Dear Rand Paul: Do Us All a Favor – Just Stop Talking and Go Away

rand-paul-11Oh Rand Paul, what an absolute joke you’ve become.  Not that I ever took you seriously, but wow – things have gotten bad.  I still think Texas Senator Ted Cruz is a much bigger lunatic than you are, but you’re definitely a sadder character.

As much as I can’t stand Ted Cruz, at least he’s consistent.  I mean, he’s a blatant liar (and possibly insane), but his pointless propaganda at least seems to stem from a consistent set of “beliefs” – even if those beliefs seem to be shaped in some alternate dimension that only exists in the minds of delusional tea party voters and himself.

But when it comes to you, Senator Paul, you just seem utterly clueless.  You’re the perfect example of a spoiled kid who’s only in the position you’re in because of who your father is.  You try desperately to balance the act of pandering to your father’s “Paulbots” while still pandering to the other tea party Republicans you know you need to win over if you ever expect to be president – and you fail miserably at it.

Oh, and you’ll never be president.  I can pretty much guarantee that.

But it seems everything to do with you is some kind of a sideshow.  It’s almost like you get into meetings with people to brainstorm what ridiculous statement you should blurt out in a desperate attempt to get some kind of media attention.

Whether it was your pointless filibuster last year which was a clear stunt aimed at giving you momentum to win a straw poll at the upcoming CPAC event, or the numerous times you were caught plagiarizing, you just don’t seem able to get out of your own way.

More recently it was your ridiculous attempt to attack Hillary Clinton by bringing up the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Then I read yesterday about some claims you made about how more than half of all students in law, dental or medical schools were female.  A claim which Politifact rated as “False.”

According to Politifact, not only do women not comprise the majority of enrollees in any of those schools – their numbers are actually falling.

You’ve been desperately trying to defend the horrible Republican record on women, but the problem is nothing you’ve said has made any sense.

Nothing quite like trying to defend your party’s record on women – by not being able to cite any factual or logical instances which support your stance.

Your feeble attempts to defend Republicans on women’s rights are of course in response to the sexist comments made earlier by former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, when he basically said Democrats didn’t believe women couldn’t control their own libido when referencing the female need for birth control.

So you’re apparently trying to defend that record by lying or using ridiculous references which are completely unrelated.

Who the heck voted for you?  Then again, who the heck voted for Ted Cruz?  It shocks me people like you and Cruz somehow not only made it out of your primaries, but then actually got elected as United States senators.

With almost every statement you make, you continue to prove that you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.  You’re nothing more than a spoiled child who’s ridden his fathers coattails to his own “success.”

Because I can promise you one thing – if your last name wasn’t “Paul” and your father wasn’t a former Texas congressman, you sure as heck wouldn’t be a U.S. Senator.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • lindylou

    Just another grandstanding fool. Dumber than a bowl of mud.

    • D.J. Ramsey

      Aren’t most of the Republiturds at least as dumb as a bowl of mud? The more they speak, the less sense they make!!

    • Ram Garcia

      He’s got as much brains as a B.B. in a box car…

  • Bob

    some of these guys should not just be voted out they should be jailed.Like Michael Grim threatening to throw a reporter off the balcony for asking him about his campaign funds scandal

    • white trash religious teaparty

      I would LUV 2 have him threaten/attempt that with me

  • white trash religious teaparty

    vote tea(shitbag) party and praise jeeeesus!!!

  • Veritas vos Liberabit

    Here is my take on this: Randy and Teddy are engaged in a competition to see who’s the biggest narcissist, sociopathic liar of the two. So far they’re running neck to neck.

    • strayaway

      Add Obama to the competition. That way he could be better than Paul and Cruz at something.

      • thesage

        What the hell does “completion” mean?

      • strayaway

        completion: “the action or process of finishing something.”

      • Sunny Ray

        So Obama is narcissist and sociopath according to you… hmmm…That is kind of a big statement right there. Have you checked how they became politics? Oh and what they’ve accomplished?? Obviously not…

      • strayaway

        What did Obama accomplish as a “community organizer” or as a politician before becoming President? I would argue except for passing a the (un)ACA which kicked 5m Americans off their health insurance, has enrolled other Americans at a huge cost, and which the OMB predicts will cause a 2M job loss, Obama’s accomplishments have been sparse.

        I didn’t quite say that Obama “is” a “narcissist and sociopath”. I just put him into a competition. I don’t think think the other two meet that description so based on my relative statement, Obama might or might not meet those definitions. Please read carefully.

      • Sunny Ray

        Well he just won the Nobel peace prize in 2009… that’s nothing right?
        “I didn’t quite say that Obama “is” a “narcissist and sociopath”. I read carefully and “That way he could be better than Paul and Cruz at something.” is pretty clear to me, maybe you should right more carefully.
        Ho, and about the ACA, you should read more about it because you are wrong, here’s a hint:

      • strayaway

        What you said was, “So Obama is narcissist and sociopath according to you… ” Now you are having problems understanding the concept of “relative”.

        Obama’s Peace Prize, for which he did nothing prior to receiving it except not being Bush, is widely regarded as a mistake.

        Thanks to the link to the Obama apologist. His big mistake is crediting all the useless services people now have to pay for. Old people, for instance, do not need all sorts of additional birth coverage but now they have to pay more money for such useless services to make the (un)ACA work better. Most college students already had inexpensive college provided health care plans available, etc.. He also did a nice job of padding enrollment statistics with people who were forced off of their own policies and had to buy an (un)ACA plan often at higher prices; again, partly for coverage for things they didn’t want or need. Under the (un)ACA we are the new serfs of corporations having to buy whatever they can legislate us to be required to buy. I predict the next required consumption will be in housing.

  • Jo Clark

    On the topic of why they get voted in….aside from the usual Texas voter apathy, I’ll tell you a little story. I keep up with two local news feeds on my FB page and when I check in on ANY political story, the craziness is a perfect match with Paul and Cruz. These people thrive on the rage, the craziness, the gutter level mentality. The more nasty and outrageous it is, the more excited they get. It’s really … I can’t even think of the word to describe it. It’s kind of surreal.

  • Edward Krebbs

    RE: politico with Oedipus complex, remember that at one point GWB admitted we invaded Iraq because they threatened his daddy. Not to mention all the other things that GWB did which seemed to be trying to make up for not being as big a man as his father.

    • Rick Heath

      Edward, I think you touch upon an important fact here. I think much of the actions and motivation for hate displayed by the GOP stems from ego. Nixon was a criminal, Reagan tripled our debt, traded weapons to terrorists and started the wage disparity and The Bush family put us into expensive wars and caused a huge recession, they know their past 4 Presidents were awful and that is why they want to bring down Democrat Presidents… it is a shallow effort to bring down Democrats with them so that the history books will record all of Washington as corrupt… not just the conservative party. A pitiful effort to save face.

      • Charles Vincent

        All of Washington is corrupt the fact you’re blinded by a political ideology doesn’t change that. Bush didn’t create the debt congress did both republicans and democrats. But lets take this further you seem to have an issue with republican presidents, and the Bush family in particular. Let me or rather Professor Chomsky open your eyes for you. Pull up a chair and take a listen to these short videos of Professor Noam Chomsky and how Obama not only recycles policies of previous Presidents but is in “many ways worse the Bush Jr.

        http://www DOT youtube DOT com/watch?v=K3XK2xxR1lA

        http://www DOT youtube DOT com/watch?v=K3XK2xxR1lA

      • Sunny Ray

        This guy is not really relevant, he also claims that education system indoctrinates the youth and doesn’t challenge creativity, well he is the very product of the system and look where he is now, he is his own contradiction.

      • Charles Vincent

        You’re still stupid I see. Shall I call you a Waahhmmbulance? I love it a lefty calling another lefty irrelevant GG mouthbreather.

      • Sunny Ray

        Calling someone “stupid” because he doesn’t share your opinion is stupid. You’re still a weak person I see.

      • Charles Vincent

        No I am calling you stupid because you posted something really stupid, your blanket dismissal of one of the foremost intellectuals on the left. Your whole statement is a non sequitur fallacy. You want to bring some actual facts next time maybe then we can actually have a logical discussion, until then piss off.

      • Sunny Ray

        This guy has lost all credibility when he said investigating mass murder and coups d’etat takes energy away from ‘serious matters’. What could be more serious?
        Who cares about 9.11?
        Who cares about John F, Kennedy?
        A public figure, lauded as the most brilliant intellectual of his days, who brushes aside two key events that triggered massive US policy change, enormous changes that affected the rest of the world; does this intellectual retain any merit as a clear thinker? Here’s what he said:

        “Even if (911 conspiracy theories)
        were true, which is extremely unlikely, who cares? It doesn’t have any
        significance. It’s a little bit like the huge energy that’s put out on
        trying to figure out who killed John F. Kennedy. Who knows? And who cares?
        Plenty of people get killed all the time, why does it matter that one of
        them happened to be John F. Kennedy? If there was some reason to believe
        that there was a high level conspiracy, it might be interesting. But the
        evidence against that is just overwhelming. And after that, if it happened
        to be a jealous husband, or the mafia, or someone else, what difference
        does it make? It’s just taking energy away from serious issues onto ones
        that don’t matter.”

        So before calling me stupid and making yourself the stupid one, look further than your nose and piss off.

      • Charles Vincent

        Non sequiter again mouthbreather JFK is a cooked goose and so is 9/11 but way to create a straw-man argument. Again piss off you’re not contributing facts when you say, or in this case post something he said and in order to discredit him because you’re under Obama’s desk and can’t take the time to wipe the crap out of your eyes long enough to see that your master Obama is a dirt bag period

      • Sunny Ray

        Facts are facts, even tho you don’t like them and don’t want to admit them, that is called being a blind stupid, and don’t try to hide your lack of common sense by using Latin words, you’re not fooling anyone.
        That is funny how you, posting links to youtube, think you are more credible, are you some kind of authority here? or do you have some issues about that at home? The dirt bag is your president supersmartguy, and after him you’ll have the female version, life is cruel right?

      • Charles Vincent

        The words came right from the man himself all you have done is posit an opinion and you have failed to refute my original point by way of a shoddy straw-man argument and furthermore JFK and 9/11 are irrelevant to the point I was making. They happened far to long ago to matter as far as both Bush creating debt or Obama being just as bad or worse than bush. You fail again troglodyte put your helmet back on, your remaining three braincells can’t take anymore of you banging your head into things and it will keep you from licking the windows. Oh and be sure to snap the chin strap.
        That dirt bag isn’t my president I didn’t vote him in either time. Hillary is a joke and my issue with her isn’t about her being a female its about her incompetence as a stateswoman.
        The only thing cruel in life is watching morons like you blindly follow and support someone that lies to your face then craps on you all while you cheer them on. I use to wonder how Hitler usurped power in Germany. Now I know it was idiots like you that voted him in. This republic wont die a quiet death it will die to the sound of raucous cheers, and thunderous applause from rubes like you.

      • Sunny Ray

        Well well! So JFK and 9/11 happened TOO long ago but Hitler in Germany works right? you’re pathetic. I was wondering if you were really crazy or not, but not I know, I wasn’t born at Hitler’s reign supersmartguy, you are showing some irrational thoughts again…

        “This republic WON’T die a quiet death it will die to the sound of raucous cheers, and thunderous applause from rubes like you.” You are sick supersmartguy, as I told you before you need help, quickly.

        Now I’m going to take Twains advice, never argue with the stupid, they drag you down to their level and beat you with experience, have a nice day.

      • Charles Vincent

        JFK and 9/11 are irrelevant to the topic and point I was making. Stupid wasn’t confined to the early 20th century so yes stupid people like you elected Hitler.

        Yes that’s the status quo for shills like you, can’t win so you take your ball and go home. Good your facts are really only poorly fabricated opinions.

        Mark twain eh, perhaps you should take his advice from this quote.

        “Look at the tyranny of party — at what is called party allegiance, party loyalty — a snare invented by designing men for selfish purposes — and which turns voters into chattles, slaves, rabbits, and all the while their masters, and they themselves are shouting rubbish about liberty, independence, freedom of opinion, freedom of speech, honestly unconscious of the fantastic contradiction;…”

      • Charles Vincent

        And a bit of insult to injury
        https://www DOT youtube DOT com/watch?v=c1EYH3kxNmg

  • strayaway

    From the article on Wendy Davis: “Basically, they nitpicked about the actual date she was divorced (she originally had claimed it happened when she was 19 but that was when she just separated – her divorce didn’t become official until she was 21)”

    From the link found on this article : 46.7% of law students, 46.9% of dental students and 46.7% of medical students were women. So Rand was wrong by an average of 6.46% as the article claims.

    Now lets go back to the difference between 21 and 19. (21/19=1.105) or a difference of 10 %.

    The conclusion of this article is that Rand is a “lunatic” and “blatant lier” for being 6.46% wrong but the Wendy Davis article, by the same author, refers to Wendy being over 10% off as nitpicking. Does anyone else see the double standard?

    • Robert Campbell

      Apples & oranges, dude.

      • strayaway

        Numbers and percentages are are consistent in the way I applied them. It’s your beliefs that imagine them as “trief or haram” Paul apples and “kosher or halal” Wendy oranges.

  • Christine

    It is as if I wrote the article..everything Allen writes are my thoughts Exactly…I mean exactly!!!!

  • Sunny Ray

    Apparently he won at the CPAC!! That only tells you the average IQ of the crowd… and the whole party.
    His killer sentence:”I believe what you do on your cell phone is none of their damn business.” May be the only true words coming out of his mouth, but coming from a homophobic and pro-life moron, that doesn’t make sense, at all.