Dear Ted Cruz: You’re a Blatant Liar and an Absolute Embarrassment to this Country

cruz-wasteDear Senator Ted Cruz:

You’re a reprehensible human being.

Whenever I see your face on my television, or flash across my computer screen, a spark of anger begins to build inside me.  I’m convinced if I sat in a room listening to you speak for hours on end, my ears would literally begin to bleed.  Just catching a glimpse of you out of the corner of my eye is enough to bring about a stench of sulfur which seems to metaphorically fill the room.

The only solace I have right now is that you’ll hopefully pull a “Palin” and resign before you first term as Senator is complete.  I cannot imagine having to put up with you for six full years, yet alone multiple terms as a United States Senator.

And you want to be president?  HA!

You can’t even grasp the concept of “telling the truth” when it comes to simple, little things.  You’re so pathetically desperate to pander to the tea party that you’ll say anything as long as it sounds like something they would want to hear, out of fear that if you didn’t, they might choose another “King of the Buffoons.”

Listening to you go on and on about “Obamacare” reminds me of some jaded ex who just can’t let it go.

I honestly don’t believe I’ve seen you give an interview recently where you didn’t bash the Affordable Care Act.  And that’s another thing — if you want people to take you seriously, you might want to start with calling the healthcare law by its more formal name.  When you and your kind continue to call it “Obamacare,” it only goes to show how immature you people really are.

And don’t give me this crap about you being appalled that President Obama “misled” 5% of Americans about keeping their current health insurance.  Before “Obamacare,” nearly 50 million Americans sat without health insurance.  Many were discriminated against because they were unfortunately born with a pre-existing condition.

Besides, why don’t you actually tell the truth about the Affordable Care Act for once?  Hell, how about you start by telling the truth about damn near anything for once.  Have you seen your abysmal Politifact scorecard?  It’s pathetic.  There’s not a single fact-checked statement you’ve made on there about the Affordable Care Act that’s been deemed to be even remotely true.

You’re a blatant liar and the facts back it up.  So if you want to get all high and mighty about honesty, look in the mirror – you’re one of the biggest liars in Washington.

When people ask you what your alternative to “Obamacare” is, do you know how many plans you offer?  None.  Under “Cruz Care” millions of children would be denied health care, millions more would be discriminated against and health insurance companies could continue to sell trash health insurance to consumers, offering next to no actual health insurance.

Despite what your ignorance might tell you, “repeal it” isn’t an alternative plan to the Affordable Care Act.

Heck, even your own party can’t stand you.  And don’t fool yourselves into thinking they don’t like you because you’re “bucking the establishment” and they don’t like that.  They don’t like you because you’ve used your position as United States Senator to setup your 2016 presidential campaign.  You had no desire to ever govern as a Senator, you simply wanted to use that stage to pimp your name out to tea party voters in the hope that by doing so, you’ll snatch the GOP nomination in 2016.

Which is a pointless goal anyway.  Even if you would happen to win the nomination – which won’t happen because you’re a self-absorb sociopath that nobody can stand –  Hillary Clinton would kick your ass anyway.

So please do me, every liberal and even most conservatives a favor — slither back into whatever cave you came from and just go away.

As a Texan, I’m absolutely ashamed that you represent my state.  As an American, I’m embarrassed that you represent my country.

With complete disgust and disdain,

Allen Clifton

Founder, Right Off A Cliff

Co-founder, Forward Progressives

Twitter: Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Dazed and Confused

    I don’t understand why people are worried about him running for President, when he was born in Canada. After the crazies demanding a birth certificate from President Obama surely everyone is now aware of the fact that you must be born here to be the President. Right?

    • Ken Warfield

      Please don’t use the word “Right”, use “Correct” instead.

      • regressive rightwing trash

        lighten up ken,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

      • Ken Warfield

        Instead of my “Right” jab, I can use my “left” upper-cut instead.

      • regressive rightwing trash

        luv 2 meet U and have u indoctrinate me with your omnipotent LEFT “uppercut”

      • tom garner

        nice, it’s good to see someone else that has acknowledged that the word “right” can no longer mean correct as it’s been so completely corrupted by the repugnantcants.

    • Mike

      Nope, he can run his mother was/is a United States citizen thus this puke can run for president…..that is a fact.

      • joey bischoff

        to play devils advocate Obama ‘s mother was a U;S citizen why all the buzz is there is a difference between Canada and Kenya. I am in no way saying are Great President has a birth issue

      • Bob H

        Joey, Kenya wasn’t even a country when President Obama was born, that’s a blatant lie by some racists that has been believed by gullible people, many of whom are racists also.
        So, yes there is a very big difference. President Obama was born in Hawaii, and Rafael Cruz was born in Canada.

      • joey bischoff

        as I said: I was in no way suggesting the President has a Issue I just couldn’t figure out how Cruz was going to get around the fact he was not born in the USA

      • Bob H

        Joey, I don’t think he is going to try.
        I think he is going to take the Sarah Palin road. Give the Republicans the impression that he is going to run by getting in front of every camera he can between 2012 and early 2016.(the fake filibuster before the shutdown?)
        Then in early 2016, he will announce that he doesn’t want to run, just concentrate on his work in the Senate, so all the rubes that have been sending him campaign money can continue to.
        Palin is still getting campaign cash, just not as much as she was before she announced she wasn’t going to run for president in early 2012.
        Rafael Cruz just has to be a little bit smarter than the people that he is getting money from. The same as Sarah Palin has proven to be.
        It reminds me of the joke about two people trying to outrun a bear in the woods. I don’t need to be faster than the bear, just faster than the other person.
        Palin doesn’t need to be smarter than all Americans, just smarter than the people willing to send her campaign cash.

      • Bob H

        Mike, Rafael Cruz can not run.
        Check the USC 8 closer.
        There are requirements for the citizen parent needs to be in the US before the child was born, if only one parent is a citizen.
        Rafael Cruz doesn’t meet the requirements.
        He is being a camera hog, trying to get as much publicity to get as much campaign cash before he gets an excuse to not run.
        Sarah Palin showed him how to do it when she got all the cash in 2010-2011, and didn’t run.

      • the truth

        He is a United States citizen, he became a citizen, but the constitution says that only a person that was born in this country can be a president, you should investigate before you post this, Arnold Schwarzenegger couldn’t rum for president for the same reason.

      • Carl Cavitt

        Must be natural born citizen, NOT born in this country.. This is the question. Is he a natural born citizen. Some lawmakers say yes. I say get hell like the teaparty has done to Obama.

      • bubbiesbub

        who cares?

      • strayaway

        I think that is a good argument. However, in 2008, Republican attorney Ted Olson who argued against Al Gore and Democratic attorney Lawrence Tribe who was considered for the Supreme Court got together and issued a joint statement declaring that McCain, who was born in Panama and Obama who hadn’t released a long form of his birth certificate yet were both legal candidates. Except for some birthers, that pretty much ended that discussion.

    • Marilyn Olsen Scheffler

      ……but it all boils down to the fact that he isn’t black and doesn’t have a foreign (muslim) sounding name! I don’t know how anybody in the republican party can deny that that is the main problem they have with Obama. They won’t admit it of course, but no other president has ever been treated with the disrespect that Obama has. It’s so sad and disgusting to me. It would be interesting to see,if Cruz were to get as far as running for Pres., if there would be as big of an outcry for him to prove it in a hundred different ways.

      • strayaway

        So you are saying that based on your mind reading ability, although every Republican disrespects Obama because he is half black, Republicans like Hispanics. Interesting.

      • brownp51

        I have Cuban friends whose parents came over fleeing from Castro. Their mother used to tell me that the only reason they were successful and accepted by the community was because they were white Hispanics. She would say that if not for that they would be treated as disrespectfully as the Mexicans….so yes, it’s still about color.

      • strayaway

        How did Obama get elected if “it’s still all about color”? We were talking about Obama not Cuban immigrants. What has changed since Obama was elected? I would suggest that job performance including the (un)ACA rollout, 5M Americans losing health insurance, the IRS scandal, NSA spying, the humiliation by Putin, His attempt to war against Syria, and persisting high unemployment contributed toward his changing job approval rating. He didn’t get any blacker. He just didn’t perform well.

      • tuttleroad

        Sorry strayaway, You can place the “blame” for the non – economic-recovery squarely on the shoulders of congress. The IRS was and is a non-scandal. WE made no attempt to go to war in Syria, and under no circumstances should we go to any war in the middle east. High unemployment – look at congress again, and the thieves on Wall St, the big banks, and the crooked mortgage bankers. The president has made mistakes,, but he has performed infinitely better than congress whose approval rating is in the single digits, and it is beyond me why their approval rating is ion the positive numbers.

      • strayaway

        To some of us concerned about the expanding police state, the IRS was a scandal. It was used as a political weapon to tie up Obama’s political opposition. Groups tied up were almost entirely opposition groups. The IRS also distributed Romney’s private information to his campaign opponents. This is thousands of times worse than anyone marking up ballots in a precinct. The, lies were told about the IRS actions to Congress. Yet no one goes to jail for tilting an election, lying to Congress, or misusing the IRS. Think of banana republics.

        Obama made en effort to talk Congress into attacking Congress much the way he attacked Libya. The Pope even had to weigh into this. As it is, Obama is sending weapons to rebel groups in Syria trying to destabilize Assad. That is an act of war.

        One house of Congress is Democrat. So what does it prove what lousy percentage “Congress” gets. I would, for instance even give the House leadership a thumbs down for spending too much. But how cn you say Obama outperformed Congress. With the support of Congress Obama enacted his (un)ACA health care plan and look what a mess that is becoming. He has had to act as dictator in chief to delay parts of the plan until after the election. Again, i would give Congress a negative approval for not impeaching the President.

      • TEDjosa

        well you didnt say that the teaaabagkkker groups were claiming charity status like karl roves group yet they were funneling millions to politicians acting like paacs right

      • strayaway

        The overwhelming percentage of groups held up so they were not operational by the IRS were not Obama supporters. The questions include: why were they treated differently than similar liberal groups, why was there no punishment for Lois Lerner lying to Congress, and why was there no punishment for the IRS delivering personal information about Romney to the Obama campaign? I’m not into this banana republic stuff as much as you seem to be.

      • thomasbone63

        Hey idiot, the only scandals were the scandals in inns mind. Understand your facts before you open your month.

      • strayaway

        Not sure what “inns” is. Maybe you meant “IRS”. If you don’t care about tipping elections, lying public officials, or the thuggery of using government agencies to punish political opponents, you should apply for a job in the Obama administration.

      • thomasbone63

        I guess you are a rep. Inns, cruz, boehner, rubio, canton, backman, palin, mcconold fan and they are really improving your lifestyle. You are a idiot.

      • strayaway

        I guess you have nothing intelligent to say and float along on presumptions. Who is mcconold? The guy with the farm or the Senate minority leader? Canton? Inns? Backman? Your list doesn’t even make sense as some of the people on your list are hostile to each other. Do you sort of know the names of any other Republicans too?

      • thomasbone63

        If the list dose not make sense to your stupid ass, then the conversation is over.

      • strayaway

        It doesn’t (dosen’t). Bye.

      • Gregory Joyner

        I don’t use a nickname I reply with my real name. I don’t know why I am giving you a response other than sometimes I have to respond to the illiterate to show I am not prejudiced. Now on with my response, First I am somewhat of a political pundit and I don’t recall anything about the IRS releasing Romneys personal information, could you please provide a source. Fox News is not accepted.

      • strayaway

        I was delighted with your note of noblesse oblige. So many progressives, these days, have been exuding schadenfreude at the five million Americans who have lost their health insurance because of the (un)ACA. Finally a progressive has descended to speak with mere mortals. Huffington has a watered down version of this but Breitbart spells out the charges in its article

      • Trisha Holmeide

        Okay, so you support the president governing the country by executive order and passing out the funds and favors to his business and political buddies? You seem not to understand Congress (our representatives should live close enough for us to get our hands on them if they don’t honor their oaths’ of office) is supposed to yeah or nay if the President submits ideas he wants to make into law. If they stop a dictator wanna-be from taking over the entire country they are doing their jobs). The president is not supposed to be a dictator. You also conveniently ignore that Obama is belly deep in cahoots with Wall Street and the big bankers–getting far more support and donations than any Republican ever did But, you’re right [that] Obama (alone) isn’t responsible for the rotten economy or getting us involved (paying for) Middle Eastern conflicts etc. The policies bringing us down today are the result of over 100 years of progressive ideas and governance, Obama is just one of many and has had a lot of help prior to his time in managing to undermine free enterprise and constitutional control over the affairs of the US.

      • thomasbone63

        What are you talking about? Stop coming on sites talking about shit you know nothing about. How many executive orders has he signed. Not nearly as many as Bush. He needs to sign more with the lack of a do nothing Congress. Get your facts right before you come on these sites and say something stupid.

      • Trisha Holmeide

        Thomas, wasn’t the ACA signed into law in 2010? And, doesn’t it require an act of congress to make or change law? Whether we like it or not the Founders believed it was vitally important to slow the process of making and changing law by binding it to an argumentative body that represents the people who are sovereign. It is not given to the President to make unconstitutional edicts and or change existing law. And, Obama has already exceeded the number of Executive Orders of all other presidents–which were likewise abusing the privilege of their office. As for telling me to get “my” facts straight before coming on these sites perhaps, you might want to put that same requirement forward to the majority of commentators here!

      • thomasbone63

        The ACA is here and it’s here to stay. Cut the crap and tell your Republican assholes in Washington to now focus of JOBS JOBS JOBS.

      • Charles Vincent

        Tell your Democratic overlords in Washington to stop dicking around with gun control and the failure ACA and focus on “JOBS JOBS JOBS.”

      • Al Hubbard

        Gun control, there’s a freakin laugh.

      • Charles Vincent


      • thomasbone63

        Your facts comes from your bible (FOX NEWS)

      • Charles Vincent

        Fact in 8 years bush signed 291 executive orders in just over 4 years Obama signed 167 executive orders he is on pace to sign more than bush shut your pie hole.

      • thomasbone63

        What are you now, a gypsie?

      • Charles Vincent

        “What are you now, a gypsie?”
        Really?? If youre going to insult someone please come up with something better than calling them a gypsy.

        No I was correcting you;
        “Get your facts right before you come on these sites and say something stupid.”
        What I posted regarding executive orders are the facts. You tried to manipulate them like a giant tool and got told when the facts wacked you in the side of your dome. And again shut your pie hole.

      • thomasbone63

        When i called you a gypsie, i was equating you with someone reading the future. Look, all you asses out here complaining about the President, just did not hear you complaining about Bush. I have a problem with that.,

      • Charles Vincent

        Correction I didn’t like bush’s policies either stop ASSuming stuff you dont know. I wasn’t reading the future just looking at the trend I see, nothing Gypsy about that. Please keep talking so people can start to see how stupid and uninformed you actually are.

      • Jill Grayson

        Trisha, almost all of your criticisms should really be of Bush. He made a lot more executive orders than Obama, he drove the economy into a ditch, he lied to start 2 wars that killed many Americans and crippled the economy. The worst thing Obama has done is have a glitchy website for the rollout of the ACA, and he owned that. As far as his saying that people could keep their healthcare if they like it, I was allowed to keep mine because it is a good policy. If people want to keep insurance that is really bad, and not going to help them if they get really sick, then it is good that they can’t keep it. He was not trying to mislead anyone; he simply underestimated the stupidity of people who would want to keep crappy policies!

        You are really an idiot. The democratic presidents and progressives have lowered the deficits (including Obama, and Clinton, who actually balanced the budget). It has been the Republicans, like Reagan and both Bushes, who only care about the rich and are “in cahoots” with Wall Street. The Republican states with no regulations and “small government” end up with environmental disasters (like the fertilizer plant in Texas, and most recently, the poison water supply in West Virginia). People get sick and die, but at least they don’t have to be regulated by a big bad government.

        You would not know what a dictator was if one came and bit you on your ass. Obama is about as far from a dictator as you can get. Also, your ilk seems to go back and forth between calling him a socialist and a dictator, and clearly does not understand either concept.

        My guess is that you are merely repeating what you have heard others say, or you are a racist. i say this because nothing in your post is backed up by any facts or reasoning. It is just another baseless Republican rant!

      • Trisha Holmeide

        Your post makes it painfully clear you are bewitched and blinded by years of progressive education and cannot possibly conduct any rationally relevant discussion regarding the dangers we all face in having a potentate in office determined to undermine our constitution and invent rights out of thin air!

      • Charles Vincent

        “He made a lot more executive orders than Obama, he drove the economy into a ditch, he lied to start 2 wars that killed many Americans and crippled the economy”

        Fact in 8 years bush signed 291 executive orders in just over 4 years Obama signed 167 executive orders he is on pace to sign more than bush
        shut your pie hole.

        Obama is worst than bush;
        http://www DOT youtube DOT com/watch?v=K3XK2xxR1lA

        “he drove the economy into a ditch,”
        “Presidents don’t write budgets, cannot authorize spending, and cannot authorize taxes. Congress does that.” (Courtesy of Kevin Williamson)

        Coincidentally congress was controlled by democrats.

        Counter question; If democrat fiscal policy is so good at reducing debt why is Detroit filing for bankruptcy?

        Question do you know the difference between debt and deficit?

        “The democratic presidents and progressives have lowered the deficits (including Obama, and Clinton, who actually balanced the budget). It has been the Republicans, like Reagan and both Bushes, who only care about the rich and are “in cahoots” with Wall Street.”

        This statement tells me you do not understand the basics of the legislative process quick referral to an earlier point;
        “Presidents don’t write budgets, cannot authorize spending, and cannot authorize taxes. Congress does that. (Courtesy of Kevin Williamson)”

        Congressional democrats pushed legislation that bailed out wall street firms; example too big to fail banks;

        http://clerk DOT house DOT gov/evs

        /2008/roll681 DOT xml

        http://www DOT senate DOT gov/legislative/LIS/roll_call_lists/roll_call_vote_cfm.cfm?congress=110&session=2&

        “You would not know what a dictator was if one came and bit you on your ass.”
        People like you voted Hitler as chancellor of Germany.

        In closing;
        People as uninformed as you should be kept far from the levers of political power as humanly possible.

      • prytani

        strayaway…that is exactly what you have done.. you list all

        the silly ass trumped up scandals that the republicans wasted the entire year ‘making up’ ~~~ attempt to war against Syria where do you live?

      • strayaway

        If another nation was sending weapons to terrorists in the US, it would be an act of war. If another country dropped bombs on Washington DC like Obama did to Tripoli, it would be an act of war.

        “I understand American people aren’t with me on Syria strike.” -President Obama 10/11/13

        Striking Syria, the President’s own term, would also have been an act of war. That’s what he wanted to do in his own words until about everyone in the world except McCain urged him not to; even, thankfully, many Democrats.

        So to answer your last question, I live in a part of the world where I can get this information off of even CNN.

      • TEDjosa

        obama didnt drop bombs on libya it was france and italy as part of nato

      • strayaway

        Obama did send cruise missile bombs into Libya. Libya had done nothing to the US. Congress had not declared war and bombing a county is an act of war. Under the NATO charter, NATO countries are only allowed to attack nations after a NATO country has been attacked. Get back when you can tell us which NATO country was first attacked by Libya.

      • thomasbone63

        Go arrest George Bush for genocide during the Iraq War.

      • strayaway

        The war that Obama continues as long as he could. Let’s make a two for one deal. They could share the same cell and get a discount. I’m ok with either or both being punished. You’re starting to make sense.

      • Charles Vincent

        Stop suckling at Obama’s tit you look like a complete tool

        http://www DOT youtube DOT com/watch?v=K3XK2xxR1lA

      • thomasbone63

        Just for the record, Libya bombed a Pan Am airliner over Switzerland. Don’t get me started you ass hole.

      • strayaway

        Tommy, Go on. I want to learn more about the Pan Am airliner bombed over Switzerland. Are you suggesting that was why Obama had to bomb Libya?

      • thomasbone63

        Fool, again you are talking shit which is making you look like a idiot. Obama did not drop bombs on Libya, and second, he ended the war Bush started in Iraq. Incidently, France was the country dropping bombs.

      • strayaway

        Tommy, first you wrote, “If the list dose not make sense to your stupid ass, then the conversation is over.” It didn’t. Then you added,”I’ve stopped talking to him.” I’m so disappointed in your lack of resolve.

        But I’m glad you’ve decided to continue to embarrass yourself. Obama sent over 100 Tomahawk missiles and also MQ-1 Predator UAVs to bomb Libya.

        The Iraqi parliament set a day that the US had to be out of Iraq while Bush was still President. In 2007, Senator Obama promised that if he was elected President, getting out of Iraq was the first thing he would do. He lied. Instead, he did not bring US troops out until one month before the deadline and unsuccessfully negotiated to keep them there longer.

      • thomasbone63

        You are such a dumb ass. He brought the troops home. What is your problem other then the man is black?

      • strayaway

        The racism card in the absence of facts! I win.

      • thomasbone63


      • strayaway

        Please reconsider. I wanted to learn more about the PanAm flight that Libya bombed over Switzerland.

      • thomasbone63

        Go on the internet and do some reserach.

      • thomasbone63

        I’ve stopped talking to him. I’ve determined he’s an asshole.

      • crabjack

        You’ve been listening to people like Cruz and Palin and Rush and the Fox fear network way to much, stayaway….

      • strayaway

        Not Palin. I’m actually a constitutional libertarian sort of guy with concerns for how the US middle and working classes are being destroyed under the likes of Bush and Obama. Sometimes Paul and Cruz fall short on the latter but at least they haven’t been responsible for the ongoing destruction of the middle and working classes. Libertarians are, of course, the opposite of authoritarians, We all have to find our personal comfort zones.

        I’m more BBC and NPR. I think that when people incorrectly presume Rush and Fox, it is to make their limited understanding fit with their beliefs.

      • Al Hubbard

        I don’t believe you have a single fact right in your post. But you’re a repubthugian and facts aren’t really important. BTW, 5 million did not lose their insurance, There was no IRS scandal (only an imaginary one), NSA spying has gone on for years and the repubs love it, We stayed out of the Syria war a good thing, Unemployment is under 6% for the first time since Bush.

      • strayaway

        “I don’t believe you have a single fact right in your post.”

        Al, That’s probably because of your lack of intelligence and research. 5M did lose their insurance when their policies became unacceptable under new (un)ACA standards. You seem ok with NSA spying and Obama officials lying to Congress. I’m not. Lois Lerner did oversee an IRS scandal. Using the IRS to thwart one’s political opponents is what could be expected of a dictatorship. It shouldn’t happen here. Hillary and Obama tried to get support to bomb Syria like they did Libya. The Pope, British parliament and even some Democrats rallied to prevent that. Even so, Obama recently signed a congressional bill authorizing $500M to assist anti-Assad rebels. Unemployment has gone down in the last year since I last posted here but over two thirds of new jobs since the nadir of the recession do not pay as much as jobs lost prior to the recession, a similar percentage of those jobs went to foreign employees – legal and otherwise, and Obama has increases the national debt $28,000 per American to achieve even a lame 5.5% unemployment rate. Our children will have to pay the interest on that so it’s something like child abuse – like the father who drinks up his paycheck after work on Friday and leaves the refrigerator bare. That’s Obama.

      • Al Hubbard

        Do those 5m people still lack insurance. NO. In fact 90% of them purchase new and better/cheaper insurance on the federal exchange. It’s oh so convenient to cherry pick your facts. For what its worth 5M number is bullshit also. Perhaps 1-2cmillion had crappy policies canceled when they did not measure up to the new requirement. If you think paying 1000 a month for a shitty policy is something we should be fighting for you’re seriously F’d up.

        Is there a single USA Military Boot on the ground in Syria? Has there been a single person arrested for the “IRS Scandal”?

        Does the congress had complete control over Government spending? Who is really responsible for the National debt? Do you really believe the President spends all the budget money. Good Grief. If it’s Obama’s fault then time to hold Reagan and Bush to account for their contributions. Reagan tripled the debt and Bush doubled it. Obama’s spending has been the lowest in the past 15 years, the deficit is down sharply, Bush’s last year was 1Trillion, Obama this year $350B.

        Pay sucks for sure, put that on the freaking businesses not on the president, to do so is just fucking stupid. Do you not believe that Obama would support a Minimum Wage increase? Do you serious believe the GOP congress would? Fucking stupid point.

        Your facts suck but considering your low knowledge base it’s not a surprise.

        I’m so sick of arguing with nitwits who have shitty facts and simply throw the same bullshit around. Get your head out of your ass and look around.

      • strayaway

        Why did those 5m people have to buy “new” insurance if, as you claimed, they didn’t lose their insurance? Your argument has changed from they didn’t lose their insurance to now they have cheaper insurance which is also rubbish. However, if you make up numbers and facts perhaps you can imagine you win the argument.

        No one claimed there are US boots on the ground in Syria. You are embroiled in another fantasy argument. Hillary/Obama however were lobbying for bombing and then a light bombing of Syria which would have been incredibly stupid. Up to now, Assad has been our most effective ally against IS. Obama is still at it though officially spending, with the consent of Congress, $500M to assist rebel groups trying topple Assad. Please don’t forget that Libya did get bombed and has since turned into an haven for IS thanks to Hillary/Obama policies.

        Who would arrest anyone in the IRS scandal with Holder running the (in)Justice Department? So no, Lois Lerner can target political enemies of Obama and nothing comes of it just like in a banana republic.

        Obama and Congress are responsible for the ruinous federal debt. Many Republicans are also guilty of this debt. However, as you know, over the last six years, the House and Senate were both Democratic for two years and the Senate was Democratic for all six. Bush built up the federal debt $5T in 8 years, Obama $8T in 6 years. Obama is the winner of the spendthrift contest with two years to add to his pile of debt. Don’t forget that Obama retroactively added to Bush’s last budget when he passed his Porkulus bill. I don’t mean to defend Bush but get your numbers straight. Bush was bad, Obama is worse. Every dolt who voted for Obama a second time is responsible for the $28,000/American debt being passed on to our children.

      • Al Hubbard

        Yup every one of us dolts is responsible for the recovery of the economy, for the growth in the stock market under Obama, for the reduction of the unemployment rate, for getting health insurance to an additional 9M people and reducing the uninsured significantly while reducing the growth in health costs. For ending the Iraq war and reducing our exposure in Afghanistan. Yup we’re all responsible for the mess Obama has made of the economy…I just have to wonder what the F McCain and his VP Palin would have accomplished by now….do you ever give any thought to that nightmare?? Why don’t you give us the rundown on the miraculous contributions those two would have made in this country and around the world. I’ll take our current situation any day over what could have been.

        No point in trying to make you see sense, you’re wiring is fucked up.

      • strayaway

        3/4 of the new jobs created since the nadir of the recovery don’t pay what the average job lost in the recovery paid. 2/3 of those jobs created went to foreign workers. The standard of living has gone down for 90% of Americans under Obama although the 1% are accelerating their economic takeover at a faster pace than under Bush. This is the “recovery” Obama’s $8T of debt has paid for. One problem is that the bill is still do.

        Obama promised that the average American family’s health insurance plan would become $1,500/year cheaper but instead it has climbed that much. The (un)ACA thugs in Washington even prevented Vermont from having an affordable Canadian like single payer plan. But what should we have expected from a bill written by Liz Fowler a VP and lobbyist for Wellpoint to profit corporate interests.

        You should be aware that although Senator Obama promised to end the war in immediately, he kept it going until one month before the Iraqi parliament had ordered the US out while Bush was still president. You sheeple are so easy to please. More US troops died in Afghanistan under Obama than under Bush. Oh, and Obama put our troops back into Iraq recently. I didn’t vote for McCain or Obama. They both stunk although I suspect McCain would have been even more of a warmonger than Obama. Obama has bombed seven countries and earned a Nobel Peace prize.

      • Bellathedog

        His insane papa is Cuban and his real name is Raphael. I’m pretty sure the radical wing nuts hate Hispanics….just not wing nut, Batista lov’in Cubanos!

      • Dawn Sonntag

        I agree completely.

      • bubbiesbub

        based on what?

      • Charlie Patin

        Based on all your comments. You hide behind words but your intentions are clear. If one is poor, black, old, brown, broke, out of a job, it’s that person’s job to get themselves up. The government has no responsibility to help them. That’s what I read in all your comments. Oh, it’s well hidden but it’s there.

      • bubbiesbub

        I hide nothing. You are a hateful human being that hides behind a computer keyboard. What I’ve read from your comments is that you’re a hypocritical, senseless, envious, low-life, lazy, low-life bigot. who thinks he’s smarter than everyone else. What are you doing on this site now? it’s 2 months old. Get a life. I hope you find something that gives you peace of mind because you will die a miserable and lonely man.

      • Trisha Holmeide

        Why would “bubbiebub” want to hide those ideas? Accepting personal responsibility is what made this country the richest, most productive country in the world. Just because he/she believes in personal responsibility doesn’t mean he/she wants all those people who are genuinely in need to suffer. He/she may just believe, as I do, that it is my responsibility to look after my fellow beings (which, also means taking care of animals and the planet). WHAT’S SO BAD ABOUT THAT?

      • bubbiesbub

        You are so wrong. I vehemently deny that I am racist because I oppose Obama’s ideology and policies. Again, I have found time and time again that people on the left have nothing to defend, so they call names and demonize their opposition. Grow up! Can you or anyone who reads this please direct me to a left wing blog that has positive contributions? I truly want to hear both sides.

      • joey bischoff

        the people I support defend common decency we defend the right to be able to vote with having to jump thru illegal and discriminating hoops, we defend the right of everybody to have health insurance like every other first world country. You oppose Obama’s ideology you oppose the market reaching new highs almost every day.You oppose the turn around in the housing market you oppose the fact that Barrack Obama has killed more of the enemy in 4 years including the number1 most wanted in the war on terror than george bush did in 8 years. You oppose the the addition of another 200,000 private sector created last month you oppose all that.. I don’t you’re a racist I think your unamerican you support a party who took 50 million dollars and flushed it down the toilet taking votes your party had no chance of winning and you knew it. It was just window dressing to make the feeble minded who support your party think you were doing something.You support another 24 billion dollars on top of that to hold forced protests taking advantage of World War II heroes and Insulting park rangers who worked without pay to protect those monmounts from vandales all the while members of your party collected their fat paychecks .on a treasonous shutdown of the government, again your party had no chance to win .So you also the support Taking 40 million dollars of food out of the mouths of children, the old, the children and the families of war heroes, the elderly and the disabled in an effort to catch the less than 2% of the people that may cheat the system. While still paying millions of dollars to millionaire farmers some in congress voting for their own welfare checks . you support the people who 5 years ago promised they were going to be the party of JOBS JOBS JOBS while refusing to bring to a vote every jobs bill put up to your speaker. One bill that was just for returning war heroes You support a party that seems proud that they are the least liked congress in history with the weakest speaker in history you’re not racist you just seem to be either un american gullible or stupid from where i sit.

      • joey bischoff

        there you go every thing there is fact and can be checked or is supported by history

      • bubbiesbub


      • drdarke

        Face it, @bubbiesbub:disqus – you’re a bigot and a coward, and THAT is why you’re regurgitating Faux Noize talking points.

        You disgust me – period. How DARE you defile the term “common decency” by using it…?

      • bubbiesbub

        The pot is calling the kettle black.

      • Trisha Holmeide

        I see “projection” is alive and well on this board.

      • bubbiesbub


      • Charlie Patin

        Ohhhhhh, great answer, bubbiesbub. NOT!

      • bubbiesbub

        1. The people I support have common decency; me too. However, common decency is not illustrated in the article you are commenting on.
        2. Showing an ID is common sense, and I don’t believe it is jumping through a hoop. I have several ideas to solve the “disenfranchised” issue.
        3. Health care is not a right, but a privilege. If you work and are able to buy your own health care, you are privileged. If not, then you should feel grateful for the charities of doctors, hospitals, cities, counties and states who should take care of their own. I’m not a statist. I believe that some things should be left to the states. My state, Minnesota, has always taken care of our poor and our sick. Obamacare is a monster and way more complicated than it needs to be.
        4. The market is reaching record highs while the poor and middle class suffer a lower standard of living and high unemployment. Isn’t this the opposite of what Obama had promised for Americans?
        5. The housing market has turned around only because hundreds of thousands of Americans had to default on their mortgages creating a flood of houses for sale at a lower cost. This issue is far more complicated than you can imagine. I don’t blame Obama entirely for the housing bubble.
        6. Killing people is NOT part of Obama’s ideology. While I am happy there are less terrorists in this world, even the New Black Panthers have turned on Obama because of his war mongering. Most of Seal Team 6 who killed Osama bin Laden have since been killed or died under suspicious circumstances. Do you know why? Why did Obama allow our representatives in Benghazi die? Why did he support known terrorists leaders in Syria and Egypt?
        7. I just hired a new part time worker; I have more to do with the increased private sector jobs than Obama does. Also, my business is a barometer of the economy and we are no where near a recovery! Big business is flourishing because of tax breaks and Obamacare exemptions, but small businesses are struggling. Unemployment is still too high in the African American community and at least twice that of white Americans. Why isn’t Obama doing more to help them? I am not impressed with Obama or our recovery.
        8. I am an independent conservative with liberal social views, not a Republican. I’m not sure what you’re talking about, but if Romney’s campaign spent 50 million dollars, don’t fret. It went back into our economy. And the partial government shut down was a result of failed negotiations, so the President and both parties are to blame. The blocking of death benefits for our war heroes and closing of our war memorials were orchestrated by Obama to make the shut down more painful for the American people to shed a darker light on the Republicans. Open your eyes.
        9. Jobs bills? Conservatives have a different strategy and do not want to waste tax payer money policies that have failed throughout history.
        10. No one is proud of our Congress, but it speaks of the lack of leadership in our White House. Obama spent more time scheming about how to destroy the Republicans than trying to bring the 2 sides together. He is a disgrace to our country.
        11. I am a patriot, and care deeply for the future of our country. And everything I do and say if for our youth who will be paying dearly for this fundamental change in our country for centuries to come. It’s interesting that you could not communicate with me without disrespecting me, sensationalizing, blaming, calling me names, misrepresenting me, or assuming I am like everybody else. You are a bigot and a hater, just like almost all on the left I’ve ever talked to. The article we’re commenting on is typical. Hate Hate Hate. Where is the civility that Obama has asked us all to use?

      • joey bischoff

        I was impressed with your point by point criticisms and of course I reject them all. I am a hater a bigot I am not. I do hate the GOP for what they did to this country and the war criminal who left it in such a mess .To tell you the truth I maybe would of liked to hear some of your Ideas, but than you put on the tin foil hat Seal team six members being murdered bla bla bla Obama terrorist bla bla bla Benghazi bla bla bla and the fact that you think obama has had done nothing to engage the gop in asking them to do some governing proves that you get your news from a “alternate source the ones that are right less than half the time .Enjoy your little piece of heaven Sir this is getting tedious and I am missing college football,, have a good night

      • bubbiesbub

        A bigot is someone who judges a group based upon a few. You ma’am, are indeed a bigot. I would be embarrassed, but I commend you on your admission that you are a hater.

        I knew I’d get a rise out of you with the Seal Team 6 and Benghazi. I see that you had to resort to your old tactics of attacking me simply because you couldn’t answer my questions. LOL

        It appears that Obama doesn’t like anyone except himself. He won’t even fraternize with members of Congress or the Senate in his own party, let alone Republicans! He is a poor leader who has NOT reached across the aisle. If anyone disagrees with him or pisses him off, they’re black balled or humiliated. He refused to listen to McCain about his health care and shut him up by spiking the football saying, “I won”. He’s a snake (not transparent) and I don’t trust him… with good reason.

        I have voted more times for Democrats than Republicans and a couple Independents… I judge the man, not his “party”.

      • mikedirubioamericanborncitizen

        You sir are an ignorant a$$hat and a despicable person! You provide zero points that have any value what so ever! Obvious by your comments that you are the president of the Ann Coulter fan club! It never ceases to amaze me that when a policy works (fixing the auto industry, housing, the stock market for example) it is always for some other reason than Obama helped make it happen and when something either fails or does not meet unrealistic expectations it is ALWAYS Obama’s fault! Jobs bills? What “different strategy” could you possibly be referring to? The jobs that republicans ship overseas,…exercising their ability to maximize their profits on the backs of children working in slave labor factories? Great solution! You are no patriot rather a domestic terrorist who chooses misogyny over substance. You talk about respect? That is laughable when you read all of the fox news talking points when referencing our President! When you make a respect worthy comment, you will receive respect!

      • bubbiesbub

        Fear is the path to the dark side.
        Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate.
        Hate leads to suffering.

        I sense much fear in you.

      • mikedirubioamericanborncitizen

        That is laughable! I sense ignorance in you! Ignorance is the path to irrelevance! You’re irrelevant and fortunately a dying breed!

      • tuttleroad

        Bubbiesbub is ignorance personified. Hopefully a dying breed. Surely he gets his information from BS Mountain. It is groups such as the tea partiers who create such divisiveness, hatred, bigotry, and racism in this country.

      • drdarke

        I sense much HATE in YOU, Bubbiesbub.

        People like YOU who called us on the Left “Traitors” and “anti-Americans” for DARING to point out that the War Criminal Bush Regime in fact was? Are the REAL Traitors, and NO LONGER deserve a voice in American Politics.


      • bubbiesbub

        I thought I was the queen of irrelevance?!

      • drdarke

        No, @bubbiesbub:disqus – your Right Wing Loathsomeness makes you “relevant” enough to want to have you squashed, like the plague-carrying bit of vermin you are.

        Still want to play rough? I gave up playing nice w/the Right when you called us all “Traitors” – and decided you ALL deserved a fat dose of your own medicine, forced down your throats until you CHOKED on it.

        Yes, I’ve gone beyond “fear” to “hate” – and YOU can thank your Right-Wing Masters for it.

      • bubbiesbub

        I never called anyone a traitor. I don’t play rough; I have a global love for people. Yet you are prejudiced against me because I have some conservative ideals. That’s called bigotry, by definition. Either you’re not rational or you’re a bigot and proud of it. I was being facetious when I said, “I thought I was irrelevant” because another hateful blogger (mikebornintheUSA) said that about me. Neither of you know me, yet you judge me. I take one person at a time to determine if I trust or respect them. I put myself in their shoes before I judge. I’m sorry for your unhappiness.

      • drdarke

        But you didn’t call those who did out, @bubbiesbub:disqus – so you’re a fellow traveller, at the very east. I do notice that you came in all cocky and belligerent, thinking a “libburul blog” was easy prey – it’s only when you got challenged that you suddenly became all “persecuted by the Mean Libburul!”

        I am SICK of Right Wing “Good Germans” reaping the benefits of Right Wing Hate – and not thinking they need to atone for the actions of the extremists in their own cult.

        Believe me, there a PLENTY of people on the Left who will castigate me for being “extreme”. If there’s one thing Liberals are good at, it’s shooting themselves in the foot rather than pushing ahead to victory!

        It is YOUR side who made this a War to the Knife thirty years ago – you can’t blame me if I decide to play by your rules.


      • bubbiesbub

        You are insane. I wasn’t after “prey” and certainly not reaping the benefits of hate. There are no benefits of hate. You need a psychiatrist…or maybe you’re a stand up comedian.

      • drdarke

        And I can see how many people BELIEVE you too, @bubbiesbub:disqus!

      • bubbiesbub

        No you can’t you worthless hateful troll.

      • Trisha Holmeide

        So much for tolerance,diversity and respect for individual rights…

      • drdarke

        I stopped being “tolerant” of War Criminal Bush Regime Fascist Wannabes with the GALL to call ME, and everybody else on the Left, “Traitors” and “anti-Americans” – or to even BENEFIT from it by NOT slapping some respect into those who DID, @trishaholmeide:disqus!

        They beg for forgivness for their DEAR Transgressions? MAYBE I’ll forgive them – eventually….

      • regressive rightwing trash

        and we sense oligophreniality within theeeeeeeeeeeeee!

      • moe/larry & curly keys


      • Charlie Patin

        Hey, bubblebut, the more I read your comments, the more I agree with those who say you’re a bigot and a racist. You aren’t a patriot, you’re a blowhard. Your last question is a good one but it’s the GOP who foster the hate. You blame the White House for a terrible Congress. Kinda proves you’re not very smart. Don’t you remember what McConnell said in the Senate chambers right after Obama was elected. That’s what Obama had to work with. Now he has this new asshat, Rafael Cruz. How does anyone work with a paranoid, fool like him?

      • bubbiesbub

        McConnell is the Senate Minority Leader and has no power; and you care what he says… because?
        How do you know if I’m a Bubblebut (misspelled), or a blowhard (my husband likes that)? Do you think you own the title patriot? Do you not see the irony in your own hateful rant all the while claiming another group is full of hate?
        Do you feel better when you call me names and spew lies about me when you don’t even know me? If it means that you didn’t have to beat you wife yesterday, I guess it was worth it.
        When you have something constructive to say, I’d be happy to engage.

      • Trisha Holmeide

        Joey, when you say we should have a “right” to healthcare are you aware someone has to pay for that? Rights come from God not the government. The government is supposed to protect our God-given rights not pretend to be God and start handing out new, never before heard of, “rights.” I think what you mean is everyone should be “entitled” to have the government steal money from those who have been half-way successful and pay for others to have healthcare at their expense. I think it was the late Maggie Thatcher who said, “the trouble with Socialism is sooner or later we are going to run out of ‘other’ people’s money.” What conservatives want isn’t wealth redistribution, but wealth creation that will allow everyone (save for very few) to afford their own healthcare.

      • Charlie Patin

        There is no god, Trisha. I’ll stand up for the right of everyone to have health care. Conservatives want nothing of the kind. They want the wealth to be concentrated in the fewest hands possible. They have absolutely no interest in helping anyone get ahead or having anything. If you believe that bullsh!t I’ve got a bridge I’d like to sell you. You’re drinking the Kool Aid served up by Fox, Limpballs, Beck, etc. Wise up. Unless you’re worth at least a few million the GOP doesn’t give a damn about you. And neither does your minister.

      • Trisha Holmeide

        This is such a great forum. You people are so intellectually superior there is no reason for anyone to interject any other wisdom. How sorry the other people must be to not have your “collective” insight and capacity for forward thinking. I only wish I could agree with your prognostications and pretend we have rights that do not exist, nor a dictator in the making in the white house. Life would have been so much easier if I’d just understood I could have had free housing, healthcare, education,. food etc. I really can’t imagine why I wasted all those years working and paying my own way, putting my own kids through school, donating thousands of dollars to various charities (and more hours of my time than I can even remember), purchased health insurance and life insurance, saved for my retirement, and made sure I wasn’t a burden to either my kids or society. But, now I know it was all for nothing as everything I’ve ever worked for and saved for is up for grabs by the government in order to keep a bunch of bureaucrats employed shooting rubber bands into the ceiling lights and handing about 10 cents out of every dollar they take from me to others “less fortunate.” Gees! Was I stupid when I could have lived off the rich all these years! p.s. I’m not a republican or democrat or anything you might be remotely familiar with. I simply believe the constitution and Bill of Rights are the only things between us and Tyranny. We lose them the game is over, and I don’t care which left/right/or in-between) politician or corporate crony is involved in destroying this country they need to go away!

      • bubbiesbub

        Right on, Trisha!

      • Charlie Patin

        When I read such drivel I do tend to feel sorry for the person writing it. Not sorry enough to think they are smart and have the right idea, just sorry they are such whiners. The simple statement “a dictator in the making in the White House, I realize just how dumb the person writing is. In 3 years Obama will no longer be President. Someone else will be. May be a Democrat, may be a Republican, may be neither but it will not be Obama. That is the reason we don’t have a “dictator in the making in the White House”. It’s that simple. Get a life. I’ve done the same things as you have. I’m convinced that it is the corporations and the very, very rich who will own and destroy this country with a great deal of help from politicians, especially Republicans. The Constitution is a great document but as we can all see, SCOTUS has it’s own way of seeing it. The biggest error SCOTUS has ever made was when they declared that corporations had the same rights as individual citizens. It was the justices put on the court by Republican Presidents that made that decision. They seem to be the dictators, not the person in the White House at this time. Get over yourself.

      • Trisha Holmeide

        Then I would be most happy to see an amendment to the constitution allowing term limits for SCOTUS as well as the president, but remember all those exec orders (Clinton’s, Bush’s I and II and Obama’s etc) have added up to real potential for a complete take over of the United States. And, Obama is trotting to a very dangerous tune (my way or the highway) that doesn’t fit well in a free society.

      • bubbiesbub

        You sure seem like an expert on God, conservatives, and Fox News! Do you ever read your own posts? Who are YOU to decide there is no God? Do you have any friends that are selfish elitist conservatives? I sure don’t. Do you ever post constructively?

      • drdarke

        Oddly, somebody has to pay for tax breaks for Churches and The Superrich, too, @trishaholmeide:disqus – but you think THAT is free as air, don’t you?


      • Trisha Holmeide

        dr you seem to be very confused. No one needs to “pay” for a tax break. Quite the contrary. A tax break simply means people or organizations get to keep more of their OWN money. Maybe you think all money comes from the government? A lot of people on various forms of assistance do (I can’t blame them as they have usually been pretty demoralized and dumbed down in order to accept a subsistence lifestyle). But, the reality of it is the government has nothing it doesn’t take by force from the tax payers. If you were a tax payer you would know this. Only those making over about $50,000 a year actually pay taxes. The “poor” don’t pay and in many cases the super rich don’t pay so that leaves the middle class to pay for everything. We used to be an upwardly mobile society and very few got stuck in one class or another, but continued to improve their status in life. Now, Marxism is on display where the middle class (proletariat) is being destroyed by pressure from above (government) and the growing needs of the lower class. This was Hegel’s theory that Marx used to develop the Communist Manifesto, and it is working well. Soon all that will be left in this country will be the very rich and powerful and a majority helpless population of the poor. Guess who will have all the rights, power and money when this SHTF!

      • Jerry Allbright

        Exactly which ideology and policies do you disagree with and why? I would sincerely like to know if there truly is anything to the conservative hate of Obama other than his race.

      • bubbiesbub

        Jerry, I replied to you in a very respectful way, but I was censored. That should scare you.

      • Trisha Holmeide

        Nope, I tell my grandson everyday, da reason I no like Obama is cuz he’s black like my son-in-law and him. Yep, and you’all can take dat and put in your pi[pe and smoke dat along with your mary-wanna and da race-batin; drugs you’all r into.

      • Ihavenouseforaname

        I suppose you have a black friend so you think you’re not? I bet you’ve never even stepped foot in their house.
        Actions speak louder than words. The Republicans can “vehemently deny” they are racist all they want but their actions clearly show differently. I think you need to grow up and look around you. You are in denial that your party isn’t the face of racism. Your party LOVES the racists. They are a guaranteed vote as long the GOP keeps whipping up the hate.

      • bubbiesbub

        You got the wrong person.

      • Trisha Holmeide

        Whachu been smokin’ buddy? Wasn’t it the Democratic South that fought so hard for segregation to continue. Wasn’t Lincoln a Republican? Aren’t conservatives the ones who want everyone to be successful and contribute in the making of this “grand experiment in freedom?” You seem to be blind to the fact that our entire country is rapidly becoming homogenized. I have eight Hispanic grand kids, a black grandson, five grand kids of European ancestry, and two Native American grand kids–and of course–they are all the brightest, most intelligent, beautiful kids in the universe. Well, several of my friends with their own grand kids might argue that, but mixed relationships and bi or tri-racial kids are what’s happening all over this country. And, I’ll tell you what is the next best equalizer, besides having bi-racial grand kids, is “money.” I don’t see too many Black millionaires getting snubbed or treated poorly. Blacks who make something of themselves whether in entertainment, business or sports are making it to the top the same as anyone else, and quite frankly, it’s an insult to them to even suggest they can’t compete and be the best at whatever they choose to be the best in. Obviously, you must believe Obama’s majority win was just a cover-up by the white majority for their own racist positions? So, he’s there by fraud? Good, then we at least agree on something.

      • Charles Vincent

        Hmm and yet it was the democrats that apposed the civil rights act of 1965, and Filibustered congress to prevent the republicans from passing the bill into law;

        http://www DOT senate DOT gov/artandhistory/history/minute/Civil_Rights_Filibuster_Ended DOT htm
        And you stupid hypocrites are calling republicans racist bigots that’s rich…

      • Ihavenouseforaname

        If you think that today’s Republicans are anything like they were in the past I have bridge to sell you. Ever hear of the Southern strategy smart guy? The GOP is the party of racists now. You can stick your head in sand and stick your fingers in your ears lalalalalla I cant hear you lllalalalalal but that doesn’t change the facts that your group courted the southern “Dixicrats” and welcomed them with open arms. The GOP of today is nothing like the party of Eisenhower and Lincoln
        Talk about hypocrites. You should pull your head out of your ass and look around your party. It’s fucking sickening what the theocratic racist right wing nut bags have turned it into.

      • Charles Vincent

        “If you think that today’s Republicans are anything like they were in the past I have bridge to sell you.” Where in my post did I even imply this? Ohh right I didn’t nice try though.
        Pot calls kettle black interesting when will you start eating your own feces little downs syndrome monkey?
        You want to know whats really sickening? Let me save you the head ache, its bigots like you that call racist or foul when facts don’t match your narrative you sir are the problem not the solution. You and people like you are nothing more than hatemongers who spew fallacious rhetoric that causes fear and discontent in the general populous. To borrow a snip
        ” You should pull your head out of your ass and look around your party.”
        I dont have a party I have been a registered independent since I could vote and I took my advice on political parties from people like this guy;
        http://wwwDOT youtube DOT com/watch?v=x1AYkahRy64
        Please keep talking so people can see you for the bigoted ass you are.

      • Ihavenouseforaname

        “derp derp derp your’re racist for calling the racists racist derp derp derp”
        The mental gymnastics you put yourself through to come up with that twist of logic must be tiring.

      • Charles Vincent

        Yes you in fact are a bigot. Should I post the definition for you, or can your pea brain manage typing it in to an online dictionary? Hell I doubt you can you can’t even use racist correctly.

      • Ihavenouseforaname

        Damn straight I’m a bigot against dumb fuck heads like you. That doesn’t make me a racist.

      • Charles Vincent

        I didn’t call you a racist I called you a bigot. You’re the only one throwing around the racist moniker, and coincidentally have misused it. Glad to see I have gotten under that thin skin of yours. Keep crying please your tears fuel my happiness machine.

      • Ihavenouseforaname

        Does it get you off? Is your dick in your hand right now? Or is to small to use your whole hand and only need two fingers? Can you even see your dick?

      • Charles Vincent

        Projecting again I see. Whats your next trick flinging feces? And you still didn’t use racist correctly.

      • TEDjosa

        well marilyn there this is a cruz black foot ball player onthe eagles roster and he is either cuban american or puerto rican or from santo domingo and cubans discrimiante aginst bclks in c uba and jhave maids and butlers that are balck and segregate them reason eduardo rafael cruz thinks he is superior and arrogant a nd better then mr obama and african americans in general they are rascist towards there own black cubans

      • Bee Cee

        The disrespect aimed at BO is what he has earned….he respects no one, therefore he gets none. My opinion….although we differ greatly, we are entitled to voice our own opinions. As for Cruz bringing forth proof of his birthplace, I don’t see that he has denied or tried to hide it at all, unlike the current president.

    • Phyllis Maskarina

      We would just be appalled if he tried to run for president. We don’t like him in the Senate or any branch of American government. He has already caused big problems by shutting down the government.

    • Vj Sleight

      Even though he was born in Canada, he is still a “natural-born” citizen because his mother was American, he is automatically a citizen at birth no matter where he is born. Natural-born only means he didn’t have to go through the naturalization process to become a citizen.

    • Sue Roediger

      You have to be “natural born” – which means on American soil OR of American parents.

    • Alex Peterson

      The fact that one of his parents was a US citizen gives him a claim to citizenship even though he wasn’t physically born here. It will be interesting how the courts interpret the requirement that a President be US born. If they want Cruz, they will interpret his way, if not, he won’t qualify.

    • Cathy Baumgardner

      I have been saying the same thing but the truth is we all need to be out there shouting about this and pointing out that they hounded President Obama for years about this although he was born on American soil and proved it over and over. Where are all the birthers? Where are Donald Trump and Sarah Palin and their outrage at Cruz?…..Like I said all you hear are the crickets on the right now.

  • Mike

    Stick to the subject Ken who cares if it is “right or “correct.” Also you do not need a coma after “Right” in your sentence Ken. ,,,,,,,

    • Ken Warfield

      Shut up! I can stick a comma where every I want,,,up your ass would be a good place!

  • Ken Warfield

    Cruz looks like he is the incarnate of Joseph McCarthy. It will be fun to watch him self-destruct harder than Joe did in the ’50’s. The GOP is too smart to let him ruin the party for them, unless they like kicking around the Democrats in office.

    • regressive rightwing trash

      hey ken,,,,,,,,,,I said that months ago; so U owe me a dolla’!!!! ( but I do appreciate another smart American seeing this!!!) :))

    • Lablea

      I do not think this is fun. These liars, backed by Rush and FOX, are taking advantage of those in the bubble and taking them down the tube!

  • Helene Tick

    I love this!
    Said everything I feel, except that Cruz reminds me of Grandpa Munster!

    • eberrywagner

      LOL. He reminds me of Damien – Omen II.

    • the truth

      Yes, you are right he looks like Grandpa Munster, I’m sorry if I have insulted Grandpa, LOL

    • bubbiesbub

      Right! ‘said everything you FEEL… but why? Do you have facts? Can you defend Obamacare? STFU until you can.

      • bubbiesbub

        …and don’t use the argument about insurance companies and preexisting conditions. My state takes care of our own with MN Care which I help support. The federal government already has a law called HIPAA, where there’s a provision for sick people denied from their employers’ plans to get health insurance through another plan. Now that only leaves the sick INDIVIDUALS that need health insurance. How about direct reimbursement to the people rather than depriving us of our choices, our security, and too much of our hard earned money so they can be insured?

        …and expand Medicaid and Medicare? Not a terrible idea, but why turn our country upside down?

        What about tort reform? ‘Would save Americans millions if not billions in health care costs.

        Taxing the medical device companies? ‘Just jacking up our health care costs.

        I could go on, but my point is that you guys in this discussion seem to enjoy being angry and don’t have enough knowledge to pass judgment on a man because he opposes a law that will destroy our prosperity, our freedom, and independence. A simpler, cheaper solution has always been right in front of our noses.

      • Carl Cavitt

        Bubbie, so far you’ve make at least 9 anti Obama comment on this blog. Must of it is very wrong.
        You don’t have a clue what HIPPA is. It’s a privacy act. Everyone should know that. My god every time you go to a health care provider you have to sign permits for people to see you charts. Except for insurance companies who have very specific laws that they can access you medical chart without your permission. You are really full of it and your the sheep and your the one drinking kool air or what ever you people say. You could go on and on and I’m sure you will. Go for it if it make you feel better. It’s cheaper than insurance.

      • bubbiesbub

        I’m a doctor. Google it. I have more than a clue. I’m not only an insurance provider, but I’m an insurance consumer for my team, and a HIPAA law abider with 48++ hours of training.

        Insurance companies cannot access your medical chart without your permission.

        I did not post anti-Obama comments. I simply stated facts.

        You are a typical liberal name caller- sarcastic know-it-all with only a little knowledge which is dangerous.

        I never called anyone a kool-aid drinker, but if the shoe fits…..

        I came on this site to learn a little about what people think, and I was disappointed to find out that none of you do (think, that is). I gave you some ideas to think about and/or google, but none of you want to learn. I’m afraid you all love to be angry. That’s no way to be happy.

      • bubbiesbub

        …and another thing, I would never hire someone who spells like you.

      • tuttleroad

        Bubbiesbub, If you are so smart, why haven’t you made at least a dozen positive suggestions toward what would make the ACA better? Or health care in this country in general.

      • bubbiesbub

        I answered this, but it was censored. That should scare you.

      • Ihavenouseforaname

        Sure you are. An internet doctor maybe. I think you’re full of shit like the rest of the GOP.

      • Gary Reimund

        The ACA has provisions that limit the insurance companies to charging no more than a 20% overhead cost out of our premiums and must use the remaining 80% (or more) to provide for the healthcare of their insured. There are other specific provisions that you seem not to want to discuss from the declaration in your post, so we will move on from parents keeping children regardless of student status on their insurance from work or other source, pre-existing conditions, the provision that makes preventative care doctors visits a no co-pay visit outside the deductible clause (you can go for free even though you have not yet met your deductible for those preventative care items covered), and the removal of annual and lifetime limits on your plan to allow for treatment for ANY medical issue in which you may find yourself and go on to one of the most important points of the ACA.

        Health Insurance companies have been standing between Doctors and Patients as a de facto “Death Panel” for quite some time now with the situation getting worse every year. Beyond that they have increased the cost of healthcare dramatically higher than ANY OTHER FACTOR in our economy. We already have laws against illegal law-suits (tort reform doesn’t strengthen those, it just limits the liabilities of the Insurance Companies and Hospitals for cutting off the wrong leg, leaving medical instruments or waste in you during an operation, or giving you an incurable disease such as HIV or drug resistant staph), so the healthcare providers weren’t really paying much to lawsuits. If you look up some of the suits used to demonize these suits, many actually are won by the insurance companies after the fact in appeal or settled for far less, usually after the real victims have been bought out of the suit by the lawyer representing them for far less.

        The best thing this law does is create a platform on which proper regulation and healthcare reform legislation can be introduced on a regular basis so that WE the patients can finally stop asking “When are these jerks going to finally do something about this!” The answer is “Now.”

        I hope that gives you the facts you need and a more philosophical answer that doesn’t offend, demonize, or question your character in some way. We are all people and should treat each other with that respect.

      • bubbiesbub

        Bravo! Finally someone that I can speak to! Other than the presumption that I “seem” like I don’t want to discuss other specific provisions, and the fact that your run-on sentences are difficult to follow, your post was awesome! I appreciate that you didn’t demonize me, although you did question my character with your tone. You are not the typical blogger here. You are exceptional.That said, let me comment about some of the things you said:

        1. I think we both would agree that lowering the cost of health care would be a major coup in helping to solve our health care crisis. I’ll start with lawyers and why they don’t want tort reform. It would require the plaintiff to pay their lawyer in good faith that they will prevail. As a result, this would eliminate “contingency” cases where the lawyers are the only winners. Because there’d be a reduced number of litigious people filing frivolous law suits, malpractice insurance rates would go down, but that’s not all. You see, physicians today are forced to practice medicine to “cover their butts” rather than truly using science and their own judgments to treat their patients. As a result, they are ordering more (expensive) diagnostic tests than are often unnecessary. This cost to the insured is astronomical, so the decrease in health care costs would be significant. No one wants to eliminate the malpractice claims that are legitimate.

        2. I agree with the benefits of the ACA illustrated in your first paragraph. However, government takeover of heathcare and spending billions of dollars to administer the ACA monster plan is not necessary to legislate those provisions. The cost of premiums would go up, but I believe Americans would be more willing to do so under those circumstances.

        3. “Health Insurance companies have been standing between Doctors and Patients as a de facto “Death Panel” for quite some time now with the situation getting worse every year.” This statement is inherently false. I don’t think you understand that employers and independents choose their plans based upon what they can afford. Since health care costs are rising so dramatically (we agree), the cost of insurance naturally rises at the same rate. Most employers or individuals then choose a plan that covers less procedures or increases the deductible so they can keep the cost of premiums affordable. It’s not the insurance company’s decision on whether or not to “cover” a treatment or procedure; it’s ultimately the employer and the insured that decided to buy a substandard policy. I could say that you can only blame yourself or your employer, but it’s not their fault either. The culprit is the rising cost of health care. period.

        4. “The best thing this law does is create a platform on which proper regulation and healthcare reform legislation can be introduced on a regular basis so that WE the patients can finally stop asking “When are these jerks going to finally do something about this!” Who are “these jerks” you refer to? Government regulation is not the answer, but the problem. Health care providers are already bogged down with too many unnecessary rules & regulations, licenses a registrations, paper work and fees, etc. This only causes the cost of business, thus healthcare to go up. Can you even comprehend the money spent on the number of bureaucrats, navigators & other workers, and advertising, etc. that the government will spend on this monstrous plan every year? Why not take that money and build community clinics? Give it to the states to administer it on a smaller scale which has less bureaucracy and more efficiently? Give it directly to the poor and the sick? Taxpayers would be a lot happier paying more taxes for these expenditures than expanding our government.

      • Bob H

        Bubbiesbub, I have some bad news for you.
        You aren’t speaking to anyone.
        Well, nobody on this forum can hear you, anyway.
        All we can see is the results of your typing.
        Nobody can tell if anybody is using a “tone”, with just typing.
        I have seen that you have a number of anti-Obamacare posts on this article.
        Do you have any idea why Obamacare is messed up to begin with?
        Lets start from the basics, at the beginning instead of knittpicking the fine points.
        I would bet that Obamacare is messed up because no Republicans wanted anything to do with it from the beginning.
        No Republicans have contributed in trying to fix it. They have only tried to repeal Obamacare, or defund it. They haven’t even thought of a decent way to replace it.
        So if you want to debate about something, why not start at the beginning?

      • bubbiesbub

        Obamacare is a monster. It cannot be fixed, but some things in it are good and should be retained for the “do over”. It needs to be simpler and sustainable without raising taxes astronomically to pay for it. The Republicans are just being realists to cut our enormous losses. By the way, Obama wanted nothing to do with the Republican plans when they were presented, and he made it perfectly clear that he didn’t want their input. The Republicans tried 24 times, but were rejected every time. This law is also full of pork, another broken promise by Obama. We simply need to start over.

        …and yes, you can hear the tone of someone’s typing by their choice of words.

      • Bob H

        bubbiesbub, could you be any less specific? What are those “some things in it” that are good and should be retained?
        Do you mean kids on parents insurance till 26? Previous condition coverage? The fact that 80% of the premium needs to go for medical coverage?
        If you don’t have the bad with the good, how do you think that the ACA would be paid for?
        I don’t think you are a doctor, because a doctor couldn’t really be as stupid as you are.

  • joey bischoff

    well said

  • Steve Mangano

    As far as I am concerned, Cruz is an AH and he could care less about you and me and the American people.

    • bubbiesbub

      You know not of what you speak. You could not be more wrong. It is because he cares about us that he filibustered for us. Read about the law before you pass judgment.

  • Cargapalitos

    Allen Clifton: I feel the same as you toward TedCruz. Keep exposing him to the Texas voters in hopes that they will see how distructive he is for Texas.

  • Bob H

    Rafael Cruz is just along for the ride, and the publicity.
    He probably can not run for President of the United States.
    There are requirements, for children born to citizens in foreign countries. The requirements involve how long the citizen(Rafael Cruz’s mother) was outside the country before the child was born.
    I would bet that Rafael Cruz knows this. He doesn’t seem to be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he did go to Ivy League law school and he might have some sharp friends.
    Rafael Cruz was also endorsed by Sarah Palin. He may have learned from her that you don’t have to run for president to get a lot of campaign donations(a whole lot, and they are still coming in for her).
    Sarah Palin gave the impression that she was going to run for president, and got a lot of donations. Then she didn’t run.
    I think that Rafael Cruz is going to try the same thing.
    He won’t have to say that he can’t run for president, just that he isn’t.
    That way he can run again, and raise more campaign cash next time around.
    It’s remarkable just how gullible some people can be. A fool and their money can soon be parted.

  • Betty Caron

    Cruz is a liar, kind of like Romney, and he didn’t get elected for anything either.

    • Raylusk

      The big deference between Cruz and Romney is that Cruz would lose a Presidential election even bigger than Romney did. I bet Cruz wouldn’t even get 40% of the vote.

      • strayaway

        Cruz is trailing Hillary by 17%.

    • bubbiesbub

      Obama is the biggest liar of them all! Remember Benghazi: “It was the result of a protest about a video” and Obamacare: “You can keep your health plan period.” and “You can keep your doctor.” and [“your plans will be better plans and cheaper”] and [“Someone will be held accountable for the website.”] and the IRS scandal: “Someone will be held accountable.” and the Fast and Furious Scandal: “Someone will be held accountable.” and about his past: “I was a law professor” or “OK, I’ll show you my birth certificate”(an obvious forgery), and about abortion: “The ACA bill does not have provisions to pay for abortion.”(then the Congressman cries “YOU LIE!” when he just lied… and about Transparency: “I will have the most transparent administration of any president in history.” and about Pork: “NO MORE PORK.” and about the economy: “The private sector is doing just fine” or “You didn’t build that!” and about “HOPE”, but I have to say it was true that he told the truth when he said he would “fundamentally CHANGE America.” I’ll stop now…. I could go on forever.

  • Bent out of shape

    WE should start a dem birther movement if this idiot even gets a whiff of being the nominee-we have more ammo than the obama birthers ever did- lol

    • rodney

      so should we all considering the state of the country now is worse than ever …the american dollar is almost only toilet paper …and we still want more ….shame on the american people …shame…get ur asses out work hard .provide for ur family’s …like our fore fathers …and do not let government RUN this country …it is ours …as AMERICANS…stand proud ..stand together..stand free.

  • Debi Marion

    I LOVE THIS!!! I CANNOT STAND this ugly face on my TV..last month I called the station and asked to get him the fuc- out my state and off my TV!

  • Thetruth

    He can’t never be a president of this country, he was born in Canada, and period enough said

    • Ben

      True but that won’t stop him from trying

  • Thetruth

    Only a person that was born in the United States of America can be a president, so I don’t understand why the press don’t clarify that, Rafael (Ted) Cruz was born in Canada, so he is not eligible to be a president of this country. If you don’t believe me read the Constitution, I’m sick that the GOPers and tea baggers are so quiet about it, hypocrites,liars, Rafael ( Ted ) Cruz can never be a president of the USA and period.

    • SueTX

      He has one parent who is a US citizen. Think how many military brats we have in the US who were born overseas. They still qualify as US citizens.
      Now as far as Cruz is concerned, there is a requirement about how much time his US parent (mother) spent in the US before giving birth to him in Canada.
      I’m not up on those details, so he may not qualify if she did not live in the US long enough.

      • Dan Cantwell

        ” Think how many military brats we have in the US who were born overseas. They still qualify as US citizens.”
        Sue, they were born on sovereign soil. A United States Military base, like an Embassy, is considered domestic soil.

      • Mary Morris

        They were probably born of BOTH parents who were citizens. Cruz’s father was not a citizen. I want to know WHY he has maintained his Canadian citizenship while serving in the US government. I seriously question his motives.

    • Carl Cavitt

      I believe the conservative appointed judges already said he is legal.

    • bubbiesbub

      who cares? It’s about Obamacare, not Cruz! You guys take on personal vendettas. Why? Get a grip.

  • wawoo

    Cruz gives sophistry a bad name.

  • Xavier Martinez

    For all of you who complain about the new health care call being called Obamacare, your OWN Left/Democratic Party members were calling ot so. HOWEVER, now that it has become a debacle (more folks are being uninsured by the new law than the new law has been able to insure), all of a sudden the Left (& the low infos like many of you here) start calling it the Affordable Care Act. Have any of you REALLY talked to anyone who has had their premium jump 60,70, 100, 200% for their current coverage (if it hasn’t been cancelled)??? Apparently not!!
    In ref to Bo’s birth status, do any of you not find strange that it took him several yrs to release one?? Even at that, it was highly edited!! & Just as pathetic is you low infos being so dumb you can’t see the word play in race. As an example George Zimmerman was called Hispanic (an ethnic group (not race) due to his Mother’s background) yet BO is called Black even though his Mom’s race is WHITE. Are you all REALLY that dumb, myopic, low info, ignorant individuals that you fall for anything/everything??? Can you all NOT reason for ourselves??
    Be it Left/Right/Dem/Rep, the kool-aid on BOTH side is poisoning & dumbing .. can you all not see that??
    SMH in dismay & shame …….

    • bubbiesbub


  • archierouge

    Who was the ( not liberal or op-ed) Washington Post reporter who almost wanted to jump out of the car when shadowing Cruz?:)

  • archierouge

    Can Darrell Issa, err Tea-Torquemada, be #2?

  • bubbiesbub

    LMAO! I’ve never read a column so full of nothing and so void of substance. Is this a site for juveniles? Allen Clifton’s lame tactics reminds me of the last presidential election when Obama ran on absolutely NOTHING; all he could do was demonize and lie about his opponent. Allen Clifton just rants and rants about how he “feels” about Cruz. Is this to distract us from the Obamacare disaster? He called Cruz a liar, but had no examples to back it up. To say Republicans have not come up with alternative plans to the ACA is a lie!

    Republicans have offered several alternatives and it has been brought up at least 24 times since Obama took office, Tom Price presented a plan before the ACA was enacted. You may have selectively forgotten that Obama’s campaign spent millions and millions of dollars attacking the John McCain health plan. In fact, wasn’t that their major argument against McCain? His plan became popular in Congress and was co-sponsored by Tom Coburn & Paul Ryan.This plan would give refundable tax credits to every American. It would treat us all the same, unlike ObamaCare. It would not discourage employers from hiring anyone. It would not push us all into part-time jobs.” It wouldn’t suppress growth in our economy as Obamacare has done. Most Republican plans put the power and the money under the individual’s control, not the government!!! Need I say more?

    Obama used to like the nickname Obamacare! Now that it’s failing miserably, just as Cruz said it would, you’d rather go back to it’s original name? That speaks volumes.

    • gvtops4

      The article was about Cruz and his lying. He has been fact checked by politifact and found to be lying 71% of the time. That is what the article is about. Anything you want to add about the article should be fact checked as well, being as it’s coming from the home of lies, faux news. The republican plans only made cuts and small savings that would not come close to covering all the under covered/ uncovered people in this country. You can talk about choice, you have the money to choose. As a fellow Minnesotan, I find the few obnoxious republicans like you in our state repulsive, and I’m glad that the majority of us are progressive democrats that have helped to support the state health plan you talked up. If health care were up to republicans it would be no control of providers, and pay or die.

      • bubbiesbub

        Case in point. (Almost) All liberals are uncivilized and have to resort to hate. I truly have a global love for people and would never tell someone they’re repulsive, especially when I never met them. You and this article prove my point.

        Politico is a biased left wing organization, so take it with a grain of salt.

        Minnesotans take care of their own and other states should do the same. I gladly pay 3% of my gross revenues to pay for MN Care…I can see my dollars put to good use.

    • Janeane Seese-Armstrong

      I think most democrats problem with mcCain was Palin! He had my left wing vote until. She showed up! I have worked in the healthcare field for more than 23 years, our biggest expense is the emergency rooms, which are always full, because uninsured people wouldn’t be turned away. My husband was a teamster with great insurance, we thought, until I gave birth to a healthy child and were charged for all of her care, since well babies weren’t covered, nor were well baby checks or immunizations. So as a young family on an extremely tight budget having to pay for all of this, when she got sick, we took her to the emergency room,which was covered 100%. So yes healthcare needs a revamp, but until the CEO’s of the insurance company’s stop gouging, we’ll still be paying high premiums. CEO of United Healthcare makes 49 million a year and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Honestly, how much money do these people need?

  • GeeOPee

    I feel the same way as an Irish-Cuban American. He’s an embarrassment.

  • Marty Cox

    Thank You Allen Clifton…you have spoken for so many who cannot stand Ted Cruz and done so with honest and justifiable appraisal. You have expressed our angst hence releasing some of the tensions deep with us at just the thought of this evil man.

  • Ed

    Ah. Is Ted giving you a bad hair day. Would you like me to direct you to the statements that are well known of Obama, Reid, Biden and other Dems, talking before the Senate about the thought of Republicans changing the Senate rules. And you have the nerve to tag this article with the word “hypocrisy”.
    Your “Devry degree” is showing.

  • Var Enyo

    “In fact, of the 27 statements they’ve fact-checked on you, 19 (or 71%) of them have been deemed “Mostly False,” “False” or flat-out “Pants on Fire.” Hell, you’ve only had 4 statements that were deemed “True” to “Mostly True” and three of those came from your GOP primary battle with David Dewhurst where you were basically calling out another Republican for lying. The one “True” statement Politifact has confirmed concerned the government’s regulation of toilet seats. Real “groundbreaking” stuff.” In other words, he’s the perfect Tea Party candidate.

  • Susan Carnes

    Personally I think he’s a little swishy, and if he’s married, he’s lying to himself.

  • Nancy McCarthy Baker

    Well, we know for darned sure you do not like Cruze. I don’t either, but maybe if we stick strictly to the facts of his “boneheadedness” versus calling him one, there may be more people that would give this read credence.

  • Randall Goguen

    By “Absolute Embarrassment to this Country” he means Canada.

  • Gabriel Gentile

    “Just catching a glimpse of you out of the corner of my eye is enough to bring about a stench of sulfur which seems to metaphorically fill the room.”

    I think you mean…

    “Just catching a glimpse of you out of the corner of my eye is enough to bring about a metaphorical stench of sulfur which seems to fill the room.”

    Don’t let the English language suffer the iniquities of this fool.

  • Gary Watrous

    I am trying to wean myself from being exposed to this person. I am appalled and sickened about him being our elected Senator. I agree completely with what you have written about him and look forward to the day when he is forgotten history. Thank you.

  • Allison Moss-Fritch

    I think of Snively Whiplash whenever I see his picture.

  • Moe Syzlak

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE people I cannot stress enough to encourage Cruz, Paul, Palin, Santorum, etc to keep spouting off. It does nothing but help our cause. Even young conservatives, especially social conservatives are getting on board with progressive ideas, so there is hope.

    To another point whether you are a person of faith or no, pray or wish well our new Pope Francis. Pope Franks loves and wants to reach out to atheists as well without attempting conversion. He just doesn’t want to scare them away. He is what God has in mind as a religious leader…at least for now he seems very genuine which I hope continues. He is the first pope whom appears to be on the side of Christ who opposed the traditional conservative church back in the day. I’m Methodist but I consider Pope Frank ‘my Pope’ and I fear for his life because of his favor of non judgment, turn the other cheek, do not repay evil with evil and telling people who support trickle down to kiss his black ass.

    Furthermore, by today’s standards and crop of right wing fundamentalists, Christ and Pope Franks would be crucified as quickly as they could don their humble robes. I freely admit, I hate the church and all organized religion…at times even my own but I love ‘the Way’ (look up the Way). Faith is personal. I truly believe the last place God will enter is the doors of ANY church. God is in your heart, soul, body and mind.Embrace him there and nowhere else.

  • Dave Nichols

    Pimp. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before, but that word fits Cruz perfectly.

  • surfjac

    Please, let’s not assume Mrs. Clinton will be running for President or that she will win if she does run.

  • Brena L Hadjian


  • Randall McCann

    5% can’t keep their current health insurance!? that’s bullshit. it’s less than 1% more than 99% who already had health insurance can keep the plans they had. the republicans want you to believe that it’s 50%! don’t play into their hands by overstating the facts.

  • Rich in Columbus

    Allen, You said “yet alone” when you meant “let alone”. Work through what the phase means, son.

  • wawoo

    Senator-Idiotsavatia. I am amazed at the adoration the lying sack of poo receives from linbertaian legal thinkers which is another reason to view ardent libertrarianism as a demented cult.

  • katherine norton malek

    Yeah! Amen. . Kudos. Terrific. What a refreshing start to my day. Glad to see you didn’t mince words with this worm. I couldn’t agree more. Pisspots like him should be hit with a monetary fine everytime they lie in front of a microphone. This junior Sen. has done NOTHING, zip, zero, zilch, while in office. All he’s done is spew his form of verbal vomit every chance he gets. I cannot even listen to him speak without an airline barf bag handy.

  • Mark

    Tell us what you really think,Allen! (bravo!)

  • sync27

    he’s a disgusting excuse for a human being.

  • Peggy Fain Branstetter

    Allen Clifton sounds like a jealous shrew. Sarah Palin has a book that is selling off the selves and he dont. The bs spewing out of his mouth is disgusting. If he writes like he talks I can see why…

  • bucki97

    Politifact? Really, you’re citing Politifact as a truth meter? You should really be ashamed of yourself. Aren’t they the same “truth meter” that said Chrysler wasn’t moving Jeep production to China? Hmm. You may want to rethink your “truth meter”. It would be like asking Stalin to rate the Soviet Union on truth.

  • fairness_rules

    It’s finally happened, the comments have gotten so bad I don’t think I will read them anymore!

  • Kipco

    The fact that he generates this level of rage in Liberals is what endears him so greatly to his mouth breathing fan club. “Stick it to the LIBZ”, no matter what it does to the country otherwise! In Teabaggerland, antagonism is a viable political strategery.

  • pat

    Of course … I think this guy has confused Ted Cruz with O and Hillary … and that this person having it Completely backwards. How’s that? Of course … that being just my opinion … just like this person having one of those.

    Anyone who having decided in their heart and mind that it being ok to allow the killing of the innocent UnBorn who is alive and Living and growing in their mother’s womb … O being such a person as that … and they wanting to force and coerce all of us and the world to participate in that sin … as O is doing now through the HHS so-called ‘tax’ mandate/law and which O is doing by his policies throughout the world … anyone who believing and doing and supporting O in that … having already lost their heart and mind and soul to the self-blinding evil of abortion … and in their allowing the killing of the most innocent … the killing of the UnBorn who being alive in their mother’s womb … anyone like that … should Not be able to allow themselves to be saying such that they are ashamed of Ted … Ted being pro-Life and pro-responsibility for the Lives of others and pro-freedom and pro-Constitution … so … anyone who saying negative things about Ted … should also look themselves in the mirror … and try to see the horror looking back at them … but then … that is not possible for such a one as that … is it?

    We all having faults … but those faults are NOT because we supporting LIFE and Freedom and the Constitution … but those faults are because we betraying LIFE and Freedom and the Constitution.

    Of course, this is only my opinion and belief .. just as you stated your opinion and belief. GOD Bless you and me and Ted Cruz and us all. We all needing GOD’s Blessing … IMO.

  • Bob Brown

    The only reason Odummy was elected was because of racist white liberal guilt.

    The only reason Hillary is being considered is because she is a woman.