan. If you don’t like the electoral college system, fine. Just change the system. Get 2/3rds of the states of the United States of America to cede their Constutionally granted powers to two states. Interesting isn’t it that these same two states are overwhelmingly encumbered with debt problems. Their taxes are so high, people and businesses are leaving both states in DROVES.

    Hmmm. Do you think the two thirds of the states hypothetically ceding their Constitutionally mandated authority, will be willing to “bail out” the two large states?


    If you do, I have some great property in Florida to show you . . .

  • Braindead-Borderline Feminism

    Brian, try and argue respectfully. Anyways, lets start out with some poibts. If trump wanted to ban all muslims, he would ban immigration from indonisia, saudi arabia, etc. He didnt. He banned certin countries is the middle east. Places in war or with simmoler events. Now keep in mind, these people dont have the same rights as u.s citizens, so we can discriminate based on religion. Islam is not a peacefull religion, and i dont know why someone who belives in womens rights, lgtb rights, and hopefully religious rights would support the religion. I understand its a minority that is following the religion to the word(excluding the middle east and the lgbt/womens rights), and they have the right to belive what they do, but that doesnt make islam peacefull.

  • storey.helen

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