Dear Republicans: Your Hypocrisy in Supporting Donald Trump is Beyond Abhorrent

From people who feel they should have the right to force their religious views on others who somehow claim they’re fighting for “religious freedom,” to the so-called “Christians” who support a party that vilifies the poor and most vulnerable among us, the cognitive dissonance I see in most Republicans is absolutely astounding. They’re completely oblivious to their abject hypocrisy.

And it’s never been put on display more than with their support of Donald Trump.

The party of so-called “Christian values” backed a man who’s the least Christian presidential candidate I’ve ever seen. There’s nothing Christian about a greedy, insecure, petty bigot who brags about sexual assault while building a campaign on a foundation of hate, lies, racism and bigotry.

I’d laugh at the absurdity if it wasn’t so depressing to realize that millions of people are that naive.

You don’t really have to look further than the Republican reaction to the Russian hacking scandal to perfectly display what hypocritical cowards these people are.

Republicans spent years ordering fake “investigations” into the Benghazi attack that were nothing more than witch hunts to push blatant propaganda and lies for no other goal than to slander Hillary Clinton. Then they promised to spend years — probably her entire time in the White House had she won — “investigating” the private email server she used over four years ago that the FBI had already concluded wasn’t linked to anything illegal.

Millions of conservatives called her a traitor who should be in jail. Memes of her in an orange prison jumpsuit flooded social media while Trump encouraged his crowds to chant “Lock her up!” at his rallies.

However, here we are, with actual U.S. intelligence officials saying that it’s indisputable that the Russian government hacked a U.S. political party, and a presidential candidate, with the intent to undermine our democracy. Intelligence tells us Vladimir Putin — the authoritarian dictator who’s had political rivals and journalists killed — did all of this to help elect Donald Trump, a man who’s more pro-Russia than any presidential candidate in U.S. history. Someone who’s surrounded himself with several people who have ties to Russia, including a former campaign manager who abruptly resigned after a report by the Associated Press linked him to pro-Russian groups trying to weaken U.S. influence in Europe. A president-elect who just picked a man for secretary of state who just happens to have been given a “friendship award” from Putin. This is a president-elect who’s repeatedly praised Putin, an ex-KGB agent and dictator who hates the United States — yet most of these GOP hypocrites, and Trump’s supporters, have the gall to act as if there’s nothing worth investigating?

These are people who accused the Clinton Foundation, a charity that has an A-rating and donates 88% of all the money it raises to charitable causes, of being some massive pay-for-play international crime syndicate ran by the Clintons even though there wasn’t a shred of evidence to support that ridiculous conspiracy. Now many of those same folks want to act like a pro-Russian president-elect who’s aggressively bashed the U.S. intelligence agencies saying that Russia launched a cyber attack against an American election isn’t a big deal and shouldn’t be investigated?

It’s so completely absurd.

Here’s how I view the “logic” of many Republicans and Trump supporters: They feel Hillary Clinton is an evil traitor who needs to rot in prison for the rest of her life because of Benghazi (an attack multiple Republican-led investigations concluded wasn’t her fault); a private email server she used four years ago (that the FBI concluded wasn’t linked to any illegal activity); and a charity with an A-rating that donates 88% of all proceeds to charity — but they’re perfectly okay with a man who mocks veterans; attacks Gold Star parents; praises an anti-American Russian dictator; slanders our own presidents; attacks our own intelligence officials; encourages espionage against Americans; defends a foreign country against factual allegations from our intelligence that they hacked an American political party and presidential campaign to undermine our democracy; chose as his second campaign manager a person who was exposed by the Associated Press for having ties to pro-Russian groups that were trying to weaken U.S. influence in Europe; and will nominate for secretary of state someone who was given a “friendship” award by a serial-killing dictator who’s apparently had at least 60 rivals and journalists killed.

It’s absolutely pathetic.

I’m ashamed that these people call themselves Americans. In fact, if you ask me, they’ve lost any right to call themselves patriots, say they respect our veterans or claim they have even the slightest bit of love for this country.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Danielle

    What’s especially bad about this situation is that the so called problem with Hillary’s private server is that it COULD have been hacked, possibly exposing classified info that may or may not exist. Yet no one seems concerned when actual hacking has occurred, with intent of do harm. The Republican party needs to change their slogan from “the party of Lincoln” to “the party of hypocrisy”

    • Progressive Paul

      Great point.


      Hillary and Bill sold pardons to felons and Hugh and Tony Rodham were the bag men.

  • jgenesio

    And what will Trump and his party do now that General Michael Flynn, his national security adviser, has been outed for unauthorized sharing of classified information with foreign military officers while serving as (get this) U.S. Military Intelligence Chief in Afghanistan in 2010?

    • Progressive Paul

      I think we all know the answer to that, as well as what his devoted followers will do – nothing.


        Owebama will pardon so it’s a wash.

      • Progressive Paul

        That makes no sense. Why aren’t the Repubs upset about Flynn’s sharing of classified info? Try to make sense.

  • Carolyn Webb

    Dear Allen:

    The Republican Party is all about the kind of hypocrisy that uses horrible cruel fundamentalist religion to turn America into a Christo-FASCIST TALIBAN STYLE Theocracy which IS NO LESS HORRIBLE than the Fascist style extreme Islamic government that exists in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and IRAN. The only difference is that the Islamic Fascists force their women to wear a VISIBLE face covering that everyone can plainly see and the women KNOW that they are being treated in a lower level than men

    Whereas the republican “Christian” American right wing YHUGS line not only Donald Trump but the Whole Republican Party do not force women to cover their faces with a VISIBLE VEIL but they viciously SLAM women out of higher educational opportunities and they to force on them the Stringent biblical laws that were meant for Medieval times, and they viciously slam women out of being allowed to control their own reproductive systems, force them to become totally dependent on their husbands, fathers or brothers and in doing so they slam women into wearing the INVISIBLE FACE COVERING OF IGNORANCE!

    They do not publicly stone women the way Islamic dictatorships do but they DESTROY women’s lives and send them to early graves by slamming them out of all kinds of affordable healthcare, refuse to let women earn as much as men doing the same work do women CANT afford to pay the rent and get slammed into poverty and homelessness and early death!

    Yes the American “Christians” Are just as horrible as the Muslim fanatics of Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan and Iran and ALL THE RRPUBLICABS are just as bad as TRUMP which is why they not only support him they March to the best of HIS DRUM in PERFECT GOOSE STEP just like the OROGINAL REPUBLICANS MARCHED TO a THE DRUM BEAT OF THEIR ORIGINAL DONALD TRUMP back in GERMANY of 1933-1945!

    • strayaway

      (Republicans) “viciously SLAM women out of higher educational opportunities”

      fact: “Oct 7, 2015 – In the 25-34 age group, 37.5% of women have a bachelor’s degree or higher, while only 29.5% of men do.” -Time

      (Republicans) “send (women) to early graves by slamming them out of all kinds of affordable healthcare

      fact: In 2014, in the US, “Life expectancy for females is 81.2 years; for males, it’s 76.4 years.” -USA Today

      “American “Christians” Are just as horrible as the Muslim fanatics of Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan and Iran”

      fact: that’s humorous!

      • Carolyn Webb

        It’s TRUE not humorous!

      • Bethjhodge

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      • Jacob Z

        I think you are wrong on this one and with respect I offer a challenging perspective via rebuttal:

        I have spent a lot of time in the Islamic world and when it comes to politics it’s the same exact logic conservative Christians impose on us today.

        “My particular version of my particular god says your wrong, therefore you must obey.”

        If we were to base our politics on an empirical evidence standard it would require evidence to support any political position or have political influence. Saying “you can’t do this because my god says so” is theocracy no matter who says it. Theocracies all use the same logic and all favor only one particular version of one particular religion.

        The only way to truly have religious freedom is for no one religion to have more influence than any other religion.

        If your personal interpretation of your religion says – gay marriage is wrong – then don’t marry a gay person and you should be fine. Anyone, in this country and many others, are free to be a Christian but the fact that you choose to be a Christian does not instantly mean everyone around you must participate in your particular version of your particular religion. No one person’s religion should ever justify anyone to shame and legally influence any other citizen for what medical procedures they may choose. That should be between one’s self and doctor.
        Anytime religion is used to justify a decision that effects everyone, that logic closer resembles theology.

        If you want to join any facet of the Christian religion, you are free to do so and we have respect for that. In return we ask for your respect in our decision to not participate.

        By using the empirical evidence standard politics can be based in and supported by facts and the concept of, “alternative facts,” can go extinct.

    • Jacquelinelwhitt

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  • Sanity Please

    Trump is an illegitimate president elected with the assistance of a hostile foreign power to which he and his cohorts have questionable ties and conflicts of interest. Resisting the actions of Trump and his lackeys is patriotism. The Electoral College should select another Republican, Romney.

    • nazia

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    • Carolyn Webb

      We should have a whole new fair legitimate election where BOTH democrats and republicans choose new candidates to run for the office and TRUMP belongs in a NEW RESIDENCE in New York City, namely RIKERS ISLAND for using PUTIN to give him an illegitimate victory!

      • strayaway

        Now, now, it’s ok, we might have elected a president who will take national security seriously. Obama and maybe previous presidents failed to ‘protect and defend’ the US from foreign cyber attacks even if the fake news about Russia did it was true and Hillary was fingered as being excessively careless in her handling of national security information on her illegally used server.

      • Carolyn Webb

        At least Hillary NEVER scammed thousands of people out of their life savings the way CROOKED ARROGANT SCUM BAG TRUMP did and besides the only security that TRUMP will take seriously is HIS OWN SECURITY and maybe that of his SWASTICA GOON SQUAD but he doesn’t give a damn about the security of the people of this country! The kind of “Security” he offers the average wage earning person in this country is the kind of “Security” that DICTATORS like PUTIN, STALIN and HITLER offered their citizens which came at the price of destroying their CIVIL LIBERTIES!

        Besides anyone who is against fair elections (people like YOU STRAYAWAY) are the ONLY ones who deserve to live in horrible DICTATORSHIPS but NOT THE REST OF US!

      • strayaway

        Hillary did scam millions of people out of everything thy owned. They show up in Europe as ‘refugees’, the survivors of Hillary’s idiotic middle east policies.

        The Clinton Foundation also accepted millions of dollars from Saudi in pay to play schemes from billionaires who also contribute to spreading Wahhabi Islam and ISIS which, contrary to your previous assertion, dresses women in tents, won’t let them drive or go out in public without male relatives, and stones them if they have the misfortune of getting raped which probably in your mind is the same as restricting unfettered abortion.

        Your beloved Hillary, who condoned Bill’s rape episodes, is presently waiting in the wings to be possibly revived by some nefarious CIA coup combining neocons and hysterical Democrats who write in caps.

        We had our election. It was basically fair. You lost. Jill Stein’s stunt at least showed voting in order in Wisconsin where Trump actually received additional votes. In Michigan, a federal judge called the count off when Detroit precincts’ numbers couldn’t be reconciled. If there was anything unfair, perhaps it was whatever happened all across Detroit to give Hillary almost enough votes to win. Stay tuned, maybe enough electors can be bribed or intimidated by Monday or crazed hysterical people can be stirred up to commit acts of violence.

      • Carolyn Webb

        What about the underage girls TRUMP RAPED! He is a PEDOPHILE and SERIAL RAPIST! And he even claims that if he BRUTALLY MURDERED innocent people by shooting them with his gun on FIFTH AVENUE in broad day Iight he could get away with it! I’ll bet he already HAS killed thousands of innocent people. Maybe one if these days he will get YOU, STRAYAWAY since you’re only a STRAY COCKROACH that nobody needs anyway!

        Hitlerr disposed of his best and most loyal friend ERNEST ROEHM, on THE NIGHT OF THE LONG KNIVES, when he had no more use for him even though ADOLF would NEVER have reached his goal had it not been for ERNEST.

        DONALD will do the same to you STRAY COCKROACH once he no longer needs you!

      • strayaway

        Bill Clinton has been charged by 17 of rape or sexual assault and there is a list of 114 people associated with the Clintons who died of mysterious deaths. This is going back to when Bill was Governor and the CIA was operating a drugs for guns operation out of the Mena, Arkansas airport. The Clintons’ CIA ties run deep. I’m sure that many of those deaths suffered by Clinton associates were just accidents, coincidence, bad luck and so forth. Carolyn, You really seem to be losing it. I suggest not using caps and they suggest things you probably don’t intend.

      • Carolyn Webb

        You lost it a long time ago Stray Cockroach so may I suggest you crawl back into the wall before your buddy Donald who will soon tire of you sees you and sprays you with RAID!

        Do NOT forget what Adolf did to his buddy Ernest Roehm on the Night of the Long Knives. The same fate will await you at the hands of your buddy TRUMP


        Hillary arranged for her brother Tony to get gold mining deals in Haiti while Bill Clinton looted the Haitian Relief Fund.

      • Carolyn Webb

        Trump is a SERIAL Rapist and his victims were CHILDREN, girls under 18 so the creep is a PEDOPHILE as well! He ought to be in jail not locked up by himself but put into the general prison population so the other prisoners who, as a rule DESPISE Rapists and PEDOPHILES wound BEAT THE S–T OUT of him which is what he deserves.

  • djsmps

    George Bush, Dick Cheney, Colin Powell, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are all war criminals. Hillary Clinton is a serial liar. Just adding to the discussion.

    • Carolyn Webb

      Trump is a serial
      Pedophile and he raped at least one or more girls as well as groping women! He belongs on Rikers Island in the general prison population because other prisoners HATE rapists and child molesters. The other prisoners would beat the s–t out of him for that reason! It would be his just desert