Dear Trump Supporters: Nothing’s Rigged, a Conspiracy, or Fake – Your Guy is Just Wrong

Whether anyone reading this likes it or not, we’re now living in a childish world where it’s apparently acceptable for a 71-year-old man to incessantly whine about things being “rigged,” “unfair,” “fake,” or claim that there’s some absurd conspiracy against him whenever he feels like he might lose or someone calls out his seemingly endless list of lies.

To rational human beings, most would start questioning anyone — even someone they backed — who seemed to have a “go-to” move of yelling “FAKE!” or pushing some unfounded conspiracy any time they were called out on something.

But that’s what rational people do — not supporters of Donald Trump.

You see, if you’re a Trump supporter, you buy into this absurdity that there’s some massive conspiracy against him. As if the parts of the media that don’t “promote his agenda” (as his administration just said they expect the media to do) are nothing more than “fake news.” Science, indisputable facts, and even basic common sense take a backseat to people from Trump’s administration literally just making crap up on the fly.

To this day, I’ve yet to see any evidence of the “thousands and thousands” of Muslims in America he apparently personally witnessed celebrating during the 9/11 attack; any evidence of this letter he said the NFL sent him complaining about the presidential debate schedule that the league said it never sent; or even a source for his claim that “3-5 million” people voted illegally this election.

Rational people would demand evidence of such claims — but not Trump supporters. All it takes is for Trump to say “he’s heard/hearing” and — boom — that’s as good as the Word of God as far as they’re concerned.

But the truth is, nothing is rigged, there’s no conspiracy against Trump, and the media sources he’s attacked aren’t “fake news.”

Now I’ll be absolutely honest, yes, it does seem like the “media is out to get Trump” because they’re often discussing something he’s said or done. That’s not because anything is rigged, a conspiracy or because they’re pushing fake news — it’s because that’s how awful and corrupt Trump is.

It’s not the media’s job to artificially create the illusion of impartiality by avoiding calling out the onslaught of lies, controversies, and horrible things Trump has done just to appear as if they’re not targeting him.

The media isn’t “out to get him” — he’s just that bad.

It’s not the media making Trump “pro-Russia” — even going as far as attacking our own intelligence officials — during an election when Russia launched a cyber attack against the United States. It also wasn’t the media which made Trump surround himself with a very above average number of people with ties to Russia, including his second campaign manger Paul Manafort, who abruptly resigned after an AP report linked him to pro-Russian groups working against U.S. policy in Europe. The media didn’t make Trump pick as his Secretary of State a man who’d been awarded a “friendship award” by Vladimir Putin. The media didn’t make his eldest son lie about a meeting he had with a Russian lawyer who promised dirt on Hillary Clinton.

That was all Donald J. Trump and his family. The media simply reported on all of that.

Last I checked, the media didn’t hire a former MI6 spy to look into Trump’s ties to Russia. It was actually Republicans who initially did that, only to give up on it once they knew he was going to win the nomination. All Democrats did was hire the same person Republicans had chosen to finish the job. It also wasn’t the media which included that report with other intelligence reports delivered to both Obama and Trump — that was our national intelligence experts.

Just like before, no one made any of that up, the media simply reported on all of it.

The media didn’t make Trump:

  • Belittle POWs.
  • Mock a man with disabilities.
  • Skip a presidential debate because he couldn’t push out a moderator he was scared to face.
  • Push a ridiculous conspiracy about Sen. Ted Cruz’s father being part of JFK’s assassination.
  • Retweet anti-African American propaganda created by white supremacists.
  • Use blatant racism to degrade and attack a federal judge.
  • Encourage Russia to commit espionage against Americans.
  • Hire a hero to white nationalists and former head of a right-wing conspiracy website as one of his top strategists.
  • Refuse to say whether or not he’d accept the results of the election if he lost.
  • Attack our U.S. intelligence community, while defending and praising the nation those experts say attacked us.
  • Lie about the size of his inauguration crowd.
  • Months after the election was over, once again, claim he only lost the popular vote because “millions” of people voted illegally.
  • Send his press secretary out to say that they were going to raise taxes on Americans by 20% to make “Mexico” pay for his wall.
  • Sign an unconstitutional ban on people from seven Muslim countries that have never had a citizen from any of them carry out a deadly terrorist attack on U.S. soil.
  • Keep sending out childish, asinine tweets that embarrass this country.
  • Continue to push blatant and unfounded conspiracies while he never provides any proof to back up his claims.
  • Admitted he lied when he publicly threatened that he might have recorded his conversations with the former head of the FBI he had just fired — in a clear attempt to intimidate James Comey into not speaking out about what the two men had discussed.
  • Apparently doesn’t understand what “collusion” or “obstruction” actually mean.
  • Called the very same health care plan he publicly celebrated and said he supports “mean.”
  • Launched a disgusting attack against “low I.Q” MSNBC’s Mika Brzeninski, accusing her of “bleeding badly from a face-lift” when he saw her back in January, while calling her co-host Joe Scarborough, and former U.S. congressman, “psycho.”
  • Has pushed us closer to WIII by using irresponsible language where he seemed to be threatening nuclear war against North Korea.
  • On a 17-day vacation told Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell that the senator needed to get back to work.
  • Initially, when he spoke about violence and domestic terrorism that broke out in Charlottesville, Virginia — he refused to specifically condemn, by name, white supremacists, the KKK, or Nazis — instead saying “many sides” were to blame.
  • Took two days before he finally condemned these hate groups by name — only to, the very next day, walk back those comments, once again saying “both sides” were to blame. Comments that were praised by David Duke and other white supremacists who applauded Trump for also blaming the people who showed up to oppose Nazis, white nationalism, and the KKK as “part of the problem.”

The media didn’t fabricate all of that, it just reported on it.

I can’t help it that you all chose to trust a pathological-lying con man who’s so dishonest and awful that it seems like the media is out to get Trump, or that there’s some global conspiracy against him.

There’s a word for people who buy into conspiracies, while thinking everything that’s real, factual, and true is “fake” — it’s called insane.

The truth is, there’s no “boogyman” out to get him, nothing is “rigged,” and the mainstream media isn’t “fake,” your guy is just wrong. Whether or not you folks ever want to admit that is up to you. The great thing about reality is that it doesn’t cease being real whenever some halfwit refuses to believe in it.

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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