Dear Phil Robertson Supporters: I’ve Got a Few Words for Your “Christian Values”

1530464_793881913962692_1973785673_nDear Phil Robertson Supporters:

I’ve hit my patience limit with you people.  Most of you are completely unhinged.

First, let me point out a fun fact — Duck Dynasty is a pointless show.  It’s about absolutely nothing.  Yes, it can be funny at times, but the show has absolutely no real purpose aside from mindless entertainment.  It’s just a group of people sitting around saying dumb things.  Which is fine — it’s what millions now call “entertainment,” but let’s not act as if Duck Dynasty is vital for the survival of the American way of life.  A&E existed before Duck Dynasty and it will do just fine without it (if they cancel it).

Second, this has nothing to do with free speech — as I’ve clearly outlined.  Our First Amendment rights pertain to government persecution, not the private sector.  In the private sector (which Republicans claim to love) you’re held accountable for what you do and say.  Phil Robertson faces no form of criminal punishment for his ignorant remarks.  Free speech wins!  So get over it already.

Oh, and as for you “Christians” who are outraged that Mr. Robertson is being “punished for his religious beliefs” — last I checked, nobody was preventing Phil Robertson from believing whatever backwards way of thinking he wishes to subscribe to.  Religion is meant to stay private.  The sooner you people realize that, the better.

The vile hatred I’ve seen spewed by so-called “Christians” has been deplorable.  Nothing quite like people who claim to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, choosing to send death threats to A&E and threatening people who dare to think that what Phil Robertson said was ignorant.

Hey, real quick, I want all of you “Christians” to please find me one time when Jesus Christ spoke out against homosexuality.  I’ll be waiting.

Oh, and don’t forget to read through Leviticus.  I’m pretty sure you, I and Mr. Robertson have repeatedly violated many things which are forbidden according to that part of the Bible.

But you know, why don’t you just keep on cherry-picking sections of the Bible you feel like following?  That’s the “Christian way,” right?

This had nothing to do with religion.  Myself, A&E and pretty much anyone with half a brain could probably have assumed Phil Robertson wasn’t exactly the liberal type.  Honestly, is there anyone who really thought he was a liberal?  Anyone?

Which is fine.  Again, this is a free country.  He has every right to feel how he does, think how he does and believe how he does.  Which is why he’s still a completely free man who can go on living without fear of criminal prosecution for his remarks.

Again, that is what the First Amendment protects.

But as a Christian, his words don’t represent my faith.  See, Jesus Christ taught us to love, help, forgive, accept and be kind to one another.  That’s what I follow — that’s Christianity.

See, there’s a difference between cherry-picking a few excerpts from the Bible, praying and going to church, and actually trying to live your life based on the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Praying, the Bible, church — these are all tools a lot of people use to make themselves feel better about being horrible people.  It’s easy to do these things.  It’s even easier when you do it out of fear of what might happen “in the afterlife” if you don’t.

As for me, even if I wasn’t a Christian, I’d still live my life based on the same set of values I do — because that’s just called trying to be a good person.

When I read Phil Robertson’s comments, I wasn’t mad — I felt sorry for him.  I couldn’t imagine feeling such disdain toward so many people based on who they love — something that has zero impact on my life.  I can’t even wrap my mind around what it must be like to obsess so much about man on man anal sex to the point that it would bother me.  To be honest, I never think about it.  But then again, I’m straight and don’t care what other people do in their own bedroom — so why would I think about it?

I can’t even understand how homosexuality and bestiality are linked, or how homosexuality could “morph out” into bestiality.  It’s sad to think that millions of people believe there’s no difference between having sex with another human being and having sex with an animal.  It makes me terrified to think about what their sex life might be like.  Another reason why I don’t worry about the sex lives of other people.

Then when he went and compared homosexuals to terrorists, I actually laughed.  Especially considering Islamic terrorists and Phil Robertson have basically the exact same views on homosexuality.

But back to the main point: the seething ignorance I’ve seen from you Duck Dynasty supporters has been ridiculous.

It started with the completely inaccurate accusation that this was an attack on free speech, which it clearly is not.  But if it is, please show me where Phil Robertson was arrested by any government entity.  Then you so-called “Christians” reacted with such anger, hate and disdain towards anyone who disagreed with you.  Just real good “wholesome Christian values” I tell ya.

Just get over it.  It’s a television show about some fake backwoods rednecks pretending to want to mate with ducks to draw their attention (ironic, isn’t it?).  If anything, your ridiculous reactions to his suspension will be the downfall of the show — at least on A&E.  It might get picked up on some other cable channel with a smaller reach, which is fine by me.  I really couldn’t care less either way.  As I said, it’s a show about basically nothing that caters to an audience looking for mindless entertainment.

Good job.  Had you people just left it alone, odds are the story would have faded, Phil Robertson would have issued an apology and done a few PR stunts, and the show would have gone on as normal.

But no, you “good Christians” had to prove how intolerant and hateful you are by flipping out like insane maniacs over the fact a reality television star got suspended.  

And that’s the truth of this whole thing.  This isn’t about religion.  This is about a stupid TV show.

So, please, stop with this ridiculous accusation that this is somehow an attack on Mr. Robertson’s First Amendment rights, because it isn’t.

While Phil Robertson’s comments were extremely small-minded and quite frankly dumb, honestly, they pale in comparison to the utter stupidity I’ve seen these last couple of days from his supporters.

If ignorance is indeed bliss, you people must be dancing like Fred Astaire.


Allen Clifton


Twitter: Allen_Clifton 

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Jim Bean

    Mr. Clifton writes as though our culture embraces homosexuality by consensus when, in fact, it does not. Mr. Clifton writes mockingly of Christian values as though they represent all that is evil in the world and that he is the premier authority on all that is good. Mr. Clifton writes as though anyone who’s opinion is ‘different’ from his is, by definition, inferior to him. Mr. Clifton condemns Christians for daring to express an unflattering opinion of homosexuality in the same breath that expresses unflattering opinions of them. Mr. Clifton writes as though people need to consider the impact on his patience before they express a view point that has the potential to annoy him. Mr. Clifton is a highly opinionated person who writes to express his disgust with highly opinionated Christians.

    Mr. Clifton writes way too much and contemplates way too little.

    • Karen

      You write “as though” you are taking Mr. Clifton personally. I have always assumed that to label ones self a Christian is to follow the teachings of Christ. Mr. Clifton simply points out what his teachings were about. Now for my own opinion about Christian religion…Jesus did not teach from the Bible! Christians seem to worship the bible more than the philosophy Jesus proposed to ALL.

      • Jim Bean

        I’m not a Christian. I’m agnostic. Mr. Clifton’s mission is to titillate and emotionally provoke a highly susceptible and isolated group of readers rather than stimulate a socially productive discourse on the topic. From what I’ve heard, I suspect Jesus would not have condemned Christians or homosexuals. He might have condemned both Phil and Clifton however, for their mutual intolerance of each other.

      • SilverGuardian

        A SOCIALLY PRODUCTIVE DISCOURSE … on what topic, exactly? The difference between homosexuality and bestiality? The difference between a vagina and an anus? The difference between sex and love? Which of the many disgusting comments by Phil did you think worthy of PRODUCTIVE DISCOURSE?

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        Mr. Clifton’s mission is to expose hypocrisy, and there is an abundance of it masquerading as “Christianity.”

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        again; the diff here is that FOX “news” Christians would shoot jesus whereas Mr Clifton would buy Christ a beer

    • Polly MacDavid

      that’s your real name? jim beam? or what you drink to get the courage to troll progressive web sites?

      • Jim Bean

        You prefer to chat only with those who share your own point of view? Where’s the growth potential in that?

      • It would be nice to have a nice, coherent discussion with someone willing to actually debate the FACTS. Until you actually give some real points, you aren’t debating. You’re trolling.

      • Jim Bean

        I would find it nice to have a coherent discussion with someone able to make the distinction between facts and opinions.

      • bamcintyre

        The “facts” have been clearly laid out in the article. Phil works for A&E (for part of his income. Phil said what he felt, as his first amendment rights protect. A&E said that message is not us, and you don’t need to come into work tomorrow.
        No-one is making Phil change his opinion. Or stopping him from speaking. There is no First Amendment issue here. The state where he works is a “right to work” state, meaning that you have no right to work if your employer says so. (Conservatives love that “right to work” stuff.)
        When (or if) you decide to deal with facts instead of your “sense of oppression” feel free to come back.

      • SilverGuardian

        FACT: No first amendment rights were broken

        FACT: Christ didn’t extol us to fault others for how they lived, not even prostitutes.

        OPINION: Yours: That firing Phil and supporting the firing is the ‘punch in the nose’ in this instance. Mine: That this article was pointing out that the outcry on Phil’s behalf regarding Christ’s teachings is totally misguided, given that Christ never taught any such judgmental thing, and that the outcry about his first amendment rights being broken is ridiculously erroneous.

        Coherent discussion is useless to strive for, when it’s with someone who doesn’t even know what the article he just read is saying. That’s you, Jim Boy.

      • QoFE817

        I think they’d like to chat with someone who isn’t a douche nozzle. (Polly, the name is Jim Bean, not Beam). I found Mr. Clifton’s remarks to be well thought out, well written and plainly said. People are out of control over their amendment rights and just just plain fanatical and nuts. Get a grip, Phil Robertson was likely looking to rile people up. Guess he did okay. I’ve never seen Duck Dynasty, don’t think I’m any worse off for it.

      • Polly MacDavid

        thank you for the clarification.

      • Jim Bean

        Clifton’s message is that firing someone for expressing an unflattering opinion of homosexuals is what any ‘good person’ would do, and you agree. My definition of a ‘good person’ is somewhat different.

      • BilbySA

        No. Clifton’s point was that free speech has no legal consequences, but it does have social consequences.

        How long do you think I would keep my job if I told my homosexual boss that his lifestyle is an abomination according to my beliefs? Or my black boss that her people were happy without civil rights?

        Don’t let your personal disgust for homosexuality diminish your logic. This is the real issue driving the outrage of right-wing fundamentalists.

      • SilverGuardian

        How interesting that you choose to read the article and gain such insight from it. But please proceed. WHAT is your definition of a good person? I have my own definition. It is to do my best to never harm others. Sometimes I may find myself doubtful that someone’s actions are bringing about the best end for them, but I believe that they need to find their own best road. As long as that road doesn’t harm themselves or others, it is their road to walk.

        Employers fire people all the time. Clifton’s message wasn’t even ABOUT the firing. It was about the ridiculous uproar of fury from bigots who more and more often scream about the errors they see in others, so that they don’t have to do any self-evaluation. Clifton’s message is about the fact that those who are screaming foul in the name of Christianity and first amendment rights, have it backward on every count. There was no stepping on anyone’s first amendment rights. And CHRIST did not teach us to judge others.

    • Gry P Scheck

      he said none of that nice spin though. he didnt mock so called christian values he exposed them as hypocritical and bigoted. how can you say you follow the teachings of jesus to love thy neighbor but then excluded people and look down in disdain because of their sexual preference? that is the problem with todays christians they worry to much about others souls then worry about their own.

      • Jim Bean

        Some people have ‘sexual preferences’ that include infants, children, and animals. Some have sexual preferences that include torture, force, and even homicide. Unless you’re willing to make the same argument on their behalf, then you become a purveyor of the hypocrisy of bigotry you profess to be against. (And calling something hypocritical and bigoted does fit the definition of ‘mocking.’)

      • Huh?

        What happens between two consenting adults is their own business. To try to argue that we’re not defending that same right to child molesters, serial killers and rapists is laughable.

      • Jim Bean

        Try pulling the tubes on a suffering, dying spouse, at his/her request in the IC unit and test your theory. I’m trying to find someone capable of moving beyond the superficial, emotional, knee jerk reactions on this topic to explore the more complex question of ‘how do we remain a civil and non-dysfunctional society despite the fact that people disagree on certain things? How do we evolve past the primitive impulse to punch everyone who disagrees with us in the nose?’ (Firing Phil and supporting the firing is the ‘punch in the nose’ in this instance.}

      • SilverGuardian

        Jim Bean, you are flailing away at no-seeums. The differences that you totally ignore START here: (1) Employers all across the US fire employees for doing things against the employer-employee contract. Get over it (2) What an adult does in his own bedroom with another consenting adult has nothing to do with rape, torture or homicide (3) I am a woman. Call me a WOMAN and I suppose I could get all righteously indignant that you are “mocking” me. It’s all in how you choose to hear it. Personally, if I call someone bigoted, I have no intent of mocking them. I purely intend to point out a fact. And if I say something is hypocritical, I likewise am pointing out a fact. To call that MOCKING is frankly to not be paying attention. Mocking is a way of laughing at someone. I am fairly certain that no one is teasing. SCORN is the word you may use more properly, I believe. I will accept the notion that when I call certain Christians bigots, I am scorning them. In fact, I request that you recognize the difference. I am disgusted. No mocking intended.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        We on the left aren’t throwing the first punch. What we support is A&E’s right to suspend Phil because he is a paid representative of the network. Frankly, I don’t think he should have been suspended because I really don’t care what he said, but I’m not in charge of A&E.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        wanna try 2 stay on topic????????????

      • pkricker

        Are you for real?

      • Scaramongus

        Your argument makes no sense at all. In fact it is insulting to anyone with a moderately functioning brain.

      • Ndd

        This logic is so skewed, it’s outrageous. comparing loving relationships between consenting adults to acts of violence and oppression is seriously twisted, sick and deplorable. I’ve heard this comeback many times and it will always be the most imbecilic of comments.

      • Jim Bean

        The purpose of the comparison was/is to illustrate the arbitrariness and foolishness of basing a defense on respect for an individuals ‘sexual preferences’. Its a good illustration and you’ll no doubt hear it again. Hopefully, you’ll find it less discomforting the next time now that you understand it in proper context and that its not being offered out of malice..

      • BilbySA

        No, Jim Bean: it’s a terrible illustration. Please try to see how much your own bias is not allowing you to acknowledge this. You can never fairly compare loving homosexual relationships with paedophilia or bestiality because of that key difference which you keep glossing over: that of MUTUAL CONSENT.

        This should not be that difficult to grasp!

      • Cena Bussey

        There is nothing logical about this comment. Its a false analogy, relationships such as those of a pedophile or someone who practices bestiality are morally wrong because they necessitate a lack of consent and an act of domination. Homosexuality requires neither, it happens between two consenting adults with free will and self possession. So before you spout nonsense about what is a “logical” comparison, I would suggest you actually study what reason and logic are, as your “logical” comparison is based on a false analogy, which is the exact opposite of logic according to the most basic tenants of Classical Philosophy 101.

      • Pipercat

        But without fallacy, he has no argument!

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        Since when is homosexuality the same as pedophilia or murder?

      • shutterbird13

        Did you seriously just compare the sex lives of two consenting adults to people who harm children and animals?

        I mean… Seriously?!

      • Michael Dorame

        Well you obviously didn’t read the article…

    • Suzie

      Then why do you bother to read his articles on a progressive website? If you don’t like to read what Mr. Clifton writes go find yourself a right leaning website to read. Trust me, we won’t miss ya one tiny little bit!!!

    • Jpdrew

      we as a consensus used to treat and discuss black people in a similar way.

    • suburbancuurmudgeon

      As do you. No, Mr. Clifton condemns Christians for being hateful while claiming to be Christian. One can disagree with homosexuality without getting all pissy about it.

    • moe/larry & curly keys

      the difference is that YOUR “Christian” is NOT a follower of what CHRIST taught,,,,,, since U side against Mr Clifton for his disdain for pseudo-Christians,,,,,, equality here mandates that U side WITH mr clifton for what he is writing. You cannot side with ONE when BOTH— according to your paralogism– are equally to blame . Seems 2 me your final sentence (above) fits you quite successfully also!

  • caroljo

    It’s about time we become intolerant of intolerant people!Tolerance is a blessing ,without it you have hate,I don’t think Christ had anything to do with intolerance of any group of people!

    • Jim Bean

      Your first sentence is a direct contradiction to your second.

      • OregonMark

        But we know what you meant, and where your heart is.

      • Kelly Clayton

        No it’s not. Read it carefully 🙂

      • Bella

        yes, it is a direct contradiction. You cannot make an exclamation about having “intolerance for the intolerant” and then rant on about how having tolerance is a blessing without it being a contradiction. And for those of you who read this far…NOT all Christians feel the same way that they Robertsons do–so that’s a wide brush to paint with. Some Christians like myself like to follow the scripture in the bible about loving all persons equally regardless of race, age, sexual orientation, etc.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        and the first amendment was NOT violated; yet U cry cry cry because U are simply white trash regressive crybaby,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Im getting U new pampers for XMAS

    • MinnHarry

      Jesus entered the Temple and angrily drove out the money changers, just one example of intolerance toward a group of people.

      • Stephen Bryce

        He managed to do it without physically harming anyone. He was basically being a bouncer.

      • Lori Hoadley

        It’s not intolerance to force people out of “business” who were cheating others (basically, they were loansharking) inside a religious temple. It’d be like the IRS adding on their own special, “private tax” on top of what you pay the gov’t when you pay your taxes, which they then kept for themselves.

      • taymie

        Jesus was intollerant of those that proclaimed to serve His Father, but instead cheated and swindled the poor, widows, and orphans. The only temper tantrum by a human in the Bible was directed towards immoral business practices being engaged in my the church. I think that is a relevant fact of today’s religious right.

      • outofmi

        And he’d drive out the Fundamentalists too.

  • Harry S Munster

    i laughed..and laughed and laughed..but there is WAY too much truth in this..I saw this growing up..The extreme contradictions in so called peaceful kind and caring beliefs that somehow mystically become vicious hatred and too often for nothing. How much blood has been shed because of a hypocrisy and what amazes me is what i believe people will discover in the end that it is they who will be left behind for their rottenness and hatred and using goodness as a cover to get away with it. Death threats? Seriously people need to check themselves. Are you really for jesus or are you becoming the devil himself. When religion becomes the obsession and not the lessons its intended to teach you fall into that slippery slope where the herd is going wrong and nobody has the courage to stand up and say something. This is human behavior at its finest. You think god is gonna want to take all your hatred into heaven and make you feel so wonderful. Think again. But there is some clever cats out there who twist it all around and will suggest in some sick way murder of another man is justified just because he doesn’t do what they do. The very people who think so long as they follow the herd theyre all gonna get the goodies in the end..Theyre gonna be given badges and honors for killing a murdering men for not believing the things they believed but didnt practice. Check yourself..Again and again..I see more hatred and suffering coming from a people who claim to be good than from people who make no such claims. They just do good on their own accounts for goodness sake. I have a gut feeling these are the folks who will be at the doors of heaven that you will have to face and find out its you who arent welcomed. Goodness. You better learn what it means..The clock is ticking..

    • Jim Bean

      So you think Christ would have supported ending a man’s career for expressing an opinion that made you uncomfortable and that he would have regarded it as an act ‘goodness?’ Do you think ‘good’ people support ending someone’s employment out of intolerance for someone saying something someone might disagree with? Do people who do that kind of thing fit the definition ‘good people?’
      I think Clifton’s article is a knee jerk reaction to a sudden realization of just how out-of-touch the Left is and just how weary a great many people are of the left-wing speech police trying to control the narrative by shutting up everyone who disagrees with them rather than by persuading them via intelligent discussion.

      • Harry S Munster

        christ would not have even spit on this event..

      • pkricker

        How do you feel about it when conservative companies terminate people for their private lifestyles?

      • Jim Bean

        I am absolutely opposed on the same grounds. I would have defended Martin Bashir if he had been fired rather resign. If his remarks had proven later to cost the network money, then I would have supported his firing – but that would be after-the-fact, not before it.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        Martin Bashir’s comments were not his “private lifestyle.” Like Mr. Robertson, Mr. Bashir was paid for his time on the network. Like Mr. Robertson, Mr. Bashir has to face the consequences of a stupid statement while being a representative of said network.

      • rs

        Bashirs comments were written and went through multiple people and had to be approved by producers to be put on air. Phil’s comments were in an interview, for a different publication, that asked his personal beliefs which GQ and the rest of us knew ahead of time…. Phil is not a direct rep of his network and is allowed his own beliefs. Hes even allowed to say them in public, just like the rest of us.

      • regardless, both had contracts that notes they are representatives of the brand of their employers and they had a duty to be mindful of that when speaking as the public people they are. (sorry curmudgeon, Robertson is a representative of A&E and was only interviewed because of Duck Dynasty which is owned by the network). Robertson’s comments were not limited to gay bashing, they also included some interesting historical revisionism and essentially shaded those non-Jesus believers as more likely to be murderers than Christians – so he pretty much did the exact opposite of his claim to love his neighbor (at least his non-Christian ones)

      • you asked

        Wanna know something else about the meeting with GQ? There was a representative of A&E there but they refused to go on the ATV ride with GQ & PR. Don’t you think if A&E knew that PR could likely say just about anything, that they would go along to ‘protect their interests?

      • Max Vincent

        To respond to the clip you sent me about the “domestic couple” in Alabama that raped the one man’s son..let’s take this point by point Alabama doesn’t allow ame-sex marriage, so there is no domestic couple. They have not been together one year, which is the least amount of time a couple can be together to claim any sort of benefits for each other, so that is out. They had been living together for 8 months and there was no evidence the adults were sleeping together. They were making porn tapes and pictures, which they were then supplying to whoever buys that disgusting crap. There is a special place in hell for folks like this. There is no indication that there is a sexual relationship between the adults, and even if there was, why would GLAAD get involved? there is no reason to. I fail to see why they would be. There are probably a million gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender couples in the United States–and I am lowballing the number Why on earth would GLAAD be involved with any of them? I fail to see why you think they would be. I think your district attorney, or state’s attorney of Alabama wants to make this bigger than it is: a simple case of a father offering his son for sex to make pornographic movies, tapes, film, photos, etc. That doesn’t involve anyone or anything gay. You are tilting at windmills.

      • you asked

        Maybe you need to search their names further, because many articles are saying that the couple considered themselves ‘domestic partners’ & had lived with each other for 8 months, since Carl Herold moved from Wyoming & allowed Dunnavant to move in with him & his son.

        You wonder why GLAAD shouldn’t get involved? I would think GLAAD would come out publicly & say this is not what homosexual’s are like. This is an abomination to all of us.

        Carl Heold didn’t just “offer” his son to Dunnavant. Herold also tortured & raped his son. They held this small boy hostage for 8 months, all the while fulfilling their sick desires on a small child.

        I’m not saying that ‘all’ homosexuals’ resort to such things, but you might be interested in what the Regent University Law Review has to say (among other research). They stated that “research confirms that homosexuals molest children at a rate vastly higher than heterosexuals, and the mainstream homosexual culture commonly promotes sex with children.”

        Then there is the ‘married couple (George Harasz & Douglas Wirth of Glastonbury, Conn) who raped 5 of their adopted children – all boys. I also find it appalling that more isn’t done to stop Priests from molesting children. These are not people who represent any religion, IMO.

        There was the also the case of Mark Newton, 42 & his partner, Peter Truong in Australia, who paid a surrogate to have a child for them. Newton, was an American & then changed his citizenship to become an Australian citizen. The men began sexually abusing the boy before he was 2 weeks old & even videotaped their acts, which they shared online with at least 8 other pedophiles. Other men who also sexually abused this child will also face charges.

        There are many other cases that have been reported in the media, but how many aren’t reported? If GLAAD doesn’t see a problem with these stories & simply ignore it, instead of addressing it, then they are complaining about the wrong thing. Just b/c they are offended by what someone says, instead of what they do, gives the wrong impression to many.

      • Max Vincent

        Sorry–but you voided all of your arguments when you quoted or bastardized what some place called the “Regent University Law Review” states that “homosexuals molest children at a rate vastly higher than heterosexuals, and the mainstream homosexual culture commonly promotes sex with children.” YOU are a liar. You are promoting false information. Being a social worker myself, I have done plenty of home visits with children who were molested and 100 times out of 100 it is heterosexual parents/boyfriends/significant others doing the molesting. I defy you to produce the periodical that this misinformation is cited in and the year, month, date and author of these lies. You do your entire position a grave disservice when you resort to quoting lies from a false source, especially one that has no validity. Shame on you. If you detest gay people this much, please just leave the LGBT community alone–none of us will miss you at all. Not a single one of us. I will not let you get away with spreading lies and misinformation. If you cannot produce from whence you quote, shame on you. And Wikipedia is not a source, nor is any religious publication. It needs to be a nationally-recognized and accepted publication. That is only fair.

      • you asked

        Funny, how you claim that I voided all of my comments when I named a source for the info. If you don’t believe me, then just Google my references & names provided for you & you will find them too. I am NOT a liar. I provided factual evidence. Just because you have done ‘plenty’ of home visits, doesn’t mean you haven’t missed something. People can be fooled & anyone can pretend they are a ‘wholesome family unit’. For instance, Australian reporter Ginger Gorham produced a ‘human interest’ feature on the men & the child. Here is here exact comment when she found out they had been arrested for their crimes against this child. “I felt no sense anything was wrong. For all intents and purposes this appeared to be a loving family and a loving household, and I’ve gone over and over about it in my brain and I did not feel anything was wrong. … I’m profoundly shocked and disgusted by what’s happened. Since then, I just am revolted and I find myself quite despairing about the turn of events.”

        You think Child Protective Services catches all abuse? You are so wrong. If they did, how did they miss the abuse of 11 year old Ame Deal? Neighbors in Phoenix, AZ reported abuse they had witnessed at the hands of her grandmother, father & aunt & uncle for months. But CPS did nothing. Yet this small child’s final hours was spent inside of a plastic tote, in 103 degree temperatures, with a a chain & padlock on the outside to prevent her escape. Why was she punished so harshly? For eating a popsicle without permission. So, cases do get overlooked, even by CPS.

      • Withpleasure

        Her source is Pat Robertson. She is a dimwit.

      • you asked

        I guess that makes you repugnant, because I didn’t quote Pat Robertson. Sorry if you don’t read or research facts for yourself but rely solely on the little tidbits of misinformation that you are fed from the minimal sites you troll.

      • Deedeedee

        Regent University, your source, is a school founded by Pat Robertson. You are not quoting facts you are spewing filth.

      • Withpleasure

        You are a troll. You are quoting Pat Robertson who clearly has an agenda against gays. Go away troll.

      • you asked

        Sorry, but you are incorrect. If Pat Robertson made the same comment, then it is fortuitous. I am also not a troll, but just someone making comments just like you. So, are you a troll who likes to go around and make nugatory comments to others?

      • Deedeedee

        Why are you lying. Your “source” is a college run by CBN, Pat Robertsons company. Do you have any credible sources?

      • Mike Lawler

        Bashir’s comments were not scripted. Alec Baldwin called a photographer a gay slander out on the street and lost his show on “liberal” MSNBC. So how come liberals take responsibility for their actions, but conservatives, the party of personal responsibility, do not?

      • DoctorButler

        Because they’re intellectually mature adults.

      • Mpeasman

        I think they both lost their jobs for the same reason Phil will either keep his or take the show to another network……they had crappy ratings, and his show is the number one cable reality show of all time. It’s all about the ratings….not freedom of speech or faith.

      • Charlie Gough

        Good ol’ wholesome stage reality.

      • rs

        I wasn’t aware Christians had to take responsibility for believing in the bible?? I commend him for standing on principle and not becoming another fake behind the camera.

      • OkeyMor57

        Who do you expect to take responsibility for them? I expect all people of faith be it Christians, Moslems, Hindus, Jews and myriad of world religions to be responsible for actions occasioned by their belief system.
        I expect all people of all faith to live by the golden rule, “Do unto others as you wish them do unto you”. If you disrespect, denigrate or otherwise malign or defame anybody because your faith instructs you to do so, then do not be offended if they come back at you with vehemence.
        Religion is, as should be a very personally defined relationship between individuals and the object of their faith. Keep it so; PRIVATE. Do not impose tenets imposed on you by your faith on others. Let them decide and live by their own belief system.
        This will help us live in peace.

      • tbird

        Not agreeing that homosexuality is moral is not hate. Abusing someone because they are homosexual would be, but simply not agreeing morally is a right.

      • Kentg

        Why is homosexuality not normal? Because of Leviticus? If that’s the case I hope you have no tattoos, or poly cotton shirts, or haven’t cut your hair, or have never sat on a chair previously say on by a woman on her period or you are equally amoral. Ever worked on a Sunday before?

      • Elizabeth

        Before you start quoting the Bible you should have your facts straight!! Yes you are right that it is told in the Old Testament thou shalt not steal, neither deal falsely, thou shalt not round the corners of you heads, ye shall not make any cuttings in you flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you. And what you are familiar with If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads. But thankfully God gave us a wonderful way out from those punishments, his Son Jesus Chris and through him coming to this earth he took the punishment for our sins and died a horrible death upon that cross and through him we are forgiven!!!!

      • archeoptimist

        Elizabeth, what you are defining is the cradle of hypocrisy: Jesus died that we might be forgiven for our sins, for our betrayal of God’s commandments. Could God be presumed to have created loop-holes? “Say you believe in Jesus, and you can get away forever with the most selfish, anti-social acts imaginable”. I am not omniscient, but I can see through that argument. Cotton Mather, a Puritan, took ideas like that apart. It can’t be so simple to despise your fellow men and get away with it, when the primary commandment is to love them. Thou shalt not love your neighbor to death. Maybe the first commandment should have been: Mind your own thoughts, beliefs, and activities so that they would not hurt you if they were applied to you.

      • Eric

        The Christian homophobe is always a Biblical literalist until you bring up their favorite things, and then they justify their behavior by saying the book is out of date.

      • Guest

        Everyone’s a Biblical literalist until their favorite sin is brought into question.

      • OkeyMor57

        If indeed that is so, then please point me to a place where Jesus said being gay is a sin.

      • Haley

        Ever eat pork, shell fish, tuna? And, if you believe the seventh day is Sunday, you believe what the Catholic church wants you to believe … the seventh day is Saturday. Ever worked on a Saturday?

      • Tiffany

        Um they said moral, not normal.

      • Eric

        It really is something we are expected today to follow some set of laws intended for a tribe of priests (Levite) thousands of years ago.

      • Kentg

        Moral I meant to say

      • archeoptimist

        I think you are a parser, tbird. You are using the word “hate”, and fundamentalist Christians often dismiss critics as “haters”. Passages of the bible vituperate against “unnatural acts”, and others seem to encourage slavery and genocide. How can things be deemed unnatural if they occur in nature? It would appear to me the Bible is relativistic, and yet you forgive Phil for his transgressions and condemn others for theirs. I think that keeping our own counsel is the hardest advice to follow.

      • Eric

        But if it doesn’t harm you or society, what is it but an aesthetic choice. Any choice imposed on me for what I am is no choice at all.

      • OkeyMor57

        I did not use the word hate. In case you mis understand me, if your faith tells you it is sinful, then by all means do not do it and do not impose that same constraints on the other person who does not believe as you do.
        As long as his belief system does not interfere with your practice of yours, leave them alone.

      • Jim Bean

        Phil did not try to impose his faith on anyone. He simply verbalized his own faith. It was A&E liberals who forcefully imposed their ‘faith’ upon him.

      • 1guy2

        Jim don’t even try it . You are one of the ones Cliffton was talking about,so let’s not try the liberal bs.

      • fnorgby

        But you at least have to acknowledge that the reactions to Bashir and Robertson are just the free market at work.

        A&E and MSNBC have the right to make these decisions to safeguard their bottom lines. You have the right to despise them for it. If you think that either network didn’t do a calculation of “viewers gained/lost if we do this vs viewers gained/lost if we don’t”, then you’re pretty naive.

      • Jim Bean

        I agree. A&E simply calculated wrong.

      • justus182

        ^ and idiots like you are the reason why articles like this need to be written.

      • Robert_Loblaw

        How is that imposing their “faith” on him? Did they tell him that he was not allowed to have that opinion? are they forcing him to recant his statements? no, they just took the microphone away from him. You can have whatever opinions you would like, but don’t try and make it seem as though it’s persecution when other people refuse to provide you with a forum to express them.

      • Jim Bean

        So you support the free exchange of ideas only if your strong enough to overcome the socially responsible liberals attempts to silence you. Got it.

      • Robert_Loblaw

        I fully support the “Free exchange of ideas”, but cable networks aren’t free. they’re pretty expensive. And if A&E felt that they might lose money because of this person’s statements, I believe they should be able to protect their interests and give him the boot. Are you saying you would rather force private enterprises to employ people despite those people costing the business? were you outraged when geico cancelled their contract with DC douglas after he left a nasty voicemail at a tea party office? or how about nickelodeon not investing in another season of “Zoey 101” when the teen star became pregnant? do you honestly think that we, as a society, should try and force these companies to continue to employ people that do not project the values of the company and could cause a loss of profits? what kind of politically correct BS is that? perhaps you would like it if we implemented a program like affirmative action, where every company has to maintain an “egalitarian” payroll, consisting of at least a certain amount of racists and homophobes?

      • Kaptain

        A&E got filthy rich off of the morals and conduct of the Duck Dynasty crew. Now you claim that they should fire them for “not projecting the values of the company”? They have so much valueless crap on TV mixed along with a few good shows so don’t tell me about them protecting their values. They are merely succumbing to a extremely vocal minority who use more fear tactics than the third reich to disseminate their way of life. Talk about the tail wagging the dog. Reminds me of my favourite line from Bugs life. The ants finally realize that they outnumber the grasshoppers a thousand to one and they don’t have to take their crap anymore. Well I’ve never seen such small minority of people wield such political power and enjoy so much political correctness despite the fact that they are now the most protected people on earth. If the average joe does a lousy job at his workplace he can get terminated. But if a gay person does lousy work and gets terminated, guess what, he claims he is terminated because he’s gay. not because he’s doing a lousy job. Phil was set up in this interview like a beaver on a trap line. He never said he hates homosexuals. True Christians don’t hate anyone. We are all sinners and deserving of hell. And Christians should have the same rights to speak of their faith as a homosexual has the right to talk about their lifestyle without being fired for it.

      • Robert_Loblaw

        Ha… A christian claiming to be persecuted. that’s rich. why don’t you walk over to one of the many churches within walking distance and tell them how you can’t openly practice your faith. I’m sure they will be shocked!

        Furthermore, You think the majority agrees with you? let’s try this. finish this sentence… “Give us this day our daily bread and forgiveth us our _________”

        Go on, finish that sentence. I guarantee that by default half of your so-called overwhelming majority will disagree with you. There are tens of thousands of individual sects of christianity, each with it’s own interpretation of the bible and the correct way to follow jesus’ teachings. At this very moment there are people willing to kill over little differences like the one i mentioned above… Yet you are so bold as to think that you may speak for all of them on this issue. You’re delusional.

        So go on, profess your beliefs… but don’t expect everyone to not express their own disagreement. You’ve lost that privilege. and that’s all it was… a privilege.

      • Jim Bean

        A&E, an admittedly Left-wing network providing entertainment to left-wing viewers, hires a group who is openly fervent about their religious (anti-left-wing) beliefs to star in a reality show that depicts what the Left regards as backwards, redneck, hillbillies, in such a way that viewers can laugh at them and ‘look down’ upon them for the sake of viewers ‘entertainment’ and the networks pursuit of profit.
        And in you’re twisted mind, THEY’RE the noble and righteous ones for demonstrating sensitivity towards bigotry?

      • Robert_Loblaw

        That’s why they created the television show? I don’t recall the show being advertised in such a way… is there a statement from an executive saying this? you sure you’re not projecting here?

      • karlschneider

        Are you actually so ignorant of your own mythology that you don’t know your Jesus was the original “Liberal”?
        Apparently you never bothered to read the book you thump.

      • Jim Bean

        You sound a tad intolerant.

      • Steve Bridge

        I think the amendments in the Constitution guarantee rights, not privileges.

      • Robert_Loblaw

        That’s exactly my point. They never had the rights they claim to have lost, they merely enjoyed a privilege.

      • Tracy Rowe

        You’re kidding, right? I am utterly amazed at the constant stream of ignorance issuing from all you so called Christians. You pick and choose biblical statements that support your prejudice and hate and disregard the one basic tenant of Christ’s teachings. LOVE. It is not loving to be intolerant or judgmental. If you want to believe that homosexuals are deviant or compare their lifestyle to pedophilia or beastiality, that is certainly your right. Just realize that doesn’t make you righteous or moral, and it certainly doesn’t make you a Christian. Your Christ loved. He forgave. He was kind and tolerant and peaceful and held no one in judgment. Accept your own bigoted intolerance for what it is and stop hiding behind the shield of Christian morality. No one buys it except other bigots masquerading as Christians.

      • Jim Bean

        No. Actually I agree with you and fully appreciate the networks dilemma. Its US – we, the people who feel compelled to exact some sort of punishment on others for not agreeing (or at least pretending to) with us – that I have the beef with.

      • Robert_Loblaw

        I have beef with it as well, I applauded when Geico canned douglas. I Salute A&E for making this decision. It’s their network… I’m not going to behave like some child and cry because someone got fired from a TV show. you on the other hand… what are you doing?

      • Jim Bean

        I would simply like to live among fellow American’s who are emotionally stable, civilized, and tolerant enough that networks don’t need to even worry about this kind of thing hurting their bottom line. I mean, c’mon man. Everybody trying to exact some kind of meaningful vengeance upon anyone who doesn’t agree with them or who says something that makes them a little uncomfortable? How’s that benefit anyone? We’re behaving like kindergarten children on the playground.

      • Hihopes

        It’s quite possible there are legalities involved in this. We would need to see the contract signed by Mr. Robertson to know with certainty. Without knowledge of how that contract is worded, we are all speculating, no?

      • Jim Bean

        Speculating, yes. I’m not sure Phil cares enough to pursue it even if it is.

      • archeoptimist

        So you support the idea that all beliefs are equal in the philosophical marketplace? Jim Bean, If someone has appointed Phil Robertson as a prophet, his works and his words will go through many trials. The people who have been paying for Phil’s “pulpit” may have withdrawn their support. That is different from “crucifixion” or “attempts to silence you”.

      • Jim Bean

        If you believe every individual is of equal worth (‘we hold these truths to be self evident’…yadyada) then it necessarily follows that those beliefs are equal in the philosophical marketplace. Some beliefs however, IF acted upon (that’s the last time the neighbors dog is gonna crap on my lawn – where’s my 38 S&W) cannot ‘practically’ be accepted in the social market place. But dawgonnit Archy, surely you can see the impossibility of the concept that everyone is prohibited from verbalizing a belief if it might hurt someone’s feelings. And that’s all that happened here. This website hurts Christian’s feelings day in and day out. Should their communications license be revoked?

      • you asked

        According to the GQ article, when the Robertson’s were in negotiations with A&E, the Robertson’s specifically asked for 3 things in their contract that were not to be compromised. That was their faith, betrayal of family members & duck season. Evidently since A&E signed them, they agreed to those demands.

      • here today

        Where in the bible does it teach that homosexuality leads to beastiality? I was never taught that, nor have I ever read it. Seems to me this guy is using Christianity to hide behind while spewing a bunch of personal opinion crap that just makes us look stupid and hateful.

      • Jim Bean

        Pro-gay/pro/Christian/pro-abortion/pro-life – its ALL personal opinion crap. Problem is, there are people in each of those groups who believe their opinion is correct and those with opposing opinions are wrong.

      • Guest

        Oh, So anyone can say/do anything they want so long as they claim it was staying true to their faith? So if A&E were to come out and say “We fired him for reasons pertaining to our faith” you wouldn’t have a problem with it, then? Someone call A&E, i think i found a way to calm the rednecks!

      • exelion

        They aren’t firing him because of his beliefs, it’s because of his statements. There is a large difference.

      • Kentg

        My faith tells me that you are an idiot. The channel has a right to not be represented by a man who compares gay sex to beastiality. He is their employee. And just like a teacher can be fired for behaviour outside of the school he can be fired for saying shit that A&E doesn’t want representing their company.

      • Eric

        And he slandered an entire segment of the population (that’s as much as 8% of the population).

      • Jim Bean

        Hello Eric. I see you have it in for the Christians (I’m agnostic and neither pro or anti gay) but I challenge you to reflect on some things. Yes, some people’s interpretations of Christianity promote sentiments that are anti-gay but its important to know/remember that those sentiments did not originate with Christianity. They naturally existed before Christianity (with some people) and were simply recorded and carried forward by it. And if you could completely wipe out Christianity, many people would still harbor those sentiments. They are the product of a simple assessment of human anatomy.
        When you attempt shut someone up who is expressing an anti-gay sentiment you merely create a new facet to the anti-gay sentiment – resentment – because you’ve now disrespected his (their) point of view while insisting he (they) respect yours. Human relationships falter under those lop-sided standards.
        Its is much better for your cause to rise above it and remain silent. For when you react violently to such comments, you send the message that, not only do you disrespect anyone who disagrees with you, you are also insecure and uncomfortable with who you are and that just imparts an element of validity to the anti-gay comment.

      • Eric

        a) I don’t have it in for all Christians, just the ones that tell me I can’t love who I would naturally love. b) I could care less that the anti-equality crowd resents my view–they don’t care if I resent them, and they say so vociferously. c) even if I take your word for it about people having these views before Christianity came along, it still wouldn’t change the fact that Christians are using their holy book to deny me the very things they have and call “God-given rights.” d) (and this one I find most troubling), you tell us to “rise above it and remain silent.” That is unacceptable and disrespectful to me and every LGBT-American in the country. There’s a saying that originated in the early days of the AIDS epidemic, that goes, “Silence equals death.” Even more unacceptable is that you call me insecure because I open my mouth. Would you victims of rape, child abuse or domestic violence to be silent? No (or at least I would hope you would), so why would you tell me the same? For a comment to be a violent reaction, you would need to see threats of violence in them, slanderous language, name-calling, etc. However (and this is my challenge to you) please don’t equate a person having the courage of convictions, and who may speak as they do because they are tired of hearing people like Robertson speak the way they do, with being disrespectful. That is not fair.

      • Jim Bean

        Speaking out with the hope of preventing someone else speaking out is not fair either. I’m simply suggesting that if you feel compelled to confront someone like Phil, your better of challenging his views, not his right to express them.

      • Eric

        I don’t think we’ll see eye to eye on this one, as I still think silence was not an option. I mean, imagine if silence was the answer. It’s misguided that people in this country would have read this and thought, “oh that silly Duck Dynasty guy, he’s just misguided and I shouldn’t listen to him.” Some would, but many more were emboldened in their thinking that this is a “lifestyle” or a “choice.” Have you tried putting yourself in the shoes of the group he went after? It’s like a mother of two children punishing the one who is acting up (Robertson), so he won’t get more out of control. Are you a member of a group that has consistently been persecuted? Jewish people and African Americans would have definitely spoken up with just as much fervor.

      • Jim Bean

        I do appreciate the impulse to speak out. However, I think it would have been wiser, upon deciding to speak out, to say something like, “We have just as much right to live out our lives in this country as we see fit as you have to adhere to what you believe your God wants. Please treat us with the same consideration you would want us to show you. (This is a fair argument despite the Left’s relentless attacks on the Christians in other issuyes simply because its a fair argument even you don’t personally adhere to its principles.)

      • Eric

        I see what you’re saying, but only with an audience that actually has ears to hear that. It’s been my experience that people like Robertson don’t. Sometimes, a gentle pleading must be eschewed for polemics. Ecclesiastes says so–“there is a time and place for everything under Heaven.”

      • Steve Bridge

        But yet A&E can impose their beliefs on their employees – that is perfectly fine. Because if you don’t tout A&E’s beleifs on your own time, they will let you go.

      • Timothy Arnold

        Phil did not disrespect, denigrate, malign or defame anyone. Phil awnsered a question about what is sinful. Granted, he was crude, however, he answered with what God said is sin. Sin is a biblical word that means missing the mark. The mark, or standard, is what God teaches us. Repeating what God declares as sinful isn’t an act of hate. It is from his love for God and his neighbor that a Christian says to him what you are doing is sinful. However, if you repent (stop what you are doing) God will forgive you. This is an act of love.

      • Shelley Wright Hier

        “not becoming another fake behind the camera”??? REALLY?!?! It is a “reality” show-scripted! And how Christian is it to only follow those rules that you want to? It seems to me that more and more “Christians” pull out bits and pieces of the Bible when they fear something-ignorance breeds fear, fear breeds hate.

      • cloud9driver

        Then you must not be a Christian. Christians are going to be asked in the future to take responsibility for their beliefs by allowing themselves to be killed because they will not adopt the mark of the beast.

      • Punkandglamour

        This has nothing to do with the damn bible. Jesus never spoke about terrorism or Jim Crow. Stop cherry picking the bible to fit your skewed version of the world!

      • you asked

        Of course Jesus didn’t speak of Jim Crow, b/c that didn’t even start until the 1860’s. I also didn’t see rs mention terrorism. But, in case I missed it, I’d like to point out that Jesus did mention terrorism (or his version) in the Bible in Romans 13:1-7.

      • Oline Wright

        Ummm just so you know Romans was written by Paul. Get yourself one of those bibles that print Jesus’s actual words in red. Then open your eyes. Much of the later part of the bible was written by a man who was at first a persecutor of christians.then he had a miraculous conversion and starts preaching about christ but he also keeps pushing the old jewish laws more and more onto the early christians even though many are not of that race/faith to begin with.

      • you asked

        Ummm, I know Romans was written by the Apostle Paul. But, there are many who don’t believe that Paul wrote it (among other texts) but that Tertius wrote it, with Pauls approval. But, the New Testament is based on Jesus teachings & the Old Testament was God’s word. But, isn’t it nice that archaeological evidence does support both the accuracy of the New Testament & the Old Testament?

        If you studied not only the Christian Bible, but also the Hebrew & Islamic faith, you might be surprised at how similar they are to each other.

      • Rae

        Maybe you should get yourself a Bible. Paul taught the Gentiles they did not have to live by Jewish laws to be saved. There is cherry picking, and then there is straight up telling it wrong.

      • you asked

        You don’t think Bashir’s comments weren’t scripted. Heck, I could see his eyes following the teleprompter. I guess maybe you weren’t watching so close. It’s one thing to tell the public that someone should defecate or urinate in Sara Palin’s mouth on a televised program. But, IMO, GQ set Phil up knowing what his beliefs already were. Any Christian (who reads the Bible) will tell you the same thing as to what is considered a sin to God. Why IS GLAAD & the liberal media shocked? Maybe they don’t read the Bible & therefore can’t comprehend that yes, we all will be judged in the end by God – not what you, GLAAD, the liberal media or anyone else thinks.

      • Tbird

        Well said

      • Mike Lawler

        No, they weren’t scripted. And, as far as the Bible is concerned, Jesus said nothing about homosexuals, nor abortion for that matter. The Bible also says we can sell our daughters into slavery and a lot of other craziness. Do you sell your daughters into slavery? If not, then you are obviously against the will of God. The Bible, as said in “Inherit the Wind,” is a good book. It is not the only book. BTW, Phil wasn’t set up, he said the same thing in my town a couple of years ago. He can’t wait to spout off. And you haven’t answered the question: Where were you guys when Alec Baldwin lost his job by calling a photographer on the street, not on TV, an anti-gay name? SO it’s okay for conservatives, but not okay for liberals? You people make me laugh. Very un-Christian.

      • you asked

        Where did you come up with abortion?? I sure didn’t say that, b/c abortion wasn’t even an option back then. Jesus does mention that men should be with women in the New Testament in Matthew 19:4-6. You are confusing Old Testament with New Testament. The Old Testament was written & at the time when incest was also allowed. But, after God gave Moses, the 10 Commandments, incest, homosexuality, etc. was forbidden. The new Testament has many verses where sexual sins are named.

        If you don’t believe in the Bible, that is your prerogative. But, you can’t disprove it either, can you? Isn’t it strange how so many don’t believe in God’s word, but then comes along archaeological evidence that supports the Bible’s version of events.

        Whether you believe in the Bible or not, is fine by me, but don’t expect others to stand by while you mistreat people in the same way that you don’t want others treated. You speak a good game, when it comes to something you feel adamantly on, but God forbid, when someone else has an opinion, you feel the need to ‘try’ and make them look stupid. The only person you are making look stupid, is yourself.

        Where in my comment did I say that PR was set up or even mention Alec Baldwin? You need to either read my comment again or spew your hate to someone else, because you are clearly talking to someone who did not make either an ‘unchristian’ comment or many of the comments you accuse me of. So, if I make you laugh, I guess the last laugh is on you for being a liar.

      • TerriP

        It seems to me that you are missing the point. There are a lot of Christians who are telling you that they don’t believe homosexuality is a sin as you do. However, perhaps because you think your Christianity is the only Christianity, you keep overlooking that. What he’s saying is that you have the right to believe what you want but you don’t have the right to force your beliefs on others or say things that are hurtful and call it righteous. Simply keep it to yourself. See, when you make a blanket statement that all homosexuals are sinful you hurt people. It’s like saying everyone with blue eyes is sinful because Jesus had brown eyes. Sexuality isn’t something one chooses anymore than they chose eye color. For instance, I’d be willing to bet you couldn’t change your sexuality. Homosexuals were born that way and they weren’t put here so that you could have a group of people you felt good about disparaging and condemning. Believe what you want. Just be respectful and considerate.

        Oh, and abortion did exist in Christ’s time. It has existed for thousands of years.

      • your crazy

        born that way lol all I can say is BS

      • you asked

        My comment was based on the accusations that were thrown at me, by Mike Lawler, that I didn’t say. As for religion & beliefs, there are many different religions & Christians aren’t the only ones who agree that homosexuality is a sin. If some Christians don’t agree that homosexuality is a sin, then they either aren’t reading their Bible or they don’t want to be considered ‘politically incorrect’ or don’t want to take the bashing that those of us who do speak our thoughts have received. The Bible is also clear on those who condone homosexuality, that they will also be judged. “Though they know God’s righteous decree that those who practice such things deserve to die, they not only do them but give approval to those who practice them.” Read Romans 1:18, 26, 27, 32.

        As for abortion in Christ’s time, please give me a Biblical text, because I find nothing that abortion is approved. But, there are many verses that speak of the child in the womb & what should happen should that child be injured, such as in Exodus 21:22-24 where it says “And if men struggle with each other and strike a woman with child so that she has a miscarriage, yet there is no further injury, he shall surely be fined as the woman’s husband may demand of him; and he shall pay as the judges decide. “But if there is any further injury, then you shall appoint as a penalty life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot.”

      • Charlie Gough

        Yeah, cool story Bro. Can we get back to reality now?

      • you asked

        I’m not your ‘bro’ Charlie.

      • Charlie Gough

        I’m not your Charlie, friend.

      • you asked

        Then why list your name as Charlie if you aren’t?

      • Charlie Gough

        I’m not your friend either Charlie, pal.

      • Charlie Gough

        Because, I’m not your Charlie, buddy

      • Charlie Gough

        Aww, Come on brother, what happened to brothers in Christ?

      • you asked

        That would be hard to do since I’m not a male. Maybe sisters in Christ, but then you aren’t female either.

      • Charlie Gough

        I’m not your sister, gal.

      • Steve Bridge

        Pretty witty comeback there, Charlie. Pretty witty.

      • justus182

        Oh just stop, you holier than thou fundie christians are disguting people, you really are.

      • you asked

        Where did I say I was a fundamental Christian? Also, I was replying to a question asked by someone else, not you. I was trying to answer their question, not trying to ‘act holier than thou’. Just because you don’t follow a Christian lifestyle doesn’t mean that those that do think they are better than others. If you have run into Christians that act like that, then they are not true Christians, because nobody is better than anyone else – including you.

      • Steve Bridge

        So what is about trying to protect an unborn baby is disgusting? And do you think that in the entire world, only the ‘fundie christians’ are the only ones who try to protect the unborn?

        It apparently is a very small world, after all.

      • outofmi

        Once upon a time, the Catholic church was ok with abortion (this was back when women drank tonics or whatever, before the era of Margaret Sanger, etc) as long as it was before quickening, that is before movement was felt.

      • Marlon

        What version of the Bible have you been reading? Tell me which commandment “incest, homosexuality, etc” are even mentioned…

      • Alana

        his career is duck calls. Not Duck Dynasty. They were wealthy before the show and they will be wealthy after the show. who freaking cares. he also made an off color comment about black people picking cotton that was particularly distasteful as well. Since he is so influential to so many young people I think A & E felt that he probably was not setting a good image. Ok so Phil says that homosexuals are sinners…but arent we all sinners for some reason or another. No one is perfect. I like the show but to me Phil doesnt provide the humor on the show its his boys and Si and A&E knows that.I dont care for what he said and I think someone in the spotlight should be more careful about how they say things. Even his family admitted that what he said was “coarse.” Thats just how he is. If your feelings are hurt dont wat I can see both sides of the arguement. Point is suspending him wont end his “career”. The TV show wasnt his career anyway and Phil doesnt even like doing the show at least that is what he has said before.

      • Bobby Clark

        The picking cotton statement wasn’t distasteful. He was talking about people he had grown up with. You can do the same thing with white people. Everybody is different. Nothing wrong with talking about picking cotton either. Maybe if more people knew what manual labor was all about the world would be a better place.

      • Tim Hunter

        No one has to try and make you look stupid. You believe in a talking snake and a cosmic Jewish zombie. You are pretty much there all by your self. Oh…and um….you can’t disprove the world wasn’t created by the Flying Spaghetti Monster either.

      • here today

        Try reading your bible again. There are instructions in it for how far into a pregnancy it is okay to to do an abortion aw well as how to go about doing so.

      • Jude

        I am not of any religion. I have a question. The “bible” has been re-written and update. How can this be. If the original was supposed to be law, how can it be adapted and changed?

      • you asked

        Sorry, forgot to address the Alec Baldwin issues. I didn’t know he was fired, because I don’t watch MSNBC. I also didn’t get online much for almost 6 months due to health issues. I hope that satisfies your curiosity. I don’t pick & choose anyone to ‘discriminate’ against, no matter whether it is conservative/democrat or gay, liberal, etc. Only some people refer to people by those names. I prefer to use a person’s real name when talking with or to them – not give them a label like you have.

      • Indy

        Very naive to think Baldwin lost his show because of the gay slur. He blows up on a regular basis. The reason he lost his show is because nobody watched it. The gay slur gave MSNBC cover.

      • Jim Bean

        I think Palin’s ‘ho-hum’ reaction to Bashir’s comment and the Left’s hyperventilation and fit of incontinency from Phil’s comment pretty much illustrates what it is that distinguishes conservatives from liberals.

      • Thank you! Or, to put the matter further, as the author of the article astutely points to, why the cherry picking? To listen to Fox News and Friends, ANYONE saying “Happy Holidays” versus Merry Christmas is “a bit too concerned with political correctness.” Lest you fail to see the irony here: Fox News and most conservatives truly believe the ONLY way to extend a Holiday greeting is to say Merry Christmas! Those who choose to say Happy Holidays, well their just going to Hell now, aren’t they? And what about the White Santa issue?

        See, it seems nearly laughable to me, that people have themselves worked up to such a frenzy over this, especially taking into consideration what the show is about, much less, that they are fakes. Have you seen their pics floating around? On the show, it is “proper” for Phil to critique “those yuppies,” when his “own children are just that!” The double-standard these folks live by truly amazes me!

      • HadYourChances

        Are you homosexual Dr. Bare?

      • Jim Bean

        Liberals did not drum Bashir off the network, nor would they have. He left of his own accord because he knew his behavior was going to cost the network money and eventually lead to his firing. Not so with Phil.

      • 1guy2

        The party of WHAT??? You can’t be serious.

      • Mike Lawler

        That’s what the GOP says about itself and conservatives: that we should all be personal responsible. And yet, they are far from practicing personal responsibility.

      • 1guy2

        Mike…. I know,I just couldn’t resist throwing in a little surprised sarcasm…

      • Rick Hitchings

        you forget that Phil signed a contract, claiming his employment with A&E makes him a rep. for the station and he is not allowed to say or do certain things to make the company look bad. Just like most employment contracts. They have every right to fire his ass and should just on that fact. Grow up and do some research.

      • rs

        Oh rick… Grow up? One comment already has you belittling people? I guess I should have put my view on the situation.. a&e has evey right to fire him. Capatalism at it’s best. I find it very discomforting that in a country that founded on judeo-Christian values someone of that brand cannot express themselves without being attacked from so called “rights” groups. This DOES apply to both sides of the politics. But the bipartisanship of this issue has been absolutely anything but. I find this to be a quick jerk reaction that a&e put zero thought into. I believe this will come back to bite a&e in the end. They turned there back on a real large part of what Americans do believe in, and failed to display tolerance to a person who is solid in his beliefs, no matter what they believe in.

        Btw the coolest thing about capitalism is you have the freedom of choice. Get rid of individusals choice of what they think/want and were all the same… Miserable future if you ask me..

      • Is this better?

        This country was NOT founded on judeo-christian beliefs. It was founded to avoid persecution based on religious beliefs. Hello? That means ALL beliefs – not just christian.

        Phil can comment on his beliefs all he wants – but don’t be so surprised if he says something offensive and lo and behold, people get offended.

        This is not right vs. left. It’s not moral vs immoral. It’s not christianity vs any other religion or beliefs system. Get that through your head. The right to free speech does not mean that there are not repercussions to what you say – simply means you won’t go to jail. That doesn’t mean people won’t be offended by what you choose to say, and react accordingly.

        Here’s the other thing – “a large part of what Americans do believe in” – so what? Our rights are meant to protect the MINORITY from the MAJORITY. That means if 99% of the nation were catholics, they still would not have rights above someone who expressed themselves as Hindu. That’s where individual choice comes in – christians don’t get to dictate to me what I should read, or what my kids should read, or what I believe. Is that the miserable future you foresee? Where people respect each others beliefs and live together knowing their beliefs are just as valid as everyone elses, regardless if they are different or not? Yeah, that sounds terrible. You should probably think before you type.

      • you asked

        Any 2 minute dive into the writings and thoughts of the Founding Fathers will clearly answer this. Pretending that their personal beliefs in Christianity didn’t influence their writing of the Constitution smacks of willful ignorance. Those that claim Christianity didn’t influence them are just militant atheists trying to rewrite history.

        For instance, “Now I will avow, that I then believe, and now believe, that those general Principles of Christianity, are as eternal and immutable, as the Existence and Attributes of God; and that those Principles of Liberty, are as unalterable as human Nature and our terrestrial, mundane System.”

        “It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religions, but on the gospel of Jesus Christ. For this very reason peoples of other faiths have been afforded asylum, prosperity, and freedom of worship here.” (The Trumpet Voice of Freedom: Patrick Henry of Virginia, p. Iii.)

        “Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers. And it is the duty as well as the privilege and interest, of a Christian nation to select and prefer Christians for their rulers.” (October 12, 1816. The Correspondence and Public Papers of John Jay).

      • Is this better?

        Seriously – that’s your argument? Seriously? Copying and pasting christian writings to counter an argument that states quite clearly that christian theology doesn’t mean anything to me? Wow. Should I go now and copy and paste the Constitution? The Bill of Rights? Shall we re-type them according to christian theology and negate the belief systems of everybody else?

        The papers you select are not facts – they are opinions, written by religious persons with an agenda. They are not law, nor do they support the opinions of EVERYONE.

        That’s what you’re missing. The government has to govern EVERYONE, and those laws have to be lawful to EVERYONE. And since we have a right to our own religious freedoms – the government can’t make laws that promote one religion over another, or enact preferential treatment, or denounce one. Get that through your head and we can have a discussion, but assuming christianity is the law of the land is just downright stupid.

      • you asked

        It wasn’t just “Christian writings” Justin. These were historical writings of men who helped establish this country. You said to rs that this country was not founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs. I am simply providing you with only 2 such men, who played an important part in the beginning stages of forming the US, that Christian beliefs played a very important part in the foundation of our country.

        If you have read any history book, you should know who Patrick Henry & John Jay are. Ever hear of the Stamp Act where he uttered his famous words “Give me liberty or give me death?” How about the Bill of Rights? Without Patrick Henry & many of our first politicians, we would still be living under British rule & have no equality. John Jay was one of our first politicians who fought against British violations of the colonist’s human rights. He also helped sign into law that eventually emancipated all slaves. How is any of this about being religious?

        Every time someone writes something, you feel the need to call them names. Yet when people provide you with proof that our country was founded on Christian beliefs, you still have to try & degenerate them, just so you can be right. Sorry to have to tell you this, but there will always be religious figures in politics – it doesn’t make them wrong. But, without these so-called religious men, who fought hard for ALL people’s rights, you probably wouldn’t have the capabilities to bad mouth anyone, just because you feel that your view is the only one that is right.

      • Is this better?

        I’m well aware of who both of them are, or were. The premise of what you said is “our country was founded on judeo-christian beliefs”. And it may be that many individuals who helped found this country of OURS, were in fact judeo-christian. But not all. Some were jewish. Some were atheist.

        And to suggest that the jewish men/women, or atheist men/women did not have a significant part to play in the formation and evolution of OUR country, is wrong. You make statements attempting to signify that is was judeo-christians AND ONLY judeo-christians who founded the principles of our nation, and our constitution, and our Bill of Rights. You make those statements in error, and they are, in fact incorrect.

        The fact is the Bill of Rights does not contain an article for placing christianity above any other belief system. Rather, it calls for freedom of religion which means that all belief systems are equal, under the law. It’s been that way since the formation of the Bill of Rights, and essentially from the formation of OUR nation. Notice I did not say ‘our christian nation’ or anything along those lines. YOU are religious. Many government officials are religious – however, government in and of itself, is NOT.

      • you asked

        Justin, sometimes I think you take things too literally. Those of us who use the term Judeo-Christian don’t specifically mean that only Jewish people & Christian people founded this country. Judeo-Christian wasn’t even used until after the US was founded & is used by many to describe how religious beliefs played a big part in how our country was formed.

        But, you are misquoting me when you claim that I said “only Judeo-Christians” founded our nations, etc. You are adding your own words & it seems to inflame you to the point that you can’t even see that I didn’t write those words, but you did.

        I do realize there were many political figures who do not believe in God or a ‘higher power’. That is their belief. I am not denying them or you that. I am only giving my point of view, the same as you are. I don’t mind a good debate, but I refuse to stoop to name calling & arguing as you have done.

      • Is this better?

        When you say “this country was founded on judeo-christian beliefs” you infer that that “this country was [only] founded on judeo-christian beliefs”. And that’s offensive. I’m not mis-quoting you – I’m reading what you wrote and interpreting the words that are there critically (BA, English Literature, 97).

        I write very directly – I’m well aware of that. It seems to make people think that I’m upset, or highly-emotional, which would be incorrect. I’m very direct – many people aren’t used to that.

      • you asked

        That’s your perception of what was said. Actually, you keep ranting on me about Judeo-Christian values who helped found this country & I didn’t even start the conversation about that topic. It was rs who said this country was started on Judeo-Christian values. But, I will still believe (based on history) that there were more Christians than there were atheists.

        If you find it offensive, then that is your problem. I don’t get offensive when atheists or anyone else claims they don’t believe in God.

        But, don’t sit there & yell that Christians have to shut up just because you don’t believe in a God or Jesus. Don’t want to look at manger scenes or see Merry Christmas in lights or Christmas movies – don’t look at it. If there is something I don’t want to see, I’ll do the same – but don’t belittle people for what they believe in.

        So many people (atheists included) about “Merry Christmas” being used that it is slowly being taken out of our society. We don’t want “Happy Holidays”. I still say Merry Christmas to everyone & will continue to do so. Christians want to be able to display our religious decorations or say something about Christ, without worrying about offending someone. But, I will continue to fight to keep those rights from being taken from us.

        Why does it bother non Christians so much. Just curious what do Atheists celebrate on Dec. 25?

        Justin, I don’t have a problem with anyone being ‘direct’ as you put it, but almost every other word you typed was capitalized & that is ‘shouting’ not being direct. I see you have since edited that. Thank you.

      • Is this better?

        There are more christians than atheists. There are more hindus than both combined (just not in the US). But numbers don’t matter – the constitution is designed to protect against a majority holding dominion over a minority – all are equal. It really is that simple.

        Obviously, I stay away from the religious aspects of xmas, but most of my family is catholic, and so I respect the holiday for them. I could not care less if people said Merry Xmas or Happy Holidays – of course, it depends on who I talk to. I probably would think twice before saying Merry Xmas to jewish persons, or atheists. I celebrate my family, the fact that I’m alive, the fact that I will be able to see another year.

        You are mistaken that we as a group do not want to see mangers and the like. We don’t want to see them on public property – as public government controlled entities should not show preference towards one belief system or the other. Same with public schools. It’s not removing your rights – it’s providing the same rights for everyone. If you want a manger on your front lawn, then by all means, put a manger on your front lawn.

        You don’t get offended when I say I don’t believe in god, because that’s all I’m saying. I don’t say things like “People who believe in god are actually going to hell” – because that would be offensive, and would be a statement that my beliefs negate yours, and that would go against my beliefs that all belief systems are equal. In the same way, that’s why I get offended when people say things like “the truth is in the bible and if you don’t believe in god you will burn in hell”. See, that is actually saying that their belief system in god is more equal than my non-believing in god, and that it doesn’t matter what I think, I’m still going to burn in hell.

        See the difference? I go out of my way to not mock other peoples beliefs, and try not to force my beliefs onto them. Many christians simply disregard my beliefs and tell me I’m going to burn in hell. The difference is everything.

      • you asked

        Justin, then you are 1 of the few atheists I have met through the years that feel that way. I have lived all over the US & even in Europe while in the WACS. I had neighbors who would literally steal my Christmas decorations because they were offended by them. One time a neighbor tore everything down (lights, tree, nativity scene) & then banged on my door. When I answered they began a tirade at how they found it offensive & if I bothered to put any of it back up,, there would be repercussions. I did put my decorations back up & sat outside on my front porch with an unloaded shotgun. They called the SO on me & told them I had threatened them. When the SO came over to talk to me, I showed them the gun was unloaded & what my neighbor had done. They told me & my neighbor that I had broken no law. I received dirty looks, but no decorations torn down. I have also had co-workers who returned my Christmas cards, because they were atheists. I didn’t know, so I kept that in mind the following year. I have several Jewish friends & we celebrate both Jewish & Christian holidays together.

        There was a time in my life that I didn’t understand Biblical texts. It took many years of studying & I realized how similar that Christian, Jewish & Islamic faiths really are. Yet here we are over 2000 years later & still disagreeing over silly things.

      • Is this better?

        All I can say is that there exists a populace showing that seems to forget about individual rights. Obviously, what your neighbors did is wrong. The Libertarian party is more about ‘to each to their own’ which means the government can stop telling me what to do – like govern the laws and make sure the laws apply equally and that monopolies don’t exist, etc – what they don’t need to do is tell me that I need to pay an outrageous fee so that I can get my teeth cleaned every year – that’s none of their business.

        In the same sense, ‘to each to their own’ also refers to religious beliefs to the point that as long as my beliefs do not inhibit your rights, or encourage bigotry, or hatred, then it’s all good. That goes for property rights, individual rights, etc. It’s rather simple – you can put a giant crucifix on your property (within reason – I mean if you’re at the bottom of the hill and you put up a giant crucifix that blocks the view for everyone else – that might be a bit excessive), but don’t expect to put one on public government property (fed buildings, schools, parks, etc.)

        Oh, and I proudly display xmas cards from my family and friends 🙂 I certainly would never return one…that would be just rude. There really are some people that are thinking about things in quite simply the wrong way.

      • Charlie Gough

        You’ve lived in some terrible places. I have never seen that happen where I live.

        Also note, not a christian.

      • you asked

        Well, guess you never lived in LA, Detroit or Chicago.

      • Deedeedee

        I don’t think you are being truthful here. I have a ton of Christmas decorations up and I am an Atheist. Just because I don’t believe in your god doesn’t mean I am a bad person or want to deprive you of your faith. Christians, however feel it’s ok to say horrible things about people and then blame it on their god.

      • you asked

        I don’t really care whether you believe me or not. Why would I make up something about Christmas decorations being stolen if it wasn’t truthful. BTW, I no longer live in a big city & like where I am currently living b/c I don’t have to deal with a lot of hate filled people. I also didn’t say you were a bad person, nor did I try tell you which faith is correct or right. You are free to choose religion or not. What decisions you make in life, are ultimately yours & nobody else s. that way, in the end, nobody can be blamed if you make a mistake or can’t take the credit if you make the right choice. You also have to realize that not all Christians are alike either & can’t be lumped into the same group. I, myself have met what I consider ‘Sunday Christians’, where they act 1 way on Sunday & in public, but totally different in the privacy of their own home.

      • Deedeedee

        Why would you make it up? Because you are a troll with an anti gay agenda. You quote insane bigots like Pat Robertson. Your whole thought process is messed up. You make up lies so that you can defend your bigoted, evil ideas. I have met plenty of people like you. People who hide behind their religion and blame their god for bigotry. You are the one who is destroying society. Most good Christians I know think Pat Robertson is a senile old fool. He has made himself a very wealthy man by pretending to be godly. You are horribly misinformed, which is a shame because it sounds like you would have been an otherwise intelligent person. I was just like you when I was younger.

      • Guest

        The logic of this article is fair and logically irrefutable. As a young child, while reading Dr DooLittle, the Narnia tales, Tolkien, Greek/Norse Mythologies, I would spend my 1 hour in church reading the bible. The first half is most beleif-ably the Greatest Story. It then makes a complete jump to the effort of One Person teaching his society to just get along and be decent to each other – that faith isn’t a list of rules to live by, its learning to live for each other and ourselves.

        Why follow Religion to shelter our insecurities when we we can choose to build Faith?
        It’s up to us to do the work.

      • Jim Bean

        The atheist’s mission to remove religious symbols from public places where they’ve existed for decades is born of malice and their desire to spread atheist influence.
        Most Christians (including Phil) do not go out of their way to force their beliefs onto others and some atheists do go out of their way to disparage the beliefs of Christians.
        The difference is nothing.

      • Is this better?

        Seriously? Let me get this straight – the Constitution specifically refers to separation of church and state – to ensure no preference or undo influence is granted to any one belief system, and thus, equality of belief systems. That’s within the government. Lo and behold, Federal and State land is government. Yep. So atheists wanting to remove the religious influences from government owned land is somehow spreading an atheist movement? Do the atheists want to put up monuments and just like where the christian spots are so they want to take them?

        Weird…I though they just wanted to be equal and to remove preferential treatment…

        Most christians do not go out of their way to force beliefs…LOL. Really? How about the people who keep knocking on my door? How about the mocking of a group of people “in the name of the bible”? Don’t think that’s forcing your beliefs onto others?? Think again. But actually think this time.

      • Jim Bean

        As I said in another comment, anti-gay sentiment didn’t start when reference to it was made in the bible, its the other way around. It was put in the bible because it had existed for thousands of years prior. It was a sentiment naturally and spontaneously arrived at by people who fit the definition of ‘atheists’.

      • HadYourChances

        -Christianity has 1.8 to 2.2 billion members worldwide

        -Islam has 1.5 billion members worldwide

        -Hinduism has 1.08 to 1.1 billion members worldwide

        ^Source: World Christian Database Gordon–Conwell Theological Seminary Centre for the Study of Global Christianity

      • Is this better?

        Ok. Numbers stand corrected. Now what? It still stands that the minority are protected against the majority by law.

      • HadYourChances

        Justin, merry Christmas to you and yours! Peace!

      • Name

        I don’t believe Justin Taylor was trying to “degenerate” anyone. LOL

      • Pipercat

        Did you know that Patrick Henry was an anti-federalist and opposed the Constitution on ideological grounds?

      • you asked

        Yes I did know that & he was a staunch supporter of Republicanism. But the fact he was an anti-federalist and argued for States rights over Federal control, it was based on more than just ‘ideological grounds’. Had Patrick Henry & his cohorts really felt that strongly, they should have actually stood up & debated their points in order keep Federal Government from taking over States rights. Had he & the others been successful, we probably wouldn’t be in the mess we are in today, still having the rich & Federal Govt. calling the shots.

        But, if you look at who made up the anti-federalists at the time (back country farmers, ill-educated & illiterate, debtors, & paper-money advocates), then you realize that Henry, Adams & Monroe & the rest of their group had very little chance of winning against the Federalists who were made up more of the well educated.

        One more point I’d like to make is that the anti-federalists also opposed omitting any reference to God. But, the Federalists,were more sympathetic to separation of church and state.

      • Pipercat

        Such detail in your responses. I’m curious why you used that particular quote since it’s authenticity is dubious at best or a complete fabrication at worst.

      • you asked

        Sorry if you find my responses ‘detailed’. I find it much easier to understand what one is saying if their reply is more than ‘that’s stupid’ other than giving an idea of what they are referencing. It would be nice if you would reference which quote you think is “dubious or fabricated”.

      • Pipercat

        No need to apologize. It wasn’t a critique. I’m just curious, that’s all. The quote? The one you cited by Patrick Henry in your response to Justin where you began with, “Any 2 minute dive” a few comments up. Forgive me for assuming a recollection of the comment thread and sometimes Disqus threads seem illogical.

      • Mike Lawler

        Show us in the Constitution where God is mentioned.

      • you asked

        You are a sly one Mike Lawler. I didn’t say God was in the Constitution, did I. I said the founding fathers personal religious beliefs influenced their writing of the Constitution.

      • Charlie Gough

        So What? They chose to omit a particular reference to a single god for a reason then obviously.

        Gasp. Could it be to prevent the government from falling into the complete control of one religion?!

        Ding ding ding. Why, yes it is!

      • D.J. Rivers Borek

        Uh, lady, you forgot that little part in the Constitution where it specifically talks about separation of Church and State…you are the one trying to rewrite history!

      • Foundings

        First off, you don’t understand history very well. I believe you are referencing the Puritans when you claim that they were “avoiding” religious persecution. The Puritans were the one’s doing the persecuting in England. They wanted to create a society like Calvin’s Geneva, and because they lacked the power in Parliament to do so, they left. Most historians will trace our country’s ideological founding to the puritans, who by no means were religiously tolerant. So it is fairly accurate to say that our country was founded on Judeo-Christian values.

        You are correct when you say this nothing to do with the first amendment. However, what A&E was still illegal. They, by law, have to be an equal opportunity employer. When they fired him, it was because of his religious beliefs and thus violates equal opportunity employment.

        “Where people respect each others beliefs and live together knowing their beliefs are just as valid as everyone elses, regardless if they are different or not? ” I agree with you here, but that means Anti-Homosexuality is just as valid as Pro-Homosexuality, further making A&E out to be the bad guy.

      • Is this better?

        Is it fairly accurate to say our country was founded on judeo-christian values? Our country was founded on the premise of a secular republic, with separation of church and state – something England did not have. The revolutionary war was fought by men of all religions – surely some of their values infiltrated the founding of our country.

        What A&E did is suspend PR from their show. They have that right at any time, for any reason. A&E is not a government agency – and I’d guess they have a policy against bigoted commentary. If anything was illegal, there would be court cases filed and possible arrests and whatnot. But no, A&E did nothing illegal. Certainly not EOE – actually has nothing to do with EOE.

        Let’s get something straight – it’s not your actual beliefs that cause issues. It’s when you use those beliefs to mock, offend, or trivialize the beliefs of others. PR didn’t just state his own beliefs – he stated an indictment against homosexual beliefs – essentially a bigoted statement towards a specific group. If you think what he said wasn’t wrong – change the nouns a little bit – let’s say he said “sex with blacks is just like bestiality” (yes, I’m aware that’s a weak connection, but deal with it). Think that’s offensive? Think A&E would’ve suspended him for that? Better believe it.

        The bad guy, in this case, is anyone who thinks it’s okay to bully your beliefs onto others, or that it’s okay to shout out bigoted remarks to the general populace. Again, it’s not his beliefs that got him into trouble – it’s the manner in which he voiced those beliefs in a bigoted manner, mocking an entire community of individuals.

      • D.J. Rivers Borek

        Wow, talk about hitting the nail on the head….way to go Justin!!!

      • Wayne Madden

        I think your statement is STUPID you didn’t read the contract so don’t talk about something you don.t know about .

      • Guest

        Like any REALITY show in television land there is a disclaimer at the beginning of every programs that these are not the view represented by this network or the owners of the network.WHY? because in a reality show nobody is going to know what comes out of whose mouth at any given time……..why has this been so blown up…..BECAUSE IT WAS MEANT TO BE..

      • you asked

        Well, if A&E doesn’t want their ‘image’ to tarnished, then why is Scott Gurney, who created DD, still working for them? Or are they just overlooking the fact that he played a gay man in a porn movie? Look it up as it is is right there on Gurney’s IMDb page.

        The movie he was in was called “The Fluffer”. Gurney played a straight man, with a girlfriend,who becomes a gay-for-pay & a meth addict. He becomes involved with a male film student who gets a job as his on-set & becomes his personal “fluffer”.

      • proud2beDem

        And so what ! Did his movie publicly offend any group , or publicly demonize any one who didn’t go see it ? Need to check yourself , being a little judgmental to further your truth , and most of us aren’t buying it .

      • you asked

        My point is if all the haters think PR hates homosexuals, then why would he work for 4 years for a man who clearly portrayed a homosexual in a movie? Wouldn’t he find that just as offensive. You do realize that you can despise a person’s abhorrent behavior but still like the person or even try to help them.

      • HadYourChances

        Where did you see his contract Ricky? Cite it please, anyone and their Doctor can lie here, it’s easy & the reason they do it.

      • David Donohue

        Ok: First of all lets clear up one very important issue ok. Phill Robertsons statement: He made refference that he, himself worked along side (with) the black cotton pickers. How is that distasteful? This seems to be an epidemic in this country. This is not a racial issue period.Or at least it wasnt until the NAACP stepped in and made it one! Stop with the oh poor me bullshit! I am from a predominately white family originating from Missouri. My Grandfather, Grandmother, My Dad, and Uncles and Aunts all picked cotton! There is nothing racial about it! Its called attempting to earn a living for [email protected]#k sake! What is racial about that besides nothing?
        Real talk time boys and girls! Listen up ok.Have you ever noticed that when and where it concerns any form of difference in Nationality, Race, Color, Creed or Religion, When the Media gets hold of it its a wrap! They will continue to pump the racial issue into the minds of the audiences nation wide! Its not even subliminal! Its blatant!Out in the open and is done intentionally to keep the people of the USA divided! Think for yourself for just one minute.As the saying goes “United We Stand Divided We Fall” Well does it make any sense to any of you that between the Govt, the media, and now the NAACP that the people of this great Nation are and have been divided by Govt and the Media for a reason! Because divided “WE” fall giving the Govt supreme control!
        And by the way, America is the only Nation on planet Earth that has the racial issues that we do!
        I know this first hand, My Father was a Military man. and I am a “BRAT” I grew up all over the world! I saw the difference between over there and here as I was growing up! Please people dont be Media sheep! Be the Shepherd!
        This was how I was raised to think and believe!
        We Are Not Defined By
        Ethnicity, Origin, Religion, or Race
        You Cannot Pick Us Out In A Crowd

        But We The Children Of Warriors
        Were Raised In A Society So Powerful That We Are
        Forever Different
        Forever Proud
        Forever Strong
        And Forever Bound To One Another
        “Mary Elizabeth Wertch” Military BRAT and Author!
        And in closing, Honestly I can never ever remember having had any kind of racial confrontation any where that we lived abroad! But when we came home to stay and Dad retired from the Military I got my first taste of racism right here in my homeland! I stood my ground. But not on the grounds of race. And made my point very clear. We both walked away with a different point of view!

      • Oline Wright

        by being on the show he becomes a direct representative of the show and thus of the network by association.
        Also he was on an indefinite suspension this did not say whether he was on leave without pay or leave with pay so it may only affect his air time and nothing else since we do not know the details of his contract.
        His free speech was not violated nor was his religious beliefs violated because he is still free and can still speak his mind about his beliefs and he is not being forced to believe otherwise.
        I find it amazing how often people seem to think that rights only apply to them.
        Phil spoke his mind and voiced his beliefs and the network decided not to be associated with him any longer.
        That would be like saying a (no offense intended to any party) muslim should have every right to enter a christian church and preach his religion or vice versa. There are appropriate times and places for things and also inappropriate times.

      • Jim Bean

        Excellent point. And I’ve heard no criticism from the Left of GQ for baiting him to his demise.

      • karen

        So, what are the chances that Phil would have been interviewed by GQ if he weren’t a high-profile television figure? Face it. his television popularity basically means that he represents A&E in nearly every aspect of his life because of Duck Dynasty. It’s one of the perks of being famous–you give up some of yourself when you live in the public eye. In the public eye he IS Duck Dynasty and A&E is fully within their rights as his employer to sanction him for anything that reflects adversely upon the network.

      • sandman839

        Actually he is. especially when his name the name of the show and the net work are all used together. Without A&E DD would not be on the air and most would not know who Phil was.

      • Jim Bean

        What’s the purpose of the ‘consequence?’ What is it intended to achieve? By whose authority is the consequence deemed just?

      • $12241688

        ….perhaps you should add “the Bible’s stupid statements”? Jesus was crucified for saying politically incorrect things (“stupid statements”) too. How can we not also throw Robertson and his ilk under the bus?

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        of course U would’ve defended— but we here didn’t see anything from your crybaby regressive rightwing trash about that did we????

      • Eric

        That’s funny. I would have fired Bashir. His remarks, albeit from aggravation, were personally directed. To me, Bashir and Robertson both cried fire in a movie theater.

      • janetramos

        No such thing as the LEFT…you are either intelligent or you are ignorant…..look in the mirror then look in your heart…..

      • Aggie DeJesus

        What a loving, nonjudgmental, intelligent attitude. I can certainly see your heart by your kind, tolerant, gentle comment. I’m sure you make the world a more enlightened, caring place.

      • sev

        That’s a deadly ideological position.
        It makes you as blind and as dangerous as any crazy fundamentalist Christian.

      • Eric

        Being intelligent and leftist is just as much an actuality as being gay and Christian. Get over yourself.

      • Eoin Maloney

        Except, there are gay Christians. The problem with using “Christian” as a category is that there are few concrete boundaries to the group. The only real requirement for being Christian is “Worship Jesus Christ.”

      • annia

        That is not correct read the bible sometime sweets.

      • Timothy Arnold

        I’ve read the bible many many times annia. I’ve been studying the bible for decades. What specifically in the scriptures would you like me to read? I will be happy to read it again and discuss the passages with you.

      • Timothy Arnold

        If your definition of “Christian” is “Christ-like”, then you can’t be in a same-sex sexual relationship and be a Christian. “Gay Christian” is an oxymoron. Read what the scriptures say about living Christ-like and you will see how ignorant your statement that, “The only real requirement for being Christian is “Worship Jesus Christ.””

      • Eric

        I can and I am. But if you really want to go there, fine, try this one on for size: every Christian male is in a same-sex relationship; at least they are if they worship Jesus.

      • Timothy Arnold

        Can’t make a substantive argument I see. Of course, i meant sexual relationship in my comments. As for “I can and I am”, I’m sorry that good intentioned people have told you this, but it is not true. If you believe that God is, and that He sent His Son to die for your sins, then you have to believe the Bible is His Word. The scriptures define what we must do to be saved. It is not a sin to be a homosexual. It is a sin to have sex with someone of the same gender. I do not hate you because you sin. It isn’t from a hateful heart that I encourage you to stop sinning against God. in the end Jesus said the wheat will be separated from the tare and the sheep from the goats. Jesus said, “Not everyone who says to me ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father who is heaven will enter.”

      • Eric

        You and every other anti-gay person need to get the following through your thick heads: a) It is NOT an oxymoron to be a gay Christian and nothing you say or point to will change that. b) Being gay is not all about what a person does in be and nothing you say or think will change that. c) If you want me to follow that one scripture in Leviticus, then I want you to follow every other rule and restriction in that book. That includes not shaving, not having piercings of any kind, not eating pork, having slaves, wearing clothing made from two different fabrics, and so on and so on and so on. d) The sin of Sodom and Gamorrah is not homosexuality, but inhospitality and rape (of Lot’s two daughters, which he offers to the mob instead of the angels…oh yeah, that’s “godly.” As for your “I do not hate you because of your sin,” you might not hate me, but you sure don’t love me as god loves me.

      • Quinsational

        Its wrong, and also something I haven’t heard of in a decade

      • guest

        Something tells me that Phil won’t be in the unemployment line nor will he being seeking food stamp benefits.

      • Jim Bean

        I’m not sure we’re allowed to say anything about people getting food stamps, but I agree. See you in the stockades.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        Why, unless you have something against people getting food stamps.

        Duck Commander’s 2012 revenue was $40 million. Phil is worth $15 million and Willie is worth $20 million. Not a bad chunk of change.

        What will be more interesting is if Phil’s comments have any effect on sales.

      • I’m sure sales will go up as the right wing, which is a pretty big target demographic of DD anyway, will ramp up purchases to show support, This will be a financial windfall for the Robertson’s

      • Stephen Bryce

        Oh get off your high horse already! Christians are NOT being persecuted, you aren’t martyrs.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        hey gerbil droppings: 74% of all who eat using food stamps are either OVER 65 or UNDER 13,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, care to cry again?

      • D.J. Rivers Borek

        Let’s exaggerate a little while we’re at it!!!

      • DoctorButler

        Yeah, he’ll live off of royalties and Christian book signings, having never known a hard-days work his entire life, Meanwhile some schmuck who works his ass off for 60 hours a week flipping toxic burgers will go on welfare because the corporate sock-puppets you vote for won’t allow him to make ends meet. God bless America.

      • outofmi

        The megachurches have a real racket going. Their members throw cash in the bucket and their pastors get housing allowances and so on, but nothing is public, even to the flock. They all write books and have ministerial training and such. Google Elevation Church. They just had a big expose’ done on them by a station in Charlotte, NC. Hoo boy. Pastor did not like that.

      • you asked

        What do you mean that he’s never known a hard days work his entire life? His family had money long before DD & have paid their fair share in taxes, so what’s your complaint? At least he has worked all of his life, instead of living off the system. He has run his own business, making duck calls by hand since 1972. Granted, it isn’t as hard as digging ditches all day, but making duck calls by hand isn’t easy either. Then add the stress of running your own business doesn’t exactly make him a ‘schmuck’ as you call those flipping burgers.

        People don’t ‘have’ to rely on the government handouts either. I worked 2 jobs, went back to college at the age of 30 & had a small child & husband, so that I could better myself. So it can be done. Only those who take the easy way out rely on the government for anything.

      • D.J. Rivers Borek

        You’re a real hero, aren’t you?

      • you asked

        No, I don’t consider myself a ‘hero’. I consider myself a hard working person who has worked all my life, since the age of 14. Nothing wrong with a little hard work. But, why are you so pestiferous & cynical?

      • Tracy Rowe

        You didn’t read this article, did you? The first amendment provides protection from government censorship. Period. This is not a knee jerk liberal reaction, it is a fact. Employers have the right to suspend or terminate an employee who violates their contract. It has nothing to do with persecution by liberals. Mr. Robertson is not being forced to change his beliefs in any way. He is simply bearing the consequences of publically stating something that is in violation of his company’s brand. As a public figure I guarantee you he signed a contract stipulating that he would not make public statements that will in any way put A&E in a bad light. By violating that contract, the network had the right to take action, because the employer is also guaranteed the first amendment right to their own beliefs and opinions. See how that works? Moreover, employers have the right to terminate an employee “at will”. The left is not in any way realizing it is out of touch. The left realizes that freedom of speech has ramifications,. The left realizes that employers have rights as well. The left actually understands the Constitution and how it works.

      • jaggatorpm

        So it would be ok for a private orgainization run by Christians to fire or suspend a person because they are homosexual? They aren’t a government entity, so as a private company they can do what they please?

      • Jonas

        Yes, if they were spewing a personal agenda while representing the company. And the contract stipulates that this is not allowable.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        Government has made laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of who people are, not what they say.

      • Stephen Bryce

        That’s a bit different. Robertson was suspended for saying something that is genuinely harmful. Your example talks about firing something for a matter of their personal life that is generally harmless.

      • Seatunes

        How was it harmful ? Did somebody die ?

      • KurtM

        In 29 states you can be fired for being gay.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        and the rightwing steadfastly promotes the states “rights” !!!!! regressive crybaby religious trash

      • If a gay employee were to act in a way that damages the brand of a company while acting as a public representative of a company, the employer can fire that employee for those actions. Robertson isn’t being suspended for his beliefs but for the statements he made publicly in an interview for which he acted as a representative/star of duck dynasty and A&E

        That said, many a private company has done just that and the right wing that supports Robertson is demanding that employers be able to impose their own religious views on employees via health insurance (in some cases as going so far as making employees divulge protected health information to the employer).

      • you asked

        You want to bet? A gay person even goes into a bakery or store & doesn’t get service, they yell discrimination & sue. Then there are the many media stories where gay waiters/waitresses have falsified company receipts & said that customers left derogatory remarks about them & refused to leave them a tip b/c they were gay & people send them thousands of dollars. Only when media truly investigates the story are the real deceivers who try to get something for nothing.

        Robertson also has his religious rights protected under the EEOC. He didn’t lie – he spoke texts that are in the Bible. He hurt no one – but gays can claim their feeling were hurt. Gays have also twisted his words around & tried to say he said things that he didn’t.

      • Deedeedee

        The bakery in question was fined by the state of Oregon for violating state law. End of story. They recently had to close their business because nobody wanted to patronize them anymore. Legal standards for firing an employee are different from the legal standards for dealing with customers, so your argument is invalid. There is one story not many of a gay waitress who falsified a receipt. I can name many Christians who have done much worse but you don’t see me lumping them together and saying all Christians deserve less rights or that they are evil and won’t go to heaven. I know a pastor that got a 16 year old pregnant and stole all of our church funds. I know a “good Christian man” who regularly beat his kids. I know a good Christian man who shot and killed his brother. I have seen people steal and then say “but I’m a Christian” when the police arrive. I know Christians who wouldn’t lift a finger to help anyone. Are all Christians bad? No.

      • Tracy Rowe

        That is a ridiculous argument. Sexual orientation is not a belief or a religion and has nothing to do with first amendment protection or violation. You are deliberately confusing the issue to make your point. And that point is that first amendment protection only extends to persecution or censorship by the GOVERNMENT. Yes we have free speech and freedom of religion, no one is arguing that and no one has taken away Mr. Robertson’s right to believe or say what he wants. But those freedoms can and do come with ramifications.
        Just as a homosexual is aware a christian organization might discriminate against them, I am sure Mr. Robertson was aware that making these statements publically would violate his contractual obligation not to say things that might have a damaging effect on his employer’s reputation. He agreed to this, as I might add any average citizen does. If you were to publically make statements that damaged your employer, you wouldn’t have a job for long, would you?
        By the way, have you not heard of Citizens United? (please ignore the following sentence, the page won’t let me delete it)
        By the way, have you never heard

      • Meow

        It has happened before, like that case from a catholic school. Fired a homosexual because he was getting married. But he was aware of the repercussions as he signed the contract so did Phil.

      • outofmi

        Someone from A and E was sitting with Phil when he was being interviewed. I personally find that hilarious.

      • you asked

        But the A&E rep wasn’t there when they went for a ride in the ATV – only GQ & PR. Why A&E didn’t go along is beyond me. Maybe he was afraid he’d get dirty. After all, Drew Magary, of GQ, was ‘grossed out’ just because he got a speck of mud on him.

      • dude

        No dude. We had this in the 50’s. Remember “White Only” water fountains and “White Only” restaurants?
        You can’t discriminate.
        And employees can’t discriminate too.
        And Employers can suspend employees that do.
        It happens to people every day.

      • you asked

        Jason, jaggatorpm is only making that comparison based on Tracy Rowe’s comment.

      • Fapooshka

        no- but they could fire them for violating company policies. since it is officially illegal to discriminate based on sexual orientation or race or gender, they couldn’t fire someone just for being gay, and they couldn’t have a policy that prohibits the hiring of gays, blacks, whites, women, men, e.t.c. (at least not officially). but if anyone violates the company’s policy during his/her employment, then, yes- they can fire for the action that violated written company policy.

      • you asked

        Phil Robertson is also protected under the EEOC. Religious discrimination involves treating a person unfavorably because of his or her religious beliefs. The law forbids discrimination when it comes to any aspect of employment, including hiring, firing, pay, job assignments, promotions, layoff, training, fringe benefits & any other term or condition of employment.

      • Tracy Rowe

        And Mr. Robertson was not suspended for his religious beliefs. He was suspended for making public statements that damaged his employer and were in violation of his contract. You may feel that is splitting hairs, and that may well be, but legally that split hair can and usually does make a difference

      • you asked

        Right! Keep telling yourself that. Since you don’t know what his contract says, you are only guessing that he violated his contract. A&E knew of his religious beliefs before the show & even told them (before he ever agreed to do the show) that there were certain things he wouldn’t compromise on & #1 was his family & #2 was his religious beliefs. So, if they agreed to those terms, they agreed to his religious beliefs not being a problem.

      • Dean Herbst

        For starters I am a chef in a preschool and a I also teach cooking and good eating habits in a cooking class I started with the kids and I teach the kids our roof top garden. so by what you are saying in you’re statement I should be able to tell parents how they are not raising their kids right and how they are not showing their kids good eating habits by feeding them McDonald’s three times a week. and I should be able to tell them that they have no business being parents it they are going to let nanny’s and day care raise their kids. and after I tell them all that I should still be able to keep my job and not get fired for it. you must really be a special kind of stupid.

      • Jim Bean

        Yes I do. I believe we should be able to express how we feel to anyone without fear of anything as long as its not done in a threatening manner. More importantly, I believe we should begin in kindergarten, teaching children how to intellectually process comments that make them uncomfortable. There were just as many bullies in school 50 years ago but their victims didn’t commit suicide. That new trend is the result of liberals preaching ‘sensitivity’ to point where people break down emotionally when confronted with insensitivity. Liberals are actually killing children via their obsession with political correctness.

      • SilverGuardian

        You obviously haven’t been fired from enough jobs to know that if you sign an employer contract, you’d better READ it. I once almost got fired for wearing open toed shoes in my receptionist job. It was “the last straw”, since I also had been seen picking up a box of copy paper that I kept tripping over, instead of opening it and removing each ream individually. My contract said I wouldn’t lift anything over 25 pounds. Heck, I didn’t even know it weighed that much.

      • mdnbiker

        wasn’t the open shoes, it was the open legs that got you fired

      • WHAT THE FRAK?

        I REALLY hope that’s satire.

      • bamcintyre

        Are you sure that you are’t the half-governor of Alaska under an assumed name… with the whole “actually killing children” thing. You have very different memories of elementary school than I do. Being polite to people is not a crime. Being nasty and threatening isn’t a crime, but it sure is not any way to live a “christian” life.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        You can express whatever you want as a private citizen, NOT as the representative of an employer.

        And kids did commit suicide 50 years ago. Where the hell have YOU been living???

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        on the white trash airwaves of john birch,,,FOX “news” and the tea party

      • Stephen Bryce

        We’re killing children by teaching them to get along?

        *sighs* and you wonder why the world thinks you’re imbeciles.

      • Yes I do. I believe we should be able to express how we feel to anyone without fear of anything as long as its not done in a threatening manner.

        Shorter Jim Bean: I want to call black people “niggers,” and Latino people “wetbacks,” and gay people “abominations” and suffer no consequences because of it.

        Apparently, verbal abuse, and the very real suffering it brings, doesn’t exist in your world.

        Fortunately, the rest of society is growing up.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        jim bean is living in the insulation of FOX “news”

      • shady

        That has to be the stupidest comment I’ve read here. wow. Just wow. You are just.. wow. I can’t even.

      • cosmati

        No one is telling you you can’t express yourself. Companies have the right to create their image or brand however they want, this also a form of expression. You can’t dictate that just like they can’t dictate how you should think. Phil Robertson is an EMPLOYEE of A&E networks, and was being interviewed as a representative of the A&E trademarked brand “Duck Dynasty”. What he said violated the company’s HR anti-discrimination policy so he got HIMSELF fired.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        express anything???? OK!!! so— if I meet U- surrounded by normal people ( see: witnesses) and I colloquially express what I think of U to the deeeee-lightful point of getting U to swing at me and then I crush yiour insipid skull what does your stance on that become???

      • Emily Nelson

        Oh good god, are you dumb. Repukes are actually killing children by cutting off funding for medical research and food stamps, you MORON.

      • DoctorButler

        Everytime anyone says “political correctness” I can’t help but laugh at how foolish they sound.

        I don’t necessarily disagree, but it has less to do with “liberalism” as you put it, and more to do with the fact that an overwhelming majority of these people who kill themselves over this shit are straight, white, anglo-protestant suburbanites of at least average income or more; basically, people who have never faced any adversity in their entire lives, breaking-down, because daddy’s trust-fund, and their white-picket fence is no longer there to protect them from the real kids.

        Conservatives are killing rich kids by not taxing their parents and their obsession with keeping wages unlivable for real Americans.

      • Jim Bean

        I’ve done a little bit of research and pondering on that ‘livable’ wage thingy in response to liberal’s incessant whining about how a WalMart employee with a family of four is getting food stamps because his/her wages are at poverty level. But it turns out that, if there are TWO bread winners (both working at WalMart) their combined income is nearly double the poverty level. Then it struck me that the same liberals who diminish the virtues of traditional marriage and who promote the propriety of single parent-hood are now complaining wages aren’t high enough, that the middle class is shrinking, and that income inequality is growing. And once again, as always in their heads, the unfortunate outcomes of their misadventures is someone else’s fault.

      • taymie

        So, a man walks out on his wife, or beats her, or just flat decides he doesn’t want to have kids and refuses to acknowledge that responsibility, and suddenly she and her kids, should starve because every single mom should ALWAYS suffer for not living up to YOUR moral standards?

        For an example here, my husband. When his mother told his bio dad she was pregnant, he threatened to kill her if she tried to claim it was his kid, and beat his sister up for daring to come visit the baby in the hospital.

        Now I know, it’s not YOUR value system that she should be able to survive in the world when that happens, but seems your moral value system is punishing the one that chose to be a parent with no consequence to the one that chose to ignore his responsibility.

      • Jim Bean

        I’ve heard very little demand from the left for raising taxes on people of ‘average income.’ In fact, I’ve heard none. ‘Rich kids’ aren’t impacted because they aren’t in the public system. And bear in mind, the objective of political correctness is to shield people from certain kinds of ‘adversity.’ So when they are inevitably confronted by it, they are unprepared.

        I’m conflicted on the issue of ‘livable wage.’
        When I ask people who say that to assign a dollar figure to what they believe is a ‘livable wage’ they usually vanish into the weeds because what they ‘want’ and what they believe is a truly ‘livable’ wage are far apart.

        On one hand, it would be nice if retail workers earned more. On the other hand, higher prices at the WalMarts and Dollar stores would devastating for those seniors and disableds on fixed incomes.
        Liberals say the solution is ‘take more money from the corporations.’ But when the corporations react by taking their jobs and investment money offshore, Liberals never say, “gee, I picked the wrong solution.’

      • taymie

        you know, that argument keeps popping up, but in reality, it was when big corporations got tax breaks that they started out sourcing. It was during this pro business, anti regulation, major tax cut campaign started by St. Reagan, that the businesses started moving.

        Instead of trickle down (give me more money and I might let you have a little of it instead of putting in my offshore account which is what historically happens) we need a trickle up system. Give the people enough money to buy more goods, and there will be more need for more goods and so more people will need to make those goods and the making of those goods will provide more jobs, which will give people more moneny to buy more with…I mean really, what kind of business person is NOT going to keep making stuff when it is selling? What kind of business person is currently hiring more people than they need? I mean really, even if it is just $900 a month to an employee that is not necessary to the well being of the company, surely any decent business person is not currently employing someone that they don’t HAVE to? Increasing the demand for goods is not going to make that go away, in fact it is going to require MORE workers.

        Now I don’t have a problem one with big tax breaks for job creators. So long as the tax break is tied with the creaton of the jobs and not with the net income. Say a 1% tax deduction for every 1% increase in the number of employees hired for full time wages on American soil and a 2% tax deduction for every increase in the number of employees hired for full time work at > 200% the minimum wage, and an increase of 1% tax for every person employed more than 20 hours a week that is receiving government welfare.

        See this libturd has a plan. Most of us do. You not liking it does not mean it does not exist.

        A good idea for making a livable wage would be to tie it to the poverty line. The minimum wage should ALWAYS be 140% the poverty line for a family of 4. that way we never again have to discuss a raise, it is automatic when the poverty level changes.

      • Marilyn Olsen Scheffler

        Of course there were bullies a long time ago, but the difference is that they didn’t have the methods of going viral with their spewing and mean spirited behavior. Now the whole world can be in on the most private information and the person being affected by it could easily think their life as they’d known it was over.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        pleeeeeez report me!!! pleeeeez!! I do know that if U file a report of potential VIOLENCE yowards YOu with NO POROOF U will be potentially charged with misdemeanor. all I said was I wish to express MYSELF in such a way as to raise you to a “level” of personal angst which would have YOU delightfully irascible to the point of a physical retaliation. I can assure U im NOT a teen; nor twenties or thirties!!! DOESNT that make U feel so much better??? again: PLEASE involve the CORRECT authorities as to attempt to involve me with a purported crime involving inter state internet; lets see how THAT plays out 4 ya
        ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, as that silly Kenyan said so adroitly ” please continue GOV’NA”

      • Jim Bean

        Calm down. I’m not going to report you. I LIKE you. You’re harmless and you bring a refreshing new dimension to the discussion with your unbridled passion, love of capitalization, freestyle spelling and punctuation, self-confidence, colorful dialect, and extraordinary intellect. I think I’ll keep you.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        only if U provide me with a lifetime supply of 35 degree YOO HOOs and sex with sarah palin ( once)

      • Tracy Rowe

        Your statement about bullied kids is ignorant and idiotic. First of all, bullied kids have threatened or contemplated suicide long before now. I know…I was one of them. The only reason it seems like a trend now is because we have instant access to news and a sensationalistic media. Secondly, with social media and internet, bullying has taken on a much wider scope and can be so much more damaging to its victims. No one has to teach a teenager to be oversensitive; they already are by nature

      • Courtney

        That’s not how free speech works. That’s like saying you should have the right to go up to a black person, call them a n*gger and the person they said it to should just let them walk away because it didn’t “actually harm them”. That’s not how the world works. You can say whatever you want but you have to accept the consequences of what you say. And liberal’s aren’t killing children, there is a distinct impact on the level of media coverage that something negative is given and how often it happens. Additionally, if you were a bully as a kid back in the day the school would punish you whereas now they don’t. Look at Michele Bachmans district, she sent her kids to Anoka HS where they enforced rules that said teachers cannot discuss being gay so the gay kids got bullied and the teachers couldnt do anything about it. 7 kids committed suicide in under 2 years.

      • Jim Bean

        I agree with you, ‘that’s not how it works.’ But that’s how we should be trying to make it work. Every time you prohibit a word or a phrase that word/phrase becomes a new tool for the mean spirited and new weakness for the person who is the target of the word/phrase. We need to start lighten up and desensitize before we become so emotionally fragile the psyche wards can’t accommodate us all.

      • So what you’re basically saying is that you want to preserve the “right” of bigoted, hateful people to deliberately say things that hurt other people.

        Man, talk about being an apologist and enabler for bullies.

        It doesn’t matter whether or not YOU think people “should” feel hurt. THEY ARE HURT.

        You don’t get to police other people’s feelings. Telling someone else to “lighten up” is absolute bullshit.

        And the fact that you think bullies should get away scot-free, rather than being forced to stop their hurtful comments…that is just reprehensible.

      • Indiana

        Please tell me what should be done to someone that uses a made up word in a hateful way? Let’s cut off their tongue that’ll teach them also if they steal we should cut off their hands and the army should police America with ak-47s…

      • Jim Bean

        Yes. I’m saying freedom of speech is critically important and you’re imagined ‘freedom from insult and hurt feelings’ doesn’t exist and shouldn’t (unless it comes from within). And no example of ‘bullying’ exists in history that is greater than the Left’s verbal assaults on Sarah Palin and I’ve got ten bucks says you never once felt ethically compelled to challenged them on it.

      • You’re still full of shit.

        There is no ‘imagined’ hurt feelings when you’re dealing with a bully. People ARE hurt, and you don’t get to tell them they’re not. Some people have been driven to SUICIDE by bullies. And you want to let bullies keep on doing this, all in the name of ‘free speech’?

        That’s absolute fucking nonsense. I would wager if your child was the victim of this, and tried to commit suicide because of it, you wouldn’t be so gung-ho on enabling bullies, either. Because that’s exactly what you’re doing.

        Google ‘suicide from bullying.’ Multiple reports of this taking place pop up. Since it’s only in recent years that it’s been tracked, and efforts have been made to actually stop the bullies rather than your idiotic remedy of “just toughen up,” I’m sure it happened in years past as well. It just wasn’t recognized or acknowledged.

        I’m not going to discuss this with you again, because you’re wrong, plain and simple, and I’m not going to waste my time with you. (If we were on Twitter, I’d block your ass.) Fortunately, society has begun to recognize that deliberately saying hurtful things is a serious matter, and we’re not going to go back to the days of verbally abusing people and letting the abuser get away with it.

        I mean, really, how hard is it to adhere to the old adage, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all,” acknowledge that certain terms hurt people, and simply not say them? That’s
        what a fucking thesaurus is for. There’s plenty of other words you can use.

        By the way, the above also applies to Sarah Palin. Anyone calling her stupid, a bitch, a slut, etc.–actual personal attacks, as opposed to saying her comments were stupid (which many of them were)–needs to be condemned, no matter what side of the aisle they were on.

      • jaggatorpm

        If those parents asked for your opinion (as Mr. Robertson was asked about this subject)? You would just lie to them? Brilliant. Way to stand up for what you know so much about and wouldn’t share it with parents if they asked.

      • tmf354

        You seem to think Robertson was suspended for saying he was against homosexuality, when he really wasn’t. He was suspended for comparing it to bestiality, which is clearly a ridiculous notion. That’s like saying all Germans are Nazis. I think any person in public life would suffer at least the same consequences if they said that.

      • Indiana

        If you read the part of the bible he is talking about it says about being homosexual and performing beastiality in the same area… He was just saying what the bible says. Not the same as calling Germans nazis because he didn’t say all gays like to have sex with animals.

      • tmf354

        Nice cherry picking. Let me know when you’re following everything it says about how to live your life and what’s acceptable in Leviticus before you start telling me what it says in the bible about anything. Jesus never said one word about homosexuality and if old Phil had said what he said in front of Jesus, I’m pretty sure Jesus would have let loose with a, “Dude? WTF?” But all that has nothing to do with whether A&E had every right to do what they did, which they did.

      • Indiana

        But the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit are the same… So please tell me how Jesus says nothing about homosexual activity… Holy Spirit says about it through Paul and the father says about it in Leviticus they are all three our one god if you don’t think Jesus agrees that’s crazy. As for the part where you say there are other rules in Leviticus that are not followed please understand the reason they are not followed is because the sacrificial laws and dietary laws were fulfilled by Jesus when he died on the cross. Same reason we don’t do offerings anymore. But the bigger picture here is that someone that is homosexual can still get to heaven through the same grace that god gives everyone else all they have to do is give their life to Jesus. So if someone is not saved wants to be gay why does it even matter? Either way according to the bible they would go to hell gay or not if they aren’t saved. Shouldn’t we focus more on living a life that the lost would want so we can get our brothers and sister to heaven with us? The reality is the sin of homosexuality is just something they are born with… The same way you and I were born with sin in our lives whatever the specific one you struggle with is. Let’s just love god with all our heart and our neighbor as ourself.

      • Indiana

        So tell me who is cherry picking? Most Christians read and understood the whole bible you probably read Leviticus and came to the conclusion that we don’t follow those rules without understanding what Jesus did for us. Please educate yourself before you try to bash a group of people.

      • tmf354

        Really? What about the part about owning slaves? What about the part about selling your daughter? What about the part about stoning your wife who may or may not have cheated on you? Look, I’m not going to sit here and argue religion or beliefs with you because it’s totally pointless. It doesn’t matter. Who cares? We’re talking about whether A&E had the right to suspend him or fire him or anything else they wanted to do. They did have that right. End of story.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        There is a difference between lying and being discrete in the expression of one’s beliefs.

      • Stephen Bryce

        I’d rather that Robertson grow up and realize that gays are nothing like how he described.

      • Indiana

        Why does what you’d rather matter at all?

      • taymie

        Here is how you deal with the parents asking for an opinion on eating habits, you COULD just say, “you have no business being parents if you aren’t’ going to feed your kids proper nutrition” and get fired OR you could say, “our societal culture that has become dependent on McDonald’s has led to obesity, increases in the rates of diabetes, lower brain development, depression, and a myriad of other medical conditions. I wish I could teach all parents how to prepare and serve healthy, yummy, cheap, and quick meals, but I am only one person” then hand them a brochure for a cooking class.

        See in both cases the opinion is being expressed, but in the second version no one has to lose their job. Likewise Phil could have said, “The bible says homosexuality is a sin and I believe it is true” and there would not have any real outrage- a bit of grumble sure, but not like this. Sadly, that is NOT the wording he chose now is it?

      • Dean Herbst

        No I would not lie to them but I would not say to them that they have no business being a parent or tell them I believe that they are horrible parents. I might think it but I would never say it. My point was that there are certain things you just should not say especially when you are representing your employer while saying those things. besides the conservatives are the ones who wanted to get rid of unions and have right to work states. which means you can be fired for anything or for no reason at all. yet now they are bitching up a storm when one of their own gets suspended. Well sorry people you can’t have it both ways.

      • Gina Maddy Kimmel

        Have you watched Fox News? I think you might have missed that network.

      • John Baker

        Here’s a free civics lesson from an “out of touch” lefty. The First Amendment only protects you against government censure, and then only to a point. That protection does not, in most cases, extend to the private sector. Robertson was perfectly within his rights to say what he said, misguided thought it may be. A&E, however, was also perfectly within their rights, like it or not. Freedom of speech only guarantees you the right to have your say. It doesn’t guarantee you an audience, nor does it obligate anyone to provide you with a venue. And it most emphatically does NOT protect you from being reprimanded, suspended or even fired if you say things in a public forum that your employer(s) feel reflect badly on them. In short, you have the right to speak, but it’s up to you to find your own soapbox. I don’t have to loan you mine. No matter how much the right may wish to make it so, this is not a First Amendment issue.

        In any case, it wouldn’t surprise me to find that A&E’s decision to suspend Robertson had far more to do with pressure from sponsors than with anything Robertson said.

      • jaggatorpm

        So I guess your in the camp also….that would allow a private employer to suspend/fire someone if they worked for a Christian company, was asked about homosexuality/lifestyle in an interview, and gave an answer that was counter to what the Christian company believes? Ridiculous.

      • Jonas

        So if someone is under contract with a Christian company and the contract explicitly states certain behaviors and or speech will get you fired and the said employee violates the contract, the company has no right to fire said employee because of his free speech rights? Funny world you right wingers live in. Do you even understand what a legal contract is?

      • Dru Castle

        The law and contracts only apply to “other” people. Apparently, the ignorant and arrogant are not answeable to the contracts they sign.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        Pretty much. We wouldn’t like it but that is the employer’s prerogative.

      • Stephen Bryce

        It’s not the same thing. Robertson was canned for saying something incredibly hateful and absurd. You’re talking about someone being fired for a key part of their private lives.

      • taymie

        If I am working at McDonalds and I stand in my uniform and hold a sign that says, “Burger King is better” It is my honest opinion, and it is true, and I deserve to be fired for it.

      • John Baker

        It isn’t a matter of being in one camp or the other. It’s just a simple fact. When you are under contract to a company, especially in a capacity that puts you in the public eye, as Robertson is, every time you appear in public, you’re acting as a representative of that company. If you say or do anything that casts a negative light on the company, they have the legal right to take disciplinary action up to and including terminating your employment. End of story.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        “MR” bean will understand your post as soon as I teach my new pet TEGU to play Vivaldi on the harpsichord

      • Just another Patriot

        John I think your final statement is probably the most telling. I would bet my life that is why they did it. A&E knew what they were getting into with Phil Robertson when they signed him on. I think there would have been a less volatile reaction however if they had just make the “usual” disclaimer that “The opinions expressed by Phil Robertson are not those of A&E, yada, yada, yada. I think suspending him was a little much. Yes they can but they probably figured on the other old adage that “Any publicity is good publicity.” It doesn’t appear to be working too well for them this time but, oh well life is a gamble. This one may not have paid off for them the way they wanted it to.

      • Mrs_Spengler

        Ending a man’s career?! This guy was a multimillionaire way before this show was even thought of. If A&E decides to cancel the show, I’m more than sure he’ll be fine.

      • DuckDynastySUCKS

        The show is fake. He isn’t a millionaire. Just a dumb ass hillbilly sitting around being his usual self and A&E thought it was a great idea to bring in cameras and just film these guys. This show is awful and that fact that people draw attention to it because one idiot says something about gays is stupid. The show shouldn’t have started to begin with.

      • Rick Hitchings

        yes, the show is a fake. That family is a bunch of rich yuppies, that grew their hair out and are acting. do some research

      • Seatunes

        Let me guess you love watching The Kardashians and any other reality TV show on MTV ? oh they are so much better !! -_-

      • John Baker

        Typical conservative “logic.” Did it ever dawn on you that there are tens of millions of people who don’t waste their time watching “reality” TV at all?

      • John Baker

        Actually, he is a millionaire. He owns and operates a sporting goods company. It’s the dumbass hillbilly persona that’s fake. But not, unfortunately, the bigotry.

      • Mpeasman

        Duck Commander had $40 Million in sales last year. I don’t think that puts him on par with Trump…….but he clearly has a degree of wealth. When you make false statements for no reason it diminishes the power of your argument.

      • bamcintyre

        This didn’t end his career… he was already a multi-millionaire. And they didn’t fire him, they took out of shooting schedule, but he was/is still being paid.. He said stupid intolerant things that reflected badly on A&E. No one is trying to shut him up.. but that doesn’t mean that his employer has to put up with it. He is still free to say any stupid shit he wants, and he will.

      • Diane Yoder

        cant really see Christ watching TV…..didnt have them in his day. I guess you only like free speech when its you spouting your opinion. Consequences are a beyotch, arent they?

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        Who is ending his career? They make duck calls and it’s a profitable business. Being on TV is just icing on the cake.

      • shutterbird13

        Pretty sure the guy had a career before the television show….

      • Stephen Bryce

        So that’s why more and more people are embracing left-wing social views and treating right-wingers like the Plague?

      • Camtam

        In over 37 states I can be fired for being gay. My wife was fired for being gay and in the economy it took 18 months to find a job in her field. Is that okay? Is that Christian? Christ would not support my spouse’s firing but some multi-millionaire using his name to spew evil and hatred, that he might agree with.

      • Bella

        I’d just like to say something here..not ALL Christians are like the Robertson family. Some of us Christians believe that everyone has the right to love whomever they wish. I personally am in support of gay marriage and all the benefits that come with that including spousal privileges. I do not believe that anyone should be denied their God-given right to love whom they wish to love and I believe in a God who I pray will look upon my acceptance of ALL people as me following in His ways. Some of us believe in following the scriptures in the bible which reinforce loving kindness for all of man/woman kind unconditionally. Not all Christians are bible thumpers who use scripture in the bible to support their own personal agenda or beliefs and completely ignore the parts of the bible where it says to love everyone equally.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        and sadly; good followers of the doctrines CHRIST taught— people such as you— are forced to see and read and hear about scumbags such as this redneck trash spew anti Christian hatred which is what FOX “news” crybabies want,,,, the regressive aging white trash southern scumbags who hate all that are NOT aging white baptists

      • taymie

        I’m not quite where Bella is, but close. I think, ‘a Christian, Jesus gave me the command to mind my own damn business and stop trying to pull specks out of other sinners eyes while I am still hauling around a big old plank in my own. I don’t support gay marriage so much as I believe, as a Christian, your life and your choices, and whatever consequences for those choices and that life are yours to make and in no way mine or anyone else’s to mandate, and efforts to make those mandates is the bigger sin than any other. I do think having gay sex is a sin, but so is eating shell fish, and I don’t plan on forgoing the shrimp in my gumbo, so I have no right to judge since I’m sinning too- and to a similar degree.

      • Lissa

        I don’t know if any other lesbian caught that last little bit, but I did and it made me laugh! Thank you!!!

      • taymie

        lol, I only just realized what I said and how it could be interpreted. What I MEANT to say is that there are as many references in the bible to the evils of shell fish as there are to gay sex- which makes them similar in standing in my mind. So many fail to realize that there are dozens of types and times when sex is a “sin” as described in the bible, homosexuality is not given any preferential sin treatment than say, having sex on a holy day or during menses.

      • Franky Smitherson

        Show me where his career has ended ? He wasn’t fired only suspend. And wasn’t he ALREADY a millionaire before the show ? So lets not act like he is depend on this show for a income and to put food on the table. And I live in the State of Alabama. Which is in the bible belt, and YES PEOPLE HERE BELIEVE ITS OK FOR YOUR EMPLOYER TO FIRE YOU FOR WHATEVER REASON THEY SEE FIT. Its called Right to Work State and almost every single Reps God loving State has laws in place that support what A&E did. So if Christians didn’t mind it before WHY NOW IS IT A ISSUE ? Tho WHERE WAS THE OUTRAGE WHEN ALEX BALDWIN AKA A LIBERAL was fired off MSNBC for his anti Gay remarks ? Where was this freedom of speech issue there ? Where was all this Christian support for a known Atheist ? Just fact face this HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SPEECH and everything about someone you liked get suspend from a show you like. Because you people sure didn’t care one bit when a Liberal was fired FOR THE SAME THING.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        jim bean will understand and agree with you as soon as my pet TEGU writes a symphony

      • jfletch

        Ending his career? He was already rich. He’s on a tv show. Get over it.

      • disqus_FqDHh0TK30

        FYI, the reality show IS NOT his career! The business he owns and runs is his career and, last I checked, that has not been taken away from him.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        hey f*ckface— his CAREER didn’t end: his being paid by a PRIVATE company did end…. so: in the spirit of private enterprise he can go get paid on another PRIVATELY help company’s show. Funny how U did NOT cry so vehemently when martin bashir spewed his stupid rant,,,,isn’t that F*CKING funny? U mustve missed that U pissant crybaby

      • taymie

        I don’t know if Christ would support the company doing whatever they did to Phil Robertson, but I know He would not have supported Phil’s statements. I base that on the number of times in the Bible Jesus stopped the public from harming a sinner, as outlined in the Old Testament, for their sin. Because He has defended the sinners, to the point of torture and death, I know he would have continued to defend them.

      • Jim Bean

        Taymi, with all due respect, the context of your comments indicates you regard the homosexuals as sinners who Jesus would not only forgive, but would encourage them to continue their ‘sinful’ ways. I know that isn’t what you meant to do. And, Phil neither brought or threatened any tangible harm to homosexuals that they need someone to defend them from.

      • taymie

        How did anything I said be interpreted as Jesus would encourage them to continue? did Jesus encourage the adulteress to continue sleeping with married men when he stopped the men from carrying out “God’s Law” and stoning her? No. Phil did not physically harm anyone, that doesn’t mean he didn’t do harm. NO what I said is Jesus would NOT stand for Phil passing judgement on anyone, and especially not in His name.

      • Jim Bean

        taymie, please accept my apologies. I see now that I jumped to a conclusion that you did not provide any seed for. And we agree. ‘Judge not’ & ‘Vengeance is mine Saith the Lord.”

      • gene27514

        You miss the point, A&E could care less about what was said. What the producers care about is the profits of the show and the reputation of the company. Any employee has to be aware of the way his actions or verbiage can impact profitability, and act with prudence. They would have fired him if he did an interview and stated that, from his religious perspective, the company was run by a bunch of crooks and sodomites. A&E has no obligation to continue paying someone who might cost them money or might damage their reputation. Both private entities exercised their constitutional rights in this case, and no government interfered.
        As far as right wing intelligent discussion, are your referring to Rush Limbaugh?

      • CaliBorn

        Robertson’s career is making duck callers, not being on a reality show. So let’s get that straight. I have to laugh at how you are trying to twist this into something that it is certainly not. And I am guessing that before he was given the tremendous opportunity to have a cable show and given piles of money for nothing more than having his redneck lifestyles filmed, he had to sign a contract laying out several things that he could get suspended and/or fired for. And apparently spewing hate was one of those no-no’s and he was dealt with by A&E accordingly. But no one is taking away his actual career. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if their business saw an increase by people who have the same twisted views. Much like all the hate filled folks who filled Chick-Fil-A after their owner came out against homosexuality.

      • Jim Bean

        According to a report I heard on Fox News this morning (I have not yet confirmed its validity), A&E was aware of their strong religious opinions and warned them as part of the agreement to take them on, that they could not speak of them publicly. If so, A&E violated their civil rights and laws pertaining to employment discrimination of the basis of religion. If the report turn out to be true, I am sure you and I will be diligently working hand and hand to pressure for the revocation of their A&E’s license. I can see you have a strong sense of fairness and am sure I will see you hammering away at them here in the comments section. Right?

      • seanmartin

        They always had the opportunity to tell A&E no thanks, that their “religious values” were more important than money. In the end, they took the money. What’s that say about *their* values?

      • Jim Bean

        Makes no difference. If they brought it to the table as an issue, they committed a crime. No different than asking a prospective employee agree not to reveal she once had an abortion if she wants the job.

      • Jim Bean

        Moot point. A&E knew the Robertson’s religious views conflicted with their own but they chose to take them on and harvest the money rather than saying ‘no thanks.’

      • seanmartin

        Oh, so when they take the money and run, it’s okay, but when A&E calls them on it, it’s “moot”. Nice double standard ya got working there.

      • Jim Bean


      • seanmartin

        What, too many words for you to understand?

      • Jim Bean

        Maybe. It seems like we both agree that they both took the money and ran. I’m struggling to isolate the ‘double standard’ you elude to and who is guilty of trying to apply it.

      • seanmartin

        Because in the main people are saying “Oh! :: insert stamped foot here :: MEAN A&E! THEY WERE MAKING A LOT MONEY OFF THESE GUYS AND NOW THEY’RE JUST BEING MEAN!” Funny how no one mentions that this guy was raking in his own bucks off this and didnt think there was any issue with *that*.

      • DoctorButler

        His comments don’t make people “uncomfortable” They denigrate the personhood of a significant chunk of the population.

        It’s funny that conservatives bitch and moan about “political-correctness gone mad” when their the ones demanding the swift termination of gays in the workplace, because their afraid their icky-gay-germs might radiate through the television set and make them feel “uncomfortable”.

        Act like an adult.

      • Jim Bean

        Can you link me to any evidence of ‘conservatives demanding the swift termination of gays in work place?’ In, fact, I’d settle for a link that merely illustrates conservatives defending the termination of gays in the workplace, simply for being gay.

      • Jim Bean

        I’m still waiting for that verifiable example of conservatives supporting the termination of gays in the work place solely on the basis of sexual orientation.

      • Jim Bean

        And now that I re-read your comment, I wonder why you find it ok for gays to make those who don’t embrace their lifestyle feel uncomfortable but find that its NOT ok for them to make gays feel uncomfortable. Shouldn’t we all have equal protections under this new ‘freedom from being made to feel uncomfortable’ proclamation?

      • Shirleyoujest

        I’m pretty sure Christ would have countered …Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone

      • Jim Bean

        And to A&E and those supporting their actions he might well have recited Romans 12:19 – Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.

      • careyt1

        One thing, it’s not his “employment” and “career” the man has millions from his own company! A&E made him famous and can take it away! Fool!

      • Jim Nemeth

        Um, Mr. Bean, I believe we have one straight-forward example from the Gospel of Christ trying to “end someone’s employment”…several peoples’ careers actually…re-read the story of Christ’s actions toward the money-changers in his father’s temple. Seems to me Christ was trying to end their careers. Now, let’s see how this gets twisted….

      • you asked

        You are taking that totally out of context. Christ chased the money changers out because they defiled the temple & made it a ‘den of thieves’. There were others in Jerusalem who also sold sacrificial animals & provided currency exchange & Jesus did not overturn their tables or chase them away.

        Pilgrims were unfamiliar with Jerusalem, so the Temple merchants, took advantage of this & sold sacrificial animals at a higher price than elsewhere in the city.

        The money changers could have set their tables up anywhere in Jerusalem (like others did) but they took everything directly into the temple courtyard & into the sanctuary (or the temple proper) where God met with His people, so that they could make a profit, by charging more. The high priest overlooked their dishonesty, as long as he got his share. When Jesus chased them from the Temple, it also caused a financial loss to the High Priest.

        But Jesus wasn’t only upset at the money changers’ greed, he also hated the noise & in the court, which would have made it impossible for devout Gentiles to pray there.

      • Jim Bean

        God did not endorse greed. Christ ended the money changers employment because of it. God did not endorse homosexuality. Phil pointed that out and A&E ended his employment for reminding them. Aren’t those two events diametrically opposed? (I’m agnostic, btw)

      • jonesky

        Far as I can tell, the “Christians” have no problem with terminating the employment of poor people who’ve done nothin wrong by outsourcing jobs to other countries to make an extra buck, so according to your way of thinking, the Christ you follow would have been just dandy with it. Not to mention that Phil Roberts has enough money now to live out the rest of his days without missing a meal, unlike a great many people in this country who’ve never made a hateful, bigoted remark in their entire lives.

      • Jim Bean

        No. I think the alleged Christ would have given the greedy the biggest tongue lashing of all. (He did drive the money changers out of the temple as I recall. But then liberals drove him out of the government and things went back to the way they were. But I digress.) I don’t have a horse in the race jonesky, except for challenging the ones doing the persecuting with regard to the source of their authority to make the call. Those defending A&E and coming to the defense of homosexuality are doing it as if all of society embraces homosexuality and anyone who appears not to is a radical cell that needs to be surgically removed. Fact is, not one in one hundred new parents would tell you they prefer that their child grow up to be homosexual – and that is the honest barometer of where society stands on issue.

      • jonesky

        One does not have to “embrace homosexuality,” one merely has to accept that civil rights, of any citizen, should not be allowed at the whim of any one religion. You are allowed to believe, and speak, whatever you want; you are not allowed to enforce or inflict it on anyone else. You also seem to be focusing on the homosexuality issue while conveniently ignoring the racism inherent in Robertson’s comments, to which quite a few people take as just much offense, even the ones disinclined to like gay people.

      • Jim Bean

        Phil’s comments did not violate the ‘civil rights’ of homosexuals or any racial group because there is no ‘freedom from insult’ civil right. If there was, 90% of the liberals in the USA would be in prison for violating Sarah Palin’s.

      • jonesky

        Nobody,s saying the rights of homosexuals have been violated by his comments, nor the rights of blacks. They’re simply exercising their own freedom of speech rights to express their opinion that he’s a bigoted idiot hiding behind a religion from which he cherry-picks the parts that agree with his personal prejudices, and that A&E has the right to hire, fire or suspend him as they see fit.

      • .NB.

        If someone of another religion had made that comment, they probably wouldn’t have been suspended in the networks fear of not being politically correct, and being prejudice of other religions. That’s how it works now….really sad….

      • Jim Bean

        Excellent point. If it had come from a Muslin, left-wing ‘tolerance’ would have protected it.

      • Punkandglamour

        His “career” is making duck calls. The reality show is extra money to the MILLIONS he made before Duck Dynasty ever aired. He makes the most used duck calls in all of the sport. He was SUSPENDED, not fired from something that is not even his main income stream. What do you expect from a company owned by DISNEY. His personal opinions matter little unless they reflect poorly on the person signing his paychecks. He more than likely signed a CONTRACT agreeing to protect the brand he works for and stream of consciousness rants about gay sex and black people violate the contract. This is not about the “left” policing people, it is about an EMPLOYER being able to decide how they want their EMPLOYEE to behave. If Phil Robertson didn’t read his contract all the way, too bad for him but I sincerely doubt A&E would terminate without grounds.

      • Jim Bean

        Fox News reported (and I haven’t confirmed the accuracy of their report) that A&E was aware of their religious fervor and had stipulated that they not speak publicly about it. If correct, A&E introduced religious restrictions in the terms of employment thus violating the Robertson’s civil rights and federal equal employment opportunity laws. If Phil deserves to be suspended for his violation, A&E deserves to have their FCC license suspended for their violations. Don’t you agree?

      • Terry

        Did you defend Martin Bashir when he said what he did about Sarah Palin? Or were you in the camp with all the folks who thought he was inappropriate and needed to go? I’m guessing the latter.

      • Jim Bean

        You guess wrong. My position (as stated) was that his statement should have been tolerated at least until after (not before) it resulted in an actual financial impact upon the company that justified his leaving. And I would remind you that Bashir’s comment was ‘inappropriate’ by consensus of society. Phil’s comment was inappropriate to only a minority of society.

      • David Beach

        You do realize he was a millionaire before the show was created, right?. I think he’ll be alright.

      • Jim Bean

        I’m not concerned about him or the Christians. I’m concerned about the ability of the Left to turn one man’s relatively harmless comment into a national melt-down.

      • mandcmom

        mr. robertson’s “career” hasn’t been ended. he was suspended from participating in a television show that he and his family “starred” in. i would wager that he will continue to collect revenues from this family enterprise regardless of how long his suspension lasts. more to the point, the real family business, the duck calls, is not in any way impacted. in fact, i suspect that they will see an uptick in their business based on this tempest in a teapot.

      • Jim Bean

        So who ‘won’ this preposterous contest?

      • James

        Imagine TBN hiring a man to host a bible themed game show on their network which becomes highly successful as far as ratings. Now imagine that host does a magazine interview in which he shares his personal thoughts about Las Vegas, and jokes and hints openly about how much he loves the gambling, prostitutes, drugs, and strip clubs available. Do you think TBN wouldn’t drop him like a hot potato? Do you think anybody defending duck man’s freedom of speech or job security would be doing the same for that host?

      • Jim Bean

        I would. Why are we allowing a few annoying words to have such a catastrophic impact on our ability to skirt a conflict? I’ll tell you why? Because liberals love a conflict and won’t pass up any opportunity to fuel one.

      • Jim Bean

        The man in your scenario has proven himself to be a direct contradiction to what he was hired to sell. A&E didn’t hire Phil to promote homosexuality.

        And besides, I’m poking around at a more socially consequential problem and that is the Lefts commitment to punishing, in a real and meaningful way, anyone who won’t at least pretend to agree with them. That is socially harmful on so many levels that its hard to know where to begin. Lets start with un-democratic and move on to disrespectful, oppressive, unfair, anti-social, disingenuous, fraudulent, extortive, and . . . . well . . . you get the idea.

      • GGH

        I think the reason A&E censored/cancelled his had to do with money not morals. I venture to say that left/liberal views has nothing at all to do with it. But they love the fact people are making a big deal of it. Why? It will result in more money!

      • Jim Bean

        I whole-heartedly agree. If their (A&E’s) morals are what they allege, they wouldn’t have given them air time in the first place.

      • Earle Crosswait

        End his career?!? I thought they made millions on selling duck calls. His career is not in reality television.
        Since you seem so adamant about protecting people’s employment then I’m sure you support ENDA which protects lgbt people from being fired on the basis of their sexuality or gender expression.
        Lastly, it is impossible to have an “intelligent discussion” when it comes to religious beliefs. No amount of biblical scholarship, historical documents, or scientific facts will ever change their belief system about gay or transgendered people.
        Finally, please don’t lecture the left on being out-of-touch with conservatives when conservatives are out-of-touch with reality.

      • Jim Bean

        You want a dose of “realty”? Go to a PTA meeting and ask for everyone who hopes their child will grow up to be homosexual to raise their hands.

      • taymie

        How about go to a PTA meeting and ask everyone that hopes their child will grow up to find love and happiness regardless of gender to raise their hands. While growing up homosexual might not be the goal, neither is growing up heterosexual, finding happiness is the goal.

      • Jim Bean

        Asking your question samples peoples attitudes about happiness. Mine samples their fundamental attitudes about homosexuals. I’m not religious nor anti-religious, anti-gay or pro-gay. I’m pro freedom-to-be-different and pro freedom-to-tell-you-when-I-don’t-agree-with-you.

      • taymie

        Nope, asking your question leaves out all parents who don’t care one way or the other what their child’s sexual orientation is. Yours only measures how many people are actively hoping for homosexual offspring. Mine measures ONLY those parents who are NOT actively opposed to having a homosexual child.

      • Jim Bean

        C’mon taymi. You’re just being contrary and difficult and trying to turn my other hair gray. You know if the question was, (and answers were anonymous)’would you prefer your child to turn out to be hetero or homo’, what the answer would be.

      • taymie

        No, I know what your answer would be. I also know that decent parents would answer, I don’t give a damn who my daughter sleeps with as long as s/he treats her well and doesn’t break her heart.

      • Earle Crosswait

        Next ask for everyone who hopes their child grow up to be an ignorant bigot to raise their hand.
        Finally, ask for everyone that would love and support their child regardless if he or she turned out to be gay or transgendered to raise their hand.
        No one “hopes” for their child to be objectified, ridiculed and scorned by ignorant A-holes that have nothing better to do with their lives than spread fear and hate. No one “hopes” that their child will have a 30% chance of attempting suicide before they graduate high school. No one “hopes” that their child will be marginalized and have their civil rights nullified by popular vote. But guess what?
        The “reality” is that LGBT kids already know that no one will raise their hand to your question. It’s that knowledge that keeps them isolated, fearful, and ashamed. Maybe you think that’s a good thing; I do not.

      • Jim Bean

        No, I think that’s a terrible thing, but as you eluded to, that’s the reality of it and it isn’t limited to homosexuality. The Liberal tribe is full of A-holes who have nothing better to do than spread fear and hate about the NRA/gun owners or Christians, for example. Strangely, when they’re the ones doing it, they define it as a ‘civic contribution.’ When someone directs it towards them however, it becomes ‘hate speech.’

      • Earle Crosswait

        Nice changing the topic – it’s a clear sign you’ve lost the argument and are trying to make another.
        Gun owners and Christians are not, nor have they ever, been victims in this country, never. When 1 in 3 Christian kids are killing themselves because of hate speech from A-hole liberals then let’s talk. No one has created behavioral modification centers for gun owners.
        Hate speech does not occur in a vacuum. Saying that black people were better off as slaves is hateful, in no small part, because they WERE slaves; they were property; they were less than human. Saying that gun owners don’t need magazines that allow them to kill 30 people before reloading is NOT hate speech.
        I would love to hear examples of what you consider “hate speech” against the groups you mentioned. My guess is, that for every example you come up with, I can give 3 occurrences against the LGBT community from this year alone.

      • I’ve already tangled with that one. He thinks it’s fine for bullies to keep bullying, because of “freedom of speech” and we should all just “toughen up.”
        The concept of being considerate of other people, and because of that not saying things to hurt them, apparently has never occurred to him.

      • Jim Bean

        The conundrum here is so eloquently highlighted in your comment that you deserve an award. Liberals want to be the sole authority on what is hate speech. They want the definition to be: ‘anything anyone says that offends me is hate speech and anything I say that offends someone else is not. The reason is, I’m always right and they are not.’ I’ve developed a dislike for liberals that occasionally borders on hate because of the shameless way they always want to have things both ways and the insulting arguments they offer up when they take center stage to defend the indefensible.

      • Earle Crosswait

        I ask for you to give me concrete examples and you give me more literary diarrhea. Thanks.
        I would love for you to quote exactly were you think I said, or even implied, the definition you proclaim I deserve an award for illustrating.
        The rest of your most recent comment is just more vague straw men and meaningless word salad. The only honest thing you’ve said is that your dislike of liberals boarders on hate. “Defend the indefensible”- WTH are you talking about?!?
        How about you give YOUR definition of “hate speech” instead of opining about what you imagine liberals believe?

      • Earle Crosswait

        You are full of “Belgian Waffles”.
        Provide a list of these Liberal tribe A-holes and an example of them spreading hate and fear about NRA/gun owners or Christians.
        For every 1 you give to me I will give you 3 Conservative A-holes spreading hate and fear about gay people. If I can use commenters from conservative websites as a source, I can give you 10 for every 1.

      • Jim Bean

        (1) I’m not adamant about protecting anyone’s employment. (2) I support ENDA’s protection for being fired on the basis of sexuality. “Sexual expression” is another matter and plenty of heterosexuals have been fired for being too ‘sexually expressive.’ (3) I agree its impossible to have an intelligent discussion regarding religious beliefs. Consequently, I’m never the one to introduce it into the discussion though I’ll debate it when its laid on the table.

      • Earle Crosswait

        For the record, plenty of heterosexuals have been terminated for being too sexually expressive.
        I think we can agree that there’s a range of acceptable public behaviors, regardless of sexuality, and they should be the same, regardless of sexuality.
        No one is advocating for ass-less chaps Fridays at work. Having your partner’s picture on your desk, however, should not get you fired.

      • Melanie

        Stop calling this reality show his career. his career is DUCK CALLS, ok? the reality show was a privilege. and like any privilege, it can be taken away. It’s A&E’s right to suspend someone that has spewed view points that conflict with what the network wants to reflect to its audience.

      • Jim Bean

        But when Rush spouts something offensive, then the same people who champion A&E’s singular prerogatives to make the decision in this instance conspire to undercut the networks and advertisers prerogatives in that instance. Lets just call it what it is. They want it both ways and their moral underpinnings are flexible enough to allow them to come down on whichever side of the fence that benefits their self-centered instant-gratification agenda at the moment.

      • HelenRainier

        He had a career before A&E didn’t he? He can go back to that — so to say that A&E ended his career is a straw man point.

      • Rocky

        Ending his career? Last time I checked, his career was business owner, not reality tv. He still has his business. Nothing has been taken away from him career wise.

      • Tim Hunter

        Excellent, Jim Bean! You don’t support people losing employment out of intolerance? Great! We shall count you in as a supporter of ENDA.

      • Jim Bean

        ENDA would require employers to HIRE people with conflicting belief systems. A&E voluntarily and knowing hired someone with conflicting beliefs for selfish gains and then fired them when his beliefs became public knowledge, again for selfish gains. ENDA doesn’t target ‘intolerance’. It seeks to mandate ‘open and public embrace.’

      • Anthony Marc Mobley

        Taken from A&E networks corporate outreach mission statement.
        At A+E Networks we believe our contribution lies not only in the excellence of our programming but also in our commitment to reaching out to the communities we serve. For over 25 years, we have connected with our audiences in unique ways through outreach efforts in local schools, in local communities and through partnerships throughout the world. Our robust set of outreach programs has had a positive impact on our neighborhoods and on people of all ages. Along the way, these campaigns have proven that they make good business sense, too. A+E Networks believes in helping to make the world a better place, and we hope you’ll join us in our efforts.

        Its simple Mr Robertson is censored by his network and he should have placed closer attention before he signed his contract. Just like any job you represent the company’s vision and belief’s not your own. So kudos to A&E and Mr Robertson time to think about that apology and sign that employee reprimand so that they can file it away

      • Jim Bean

        I offered my thoughts on A&E’s commitment to ‘excellence of programming’ in a reply to another’s comment. it read: “A&E, an admittedly Left-wing network providing entertainment to left-wing viewers, hires a group who is openly fervent about their religious (anti-left-wing) beliefs to star in a reality show that depicts what the Left regards as backwards, redneck, hillbillies, in such a way that viewers can laugh at them and ‘look down’ upon them for the sake of viewers ‘entertainment’ and the networks pursuit of profit.
        And in you’re twisted mind, THEY’RE the noble and righteous ones for demonstrating sensitivity towards bigotry?”

      • sara

        When did Christians become a bunch of wussy cry-babies? A bunch of whiny limp-wristed wimps that laminate over a TV show? IT’S A FRIGGIN TV SHOW!!!!! Aren’t there real Christian martyrs in the world that need that same outrage and protection, why not be outraged about real persecution versus this? Christians are being murdered in Syria and Egypt, why don’t you Christians rally around them and stand up against real persecution? Here’s why you won’t do it because of you have no idea what persecution really is and have lazy couch rage. Get upset because of a TV show while real people are being murdered, lol, how noble of Christians in America. The same religion that was fed to lions for their love & faith and went into it with bravery & honor has become the wussiest biggest cry-baby religion on the planet. Welcome to American Christianity always playing the victim card and never want to stand up for real injustice.

      • Who Cares?

        I believe the (I’m sorry if your mind stutters reading this) pope would disagree with your “christian ideals”

      • Bryan Lee

        Honestly, I don’t think Christ would have cared about any of our jobs. I think Christ would have provided for us, if we were true followers. Perhaps this whole thing was in God’s plan all along. After all, the whole Duck Dynasty clan were actually yuppies before this whole show even started…so this being a “reality show” is completely bogus to begin with. So perhaps this is God’s way of showing Phil that he is nothing more than a lying hypocritical bigot.

      • Jim Bean

        Perhaps. In any event, I’m pretty sure God would have had some advice for any one passing judgment on Phil and calling him a lying hypocritical bigot. (And, just out of curiosity, what was the ‘lie’ and where was he ‘hypocritical’?

      • tbonnes

        Would you feel the same if his comments were made about black people (assuming your religious beliefs do not make you racist against them too). Making comments like he did as a public figure to influence people with messages of hate means he should lose his platform to spread that message. Anyone who uses religion as a reason to look down on a group of people is just a bigot. He deserves to lose his job and get his ass kicked by Big Gay Al

      • Jim Bean

        Wikipedia: Bigotry is the state of mind of a bigot: someone who, as a result of their prejudices, treats or views other people with fear, distrust, hatred, contempt, or intolerance …. That describes tbonne’s attitude toward Phil much more so than Phil’s attitude towards gays. He gave no indication of personal intolerance for gays.

      • tbonnes

        In what way did he not show personal intolerance. He said their next step would be bestiality. That is similar to a lot of statements hitler made about jews (not comparing the two by the way) would you say he had no personal intolerance. You people like to hide behind a cloak of religion or conservatism as a means to hate homosexuals and deny them equal rights. Using a public platform to tell everyone they are one step removed from bestiality would be the same as if he said blacks are one step removed from monkey’s. He deserves to lose his job. Yes I am bigoted of people who use their accepted belief systems as justification for racism.

      • Jim Bean

        OK. By the strictest of literal definitions, he demonstrated a level of ‘intolerance’ towards gays that was less severe than the level of intolerance you’ve demonstrated towards him. Can we agree on that? (At least he has the decency to be willing to let you and A&E express what your beliefs are.) ” The definition of intolerance is:
        unwillingness to accept views, beliefs, or behavior that differ from one’s own.

      • tbonnes

        I agree i’m intolerant of him however the only reason I am is that he is publicly denouncing gays. There is a difference between having a personal belief wrong as it may be morally to believe another person should have less rights than you as it is if you keep it to yourself that’s fine. But to publicly tell a group of people they are so disgusting they are a step above bestiality is reprehensible. His rights are not infringed as he was not fined or brought up against charges. A&E simply did not want to tarnish their good name by having someone like that. I do agree that the Media is out of hand on the subject and in the end does it really matter. He made a negative remark about a group of people and is paying for it. Just because you have free speech doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take into account that if you speak negatively about someone or a group of people publicly that there aren’t consequences. Just like the Westboro Baptist Church I don’t agree with their beliefs but I will defend their right to believe it but it is context that makes them horrible people.

      • tbonnes

        How were Phil’s remarks not intolerant. He basically said they were the same as people who sleep with animals. his remarks were unintelligent and you can hide behind god or conservatism as a belief structure all you want but racism or bigotry is bigotry and yes I am bigoted against racists.

      • Eric

        Oh please. He was right on target. I’ll repeat what I said in my comment. If you said what Robertson said in the article to an individual in an office environment, you’d get your butt hauled into the supervisor’s office and would be reminded that slander is inappropriate.

      • Jim Bean

        Yes, but Robertson didn’t say it in the work place. There are federal laws prohibiting sexual harassment in the work place and Phil’s comments would fall under that umbrella. The Town Hall survey linked to from Forward Progressives reveals that 96% of about 30,000 respondents think he should not have been fired. Progressives have been poisoned by their own brew on this one – as they were with Chic a Filet. Liberalism is a form of learning disorder coupled with self-hypnosis.

      • exelion

        “So you think Christ would have supported ending a man’s career for expressing an opinion that made you uncomfortable and that he would have regarded it as an act ‘goodness?”

        He was hired as an entertainer, they can fire him for just about any reason. Also his career is making duck calls, not working on a reality tv show. He has the right to say what he wants but there are consequences.

      • Jim Bean

        Its the strangest thing – you (and others) making the argument that appearing in a TV series doesn’t constitute part of his career. What does on inside a head to produce that conclusion is difficult to isolate or even imagine.

      • Shelby Montes

        In my opinion, everyone else says whatever the hell they want so why can’t he? He didn’t try to impose his opinions on the rest of the world; he simply spoke what he believed and what is CLEARLY STATED in scripture. Anyone who tries to say it isn’t is either in denial or stupid. I don’t believe he should be suspended. Personally, I love Duck Dynasty. It’s really the only show I can trust to be clean when I turn it on. C’mon people, you know how they are. They represent the views of a lot of people (including myself) in the south. You know that BEFORE you even start to watch the show! You know what you’re watching. Don’t act surprised. I don’t think his right of free speech was violated, however, it’s not right that he was suspended. Now, with that being said, I am a Christian. I sin all the time. I have tattoos. It’s not my place to judge another human being for their sins and that is in the bible in the story of Mary of Magdalen. Was it smart to say something like that on public television? Not really, but that’s him and his family and that’s the way they are and if you don’t like it don’t watch the show. I have close family members that are gay. I don’t judge them, it’s not my place. I love them, but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re doing WRONG. Just like I do wrong and everyone else does wrong. Only one person lived without sin. This whole situation is being blown out of proportion. It is what it is. Everyone can have their own opinion, that’s fine. But if you say the sky is green, and you believe it with all your heart, it still doesn’t change the fact that the sky is blue. Just saying…

      • Jim Bean

        Liberals are all in favor of freedom of expression until you express an opinion they disagree with.

      • Jim Bean

        You introduce an interesting perspective when you say,’It’s really the only show I can trust to be clean when I turn it on.’ It goes with out saying that its clean because of the Christian influence on the Robertson’s. And, its wildly popular suggesting that the endless bombardment of sexual debauchery isn’t as critical to a shows success as liberals would like to believe.

      • scottsgirl

        Yet you had no reaction when Martin Bashir lost his career for trying to explain slavery to Palin?
        That was okay. In other words, free speech is only okay when it supports your beliefs?

      • Jim Bean

        He was not ‘explaining’ anything to Palin. She wasn’t present. He was delightfully continuing the left-wing tradition of using Palin as a punching bag for the sake of entertainment. He got so enthusiastic he cleared an almost impossibly high hurdle – that pinnacle where liberals actually realize they should feel embarrassed about something even though they don’t.

      • scottsgirl

        You are correct. There is no such thing of explaining anything to Palin.

      • noen

        “Do you think ‘good’ people support ending someone’s employment out of intolerance for someone saying something someone might disagree with?”

        YES! Absolutely yes. When someone says hateful bigoted things good people really should support removing that person from a position where their hate and bigotry could influence others.

    • Christopher Daniel Davis

      You have made me cry and smile at the same time. This is exactly what needs to be said, read, thought about and if you have to preach, this is the sermon. Thank you sir!!!

    • Robert Gadd

      Ya your right. Seen too much bloodshed over the years. When the bible was written and the Lord said homosexuality was an abomination to Him, It didn’t mean people lost there free will to choose. That having been said I really don’t know why all this is an issue other than the fact our current society is going this way. All I know is when I have to face the Almighty and be judged for what I have done I can’t judge the Duck dynasty or any other organization only that I think the Lord said it was an abomination to try to guide us on the right path, Because what we have now is a deterring government and people. It would really be nice if the ass holes that started wars had to fight them who knows maybe there wouldn’t be so many. But for me to judge some one else first I’m just not that smart and also its Fing wrong. Thank you for your time.;

    • Judith_Priest

      Excellent points, Harry. I wonder this myself.

      NO ONE acts more like Satan-Possessed Haters than the United States’ Religious Far Right.



      • taymie

        You look it up. Freedom of speech means you can say what you want without fear of GOVERNMENT reprisals. A&E is not a government entity so that whole argument fails on it’s first examination. Further, freedom to say and believe as you will is not freedom from consequences for what you say. As I said earlier, If I am employed by McDonald’s and I stand outside in the public venue in my McDonald’s uniform holding a sign that says, “Burger King is better” I deserve to be fired and I will be. Even though I am just stating my beliefs.

    • Amilcar Cuevas

      This article states what I have been saying since I heard the story. People love to take sides on debates like this because everyone has an agenda. Mr. Clifton is the first one to take the middle on this. No one ever said Mr. Robertson doesn’t have the right to speak his mind. AE had to right to fire him if they felt he hurt their bottom line. Plain and simple. Do I support his views, no of course not he sounded like a bigoted jerk, but I can appreciate the fact that he speaks his mind. He just shouldn’t say that stuff being a public figure and expect there be no repercussions from it. If he was just a redneck backwoods jerk not being on TV he could write that stuff in the Alabama Christian Science Gazette no one would care. Unfortunately for him that is not the life he chose.

  • jackmur2012

    Thank you, Allen…… Excellent job…….. Great write up…

  • Shari D

    Just like Mr. Clifton said, it’s all a bunch of meaningless nonsense on TV. I find no “entertainment value” in any of it, and don’t bother with it. It has no impact on real life in the real world, except when so many people waste their time and effort to make it into something it’s not. The whole thing is a concocted fraud to drum up ratings on the network, and rake in fat cash from the “licensing” of all the cheap crap with their name all over it. These people were not some years back what you think you see now. Their “yuppiness” is coming out all over the place now that one of them has generated negative publicity for the show and the network. It’s all just another fraud for dollars, just like all those pseudo Amish shows about them coming out and “discovering” the rest of the world. Reality TV has no basis in reality and never has.
    Either this man has violated some portion of his contract with his employer, and they are taking him to task for it, or they are being just as hypocritical as ever to use it to drum up ratings for the show by creating more “hype” by exploiting the event. Whichever it is makes no difference, because the result won’t change.

    • Jim Bean

      Its (Reality TV) titillation for a select audience that feels better about themselves by looking down on someone they perceive as ‘inferior’ – just like Clifton’s article is.

      • Keith

        You seem to be a master of talking down to someone whose opinion you don’t like. Get over yourself Mr High and Mighty.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        Huh? The Robertson’s audience isn’t likely to be people looking down on them.

      • taymie

        That’s rich. You make a judgement call about people feeling better about themselves by looking down on someone they percieve as “inferior” and IN THE SAME SENTENCE make a judgement call about Clifton to make him seem inferior.

        the hypocrisy is overwhelming.

  • That Guy

    I laugh because the ads on this page are petitions to have a&e end his suspension. You bought want to change where the ads are coming from!

  • anonymous

    The problem is not the religious views of the Robertson family, the problem is the RELIGION of the Robertson family. The intolerance spewed by churches all across America every Sunday is the root of the issue.

    • taymie

      NO. Not the religion, the church teachings for sure. Actual Christianity is NOT that hateful. Anyone following the teachings of Christ can’t be that full of hate,because His number one rule was to love one another as yourself. – He in fact specifically said that is the way to get into heaven.

  • Pris

    Love this 1000 times over! You articulate everything that’s been going through my mind about this. Thank you! 🙂

  • boogie

    may the TEA PARTY crawl up your ass and die!

  • ABD

    Allen – I agree with your “rant”, and if I could have, I would have asked the question: why does ANYONE need to visualize the intimate details of another couple’s relationship – regardless of the genders of the couple? It seems to me if people could just get their minds out of other people’s bedrooms, and not boil a relationship down to just THAT, then everyone would be fine. But some people seem to be stuck on those details, and to me, that makes THEM the ones who are deviant. Another point I like to make is that someone with as large an audience as Phil has a responsibility to understand the larger impact of what he says about groups that have been persecuted (for REAL, not for a day in the media) and slaughtered (for REAL) over centuries because of their race or their orientation. Even if HE would never harm anyone – he doesn’t know how many unstable fans of the show are fueled by his words to act with violence against these groups.

  • Keith

    Search the Bible for Sodom and Gomorrah! Looks like you are reading through the bible picking and choosing what you want too….

    • Sabrina Watts

      Sodom and Gomorrah were whacked because they were rude to strangers, not because of gayness.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon


  • sherry06053

    Why was GQ interviewing him, of all people? How does he and his opinions of such controversial topics, fit in with the magazines readers. Yes, the guy has a right to say what he believes. Since he didn’t have any sense to filter his answer, A&E had the right to suspend him. It seems to me that GQ were the ones looking for trouble – the guy’s a southern redneck – what did they expect?

    • suburbancuurmudgeon

      Why did Playboy interview Jimmy Carter?

      • sherry06053

        I don’t know. I never heard about it, although Jimmy Carter wasn’t as likely to stir up controversy nor respond to questions in such an ignorant way and has a filter in his brain. Plus, he would be more interesting to their readership.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        he luvs real boooobies– just as I do

    • taymie

      I think, considering the likely viewship of both DD and GQ, there is a good chance that the GQ interview was aiming to get exactly this reaction. Phil didn’t have to play into that though, and he did so of his own free will.

  • Jim Bean

    Fox News is reporting at this moment, that A&E was fully aware of the Duck’s religious enthusiasm when they hired them and that they warned them not to speak publicly about those beliefs. If (IF) that proves true, Phil clearly violated his contract and deserves to be fired. Likewise, A&E is guilty of violating the Duck’s civil rights by making religious restrictions a part of the employment contract and they deserve to lose their FCC license. I trust all liberals will be just as committed and outspoken in their demands that A&E be brought to justice.

    • BilbySA

      I assume, then, that you would fully support a Muslim fundamentalist’s right to speak on US television of his beliefs that women should wear burqas, and that women who don’t are of loose morals?

    • SilverGuardian

      Interesting that having heard it on FOX, you suddenly even HEAR that part of the the discussion (which was, in fact, written in this article).

      Also interesting that you think that an employer contract that states you may not speak publicly about something is the same thing as restricting religious rights. Really? Phil is allowed to HAVE whatever religious leanings he wants. But as long as he is representing A & E, he is not allowed to speak PUBLICLY about them. I’m betting A & E has not infringed on Phil’s rights. He absolutely may say whatever he wants. He just can’t do it while he’s employed by them.

      Maybe Phil should read his contracts.

    • MeghanML

      No– you are wrong. This is an at-will contract which he signed. It is NOT a religious restriction because he chose to take the job knowing that they did not want him to go public with his beliefs. In fact, Christian businesses do the same thing and can require their employees to adhere (at least publicly) to certain beliefs and practices. Example from the Wheaton College (IL) Human Resources Department: “The faculty and staff of Wheaton College affirm a Statement of Faith and adhere to lifestyle expectations.” But I am guessing you don’t have a problem with that when it fits with your values, only when A&E does it?

  • G. W. Markle

    Dear Phil Robertson,
    By your own words you have claimed the label “bigot”. You can take and wear that label and espouse all the prejudice it represents, or you can cast it aside and follow Jesus Christ, but you can’t have it both ways. It’s your choice, you have a free will, no religion required.

  • Truth

    If all the male ducks decides to only sleep with males ducks then guess what we will have no more ducks! It’s not natural

    • John Prokop

      “It’s not natural”. Actually, it is. Numerous species on Earth have been shown to produce a small % of their population with gay tendencies.

    • Alpinia

      Your computer is not natural. Throw it away this instant and go live in a cave.

    • SilverGuardian

      If God has chosen to create more and more people whose genes turn toward homosexuality, then maybe it’s his way of not letting them add to the population on the planet. And it IS in the dna … and it DOES occur in animals as well (always has) … and it IS “natural”. What science do YOU use, to determine what is natural?

  • Cherrie Walker

    Thank you Mr Allen Clifton for these beautiful words! I so agree! To some of us when the KKK use to come to your Church or home and say we are hanging you, burning you or torturing you because we are just some good ole Christian boys trying to protect our family’s and our town.” I see no Christianity in any of these good ole boys in the RepubliTHUG Party, Tea Party Scumlums or in most Conservative thieves & hoodlums. Does any of these people remember when Jesus went into the Temple and cast out the money changers and who sold and bought? Matthew 21:12. These Conservatives continue to bring God into our government and inter-mingling it with the works of our government and claiming free speech is annoying and becoming much like other countries. Soon America would have made the transformation to an impoverished third world unrecognizable broken country if we continue to allow these roqued thieves of the Right to assert their 1st Amendments and will upon us all.

  • Adjkt

    I think just like you think and he thinks, that you r a very stupid person demonstrating hate and nothing more. Phil never just commented randomly he was asked a stupid question and was thrown way out of proportion. They r real people so I don’t get we’re u see fake? The show always ends in a lesson learned with family so there is a point. You spoke more about religion this religion that not even the point on hand. It’s people like u who make everything worse. What do u think a 67 year old man from the backwoods of Louisiana is gunna say when asked a dumb question like that. Honestly he answered it better than any other back woods of Louisiana man would .

  • Michael Dorame

    God bless your lost soul Mr clifton. I pray you find Jesus before its too late.

  • Michael Dorame

    : “We never, ever judge someone on who’s going to heaven, hell. That’s the Almighty’s job. We just love ’em, give ’em the good news about Jesus—whether they’re homosexuals, drunks, terrorists. We let God sort ’em out later, you see what I’m saying”

    Here’s the part of the article Mr clifton and the media conveniently leave out of they’re misguided arguments…

  • Dave

    Allen – Jesus is the Son of God. He is 1/3 of the Trinity. He is present at creation. Every page in the Bible points toward Him. You don’t know your Bible and please do not speak as an authority. He doesn’t have to name every sin… and you want to then talk about compassion, how about the woman ready to be stoned whom Jesus steps between her and her accusers. They all had a secret, untold sin and Jesus knew each of them. Why do you think they dropped the stones and walked away from her. His final words asking where all the men were left to accuse: “neither do I condemn you,” Jesus declared. “Go now and leave your life of sin.” Leave what Allen? Her life of sin. It’s a lifestyle indeed – without sin we are to live. Sorry this doesn’t fit your own views. Sometimes you need to remember there is a God and you’re not Him.

  • tolerant

    I think both sides are wrong. Phil Robertson is not intolerant of anybody. He said EVERYONE should be loved and love EVERYONE. That includes homosexuals. He said that EVERYONE should love God. He did not say you should persecute or discriminate against anyone. If you love EVERYONE, then you would not do that. He has a right to SAY he believes it to be a sin and, if you are a Chrisitian, the old and new testament clearly teaches that.. What he Didn’t say is that those people are inferior in any way, are less valuable to God, any less as humans. I think he should have stated it with more of an emphasis on love. The author is correct also, freedom of speech is freedom from government censorship and punishment, and A&E can hire and fire whomever they want based on what they say. Any threats to the A&E or the Robertson’s are reprehensible and whoever would bring harm to anyone should be thrown in jail. I think what may be wrong is Mr. Robertson is not being suspended indefinitely for what he said but for what he “believes” and that IS against his civil rights. Just as you can’t and shouldn’t discriminate against some for their sexual orientation you also can’t discriminate for what someone believes. Now if Phil or any of them actually DO something discriminatory then they have a problem, but remember he just SAID he BELIEVED it was a sin. I always find ironic that people who scream for tolerance are the first ones to be intolerant of other beliefs. What you really mean is to be tolerant of all people as long as they believe exactly like I do, which is the opposite tolerance. Mr. Robertson did not even SAY they should be discriminated against in any way. The people spewing hatred on both sides should be ashamed of themselves. To my Christian friends and homosexual friends I think they should be able to believe whatever they want and stand and say whatever they want. But let’s just keep the name calling and hatred out of it, and let’s discriminate people based on what they believe.

    • tolerant

      last phrase should read…let’s NOT discriminate against people based on what they believe.

    • tmf354

      Your assertion that he’s being suspended for what he believes and not what he said couldn’t be more wrong. He’s a southern redneck, they know how and what he believes. Had he just said that he thought homosexuality is wrong, had he just said he thought it was against God’s will, had he said he thought it was immoral, I seriously doubt he would have been suspended. But he had to go further than that. He had to start talking about vaginas and anuses, and then further show his stupidity and intolerance by suggesting homosexuality was akin to bestiality. Which, if you have any brain at all, you would know that one thing has absolutely nothing to do with the other. That is not only a completely wrong analogy, but a bigoted statement that definitely reflects back on the company that pays him. They have every right to suspend him or fire him and cancel the show entirely if that’s what they want to do. That’s not even to bring up the contractual issues. You can be 100% sure there was something in his contract that precludes him from voicing prejudicial and or bigoted statements and/or showing A&E in a negative light.

  • aeroplansucks

    Very well written. The big problem here is that those that really should digest your article will simply choose to ignore it or stop reading because it touches too close to home.

  • Jim

    Why doesn’t anyone do a write up on intolerance against christians? To me that is more rampant than the so called intolerance against gays. Every day I hear people mock Christians and their God, rarely do I hear anyone speak out against gays. Maybe it’s fear? A man like Phil Robinson being mocked for his Christian beliefs which he only spoke because he was asked to in an interview, is not being tolerated and is being called all kinds of names simply because he’s a Christian who shared his Christian values. People bash him day and night since his incident but no one stops and thinks “maybe we’re just as intolerant as we’re claiming he is” bash a Christian no one bats an eye, bash a gay person and everyone loses their mind.

    • shutterbird13

      “Bash a Christian and no one bats an eye…”


  • Rick Miron

    sssshhhhhhhhhhhh….you now live in a world that you are not allowed to say things that big shots dont like to hear….pretty soon you will only be able to say what the goverment says you can say…… much for free speech………oh and say what you want i have family members that are gay and THAT is THEIR choice and i love them the same as the straight ones………..ill say what i want when i want and if anyone doesnt like what i say BLOCK your EARS and or DONT listen or read what i say……..for thous of you that dont like it well go buck a fuffalo…..merry xmas to all weather you straight or gay…….

    • MeghanML

      Read the first amendment: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or
      prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of
      speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to
      assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” CONGRESS did not make a law infringing on his free speech. He signed a contract with a private company. Christian companies are free to require things of their employees too. In fact most do have some requirement (in varying degrees of strictness) that state that employees should be aware of/committed to their values.

  • Fed up with Half-wits

    The number of agnostics and atheists combined wouldn’t add up to all the CINOs in this country.

  • Mike

    The show is about a loving caring family and I am sure many wish they had one like this. Religion, sexual preference aside, this, I believe is the purpose of the show. AND, laughter and fun is a great bonus. I do hate that there are more commercials then air time though.

  • burke

    These are his beliefs !! , Further more the bible tells us not to judge others and you have judged him several times throughout this article Phil Robertson or any other are not for you or I to judge, My feeling is that any other show that had anyone say the same or similar statements would have been brushed off and the only reason that it attracted so much attention is because Duck Dynasty is such a popular show…. Again before a big sermon this is my opinion as far as I know I do have a right to express .

  • Jonas

    What’s even more curious is that there are idiots who think these dirty butt white trashers are a good representation of Christianity. If I were a christian I would be ashamed that such uneducated hicks represented my religion.

  • fran

    I do not watch Duck Dynasty. That is my chose. I will not stand in judgment, I simply change the channel. Problem solved…….This is nonsense, so called intelligent people making judgments like this…READ YOUR BIBLE.

  • Brittney

    It’s a little frustrating that you are a “Christian” yet you are not showing Christs love or grace to anyone who you say “thinks” they are a “good Christian”. Also Christ does not discuss homosexuality but God does in Romans 1 and 1 Corinthians 6. Leviticus is within the old covenant and if you wanted a round about post remember the new covenant does speak against homosexuality. I love people who struggle with that sin and it absolutely breaks my heart because they are sons and daughters of a King who loves them with a love that surpasses all understanding and wants to open his arms to them. But the bible is 100% Gods word and hell is hot and forever is a long time. I sin everyday but it’s by Gods saving grace I can change- I think you should pray more for the lost and “good Christians” rather than spew your prideful anger at the world. Jesus knows that too

  • Ed

    You are not much better in your story either. Name calling doesn’t seem very Christian-like to me. But hey, hypocrisy is alive and well in America.

  • suburbancuurmudgeon

    They forgot the Golden Rule. Them what has the gold makes the rules. A&E has the gold. Too bad, so sad.

  • Lilmill

    Thank you for that 🙂

  • angela

    Your tone sure sounds like Jesus.

  • Guy N. Burgess

    Jesus was almost assuredly BLACK or @ least olive-skinned. Ignorant, homophobic, white supremacists hold extremely high positions in the US GOVT & the entire shadow GOVT’s dominated by THEM.

  • bospac_NCSU

    I’m sure they’d find a good programming home right after the 700 Club.

  • ThenAtlasSpoke

    You’re making a lot of assumptions here as you sit in judgement. Have you never heard the saying “Love the sinner, hate the sin”? I’ve never once heard Phil or any member of his family say they hate gays, or that gays are horrible people, or that gays don’t deserve to be treated respectfully as people. If you have, then please point it out to me.

    The one thing he DID say was that he believed homosexuality to be a sin.
    Whether or not one chooses to ascribe to that belief — I happen not to
    — the one thing you have to admit is that there are plenty of biblical
    references to support that belief. It’s not something that comes out of
    left field.

    In this case he didn’t address the topic out of pocket either, he didn’t go into the interview with an anti-gay agenda. He was answering the direct question from GQ: “What, in your mind, is sinful?”. The fact is, he didn’t limit his response to homosexuals, as many of you on the left would like to pretend. He continued on to include men “…sleeping around with this woman and that woman…”.

    And do you see heterosexual men up in arms demanding his suspension and removal from the show because they were also “victimized”? (How about people that drink alcohol? He singled them out too.) After all, THAT’S what turned this into a big deal. As much as you may want to fool yourself, it was GLAAD’s threat to boycott the network if he wasn’t suspended or kicked off the show that turned this into the media circus it is, not the fundamentalist Christian response.

    So we’re back to “Love the sinner, hate the sin”. How convenient of you to ignore the rest of the interview in which Phil says: “WE JUST LOVE THEM, GIVE THEM THE GOOD NEWS ABOUT JESUS —whether they’re homosexuals, drunks, terrorists. We let God sort ’em out later, you see what I’m saying?” Of course that statement doesn’t advance you’re agenda, so I’m sure it’s easy for you to ignore. Much easier to scream “PHIL HATES GAYS!!!” Now THAT advances your agenda, even if it’s not true.

  • Jack

    You’ve lost your mind…

  • Monica V Lucas

    This piece articulates every thought I’ve had when I see the feigned outrage of the right for some perceived slight against their limited worldview. Excellent, thank you!!!

  • Jack

    It’s all about interpretation. So you’re saying that his beliefs don’t line up with yours. That’s how people are. There are some good points in this, but I feel like people like you take it even further than the people you are arguing with, and it’s completely unnecessary. At the end of the day, all you want to do is win and think the worst of somebody.

  • mas

    I think it was a publicity stunt. A&E stands to make money from this as does Robertson. I can only laugh when “Christians” hide behind that label and espouse hateful beliefs. So contrary…

  • sasquatch38

    cherry picking? lol! this article and GLAAD cherry picked!
    1st off Phil was listing sins as stated in the bible, and what God said about them.
    2nd, I notice how you and GLAAD leave out where Phil says he isn’t judging anyone who is gay, and loves all people and prays for all people.

    its pretty funny when the only people having a fit over what Phil said are a small organization that is no longer relevant with the social acceptance of homosexuality and are needing publicity to feel more important than they are, and then hardcore liberals who ignore bits of info in order to further their agenda. the gay friends and family I have are publically supporting Phil because: according to the Bible homosexuality is wrong as Phil said, but Jesus taught to love everyone and not judge which Phil follows.
    I’m neither liberal/conservative or republican/democrat, nor am i religious, I do not agree with homosexuality but to each their own, but this ordeal over what Phil said has been blown out of proportion by GLAAD and liberals, and is being perpetuated by hack media.

  • Joel

    The author is not arguing with Phil Robertson. He is arguing with The Bible, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10. It is not logical to claim to be a Christian, then discount the Bible as anything less than the inspired Word of God. You cannot have both. I highly doubt that Mr. Clifton knows Jesus’ heart as much as the Apostle Paul who penned The book. I will agree with him on one large part of his piece, Mr. Robertson’s rights were Not violated, this is correct. But it’s hardly an act of tolerance to insist the masses of people stop expressing their first amendment right to protest A&E’s actions, isn’t tolerance what the Author was trying to convey?

  • Missy Sample

    I agree with you Allen, You had some really good points that I had already crossed my mind, even though I do watch Duck Dynasty. I am just curious, however, as informative and relevant as your article seemed to be…why did you write a whole entire article, in great length and detail, yet through out the article you repeatedly kept saying how you didn’t really even care??? If you didn’t care about DD, Phil’s views, how homosexuals live their lives, etc etc, what even comment?

  • guest

    This entire situation was a complete set up as far as I am concerned. They saw that the Robertson family’s Christian influence was reaching more people then they wanted it to and set up a situation to make sure that he and his families point of view would be removed from the public’s consumption. They knew exactly what his view point was when they asked those specific questions knowing full well with the help of main stream media to would totally be blown into something way more than it should have been.

  • jfletch

    THIS. I could not have said it better.

  • sasquatch38

    and you have lost all your comprehension skills or ability to read.
    read the GQ interview that caused this bs.

  • invisigoth

    My one nit pick is “reality television star” He’s not a star, not even an actor. Anyone who thinks “reality” television even remotely reflects reality needs to get slapped upside the head

  • Joel

    A&E knew what they were getting when they started doing business with the Robertson family, Yet attempted to suppress the linchpin of their lifestyle, A&E is not employing a bunch of idiots, they had to have planned that this would eventually happen. Also it is funny that A&E did not cave to animal rights protesters after Phil ripped the skin off of a live catfish then took the fillets off of it. odd.

  • xbj

    “DD” was a test for many people, from its creators, to its participants, to its network, to its fans. A test EVERYONE INVOLVED failed MISERABLY.

  • Dcon

    To be honest, they really had no business booting him off of the air. (Just to point out, I’m a non-christian, before this falls back on me) I’d just like to point out the ridiculous amount of protests STARTED by the anti-duck dynasty people that were pissed off in the first place. The so called christian death threats are not okay, but the ones given out my homosexual people were? Get over yourselves.

    • Valerie S.

      As a private company, they had every right to act as they saw fit– including kicking him off the air or even leaving him on the air. His comments may have violated a clause in his contract or the philosophy of the network. It may also have potentially lost them sponsors.

  • Matt

    Here’s an example. GOD destroyed sodom and gamora because it was
    Full off homosexuality and sin. Makes me wonder, what will he do to America

    • Valerie S.

      If you’re going to pretend to know the bible, at least spell Gomorrah correctly….

  • gskoggie

    The next time Rush Limbaugh says something the liberal/progressives don’t like — Shut Up !!!!

  • Saltmaster

    why do you care? why take time out of your busy day to do this. Phil Robertson doesn’t even know any of us even exist. The only thing you are doing is inconveniencing yourself by making even more enemies. It’s not all that worth it and will honestly be completely irrelevant in a couple weeks.

  • jerry

    There are two sides to everything. Both are in the wrong in ways I think. Mr. Clifton is 100% correct when people say they are Christian and act out this way, they truly are not looking through the open eyes. On the other hand, we are not all supporting Mr. Robertson with a Christian point of view. Then as far as Mr. Clifton, using terms like mindless, stupid, and fake backwoods rednecks, are you not doing the same thing? The lack of humanity and forgiveness I think plays a huge role here. It is time we as people stop pointing fingers and embrace each other and not things. Proverbs 19:20:
    “Hear counsel, receive instruction, and accept correction, that you may be wise in the time to come.” Lets all get along, don’t be defensive, and love all. Sometimes you look and listen, but do not see and hear. God Bless to all of you.

  • Colleen Van Oudenaren

    Dear Mr. Clifton~ I am a strong, Bible believing, Christian so I have a mind and heart full of comments and things to share but I’ll narrow it down to just a couple remarks:
    As for your statement, “Religion is meant to stay private”, The Bible clearly states the exact opposite in something called, “The Great Commission”. It is sited in Mark 16:15- He (Jesus) said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”. And once again in Matthew 28:19- Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Both times, Jesus is speaking these words.
    This is supposed to be done in and with a loving spirit which, unfortunately, not all people always show.
    As far as, “Jesus speaking out against homosexuality”. I’ll refer you to 2 sets of Scripture. 1- Genesis 18 & 19 When Abraham gets a visit from 3 visitors and pleads for Sodom and Sodom and Gomorrah are destroyed. 2- Romans 1 with emphasis on the 26th and 27th verses.
    *Please note that it is believed and understood that Jesus was among one of those 3 visitors in Genesis as Jesus is believed and understood to be present even sin

    • jerry

      also Proverbs 19:20:
      “Hear counsel, receive instruction, and accept correction, that you may be wise in the time to come.” I like what you said.

    • Colleen Van Oudenaren

      (I’ll complete my comment here since I was unaware of an allotted amount of letters)
      ….ever since the beginning of creation: John 1:1 The Word Became Flesh 1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
      Also note that Romans was written by Paul and after Jesus’ Ressurection but Paul notes in the very first verse of that chapter: Paul, a servant of Christ Jesus, called to be an apostle and set apart for the gospel of God.
      I agree with you about the senselessness of the TV show and about the misinterpretation about our First Amendment right of Free Speech. I agree with what Phil expressed in his interview but I don’t think he was excersizing wisdom in the way he expressed it.
      The significant thing here is that the Bible tells in Roman 3:23 For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of GodWe, the human race, are ALL sinners! God does not look at one sin as being grater or lesser among us. That is a hard concept to understand but God is God and we are not.

      • Colleen Van Oudenaren

        …Mr. Clifton, you speak about being a, “good person”. NO ONE IS A GOOD PERSON and if we could enter Heaven on our goodness then there would have been no reason for Jesus to come down to earth to live among us and die a death of crucifixion to Save us from our sins. It is only with Faith in that one sacrifice that Jesus makes us worthy to spend eternity with Him. It’s offered to every human being that ever lived as a gift. We just need to accept it. My prayer is that you do that very thing and if you do, the Holy Spirit will fill your heart and reveal to you treasures you’ve never dreamed of.
        May God really bless you.

      • seanmartin

        Paul also said that women should STFU and let the men do the teaching and preaching. As such, your little posts are clearly pretty meaningless, at least according to the servant of Christ. Paul also says that women are forbidden in a house of worship during that “special time of the month”, lest they make the whole buildign “unclean”. You following that dictum, ma’am?

  • sasquatch38

    the Robertsons have not lost any sponsors, and their biggest sponsor has already issued statement saying that Phil’s comments may not reflect those of Under Armor, but they are standing by Phil and will continue to sponsor them whether they stay on A&E or move to another network.

  • cosmati

    After reading most of comments on this thread, I realize they can be summed up into two main views:
    1- The Christian conservatives who feel very passionate about defending a backwoods hillbilly’s OPINION on a topic in which his expertise in duck calling devices is far removed from. Their defenses are based on more opinions stemming from personal prejudice and of course, the Bible.
    2- The Liberals who are more interested in defending broader civil rights issues such as First Amendment rights, HR company policies and the rights of private companies to protect their branding and image. These defenses are based on factual legal precedents and of course, personal feelings about promoting acceptance and freedom.

  • #imwithphil

    I’m guessing the author of this article didn’t read the entire GQ interview. Not one single time did Phil say anything hateful. I agree this isn’t a matter of his first amendment rights but that is the only thing I agree on. Phil quoted a bible verse but then went on to say it’s our jobs as Christians to love everyone, tell them about Jesus, and let the Almighty sort it all out! Never once did he say he didn’t like anyone but that he just didn’t understand it. Not a single person I know could compare themselves to that bible verse and come out unscathed. But that’s the point of why God sent Jesus!

  • Bam113

    What a pussified country we have become! It’s ridiculous.

  • loverofcoffee

    The bottom line is this show is about absolutely nothing. As
    far as I’m concerned this is between the protagonist of the show and
    A&E. I never heard of Duck Dynasty
    until a few days ago!

  • Mike Lawler

    A few weeks ago the right was in a tither about MSNBC’s Martin Bashir’s comments about sarah palin. Also, Alec Baldwin’s gay comment made in anger at a photographer, not on his show. Both were suspended and eventually let go or resigned from MSNBC. So where were all these “free speech” yahoos then? Or are only conservative christians (small C on purpose) deemed untouchable for their speech?

  • Craig

    “Religion is meant to stay private. The sooner you people realize that, the better.” The author might want to follow his own advice and keep his religious views to himself.

  • Andy Bittner

    The media, both news media and social media, are the 21st century’s privately operated, non-governmental, public pillories. Say something stupid, wrong, or hurtful, and you will be granted an opportunity to sit locked in the “town square”, with a sign describing your offense hanging around your neck. You would think a reality show figure would understand that.

  • Scott Sims

    I’m also being denied my 1st Amendment right to freedom of speech because A&E won’t produce a show about me. WTH? Where’s the ACLU when you need them?

  • Ron Unger

    Utah just made it Gay Marriage Legal.
    The first bill was to Oppose gay marriage, and was completely reversed.
    This is something I am grateful for.
    Living in this state with a Predominately LDS following, who pretty much runs our state. This is a victory.

  • Cody Walker


  • Rachel

    I would just like to point out that whoever wrote this may be one of the most ignorant educated people I’ve ever ran across. The writer claims the first amendment does not apply to said DD public figure only to later say he can go on without fear of prosecution because the first amendment protects him from such prosecution. Later telling the readers they feel sorry for his backwards way of thinking and obsession with what others do only to call him a backwoods redneck. Lmao! If you want to get your point across next time, perhaps you should skip the parts where you decide to contradict yourself and become a hypocrite. You have just committed the same thing you are speaking out against. Nice job!

  • Ron Unger

    Doesn’t Television shows post…
    The opinions expressed in this program don’t directly reflect that of the Station in which it appears on.
    As much as he shared an opinion, and people think it’s intolerable. It’s his opinion.
    Just like anything else with what some one else does. As long as it doesn’t directly impact my life, or income to provide for my family. I don’t generally care what people say. IT AN OPINION.
    To take this guys job, for an interview in a GQ magazine.
    STATES SOMETHING SHOCKING THAT BRINGS MAJOR ATTENTION TO THE MAGAZINE.. Bring up sales, because of the controversy surrounding an ANTI-GAY comment, in a FASHION MAGAZINE.

  • Jeff

    As a gay man and a duck dynasty fan I think this whole thing is silly. As a viewer I have no expectations that Phil, a self proclaimed and proud redneck in small town Louisiana, would support gay rights.

    This is entertainment, I’m not expecting everyone to share my belief systems. Was what he said about gays and blacks offensive? Yes. But, it’s no more than I’ve heard from my own family or from society in general over my lifetime. The momentum of those who believe that gay people deserve equal rights and respect is huge. These types of comments and vitriol can’t change that. I will give Phil the same love and respect that I would hope his “Christian” values would also dictate.

    A&E probably did make a mistake with how they handled the situation. Condemning the comments and not the man might have been more graceful. Their action just fueled the fire between the polar extremes on the issue. Dialogue is always good but we should do it with respect and dignity.

    • Morgan

      I’ll stand with you on that. That’s the most level headed statement I’ve seen so far.

  • Dan

    Where’s the damn “like” button?

  • Brandon Allen

    This is exactly what Robertson said: “Everything is blurred on what’s right and what’s wrong… Sin becomes fine. Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there. Bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men.”

    Robertson then paraphrased Corinthians from the Bible: “Don’t be deceived. Neither the adulterers, the idolaters, the male prostitutes, the homosexual offenders, the greedy, the drunkards, the slanderers, the swindlers—they won’t inherit the kingdom of God. Don’t deceive yourself. It’s not right.”

    He didnt compare gay to bestiality he was talking about sins in general then he QUOTED THE BIBLE you are one to talk about being a bad christian and cherry picking parts of the bible you have no idea what you are doing . You sir Mr Allen Clifton should never speak again as you have made everyone dumber by reading this.

    • seanmartin

      Know what the context of that verse is? I mean, always best to understand these things in context, right?

      First off, we know that it’s been improperly translated. The KJV is a great book of poetry, but in some places it’s lightyears from the original words, and this just happens to be one of them. “Homosexual offenders” isnt the original phrase: it’s “effeminate men”. Here’s the thing: that phrase, such as we know, doesnt apply to gay folks — it’s talking about straight men who choose not to marry, sort of like today someone saying “That’s so gay!” and then swearing they didnt mean anything about gays. Now, why would the Bible have such a vague insult in it? Because guys who didnt marry couldnt have kids, which meant fewer soldiers to smite the various tribes surrounding the Israelis. And of course you want to smite them because you want their land: remember how God ostensibly told them to “smite them, yea, their goats and camels as well”? It’s all about the land, Brandon, nothing more, a convenient excuse to get around the simple fact that the Israeilis of the OT were just grubby little land thieves using God as a convenience, just in the same way they did when they proclaimed He didnt like shellfish or cloth of “divers fibres”. Face it: if He didnt like shellfish, He wouldnt have created them. Even today, people will say, “Oh He changed His mind on that one!” as they rush off to Surf ‘n’ Turf Night at Red Lobster. Apparently He changed His mind on 636 Levitical laws… but not That One.

      The Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm…..

      Heck, in the NT, God forbids women in houses of worship during that “special time of the month”. That stopping anyone in your church? Do they have Maxi Pad inspection at the front door? They’re supposed to, according to Paul, because otherwise that would make the whole building unclean, and there’s a prescribed ritual to get it clean again. You guys doing that? Better make sure. Heck, during that “special time of the month”, you’re not even supposed to *touch* your wife, lest you too become unclean. Dont blame me, bud: blame God. That’s in Paul’s writings as well.

      So dont presume to talk about what God does or does not see as sin. You “Christians” play loosey-goosey with it to suit your own needs. You always have, all the way back to the KJV, and you might as well admit it. Otherwise, all those screaming kids at the mall would be rounded up and executed: that’s in 2 Kings.

  • Shari

    Well Allen, for someone not being interested in Phil and the show you certainly are opionated about it. The very same thing Phil was doing. Discussing how he feels. So if he is so wrong in his thinking then I would have to say you are as well. In your article you put down christians, republicans and television. And you also call his supporters stupid. Personally your reaction to this makes me think you are a hypocrite. You can’t comment on the things someone says and then turn around and say ugly hateful things yourself so surely you must not be a Christian. Merry Christmas. I will pray for you as well as the Robertson family.

  • judithkay41

    Awesome article! Clifton tells it like it is! Good ole Phil stepped in it, and all he is worried about now is how to keep the big bucks coming in. His back peddling is all about not losing his lucrative income from a mindless show. His stand doesn’t represent my Christianity, and to make the comparisons he made is despicable. Hope this is the end of this stupid show! A&E should aspire to replacing it with something of value.

  • matt

    Guess I’ll be Mr. Unpopular here.
    First of all the article is spot on with the no danger to freedom of speech. The company has every right to manage their employees.
    I do wonder though if they ask for his opinion and know it is going to lose them money, why let it air? It may of been wiser to cut the whole thing out.

    Then second I should mention Christianity is designed to be unpopular. The bible makes it clear that if you do what God wants, most of the world will hate you. This whole new testament only and being accepting of everything is not in line with the teachings of the bible.

    If you disagree you are free to read it yourself.

  • Rick

    Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII), which prohibits employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. SEC. 2000e-2. [Section 703] (a) Employer practices It shall be an unlawful employment practice for an employer – (1) to fail or refuse to hire or to discharge any individual, or otherwise to discriminate against any individual with respect to his compensation, terms, conditions, or privileges of employment, because of such individual’s race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. That’s a pretty clear picture of what discrimination is (according to the language of the act). Phil Robertson’s comment revolve around his a) belief in natural sexual relationships, and b) his religious beliefs.

    • seanmartin

      … which would be fine, but he’s not an employee of A&E. He’s the subject of a reality show, which makes him more of an outside consultant.

  • tim from the real world

    homosexuality is likened to beastiality and you dick head progressive degenerates baited a good man into getting suspended from his job. well done asswipes. I’m glad a&e has decided not to be one of the free speech zones declared in obamas america.

    • seanmartin

      His “job” is selling duck calls.

      Last time I checked, he still was.

  • Duane Henderson

    i stopped reading this soon as it said its a pointless show it is a good show teaches stuff like family values that family sticks together threw think and thin

  • Mindy Choate

    I’m sorry but even tho I agree with many of your talking points here I think this is a horrible way to represent them. You sound extremely angry and bitter..which makes you seem to be on the same level as those you are trying to speak out against. Fighting so called “vile hatred” with more “vile hatred” is really not going to create anything other than more separation between the two view points. Intolerance in general is at an all time high in this country and it’s really unacceptable coming from either side. Throughout your blog you are attacking those being upset over a ridiculous tv show..yet you are letting their misplaced anger incite your own.

  • Billy W

    So let me get this straight, as long as the media is censoring speech it is all ok. So if the major networks were suddenly taken over by right wing Christian groups and they decided to censor all things progressive… that would be just fine with you Mr. Clifton?

  • rubagreta

    Can’t we just let Phil Robertson sound like an idiot and leave him alone, for goodness sakes. No gay or black will be harmed because of his utterances. Even Jon Stewart is on board with this.

  • ygsbs

    This whole article has a negative, judgmental tone to it. And since you’re throwing the name of Jesus around, that doesn’t seem very Christ-like.

  • adam gilliam

    I don’t watch Duck Dynasty, I could care less about Phil Robertson. What I do care about is people attacking someone because they think/believe differently. Why should I condone homosexuality when I feel it is unnatural? I believe in their right to be queer, however calling me a bigot or an idiot because I don’t like it is OK? Being tolerant works both ways, and tolerant doesn’t mean condoning something. People act as if speaking against homosexuals is like being a racist. However being gay is a choice of lifestyle, you choose whom you have sex with. They want to argue that its natural, they can’t help it, that it is hate to speak against it. What about pedophilia and beastiality? Is that something that your born with too? Their same logic could be used to defend those sexual choices as well. You can’t equate homosexuality to race or gender, but thats what they try to do. Love is what is needed not hate. I hate no one, and me speaking my mind about a sexual choice doesn’t mean I hate those people. I don’t like what they do, but I don’t hate them and I would be friends with them regardless. It shouldn’t be expected that everyone accept their lifestyle though.

    • seanmartin

      Do let me know when you made the choice to be straight. I”m sure we will all find it illuminating.

      • adam gilliam

        I have to say to put it simply, I don’t understand same sex attraction. I am attracted to the opposite sex as my hormones and anatomy I was born with have made me to be. People in the gay community should not expect the whole world to like their sexual orientation. They shouldn’t be attacked and they should not attack people that are against it on religious,moral, or any other grounds.They expect everyone to embrace it which isn’t something people that take their Christian religion seriously can do. I realize religion is not accepted by most gays, but it is an important part of a lot of peoples lives. I say love each other regardless of religion or sexual orientation but respect the right to disagree and the right to express religious/moral values. People need to have morals.

      • seanmartin

        Dude, to reply just as simply: why do you expect me to like *your* orientation? Why do you feel that “Christian morality” is the only one worth embracing? How do you know that “religion isnt accepted by most gays” — have you conducted a poll?

        I dont care what moral compass you use or which way it points. But when you try to make your “Christian” morality into law, then we have a problem, and I find it odd that most “Christians” (and I put that in quotes because a lot of your most voal spokespeople are more Philistine than actual Christian) find that difficult to accept. You guys (and hey, yeah, I think I can generalize here, since you clearly felt free to do the same) got your panties in a wad over the revoking of Sunday Blue laws. You completely reframed the whole “prayer in schools” thing into something it simply was not — no one’s saying you cant pray; what they’re saying is you cant force *organized* prayer, which is a very different thing, isnt it. The total sum of your argument about gays (and odd, isnt it, how it’s usually directed at gay *men*. since, as we all know, most straight men find girl-in-girl action so totally hot) is “well, I just dont like it”… to which I reply, tough. Deal with it. Life is full of disappointments. God knows we’ve had to deal with plenty from you guys.

        And speaking as a Canadian, I will never understand why your country has such problems actually putting teeth to the concept of “equality”. You tromp around the world, proclaiming it as one of the cornerstones of your national credo, but at every turn — whether it involves women or blacks or gays or even the Irish at one point — you have to be dragged kicking and screaming into accepting that people not like you are, shockingly, just like you when it comes to the law.

        So here’s a moral truth for you: your morality may not be like mine, but under the law yours does not trump mine. This is why the Mormons are not getting their way right now in Utah: it’s not enough to just say, “Ewww! Icky!” Unless you have some kind of *legal* precedent to cite, you are, quite simply, SOL. Sorry, but that’s just how it goes. So we’ll make you a deal: we stop asking for this worldwide acceptance (which, by the way, we already know will never happen, just like some of you *still* have problems with inter-racial marriage after, what, 230 years? of supposed “equality”), if you keep your personal morality to yourselves.

      • adam gilliam

        I have no problems with the legal aspects and I agree with you on those points. No one is better than anyone else and I never said we were and did not imply it either.

      • seanmartin

        I’m still trying to see where you get the whole “gay people arent religious” thing. You got anything to back that up — or is it just possible you might possibly be wrong? I mean, you’re either speaking from first hand evidence or some research you’ve read, so let’s see it.

        I’m also still waiting to hear when you made the conscious decision to be straight, since you seem to think it was a choice for me. You know, go to the gym, stop by Starbucks… oh, and make it with a guy! So let’s hear yours. Then I’ll buy your “I never said we were” thingiedo.

      • adam gilliam

        Saying gay people aren’t religious was not a correct way to put it, I admit. In my experience with gay people, the several I know are atheist. That is where that came from and no, I have no data otherwise so yes I misspoke. And on the choice to be straight would likely be the same as your response to the question – I was born that way (with attraction to females). I can’t explain it because it is natural. I would suppose some people are born with chemical imbalance such as hormones that possibly could sway them towards the same sex. Even with that, you have to choose who you partner with. If something is a sin, you do not embrace it. I certainly cannot imagine why anyone would want to be gay as I’m sure it is very difficult, at least early on in life so I do empathize with those persons. I came off coarse and would like to say again that I love all walks of life. My religion tells me its wrong and I am personally befuddled by the thought of how could someone be gay. In my belief being gay is an abomination to God, so it is something I am strongly against. I am not better than you or anybody else and vice versa. Yes I feel that it is sinful, but we all sin. If you feel that because I express my belief I am projecting superiority over you then you are mistaken. We are all human beings that do things that aren’t godly, and honestly its not as if I think you are some animal. By the way I don’t believe you are going to hell either. Being a good person is what matters, doing good things, being a neighbor. Love – give it, receive it, make it.

  • ja

    So I guess the network, knowing that he was like that, should not be held accountable at all for their poor editing? yeah A&E are more at fault

  • Seatunes

    Hey you forgot the part of the GQ article where Phil says “We never, ever judge someone on who’s going to heaven, hell. That’s
    the Almighty’s job. We just love ’em, give ’em the good news about
    Jesus—whether they’re homosexuals, drunks, terrorists. We let God sort
    ’em out later, you see what I’m saying?”

    Oh and He never compared gays to terrorists. Did this guy even read the GQ article before he decided to write this article ? lol.

  • DDFan13

    I’m pretty sure Phil doesn’t give a shit that he’s not on the show anymore. He’s going to continue to succeed no matter what. He probably hates it more for his family than he does himself. But I happen to be a fan of the show and think that A&E made a big mistake. #TeamPhil

  • brittneyb23

    Where in The Bible you ask? HOW ABOUT LEVITICUS 18:22???? Might want to invest in a bible to gain more knowledge before writing an article on an issue without gathering all info. Just saying. And yes, we have all sin and come short of the glory of God. The Bible also says we are all forgiven of our sins if we accept Him in our hearts. Phil simply used his freedom of speech AND religion to state that he knew his God doesnt approve of homosexuality and he is following his religion but nowhere did he display hatred towards homosexuals that I’ve seen. Christians are taught to hate the sin not the sinner. So maybe you non Christians should attend a church and those claiming to be Christians but showing hatred toward others might want to ask forgiveness and show more Christ like behaviour.

    • seanmartin

      Hey, what about the Levitical laws about shellfish? And adultery? And wearing “divers fibers”? Oh. Wait. THOSE DONT APPLY ANYMORE, do they? Nossiree, just that one. None of the others. Got it now.

  • Sherri Dunlap

    Thank you, thank you and thank you again. I spent the first 24 to 36 hours after the Phil Robertson story broke angry and disgusted by people who failed to understand something as simple as the first amendment. A third grader has a better grasp on it than most of the idiots ranting online.

    You told the TRUTH with humor and intelligence. Sigh. It restores some of my faith in humanity.

  • Amy Black

    how come everyone just ignores the fact that he also said some very racist things in the same article. Is that not also important?

    • you asked

      Amy, why don’t you give us what you consider racist comments (and not just things you’ve heard). I read the entire GQ interview & read nothing racist in it.

  • you asked

    OK, since you are waiting, I’ll give you multiple verses in both the Old & New Testament where homosexuality was considered a sin. Read in the Old Testament Leviticus 18. In the New Testament read the following verses, Mark 7:21; Acts 15:20; Rom. 13:13; 1Cor. 6:9,18; 10:8; 2Cor. 12:21; Gal. 5:19; Eph. 5:3, 5; 1Thess. 4:3; 1Tim. 1:10; Rev. 2:14. They are all laws regarding sexual immorality.

    Phil also didn’t have “disdain” (as you called it) for anyone. He even admitted he had sinned, but gave up the life he had been living & turned his life over to Christ.

    You seem to criticize for ‘cherry picking’ parts of the Bible, but it seems you have done the same regarding Phil’s interview with GQ. Phil didn’t judge anyone. Quite the contrary. In fact, he said ““We never, ever judge someone on who’s going to heaven, hell. That’s the Almighty’s job. We just love ’em, give ’em the good news about Jesus—whether they’re homosexuals, drunks, terrorists. We let God sort ’em out later, you see what I’m saying?”

    You also suggested that had people left it alone, Phil Robertson would have issued an apology and done a few PR stunts, Don’t bet on it. Why should he apologize for saying scriptures that are in the Bible?

    The author of the GQ article gave a good depiction of who is was when he got mud on his shirt. He said “OMG MUD EWW SO GROSS!” That tells me that this man never did hard work a day in his life when he is offended by mud.

    I see more vile comments coming from GLAAD & the liberals, who took his words totally out of context. Never ONCE did Phil compare homosexuals to bestiality. He was specifically asked what he considered a sin. He stated several things (that the Bible also says) is a sin when it comes to sexual immorality. So, now are we going to continue to persecute Christians for having their beliefs. If someone doesn’t like the show, all they have to do is change the channel when it come son. Or if an article is written about the Robertson’s don’t read it. Same choices all of us have. I don’t think many Christians follow gay blogs or even care to. Gays have that same right.

    • brittneyb23

      These are my thoughts exactly on this matter I just couldnt find the words. Very nicely put 🙂

    • Is this better?

      But what if I don’t believe the bible is the almighty word? See, you cite the bible as a reference, does that mean if I write a book and call it “The Ible” and in it all it says is “God is an aberration, a conjure, a fictitious non-entity: he’s not real.” Should that then be used as a reference for all atheist arguments? I mean, it’s in a must be true.

      You really don’t get it – that others belief systems ARE JUST AS VALID AS YOURS. Duh. Quoting biblical scripture to further your argument doesn’t make you correct, or right, or better than anyone. And in many cases, your argument is simply negated – why? Because I don’t believe the bible is anything more than a bunch of stories. Get it? I’d be more impressed if you quoted Louis L’Amour – at least I know he was real. In other words – what the bible says doesn’t matter to us. We don’t care what it says, other than it seems to promote hate and bigotry, in which case, we’ll let you know when we’re offended.

      For the record – straight, white, male, registered GOP but will forevermore register as a Libertarian.

      • you asked

        If you would have read the entire article, you would have realized what I was replying to.

        I’m not saying YOU do have to believe in the Bible. You have the right to believe in whatever you want.

        So, I guess it is YOU who don’t get it. I wasn’t preaching to anyone, I was replying to Allen Clifton’s comment (in his article) where he stated “Hey, real quick, I want all of you “Christians” to please find me one time when Jesus Christ spoke out against homosexuality. I’ll be waiting.” I simply provided him with what he asked for, which was Biblical texts that condemns homosexuality.

        So why are you ranting so much? I have yet to get angry. I guess that is why I believe in the Bible & try to live my life by the words in it. I don’t have hatred in my heart for anyone. Nor do I have to spew vile words at anyone. One day God will Judge everyone – even me. When that time comes, I hope I am alive because I want to see how many non-Christians will be begging to be saved.

      • Is this better?

        I’m betting you don’t even understand why what you just wrote is offensive. I’m an ATHEIST – I don’t have any beliefs in your god. I’m not going to be judged – I’ll be eaten by worms, but I’ll be dead, so I’m ok with that. “non-christians will be begging to be saved” – do you see how that is belittling my beliefs? Do you see how you are saying my beliefs don’t matter as much as your beliefs? Do you see how you are essentially saying that my beliefs are somehow less than yours? Do you see that?

        I doubt you do, but that’s the whole issue at hand. I don’t care about your bible. I don’t care about your beliefs, or your god. I do, however, care about equality – and that means, the second someone attempts to raise themselves or me, or “make them a little more equal than the rest of us” – then yeah, I’m gonna step all over you. Stop it – not just you, but everyone of you who seems to think that their god is somehow going to judge everyone – including those who don’t believe in what is to them, merely fiction. Go believe what you want – but stop with the offensive nature that you somehow know something I don’t. That’s just stupid.

      • you asked

        You still don’t understand what my response was about, when I clearly told you I was replying with a comment directly to the author of the article. He asked “Christians” to please find me one time when Jesus Christ spoke out against homosexuality. I simply provided him with the texts that specifically spoke about homosexuality being a sin.

      • Is this better?

        He specifically asked for where JESUS condemned homosexuality. Not the fictional writings of other “prophets” or where it’s written in stories. He wants you to cite where JESUS spoke out against homosexuality. Hint: you won’t find one.

      • brittneyb23

        Okay….little knowledge on The Bible not being hateful here just sharing valid info. The words written in red ARE words that Jesus Himself spoke.

      • Is this better?

        ? Anybody else see any red text here?

      • brittneyb23

        Not here….in The Bible. Not sure if you have one or not….which is your own right and business. But in the King James Bible the words written in red are Jesus’ . Just to use the scriptures from above as example….Revelations 2:14 and Mark 7:21 were both spoken by Jesus Himself. Actually, alot of Revelations was the actual words of Jesus and happens to be in my opinion the most interesting book of The Bible. Also, completely off the subject of homosexuality the book of Matthew is also a lot of Jesus’ words.

      • Is this better?

        Rev 2:14 deals with fornication – or sex outside of marriage. Mark 7:21 deals with adultery and fornication.

        Certainly both can happen in either a hetero- or homosexual relationship. So using those statements as confirmation that Jesus is condemning gays…yeah, not there. Speaking merely from the words written – you cannot make any of type of statement that attributes those statements to be derogatory towards gays.

      • brittneyb23

        Well if you research fornication is referring to all sexual wrong doings and also is referring to homosexuals as well because the name homosexual wasn’t coined until the 1800s in Germany…..loooong after The Bible was written. But yes it is not limited to just homosexuals but all of us on these scriptures. However, in Leviticus it does speak directly against homosexuals but these words weren’t in red (spoken by Jesus Himself) and I was trying to give references in red for you and/or others. But, yes we all can fornicate gay or not and we will all have to answer for that on judgment day (according to The Bible). Sadly I don’t have all the answers to provide for you and neither do you for me. The Bible is so far advanced that I don’t believe any human could fully understand all of it but I choose to keep my faith and religion and hopefully someday when “The time” comes get all the answers I wish I could have.

      • seanmartin

        I hope you preach this to all your divorced friends and relations.

        Oh. Wat. You dont, do you.

      • you asked

        Justin, I didn’t realize that anything I said was offensive. You seem to be the only one who is offended. I have said nothing hateful, derogatory or demeaning word to you. I have responded only with kindness & information of what the author asked.

        Just because you are an atheist, doesn’t mean you will be judged. Maybe in your eyes, you won’t. Just because you are dead & eating worms (your words not mine), doesn’t save you from judgment either, because the dead will rise & face judgment, the same as those who are living.

        It is your prerogative to believe that there isn’t a God. But, don’t be hateful & call us ‘stupid’ just because we do believe.

      • Is this better?

        You have to right to your beliefs – nobody is challenging that. You do NOT have to right to use your beliefs to negate mine. Period.

        And you still persist with using YOUR beliefs to tell me that I’m going to be judged. STOP. If YOU believe that YOU will be judged, then that is YOUR business. Don’t apply it to MY beliefs – that is offensive. My beliefs do not involve a deity, a god, ghosts, zombies, etc. My beliefs do not involve judging. It’s when YOU tell ME that I’M going to be judged based on YOUR beliefs is when you become offensive. You don’t have to come out and say “you’re beliefs are wrong – this is actually what is going to happen” – that part is inferred. And you don’t get to me my beliefs are wrong – and neither does PR. Get it?

        I didn’t call you stupid because of your beliefs – I called your argument stupid because your argument fails to consider that other people’s beliefs systems are just as valid as your own, and therefore, using your own belief system to invalidate theirs, is, well, offensive, and stupid.

    • Is this better?

      btw, not one of your references says JESUS condemned homosexuality. Not one. And that’s the whole point of his asking you find where JESUS said homosexuality is a sin. Get it? Your morals aren’t somebody else’s morals. Get it?

  • Ryan

    Well Allen, I’ll hand you one thing. Aside from spouting a volatile opinion that makes you a bit of a hypocrite when it comes to “loving others” and “acting like Jesus” you’ve managed to spark one of the most insipid comment debates on the internet ever started over something silly.
    It might be a trash article but hey, at least we have people throwing opinions and insults right? Where there’s the internet, there’s entertainment. Thanks for showing us that again, Mister Allen. Thank you.

  • raypoker79 .

    He’s speaking the way most Americans feel,, just get over it ,,your way of life i. Disgusting and if everyone lived like yous humans would go extinct

    • seanmartin

      No one ever went broke underestimating the mental skills of most Americans. — PT Barnum

  • dirk

    Of course he’s goin to be against what Phil said he’s probably a fag too. Glaad and lgbt can suck it….. Oh wait

    • Max Vincent

      You want us to believe you are a christian when all you have done is call someone a fag and then spewed your hatred all over two different organizations. Yep–your christianity shows all your your hypocritic face. Good job, because you prove our point exactly. It is you and your kind that give religion a bad name. We don’t have to, because you do it to yourselves. You may not like it, but you did it to yourself. How does that feel, smart guy?

      • brittneyb23

        Sadly someone claiming to be a christian did post this but I would hope that this one person doesn’t speak for all of us christians. Hatred for others is not how I show Jesus’ love and The Bible tells us to show Jesus’ love.

  • careyt1

    This is what I picture every single idiot defender and so called “christians” (small c) looks like every time they open their mouth or t their hate:

    • brittneyb23

      You want to talk about christian’s (small c) hate when you are name calling people? If you have a cell phone with predictive text then you should know the phone automatically capitalizes this because Christian is also sometimes used as a name.

      • careyt1

        yes, hateful people are not following Christ. Loving, non judgmental Christians are. Turn the other cheek, do not judge, Do not bear false witness!

      • brittneyb23

        Who has judged here? I love any person as I love myself. However as I said already on this thread….hate the sin not the sinner. Its not my job to judge no more than it is yours to get on here judging by calling people idiots. Just saying.

    • you asked

      Guess this site blocked your link or you didn’t copy/paste correctly, b/c it isn’t clickable. I’d like to know what ‘you’ think Christians look like. For me, I know Christians of every color, size & shape. No 2 Christians are alike, just like no 2 people are alike.

  • Debbie

    Hey what really is interesting is that when we say anything upsets us (Christians)..we are the ones who are bat crap crazy…but when we do turn the other cheek it doesn’t mean we feel any less hate from the rest of you. We feel it every day and we are tired of you thinking that we should just “take it” because we are Christians. It doesn’t mean WE don’t get hurt by hate speech… Of course you think you are always right and we are just supposed to stay quiet like good little christ followers but the minute we show any “fight” for our beliefs we are the ones who get ripped apart because we are bigots…such a lie and such hate come from your side of the table. You just like to make us feel badly and provoking hate is what you do. So GQ asks him very specific questions and he answers honestly…If I asked a gay person what they thought of “straight” people and he/she said they didn’t like them or didn’t agree with them you would all feel so so sad for him/her…but there would be no mention as to how that made any Christians feel because you wouldn’t give a hoot. We have the right to freedom of religion, of thought and of speech. He never said he carried personal hate for anyone and most Christians don’t so keep you mouth shut on what you do not know if you don’t want to hear about it.

    • seanmartin

      Funny how you guys conveniently forget that “freedom of religion” also includes “freedom from religion”. Be sure to let me know when The Christian Church isnt running around trying to push its agenda into law.

  • Donna

    So true! Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car…….Be nice to each other people….we are all Gods creations.

  • brittneyb23

    Regardless of who’s saying/doing whatever…..Phil shouldn’t have been suspended because everyone should know, as with any TV show, Phil’s beliefs do not reflect those of A&E. Therefore , there should be no reason for A&E to punish him. But, sometimes God shuts doors to open new and better ones. Maybe Phil will find a network more supportive of christian views….never know.

  • Anonymous

    It wasn’t a violation of his first amendment rights-that is correct. It was discrimination. Thank you for pointing out that you are no better off than Phil. You a “Christian” just boasted about yourself and how great you are and bashed a fellow believer. Phil may need to be corrected in brotherly love but if he was out of line the Father will correct him, as He sees fit. Hope “being a good person ” works out for you, that’s not being spiritual that’s being carnal.

    • seanmartin

      “I’m a Christian and I’m a victim!” Please feel free to insert an eye roll here.

  • anonymous

    The way homosexuality, beastiality, and terrorism is linked is that they are all sins according to the Old Testament, the new testamen, and the Koran. All Phil Robertson stated is that the are all sinners , but he doesn’t judge… That is up to God.

  • kelli

    I have to say the bible does speak apon homosexuality and how he says one man shouldbe with one women… he made adam and eve not adam and steve… and for him to speak the truth sorry it offends people but it is in the bible… no we are not to judge but we have a right to believe in what we believe in… and for u to saythat our beliefs are not for the public and Is private.. that’s down right stupid.. so ur saying every church and preist and believers should keep there mouth shut about the word of our lord… the man made a&e what they are today… did u not see the ratings one man (phil) can do to a network??? Because they lost almost 71% of there viewrs once they let him go… and if u or any of the other non believers don’t think I’m right look it up… I stand up for phil because I have the same beliefs… and don’t get me wrong I have nothing against gays and didn’t either he was stating his beliefs I have gay family members and they see nothing wrong with what he said… we are not to judge only the good lord him self can do that…. so whine somewhere else baby

    • seanmartin

      So you also believe a woman who’s not a virgin on her wedding night should be executed summarily by her husband? How about recalcitrant children? Second Kings says the appropriate punishment is mauling by wild bears. Believe in those as well? Just want to make sure you’re not pickin’ and grinnin’ here.

    • Max Vincent

      Please shut up about Adam and Steve. If you cannot speak something original, then remain quiet. Your beliefs are based on a book of fiction that has been translated from the original Aramaic by the only people who could write–the scribes who could not read–and then has been translated many many times over to the point where no one knows WHAT was said. That is why the bible is taught in major universities and colleges as fiction–it is taught as “The Bible As Literature.” Literature is fiction, folks. It cannot be verified, so if has to be taught as fiction. And if you DO have gay family members who see nothing wrong with what PR said, I feel very, very sorry for them. It must be so very sad to be that brainwashed. When you think about it, A&E has been around long before the Robertsons and they will be around long after. If you all quit watching, I can guarantee you that 71% of their viewers will not leave–you are just spouting figures, probably from your non-existent gay family members who believe what PR said to be true.

  • someone77

    Mr. Clifton, I am 100% on your side when it comes to this issue. But for the love of god there is a right way and a wrong way to write about this matter. Do NOT use the phrase “you people”. It makes it seem like YOU are becoming unhinged. When it comes to controversial political discourse, always always ALWAYS address things in the most mature way possible. It makes a massive difference in whether or not people take you argument seriously.

  • Jenn

    So, if religion is supposed to stay private, so aren’t other beliefs? Last I checked, we were one nation, under God,,,,God just happens to be based via the bible, which Phil quoted…

    • seanmartin

      Yeah, funny about that “one nation under God” thing, which wasnt really added to the pubic discussion until the McCarthy era, and eveyrone was rushing around adding it to things like coins and dollar bills so McM wouldnt look at them and find Commies working there.

      • you asked

        Does it really matter Sean? But, if it does to you, then it was President Eisenhower, in 1954, who asked Congress to add the words “under God” to the Pledge of Allegiance.

        There have been many changes with the Pledge of Allegiance, since it was written in 1892 by the socialist minister Francis Bellamy. But, he didn’t write it specifically for the U.S. His hopes were that it would be used by citizens in any country.

        In 1923, the words, “the Flag of the United States of America” was added by the National Flag Conference, (American Legion & Daughters of the American Revolution).

        But, should we change the words back to what a socialist wrote? Or are we already heading in that direction of becoming a socialist country already?

      • seanmartin

        Blah blah blah… Yeah, Eisenhower asked for it. So what? It was a canard then, it’s a canard now.

        And oh noes!!! A SOCIALIST wrote the Pledge?? Oh. My. God. Why havent people risen up about this? “We Amuhrikuhns dont need no SOCIALIST pledge to the flag!” I cant wait for Congress to act on this!

  • JapanMama

    Thank you! And may I add to your article, –to the Christians who lashed out regarding this incident, didn’t your mama teach you, if you don’t have anything nice say, don’t say anything at all? Acceptance people! That’s what Jesus teaches us. Yes the bible mentions homosexuality as being a sin, but so is it a sin to blacken your heart with hatred over something like this. Keep your opinions to yourselves people. My dad used to say, “opinions are like assholes, everybody’s got one, but no one should share theirs with the public.”

    • you asked

      I agree rs, but the people who are lashing out with angry words, aren’t true Christians. Just because someone goes to church, it doesn’t make them a Christian. A Christian lives their lives by the words that were spoke to Moses & the teachings of Christ.

      But, true Christians shouldn’t be silenced either, just because someone is offended by the fact that they are Christians. The Bible also says in Matthew 28:19-20 “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

      As for the condemnation against Phil Robertson, I have just 1 verse to share with his haters. James 3:1 “Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers, for you know that we who teach will be judged with greater strictness.”

  • Brenda Knight

    Phil did the interview in 2010. Why bring it up now? That was two years before the show came to A&E. How can they use that as an excuse? Was there a clause in his contract that said that anything you’ve done in the past will be cause for dismissal? Don’t they research BEFORE they put stuff on tv? I mean that’s like hiring a bank robber to be the head of security for Fort Knox, then AFTER he robs it saying you’re fired.

  • Doomedallaround

    Oh my goodness. This is exactly what i’ve been trying to say to people. BRILLIANT!

  • seanmartin

    What a pity that a country as supposedly wise as the US has yet to figure out that with rights come responsibiities. This phony redneck can say anything he wants, and A&E has the right to hold him responsible for it. He can put it on the internet, get interviewed in any magazine he wants, and no one will say him nay for doing so. But if he says something especially stupid, as he did in that interview, then he has to own it. If it gets him canned because he violated an A&E contract, so be it. He clearly thought he’d get away with it, because he had to know at the time what he was saying. But because he’s a moneywagon for A&E, he no doubt thought he was above it all. Well, shock and surprise: he’s not. And all the ranting and raving by you “freedom lovin'” folk (who apparently think equality only applies to the very special ones like yourselves) will not change that.

    • you asked

      First of all, you consider it stupid, but those who follow the Bible don’t. PR was just quoting the Bible when he referenced sexual sins. If you don’t agree with the Bible, then don’t, but he has a right to answer a question asked of him.

      You don’t think PR has the right to make his comments, so why should you have the rights to call him names? Don’t you see that once we begin to limit what is & isn’t allowed in this country, that sooner or later ALL OF US will be refused the right to say anything. Who will stand up then for freedom of speech? Nobody. because we will be persecuted for saying anything.

      How many of you who slam PR for his comments, would be willing to die for your beliefs or religions (if you have one)? I’ll bet PR would & so would I.

      • seanmartin

        I see reading comprehension is not your long suit. Of course he has the *right*. And A&E also has the right to twell him goodbye. No one’s limiting his rights: he can go anywhere and say anything he wants — and he also has the right to be held responsible for saying what he did. Free speech is not completely unfettered: try shouting fire in a crowded theatre or bomb in an airport security line, and then claim you have the right to free speech to do so. You wont get very far by gnoring the attendant RESPONSIBILITIES that come with exercising your freedom of speech.

        And if his “Christian values” are that important to him, he could have always told A&E no thanks, we cant be held to a contract like that. Instead, he took the money. Wow — what’s that say about *his* “values”?

      • you asked

        My comprehension Sean? Evidently you aren’t privy to what is in the contract between A&E & the Robertson family & therefore unable to give a sound reason for his suspension. They didn’t fire PR, but put him on suspension. Nobody knows what was included or excluded from their contract. However, A&E was aware of their Christian beliefs & values before the show (or contracts) were ever signed. The fact that PR didn’t even make the comment on the show is another thing. Does the contract limit his talk only on the show or outside of the show? Nobody knows, but seems like many like to guess as to the rights of A&E & PR.

        I just read an interesting story about the GQ article. It seems there was an A&E rep when this interview was being done, but didn’t go out in the ATV with the interviewer or PR. Since, A&E knew PR stance on the Bible, why would they suddenly decide that was the 1 part of the interview where they wouldn’t be around? Or why didn’t A&E say they wouldn’t allow anything to be printed unless it met their approval first?

      • seanmartin

        Of course they “put him on suspension”. Look at how much they’ve invested in this bunch. Good grief, that’s a no-brainer, bud.

        Sure, A&E was “aware” of their “values”. And I stand by my statement: this bunch could have always said “no thanks”. They made the choice not to. Hmm.

        As for your “interesting story”, I’m calling bullshit on it. It sounds like the kind of “let’s make up stuff” the people will *say* when they need an out. You got something to verify that, aside from sone link to a vacuous right-wing website that cant confirm it either?

        Bottom line: either the guy adheres to his “values” and tells A&E to take a hike if they try to muzzle him, or he wimps out on his “values” and goes for the cash. Gosh, I wonder which one he did.

      • Morgan

        Best pr a&e has gotten in years. It’s about the money. Don’t you think?

      • seanmartin

        Somehow I dont think it’s just A&E getting the money, nor is it just A&E getting the free PR.

      • Is this better?

        I didn’t actually think you could say anything dumber, but apparently…

        There are consequences to publicizing your beliefs, as well as PR’s. Especially if those beliefs are found to be offensive to a group of people. Look at this way – what if he said “All black people are going to hell.” Might just be his opinion, but yeah, he’s gonna pay for that one. Just as much as comparing homosexuality to bestiality – see, that’s offensive. And saying something offensive, regardless if it’s your beliefs, has repercussions – in this case, he has been suspended.

        It’s not a freedom of speech issue – it’s a freedom from being ridiculed or bullied because your beliefs are different than someone elses. PR could’ve just said “we just love everybody and that’s that” and he’d be fine. But he didn’t do that – he made an offensive comparison and belittled a whole group of people. That should tell you – don’t do that.

      • Morgan

        Everyone pays for what they say unless they basha Christian.

  • myop

    Right Allen … and by the way … I don’t like your opinion or commentary. In fact, Twitter and any company that supports your Forward Progressives should pull you off their list. This is not about free speech, free expression, or your rights as a citizen. I simply don’t like what your saying and I hope you don’t get another opportunity to say it on this forum or any other public forum for that matter! (Okay, Allen … I’m not serious … just making a point). It’s about how much control an industry has on just what you feel and how you should feel it. GQ magazine asked a fair question and they received a fair answer. But with the A & E rules of engagement, GQ magazine should also be banned from the public for the things they write about that may be controversial. Hmmm … no? well, why not?!! And after my opinion in this narrative … you may ban me from commenting on your comments Allen. Or not. Your call.

    • seanmartin

      You clearly have zero idea what this is about. My god, it would take hours to explain it to you.

      • myop

        And you have zero idea of what I mean and if you didn’t get it the first time, you never will.

      • seanmartin

        You posted a rambling, near incomprehensible screed that demonstrates only your complete and utter lack of the most basic rules of English sentence construction. Of course I have zero idea; you have insured that no one will have even the slightest idea whatever it is you’re going on about. Maybe if you went back for a remedial course in grammar and punctuation, you might help make your case a tad better. But as it stands right now, you have the written and debate skills of a ten year old.

  • Chargerfan

    So can we ask Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson how they feel about white people so we can get rid of them? Of course not, nothing from the left can be seen as offensive. But if anyone from the right says anything, guess who’s the first to the Kleenex box. Talk about achieving equality

    Keep bashing peoples religion, but keep getting absolutely butthurt(no pun intended) when someone’s religion bashes you

    • seanmartin

      Perhaps you should ask for an opinion about Sharpton before presuming to know what it is. For my money, he’s a huckster who uses racial inequality to serve his own financial purposes, and it;s become increasingly obvious since the Duke lacross scandal. He was quick to decide they were all guilty! guilty! guilty! — but when it turns out the woman lied and they were all innocent, where was the good “reverend”? Did he apologize to the team? Nope, he was off on yet another “outrage”. So, you wanna try that one again?

  • Sue Roediger

    I have watched Duck Dynasty. I watch it the way a person gawks at a traffic accident or a train wreck – you don’t want to see it but you can’t look away. I am not looking on in admiration, I am laughing AT them all the way. It is no surprise that a self professed Christian redneck is not in favor of equal rights for gays – or even for our existence. BUT I respect his right to mouth off. Just as I have the right to be an “out” lesbian. A&E should have just issued a statement “Phil’s opinions are his own” etc. Now no matter what they are in hot water. Doesn’t every family have someone like this – who they pay no attention to? I worry about the grandkids in his family though — such a big family is bout to have at least one gay youngster and it must me very painful to hear grandpa say this. The kid can never “come out” to that family.

  • Karen Browne-Vohs

    I don’t agree with the ‘you people’ phrase. I’ve been lumped into a stereotyped ‘you people’ based on nothing more than my address. I find the phrase as blind as any other bigoted phrase.


  • David_in_Houston

    Perfectly said. Thank you.

  • Jeff Beck

    Conservative Christians are supposed to be champions of free speech. It’s the Liberals that always want to punish those for speaking their mind right?Wasn’t it the conservatives who turned on The Dixie Chicks for the remarks Natalie Manes made about George W. Bush? The backlash pretty much ended their career. Many country stations quit playing their music altogether. So much for tolerance and free speech.

  • brittneyb23

    Acts 18:9b Be not afraid,but speak, and hold not thy peace

    • seanmartin

      I will, thanks. Even if you Christians dont like hearing it. 🙂

  • sdebeaubien

    Dr. Ben Carson posted something on Facebook the other day:

    “The recent controversy over Phil Robertson of A&E’s Duck Dynasty is

    symptomatic in how society has migrated from the principles that founded

    our nation. Our nation was founded by men who had strong Judeo

    Christian beliefs. As we move away from that precise belief system

    there are going to be more conflicts of this nature. The real question

    we must ask ourselves is have we improved human nature to the point

    where we no longer regard the Judeo Christian principles that founded

    our nation as worthwhile. Additionally we must ask is it important for

    people to be able to express their beliefs or more important to hide

    their beliefs. Unless we can openly discuss these kinds of situations we

    become a plastic society in which no one actually knows what anyone

    truly stands for. It is time for us to grow up and act like mature

    individuals who can discuss our differences hopefully and perhaps come

    to some reasonable understanding. This controversy is the very reason I

    rail so strongly against political correctness.

    “Remember the words of Saul Salinsky the original community organizer who said

    “Never to have a discussion with your adversary for that humanizes them

    and your job is to demonize them”. Let us move away from this senseless

    philosophy and begin to think of ways that we can uplift and encourage

    each other and not tear each other down. This must be done through civil

    and cogent discourse.”

    My response to that:

    If you have 2 people in a room, you have 2 opinions, and likely a

    disagreement over much. The only way not to have conflict is not to

    live. That alternative is not only unrealistic, it’s downright childish

    to think about there being only “One opinion – and that’s all that’s valid (my own).”

    While I am firmly and wholeheartedly Christian, and have a God-centered worldview, I

    don’t think that folks who hold different opinions are any less people

    for believing what they believe. I have difficulty with philosophies

    that teach wrong beliefs, not people. I will always do my best to

    convince anyone and everyone that Christianity is right and true and

    perfect, but if I don’t convince you, it’s no skin off my neck. Jesus

    calls me to be obedient, not to be the Messiah. He is in charge, not me.

    What Salinsky says are the types of words used by soldiers fighting a

    war: They demonize the enemy to make it easier to kill them, why

    American G.I.’s in WWII referred to the enemy as “Krauts” and “Nips” so

    they could more easily think of them as something evil that had to be

    done away with. It’s unthinkable, however, that one would apply that

    same logic to people in a peaceful society. In fact, it’s more than

    unthinkable, it’s evil. Folks need to understand those evil motivations

    behind political correctness. Until they do, we’re fighting an unseen

    enemy that uses our own words against us.

    • seanmartin

      The US was founded, in the main, by deists, not Jews or Christians. Deists. Big difference. Their ancestors came from the UK, which was, at the time, using theology to slam unpopular laws on everyone, like the closing of the theatres in the 17th century. Washington et al wanted to make sure that didnt happen in the US, and yet look at this… it is.

  • Collean

    An extremist is an extremist……. whether they be christian, buddhist, muslim or pagan. Anything that involves hate……. can’t take you anywhere but down.

  • Debbie Shannon-White

    BRAVO ALLEN! You hit the nail squarely on the head and drove it straight home!

  • Casey Nawman

    preaching love, help, forgiveness and acceptance whilst writing an article bashing someone you have never met and hurling accusatory, generalized statements at anyone who claims to follow Christ. See the irony? Oh btw “do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I have not come to bring peace, but a sword.” matthew 10:34. This all loving all accepting jesus is not found in the gospels so please do no claim to follow the teachings and example of Christ Mr. Clifton because you don’t. Perhaps you should read his teachings before making such claims as opposed to as you say “cherry picking” some of his less controversial statements to fit your worldview.

  • Sherlene Stroud

    The last laugh is going to be God’s! You and people like you who are so sure of the future and that God is a loving God, and he is, BUT he hates sin and in His word, not just the parts you want to hear, homosexuality IS a sin. You can try to change it anyway you want or to justify it as something you are born with but it still comes down to the fact that IT IS SIN. Following is a complete word for word what the Bible says about it. “Romans 1:24-32 Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonor their own bodies between themselves; Who changed the truth of God into a lie and worshiped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. A’-men. For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was meet. And even as hey did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient; Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers, backbiters, haters of God, despiteful. proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, Without understanding, covenant breakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful: Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.”
    Did you notice Mr. Clifton that last part? The same fate awaits those who condone or stand up for those who do those things. You made sure you posted that you were straight and you maligned people of faith acting as if you are the only Christian yet you Mr. Clifton are going to receive the same fate, unless you repent, as the ones who are actually are committing, as the Bible it’s self says, vile afflictions. This post probably won’t be on here long because the devil does not like the truth but so be it! You ask for one place in the Bible where Jesus condemns homosexuality, well here it is and in fact I have added more scripture for you to look up when you have time, when you are not acting arrogant and to use your own words, ignorant. Leviticus 18:22 Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.
    Leviticus 20:13 If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.
    I am not condoning violence against anyone Mr. Clifton that is God’s job. If man takes a life it is murder but if God exacts His vengeance in His time it is punishment. But that is God’s business. We are to love each others souls and want for each and every person on this earth to hear the good news that Jesus was born of a virgin, died on the cross for our sins and was resurrected on the third day and when he was fulfilled ascended to Heaven to sit on the right hand of God. Be sure Mr. Clifton, be very sure you are right……I will be praying for you.

    • Max Vincent

      Shhhsh. Your religion is showing. But it’s okay. The rest of the planet’s beliefs dwarfs those who believe in a book that was written in Aramaic, translated and translated and translated, so much that the original words have been lost. In fact, this is why the bible is taught at universities and colleges, as a work of fiction: “The Bible as Literature.” Yet what you poor saps don’t understand is that you are the minority–the other religions are more powerful and so much larger than yours. You are intolerant. Your hearts are dark. But that is all good. We who do not believe are very comfortable with it. We choose to watch you lie and cheat and steal and kill, all in the name of your god. We watch you and we wonder how much more hypocritical you all can be, and just when we think you all have gone as far as you can go, something like this happens and we see that you can be worse than you were before. We’ll just wait until you implode.

      • Sherlene Stroud

        I will pray for you Max. I will not get into a word war with you. Most people who disparage the Bible is because if they admit that it is right on something’s then it is right in all things. People like you would then have no leg to stand on and would understand that the sin you commit you will be held accountable for. It is easier to cry foul, that it is not true so as to make life and the sin that you perpetrate seem ok. To soothe your conscience. But one day all of us will stand before God and answer to Him. What will your answer be, “I didn’t know?” It won’t fly now and it certainly won’t fly then.

      • Max Vincent

        Keep your prayers for people who really need them. I do not.

  • Jason_Wells

    Whether I agree with you or not, you are part of the problem! Learn your facts before you post a column inciting people’s emotions. You’re first sentence on your picture is WRONG!!!! You do not need to be arrested to you have your rights violated. Learn the Constitution before you talk about it!!!!!

  • Elizabeth

    So religion is meant to be private but everything else can be public? I do not see the equality there. As a Christian myself I understand what he said is very hurtful and I am not supporting his comment.

  • Larry Price

    when the companies in Germany started to limit its workers personal lives. It was done to placate the outspoken and powerful grown shirts… SO when you make reference to a company that does the same thing YOU ARE A NAZI>>> do as they do and you are them…..

    Please rethink your twisted anti-religion thoughts… It was done in Germany..

    As for Jesus saying something about homosexuality…. He came to fulfill the prophecy and end the sacrificing of animals because he WAS THE SACRIFICE. He did not destroy the old testament. He fulfilled it….

    God was against homosexuality. Is Jesus better than his Father? Does he have more power? Your twisted thought process sounds like he who was thrown out in the council.

    again I say to you and your site ……….. study the scripture. study history and prove me RIGHT

    • seanmartin

      Evoking Nazis?

      You just lost the argument.

      God was also against shellfish and divorce. Y’all upset about that as well?

    • Charlie Gough

      I can tell you what the bible says the about the trinity & homosexuality or I can tell you the truth that doesn’t come out of a book of fairy tales

  • tbird

    This article is pretty pointless, repetitive and empty IMO.

    • seanmartin

      Much like the comments complaining about it.

  • Morgan

    It is a shame that the main thing Mr. Robertson said has been totally ignored by most people. He said if people loved God and each other, the world would be a better place. These are the two commandments that all the others hinge on. It’s true that the Christian message is sometimes presented by people haven’t quite figured that out yet, but in this case the media overlooked the fact that he not only mentioned homosexuality but a list of other things that the Bible calls sin. Robertson included his former lifestyle and mentioned that he still isn’t perfect by any means.
    As far as what scripture says about homosexual acts, you can find your answer in Romans chapter 1. These actions are called unnatural and other sections call it an abomination to God.
    Stay with me for a minute before you start thinking I’m a hater.
    If there is a God, and i believe there is One.
    He is the one who decides what is acceptable to him. Not the media, you, or me.
    The message that people need to hear is that God loves us despite our sin, whether it’s gluttony or homosexuality, and he has made a way for us. He even asks us to make changes that will make us more closely resemble him.
    The story of Gods love for us is easy to find for all who are looking for the truth.

    • Is this better?

      There is not a god, and I believe there is not one.
      The message that people need to hear is whatever they themselves choose to hear – certainly not someone else trying to push their beliefs onto others.

      Your last paragraph is utterly and indefensibly offensive. For like the millionth time – STOP TELLING US WHAT WE NEED OR WHO LOVES US OR WHAT SIN IS OR WHAT THE TRUTH IS.

      Morgan, those are YOUR beliefs. YOURS. Not mine. Mine are different. So read this slowly: my beliefs are just as valid as yours.

      That’s it. It’s that simple. When you and PR make those type of statements “people need to hear” or “looking for the truth” – you attempt to raise your beliefs above mine, essentially trivializing my beliefs as if I’m just ignorant or something. STOP IT. Nobody is attacking christianity or PR for their beliefs. We are offended by the nature of how you seem to prescribe that your beliefs are better than our own. STOP IT.

      • you asked

        Chill out & quit shouting! He is not telling you that you HAVE to believe in anything. He is simply giving his opinion, just like you are.

        BTW, who is Morgan that you name in your comment? You replied to Jason, so the Morgan thing is kind of throwing me off.

      • Is this better?

        You’re missing the point. His opinion is based entirely on his beliefs and then goes so far as to tell us that his god will judge us and so on and so forth. His ‘opinion’ crosses the line – he places his belief system above mine. And I told you before, I won’t stand for that. If you want to make an argument on whether or not PR should’ve been suspended – leave the bible and your religious beliefs out of it. And then make a case out of it. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

      • you asked

        No I don’t think PR should have been suspended based on EEOC laws of his religious rights (not mine). PR simply gave a comment, after he was asked the question of what he considered a sin. GQ knew that PR was religious before he asked the question, so the answer shouldn’t have shocked him. His comment has also being taken out of context by not only GLAAD, but many in the liberal media & has misled many of the public. PR never compared homosexuals to pedophiles – that was only GLAAD & certain media that presented it that way.

      • Morgan

        Like I said. It’s there for you, if you look for the truth.

      • Is this better?

        I found my truth, and it works for me. If you want, I can show you my truth and you can see if that works for you. 🙂

    • seanmartin

      Hmm. He loves us “unconditionally” — but only if we meet some conditions for that love.

      Anyone else seeing a bit of a disconnect here?

  • Leann Wall

    GLAAD =
    having or revealing an obstinate belief in the superiority of one’s own
    opinions & a prejudiced intolerance of the opinions of others. As well
    GLAADS hate filled intolerant & bigoted bullying is only matched by
    Westboro Baptist Church for they are two of a kind cut from same piece of evil
    cloth. Neither of these entities is worth a SHIT. You
    want tolerance you don’t get it by being demanding hateful and intolerant. The
    most absurd
    thing can become a prime time news story to be argued and debated on social
    media as if it’s a world crisis! Which only tells me that the media
    manipulation at any given moment is what is really shaping and driving the
    debate in this country. And people are too caught up in themselves and
    too ignorant to realize they are being played.

    “Darkness cannot drive
    out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can
    do that.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

    • Max Vincent

      You are such a hypocrite. You cannot pull out your hate-filled diatribe comparing GLAAD and Westboro Baptist Church and then end your statement with a quote from MLK. You are the ultimate two-faced Janus. Oh, that is rich–I have to share this with all of my friends who will get a kick out of the hypocrisy and duplicity you have just displayed by cursing AND calling for tolerance–and then actually trying to justify your hatred. Oh man, they are going to fall over themselves reading this.

    • Max Vincent

      P.S. Where did you get the information that GLAAD is a hate-based organization? Because if you read it somewhere, in a citation, I need to notify the author that the citation is incorrect. If you read it in a post, I need to notify the author that the post is an incorrect one. If it is something you made up, I will send it to GLAAD and let them know that you are quoting them incorrectly and perhaps they can send you some literature that will, so to speak, straighten you out on just what it is that GLAAD does. You can drop me a line or you can find contact information for GLAAD almost anywhere.

      • you asked

        They don’t have to post it on their site that they are hate based – it is the actions they have done to other people that show that their actions are hate filled & inconsiderate of anyone else’s thoughts or feelings. For instance, the waitress who lied on a couple who ate at the restaurant she worked at. She made a fake receipt & wrote a hate filled message on it & told the media that the couple wrote it & refused to leave her a tip, because she was gay. Luckily, the couple saved not only their receipt, but also provided the media with their credit card statement to prove they left this waitress an $18 tip. It was only made public, after the waitress received thousands of dollars in money from people who had read her initial story, that this same waitress, had a tendency of telling outlandish lies. She even lied about being a Marine & serving in Iraq, where she was the sole survivor of her platoon. As a Vietnam WAC vet, I found that highly offensive. Just 2 weeks prior to that incident, another gay waitress did the exact same thing in a Kansas restaurant. Before that, the same thing happened in several other restaurants.

        I would have a lot more respect for GLAAD, if they didn’t act so much like Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson in their tirades. By that I mean they only want to bring media reports to light that talk bad about them or acts committed against them. But they never stand up & speak against anyone who are of the same group, when these same people commit violent acts against others & even more heinous when they don’t speak out on behalf of a small child.

        If GLAAD wants people to believe they are really standing up for what is right, then why aren’t they standing up for the little 9 year old boy who was kept as a sex slave for over 8 months by his gay father & his fathers lover? These men tortured & raped this young boy & according to police, exposed him to an STD.

        So why doesn’t GLAAD stand up & say, that this doesn’t represent what gay couples are about? Instead, they detract from that story & are appalled at what PR said instead.

        Haven’t heard the story? Then look up Carl Herold & Charles Dunnavant. This is just 1 story of many that have been in the media, but GLAAD doesn’t say a word in defense of the innocent children. I just want to know why?

      • Charlie Gough

        That wasn’t the doing of GLAAD, that was the doing of a very damaged and mentally ill person. Period.

      • seanmartin

        Well, tell you what: let’s judge every straight people by the very worst possible heterosexual we can find. Lord knows, there will be plenty of candidates.

  • jax

    So a judgmental article about a judgemental interview …. so I am assuming your article is okay judging someone by their beliefs because you believe your right? It’s like this bizarre cycle where there is no ending and definitely no winner…. congrats on becoming part of the problem but not the solution!

  • Josh

    I had to read through this to be objective. This whole article has very few points that are true other then them not violating his first ammendment. I’ve never liked the show so I wouldn’t be chocked up if it was gone. This article is a way to jam foolish liberal thoughts down someone’s throat. This article is completely bias and the writer should loose his job. Just like the guy off the show. He used his biased opion and his ignorant thoughts and put it out there for everyone else to see. There is no differnce between this article and what the actor did.The writer of this article is a prime example of why this county will continue to change for the worst. He hasn’t used facts or supported his statement well enough other than the first two paragraphs it’s all option on his part.

  • Firemedic

    I hurt for your ignorance and feel sorry for you. By me saying this is in no way “hate” or “intolerance”.

  • Judy Sitzer

    I am not ignorant. The Bible very clearly states(if you read it) that sex between two men is an abomination before God Almighty. God doesn’t hate the sinner only the sin so maybe you should get your facts straight before you go putting your two cents in (which is really all you said is worth). God made Adam & Eve, not Adam & Steve! If God had wanted men to lie with men then he wouldn’t have bothered to make a woman. You’re right about one thing though, it doesn’t make a nickel’s worth of difference that it came from Phil Robertson. You show me one instance in the Bible where it condoned homosexuality & I’ll listen. Oh, and by the way we don’t live by the old testament anymore. That went out with the birth of Jesus Christ & we are to do what Jesus said and that is to love one another and not Judge cause there’s no one on Earth that is unless so why don’t live”you people”

    • Is this better?

      The bible is not a legal document and has no place in government law. Therefore, it really doesn’t matter what the bible says or doesn’t say. What does matter is what PR said – comparing homosexuality to bestiality – and stating that all homosexuals will be judged and go to hell. What he should’ve said, if he was simply stating his beliefs, is “I cannot be homosexual as my beliefs tell me that I would be judged and burn in hell.” But he made the inference that his beliefs negate the beliefs of homosexuals, thereby trivializing their belief systems. And that is why A&E suspended him.

      For the record, I find your argument offensive. You are making an assumption that your belief in the bible and what it says is greater than my belief that the bible is a work of fiction. My beliefs are just as valid as yours – the Bill of Rights says this. So using the bible as a reference has nothing to do with the discussion, other than attempting to belittle those that choose to believe differently, which is offensive. You shouldn’t be surprised when you say something offensive, that lo and behold, people get offended and tell you so.

    • mike

      Judy, every book has its own specific audience. The Bible was written mainly for straight people, hence Adam and Eve, to straighten their sins. Gay people are children of God just like you and me. Think about it.

      • brittneyb23

        Gotta disagree with you mike. It refers to all mankind gays are of no exception. Yes gays are made as children of God just as straights are but, we all sin and good things do go bad. Look at Satan as an example…he is a fallen angel.

      • mike

        Well I said “mainly” hence the Bible thumpers found only few quotes which they thought were meant for gay people. The rest of the book were still mainly for straight people.

    • seanmartin

      Funny, tho, that if we dont live by the OT anymore, folks are real quick to go running to that one verse in Leviticus. The other 636 Levitical laws? “Oh, those dont apply anymore!”. But that one? You better believe it does!! Now, as for the NT, Paul says women should just STFU and let the men do the talking, so technically, ma’am, you’re a hopeless sinner in the eyes of Paul, and you’d better just sign off and forget about expressing your opinion… because Paul says you’re just not worth it. You shouldnt even be in church during that “special time of the month” because you’ll make the whole building “unclean”!

      So let me know when you’re for the summary execution of adulterers and kids who talk back to their parents. Maybe then I’ll give you a whit of credence. Unitl then? You’re just a woman, and according to Paul, you dont really know a whole lot worth saying.

  • Judy Sitzer

    just get over it. Have a nice day. 🙂

  • Traci

    So, what you are saying that Phil should not be true to his own values and moral beliefs. Simply disagreeing with homosexuality is not hate – it is a deeply embedded conviction and when you say he is not entitled to his beliefs, you are being a control freak. He is not expressing hate towards homosexuals by stating that he does not think it is moral. You are so backwards.

    • seanmartin

      He’s entitled to his opinion.

      And A&E is entitled to theirs in what to do with him.

      I’m not seeing a problem here. Are you?

  • Judy Sitzer

    The word “unless ” is supposed to say “sinless”.

  • you asked

    For everyone who is shocked at what Phil said, they should realize that his rights are protected just the same as anyone else. For those who claim they can’t be fired or discriminated against because they are homosexuals. Well, guess what, Phil has those same protections based on his religious beliefs. Don’t believe me. Here is the exact wording from the EEOC website.

    The law forbids discrimination when it comes to any aspect of employment, including hiring, firing, pay, job assignments, promotions, layoff, training, fringe benefits, and any other term or condition of employment.

    Do you really think that those who are protesting & screaming about what Phil said, will really picket A&E. Most of them admittedly said they have never watched the show. So, how many more businesses will be targeted by GLAAD & the LGBT community to force them to bow to their demands.

    I don’t think anyone should be refused service, based on sex, race or religion. But, I also don’t believe in what the GLAAD & LGBT community is doing & that is basically extortion.

    • Max Vincent

      A&E are PRs handlers, not GLAAD and not the LGBT community. But you do need to remember that the LGBT community does spend its money, much as does the straight community, where it chooses. It will not spend it where it feels it is being discriminated against, and A&E knows that. Duck Dynasty isn’t the only show on A&E. But the sponsors on A&E are also targeting the queer dollars, much like everyone else does. If the LGBT community decided to boycott all of the agencies who run commercials during all the episodes of DD, that can turn out to be a hefty economic hit that not many would be able to afford. It truly is all about the Benjamins.

  • Judy Sitzer

    Even God’s creatures know you can’t go forth & multiply with the same sex. So, are animals smarter than people?

    • Is this better?

      There are some animals that can change sex based on environmental conditions – are they gay?

    • Max Vincent

      There are 30+ species in the animal kingdom that have homosexual behaviors. You should really get back into school and take a zoology class.

    • brittneyb23

      I am christian but I must say this here isn’t the greatest debate on this subject because I’ve seen abused mistreated animals still unconditionally love their owners and in other cases seen animals that received nothing but love bite the hand that feeds them. I don’t believe animals have full knowledge of what they do. My pastor even says they have no soul and will not be in heaven …..I choose to disagree with him on that though cause I love my fur babies and heaven is a happy place so my fur babies must be there with me lol

  • Jilly Willy

    Like my 12-yr-old son said (and remember….he’s a kid and doesn’t really give a shit who’s gay or not)….he has a right to his own opinion. And he does. Not everyone believes in homosexuality. And that does not make them bad people. It’s just not in their beliefs. This country is founded on a melting pot of people with different ideas, values, and thoughts on different subjects. Hell, the WHOLE HUMAN RACE is all about being individuals. Just because he spoke out loud on what he felt (and by the way, also spoke out about bestiality and running around on your woman—-who’s complaining about him mentioning THAT?!?!?!)……when did this country start to care about that?!?!!? Freedom of speech is mentioned. Also that pertaining to persecution by their government. When has it become a crime to speak your mind??? Who says we all have to watch what we say or think, look over our shoulder before we speak our mind?? I for one don’t want to be in that country. Sounds a little like 1984 to me. By the way, I’ve grown up around gay people my whole life. I live in the first state in the country that legalized civil unions. I have a lot of gay friends. But I have a real problem with people freaking out because one guy on a reality show says he doesn’t believe in or understand homosexuality. That’s his right. He’s not out there asking people to kill the fags. He’s not even asking you to join him in his beliefs. He is simply stating he does not agree. At 46 years of age, I have noticed over the last 10 or 15 years how people don’t want anyone’s feelings hurt. Everyone pussyfooting around the subject of feelings. What we are really doing is creating a nation of pussies, of people who hang themselves because someone called them fat. Kid’s baseball games where “there are no winners or losers”. The fact of the matter is people don’t always agree. Kids win and lose games. People don’t always like people. They have all kinds of different ideas about how things should be. We are creating a nation of pussies, and it shows. Take a real good look at America, kids. Then take a look at the rest of the world. Man up and stand up. Or shut up. Work hard. Keep your chin up. Be competitive. And Jesus Christ, stop crying because someone hurt your feelings.

    • Is this better?

      PR did more than merely “says he doesn’t believe in or understand homosexuality”. He condemned the people who practice homosexuality, and by doing so, negated their belief systems. They don’t believe the same as PR – and that’s ok. But we don’t go around making underhanded comments that trivialize other people’s beliefs. That’s like bullying someone, or ridiculing them – and I’m sorry, but that’s certainly not what this country is about. They should be free from ridicule or persecution from others, and free to practice the belief systems of their own. It’s not a pc issue – it’s an issue of equality.

  • michellebelle1010

    Religion is not to be kept private. Jesus mandated that every believer be a part of The Great Commission. You don’t table your God-given rights just because you walk into or out of a brick and mortar building. The 1st Amendment is for freedom OF worship in the public square not closets. The 1st Amendment is to protect offensive speech. The bible is offensive to those who don’t believe. Jesus even said, “if they hate me, they will hate you.” God is Holy and His love is unconditional when we yield ourselves fully to Jesus his Son. No man/ woman can EVER get into Heaven by their own efforts! it is purely by the blood sacrifice of the Holy lamb of God Jesus Who suffered and died in our place. Love in Christ. MKO for PushbackNow

    • seanmartin

      Then, by this logic, God loves everyone unconditionally, including them nasty ol’ gays and lesbians. *Unconditionally*. You know what “unconditionally” means?

  • ltneid

    I tried watching the show twice; once for fifteen minutes but I couldn’t manage more than ten the second go around. I have never seen Martin Bashir. These are two identical situations, and however either is resolved doesn’t mean much to me.
    What puzzles me most is his saying that blacks were happier, or at least didn’t complain as much, before the civil rights movement came along, and “They weren’t singing the blues.” I guess he doesn’t realize that he has lived his entire life smack dab in the middle of the area where black people invented the blues.

  • Jill Sawyer

    I read the article…I will not go off on a tangent and point out the crap that came from allen clifton (the author of this article)….he is wrong on so many points, it would take me 3 pages to write a rebuttal….but I WILL say this: Phil’s comments were NOT in any way form or fashion cruel or mean to the homosexuals….all he did was STATE truth…in the bible it STATES in both Leviticus AND Deuteronomy how God feels about homosexuality….dont believe me? pick up a bible and read it for yourself…when a person starts saying what they believe and starts quoting the bible, we are forced to keep quiet for others get pissy and call us haters, but yet, when WE speak out, we are INTOLERANT and other name calling ensues….and trust me, another point I will point out in rebuttal to Mr Clifton’s article is the statement he made in regards to Islam not being tolerant of homosexuality…..guess he is ignorant on that fact…there are MORE pedofiles and homosexuals in the ISLAMIC/MUSLIM world than ANYONE could imagine….but you dont have to take MY word for it….do the research YOURSELF!!

    • Max Vincent

      Liar, liar, pants on fire.

    • seanmartin

      Y’know, the BIble says a lot of things. There are 637 laws in Leviticus, but what’s the ONLY ONE you guys cling to like a dog on a towel? The rest? “Oh, those dont apply any more!” Uh huh — but that one, that very special one, still does?

      Oh yeah, no pickin’ and grinnin’ going on here, huh. Be sure to let me know when you’re equally adamant that it’s time to bring back the summary execution of adulterers…. and recalcitrant children.

      • Jill Sawyer

        did I not also state that it was in Deuteronomy as well? look at what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah and tell ME if God tolerates and accepts homosexuality? you want to talk about the rest of the laws? how about going to the book of Exodus and read chapter 20 of the 10 commandments…or go to the book of MATTHEW and read that one! if you dont know where that is, its the 1st book in the NEW Testament….and since you brought up the crime of ADULTERY…here is 1 for you…a person doesnt have to COMMIT the act, but just look at a person with lust in their eyes and heart and guess what….you are JUST as guilty…Im trying to make a point here….and NO ITS NOT ON THE TIP OF MY NOSE….Phil Robertson did NOT judge, but simply QUOTE what the bible says….we ALL fall short of the glory of God and we ALL are sinners, BUT that DOESNT make what we do RIGHT!! GOD’S LAW IS PLAIN AS DAY AND IS SPELLED OUT PLAINLY…END of story

      • seanmartin

        And I repeat: the Bible says a lot of things. He doesnt approve of shellfish. Has an issue with the length of men’s hair. Thinks it’s okay for a guy to have a bunch of wives and concubines, as long as they’re all virgins on the wedding night. So please, reassure me that you, as a God fearing Christian, adhere to all these as well.

        Oh, and the sin of Sodom? According to Matthew, it was pride. Had zip to do with homosexuals. Nope, it was pride. And fear of strangers. Sounding familiar yet?

        Oh. Wait. According to Paul, you’re just some silly woman whose place is in the kitchen. Your opinion doesnt mean anything. Dont blame me, ma’am. Paul said it, not me. As you say, it’s all spelled out plainly. So maybe you should just leave the room, and let the menfolk talk, okay? Just run along now.

      • Jill Sawyer

        you just had to be condescending didnt you….you being condescending only towards me or any female? so tell me, where does it say that a womans place in only in the kitchen? and you are certainly wrong in regards to Sodom and Gomorah….

  • Nick

    Last time I checked Matthew chapter 19 Jesus taught on proper behavior with single and married people, neither of which includes homosexuality. Peace out.

  • outofmi

    I spent about 4 months (this summer and some change) with some devout southern Baptists. Here is what I learned. Hispanics are taking all our jobs. (they were all gainfully employed) Biracial children don’t know who they are. The minister was letting his flock take concealed carry classes, as were many other churches, because there were too many animals out there. (read blacks) Muslims should all be drowned in pig’s blood and homosexuals should all go back into the closet. I have been under treatment for chronic pain because of serious nerve damage from a car accident several years ago and several of them told me that I should not take medications that make it possible for me to function as they alter my mind (like pain doesn’t?) and they wouldn’t have it in their houses. This went on and on. None of them watched the news, yet they were convinced George Zimmerman was innocent and Paula Deen had not used any racial slur and on and on. OMG, by August, I was ready to blow my brains out. The women all wear dresses and skirts and they make a big deal out of Biblical living, yet at the same time, I saw them using their DVR’s to tape real crap on their cable TV systems. I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning. Thankfully, I’m out of there but Christmas carols this year are giving me flashbacks.

    • brittneyb23

      Whoa…..and you say these were baptists? That sounds more like one of these Pentecostal or Holiness churches. I’ve been to baptist churches before and we never wore dresses and kept our hair pinned back and such. I now go to a nondenominational church and our church believes in faith and The Bibles teachings none of this “works” stuff saying if you wear a pair of jeans you’re unholy. Perhaps you might want to look into a more relaxed church so you can find it more enjoyable? Just a suggestion….they’re not all like that.

      • outofmi

        The name of the church had Baptist in it. I didn’t go to the church. I was just volunteered around a bunch of these yahoos.

      • brittneyb23

        Lol yeah they sound a little out there. Just making sure you do know not all churches are completely whacky .

      • outofmi

        I don’t go to a church. I keep it to myself. Safer, less toxic that way.

      • brittneyb23

        I just recently got back in church myself but I do pray daily and read my bible on my own time . I don’t believe I have to be in church every Sunday to be a christian. But, by my own choice have recently started back attending just to be around other christians.

      • outofmi

        I pray and follow the golden rule, etc. I was in a good church but moved away and that reverend has also since moved. The church is now gone. This economy is killing everything. The area I lived in has dried up.

      • brittneyb23

        yeah a good church is hard to find unortunately and yeah I think the economy is killing most areas. Hope things look up for you though and maybe you’ll find a good church again soon. Its good to have communication with other christians if you can find some that aren’t too judgemental and out there.

  • elleb55

    Are arrogance and condescension progressive?

  • elleb55

    Has anyone ever responded well to being addressed as part of “you people”? Cmon dude….maybe you should’ve slept on this.

  • Artus Meerscheid

    Bravo, Allen!

  • mike

    Hey Phil, if you are entitled to your opnion, why aren’t you entitled to your ignorance, stupidity, hatred, oh and consequences? Be a man and own your mess. Last time I checked God is more than just a Bible. He is out there and in everyone of us. As much as I dont agree with your beliefs, I still hope that you will become a good man as God wanted to. Peace.

    • seanmartin

      Last time I checked, God was nowhere to be found. You have some insight as to His new location?

      • mike

        Last time I checked God wasn’t meant to be found and yes I have some insight as to his new location – Open your eyes.

      • seanmartin

        You “have some insight as to His new location”. Where? Hanging on the beach in Barbados? Doing some skiing in Vail? Maybe you should give Him a call and ask Him to make a public statement about all this. It would certainly settle the matter, wouldnt it. You can borrow my cel phone if you want. I have a great long distance plan.

  • Left-wing Bigotry Obvious

    “Then you so-called “Christians” reacted with such anger, hate and disdain towards anyone who disagreed with you” How does this have validity in your argument Allen Clifton? This man lost his job because he does not have the same opinion as his employers. What I find the most hypocritical of you Mr. Allen is that you claim that Robertson’s way of think is backwards based on his morality. When you said that, you became a bigot. Morality is 100% subjective, and arbitrary, so to assert that any moral code is superior to another moral is absurd because it is arbitrary and thus valueless. Because you say that his morality is “backwards” you are claiming that is inferior, which would the be definition of bigotry. Something you so mistakenly believe you are fighting against

    • seanmartin

      He didnt “lose his job”. His job is selling duck calls. And he’s very wealthy from doing so. And I doubt he’ll suffer since the rest of his clan are still on there.

  • Nick

    Hey Allen, did you forget that GQ asked Phil what he thought about XYZ…Phil didn’t hold a press conference and say he had an important announcement on his thoughts about homosexuals. I admire his honesty, we need more in this world.

  • Nick

    The homosexual community and their ilk aren’t mad at Phil, they’re mad at God for having rules which some think should be followed, they can’t punish God so the attack his followers.

    • seanmartin

      Bet you share that with all your divorced friends, huh.

  • Daryl Victoriano

    Idk why everyone is bothered by what he said, he doesn’t believe being gay is normal… so what? Don’t most people in the world think the same?.

  • Kristen Miller

    Love love love this article but I can see from the many comments that most “just don’t get it” which is not surprising I guess considering the man and show they are defending so venomously….

  • Charlie Smith

    Mr. Clifton,
    If you really don’t know how God feels about homosexuals then give Genesis chapters 18-19 a quick read. They describe the homosexual climate in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah and the resulting destruction by his hand for their wickedness.

    • seanmartin

      Well, I suppose that might apply if you were going by the KJV, which we now know is far from accurate. But know what the real sin of Sodom was? According to Matthew, it was the sin of pride. Not homosexuality. Pride. Suspicion of strangers. Unfounded fears. Sounding familiar yet?

  • Erica Rhomberg Womachka

    Ahhhh breah of fresh air 🙂

  • Michael N.

    Very well stated, Mr Clifton. I was partially raised by religious zealots. I don’t (still) understand, but I know how utterly ignorant many people can be. This is one, major, reason that I shun organized religion. And, the sheep who follow. My take here: this was an innocent, stupid, situation which has grown into a huge publicity boom for the Duck Commander brand. It also gives those with unimportant lives, some self adorned importance. I also agree the show has no real relevance. It’s on par with the “Three Stooges” of days gone by.

  • Mr. Iconoclast

    Cherry picking? Pot, meet kettle. Allen–you conveniently ignore the Jesus who wielded a bullwhip and overturned chairs in the temple of the money changers.

    Please actually study the Bible you claim to know. Love sometimes means tough love. Tough love is what Christians who criticize homosexual behavior are practicing. Not hate. Love. Only open eyes and open mind can see this. You’re still blinded by anti-conservative hatred, intolerance and bigotry.

    • seanmartin

      The same book that says a husband can execute his wife on their wedding night if she’s not a virgin — not to mention the same book that says recalcitrant children can be mauled to death by bears (2 Kings). So what about all those pesky divorces? God dont cotten to divorce, so if you marry again, you’re an adulterer. Know what the punishment is for *that*?

      Yeah, go back and study that Bible, bud.

      • Mr. Iconoclast

        Straw man.


      • seanmartin

        LOL — hardly a straw man, bubba. If you’re gonna say “actually study the Bible”, that means *all* of it, not just the parts you like. Now, tell me again about that whole “cherry pickin'” stuff, huh?

  • George

    So are there any sins to your type of Christian? Just curious. We are told to love the sinner, but we are not told to condone or assist them in continuing to sin.

    • seanmartin

      So how many folks have you known who are divorced? Did you remind them that they’re sinners?

  • ojaneyo

    For someone who preaches for tolerance and acceptance in YOUR “Christian” world, you sure don’t sound like you have a lot of that personally. Having tolerance and acceptance universally means you accept those that’ fear what they don’t know and help to educate, not tear them down with insults. By doing to them what they are doing to you, you are no better and the cycle of hate and intolerance continues.

  • Cris

    (Matt 19:3-9) “3 Some Pharisees came to him to test him. They asked, “Is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife for any and every reason?” 4 “Haven’t you read,” he replied, “that at the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female,’[a] 5 and said, ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh’[b]? 6 So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” 7 “Why then,” they asked, “did Moses command that a man give his wife a certificate of divorce and send her away?” 8 Jesus replied, “Moses permitted you to divorce your wives because your hearts were hard. But it was not this way from the beginning. 9 I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another woman commits adultery.”..”

    Here Jesus is reiterating that God create marriage for men and women and goes on to say any sex outside of marriage is sinful, thus making homosexuality sinful.

    • seanmartin

      Seems to me the more important point is His view on divorce. Funny how everyone just sliiiiiiiiiiiides around that one, huh.

      And gosh, funny how we never hear this kind of faux outrage when some evangelical is caught messing with someone not his wife. All he has to do is weep a little and beg for forgiveness… as well as a donation to cover his rehabilitation. But that’s nowhere near as VITALLY IMPORTANT AS MAKING SURE THEM GAYS KNOW THEIR SINFUL PLACE! Right?

  • Diane Cheeseman Salter

    WOW ….. I would like to see how you all reacted if you were being interviewed by a national magazine and you were asked to voice your feelings about a topic and your responses to those questions resulted in all of this attention. I say shame on the reported who got on such sensitive topics? What on earth does someone’s beliefs have to do with being on a reality TV show? The fall out from all of this is ridiculous.

  • It doesn’t matter

    You know what is actually ironic about this entire article? The fact that Christians are being blamed and attacked for “starting” this whole thing! Last time I checked, it wasn’t the Christian groups that complained to A&E to get him off the air. So, based on that one simple fact alone, not only does that make this entire argument invalid, it makes you, sir , are equally, if not more, ignorant. If by saying you are a good Christian bc you try to be a good person, but in the paragraphs above and below you do nothing but criticize others, in my opinion you are quite the hypocrit. Sounds to me like your ignorance and righteous views are just as invalid as the exact people you set out to offend.

    • ojaneyo

      We are on the same page…

  • Kslots

    I would just like to point out that everyone, literally every single person interprets their chosen holy script differently. I don’t agree with his remarks and do support A &E. But to attack any religion is ridiculous. I’m non religious and have my own very strong opinions, but to attack others based on what they believe and the way they interpret things is ludicrous.

  • John

    Free speech is free speech. It doesn’t Only pertain to political dissent. The fact that you can write your opinions of the tv show and the people are good examples of that.
    Did you oppose the verdict of the baker that as Forced to bake the cake of the gay couple? Bet you did not! You folks are all for tolerance and acceptance unless it’s for the ‘Other’ side. If it wasn’t for those that stand up and Fight for those rights and freedoms, then people like you wouldn’t Have them.

  • OhNo I am Christian

    I would love what you have to write about the atrocious way homosexuals are treated by het Muslims. But I guess if it isn’t an anti-Christian sentiment, than it isn’t in your agenda. I guess it I OK to stone and behead someone for being gay, just don’t dare give your opinion when asked, unless it has the “Progressive” Liberal seal of PC approval. Give me a break.

  • Justin Other

    Dude, you need to drink a beer and chill the Fuck out. That is all. Merry Christmas.

  • Brandon Howland

    You are oblivious to what Religion is all about Mr. Clifton. Clearly religion is not meant to be private, if it were why would the bible talk about spreading the word of God? You my friend are mistaken. A&E ended a mans career for his religious beliefs because they feel it will help them make more money. It has nothing to do with freedom of speech but instead has everything to do with freedom of belief. I am an Army Soldier, let me say I put life on the line so people can speak their mind, and then you see them get fired. How much sense does that make? Last I checked this Country was founded on God and Country, how do you like that for keeping religion private, you ignorant tool?

  • Indiana

    But the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit are the same… So please tell me how Jesus says nothing about homosexual activity… Holy Spirit says about it through Paul and the father says about it in Leviticus they are all three our one god if you don’t think Jesus agrees that’s crazy. As for the part where you say there are other rules in Leviticus that are not followed please understand the reason they are not followed is because the sacrificial laws and dietary laws were fulfilled by Jesus when he died on the cross. Same reason we don’t do offerings anymore. But the bigger picture here is that someone that is homosexual can still get to heaven through the same grace that god gives everyone else all they have to do is give their life to Jesus. So if someone is not saved wants to be gay why does it even matter? Either way according to the bible they would go to hell gay or not if they aren’t saved. Shouldn’t we focus more on living a life that the lost would want so we can get our brothers and sister to heaven with us? The reality is the sin of homosexuality is just something they are born with… The same way you and I were born with sin in our lives whatever the specific one you struggle with is. Let’s just love god with all our heart and our neighbor as ourself.

  • See Both Sides

    If you’re going to condemn ‘cherry picking’ the bible, then you can’t ‘cherry pick’ Phil’s quote. There’s no hate and contempt in the full interview and he was a lot less emotional than your article. News flash… not everyone agrees (nor has to) with the homosexual lifestyle. You’re just as much at fault for bashing the Robertson’s ‘backwards’ way of life.

  • h

    One word for you “stupid”

  • hawkmo99

    What I love is half-wits…like the so-called enlightened Left here…who ram a whole article condemning people for being Christian…and completely flip on everything thats been said twisting it to seem as if their was some kind of insult or threat directed at gays or any other of you nimrods. The man answered a question…quoted what he had been influenced by…now I know…quoting anything other than Beyonce or King Obama leaves you all befuddled…but some people actually get their influences from “other” sources….and once he gave an honest answer…again, something you all are not accustomed to….the wonderful and tolerant enlightened Leftist psychos pounced…and you stirred up a hornets nest again… You are the ones who can’t seem to keep your lives to yourselves. Religion is meant to be private? What about sexual orientations? Why is that to be celebrated and paraded around and shoved down everyones throats? You are the ones that not only can’t keep your business private…but you seek to punish anyone who won’t join in and celebrate with you. I could care less about you screws what…and where…until they want to screw it in my front yard…then it pisses me off… Keep yours private…we won’t have issues…but you simply can’t…and one needs look no further for that proof than “don’t ask…don’t tell”… You all had to be able to tell…announce…celebrate…parade…not satisfied with keeping it private….so…everything you whine about Christians…back atcha…in spades….oh my….racist…..

    • seanmartin

      Some cheese to go with that whine?

  • Read his hole story

    He is not saying homosexuality and beastuality are linked he said they are both sin get your facts correct people and if you look at whole interview he said he is not to judge anyway god will sort them out

  • Indiana

    But the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit are the same… So please tell me how Jesus says nothing about homosexual activity… Holy Spirit says about it through Paul and the father says about it in Leviticus they are all three our one god if you don’t think Jesus agrees that’s crazy. As for the part where you say there are other rules in Leviticus that are not followed please understand the reason they are not followed is because the ceremonial laws and judicial laws (dietary and sacrificial stuff) were fulfilled by Jesus when he died on the cross. Same reason we don’t do offerings anymore. But the bigger picture here is that someone that is homosexual can still get to heaven through the same grace that god gives everyone else all they have to do is give their life to Jesus. So if someone is not saved wants to be gay why does it even matter? Either way according to the bible they would go to hell gay or not if they aren’t saved. Shouldn’t we focus more on living a life that the lost would want so we can get our brothers and sister to heaven with us? The reality is the sin of homosexuality is just something they are born with… The same way you and I were born with sin in our lives whatever the specific one you struggle with is. Let’s just love god with all our heart and our neighbor as ourself.

    • seanmartin

      So, here’s what you’re saying. There are 637 Levitical laws. But we get a pass on 636 of them because Jesus died on the cross.

      Uh huh. Got it now.

      • Indiana

        Nope not what I said… We actually get a pass on all of them because of Jesus… But the sacrificial and dietary laws are not considered sin anymore… I’m not here to push religion on to you I’m just trying to educate you on what the bible says about what Jesus did.

      • seanmartin

        Hey, the laws on the virginal status of women on their wedding night is neither sacrifical nor dietary, now, is it. So what you’re saying, once again, is that we get a pass on 636 laws — BUT NOT THAT ONE. Uh huh. Got it.

        As for Paul, that lovely ol misogynist, he also says women should be forbidden from the House of the Lord during that really special time of the month. There’s even a ritual the church is supposed to undergo when it’s made “unclean” by this. So tell me, you guys have panty inspection every Sunday morning?

        Face it: you’re cherry picking and you know it as well as I. You take those parts of the Bible you think should still be in effect and quaintly disregard the rest “because Jesus died on the cross for them!” Yeah, right. And please, dont pretend otherwise, because you’re not getting a pass on this. If indeed that book is the Inviolate, Unchanging Word of God (TM, all rights reserved), then you either follow all of it or none of it. So which is it, sunshine?

      • Indiana

        From now on please offer a verse because I’m not familiar with the one that Paul said. But once again if you’re talking about in Leviticus where it says they are unclean during that time. That is when things were considered one of three things ceremonially clean ceremonially unclean and holy if something was ceremonially unclean it could not enter because god can only accept perfect offerings and things that were imperfect couldn’t be around but Jesus lived a perfect life and was the ultimate sacrifice… Logic would tell us that if ceremonial laws were fullfilled by Jesus that ceremonially unclean women would not exist afterwards. He link us directly to heaven giving us open comunication anywhere and anytime there is 3 or more gathered in his name he will be there. So the house of The Lord could be anywhere. Once again you are the one who is cherry picking because you take something out of context from the bible without reading the rest of it. I think the bigger question here is why do you care? If you don’t believe then why try to question something you don’t believe at all? You already don’t believe… I believe in the entire bible it is all the word of god and I could sit here and explain why it says everything it does and why whatever you come up with next doesn’t mean it in the way you’re thinking… But why do that? that won’t make you a believer. All it takes to be a Christian is to believe that Jesus is your lord and savior and accept him into your life. There are no rules… There is no justification… You have been forgiven. It is finished. You will be blessed on earth if you live a godly lifestyle but once your name is in the book of life it cannot be taken out. But if you believe there is no god and all of this means nothing why do you care if Christians believe what they believe? It means nothing… We are way happier believing… Do you just want us to be as unhappy as you?

      • seanmartin

        “Ceremonially unclean women”?? *That*’s your end run?

        Wow. Better try that one again, Sparky. I think the rule was a lot more cut and dried than the prancing explanation you’re trying to trot out here.

        As for “All it takes to be a Christian is to believe that Jesus is your lord and savior and accept him into your life. There are no rules”… I want you to think about that one for a moment, and consider the irony of it in light of the many, many discussions attached to this article about the apparent “sinfulness” of homosexuality.

        Take as long as you like.

        Paul? Go read, sunshine. You guys are supposed to know the book inside and out, so obviously you missed something… unless, of course, that too is “ceremonial”. LOL

      • Indiana

        There are also ceremonially unclean men I just stated that would be considered that as well… Just because it’s a sin doesn’t mean you can’t do it and still go to heaven… You know nothing about the religion so why are you in a debate about it? If they are a Christian and going to heaven and are living a sinful life it is another Christians job to help them through it. If they are not a Christian in the first place it’s outer job to share the gospel with them… Not condemn their sinfulness. Btw I still can’t find where Paul said that…

      • seanmartin

        Y’know, let’s cut through the BS here, shall we? Your claim about “ceremony” is a bunch of bunk, and you know it. As for my not knowing anything about religion, you know zip about me, so dont even try walking in that direction. If indeed, as you claim, the Levitical laws were predicated on ceremony or holiness or diet, and if, as you claim, Jesus cast them all away by His time on the cross, then that would mean the dictum against homosexuality as well. So sorry, but on that point, you lose, straight up.

        And if you cant find where Paul said that, then you just go read the Letters again. After all, you’re clearly such a knowledgable “Christian” that you dont need my help in finding it, do you.

      • Indiana

        It’s like talking to a wall… I didn’t say every law in Leviticus was ceremonial but there are definitely a few. Do you think the bible is junk?

      • seanmartin

        And see, there’s the problem for you: which one does this call under? Why didnt the others in that category? Face it, you got nothing. You can sit there and say, “Oh, we dont need to follow those anymore… EXCEPT THAT ONE!” — and you expect that to make sense?

        Tell me: what else in Leviticus still applies? I mean, I gather God changed His mind about shellfish and mixed fibres and the length of hair. Anything He didnt? (aside, of course, for THAT ONE)

      • Indiana

        Read the bible and you will find out I promise. It’s very clear which ones. Of course you don’t understand why would you believe or understand a religion that you don’t even care about or believe in? Is this to try to make me as unhappy as you? The fact still remains everything except one sin can be forgiven by Jesus and that sin is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.

      • Indiana

        On the contrary I have everything thanks to Jesus. Just read the bible I promise he will show you everything you need to know :-). I hope for your sake you are one of the chosen people to enter the kingdom.

  • Joey

    Why does everyone only use Jesus for the homosexual argument? It is brought up in the new testament otherwise as wrong, and also models marriage as man and woman, and that is as important. I agree it is not what God intended, look at our plumbing. Do some have those tendencies from genetics or from messed up childhoods. Well obviously. But just as they should abstain from fulfilling those desires so we heterosexuals are supposed to not cheat on our wives, or even have sex before marriage, so there should be more fingers pointing at us as homosexuals. Where was Phils hate language you cite? Didnt he follow up discussing how he still respects others that believe differently? That this is his opinion with his faith, but others will believe differently and have that right? Seriously… I am a christian, I think homosexuality is wrong. So am I a hater? No… I have gay friends. I think Obama is the wrong president, but do I hate him? No. Would I hang out with him? Sure. We could debate, but there would still be love flowing from me weather I agree or not. In short, a true christian would believe the gay lifestyle to not be what God would intend, but would still love, serve, be friend, and not have any trouble hanging out with a homosexual or lesbian. Yes Phils deal is not a constitutional problem. But A&E has a deal with a redneck, religious family to portray them as they are, theyve known their beliefes all this time, and all the sudden they can him? They are more worried about Glad and LBG whatever initials then the rest of the country that is ok with people having opinions with respect. When will the few angry groups who do not represent the majority stop trying to run this country into a politically correct tasteless country without an identity. I live in CA, and now when my kids are of age to go to high school they have to deal with the fact that if a boy decides one day he identifies himself as a girl, he can use the girls locker room…. Give me a break. One out of a million is offended and we bend over backwards to make sure they are catered too.

  • Aggie DeJesus

    Mr Clifton, I was impressed by your article on “Christians” response to Phil Robertson’s statement. Your display of love, understanding, open-mindedness, and kindness shown to other’s actions and reactions, was a refreshing read. Rarely does one read an article with no foul language, hate or minimizing of whole groups of people. Your article explains so well the way to “try to actually live your life based on the teachings of Jesus Christ”. You are an example of “Christians” being a Light to the world, loving the unloveable and those with opinions & beliefs differing from yours. Your understanding of Christianity’s love, tolerance and the forgiveness of Christ, speaks for its self. Blessings to you.

  • Jim Bean

    And the net result of all this is: A&E loses, Christians lose, Cracker Barrel loses, and the gay community loses (by appearing to be in a tie with Christians for first place in the ‘most intolerant’ contest.) The only winners are a handful of sanctimonious left-wing zealots who love to generate and fuel a conflict so they can pretend to float above it like monarchs of social purity.

  • Love mankind

    MoneyHey Allen, I’m a Christian and can’t believe you would be so judgemental, but I forgive you for that what Christians do, right? If you are as knowledgeable about the bible you say you are, then you would realize the bible speaks out against homosexuality several times in the Bible, please re-read. That was one of the main reasons God sunk Sodom and Gamora from the earth. The other reasons were exactly what you describe about having sex with animals as well.

    God commands us to do what is right. Apparently you didn’t read or hear everything Mr.Robertson said or you wouldn’t have spoken so much about it. He was reflecting on where he grew up and the circumstances behind that and how he endured and came through that part of his life.

    I have not said a word publicly about any of this until now. But your words are inaccurate to some degree. Again, if you want to sue me for slander, then I’ll show up on court with every verse in the Bible that speaks out against homosexuality. Until then, I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive and expand your knowledge on God’s word.

    I do agree that people should not be calling in death threats. But if the show is about nothing, why in the world did the blacks and homosexuals get so upset? I’ll keep you in my prayers!

  • Rmescola

    Ala Carte christians is what they are,with a lower case “c”, they pick and chose what suits them from the Bible…

  • Hondo4President

    The logic of this article is fair and logically irrefutable. As a young child, while reading Dr DooLittle, the Narnia tales, Tolkien, Greek/Norse Mythologies, I would spend the weekly visit to church reading the bible. The first half is most
    beleif-ably the Greatest Story. It then makes a complete jump to the effort of One Person teaching his society to just get along and be decent to each other – that faith isn’t a list of rules to live by, its learning to live for each other and ourselves.

    Why follow Religion to shelter our insecurities when we we can choose to build Faith? It’s up to us to do the work.

  • jennifer

    I’m sorry but this guys view of the Phil interview is cherry picked….. The exact Claim he is making of Christians…. The Bible does say that being gay is an abomination….. (a sin) . But many Christians sin everyday…including me. The Bible also teaches us to love each other, and if the writer of this piece would have used the entire reference (the interview) he would have pointed out that Phil also said that he does not judge people, that that is something that each of us will have done when we meet God…. And that he loves all of mankind….. And who knows maybe Phil was just tired of working for a company who not only validates, but fully (monetarily) supports something that goes against his beliefs….Maybe he felt compelled to not have the money his family made this company going towards something he feels is wrong…. I know, I’ve been there… and although the money was good, it still felt wrong… and I left the company….

  • Christian Owens

    BRILLIANTLY written! And thank you for pointing out how he compared gays to terrorists, I found that extremely offensive. Seeing as how I am a lesbian and have never thought about flying a plane into a building full of people. I’m the most passive, mild mannered lesbian you’ll find and all I want is to live in peace with my amazing girlfriend who also has never thought about flying a plane into a building. This outrage over what A&E has done is obnoxious and people need to reprioritize. Maybe instead of all these so called Christians focusing their energy on spewing hate towards everyone that doesn’t fit into their backwards religious views, they should focus their energy on helping people instead of trying to break them down…

  • Quinsational

    Mr. Clifton, I did not make it past the first paragraph of your article as you ignorantly attack opinion in the first sentences. And that is the point of this entire issue. Gays demand tolerance for their point of view but refuse to show the same tolerance to others. The only reason A&E dropped Phil is because gays are thin skinned and protest, while the bulk of america agree with Phil but are tolerant of different views and do not get outraged. Its time for a reality check. Its time the media is forced to decide between losing thousands of gay viewers or millions of normal viewers.

  • Bob

    The writer of this article clearly did not read the full interview with GQ magazine. You have taken several liberties with facts to support your own conclusion. Just more garbage.

  • Dennis Zirbser

    I agree with this writer. Now fire him for using the phrase, “You people”. And also for labeling all Christians for the actions of a few.

  • Godandguns

    after the way you progressives treated Paula Deen? Puhleeze. Shut up.

  • I see the Westboro Baptist Church is rallying in support of Duck Dynasty. You know you have a problem when those people want to be your buddy.

  • Lizzie

    Well said! If they loose their “job” then they get to join the real world like the rest of us. Who cares? It’s a TV show. Sheesh, get over it people. Put your passion into something that REALLY matters.

  • Jeff

    Hey get off your high horse,get the pole out of your butt and try enjoying life. To many people have nothing better to do than make a big issue out of everything.

  • Peggy Schmick

    There is much truth in what you say – though I see a great deal of anger in your statement. I love Jesus and I try to live my life accordingly – helping others when I can and having compassion on those who are suffering. It is not our place as Christians – or just plain human beings – to judge one another. Life is too short and there is too much to do. As for the afterlife? If in the afterlife I was rewarded according to how I lived my life I would be in deep trouble – Thank God for grace – unwarranted favor. This needs to be let go so folks can focus on what really matters, human beings suffering hunger, pain, abuse, homelessness……let’s get our heads out of our butts and take care of what Jesus told us to do… one another as He loves us.

  • Joshua Leroy Wright

    18:22 Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination. (Leviticus 18:22 KJV)

    20:13 “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.” (Leviticus 20:13 KJV)[
    And where the hell do u get saying religion is supposed to be private?…I will spread the word of Jesus Christ to the world and that’s how its supposed to be

    • seanmartin

      Jesus Himself said prayer should be a private conversation with God. Guess you missed that one, huh.

      Leviticus also says that adulterers and divorced people should be executed, as well as women who arent virgins on their wedding night. Shall we being that back as well?

  • Fred Smith

    Who cares about any of it. Gay people are still going to be gay and people who don’t agree with that lifestyle are still not going to believe in it. Drop it already.

  • gbdola

    I just wonder what kind of “Christian” the author claims to be if he thinks that, in his words: ” bible, church, praying are tools that people use to make themselves feel better about being horrible people”. Dosen’t sound like any Christian I know. I would counter that by saying that those “tolerant” people who bash Christianity for their belief system are people who want to legitimize their own behavior. If you clearly think what you are doing is OK with God, then why let Phils comments bother you??

  • Lsmartin

    Paul in 1 Corinthians 9:6-10. “Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral nor idolators nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men …..will inherit the kingdom of God”

    No it wasn’t Jesus, but it is in the New Testament which is the story of Jesus.

    • seanmartin

      *And* Paul also says, elsewhere in the NT, that women are forbidden in the House of the Lord during that “special time of the month”, lest they make the place “unclean”. So, do you guys have panty inspections every Sunday?

  • Kamala Geer

    This is the stupidest thing I have ever read.

    Everyone is acting like he said he wanted to go on a Gay murdering spree. All he said was he didn’t believe in the Gay Ideal. However, he did say he would never judge a man because he believed in something different from him, for that is Gods job.

    Or, did everyone miss this part of the interview?

    ” “We never, ever judge someone on who’s going to heaven, hell. That’s the Almighty’s job. We just love ’em, give ’em the good news about Jesus—whether they’re homosexuals, drunks, terrorists. We let God sort ’em out later, you see what I’m saying?” “

  • joe

    the funny thing is duck commander brought 11mil plus viewers each week so A&E was not better without them

  • smarter than you

    Your an idiot. You spent so much time telling everyone that you cant have a belief unless its believing in fagots. Fuck all of you idiots. I dont run around with picket signs telking you I like to fuck my wife, why the hell should I have to see and know about two men sucking eachother off?? Religion isnt private, it never has been. All the way back to Roman days. Go tell a Muslim to make his religion private, he may go jihad on you. They have the same outward tolerance to homosexuality as christians, oh no wait, they actually kill homosexuals. Religion has been outspoken since the Roman days. Get an education.

    • seanmartin

      I didnt know that you’ve been forced to watch men sucking each other off. That must have been dreadful. Of course, I realize I missed the invitation to watch you fuck your wife, but please understand that I was washing my hair that particular night.

  • Free Speech is great

    The Author of this story has an issue with “rednecks” as he calls them. If Phil was so “wrong” in his sayings, why is there so many ticked off Americans? He simply said that he does not support or believe in Gays but he does like everyone. So how is he a hater if he likes everyone but doesn’t have the same beliefs as everyone else?

  • NRS1957

    What is the difference between Corporate persecution and Government persecution for ones religious beliefs? None, they are the same. Persecution is persecution no matter the source of it.

  • Joe Keaveny

    Where is my comment?

  • Joe Keaveny


  • guest

    If u think homosexuality is ok than go see a doctor because clearly your brain does not function properly… “Free speach” my simple opinion!

    • seanmartin

      And clearly someone who cannot bear to sign his “opinion” but chooses to hide in anonymity.

      What a surprise.

  • Joe Keaveny

    Most hypocritical piece of garbage I have ever read.


  • Evan

    I will start by saying that I agree with almost everything you say. However, it is also clear that you, like many other people, have gone around reading headlines instead of articles. The whole “bestiality” issue was that he “equated” bestiality to SEXUAL IMMORALITY (don’t worry, no one really seems to pick up on that”. Granted, he does at times specifically mention homosexuality, but the main thing to see here is that he equated everything that he has interpreted to be sin.

  • Fed Up!

    You are a sad, lost, and very pathetic man. You just don’t get “it” do you? We true Christians are very sick of the liberal media attempting to redefine our values! You wasted a lot of time spewing what we already know you progressive liberals believe about us. You are all for the ultimate double standard, that your views and beliefs are enlightened and intelligent, and that when true Christians openly state their beliefs…it is hate and intollerance. Get over YOURSELF!! We will not go away!! I personally hope we see much more of Christians and Conservatives standing up proud…sending a crystal clear message that we have had enough!! Go Phil!!

    • seanmartin

      Be sure to let me know when you guys put CHRIST back in “Christian”. This far, I’m not seeing a whole lot of that happening.

  • Ryan wittek

    So all I keep hearing about everyone that has anything to say to degrade the Robertson Family is as Christians they are being hypocritical because of what Leviticus says. Here is some thoughts towards u on that. First don’t just bring half the bible into a fight if u aren’t going to be fully informed.

    The reasons for the dietary regulations and such in the Levitical Law can be very blurry to most people; many simply do not understand why God commanded abstinence from things like shellfish, pork, etc. God was not being insensible or needlessly dictatorial when putting these restrictions into place, but He was orchestrating a bigger plan than the people of Israel would realize at that time. By external means, God was separating His chosen people from the rest of the civilizations of the world. He was making them different, peculiar, wholly separate; and when the inhabitants of the earth would look at Israel, they would see that God’s people were different than them. This is the whole point of the specific commands regarding food and drink, and now that Jesus has come we are no longer held to these external prohibitions in the law because no longer does God separate His people by means of the flesh (externally), but He does so by the means of spiritual regeneration; by changing the heart.The Levitical Law was only a shadow of the things to come, things which are now being fulfilled because the Christ of God has come into the world and suffered the death for sinners, tearing down the wall of separation between man and God, freeing us from the enslavement of our sin.All the sacrifices, dietary regulations, social restrictions, etc., of the Law were pointing to Jesus Christ…. and He has come, therefore nullifying the Old Covenant of the Law and establishing the New Covenant of Grace by the shedding of His own blood.


    Now, as you’ll notice, the forbidding of homosexuality (along with all other sexual immorality) appears in the New Testament as well as the in the Old Testament Law. People often are confused by this because they’ve been told that Jesus eliminated the Old Testament so we don’t have to adhere to it anymore. What they don’t understand is that although Jesus has in fact freed us from the ritualistic aspect of the Law and from the condemnation of the Law, He has also freed us to pursue the holiness of God through Him. The moral part of the law is different than the ritual/sacrificial part of the Law because it is a reflection of who God is and who He desires us to be.The prophets foretold the day that God would write His law and statutes on His people’s hearts (spiritual regeneration), and today is that day. The Holy Spirit comes into those who believe on Christ and convict them of their sin and leads them to repent from dead works and conforms them to the image of Christ. When God put the moral standards into place (through the O.T. Law) regarding sex, murder, lying, etc.; He was reflecting to His people His own character. God’s character never changes, so the God who prohibited sexual immorality in the Old Testament also forbids it today. The difference between that old age and the new age we live in today is that Jesus Christ has come and absorbed the wrath of God for anyone who will believe in Him. The wages of sin is death (and surely we deserve it), but if we believe on Jesus, He has paid that penalty for us on the Cross. When someone truly trusts in Jesus, they no longer will desire to pursue the sin that killed their Savior, but will rather desire to pursue the holiness and purity that God desires. Of course we all fall and mess up, but the grace of God is there to sustain us. Like I said, those in Christ are free from the condemnation of the Law… meaning that if we mess up, we will not be condemned because Jesus has paid in full the debt for that sin; but because our heart is changed, we will repent and continue to pursue God and forsake the sin that He hates. 

  • Tom Stoner

    Phil Robertson would have signed a contract that included not bringing A & E into disrepute, he violated that contract and is receiving the expected punishment. I am not a christian as I don’t need to believe in a mythical being just to get through the day, I am one of those people that gets out there and helps others as that is the right thing to do, nfunny but that makes me more of a christian than a lot of you that are supporting that racist bigot and his uneducated family, for your god’s sake get out there and help make the world a better place instead of criticizing those that are doing something to make this a better world,

    Your wonderful rule book (the bible) states that god alone is the judge of how you lead your life, if you believe that then leave the judgement and conviction of others to him/her and stop interfering in the lives of others, besides if a racist and bigoted lot like you Phil Robertson supporters are going to heaven then this heathen would prefer hell just to get away from you and any god that accepts you and your thoughtless stupidity.

  • Danny D

    “Hey, real quick, I want all of you “Christians” to please find me one time when Jesus Christ spoke out against homosexuality. I’ll be waiting.”

    You want a statement from Jesus? Okay, here’s one.

    “And He answered and said to them, ‘Have you not read that He who made them at the beginning “made them male and female,” and said, “For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh” (Matthew 19:4)
    Jesus just reaffirmed that the union between man and woman is in God’s master design. If you think I’m wrong, then I find it ironic that we have a lot of homosexual folks on this planet due to a lot of heterosexual activity. Personally, I could care less if a person is gay or straight. I got too much on my own plate to worry about someone sexual orientation.
    I just didn’t want the writer to “wait” with the holidays around the corner.

    • seanmartin

      And that’s also a great little verse in which He says His feelings about divorce. So do let me know when your particular brand of faith starts moving on a nationwide ban on divorce. I’m sure we’ll all find that vastly entertaining.

  • Robert Johnson

    God “spoke out against homosexuality” when he created a woman(Eve) for man(Adam). humans were made to create life. two vaginas can’t do that. two penises can’t create life. it takes a woman and a man to make life which is why a penis fits so well into a vagina. which is why a man’s sperm/seed is required to fertalize a woman’s egg. with all of that being said, homosexuality is clearly a choice. you are not born gay. there is no gay gene.

    • allgoodtees

      And you chose to be hetero when, exactly?

      • Robert Johnson

        I didn’t choose. you can’t read? thought I was fairly simple. EVERYONE is born straight. some just choose to be homosexual for whatever reasons.

      • allgoodtees

        So they choose to have fewer rights than heterosexual people, and risk being bullied, beaten, get fired from their jobs, driven to suicide or out and out murdered by self-righteous assholes who would rather kill them than picture a world where there were people different than them.

        What a narrow-minded, vicious little world you must live in that lets you think that and just go on with your day.

  • Your mom

    Phil Robertson for President.

  • John W. Chapman

    If you are a big opponent of “vile hatred”, you should really have publicly chastised Martin Bashir, instead of attacking his victim. You didn’t. Instead, you went after Palin. You are not only a hatemonger, but a coward, using your intermediary shills to spew what YOU really feel and believe, and than attacking the shill’s critics. You lack any consistency or credibility on this issue.

  • The truth

    Tell me again how what he said was hateful. He also said that he would never disrespect someone for being gay and loves all humanity. Just because Jesus didn’t speak out about homosexuality doesn’t mean bible didn’t. Go ahead and pick and choose what you believe in the bible and see where that gets you, uf you claim to “believe in God”.

  • baldielocks

    everything you say i completely disregard due to your rude use of the term “you people.” i happen to agree with the premises you put forth, but when you do not have the decency to state it without sounding like an obtuse jackass you are missing an opportunity to address people on the other side of the issue. or possibly you just like ranting to those who already agree with, which sounds like a pathetic display of cowardice. I hope to empower folks of a modest and moderate mindset to see you for the hate-monger that you are. you and people like you are just as problematic to peace and kindness as the closed-minded jackholes that you attack.

  • Oh Really

    Anyone fretting over this is an idiot. If you live in America you are supposed to be free. You have the right to express yourself and you also have the right to be offended. That is the price you pay for freedom. If you don’t like the “reality” show you are watching – change the channel. WHAT IS NEXT? YOU HATE SOMEONE FOR SAYING “Strawberry ice cream is the best! and vanilla sucks” I don’t know about you but I for sure don’t need someone to babysit me while I tattle on people. so pathetic

    • seanmartin

      I suggest you look at what’s going on in Utah right now and then tell me the lengths to which some people will go to make sure your fellow Americans arent *quite* as free as you.

  • I vote for America

    You complain about the fiasco, but then add to it with your rants. The problem with our country is people worrying too much about things like this, and trying to prove their intelligence by arguing about it. You know so much about Jesus? About our rights? Good for you. This country was founded with emphasis on the rights and beliefs of freedoms. Things which have all evolved with the maturing go our country. We don’t need your definitions or explanations Allen. We need people to value freedom of opinion, and not to take the head off of those who are deemed famous. My neighbor said the same thing, will he be removed from his construction job?

  • no_hate_here

    Let me preface this by asking that you read through the entirety of the post before drawing any conclusions (I know, I know, it’s a long one).

    If I may, I would like to respectfully address a particular line from the article: “See, Jesus Christ taught us to love, help, forgive, accept and be kind to one another. That’s what I follow – that’s Christianity.” While He did teach us that, if we did those things apart from a growing relationship with Christ, none of it would matter (Matthew 7:22-23, John 3:3, Matthew 7:21, Ephesians 2:8-9,).

    Also, God does explicitly outline his boundaries for marriage in Matthew 19:4-5.

    1 Corinthians 6:9 directly addresses homosexuality as sinful, BUT i do not that it also addresses other things that i am guilty of, such as adultery, which is defined Biblically as any lusting after women who aren’t my wife. So, I, like anyone else guilty of any of the things on that list, am called to confess and turn away from these things. will the struggle be ongoing? But I’m kidding myself if if I enjoy the way something makes me feel so greatly that I assume it must be acceptable to God. He gives us these guildelines because He loves us beyond imagination, and knows what will truly make us whole. In no way is this some kind of blind hatred towards people attracted to the opposite sex, but rather an acknowledgement that we’re all guilty, and only through Christ can we be reconciled. I don’t even consider gay people my enemy. that’s bonkers. if I didn’t care about them or anyone, I’d keep my convictions to myself. but i assure you that I don’t hate gay people, and my actions are evidence of that.

    Lastly, it is as saddening as it is deplorable that people mistreat anyone based upon their beliefs or personal convictions.

  • Divdar

    Another hateful rant claiming others as being hateful. You can belief whatever interpretation you get out of Leviticus or any other section in the BIble, but don’t assume all Christians believe the same as you do. That’s pretty shallow thinking. The issue isn’t really the free speech, it’s the bullying tactics being used, and condoned by the left (yourself included). They say they are against it, then glorify it through posts like this. Where was your righteous indignation for the ruling against the Colorado cakemaker or for Chic Fil A and that fiasco?

  • Amo Green

    Thanks Allen – A Lot Of People Could REALLY Benefit From this Article – If They Choose To! I NEVER Have Understood How People Sometimes Let ” Facts ” Go & Hold On To The ” Fiction ” That Best Suits Their ” Argument ” At The Time . – Thanks Again

  • Very well said. I doubt the people you’re talking to will read this article though. It’s too bad

  • Keenan

    Good job. Had you people just left it alone, odds are the story would have faded, Phil Robertson would have issued an apology and done a few PR stunts, and the show would have gone on as normal. -Allen Clifton

    Stir, stir, stir, 500 comments, stir, stir, stir, 600 comments, stir, stir, stir…

  • Rory McCarty

    Why is the Duck Dynasty issue such a BIG deal? Because it is a redefinition of biblical morality and a blatant attack on the truth of the word of God. Are adulterers and fornicators and idolaters demanding their activities be redefined as good and moral and wholesome? No. So there is no need to hammer that. We are called to “contend earnestly for the faith” (Jude 1:3). TRUTH MATTERS. If you lose the truth, you lose it all. If you redefine morality to fit with “what is right in your own eyes,” three things happen:

    1. You call God a liar (see 1 John 1:10). 
    2. You cancel the need for repentance (2 Peter 3:9).
    3. You damn souls to hell because Jesus said, “Unless you repent you will all likewise perish” (Luke 13:3, 5). 

    That is why this issue is so important. That is why it is NOT beating a dead horse. Anyone who claims to know the Lord and love the Lord must stand up for the truth and speak it in love. I think we would all agree, the BIG problem on the Titanic wasn’t the saltiness of the soup, but the hole in the hull. If you lose truth, you lose it all.

    The look on your face Allen when you find out how wrong you been. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

    • Is this better?

      Of course, everything you just said is moot to me, and every other atheist. Seriously – read all the comments below before you bring the scripts in….nobody needs to type their responses 6 times to every one who thinks they know something or thinks their beliefs are greater than everyone elses…

    • karlschneider

      You fundies aren’t REALLY sure your make-believe dead god on a stick will handle things that bother him, so you try your hardest to do his job here and now. You’d be funny if you weren’t so delusionally dangerous and vile.

  • Kevin Smiley

    Your right it’s not an attack on freedom of speech. However, you may want to read the following verse: not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites (1 Corinthians 6:9 NKJV)….

    • seanmartin

      Yeah, yeah, and there’s also the one from Paul about how women are banned from houses of worship during that “special time of the month”. Tell me, do you guys have panty checks every Sunday to make sure your sanctuary isnt being made “unclean”?

  • Frustrated Middleman

    What saddens me is that the people who need to read this the most either never found this article, stopped reading after the first logical point was made, or denied the entire content of this piece.

  • Bryan Lee

    Wait a minute….Duck Dynasty is about these men trying to mate with ducks?? And they claim homosexuality morphs into bestiality? Ummmmm….looks like the straight Christians are beating us to the punch.

  • kenny

    What I don’t understand about A&E. You take a stand and ban Phil Robertson for his beliefs. But yet you play 20 reruns a day with Phil in every one. Either ban him or don’t. Atm you’re just a giant fence riding joke who is going to loose the only show you have that pulls any kind of ratings at all.

  • Kent

    This typical pseudo intellectualism from a “forward progressive thinker” who forgets that his country was founded Christian beliefs and virtually every university and college has it’s founding members being Christians. Not to mention how these “intellectuals” like taking bible verses out of context and build an argument from there. A text out of context is a pretext Mr forward progressive. If you cared to protect everyone’s values instead if just your own convaluded ones, you’d actually see that Jeaus name is taken in vain in movies, television, and “arts” in general. Why isn’t that considered hate speech since it vehemently offends millions of people (not the mere small percentage of the population that is homosexual)? What do you think would happen to A&E or Hollywood in General if they spoke of Mohammad that way? And you ask for references where Jesus condemns homosexuality. Obviously (like most of you liberals who don’t know the bible) you forget that Jesus is part of the trinity eternity past. He said many many times “the Father and I are one” . So guess what dude,when God told Lot to get out of Sodom and Gommorah with his family, it was Jesus who said so. Don’t you Get it pal? We are all sinners. Homosexuals, adulterers, thieves , gossipers, liars, etc. Romans 3-23 says “all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God” . Not just homosexuals. You, me, everyone!!!! So get off your pro gay -anti Christian soapbox and realize that you have a problem with yourself and God. What Christians think of you and you think of them is irrelevant. The answers you seek are in the bible that you misquote. If you really look for them. But most people are about as interested in finding the true biblical answers as a burglar wants to find a policeman.

    • seanmartin

      No, the US was NOT founded on Christian beliefs. It was founded on DEISTS’ beliefs, which are somewhat difference. Since you couldnt even get that part of history right, then why should I bother reading the rest of your no doubt pointless screed?

  • Zac

    Revelation 21:8

  • Terance Elford

    First off, What do you mean you people?? (Lol) Secondly. Wow so the guy is hard core set in his beliefs. Who are we too judge oh great and mighty judger of judges. (I’m pretty sure you have made mention to the one fella who does the final judgment several times already) just let it go. You aren’t going to change his mind and besides if the network wanted that to disappear all they would have had to do is edit it out.

    Get over it.



    • karlschneider

      Fuk off and die, you screaming kunt.

  • Kate

    I read this entire statement, up to the paragraph stating that you are a Christian, thinking without a doubt that you were NOT a Christian and I am actually appalled that you are. Nothing about this statement says “Christian” and I’m not talking about the issue of gay rights. I’m pointing out the fact that this cynical, rude, pompous essay that you have written does not in anyway portray the fact that you claim to be a Christian.

    “See, Jesus Christ taught us to love, help, forgive, accept and be kind to one another. That’s what I follow – that’s Christianity.”

    BE KIND. That is what you say your beliefs are…this essay does not represent those beliefs at all! You seem to be implying that you take your Christian values more seriously than these other Christians you’re talking down to. I find this extremely difficult to believe.

    I am a Christian who believes that gays deserve the same rights as others in our country becuase my religion teaches me to accept the differences in everyone. Just like I will accept the differences between myself and Phil Robinson, between myself and those people sending death threats and between myself and you. But just as you are disgusted to be of the same religion of those other Christians, I see no difference between you and them. You preach Christian values but write this disgusting cynical piece. If you truly believe that your religion urges you to accept and be kind to everyone this piece would not have been written.

  • Cass Potter

    Take your own advise – Just get over it ! Yes it was started with the completly in accurate accusation of what Mr. Robertson said. Many of us really looked at and read what he said, and we understood what and where he was coming from. But the rest of you saw what you wanted and twisted it into something else.
    One last thing – If you really couldn’t care less either way,why are you even making this post ????

  • Aaron Zehr

    So then you should agree, since religion should be private, then so should your sexual orientation.

    • seanmartin

      I dont remember anyone asking you into the bedroom to watch.

  • tim

    I am a bible christian and yes this part of the bible is written by Paul. Yes, I believe in the love of Jesus Christ and the creator god. I do not see where he violated any rights of anyone else that was so outrages. If your gay your gay and I have several gay friends matter of fact. I do not subscribe to their life style and I do not promote it, so should I be fired or deprived of working for a company do to my personal beliefs. No, this is where the misguide liberals have lost touch with reality. I actually live in Vietnam where it is a communist country that has way more freedoms than the US and the people do not give a crap about what anyone else says. I wish people at home would stop acting like stupid children on a playground, it really does make Americans sound stupid and childish.

  • Steve Bridge

    Jesus didn’t say anything against pedophilia either…. So by your logic….?

    • karlschneider

      And there is no evidence Jesus himself was a pedophile….so by YOUR logic…?

  • georgee

    Why is it okay for you to rip the Christian Community appart as if we are all cloned but one speaks out on his personal belief and because he is Christian his beliefs are not okay. Unless we all choose to believe the way you do there is something wrong with us. Look in the mirror.

    • seanmartin

      Perhaps because you dont do a whole lot to counter the mouthpieces? Your silence is breathtaking.

  • Just Curious

    “But as a Christian, his words don’t represent my faith. See, Jesus Christ taught us to love, help, forgive, accept and be kind to one another. That’s what I follow – that’s Christianity.” — your own words, yet followed by–

    “While Phil Robertson’s comments were extremely small-minded and quite frankly dumb, honestly, they pale in comparison to the utter stupidity I’ve seen these last couple of days from his supporters.

    If ignorance is indeed bliss, you people must be dancing like Fred Astaire.”
    So would you be the pot or the kettle in this case?

    • seanmartin

      Is the truth that painful?

  • ryan

    Nobody is suggesting homosexuality can morph into bestiality. The point is, once you throw out Judeo-Christian tradition and ability to procreate, and base your relationships ONLY on “what feels good” or “it’s just who I am”, then you can have no argument AGAINST bestiality, or polygamy, or incest. Who are you to say I can’t marry two wives? Or my mom? Or my dog? Or my 95 Ford Mustang. It’s just who I am. Why can’t you be loving and tolerant and just accept me for who I am. It might seem disgusting to you that I want to have relations with my dog, but that makes you an intolerant bigot if you can’t accept me.

    • karlschneider

      Why the hell would anybody with a brain CARE if you want to screw your dog? I sure don’t.

  • jcharge

    Lev 20:13,1COR 6, 9-10,LEV 18:22. Take your pick Allen. By the way it is not Jesus Christ that make these laws its God himself. I do agree with you in that this show is mindless except at the end of the show where they like to express their love of family, good fortune, and God. For those people who do the death threats are not Christains, don’t equate those with the real Christains who quietly agree with what Phil is saying. People should like those who are homosexual. Let them do what they do and let God decide. I for one will be praying for them.

    • karlschneider

      Exodus 31:15. hypocrite. Get your butt out in the street and help to enforce that little bit of insanity. Or Deut 21:18 if you’re too much of a chikenchit coward to take on adults.

    • seanmartin

      Hey, while we’re at it, 2 Kings, in which annoying children can be executed by being mauled and devoured by bears! Who’s with me!!

  • David Allen Summitt

    I personally have nothing against gay people, but according to most gays, it would be ok if everyone was gay? How would man procreate if that was the case? Test tube babies? It seems to be ok with gays if we play God? I think thats the point.

    • seanmartin

      I love how folks pull out this canard.

      No, sweetheart. That’s not the point, save inside your little mind.

  • elizabeth

    Actually, it’s right here. 1 Corinthians 6: 9-10 And it doesn’t just talk about homosexuality. It talks about all other immoral behavior. Just because someone speaks out against the act of homosexuality (and immorality in general), doesn’t mean they hate the person, just the act. There’s a difference. Sure, some “Christians” act unchristian, therefore making them a hypocrite, but most Christans feel the way I do.

    • karlschneider

      Words of Saul, NOT of Jesus. We don’t give a shit what that insane old prick said especially since he got his inspiration from eating funny mushrooms and falling off a jackass down by Damascus.

    • karlschneider

      And by the way, sweetie, BEING something is not an ACT. I hope you’re not really as goddamn stupid as your post suggests.

  • Didgeridoo

    >Rants about how terrible Christians are terrible people for using their understanding of Christianity to condemn people and make themselves feel better
    >Uses his own understanding of Christianity to condemn people and make himself feel better

  • Gatorman9

    Actually, try Paul’s Letters to the Romans. It’s in the new testament. And then do a little reading on the fundamental importance of Paul’s work to the foundation of the Church. In Catholic theology he is rated second only to Peter and Jesus himself (and I’m not entirely sure about Peter). It’s pretty hard to argue around.

    • karlschneider

      Saul, the Terrorist of Tarsus, did not even live at the same time as the alleged Christ and his misogynist insane rants have no place in modern society. You can not point out ONE single negative word the Jesus ever said about this issue. Not one. He sure as hell said plenty about hypocrisy and public praying, though.

  • Dara

    If someone is a Christian, not only are they to love everyone, but also to follow God’s word and will. While there should be no discrimination, a Christian will follow God’s plan for marriage – the first institution of Him. There are many sins out there, one being murder, another lying, another a marriage between anyone other than one man and one woman. Sins are being less and less commonly recognized as we are not a Christian culture, and it is getting harder and harder to keep your relationship with God because of this. Even Christians (such as in this article) are becoming muddled and disdaining God’s word for what it is.

    • Eric

      I don’t appreciate you calling my right to love the man I love a “sin.” It’s offensive and rude, and puts me in the same category as a murderer. Learn to think for yourself and stop looking to some fable book written by fallible men.

      • Sherlene Stroud

        You can try to soothe your conscience all you want and that is your right but Homosexuality is just as much a sin as murder and all the other sins listed in the Bible. You can scream till the cows come home but it will not change that fact. One day and I don’t think that day is far off, that all of us will stand before God and be judged by Him. What a lot of people do not understand is that according to Leviticus 1: 32 “Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.” This means that even the ones who are not gay but stands up for them and takes pleasure in them and their lifestyles will be guilty as well! God does not need me to defend Him but you need people like me who truly cares about your soul to tell you the good news that Jesus is alive and well and what was sin two thousand years ago is still sin today. You will have no excuse when you stand before God, you can not say I didn’t know! True Christians love you and want to share that joy unspeakable to others, just as God loves you but He hates the sin.

      • Eric

        What an enlightened Christian and person in general you are. Seriously, I about jumped out of my seat and on my knees when you so graciously pointed out to me that my lifestyle is all wrong and stuff. It was just such a breath of fresh air to hear you tell me that you think I’m like totally icky. It’s just such a FAAAAAAABULOUS way to look at life! In case you haven’t guessed, I’m being sarcastic, because that’s all your comment deserves. Shame, too, since you could probably expend that energy in ways that would actually help others.

      • Sherlene Stroud

        I really wanted to answer you as your reply irritated me but I had to repent for those feelings and remember that it is not my place to judge you but God’s. Then I remembered what the Romans 1 said. They will be given over to a reprobate mind. In essence that means it is no use talking to you. You are intent on your self destruction with God and as God told us not to cast our pearls before swine because no matter what we say it will do not good. Proverbs 26:4
        Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you yourself will be just like him.
        I will pray for you Eric.

      • Eric

        Don’t bother praying, because I’ve had your “prayers” covered for years. Years ago, I called up some of my Christian friends and asked them to pray prayers that neutralize prayers that don’t come from a place of love, like yours. Perhaps the more appropriate scripture is in Proverbs 14:30- A heart at peace gives life to the body.” I’m at peace about myself in my heart and have a lively existence. So there’s no need for you to do anything except move on. Good day.

      • Eric

        And are you really going to pray for me? Or is that just a convenient excuse for the Bible bashing you’re trying to justify as prayer? Bet you didn’t think I’d pick up on that, huh? I did. Took about two seconds. You and all the other Bev Harris’ (that’s a Roseanne reference, dear) really need to think up some new arguments or fronts of attack, because we can see you from a mile away.

      • Eric

        Don’t bother praying for me, because I’ve people in my life that have vowed counter-prayers. As for Bible bashing me with those scriptures, I remember Romans 3:21-23 and Proverbs 14:7, and point your own finger back at you, with the words “faith bully” tattooed on them.

    • karlschneider

      Your make believe god has no effect on reality, sweetie.

  • Eric

    Thank the Heavens for honesty this refreshing. It brings a balance toward an argument that had so many (non-progressive) Christians waxing apoplectic. If this was an office situation and he espoused these views to a specific individual, he’d get written up in a heartbeat. But no, because the remarks are directed at a group of people, somehow that’s not slander. And like the writer, I wasn’t offended by what Robertson said. What I was offended by was Christians crying persecution. A member of THE majority religion of the world crying persecution. What a “bunch of stuff,” as VP Biden said. If the religion was still forming or in its infancy, I would understand, but such is not the case.

  • Marilyn

    You are disgusting. You have spewed your hate towards “Christians”. You have put Christians in the same category as Phil did about Gays people. Duck Dynasty is a clean show. There is NO cursing. Your favorite show must be Hardcore Pawn. You just like the so called “Christians” continue your mouth.and keep making this a huge deal.
    Merry CHRISTmaS

    • Eric

      To qualify as a clean show, there must be more qualifiers than “there is NO cursing.” (btw, typing in all caps is shouting. Don’t shout Christ at me. I can hear you just fine in lower-case.

    • seanmartin

      Let me know when you put Christ back in CHRISTians…

  • neitherherenirthere

    The christian violent defenders of this man make me kinda sad about people in general. I have Xmas decorations up and and am gay with a great boyfriend whom I love. He helped me deal with a huge medical issue since I don’t have insurance. I could have not done it without him. Also I’m an atheist and a cat owner and I couldn’t shit what any christians do at home nor have I ever thought about fucking my cat. So yeah he was offensive.

  • dustin

    Glad is playin the gay card like black ppl play the race card 90% of America wouldn’t have even heard about this if u fags didn’t get your little fruity panties in a bunch. Dont put yourself out there in the public eye if u dont want to b judge for your actions keep your bullshit sex life in the closet

    • karlschneider

      Feeling lots of guilt there, Dustin? It’s okay, you can come on out of the closet.

  • karlschneider

    I am having a really hard time imagining there are actually enough knuckledragging, mouthbreathing inbred trailer trash households with electricity and televisions to actually make this “show” even marginally popular. Scary, people…really truly scary.

  • karlschneider

    One thing for sure, with ‘friends’ like this Robertson jackoff (is he related to Pat ROBert$on?), the christians sure as hell don’t need any enemies.

  • karlschneider

    I am having a really hard time imagining there are actually enough knuckledragging, mouthbreathing inbred trailer trash households with electricity and televisions to actually make this “show” even marginally popular. Scary, people…really truly scary.

    • Bobby Clark

      Believe it or not some people like this show because it represents where we came from. A family that actually has values and morals. That has money because of hard work.

  • Confused

    Federal law (Title VII of the Civil Rights Act) and the laws of most states prohibit employers from engaging in religious discrimination: making job decisions based on an employee’s or applicant’s religion or lack of religious beliefs. Title VII also prohibits workplace harassment on the basis of religion. And, Title VII requires employers to accommodate an employee’s religious beliefs or practices, as long as it doesn’t create an undue hardship.

    Who Is Protected From Religious Discrimination?

    Title VII applies to all government employers, whether federal, state, or local. It also covers private employers with at least 15 employees. Private and public employment agencies, labor organizations, and joint labor/management committees are all subject to Title VII, as well.

    If you work or apply to work for a covered employer, Title VII protects your right to work free of discrimination based on religion and other protected characteristics, such as race and gender. Many states also prohibit religious discrimination at work. To find out whether your state is among them, select it from the list on our Workplace Discrimination and Harassment page.

    What Is a Religion?

    Employees and applicants are protected from discrimination based on their religious beliefs and practices. Employers also may not discriminate based on an employee’s lack of religious belief: In other words, a religious employer may not refuse to hire an atheist or any applicant who is not a member of a particular religion.

    An employee need not belong to a large, organized religion to be protected from discrimination. Religious beliefs are protected whether they are traditional or outside of the mainstream, and even if they are contrary to the teachings of the religion to which the employee claims to belong. To be protected, the employee’s beliefs must only be religious in nature and sincerely held.

    Religious Beliefs

    A belief is religious if it occupies the place of religion in the believer’s own scheme of things. In other words, it must be meaningful, must concern “ultimate ideas” such as life, death, and purpose, and must fill, in the believer’s mind, a place similar to that filled by “God” in traditional, organized religions.

    Personal beliefs, even beliefs that are deeply held and important to the believer, are not necessarily religious. For example, economic, social, or political beliefs may be strongly held, but that doesn’t make them religious in nature. Whether a belief or practice is religious depends on the motivation of the person who holds it. For example, one employee might wear a head covering at all times because her religion requires it as a form of modesty; another employee might wear a head covering because she is cold, is losing her hair, or simply likes the way it looks. The first practice is religious; the second is not.

    Sincerely Held Beliefs

    An employer must accommodate an employee’s religious beliefs only if they are sincerely held. Often, nobody disputes that an employee’s beliefs are sincerely held. When this issue comes up, it’s typically because an employee wants an exception to the usual rules. For example, some employees with visible piercings or tattoos have asked their employers not to require them to comply with generally applicable rules that employees serving customers must remove or cover piercings or cover tattoos. If the employer believes the employee is not acting on the basis of a true religious belief but is instead simply trying to avoid following the rules, an employer might challenge the employee’s request as not based on a sincerely held religious belief.

    The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the federal agency that enforces Title VII, has enumerated some factors that might call into question the sincerity of the employee’s belief. Ultimately, this judgment must be based on all of the facts and circumstances, but the following might indicate that an employee’s professed religious belief is not sincerely held:

    whether the employee has behaved in a way that is markedly inconsistent with the professed belief

    whether the employee is seeking a benefit that is likely to be sought for secular reasons

    whether the timing of the request is suspect (for example, because it follows closely on the heels of the same employee’s request for the same benefit for different reasons), and

    whether the employer otherwise has reason to believe that the employee is seeking the benefit for secular reasons.

    Types of Religious Discrimination

    An employer may not discriminate against an employee or applicant based on that person’s sincerely held religious beliefs. Harassment based on religion is also prohibited. And, unique among the types of discrimination Title VII prohibits, the ban on religious discrimination also requires employers to accommodate an employee’s religion.


    An employer may not make job decisions because of an employee’s religion. For example, an employer may not refuse to hire Muslims, promote only Baptists, fire all Mormons, and so on. Employees who are not religious are also protected, if they are treated differently because of religion. For instance, an employer may not refuse to hire applicants who don’t share the founder’s religious faith or refuse to promote employees who are atheists.

    Decisions based on religion are prohibited whether the employer approves or disapproves of the employee’s beliefs. For example, an employer who promotes only Mormons discriminates just as much as an employer who refuses to hire any Mormons.


    Harassment is unwelcome conduct that creates an intimidating, offensive, or hostile working environment. For example, if coworkers repeatedly make fun of, or make cruel comments about, an employee’s religious beliefs, that could constitute harassment.

    Reasonable Accommodation

    Although Title VII prohibits employers from making decisions based on religion, it sometimes requires employers to accommodate an employee’s religious beliefs or practices — in other words, to take the employee’s religion into account when making decisions.

    This apparent contradiction comes from the fact that religion is not a characteristic in the same way as race or age: Instead, it is a set of practices and beliefs. And, in some religions, believers want — or believe their religion requires them — to express their faith by, for example, not cutting their hair, wearing certain clothing or religious items, or telling others of their beliefs. An employer must accommodate religious beliefs unless doing so would pose an undue hardship.

    by: Lisa Guerin, J.D.

  • pickme2

    Odd that so many conservatives are Christian, given that Jesus Christ was obviously a devout liberal.

  • Jana Wilson

    1 Corinthians 6:9 tells us that homosexuality is sin. Along with sex outside of marriage and lusting after someone.

    We all sin. Period. That is why Jesus Christ died for us on that cross. He loves all of us even though we are sinners. Sin is sin. If I tell someone I love their hair, when I really don’t, it is a sin. That sin is the same as killing another person, in the eyes of God. BUT when a person accepts Jesus as their savior and turns from sin, that person should do everything they can to stay away from ANY sin.That is what true salvation means. Phil Robertson expressed his feelings just like you and I are. I love everyone. I hate their sin. I love Jesus Christ and I am saddened by all of the hate in this world. I’m not trying to shove my religion down your throat. I just hope and pray that my comment will help someone be closer to God. I will be praying for you, Allen and everyone else who feels this way. I do understand that some Christians give us all a bad name. I do promise that there are great Christians out there who want the best for every sinner. And the best is Jesus.

  • Hihopes

    Not to be disrepctful, but although the Jesus of the New Testament didn’t wade in on the issue of homosexuality according to what is written, he did champion the Old Testament. I’m not a Christian, but I think by association it shows he took a stance. I agree with your statement, btw. This was more a referendum on widespread ignorance, not freedom of speech

  • Pantocrator

    One time Jesus spoke out against homosexuality: Matthew 19:4

    4 “Haven’t you read,” he replied, “that at the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female,’[a] 5 and said, ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh’[b]? 6 So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”

  • Cass Potter

    This will be the second time I have posted this reply,maybe this time it will stay.
    Take your own advise – Just get over it ! Yes it was started with the completely in accurate accusation of what Mr. Robertson said. Many of us really looked at and read what he said and we understood what and where he was coming from. But the rest of you saw what you wanted and twisted it into something else.
    One last thing – If you really couldn’t care less either way, Why are you even making this post ???

  • lazlodelarental

    Bestiality is God’s way of helping people learn to love animals!

  • TS

    The link you say, you don’t see between homosexuality and bestiality is simple. Sexual sin is sexual sin, no matter what the sin is. So is adultery, masturbation, and lust. We are all guilty of sexual sins.

  • GingerB

    I as a Christian never said it was an attack on the First amendment rights. What it is is Christian persecution not prosecution. The bible says such persecution will happen.

  • Darnell Moonda Fugate

    I like what Ghandi said after he got turned away from the door of a Christian church because they only admitted white people and higher caste Indians – “I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

  • Mynamedoesn’tmatter7

    It is incredibly unfair to lump all 3 billion+ Christians in this article. That is just downright ignorance fighting ignorance. Quite frankly if he had said he hated all Christians and thought their Jesus was a total idiot and completely bashed Christians for living the lifestyle they do, no one would have batted an eye (certainly not equated it with intolerance). This was not about having an opinion, this was about him having the “wrong” opinion, because anything else would have been completely acceptable. There is truth on both sides of the story, there is such a thing as seeing the truth and not distorting it, there were things that he could have done better and A&E could have done better, simple as that. Neither side is completely innocent.

  • aurianna

    Your dumb, what shows on aande are NOT pointless? Serious, and your hating on another person. If you are truly Christian or christlike, you would not be judging. One of the lessons in the bible is do not point out the speck in a person’s eye when you have a log in your own. What’s messed up is you can call him and his supporters dumb, but what about the anti supporters? Why not call them dumb? It’s like democrat and republican. TheybThey both got something dumb to say. So you can shut up and actually read the bible because you are being a ” false prophet. “

  • my opinion

    Phil expressed his beliefs. You don’t like it, don’t watch the show. I bet that if a gay couple showed up at their house, that they would be treated with love and respect. He believes hate the sin, love the sinner. He said it wasn’t his place to judge.