Dear Republicans: Enjoy Winning a Few Battles, Because You’re Losing the War – Badly

paul-ryan-sad-1Heading into this year’s elections, Republicans are as giddy as children on Christmas eve.  While it’s not 100 percent certain, it’s very possible that Republicans will take majority control back in the Senate and most definitely keep control of the House of Representatives.

Add in this current VA scandal with which they can use to stir up negative press on the Obama administration, and by proxy the Democratic party, and things are looking good for Republicans heading into this year’s midterm elections.

But Republicans really shouldn’t be celebrating.  What do they really have to celebrate about?  Because they’re going to win a few elections this November?  Okay, I’ll give them that.  So they might win this battle if Democrats don’t get out the vote in high numbers.

They’re still losing the war – badly.

Heading into 2016 it’s all but certain if Hillary Clinton decides to run, she’s going to win.  Karl Rove and his fellow minions can try to drag her through the mud all they want, but that’s going to backfire once she declares her candidacy.  Heck it’s already backfired.  Rove’s comments about Hillary’s health didn’t bring her down, it just made him look like a complete jackass.  If anything it showcased the pettiness of the Republican party.  Now going forward anything Rove says about Hillary Clinton is just going to look like pathetic desperation from the Republican party to say anything to attack her.

But it’s not just the 2016 presidential race that they’re most likely going to lose.  The “war” over legalized same-sex marriage in this country is almost all but settled – it’s going to be legal.  In state after state courts are ruling bans on same-sex marriage are unconstitutional.  Even a few Republican governors have stopped appealing these rulings because they know they don’t have a legal leg on which to stand.

The war for same-sex marriage is basically over, and Republicans lost.

But they’re also losing the war on immigration.  The only reason why Republicans are even attempting to utter the words “immigration reform” is because they know if they don’t start getting more of the Hispanic vote, they’ll never win another presidential election and will start losing House and Senate seats.  If it was up to most Republican voters, especially the white ones, we’d spend billions trying to round up and deport every single illegal immigrant, then we’d build a giant wall between the United States and Mexico armed to the teeth with white ‘Muricans exercising their Second Amendment right to carry assault rifles.

Trust me, they really don’t want immigration reform.  They’re only saying they’re open to the idea now because, just like with same-sex marriage, they’re losing the “war” when it comes to voting support from Hispanic voters.

They’re losing the religious war.  Sure, they’re trying to unconstitutionally inject more religion into legislation (and have temporarily done so a few times – until these laws get challenged, then overturned, by the courts) but the “big picture” shows fewer and fewer Americans identifying themselves with a particular religion or any sort of religion at all.

This country isn’t becoming more religious, it’s become less.  And ironically conservative religious radicals are often cited as the primary reason why so many are flocking away from religion.

Even when it comes to marijuana legalization (granted it’s something even a lot of Democrats continue to oppose) it’s liberal states like Colorado and Washington that have led the way.

The United States itself isn’t becoming more conservative, it’s becoming more liberal.  The only reason why conservatives have the control they do in Congress is because their voters are much more consistent with voting than liberals, and the GOP has done a great job gerrymandering districts across the country to favor permanently retaining seats in the House – much better than Democrats, as a matter of fact.  Still, if liberals got out the vote in high numbers like conservatives consistently do, we’d easily control Congress and the White House.  Even when gerrymandering, shady money and political propaganda all favor Republicans, the fact remains that registered Democrats outnumber registered Republicans.

So while Republicans are in great spirits right now because poll numbers seem to be leaning their way, in true conservative fashion, they fail to see the big picture on anything.

Because if they did, they’d clearly see that while they’re winning a few battles – they’re badly losing the war.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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