Dear Republicans: Your Support for Trump Proves Liberals Were Right About Your Hypocrisy

Anyone who follows me probably knows that one of the biggest issues I have with Republicans is their hypocrisy. Even when I was first getting into politics, their rhetoric didn’t pass the “common sense test.”

One of the first issues I had was the way they all idolized Ronald Reagan as a “fiscally conservative hero,” when he nearly tripled the national debt during his eight years. To this day I’ve still yet to have a single person explain to me how someone can be considered “fiscally conservative” by nearly tripling the national debt.

That doesn’t make any sense.

But nobody in my lifetime has so perfectly put on display the hypocrisy and ignorance of Republicans like Donald Trump has.

Nearly every day I wake up to something else he’s said or done that leaves me saying to myself, “Wow, if President Obama, Hillary Clinton or any Democrat had done that, Republicans would be losing their damn minds.”

The party supported by millions of people who think Hillary Clinton belongs in prison for her use of a private email server over four years ago, doesn’t seem remotely bothered by the fact that there are multiple reports — many from U.S. intelligence officials — saying Russia launched a cyber attack against the United States to help Trump win.

An email server that hasn’t been linked to a single shred of unethical or illegal activity is deserving of a woman being sent to prison, but the most pro-Russia presidential candidate in history being helped by a Russian cyber attack is something those same people don’t seem to find all that important?


Then reports surfaced from an ex-MI6 spy that Republicans once hired to look into Trump’s ties to Russia indicating that Vladimir Putin has information on Trump he plans to use to compromise him as president. Yet, despite that, Republicans will sit there and, with a straight face, act like this is all just some giant conspiracy against Trump?

Just imagine for a moment what Trump and Republicans would be saying right now if Hillary Clinton was elected president despite losing to him by 3 million votes; reports coming out that officials knew Russia was trying to help her win but said nothing before the election; she was praising Russia while bashing our own intelligence officials; and reports came out from a former spy saying Putin had information they feel could compromise her as president.

Donald Trump would be calling for the results of the election to be overturned, while congressional Republicans would have already launched investigations into these allegations, with many already pushing for impeachment.

This is so absurd I’m still having trouble wrapping my mind around the fact that this is happening.

Looking at all of this insanity, this is what I’ve gathered from Republicans:

  • Using a private email server the FBI said didn’t warrant criminal charges still means a woman should go to prison.
  • Growing allegations that the most pro-Russia presidential candidate in history might be compromised by the very country that launched a cyber attack to help him get elected — meh.

And that’s just a quick rundown of the Russia-related information that Republicans would be flipping out over if these things were swirling around a Democrat.

But the truth is, here are five things Trump did that Republicans would have said disqualified any Democrat from being president:

  1. Mocking POWs.
  2. Bragging about being a sexual predator.
  3. Being on their third marriage, with five kids from three different spouses.
  4. Using blatant racism to attack the credibility of a federal judge.
  5. Refusing to release their tax returns.

And those are just five of the many… many things Trump has said or done that Republicans would point to as reasons why a Democrat who did those very same things shouldn’t be our president.

But even going beyond the hypocrisy of Republicans, their ignorance when it comes to Trump is astounding. This is probably the most dishonest person to ever run for office — someone who lies about saying things indisputable evidence proves he said — yet his supporters believe practically every lie that comes out of his mouth. These people have become so brainwashed that we’ve reached a point where anything that debunks something he’s said is now considered “fake” — it’s absolute insanity.

Nearly every time Trump loses, thinks he’s going to lose, or someone exposes one of his many lies, the mental infant claims some sort of conspiracy against him.

From the Emmys, to the scheduling of presidential debates, to the election itself, if it doesn’t go in his favorIT’S RIGGED!

At some point rational human beings would start saying to themselves, “Hm, this seems to be his go-to move any time things don’t go his way. That’s not the normal behavior of an honest person.”

But not Trump people — oh, no. Like mindless sheep, if he says it’s “fake,” “rigged,” or claims some sort of asinine conspiracy, they believe his word like it came directly from God. In the “Cult of Trump,” there’s no questioning the orange master — none.

But what Trump’s rise has done is proven how accurate progressives have been about the hypocrisy and ignorance of your typical Republican. There’s absolutely no way the very same people who are so eagerly supporting Donald Trump would ever let a Democrat get away with many of the horrific things he’s said and done. At the same time, these people are ignorant enough to believe that the only sources of information that can be trusted about the most dishonest person to ever run for office are the con man, himself, and his hand-picked sources that are nothing more than his own media propaganda machines.

All I know is that with Donald Trump’s embarrassing rise to the highest office in our land, I couldn’t be more proud to have not voted for him. History is going to look back on this election with embarrassment and shame that so many people were foolish enough to think that Donald J. Trump was mentally stable and competent enough to be this nation’s president.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Fred an Older Gent

    Thank you Allen Clifton. I enjoy your forums / editorials

  • Brian

    Do you always write assuming you know the political and ideological views of your opponents better than they themselves?

  • Jayson

    Yep King Trump and his American Monarchy are changing up the establishment and status quo.

    Hopefully he doesn’t start beheading his ex wives and force a new bible tranlation from the king James to king trump. To modernize the language.

    So far all these executive orders rushed through ignoring the democratic process of public discussion in the 3 levels of government.

  • exit 7

    I am amazed daily as my Christian Republican friends defend his every cringe-worthy action.The man is a shifty, sorry ass liar. And his supporters are no better.

    • seastar

      Wow!! If this is how you feel about your friends, I can safely deduce you really don’t have any.

      • Adam

        Nice deduction, Sherlock. Now go back under your bridge, the grown-ups are having a conversation.

      • seastar

        Ahhh, winning friends and influencing people… you’re never alone with a schizophrenic.

      • exit 7

        That’s the beautiful thing. You don’t have to agree with every thing a person says or does to be there friend. If more people would figure this out maybe we really could make America greatER.

      • seastar

        I agree with you to a point on this comment, however, in your original post you concluded that all your Christian “friends” were “shitty ass liars.” Now I don’t know about you, but most friendships have a higher criteria than that.

      • exit 7

        I don’t know who you confused me with or where you got the idea I ever used that language or thought those words but you owe me an apology.

      • seastar

        You think your Christian friends are ok with you referring to them as as you have in your original comment? Perhaps it is you that needs apologize to your friends. I won’t apologize for your offensive opinions for our president and those who have a constitutional right to believe as they see fit and vote their conscience. You are the one who disparaged your friends, I just pointed it out.

      • MJ Hoop

        No he didn’t. Maybe reading deficiency is your problem. Try reading exit 7’s post again, slowly…..then come back and apologize…..

      • seastar

        So you admit you don’t know what he actually said… maybe you should try actual comprehension of his words.

    • seastar

      Tell you what, I’ll explain what you said since there seems to be a problem with the level of comprehension of your actual words.

      You said, “I am amazed daily as my Christian Republican friends defend his every cringe-worthy action. The man is a shifty, sorry ass liar.” Am I right? I copied your first two sentences correctly…right? Tell me if I didn’t. You’re amazed that your Christian Republican friends defend and “support” a man you find cringe-worthy. This is what you said quite plainly. Then you go on to say, “And his supporters are no better.” You clearly stated in your first two sentences you have Christian Republican friends that support this “ass-liar,” and you quite plainly stated that your “friends” that support our president are no better than he is. Apparently I’m not the one lacking comprehension skills.

      So MJ Hoop, I don’t need to read slower to understand what he thinks of the president or his friends, I got it the first time .

      • exit 7

        My Christian Republican friends are good people. Our president is a shifty, sorry ass liar. I never disparaged my friends. I question their loyalty to the man you and they voted for because, again, he is a shitty sorry ass liar

      • seastar

        Great so my comment stands! Thanks for making that clear!

  • mtndguy

    I dont’ have time to address each of the issues you raise. However one stands out as particularly ludicrous. The idea that Russia has something on Trump (golden shower video), and used it to bribe him to run for President of the United States. You seriously believe that’s what happened? The Russians forced him to run for President by threatening to release an explicit video? Really, you’re going to stick with that as if it were fact?

  • Free Speech

    Good piece. But…Articles like these need to go further in laying out questions about the big picture, the end game. Why deplete so many institutions of the intellectual horsepower desperately needed to keep our country secure? Why even attempt to muzzle scientists who measure and study our climate? Why allow a senior advisor to represent you if he’s obviously irrational about the first amendment and a free press? Is this an administration that thinks “the swamp” is anyone smart and experienced not just politicos? Anyone that might actually have the intellect and integrity to stand up and say, here is the truth? Here is the science? Could it really be that Dems thought Trumpers saying “drain the swamp” meant draining the Executive and Legislative branches of government, but delusional Donald meant to drain all intellect? To clear a path of any resistance to his pathological lies? I mentioned it the other day and have continued to see references to how Orwellian these four years are going to be. It’s unfathomable. Or it was. Now, it’s war. A war to rescue democracy. I don’t mean that in a bipartisan way. I want multiple parties in our government. I want a free press to investigate and keep government and business (and everyone) honest. There are so many people to serve and protect in the US that we must remember, compromise is the only way to move forward. But, we cannot compromise on simply being a democracy.