Dear Rep. “Nice House” Terry: You want us to “Update” Our Story After your “Apology?” Here You Go

egg-on-faceI get a decent amount of emails every day from different people, but usually I don’t write a column about them.  I do what most people would do — respond in private to the compliments, complaints, reader questions and various press inquiries that come with the territory.  Well, yesterday afternoon I received an email from Larry Farnsworth.  Who’s that, you ask?  He’s the Communications Director for Republican Representative Lee Terry.  Some of you may know Rep. Terry as the House Republican who emphatically stated that he would not be deferring his salary during the shutdown, because he has a “nice house” to pay for.

Representative Terry issued an “apology” concerning his deplorable comments, and his Communications Director reached out to me asking to either update or retract the story I wrote calling out his disgusting comments, since Rep. Terry had quickly apologized for them.

Oh, and apparently he has now decided to defer his salary until after the shutdown is over.

It’s amazing how these Republicans say these despicable comments, then once word gets out and they’re bombarded with negative feedback, they suddenly “apologize” for them.  They magically have a change of heart, like Rep. Terry seems to have done, and ultimately decide to defer their salary after first stating they had no intention of doing so.

So Representative Terry did issue an apology for his comments, which you can view here.  Well, odds are someone on his staff wrote it up and just added his name to it, but it’s an apology nonetheless.

My response to both Rep. Terry and his Communications Director is simple: Too little, too late.

Representative Terry was unwavering in his initial response to questions regarding his decision to accept his salary during the shutdown.  In fact, not only did he state he would continue to take his salary, he called out fellow Republicans for bypassing their salary as simply trying to get “good press.”

Which is really ironic considering his extremely quick apology after what I can only imagine has been an intense public backlash following his “nice house” comments.  Seems as if Rep. Terry is looking for some “good press” of his own, doesn’t it?

But let’s be real here — Terry isn’t apologizing because he’s sorry about what he said, he apologized because of the public backlash he’s received since his comments caught national headlines.  If there wasn’t intense negativity thrown his way following his comments, trust me, there wouldn’t be any kind of apology being given from the Republican Representative.

I guess his Communications Director feels he’s dealing with an idiot when he emailed me asking me to retract or update the story.  As if I’d read his apology and suddenly think, “Wow, Lee Terry really is in touch with Americans, after all.  Look at that “heartfelt apology” someone on his staff typed up following intense public backlash over his asinine comments.”

Spare me.

Maybe Rep. Terry should be writing letters to Speaker Boehner demanding he let the House vote on the Senate’s resolution (which would pass if Boehner would let it be voted on) so that we can reopen the government and 800,000 Americans can receive their paycheck.

Then he wouldn’t have to worry about any backlash over him receiving his paycheck, and he could go on paying for his “nice house” in peace.

I’m sorry if I don’t take seriously the “apologies” of people who only apologize because they’re basically forced to.  Someone doesn’t deserve positive press for “doing the right thing” only after they’ve faced backlash for doing something reprehensible.  What does Rep. Terry want, a slow handclap and a cookie?  There you go.

So, Rep. Terry can issue all the apologies he wants concerning his boneheaded comments about his salary and his “nice house.”  The real apology needs to be made to the 800,000 Americans his party is preventing from getting a paycheck.  Because he knows damn well this shutdown has no chance at defunding, delaying or repealing “Obamacare.”

Everyone should go visit Representative Terry’s website  and tell him to write a letter telling Speaker Boehner to allow a vote on the Senate’s resolution so we can reopen the government, since he suddenly seems to care so deeply about trying to save face.

Then there won’t be any need for his staff to issue a generic apology trying to get “good press,” as Terry so eloquently put it.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • karen

    Even though its 800,000 furloughed, a majority of federal workers are not getting paid even though coming to work. So it is loss of 2 million incomes not just 800,000.

  • RollandL

    What a dbag….and his nice house.

    • CherMoe

      Furthermore, the slap in the face to Americans, is that WE, THE PEOPLE helped finance that house for him, since HE is on the public dole feeding at the public trough. Yet he begrudges the rest of Americans there JOBS, THEIR PAYCHECKS and THEIR HEALTH CARE. Easy to say when you have to “work” only 126 days a year which doesn’t even involve “work” … and it’s all paid by taxpayers. We should all get the car allowances, the govt. credit card, the cushy lifestyles, the health care and pay for the rest of our lives. All for doing literally NOTHING.

  • K

    Doesn’t defer just mean he isn’t going to take it until the shutdown is over. To donate it would mean he is giving it to a worthy cause, i.e. a local food bank. In my book defer stands for nothing.

    • Rob Mendonsa

      Considering they only get paid once a month and their October pay is already been doled out, it is pointless! Just trying to get some of that “good press.”

      • Carolina Prudom

        And most federal paychecks are direct deposit

  • George Mitchell

    If only they understood irony.

    • Martin S Ryszka

      Hopefully the voters in his district will see the irony and vote his sorry [but beautiful] ass out of office.

  • Misha Knierim

    Rep. Terry; I need to do more research on this fella as I’ve been living abroad for nearly 10 years. It sounds like he might reached a point of common humility, or at least his aids ,have consulted on something on displaying some sort of public moral compass. I would like to hope it was the first option. Politicians can hire all the young cunt-hucksters’ they want to “instruct” them how to respond to public scrutiny, as long as they preceive it to beat the percentages.
    I’ve called myself a liberal/conservative, as one would in their 40’s and have been wanting some signs that American congressional/ presidential solidarity could be mended as to allow me to return home back to the States to safely invest in a satisfying business and a familiar reinstatement that I’m inevitably an American. Unfortunately, the current shutdown and divisions, which seem more ideological than practical, means I have to live in the predictable, lucrative shit-holes of the world until “our” American leadership can pull itself together. What a damn shame.

  • Dog Diva

    This is what I wrote that misguided member of the House:
    “No, I’m not one of your constituents, just an American fed up with the ridiculousness of the Republican effort to change election results through extortion. It’s un-American and dangerous. Are you really willing to put an end to the phrase “full faith and credit of the United States” to end a law that YOU feel is bad, but which was duly voted into law? You can’t get your way so you shut down the government, hurt our credibility with other nations, hurt ordinary American families just trying to get by, and subvert the democratic process????? You and your cohorts should all be voted out of your ‘nice House.’ “

  • Dave Young

    What a bunch of mouth breathing idiots you progressives are . How many liberals are doing nothing and collecting a check yet you are upset about this guy? All the furloughed empoyees, including the ones who didn’t work without pay, will get back pay courtesy of your favorite liberals so they are basically on a paid vacation. You liberals don’t worry about the millions of people that are out of work for years but you sure do worry about 800K democratic voters

    • Florida Farmer

      Those furloughed workers will get their back pay thanks to ALL members of Congress, or did you miss that unanimous vote in your haste for derp?

    • froxgirl

      why not post on a board where people don’t see you as a troll?

    • Dani Hale

      They may get back pay but their mortgage payments are due now. I know a family of 6 who is losing their home because of this shutdown. They are not on a “paid vacation”, they are about to be homeless! Pull your head out and look around and see the light.

    • RRuin

      Some paid vacation worrying about how long this goes on and if they can pay their bills. This “guy” voted to shut the government down. He’s part of the terrorist group called the Republican Party.

    • suburbancuurmudgeon

      And why shouldn’t they get back pay? And why are “government workers” not “American people” but “Democratic voters?” How about you give me some actual numbers on “liberals…doing nothing and collecting a check?”

      Is it possibly because you work in the private sector and the demise of union protection has left you with absolutely no job security?

      • ReallyTiredOfPolitics

        No, it’s because he’s a typical low-IQ conservative completely lacking in critical-analysis skills but full of plenty of ego and sure he knows it all.

      • Ren Chant

        well, i’m not a gov’t worker, but i do nothing and collect a check. and i’m a liberal. i am on social security disability and likely will never work again. and THAT FUCKHEAD is fine with someone like me, WHO PAID INTO THE SYSTEM, starving on the streets-or at best getting by with charity. (i don’t know where these assholes who think charity is going to get you by are, because the only thing *I* ever got from charity was at a food bank)

    • Rita M Nicholson

      “My, oh, my” Dave, “mouth breathing idiots.” As Dani Hale said, “Pull your head out and look around to see the light.” Your remarks are ignorant at best and i will give you just a few examples of why:

      1. You are wrong in your assumption that “liberals” are collecting their paychecks. The President and Vice President are going without pay, Nancy Pelosi is going without pay as are many other Democratic Congress women and men around the country. In fact, they were the first to say “let’s forego our pay.” Your statement is ignorant.

      2. You Dave and your party has voted against a simple measure, a clean CR and because of this, 800,000 people are without jobs. What is wrong with passing a clean CR, Dave? Absolutely nothing!!! My community is a military community. I am watching my friends and my customers suffering as is our business. You are truly uneducated if you think that they are not effected because they are not being paid now. One should not be forced to “take a vacation” that one has not personally planned themselves whether they get back pay or not. How would you like to be used as a hostage at work by your employer because your employer couldn’t get his/her act together? We are the “F’ing” United States of America, Dave. No party should be allowed to shut the government down. I am ashamed of this country and mainly the GOP idiots who lack both the understanding of history and economics of running it.

      3. You Dave and your party (a party that I once embraced and will never vote for again) has voted against “Benefits for Homeless Veterans” (According to the GOP, it seems that veterans can go to “hell” after they have been used them in two unnecessary wars that were a waste of human life and monies. Wars brought to you by guess who Dave? The GOP thought the use LIES and manipulation!). Where is your concern about those people when they needed you for that vote? Those people are still living in the street along with millions of others.

      4. You Dave and your party voted against “The Jobs Bill” that would have given jobs to many of those individuals you appear to be so concerned in your note above and would have improved the now falling apart infrastructure of this country and provided millions of people with jobs. Jobs that would have put money back into our economy. It appears that you don’t care one bit about the unemployed men and women of this country as you voiced above.

      5. Your party voted against medical benefits for 9/11 Responders. In my opinion, that is pretty damn heartless, Dave.

      6. You Dave voted against “Senator Franken’s Anti-Rape Amendment to the Defense Appropriations Bill.” Good job Dave! Now women who are raped overseas by foreign contractors cannot hold those men accountable for their horrendous actions that occurred to these victims in an American Court of Law. It was GOP men who voted for this, I hold you accountable. You are ignorant in the ways of women and treatment of women.

      7. You voted against “Wall Street Reform.” Now why Dave would you not want to hold the very people who created the recession in the first place accountable for their actions and put safeguards in place for it not to happen again?

      8. You voted against the Fair Pay Act for women. Women who perform and excel at the very same duties that men do. Is it because your are a misogynist, Dave?

      9. You Dave voted against Unemployment extension bill HR-4213 for many people whose jobs were lost because they were shipped overseas, or their jobs were lost because of a direct result of Wall Street mismanagement and thievery. You blocked it for eight weeks before it was finally passed. It appears that you are heartless Dave because you would rather see people go hungry then admit that our country suffered huge job losses mostly because of greed at the top and that the responsible thing to do is to give these people extra time to find a job position And, if you tell me that these people are misusing it, and you know for a fact who these “people” are and you don’t turn them into for fraud Dave, then it is you are aiding and abiding in this fraud.

      And that doesn’t even go into the Sequester again caused by the GOP and it’s effects on jobs as well as businesses (including mine). The list goes on and on Dave of the bills that Republicans have blocked that would have been of great benefit to the actual “air breathing” people of this country and I could go on to list them, but I have another life to lead beside schooling you.

      I suggest you go back to school, take off your “f’ing” blinders and wake up to the reality that it is the extremists you voted for that are causing the death of this country. The GOP is solely responsible for the dysfunction of this government and this country because you elected right wing ignorance to lead your party. You should be ashamed.

    • Claudia Nixon Fauver

      I sincerely doubt that all 800K who were furloughed were all Dems. You are very ignorant, Dave Young. Believe me, I am very worried about the millions of people who are out of work for years, and I am a liberal. You shouldn’t paint all of us with the same brush.

    • ditomagik

      Oh, Dave Young, We knew you would show, and here you are. Republican hogwash! And you wear it well.

    • rasslor56

      I feel sorry for your dog–he has a moron for an owner, it seems

  • RosemaryPeppercorn

    He asked if you could “RETRACT” your story? As if it never happened? As if it was wrong to publish in the first place? As if you have something to apologize for? OMG.

    • ReallyTiredOfPolitics

      Exactly – “retract” implies that Allen had done something wrong, or misquoted, or made up the quotes, etc. Pretty bad for a Communications Director to say that! And pathetic that he doesn’t realize once put on the net, always on the net somewhere.

      • Ren Chant

        it amazes me that these people LIVING IN THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY do not understand how VIDEO works. you would think that maybe the cautionary tale of NIXON might make them think-even when you THINK you’ve gotten rid of it, it can still show up.

    • Mitchell T. Harter

      Did his staff send you some White-Out for your screen?

  • BigTBone

    Keep on hammering these mofos at every chance you get. Stay factual and use their own positions, words and votes against them. For every person railing people like him and Elmers on their fb page, there’s someone who is visiting the Gohmerts and Gowdys babbling about them doing the right thing. Too many dumb ass Americans are being disproportionally represented, and it’s beyond ridiculous.

  • atunionbob

    His FB site was running 98% against him on the shut down and the pay check thing. He seems now to want to be re-elected in Nov of next year. But We will keep reminding Nebraskans of just what type of an Ass he really is. An why did he not donate his pay like a lot of the Democrats did?

  • Beverly Haley

    Allen,THIS is why I read your column, you are not afraid to call out those politicians that are dead wrong and you do not back down or kiss their asses. I just wish the MSM would do the same. Well done!

  • L G

    Love it!! These people who live like this and talk and act like this are not true representatives “by the people, for the people”. They have become “by the rich, for the rich” anymore with few exceptions. How sad this is for America!

  • suburbancuurmudgeon

    Republican apology:

    “You’re stupid.”
    “That’s not nice! Tell your brother you’re sorry!”
    “OK, I’m sorry you’re stupid.”

    • ReallyTiredOfPolitics

      Which is exactly what douchebag Boehner is doing, disgusting snot, when he stands up & (trying to sound authoritative) says the President needs to negotiate! Needs a good whack on the head.

    • LL11

      Thanks for that laugh.

  • Oneauta

    Some have pointed out that the furloughed workers will be receiving back pay when this budget issue is resolved. Unfortunately there is another angle to the issue and that is that while they’re waiting for the resolution it doesn’t mean that once it is settled they’ll still have a job. That’s what the battle is about, Reducing the budget by eliminating expenses translated as assistance to the poor and indigent as well as government employees, and contract employees. We can’t have Americans paying for the budgets passed by Congress, that might mean you have to go where the money is … to those who have 95% of the assets in America and the highest incomes. (Oh, and the highest percentage of deductibles, starting with the Capital Gains charade.)

    • ReallyTiredOfPolitics

      AND just because they will *probably* get their back pay does not mean they can make their mortgage, car, insurance, vet bill payments or feed the kids.

  • johnbuoy

    No more morning-after apologies. FU.

  • openlyblack

    Well, if he tore a hamstring on that back peddle at least he has healthcare coverage.

  • Slackjaw1

    “I have asked the Chief Administrative Officer to withhold my paycheck until furloughed employees get their paycheck.” In other words, just hang onto my check and I will pick it up later, along with my next check! He’s not losing any pay at all! Now if he would have said something along the lines like I will not be accepting any pay what so ever for time not worked, or he could have said, please forward my paycheck to a fund to help pay furloughed workers the pay we Republicans have caused them to lose!

  • paulabflat

    “I’m sorry if I don’t take seriously the “apologies” of people who only apologize because they’re basically forced to.”
    don’t apologize for not believing fake apologies.
    you have no need to be sorry that you prefer people be honest.

  • Gadfly_Granny

    Dear Congressman Terry,
    Let me see if I get this right… you vote to send 800,000 people home from their jobs without pay but you want to keep yours. Then you reluctantly agree to forgo your pay until the shutdown is over. Then under pressure, you vote to give that pay back to the 800,000 people you furloughed, and are now paying them to take a vacation. You friggin RepubliTHUGS make no damn sense… and you call us the Party of tax and spend. A strong recommendation would be a frontal lobotomy for the whole lot of you morons.

  • TizzyBelle

    This wasn’t even an apology. It was simply a “Oh sh&t, I guess people are pissed so I better do something to appease the unwashed masses.” Absolutely disgusting. If he truly wanted to apologize, he would hold a press conference.

  • Allison Moss-Fritch

    I think other people involved in government have made similar comments throughout history.

    For instance, Marie Antoinette was told that the people in her country had no bread. Her reply, made with true sincerity, unfortunately, was,
    “Let them eat cake.”…..This lack of understanding for the lot of the masses cost her her head, her marriage and her child.

  • UUPeter

    Left a pointed message (no obscenities) on his website…

  • ShoreBudMike

    There has been the growing sense in recent years – in both political and corporate circles – that pretty much any kind of behavior or outburst is allowable so long as it is followed by an apology.

    No. Apologies are not “get out of jail free” cards. An apology is “a regretful acknowledgment of an offense or failure.” From the point we teach right and wrong to our children, the purpose of an apology is to affirm we know we screwed up and we will not let it happen again. When an apology is issued by what is allegedly a responsible entity, we expect that the behavior or outburst in question will, indeed, not be repeated.

    Poisoning the Gulf of Mexico with oil, sending the nation’s economy into a tailspin and forcing tens of thousands of people out of their homes and jobs is NOT like grabbing some cookies from the jar on the counter or farting at the @#$%^&* dinner table.

    You politicians and corporate types: you want our respect? Now you’re going to have to earn it back. One day at a time. On OUR terms, not yours.

    Screw YOU.

  • We call these nonpologies. Because that’s what they are.

  • Nathan Bratcher

    damn right

  • Kelli Hernandez

    I can’t tell you how important it is that you pointed this out. Like most of the sociopAthic tea, they are very concerned with image. God forbid anything. Negative is said about them. These people are abusers. Like the typical abuser, they apologize after delivering a hurtful physical or emotional blow, while continuing to abuse which then nullifies said apology. This is the let’s pretend it didn’t happen game or rewrite history game, which is what this douche bag wanted you to do. Good for you in not falling for an abusers manipulative tactics and calling it out. All the tea sociopaths are abusers and its important to share what their tactics look like. Good for you!

  • Dear Terry Lee:

    Your sorry ass excuse of an apology
    not accepted…GFY!

    Sincerely, America