Dear Stephen A. Smith: Stick to Embarrassing Yourself Discussing Sports, Not Politics

stephen-a-smithUnless you follow sports, you might not know who Stephen A. Smith is; if you do follow sports, you probably wish you didn’t know who he is. Smith’s entire shtick is being loud, obnoxious and completely over dramatic. He’s also one of these supposed “experts” who is held to almost no level of credibility or integrity. I can’t count how many times he’s used his “expertise” to predict something in sports – that’s been completely wrong. In most areas of journalism, after you supposedly break so many stories that never come true, or you’ve predicted a number of things that never ended up happening, you eventually reach a point where people no longer take you seriously. (Unless you work for Fox News, of course.)

But Smith’s entire persona isn’t really based on being factual, knowledgable or even respectable. His “character,” if you will, is dedicated to being as outlandish as possible. A few months ago he was suspended by ESPN during the peak of the Ray Rice domestic violence controversy for suggesting that women might not want to antagonize men into committing violence against them. Because, you know, blaming the victim of a crime is real classy.

Well, for some unknown reason this babbling buffoon has decided to drift into the world of politics by recently suggesting that all African-Americans in the United States should vote for the GOP for one election. He followed that up a few days later by saying African-Americans shouldn’t see the GOP “as the enemy.”

His entire basis behind these comments is that:

  1. Always voting for one party negates the need for the other party to ever do anything for you.
  2. Democrats have taken African-Americans for granted because they don’t have to earn their support.

Congratulations Stephen A. Smith, you’ve proven that you can make yourself look like a complete idiot in subjects other than sports and domestic violence.

First, the reason why the GOP doesn’t do anything for African-Americans is because they don’t want to. This is a party whose third most powerful House member, Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA), once spoke at a white supremacist event. The Republican party has been frequently tangled in numerous controversies surrounding racism and bigotry ingrained within their ranks. The GOP is the party that has millions of its voters supporting movements to honor the Confederacy and those who fought for it. These are people, many of whom are still in Congress today, who opposed dedicating a federal holiday to MLK.

Hell, just look at the way Republicans (and millions of conservatives) have treated President Obama the last few years. The vile racism, ignorance and bigotry I’ve seen tossed his way has been appalling.

But the list goes on and on… and on.

So apparently Smith’s “solution” to many of the problems impacting the African-American community is to vote for the party that’s making many of those issues worse and has millions of its constituents proud of the fact that they’re openly racist.

Because that will… do what exactly? Does he think African-Americans voting for Republicans will suddenly make the party start caring about them? I guess Smith has never heard of the “Southern strategy,” the reason why racists almost always vote Republican. Wouldn’t it make more sense for Republicans to earn the African-American vote by, you know, showing that they actually care about African-Americans in this country? 

Or does Stephen A. Smith think black voters are ignorant, just sheepishly voting for Democrats because they don’t know any better? There’s a reason why African-Americans overwhelmingly support Democratic candidates and it’s not because they’re unable to think for themselves. But that seems to be what Smith is suggesting here.

To further prove his ignorance about many of these issues, he also went on to say that both parties work tirelessly to fix immigration because they both know whomever wins the Latino vote gains a huge advantage, yet neither does that with the black vote.

Excuse me? “Both” parties are trying to fix immigration? Last I checked, House Republicans blocked immigration reform and many members of the GOP are currently doing everything they can to fight our Democratic president’s executive order aimed at trying to do as much to help immigrants as he can – because Republicans refuse to do anything about immigration.

If it were up to most members of the GOP they’d deport every “illegal alien” (as many like to call them), then build a massive wall with armed guards every few yards to shoot anyone trying to cross the border.

The bottom line is, Smith’s comments are predicated on believing African-American voters are unable to think for themselves; that they vote for Democrats out of ignorance instead of from their knowledge about which party better represents them and their interests.

I’m not sure how you claim to want to empower a certain group of people by treating them like they’re fools, but that’s basically what Smith has done.

So, to Stephen A. Smith, I beg of you – stick with sports. The last thing this country needs is for you to be spewing your idiocy about two subjects on which you seem to know absolutely nothing.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • rt

    First of all some of you are just out rightly misinformed. McCain cowrote an amnesty bill with Schumer before obama was even elected…the people didn’t go for it.
    The only thing republicans are “guilty” of now, is representing their constituents.
    Obama has to use executive orders for everything now because he does not have the PEOPLE’S support. That’s congress’ purpose. Just because YOU might agree with it does not mean the majority agrees with it. When a Republican gets back in office are you going to c want him to write an executive order banning abortion? I sure as hell do not! We have the government set up this way for a reason, people!
    Stephan is 100% correct. Besides, look into who has done what, throughout our history, for the black community and you might be surprised. Republicans actually have a better record serving equal rights. Even now, there are more republican minorities in office than democrats.

    • Congero

      Smith is right. Democrats pay African Americans lip service.

      Then when someone like Smith says something truthful like he did, it’s ways the white liberal bloggers like Allen Clifton that are the first to lambast him, like he’s betraying his own.

      It’s an amazing thing to watch.

      Allen’s like a car salesman in a two car dealership town, knowing he has a customer who told him he’d only buy a car from him and not the other guy. Think that car buyer is going to get Allen’s best deal? No, he’ll get the special package, the rust protector, upgraded car mats, rear spoiler, all at full price.

      Allen’s contribution to the betterment of African Americans is keeping a notebook of these anecdotes to remind them that there are racists who vote Republican mainly because of the gun issue.

  • Driver

    “Loud mouths and experts on TV…”

    We have plenty of those people on TV…..they’re called women. I don’t like this guy but if what he said has some truth to it then so be it. Too many people today don’t like it when something unpopular (but true) is uttered on TV.

    We have many women on TV sports program who don’t know a thing about politics (let alone the sport that they are covering) but corporations give them the job because they are pandering to their audience.

    I’ve played and watched football for over 25 years. You’re going to tell me that “Barbie” on the sideline with a camera and microphone is going to give me some valuable insight into the game? No, she’s nice to look at (for the men) and she can connect to those new “dollars” (women). That’s it.

    Again, I don’t like this guy but the truth does hurt.

  • Rod Speiss

    Wow. His whole case against Smith is name calling. Politicians want to be elected. If the they think they can get somebody’s vote, they don’t care what the color is of the hand that pulls the lever. They will work to get the vote. The author forgets Democrats were the ones fighting against the civil rights act and were standing in the doorways of colleges to block the admittance of blacks. What an unprofessional,immature piece.

    • Congero

      There is no attempt at educating his readers. There never is when an African American says anything not 100% supportive of the Democratic Party.

  • DMJ

    It is funny how people don’t realize that People of all races that vote don’t vote in a hive mind. This idea that all the democrats have to do is put out a candidate and we are happy is stupid. People vote on what they feel are their best interests and that is where conservatives fail there is a shrinking mindset to conservative values. People are voting because not everyone is rich and not everyone wants to keep giving rich people breaks while sticking the bill on the working class. It is simple if you want people to join your party or any party make sure they Care about what you’re promising and rhetoric and buzzwords don’t work on people that actually care